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June 14, 2024 5 mins
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It's Norm McDonald. You listening tothe Ross Kaminsky Show. He he's a
good guy. He loves that notoriousb I G. Yeah. Well,
one thing about Ross that you mayor may not know it was Norm McDonald
coming at your live on the radio. You know. He he loves hip
hop and all all things black culture. Yeah, he's wearing a dushiki and

uh here here's here's here's what hereshow? Why do you fine? Don't
you talk? Thanks? Norm,haven't seen you in a while. Good
when you had your Ruigi board out, I tried to move that along player,
you know. Uh so that's jMoore who does the best freaking impressions
that and I think we only haveabout four minutes, so I think I

want to talk about impressions because Idon't understand me. Let me just say
one quick thing. Norm McDonald isthe only person who ever used the F
word on the air with me instudio financial that maybe maybe that one.
The us are very similar. You'revery money focused today. Jim Moore is
playing tonight and tomorrow night. It'sseven fifteen and nine forty five It Comedy

Works out at the Landmark Comedyworks dotCom for tickets, and thanks to the
generosity of mel, I might havea pair of tickets to give away a
little bit a little bit later,I how the bleep do you? How
does somebody do an impression that comesout like if Norm wasn't dead, someone
might think that's Norm. Yeah,I don't know how I do them.

Since I was a kid, Icould either do it right away. And
if you can do it, it'slike when you it's like when you can
finally play an instrument, or youcan finally sing in tune. You finally
don't excuse me, you finally knowhow like a song goes. It just
feels like that. It just itfeels like an alignment. But I don't
I don't have any technical application whatsoever. When I try it, I can

either do it or I can't.So the impressions that I don't do are
ones that I tried. I'm justit's just the way. But that's the
way it is. Like guys thatdo impressions, like the guys that can
do Ronald Reagan can usually do,Nixon can do, Carson can do those
like more like like uh Gravelly typeguys. And then there's more nasally guys.
There's like, there's guys that cando Alan Aldough, which to me

blows my mind. But I canjust do a very like I I'm trying
to do Owen Wilson, and Irealized I was doing Jennifer Coolunch, but
Owen Wilson's more like, what arewe doing here in the rain? Here?
What about? So you were tellingus about how much I love hip
hop and black culture or not?Kat Williams, I love Kat Williams.
You do a pretty good Cat williamvery difficult to do without swearing constantly.

I'm not even give it a shot. Okay, Yeah, I love because
Kat Williams is one of my alwayshusband, one of my all time favorite
comedians, one of my all timefavorite people. Really he's a good guy.
I love Kat. Yeah, that'sa good guy. Cat's reel man.
Yeah, Kat real. He's likeadopts babies and raises kids and he's
Yeah, there's a lot of goodthings he does that he keeps way under

the radar. So switching gears here, we all about two minutes left.
I just watched a TikTok videos,maybe thirty or forty five seconds of what
had to be the most quintessentially Californianwedding of all time. It was yours

because we're on the beach. You'reon the beach. People some kind of
flowy white silk shirt, khaki pantsand a white dress shirt and you're on
the beach. You're on the beachin Malibu. Was like a yeah,
because because we did it as thetide was coming up, so people couldn't
hang out. Really, we're brilliant. Oh that's smart. It was like,
well, high tides at five,will get married at four thirty and

then people just start creeping towards thesea wall and then they're like, well
we got to go right. Thatis so smart. Yeah, that's was
that your idea your wife's idea bothbecause we didn't want to travel to get
married, yeah, and we didn'twant to go a destination wedding and we
wanted to keep it. It wasvery small. Was that at your house
to her house or is it an I used to live on the beach
and that's where I used to liveand I got evicted when I was in

rehab. My landlord said he threwall my stuff on the beach and said
come get his stuff to tide's comingup. He was like he had it.
Wow, we turned out he couldmarry people. He's an efficient.
We got married by him on thatbeach as the tide, you know.
Same. So they came full circle. That's an amazing story. So yeah,
I'm happy. Are you a Lakersfan? No, of course I

am. But you grew up atyou know, like you should be a
Nets or something. The Nicks aregreat. Everybody loves the next No,
I hate New York Sports Times fromNew York. So I used to be
big Knicks John Starks and Ewing andAnthony Charles Oakley. That was the best.

It was like if you were goingto have like a street fight,
that was your crew. But toobad it wasn't a street fight. It
was NBA basketball Rangers or Kings orI never got into hockey because the devils
came when I was like they werelater I had been cast. Yeah wow,
yeah, well, Jay, youhad a just a remarkable career.
It's so good to meet you inperson. Did you put that past tense?

Well? So far? So far? I mean it's going to continue
tonight with one hundred percent effort,which is more than the usual effort.
No, Now, I'm all I'vealways given a hundred percent effort at comedy
works. I thought you thought,but I'm always thinking where I was always
doing pill mass ahead. Now youcan't be present if you're wondering where your
next fix is coming. That makesmore sense in no relationship. Are you

ever present? One hundred percent present? Probably? I'm always multitasking, I
think to a degree, but notnot about many things poorly. That's probably
right. Not even a computer canactually multitask. They just switch tasks faster
than we can comprehend. That's deep. Just blew your mind, bro,
Yeah, all right, who's gonnasend us into this break? I'm Tracy

Morgan, and you gonna love thesecommercial mattresses because you're about to get a
new mattress.

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