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107 Sheri Perl on We Don't Die Radio Show

August 14, 201663 min
Interfaith Minister, spiritual healer/advisor, published author and the mother of three children, Sheri Perl has studied, practiced and taught various spiritual disciplines for over forty years. Her life changed at the age of 20. Now as a spiritual healer and bereavement counselor, Sheri has touched thousands of lives all over the world.  Sheri began The Prayer Registry in 2009 after the death of her son. She works with psychic mediums and Electronic Voice Phenomenon bringing through children with messages for their parents. She is the author of the books, "Healing From the Inside Out and The Outside In” and "Lost and Found --- A Mother Connects Up With Her Son In Spirit” She also offers a free download called “The Grieving Parents Handbook” on her website http://www.sheriperl.com/ She is also the  ITC "Instrumental TransCommunication facilitator” with  AREI - which is The Afterlife Research and Education Institute:  http://afterlifeinstitute.org

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