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March 24, 2024 33 mins
The fuse has been lit...and with limited information from police or in the news, social media speculation starts fingers pointing. Barrow is about to hit boiling point. Asian businesses are attacked.  Individuals are targeted. Meanwhile local businessman Mohammed Ramzan is arrested – suspected of being a central figure in the grooming gang. But a senior detective coming onto the case starts to find holes in the account police have been told.  
Warning: This series discusses issues of sexual abuse, self-harm, violence and suicide 
From Sky News Storycast, Unreliable Witness is presented by Jason Farrell and Liz Lane  
Series Producer: Anne-Marie Bullock 
Executive Producer: Louise Cotton 
Sound Design: Matt Wareham 
Additional Journalism: Sarah O’Connell 
Sky Podcasts Editor: Paul Stanworth 
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