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May 8, 2024 8 mins

Why are their so many commemorative days on the calendar???

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Speaker 1 (00:00):
It's national Don't Waste My Time Day one more thing.

Speaker 2 (00:04):
I'm strong and getty.

Speaker 1 (00:09):
Doing this more or less as a public service announcement.
I don't remember when it was that Joe brought us
this information. The first time, I was unaware of it.
I never took it very seriously when I would hear
that it's National Golden Retriever Day or whatever. But Joe
brought us the information that there's a bunch of different
what websites and organizations where you can just pay them

to get on the list.

Speaker 2 (00:32):
Right. Yeah, it's like buying a star.

Speaker 1 (00:38):
And there's several different organizations that say you'll be the
official day and you give them a thousand bucks and
then they send it to I don't know, to radio
stations and TV stations or whatever. You're making a confused
face there.

Speaker 3 (00:50):
No, I'm just I'm listening closely, is what I'm doing.

Speaker 1 (00:54):
But you know, you've been on the radio for years,
You've mentioned this before, and usually it's just kind of
a funny conversation start. But they're completely meaningless. They don't
mean anything. I mean like nothing, right.

Speaker 3 (01:05):
And there's usually like duplicates.

Speaker 1 (01:07):
Oh absolutely, well, let me give you to day and
This is just one of the many national day calendar
organizations where you can sign up. It is National cream
Pie Day. It's also Strawberry Month, so you get those
mixed up.

Speaker 2 (01:22):
Hey, do the math. Huh.

Speaker 1 (01:24):
It's National Student Nurse Day, you know, and somewhere colleges
across the country they're bringing in donuts or doing whatever
because it's National Student Nurse Day, National Third Shift Workers Day,
It's National have a Coke Day. Coca Cola paid for that,
National Coconut Cream Pie Day. It's National Nurse Day. Oh,
National Nurses Week.

Speaker 3 (01:43):
Yes, I saw that.

Speaker 4 (01:44):
It's both cream Pie Day and Coconut cream Pie Day.

Speaker 1 (01:48):
All right, It's a National Receptionists Day, and it goes
on and on on. So just alerting you to the
fact that this is all complete bs. And I mean
there's nothing wrong with Hey, it's National Barbecue Chicken Day,
so I brought in barbecue chicken. Doesn't make it not
worth eating or whatever. But it's all completely made up.

I mean, you might as well just make it up
in your mind. On the way to work. It's National
your second toes longer than your big toe Day, so
I brought in socks or something.

Speaker 4 (02:20):
Now, when Congress declares it. Now that has the official
weight and importance and historical significance.

Speaker 2 (02:32):

Speaker 1 (02:33):
Yeah, even when Congress declares it, it means nothing. But these
are so again on this particular website. It's tomorrow, so
you can prepare ahead of time. National Home Front Heroes Day,
that's nice. National Alphabet magnet Day. What the hell? What
does magnets you put on your fridge? There's a national
day for that?

Speaker 4 (02:50):
I remember what was the one that got real popular
there for a while where they gave you bunches of
different words so you could arrange them and make sentences
on your friends. That was great fun in my house.
That was popular for a while. Yeah, we had those
two when the kids were younger. That's a good time.

Speaker 3 (03:06):
I had the inappropriate version.

Speaker 2 (03:09):
I've seen that.

Speaker 1 (03:10):
This was a lot of fun. That's pretty funny.

Speaker 3 (03:12):
I can see you playing that.

Speaker 1 (03:14):
Tomorrow's National loss sock Day.

Speaker 2 (03:17):
Oh boy, what the hell does that mean?

Speaker 1 (03:18):
National Moscato Day? What's moscato? Is that a drink?

Speaker 4 (03:21):
It's a sweetish wine, not sweetish sweetish wine.

Speaker 3 (03:25):
I do want to know where my socks are going, though.

Speaker 1 (03:27):
God, how dang it? Because I buy expensive socks, so
I try to be really careful with it. Yeah, and
they disappear and they're like, that's not possible. It couldn't
have left the house. There's only a few places it
could be.

Speaker 3 (03:40):
What the hell I do the laundry, And when I
put them in the wash they were a pair. And
when I took them out of the dryer, one was gone,
and I don't know what happened in between.

Speaker 4 (03:51):
Adhered to the leg of a pair of pants you
haven't worn yet. Oh, it's clinging, clinging.

Speaker 1 (03:58):
I have found them occasionally inside like fitted bed sheet.

Speaker 2 (04:01):
Sure that happens to get down there.

Speaker 3 (04:03):
Yeah, but some have just vanished.

Speaker 4 (04:05):
Yeah, well, this was a little premature. Since National loss
sock Day is tomorrow, I don't want to steal anybody's thunder.

