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May 10, 2022 6 mins

There's a considerable debating taking place as to whether or not Cleveland Guardian TV announcer Rick Manning used foul language during a live be the judge!  

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Speaker 1 (00:00):
You be the judge curse or not. It's one more thing.
So we bleeped out an S bomb earlier in the show,
and then Joe thinks it's not actually an S bomb. Well,
I only heard the bleeped version, but I'm reasonably confident

you think it's a take on the guy's name. So
we'll we'll listen to this. We'll listen to the sports clip,
and I think are unbleeped? Unbleeped? I think he said, okay, well,
let's listen to it unbleeped and we'll let the audience decide.
There's a ball hit toward the right field, Sheets coming in.

The Guardians will score first as Kawan comes home in
the second basis Owen Miller shit just simply butched it.
So wow, I was sure he said, are you cheating me? Um?
You know, based on the bleeped clip, because that would
be a pretty funny and edgy play on words. He

caught that one of the player's name is Sheet, so
Sheet comes in, dropped it when somebody drops the ball,
So are you cheating me? Would be a pretty good pun.
But I think the guy, I think the announcer just said,
are you shooting me? Here's a short clip of that.
It's uncensored in the second basis, Owen Miller shitting man

just simply butched it. You know. I think he said,
are you shipping man? What the funk? What a dumbass? Wow?
Have you too much? Have you forgotten you're on TV there? Dude?
Major League Baseball by the way, Yeah, yeah, that's the
Cleveland Guardians used to be the shitting man. It just

simply butched it. I I know people who do that
for a living. It's very competitive, it pays well. I mean,
it's it's not a excuse me job to have, you know,
professional sports. Like for him to just say, are you
shooting me? That's that's probably that's the color guy. Obviously
the color commentator is probably an ex jox. I don't
know what color his skin was. I wasn't paying attention

to that. Um or do we have our Ian Bremer clip, Michael,
or do we just have the bleeped version of it?
At this point? That is pretty funny, though his partner
just kept on keeping on. Of Of course, what else you
gonna do? Yeah? What did did you just say? Are

you shipping me? Are you shipping me? You can't say
ship on a broadcast just ship head. In the second basis,
Owen Miller just simply futched it. I almost ship my chair.
Are you saying that? I think you for just forgot
where he was for some reason as having just said that,

Because Joe has been wanting to normalize bullshit as a word,
and I think it should be a completely acceptable word
because it's so descriptive of you know, certain sort of commentary.
It's a perfect word. And and you know, and and
used as just an exclamation, the S word doesn't bother

me that much. Used as a verb, I just did
and it it. I don't like that. I don't like
using it as a verb. That's that's weird. That's too much. Yeah.
And if you, um, if you allow bullshit, you almost
have to allow shit just on its own. Yeah. And
again I like, I'm okay with it as a should

I forgot my keys, which is not the cleverest language.
But um, again, it's different than as a verb. Well,
and and it's it's much like the F bomb um
in that there are certain uses of it that are
are fairly innocent by modern standards, and certain others that
are utterly inacceptable. But is I've got to go take

a s Is that a verb or is that noun?
At that point? Um, that's that's well, that's that's a Now, yeah,
it's an action. So but take a No, take a
taking is the verb? Well the ship twenty times? No,
it's it's the clause. Take a ship is a what

I can't remember? Um, I don't like so so it's
not only it's your verbi claw I guess anytime it's
referring to passing excrement, whether it's noun or verb, I
don't like it. That's why I'm saying s word now
used as excrement, I don't like it as a word
as take Take a dump is like paint a picture. Okay,

that makes sense. The noun is the pictures and noun,
but the claus is, uh, what is it? You got
your subject, your predicate? Yeah, anyway, I used to be
good at that stuff. I took classes on it. But
do you think there was really used it for decades?
Do you think there's any value in that? Well? I
thought I was gonna be I'm like, I thought I

was going to go into like the print industry, like
magazines and that sort of thing, and be a writer editor.
Um i'm asking. I'm not it could have. I'm not
asking with an opinion because I have no opinion. Do
you think it helps your structure of sentences knowing the
names of all those parts of the sentence. I'm not
sure it does Verbally, not nearly as much. You know,

I've been doing a little writing lately, and I've not
enough because I'm lazy. But um, I I was. I'm
reminded of how it is a different art than delivering
rough drafts verbally for living, which is what we do. Um,
and it's fun, it's a great, great challenge. But that
sort of stuff, yes, that does come in handy when
you're laying it down in print. There's just a different

set of of of needs if you're gonna be clear
and communically communicate effectively, because if you write poorly, you
know what you've got? Shit? Who who? This ship? Wrote
this ship? Well, I'm going home to watch ships creak

with my pit shit, So well, I guess that's it.
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