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May 28, 2024 8 mins

Join us to listen to more of the oddly surreal moment that occurred outside of the Trump Hush Money trial courthouse, featuring the one-and-only, Robert De Niro! 

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Speaker 1 (00:00):
Are you talking to me? Are you talking to me?
I'm the only one here. It's one more thing.

Speaker 2 (00:05):
I'm strong and geddy.

Speaker 1 (00:07):
One more thing. Okay, you are both young and a woman,
and I feel like Taxi Drivers more of a man's movie.
Have you seen Taxi Driver?

Speaker 2 (00:19):
I have seen Taxi Driver.

Speaker 1 (00:20):
Oh and it's very old. It's from the early seventies.
But de Niro is creepy delicious in that movie.

Speaker 2 (00:28):
It's a disturbing movie, no doubt. What do you think
of it?

Speaker 3 (00:32):
Slimy vibe from him in that movie, the whole movie's
I haven't seen it in years, but I just remember
getting a real ick vibe.

Speaker 1 (00:40):
Oh yeah, well what child prostitution? Yeah, serial killers? He said,
what's what's the you? Yeah, it's an inck movie. Speaking
of movies, before we get back to Robert de Niro,
I watched with my eighth grader No Country for Old
Men over the weekend because I've been telling them is
might be my all time favorite movie. It's certainly in

the top handful of favorite all time movies. And he
hadn't seen it, and it's pretty danged violent. He's fourteen
and a half. I don't know, but I did the
research on it, what people thought, but parents thought, We
watch it and dang it, that's a good movie. Just
every scene is like perfect. I still don't know what

the point of it is, though, I feel I feel
like I hada nail that down at some point. If
I'm gonna call him that my favorite movie, do you
know what the point of it is? Yeah?

Speaker 2 (01:34):
The world changes so much you no longer feel part
of it.

Speaker 1 (01:38):
That's it.

Speaker 2 (01:40):
That's it. I can attest to that, by the way.

Speaker 1 (01:45):
Yeah, and that is a feeling I'm familiar with. Anyway,
back to Robert de Niro, he for some reason, at
age one hundred and six, with his nineteen year old
wife and fourteen kids. He lives there in New York,
and he decided to show up in front of the
courthouse today where the Trump final arguments are going on,

and start talking to people, press or whatever. I mean.
If Robert de Naro shows up on a street corner,
you're gonna draw a crowd. He's very, very famous. Man.
It was a nut. Anyway, we played the edited version
on the air. I haven't heard the unbleeped version because
I guess there's a lot of cussing, not from him,
but other Trump supporters who are there arguing with him,

let's let's listen to it a little bit.

Speaker 4 (02:30):
I mean, this is really even these people over here,
it's kind of crazy. It's really crazy. And this this
thing Donald Trump has created this.

Speaker 1 (02:46):
He should be telling them not to do this, but
he's just.

Speaker 4 (02:51):
He wants to so total he wants he wants to
sew total chaos, which he's succeeding in some areas ten
places to do.

Speaker 1 (03:03):
What offends me about the whole thing is him thinking
that he should have a role in this because he's
a famous actor.

Speaker 2 (03:14):
Yeah. Yeah, there wasn't a lot to like in that clip.

Speaker 3 (03:18):
The only thing I really appreciated was the guy losing
his mind in the background.

Speaker 1 (03:23):
You that was my favorite part. I guess because we
elevate these people so much that athletes and singers and
actors think that they have more wisdom. But like you're
always pointing out, Okay, if I'm just going to pick
a random person to have an opinion on this, let's
go get the guy down there that runs the bodega
that sells people newspapers and chips all day long. Ask

him what he thinks. His opinion is every bit is
valid and in many ways, as Ricky Gervaise would point out,
more valid, because they have more of a normal life.

Speaker 2 (03:55):
Well, sure, the whole incestuous thing in Hollywood, where you're
aired and lauded and you repeat all of the opinions
of everyone around you to their approval and cheers, and
then you start to think, you know what, I am
a great man, I'm a great thinker. I'm always right.