Speaker 1 (04:13):
Tomorrow is also National butter Scotch Brownie Day, which I've
never had. Oh what, never had.

Speaker 4 (04:18):
A butter You gotta lead the Add that to the
list of things Jack has never done.

Speaker 1 (04:24):
I'd never even heard of a butter scotch brownie.

Speaker 2 (04:25):
You're kidding.

Speaker 3 (04:26):
No, I haven't either.

Speaker 1 (04:27):
Oh, you're abused as a child, so you see you're
a weirdo.

Speaker 3 (04:32):
Majority world.

Speaker 2 (04:35):
Oh, butter scotch brownie is so good.

Speaker 1 (04:40):
And then we'll go to the tenth two days.

Speaker 4 (04:42):
Technically it's more an orangey or tanny than a brownie. Oh,
I guess it's a light brownie.

Speaker 1 (04:48):
I admire more people who just recognize how things are
going and take advantage of it. So you got a
product or whatever. I mean, like, if we were smart,
we would have given five hundred bucks to some calendar
years ago and and National Radio Talk Show Host Day
or something and made a deal out of it.

Speaker 4 (05:07):
Do you remember on your birthday I had the Kansas
I think it was the Kansas Pork producers to clear
you their man of the Year something like that because
you ate so much pork.

Speaker 1 (05:16):
Yeah, that's cool, that's a good gift. National Friday, National
clean Up your Room Day is that day, National Washington Day,
which might actually be a thing, National Shrimp Day, m M,
National Military Spouse Appreciation Day, which is not nice but
made up. And then this one National Lipid Day whatever

your lipids are, fat fat fat Day, but again this
was a National dog Mom Day is on Saturday.

Speaker 3 (05:47):
I appreciate that one.

Speaker 1 (05:49):
Oh I don't like do not like that term?

Speaker 2 (05:52):
You did?

Speaker 3 (05:52):
Make sure I bring my fir mom mug tomorrow.

Speaker 1 (05:54):
Unless you gave birth to that dog and you have
video to prove it. I do not want to hear
anybody and so a dog mom, Well if that happened,
uh is the father here? Well, Satan is the father.

Speaker 2 (06:06):
He couldn't be here if you do have video, I
don't want to see it. Right, Oh my god?

Speaker 4 (06:10):
Can you imagine it just gives birth to a dog,
You'd have nightmares for the rest of your life. It
can mean somebody is now producing that via AI as
we speak.

Speaker 2 (06:21):
Ugh, so terrible.

Speaker 1 (06:24):
National Babysitters Day, National Train Day, National Twilight Zone Day,
whatever that is? National Miniature Golf Day. National Archery Day
is Saturday. National Foam Rolling Day. Finally, I have a
phone roller.

Speaker 3 (06:38):
I love my phone roller.

Speaker 2 (06:39):

Speaker 1 (06:40):
National Eat what you Want Day, That's every day in
my world.

Speaker 2 (06:43):
Please. Yeah.

Speaker 1 (06:44):
I'm kind of just curious to see what is on
Mother's Day? National sapphire Day. Mother's Day, it says here,
National fiberl Majalia Awareness Day, whatever that is, National nutty
Fudge Day, National odometerter Day. Wow, National odometer Day. What
the hell is that?

Speaker 2 (07:05):
How do I know? How far?

Speaker 1 (07:06):
How did they get that going? What am I supposed
to do. Hmmm, National Limerick Day with there once was
a man from Nantucket. But this does remind me this
is worth doing. The last several Mothers Days, look for
the articles. They'll be online Saturday night in the New
York Times, in the Washington Post, a whole bunch of

down with Mom sort of columns in the newspaper. That
has become a thing the last couple of years.

Speaker 3 (07:35):
I've missed that.

Speaker 4 (07:36):
Should celebrate motherhood because that makes women without children feel bad.

Speaker 2 (07:41):
That crapper, just.

Speaker 1 (07:45):
A way to turn Mother's Day into something negative. It's
it's a variety of different ways they go about it.
I didn't have kids, and I've never been happier, So
a long column about that, you know, just crap like that,
and so just.

Speaker 4 (07:57):
Constant clickbait and pandering to various constituencies. It's just so tiresome.

Speaker 1 (08:02):
Yeah, and you will hear. I'm guessing this has been
the last couple of years. Is there any chance this
has been stamped out the whole woke? Yeah, National mirth,
chest feeding people or whatever they call.

Speaker 4 (08:13):
It, chest feeders. Oh, this is interesting. The day after
Mother's Day is National Punch. A columnist in the face
day huh, don't punch anybody.

Speaker 2 (08:22):
It was a joke.

Speaker 3 (08:26):
Well, I guess that's it.
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