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June 18, 2024 18 mins
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I'm very pleased to be joined,So just keep listening. At some point
during the show, that word thechannon just played the name of a rolling
Stone song will be I will saythe word, and then the tenth text
will win the pair of tickets.I'm very pleased to have my friend Deborah
Flora join me in studio again.And deb is running for congress, seeking

the Republican nomination in the fourth congressionaldistrict, where there are a lot of
candidates, including one other with veryfemale with very high name ID. Before
we get to any of that stuff, I wanted to thank you publicly for
showing up on Sunday at the proIsrael pro US rally. You and your

husband were there holding American and Israeliflags. You sang both national anthems,
and you're running for office and that'snot even in your district, and you
showed up, and I just wantedto thank you publicly for being there.
You're not Jewish, No, whywas that important to you? Well,
first of all, it's important todo the right thing. And Ross it
was great to be there with you. Rich social help organize it. He's

endorsed me. I've stood with Israelfor years. This is not about running
for office or not running for office. It's about the fact that it is
the right, the moral thing todo. It is also about the fact
that I've seen the unedited Hummas bodycamfootage and we have to understand clearly what
we are standing for. It wasbeautiful to be with a pro Israel,

pro America, pro freedom, prodemocracy, although we're republic I do know
that, but it was pro sharedvalues and this country was founded on Judeo
Christian values and we need to understandthat is not the norm around the world.
And what Israel is doing in fightingagainst Hamas, who is called in
its charter for the extermination of everyJewish person, that is horrid. That

is something that we can never standfor as a free people. And by
the way, where it does correlatewith this race is that I've called Lauren
Bobert in this. She said thatshe is pro Israel, but the reality
she has voted not just once buttwice against funding for our key ally in
the Middle East since the October seventhatrocities. There is no perfect bill,

and she finds a reason to say, well, there was some humanitarian aid.
You know, Israel is already providinghumanitary aid to those areas of Gaza
that has retaken. But the realityis our key ally asked for support.
This last vote was the last opportunityto support them in what they need.
They weren't asking for money, theyweren't asking for troops. Israel was asking

for our to support them with arms. And the Republican Jewish Coalition even said
and called Lauren Bobert out by nameand said, anyone who voted against this
final opportunity to provide aid in thiswar against Hamas, this war against barbarism,
cannot call themselves pro Israel. AndI'm proud to say that I'm pro
Israel. You know, American nationalsecurity comes first with our border. But

what is happening in this fight isone hundred percent and the interest of America's
national security as well as just doingthe right thing. The only freely elected
country in the Middle East who isfighting a war against the barbarism of Hamas.
And if we do not believe it'sgoing to come here, if it
is not one there, then weare naive. But more than anything wrong,

it's just the right thing to do. No matter what, I always
want to do my best as aflawed human means to be on the right
side of history, the right sideof standing for what is just and what
is good. Play Devil's advocates,slightly yeah, and share with you a
tweet that I got. I postedsome videos on Twitter of the rally and

the pathetically small group of protests,the Israeli unwashed protesters. But one person,
one person tweeted at me that Israel'sproblems are not America's problems. So
let me pose this to you asa serious question, because I don't think

it's a ridiculous question. In asituation where we have something like thirty five
trillion dollars in debt and out ofcontrol government spending that's bankrupting our children,
why should America spend money to supportany country anywhere else, especially if we
are not bound to do so bytreaty? Great question. Really, government

has one job to protect the rightsand the safety of its citizens. That's
it. So national security is ajob of the US government. First of
all. When it comes to spending, I am a fiscal conservative. There
are so many areas to cut thewaste and the pork, and when you've
got omnibus spending bills, that Republicanstuff with as much pork as Democrats do.
I'm running as a Republican, butlet's be honest about that, or

where an infrastructure bill, let's say, actually is really pushing you know,
EV mandates and a Green New Dealenergy and who knows who's getting kickbacks from
that is the inappropriate use of funds. When it comes to national security,
in order for me is our border. We have to secure that. And
I do believe that the outward facinga role of our military can be used

at the border because there are peoplecoming and that's the way it is supposed
to be faced. But the reasonwhy what is going on in Israel is
a threat to the United States ofAmerica is we cannot have a myopic view
and not understand that Iran, whois also backed by China, who's waging
a proxy war through Hamas, thatis a threat to the United States of

America. They have said over andover again that after Israel, America is
the Great Satan if we don't understandafter nine to eleven that we are facing
and fighting an ideology, and it'sa horrific one. That is where that
war is being fought, and farbetter for Americans. And by the way,
I have a son who's nineteen yearsold. My husband and I do

it's far better for us to supportIsrael and they're amazinglilitarry and their amazing prowess
to fight that war there, thento just suddenly abandon them. And by
the way, one of the onlythings stopping Iran is that their sense that
America has the back of Israel.If we abandon Israel, Iran will be
in bolden. You better believe thatwar is coming to our soil, and

they've already. Last week, bythe way, the Joint Terrors TA task
Force between the FBI and Homeland Security, they apprehended eight suspected terrorists that are
here on our soil. This isthe fight of our day, Benjamin Nennaw
who said it, well, itis between civilization and barbarism. We'd better
stand on the side of civilization.You know, it reminds me just the

