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June 6, 2024 12 mins

First, remember what it was like to experience the last day of school!  Next, a teacher's illicit side-gig gains the attention of a flamboyant activist!  

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Speaker 1 (00:00):
If you find yourself behaving like an animal, perhaps you
should stop and think I shouldn't behave like an animal.

Speaker 2 (00:06):
It's one more thing I'm strong, and one more thing
before we get to that big day in my household,
as both my sixth grader and eighth grader. It's the
last day of school. Oh, last day of school. And

so I left the house this morning. The sitter was
there and I told her, uh, Henry gets up in
a little bit, it's his last day of school. And
she said, oh, that's so exciting. I said, oh, yeah,
there's nothing like that feeling of the last day of school.
And you never get a feeling that great again in
your life. She's like twenty years old, and she said,

why did you tell me that?

Speaker 3 (00:50):
Life ruinner?

Speaker 1 (00:52):
You know?

Speaker 4 (00:53):
On my last day of school, the things I can remember,
I could not hear a thing my teachers were saying.

Speaker 2 (01:00):
All day long.

Speaker 4 (01:00):
All I can think about was getting out of there.
I don't even know what the point of was going
to class.

Speaker 1 (01:05):
Well, it used to be a movie day, yeah, yeah, right,
I remember the delight of being required to do absolutely nothing.

Speaker 2 (01:11):
Yeah. Yeah, they're watching a movie. But I I'm I
wasn't kidding. There is nothing in my life that has
felt like the last day of school. There are a
lot of other good feelings you get in life, but
nothing quite as all encompassing as the last day of school. Yeah,
it's a different sort of uh ecstasy. Well, it requires

the narrowness of focus of youth, because when you get older,
even if you have you know, I haven't retired, so
I don't know what that feels like. But even you know,
you get older, you leave a job, you whatever it
is you're doing. You got the grown up Okay, but
now I got this. I've got this new set of challenges.
You don't have that as a kid, Just the narrow

focus of I don't have to go to school tomorrow. Period.

Speaker 1 (01:58):
I know enough retired guys, Oh yes, that is a
similar feeling. But then you have to worry about health
challenges inevitably as you get.

Speaker 2 (02:06):
Older, obviously, health and money. You don't think about those
things as a kid. Just enjoy life. I don't have
to go to school tomorrow. You know what, tom I'll
go to bed night whatever I want. You know what,
tom I'm gonna get up tomorrow whatever I want.

Speaker 4 (02:18):
I just saw a meme the other day that said
saying I can't wait to be an adult was the
dumbest shit I ever said.

Speaker 2 (02:24):
Yeah, it really is. Don't be in a hurry.

Speaker 1 (02:28):
Yeah, hey, if you need me, I'll be riding my
bike and playing baseball and going to the pool and
generally enjoying myself for the next two and a half months.

Speaker 2 (02:36):
Yeah, my son is fourteen, My oldest graduates from eighth
grade to day, and he can't wait till he can
get a job. And we're always asking at various places,
what's your hiring age here? And because it's freaking California,
it's almost sixteen everywhere, but which is just ridiculous. But
you know, and I can't wait till he gets a
job eithern it'll be good for me and he wants
some money and it's a great growing experience. But you know,

once I started working at twelve, I haven't stopped since then.
So there is that.

Speaker 3 (03:05):
Does your son want to drive?

Speaker 2 (03:07):
Oh my god, he just can't. He'll get his license
on day one. He talks about it all the time.
Glad to hear it.

Speaker 4 (03:13):
Yeah, I'm hearing more and more teenagers that just have
zero interest in getting their driver's license.

Speaker 2 (03:18):
Yeah, I know some kids are that way. My son
just cannot wait till he can drive right on.

Speaker 1 (03:22):
Well, the statistics are unmistakable, and they're shocking. To Katie's point,
way way fewer kids are excited about being independent, living
on their own, having their license, going out in the world.
I just I'm saddened by that. That gets back to
the whole nation of veal calves helicopter parenting philosophy.

Speaker 2 (03:42):
That's just I don't know.

Speaker 1 (03:43):
I hope it's a blip in our history, but I
feel bad for the kids who are the victims of that.
And yes, I understand that's a strong word, but I
mean it anyway. And well, meeting people sometimes do the
wrong thing. That doesn't make them bad people. I want
to make clear that while I am judging harshly, I
do have the milk of human kindness towards the back

of my top shelf, of my refrigerator, of my soul.