People always agree with me, not realizing, Yeah, you live
and work in a tiny little club of crazy nuts.

Speaker 1 (04:23):
Let's hear the other de Niro clip.

Speaker 4 (04:26):
I love the city. I love this city. I don't
want to destroy it. Donald Trump wants to destroy not
only the city but the country, and eventually he could
destroy the world. But we vowed we would not allow
terrorists do. I owe the city a lot. And that's

why it's so weird that Donald Trump is just across
the street because he doesn't belong in my city. I
don't know where he belongs, but he surely doesn't belong here.

Speaker 2 (05:05):
I don't think he's coming off as a half wit.

Speaker 3 (05:08):
Doesn't he belong at home changing a diaper because he
has a one month old.

Speaker 1 (05:11):
I don't think it's weirder that Donald Trump's over there
in a courtroom than that Robert de Niro is standing
over here talking about politics.

Speaker 2 (05:19):
Yeah, he was kind of required to be there. Why
are you here?

Speaker 1 (05:24):
He should have shown up in full taxi driver look, mohawk,
army jacket, sunglasses, That's what he should have done.

Speaker 2 (05:32):
Yeah, I'm not sure that jacket fits him anymore.

Speaker 1 (05:35):
No, I'm sure it doesn't. Ah, God dang it.

Speaker 2 (05:39):
What an odd and surreal scene that is, yeh in
a weird way, and it kind of fits in with
where we are just.

Speaker 1 (05:48):
Looking to celebrities for our politicians and our commentators.

Speaker 2 (05:52):
And then on the other side, people shrieking obscenities at
him on the street in Alias. What's going on on there?

Speaker 3 (06:00):
What? Also, just for a visual, he walked up to
this whatever you want to call it, wearing a mask,
a COVID mask outside.

Speaker 1 (06:09):
Okay, well he is ancient, but I ain't a lot
of COVID around. It's freaking out side, he's outside, decent, Yeah,
and then that decent point Joe makes about who are
you weird? Yelling f you at Robert de Niro. I mean,
you're not exactly covering yourself in.

Speaker 2 (06:25):
Glory or like changing anybody's mind, or moving the ball
down the field, or you just feel like you need
to scream obscenities at him because he's essentially screaming obscenities
at what you like.

Speaker 1 (06:40):
Of course, I can picture some host on MSNBC, maybe
Joy Read or something like that, playing a clip of
de Niro today and saying, it's times like these when
we need to hear from the artists. You know that
sort of thing.

Speaker 3 (06:53):
That just gave me like a physical reaction.

Speaker 1 (06:55):
I know I almost yacked when I said it. I
don't know.

Speaker 3 (06:58):
I know that those people scream obscenities weren't doing anything,
but I appreciated them being there.

Speaker 1 (07:05):
I guess if nothing else, you interrupt him getting to
spew his whatever he's saying.

Speaker 2 (07:12):
Yeah, all right, I've kind of admit there would be
a bit of a perverse bit of amusement in getting
into a shouting match with Robert de Niro. This video
is going viral, Old Coat, Yeah, video is viral. You
show your friends hear that.

Speaker 1 (07:27):
That was me.

Speaker 2 (07:29):
I heard them chanting let's go Brandon in the background there.

Speaker 1 (07:33):
Look, I watched it. I watched the Irishman. You couldn't
lift your leg up high enough to kick that guy.
It was pretty obvious you were like an eighty year old.
All right, horrible movie.

Speaker 2 (07:43):
Yeah, I wonder what ray Liota would have thought of
the Trump trial.

Speaker 1 (07:48):
God rest his soulf right exactly. That's what I would
say if I was on the corner. Hey, this is
really great, Robert de Narrow, any chance we can get
Joe Peshi in here and h ray Liota's passed and
the other people and find out what they think of
the trial, because it's all so important that we hear
what you actors think of this.

Speaker 3 (08:07):

Speaker 1 (08:11):
Well, I guess that's it.
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