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November 29, 2021 24 mins
In September 2004, Jason Hatch dressed up in a Batman costume and broke into the grounds of Buckingham Palace. The Queen's home is protected by some of the tightest security measures in the world - but they weren't tight enough for this caped crusader, who climbed on the iconic building and made his way to the main balcony. A casual observer might have been forgiven for thinking Batman had stolen into the palace to execute a daring rescue.
But in reality Mr Hatch was risking his life because he hadn't seen his children in more than eight years - and this superhero dad was set to stage a protest that would soon be beamed around the world.
Would the British establishment bend to the will of Batman?

In 2021, Sky News is marking some of the century’s biggest news events through the personal stories of lives defined by unforgettable moments from the last 21-years.
Batman raids Buckingham Palace is episode 17 of the 21-part series StoryCast ’21


Batman Raids Buckingham Palace was recorded by Tom Gillespie and Rob Mulhern.
Production, writing and sound design by Rob Mulhern
Special thanks to our contributors Jason Hatch and Martin Brunt
Archive, Daniel Franklin
TV treatment, Victoria Hudson-Grant
Digital, Tom Gillespie
Sky News Head of Radio, Dave Terris
Design and graphics, Brian Gillingham
Social media, Samuel Gould
For more on this story log on to www.skynews/storycast21
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