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143 Bill Guggenheim on We Don't Die Radio Show

March 6, 201768 min
Hello From Heaven! author, Bill Guggenheim is a pioneer in the field of After-Death Communication (ADC) experiences. He is considered to be the "father of ADC research" and has written and spoken on this subject for more than 27 years. Bill and his former wife Judy co-wrote the bestselling book called Hello From Heaven! which which has now been translated into 18 languages. Bill has been presenting ADC Workshops at conferences, bereavement support groups, hospices, churches, colleges, and many other places. His ADC research and Hello From Heaven! have been featured on numerous radio and television shows including ABC’s show "20/20”. In this episode Bill mentions his daughter's website:  http://jaenet.net/  , and the beautiful afterlife song "Until We Are Together Again" song at: http://spiritlyric.com/ Bill Guggenheim's website is: http://www.after-death.com/ ***PLEASE JOIN SANDRA IN SCOTTSDALE, ARIZONA AT THE AFTERLIFE SYMPOSIUM SEPT 15-17, 2017: http://www.afterlifestudies.org/

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