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The PooCast PodCast...

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August 22, 2023 2 mins
Most of us were brought up to have breakfast lunch and dinner. But is it really necessary?

Eating three meals a day is a traditional approach to meal planning that has been ingrained in many cultures and dietary guidelines. However, it's important to note that there is no one-size-fits-all answer to how many meals a person should eat per day. The ideal meal frequency can vary depending on factors such as individual metabolism, lifes...
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Our new intern Miss-Information was challened to find out the effects of Bee pollen on humans...particularly women. Can it actually increase the size of the bust?

Given her last two assignments resulted in her stumbling across two very wrong answers, you might be surprised to hear this one... or not! :-)
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We all have our favourite foods right?... but are they all 'healthy'... and are there some foods we should be eating that perhaps have 'slipped under the radar' or we don't particularly like despite them being good for us? We share some of those foods in this short podcast
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August 22, 2023 4 mins
Ok... don't be shy!... We all have to do it at least once a day - sometimes more - sometimes less. But do you regularly check your #2's to see if everything is ok 'down there'??

Our poos are an easy way to keep a check on our overall health as well as how we're doing 'diet wise' - Diet being a 'way of eating'
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August 22, 2023 3 mins
Latest news updates with Kaye Browne...

+ The Loudest BURP Ever!
+ What Smells Better Than A Fart? :-)
+ Eau de Stilton - How Cheese Can Make You Smell Better!
+ Strawberries Are The New 'Superood'
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In This Week's Show. EP#9
+ 00:00 Welcome with Kaye, Brian & Jocelyn
+ 01:20 The Latest PooCast News with Kaye Browne
+ 04:49 What Our Bowel Habits Say About Us!
+ 09:44 Healthy Foods We Should All Be Eating More Of!
+ 13:19 Can Bee Pollen Make Your Boobs Grow? - Miss-Information
+ 14:45 Should We Really Be Eating 3 Meals A Day?
+ 17:22 Next Time of The PooCast PodCast
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Is it really possible to grow some basic food while travelling 'on the road'. Or what if you live in a small apartment?

Long time friend and well known horticulturalist Adam Woodhams explains how it really is possible and quite easy sharing a few basic tips to get you started!
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August 8, 2023 2 mins
They can be a bit hard to read sometimes, but those Nutrition Labels on the back of the products we buy really do tell us what's what in our food... except veggies of course but we should eat more of them anyway!

So what do they really mean! We've 'borrowed' the facts from a recent article by Aussie Dr Zac Turner to help us all understand a bit more!
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So what do you do with the oil out of tins of tuna, sardines or other 'oily' tinned foods?

Throw it down the sink?

We asked our new intern Miss-Information to search for the truth...!
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August 8, 2023 4 mins
Ever gone to the supermarket and bought something only to find it advertised at another store for way less than you just paid? Well with the high cost of food these days, we discovered a list of 10 Apps for both iOS & Android that will hopefully help you save some money PLUS one in particular that will let you know what's actually in (say) a bottle of sauce!
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August 8, 2023 6 mins
So what's the difference between a 'best before' and a 'use-by' date? And where is the best place to store our food - whether fresh fruit and veggies or something in a tin or other packaging. CSIRO consumer food safety spokesperson Rozita Vaskoska explained in a recent article.

Of course given the high cost of food these days, making our food 'last longer' helps keeps food costs contained!
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August 8, 2023 6 mins

News story #1
Poo Donations- Would You?
News story #2
Stale Bedside Water - Eeek!
News story #3
Long Live Macca's - Hmmm
News story #4
Food Porn - The New 'Only Fans'!
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In This Week's Show. EP#8
+ 00:00 Welcome with Kaye, Brian & Jocelyn
+ 01:19 The Latest PooCast News with Kaye Browne
+ 07:52 The Best Food Storage Tips
+ 14:28 10 Apps To Help You Save $'s
+ 19:04 True or False - Throw Tuna Oil Away
+ 22:35 Nutrition Labels Explained
+ 25:21 Grow Your Own Food At Home!
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July 25, 2023 6 mins
Check out the latest 'interactive' PooCast News with Kaye Browne...

News story #1
NT Bans Sausage Sizzles!

News story #2
Dandenong Council Deep Fried Food Ban!

News story #3
Gen-Z Female 'Girl Dinner' Trend!

News story #4
Coles Customers Buying Less

More news & stories here:
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Are there any foods you can't eat?... Is there a 'logical reason' such as being gluten intolerant or a diabetic etc or is simply because you 'hate' the taste or texture of certain foods?

Helen Farrell joins us to explain her personal reasons for NOT eating certian foods and how they affect her.
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Do like onions?... even if you don't there are ways to include them in meals
Natalie Rizzo is a New York City-based dietitian, the founder of Greenletes and author of "Planted Performance.”

We 'borrowed' some of her main points about the benefit of onions in our diets. :-)
Read More:
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On a recent BBC radio interview we came across, well known 'Way Of Eating' guru Dr Michael Mosley revealed the foods he always buys when grocery shopping. Of course they’re the healthy options and are meant to be part of a healthy eating plan for potential weight loss and staying healthy overall…

Check out Dr. Mosley's site here:
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A follower of Aussie legend Dr Zac Turner asked about a post he had seen on Instagram saying Oats for breakfast were bad for us.... But are they???

Original news story here:

Check out Dr. Zac's website here:
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July 23, 2023 33 mins
+ 00:00 - Welcome with Kaye, Brian & Jocelyn
+ 01:07 - The PooCast News with Kaye Browne
+ 07:30 - Why We Should Eat More Onions
+10:53 - The Foods Dr Michael Mosely Buys Each Week
+19:44 - Miss-Information... Oats Are VERY Un-Healthy
+23:04 - Th Foods I Can't Eat! - Helen Farrell
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Now we really are going to get to the bottom of things!

There were some recent posts on about diarrhoea-horror-stories….
So for a bit of fun – but also to see if anyone can relate – we thought we'd read a couple out.

...not for the faint-hearted :-)
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