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May 13, 2024 12 mins

The matter of expressing your pain threshold is clearly not well defined...

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Speaker 1 (00:00):
I don't know what it feels like to get mulled
by a bear. It's one more thing.

Speaker 2 (00:04):
I'm strong and getty, one more.

Speaker 1 (00:09):
Unpleasant before we get to the modern pain sharks. Based
off of my motorcycle wreck of the other day, I
wanted to mention, so I tweeted out a picture of
me with hair the other day because it's come up
on the show many times over the years, and a
lot of people had wondered. So I just tweeted that picture.

So it's from I'm twenty four, I guess in that picture,
and anyway, I had hair, So there you go. And
they got I don't know, one hundred and fifty comments
or something like that. And what was interesting to me,
and luckily I'm at the age where this is only

like interesting as a sociological exercise as opposed to anything else,
is the number of people that have to bring their
hate to these things, hmm, really hateful comments. And it

bothers me for just mankind. It just the world is
like that. That's what the only level that bothers me
on that, you know, my kids. Everyone has to live
in a world where there are certain percentage of people
that are just so hateful and.

Speaker 2 (01:29):
What drives that well, And you have to add into
that the trolls who don't mean what they say but
merely mean to pulvolk, which is a different sort of miserable.

Speaker 1 (01:38):
Yeah, I think that is. Yeah, even if it's just trolling,
it's exactly the same thing. We've worked with a few
trolls that just enjoy going on to social media and
saying really horrible things about people, hoping to get a
reaction out of them, which might be even worse than
the people who legitimately mean it. You're shaking your head. No,
that's just a weird psyche to have, and it's it's unhealthy.

And like I said, this only bothers me from a
I wish so many people weren't like that standpoint. It
makes the world a worse place. The uh so, your
day is going to be better if you troll somebody
like I don't know. You hear a new album and
you and it they posted on social media and you

say that's the garbage. My eight year old plays better
than that. Somehow that made your day better. It's very pathetic.

Speaker 2 (02:32):
I mean, it's such an obvious elevating yourself by stomping
others down over something stupid, which is clearly if you
have any sense of matter of opinion anyway, right, I mean,
that's that's that's that's almost seeing an x ray of
their their intellect right there. And it's like the old
joke they x rayed my head and found nothing.

Speaker 3 (02:54):
So I don't know any quote trolls. But what were
these people like? And they're normal life.

Speaker 1 (03:00):
I mean about what you'd expect, not jerks always, but
sad people. Not jerks, but sad, unhappy people, really unhappy
with how their lives have turned out. And I guess
this is a way to fight back against them, like
a misery loves company thing. I don't know.

Speaker 4 (03:18):
They would constantly compare themselves with other people, and if
they didn't measure up, then they would troll.

Speaker 1 (03:23):
That's why I looked at it interesting.

Speaker 2 (03:26):
And there's a certain sort of person and a certain
sort of hurt that people who feel like they've been
hurt by life want to hurt others. Yeah, take out
their their unhappiness on others.

Speaker 1 (03:38):
Right, so would you? Yeah?

Speaker 2 (03:40):
And I guess all sad.

Speaker 1 (03:42):
I guess the reason I want to bring it up
is in I think for most of us in the
public eye. That's the way we take your trolling. That's
the way it lands. It doesn't like, oh my god,
how dare you say that? There's none of that. It's
just a wow, you are your life must really suck.
That's horrible.

Speaker 2 (04:03):
Yeah. Generally my reaction is pity to that.

Speaker 1 (04:06):
Yeah, oh yeah, absolutely one. Whatever happened in your childhood
or your marriage now or whatever that makes you that way,
that sucks. I hope somebody can help you out of that.

Speaker 3 (04:19):
I vaguely remember responding to a hateful listener email with
who hurt you?