Speaker 2 (04:08):
So having whatever, yeah whatever.

Speaker 1 (04:17):
Went deep on that one, didn't I am dog, Yeah,
real deep? All right, So why don't you roll that
audio and we can discuss.

Speaker 5 (04:26):
In an elementary school teaching our children, we got a
teacher in the classroom on school hours, stripping down, butt naked,
bending over and showing everything on the video at all.
You could see what cell your light hanging in pubic half.
This is a disgrace and a shame that this is

the type of educator and teacher that is in the classroom.
And she made multiple videos. This woman obviously had lost
her day of mind. She needs psychotropic medication. She pulls
out her breast and she's juggling them, look like she's
about to fall over. Then she bends over and pulls

down her pennies, spreads her cheeks. I'm not lying, I'm
telling what's on the video. This is madness. This woman
should never ever be allowed to be an educator. This
woman should never be allowed to work around children ever.

Speaker 2 (05:24):
Again, well, there's a fair amount to unpack there.

Speaker 3 (05:29):
There. I didn't mean buckling her breast.

Speaker 2 (05:35):
First of all, where does it?

Speaker 5 (05:37):

Speaker 2 (05:37):
Why is it butt naked? The butt is the least
offensive part of being naked. We all have butts in
they're all roughly the same. It's the other side of
us that is, the naked part that's a crime.

Speaker 1 (05:47):
And I always heard buck naked long before I heard
butt naked, which might be a mishearing of Buck naked, But.

Speaker 2 (05:54):
Shingle naked is the problem? All right?

Speaker 1 (05:58):
Well put so it's funny. Hansen said, yeah, this story's crazy.
You got to hear this audio and I listened to
the first half of it, and it was a diff
It was a woman who who was incredibly restrained compared
to that gentleman there, and so I did not see
that coming.

Speaker 2 (06:16):
I didn't need but I I didn't need a pH
I didn't need that.

Speaker 1 (06:20):
Cell you light and the rest of it.

Speaker 2 (06:22):
Are we body shaming here?

Speaker 3 (06:24):

Speaker 1 (06:24):
I love the I love the idea of these are
activists who are against this. Are there any inactivists on
this topic? School teachers making porn in the school during
school hours?

Speaker 2 (06:37):
Okay? So yeah, I had to take that out of context.
So that's what was happening. The teacher was making pornography
motion pictures.

Speaker 4 (06:44):
She set up her phone in the classroom and proceeded
to do what that guy just so colorfully described but.

Speaker 3 (06:50):
Solo or with people, Yeah, solo. It was like a
selfie and.

Speaker 2 (06:53):
She is juggling nerves, she's about to fall over. So yeah,
there was.

Speaker 1 (07:01):
A couple one or a couple after school hours in
the classroom, and there was one during school hours in
the bathroom she made that's weird.

Speaker 2 (07:10):
What does she look like?

Speaker 3 (07:11):
Not somebody who you would want to see do any
of that?

Speaker 5 (07:16):

Speaker 1 (07:16):
Is there like a censored bit of the video in
the news story. I didn't see that either. Yeah, between
the c and the pH, I just I don't know,
no offense to anybody, but that.

Speaker 2 (07:26):
Well, she bends over and uh like like oh good,
like spreads.

Speaker 3 (07:32):
That's that's a thing that's going on right now. Guys.

Speaker 2 (07:36):
Now there, Katie, what do you mean. That's a thing
that's going on right now? Guys?

Speaker 4 (07:40):
Women are going online and they are filming themselves bending
over and spreading their cheeks.

Speaker 3 (07:46):
They are yes, well they're well all manner of stuff.

Speaker 2 (07:50):
Yeah, it's called webcams.

Speaker 4 (07:51):
But they're like torking while they do it. There's yeah,
I guess.

Speaker 2 (07:54):
This is a particular aspect of the that's popular right now.

Speaker 3 (07:58):
It's a particulars fact.

Speaker 2 (08:00):
Yeah, it is.

Speaker 5 (08:02):
It is.

Speaker 2 (08:02):
It's like a TikTok challenge, the Beutlay challenge. I don't
know that it's a challenge, the Sunrise challenge. Jesus, you know,
I'm fielding texts. We're recording this on June the sixth,
the year of Our Lord twenty twenty four, and I'm
fielding texts from people I have a great deal of
affection and respect for saying how great our d Day

show was.

