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April 24, 2024 82 mins
Mark Begley (Wake Up Heavy), Chris Stachiw (The Kulturecast), and Mike White (The Projection Booth) host this monthly podcast. Join us on an exciting journey through the illustrious career of this comedy icon as we explore his groundbreaking roles, behind-the-scenes stories, and timeless contributions to the world of entertainment.

Each episode of the Chasing Chevy Chase podcast brings you expert analysis, and nostalgic reflections on Chevy Chase's most iconic characters in classic films like National Lampoon's VacationCaddyshack, and Fletch.

On our official first episode we're discussing Joe Camp and his Benji Empire which includes the film Oh! Heavenly Dog (1980) in which Chevy plays a private dick whose killed on a case and gets sent back to Earth not as Warren Beatty but Benji the dog.  He tries to solve the case of his own murder and continue wooing Jane Seymour. 

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