Speaker 1 (04:24):
Oh yeah, yeah, that's a good one right there, And
it might go clear back to your parents as a
little kid. And you know, we all know terrible stories,
but that is what's going on there. It is, yes,
similar to like road rage. It's very rare that somebody
who engages in road rage is actually enraged about what

happened on the road right that they brought their anger
to that incident. Can you I remember once I had
a guy just tailgating me and screaming at me and everything,
and so I pulled over it on the side of
the road and he jumped out and with a with
a like.

Speaker 2 (05:00):
Big jack thing in his hand. He started screaming at me.
I said, hey, whoa, whoa, what are you really angry about?
What has made you angry today? And he said you
and he charged at me. So I shot him dead
right there on the pavement, led out on the pavement. Yep, Yeah, so.

Speaker 4 (05:16):
I took a turn.

Speaker 2 (05:17):
Oh, I knew I had you going, Katie.

Speaker 4 (05:21):
I was so into that story.

Speaker 1 (05:26):
So if you're if you're going through YouTube videos and
you come across like a fifteen year old play in
the flute and you just have this, you can't stop
yourself from saying, boy, don't give up. You know what
other other pursuits are you suck at that?

Speaker 2 (05:40):
Or something? Really?

Speaker 1 (05:43):
Honest to God, I'm trying to do this as a
public service. Think about where that comes from, and like
I don't know, religion, therapy, somehow to let go whatever,
try to figure out where the pain comes from. Maybe
you'll be happier, you really will.

Speaker 2 (06:02):
Can't imagine feeling that impotent in the world, that that's
the only effect you're gonna have, and that's the effect
you want to have. Maybe I can hurt the feelings
of a fifteen year old floutest all.

Speaker 1 (06:15):
Right, Yeah, that's a nice feeling. By anyway, that's enough
of that. But it makes me, it actually makes me
sad for mankind that there are so many people in
that kind of pain and so miserable they're lives.

Speaker 2 (06:28):
That's not good.

Speaker 1 (06:30):
So I had a motorcycle wreck last week and it
hurt like the but Jesus my knee and my shoulder
in particular. And then I had the thing when you
get into the doctor's office the er where they said, uh,
what's your scale on what's your pain? On a scale
of one to ten. I've always hated that question because
I haven't got the slightest idea what that means. This
is the first time though the person has ever said

ten being the worst pain you've ever felt. Okay, that
helps me in that, Okay, I've got a standard to
try to work from without that, Like, I don't know,
I don't know if my pain tolerance is higher than
most people's or lower than most people's or the same.
I don't have any idea. But if you're going to
go with the worst pain I've ever felt, it gives
me a way to gauge it. But as Joe pointed

out last week, what if I've never had anything bad
to me. Like prior to three years ago when I
had my gallbladder attack, I would have had a different
answer than I have now.

Speaker 3 (07:23):
Mm hmmm, yeah, a different scale.

Speaker 1 (07:26):
Like if you hadn't had your twisticle. Katie probably has
never heard the twistical story, but you you'd have a
different pain scale.

Speaker 2 (07:33):
I guess torsion of the spermatic tube. You don't want it,
She's probably not likely to have it.

Speaker 3 (07:39):
Yeah, I don't think I'm able to get that.

Speaker 2 (07:41):
But that sounds of mule. You wouldn't wish it on
al Qaeda. But yeah, yeah, so now I have something
to kind of gauge it against.

Speaker 1 (07:49):
But if you hadn't had that, so so, since you've
had that, you might rate a pretty bad pain of five.
If that hadn't happened to you might rate that pretty
bad pain in eight. And then what do they do
with that information?

Speaker 2 (08:02):
Yeah, well there are better scales. Well that's why, silly
thing for them to say.

Speaker 3 (08:05):
But ill the last time I was in the hospital,
the scale was the scale one to ten, and it
was just dislike they had different smiley faces, yell, different emojis.