Speaker 5 (08:25):

Speaker 1 (08:26):
Now, on the same day, I've been dragged into this perverse,
disgusting and childish conversation.

Speaker 3 (08:38):
Whose clip was this?

Speaker 2 (08:39):
Was this Hansen's Yeah, yeah, so I got advocated it. Yeah,
I got a picture over now, And no, you know,
different people like different people, and everybody's beautiful in their
own way. But I don't want to see her naughty
bits now in my face in a classroom where she

teaches children. And it's the lighting we want. You don't
want bright lighting on certain parts of the body.

Speaker 3 (09:10):
Oh, you don't.

Speaker 4 (09:11):
Want fluorescent lighting ever, for sure, exactly.

Speaker 3 (09:14):
That does nothing for anybody.

Speaker 2 (09:15):
Dimly lit it best. Yeah, all right, a little mystery.
You know what you've eliminated. Whenever you bend over and
you pull them apart like that, you've eliminated all mystery.
There is no mystery. I'm not participating in this unless
I'm looking inside you next. All mystery is gone from
the romance of this get together.

Speaker 4 (09:37):
Joe is now sitting there, scrolling on his phone he's
checked out.

Speaker 2 (09:41):
I'm out, Yeah, I'm out. So what was the dude
that we were hearing who is so entertaining? What was
what's his thing?

Speaker 1 (09:50):
It just got to be like a local reverend or
something like that. And he had the cadence of the
the Baptist preacher, didn't he?

Speaker 2 (09:58):
Yeah? Quonelle x is his name.

Speaker 3 (10:01):
He's a black panther activist.

Speaker 1 (10:04):
Oh boy, you don't have to be a black panther
activist to object to the forementioned indiscretions, right, you know this?

Speaker 4 (10:13):
Unfortunately because I was looking up his name. The blurred
video of this is on my phone right now. She's
struggling during this as well. I mean it's not a
well coordinated.

Speaker 2 (10:23):
Struggling in what faction?

Speaker 5 (10:24):

Speaker 3 (10:25):
Her pants?

Speaker 4 (10:26):
Yeah, I can't get her pants down, then she can't
get him back up, and she's kind of off balance.

Speaker 2 (10:31):
She's an amate to her. Well, he does mention she
almost falls over. But it shouldn't be that hard to
juggle your boobs. God, she's juggling her boobs with her
faculty badge down in between them.

Speaker 3 (10:44):
So it's her, it's her.

Speaker 2 (10:45):
How did you come across this video? So you're watching
the actual BJ the boob juggling.

Speaker 4 (10:50):
I clicked the link that Hanson just blessed us with
on our phones.

Speaker 3 (10:54):
Is what I did.

Speaker 2 (10:54):
Oh okay, well I'll click it too and watch it
on you to people watching videos and commenting on them, sore.

Speaker 1 (11:03):
Send sor oh god, I I don't need the audio.

Speaker 2 (11:09):
Yeah, I know, I'm trying to cut it.

Speaker 5 (11:11):
I don't know.

Speaker 1 (11:13):
I'm challenged by the internet.

Speaker 2 (11:14):
Wow, there's you know what's interesting about this. She's making
no effort to make it like sexy in the normal
way that's sexy stuff people.

Speaker 3 (11:25):
Makes us saying not well rehearsed.

Speaker 2 (11:27):
No, it's not. It's not an effort to be alluring.

Speaker 1 (11:31):
I think her entire marketing philosophy is any port in
a storm. She's definitely uh looking for the will literally
take any port.

Speaker 2 (11:43):
She's She's presenting it more like if your doctor said,
can you do this? I need to take a look
at this. She's as opposed to any romance.

Speaker 1 (11:53):
There's no plot exactly, well none that I can discern.
Uh yeah, And in terms of symbolism, metaphor allegory, I
see nothing.

Speaker 2 (12:12):
You know, Jack, what you got to do when your
kids come home today?

Speaker 4 (12:15):
Yeah? I have a math book in your hand and
say congratulations, I've decided to homeschool you this summer. Well.

Speaker 2 (12:24):
Uh, the protagonist seems to be her. Hyeah, I won't
go with her. Yeah, don't for once.

Speaker 4 (12:33):
Well, I guess that's it, Joe, don't for once.
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