Speaker 1 (08:14):
I'm like, all that helps, that's what they do for kids. Yeah,
I don't know. I didn't. I never I never know
how to answer that question. And I want to be
helpful to my own recovery. But I don't know what
they're looking for anyway, Katie, I think you put this
one out, didn't you, Gady the improved pain Scale. I
like this one. Uh. One, it might be a nich

that's pretty good. Two, I just need a band aid.
That's a good one. Three it's kind of annoying. Four
This is concerning, but I can still work. Five on
the pain scale would be bees. That's just a bees
is a question mark. Six is bees exclamation point. So

five is.

Speaker 2 (08:58):
Bees, six is bees.

Speaker 1 (09:02):
Save it. On the pain scale, I can't stop crying.
Eight I can't move. It hurts so bad. It's about
where I was on Thursday when I was at the er.
Nine mauled by a bear or ninjas.

Speaker 2 (09:17):
The animal. Yeah, of course, who among us hasn't well,
you know.

Speaker 1 (09:22):
God, Ninja bears attack you. It's rough, and then ten unconscious?

Speaker 2 (09:27):
Yeah, yeah, I'm maulted by a bear or ninjas, bees bees.
We got this from Joe, Joe and Dayton. I believe
this is the actual VA pain rating scale cool, which
is good. It's what you've been asking for.

Speaker 1 (09:46):

Speaker 2 (09:46):
Number one zero is no pain obviously, one hardly noticed pain.
Two notice pain does not interfere with activities. Three sometimes
distracts me. Four distracts me, can do usual activities, five
interrupt some activities. Six would ignore avoid usual activities. Seven
focus of attention prevents doing daily activities. Eight awful, hard

to do anything. Nine can't bear the pain, unable to
do anything, and ten as bad as it could be,
nothing else matters.

Speaker 1 (10:14):
Well, that's great. Why don't they hit me with that
every time I've ever been to the ere?

Speaker 2 (10:19):
That's fantastic instead of the frownie face or the really
frowny face or the really really really frowny face. So
what should be the standard?

Speaker 1 (10:29):
Right there?

Speaker 2 (10:30):
That what you just read?

Speaker 1 (10:30):
Yeah, that is really great? What was seven?

Speaker 2 (10:33):
Again? Focus of attention prevents doing daily activities?

Speaker 1 (10:37):
Yeah, that's where I was on Thursday when I was
at the er, certainly, And yeah, but yeah, that's that's
a great skill. And that way you both that way
you both know they know and you know what you're
talking about, and you know you go from there on
what kind of pain medication you'd need or whatever.

Speaker 2 (10:55):
There might be a wuss, but at least this is
much more helpful.

Speaker 1 (10:58):
Yeah, yeah, I suppose.

Speaker 2 (11:00):
That follow up questions too. You want to hear though, sure.
Circle the number that describes how during the past twenty
four hours pain is interfered with your usual activity, does
not interfere or completely interferes. Then circle the number that
describes how during the past twenty four hours pain is
interfered with your sleep. One to ten.

Speaker 1 (11:19):
I'm pretty high on that one. Oh yeah, yeah, yeah, jeez.

Speaker 2 (11:24):
Circle the number that describes how during the past twenty
four hours pain has affected your mood. Ah, and then
that has contributed to your stress.

Speaker 1 (11:34):
Yeah, and my shoulder and knee. You are not allowing
me to sleep hardly at all.

Speaker 2 (11:38):

Speaker 1 (11:39):
But the way, okay, we'll get that out to every
hospital in America, so you don't just give the overall
and it's usually nice person, but usually somebody it's just
kind of in a very I'm barely paying attention. I
got to write down a number. It's my job sort
of way. What's your pain on a scale of one
to ten? I don't know what does that mean. I
just need to put down a number. Okay, Well, You're
either going to give me morphine or nothing based on

what I tell you. So it seems sort of important.

Speaker 2 (12:05):
Scale of one to ten, alright, alright, alright, twelve, it's
gotta be between one and ten. Alright, alright, d just
mess with them all of the above. Yeah, all right.

Speaker 4 (12:18):
I like going to the doctor and say it feels
like I got kicked by a ninja. I think that's
more fun. Well, I guess that's it.
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