wording that you used there is justa little tangent. But the first time
I ever talked with Michael Morrell,who ran CIA for a while, and
I know a lot of people donot like Michael Morrel for what happened later
when he was talking about Hunter Biden'slaptop. But way way before all that
stuff. The first time I talkedto him was when he wrote his book,

and it's about radical Islam and Islamofascism, and it's called the Great
War of our time, and that'sI was reminded of that by the way
you talked about it too. Well. When we look at nine to eleven,
it was the responsor. It wasprobably not appropriate because until that point
in time it always been this traditionalwar between two countries. You know,

we could see the demarcations, wecould see the governmental differences, and the
problem with military history is we're alwaysfighting the last war, not the war
we're fighting now. We are nowfinding an ideological war between Western civilization ideals
which Israel shares based on Judeo Christianprinciples of individual liberty and freely elected leaders,

and the horrors we've seen of theterrorism of Hamas Iran and others who
are not for those values, andAmerica being the standard bearer for that,
we are their primary target. Allright, let's get into a couple other
things and just give me slightly shorteranswers just in interested time. And let
me just let me just say onething to listeners. So at request of

many, many people, I decidedto do a voter guide. I wasn't
going to spend my time on itbecause it takes me hours and hours,
but a lot of people asked fora voter guide for the primary election,
so I did one. I didnot even attempt to cover every primary election
in the state. I covered theones that I think are important and the
ones that some close friends of minethought were important. And if you go
to Rosskiminsky dot com near the topof the page slightly towards the right,

you will see the link for thevoter guide. And in this race,
in CD four, I endorsed DeborahFlora. Now, I would just want
to make one thing clear, ora couple things clear, very quickly,
because I don't want to take timeaway from Deborah, who's the guest here.
There are a couple other people inthis race who I like. Like
It wouldn't break my heart if JerrySonnenberg were a member of Congress. Yeah,

I like Mike Lynch too. Butlook, listeners know that in the
past I supported Lauren Bobert two electionsago. It was neutral in the last
election because I just thought she wasn'treally doing the job, and by the
time we got to hear I justfelt like, even though I like her
personally, I felt like she haddemonstrated to me that she could not grow

into the job. She was notmaturing into the job. She was spending
too much time being famous. AndI want someone who is going to do
the job. I also want someoneeven though it's a very Republican leaning district,
like every district in Colorado, it'sbecoming less Republican or more Democrat leaning.
And I want someone who can winin the suburbs. And I don't
think Lauren can do it. AndI don't think Lauren has earned it.

And she left the district that shewas in because she knew she couldn't win
it. And so after a lotof thought and looking at all these candidates,
in my opinion, Deborah Flora isthe best candidate. I don't often
endorse in Republican primaries, but Iwant you to know I did here.
And so with all that said,Deborah, you know, there's this one

very famous candidate, and then there'sa lot of people who just aren't her
who might end up splitting the vote. And we could see I could imagine
either her or you, probably notany of the others winning with some number
that starts with a three, right, Can you see that scenario. Yes,
And first of all, Ross,thank you so much for your endorsement.

That means the world because I respectthe fact that you, you know,
you stand on the Constitution to supportpeople's rights to live free and government's
limited job. So the scenario isvery true. And one of the reasons
why the Gazette endorse me, forinstance, is to signal to everybody,
and I'm talking to listeners right nowwho have not voted, you can be
the one that makes the difference asa historically low turnout right now across the

country. That means your vote counts. The Gazette endorse me. They had
endorsed Lauren Bobert before they endorse mein this race because it's time for a
new, fresh leadership in DC thatwill build a coalition to actually get something
done. You know, Lauren isa you know, she grandstands. Now
there's a place for that. Youcan rally people and if that's your flavor,

go for it. It's not gettingthe work done of the people in
DC. Even when she was firstelected and we had two years where we
had the presidency, the Senate,and the House of Representatives. Really it
was squandered. There was nibbling aroundthe edges. There was grand standing,
there was social media clickbait, therewas all of that. But the work

of the people did not happen.That's why I appreciate your endorsement, the
endorsement of the Gazette, the endorsementof the Douglas County Sheriff, and many
others, because the reality is Iwill go. I will build a conservative
coalition. I am about as conservativeas they come in this race. I
really believe that if your benchmark isthe Constitution, which is what I stand
on, i am the most conservativecandidate in this race. But what will

be the difference is I will builda coalition to actually do the work of
the people, actually secure aborder,actually pulls spending back, release our energy
sector, drive down inflation, makeswe begin to bring in and rain in
the out of control spending. Solet me just jump in here just to
see any interested time. So let'ssay there are voters in CD four right

now who haven't voted yet, yes, and maybe they haven't been paying a
ton of attention, and most people, in fact, don't pay Probably listeners
to this show pay more attention thanthe average person does. But so let's
say, and I think there area lot of these people who are thinking
of themselves. I am not votingfor Lauren Bobert, right, I don't
know these other people very well.I've heard some of their names a little

bit. I want you to giveme because you you went through leadership program
in the Rockies, right, soyou you know that you need to be
able to give a message in avery short time period, right, So
I want you to take I wasgoing to say thirty seconds, but I
like prime numbers, so I'll roundup to thirty one instead of rounding you
down to thirty nine. I wantyou to give me, in thirty one
seconds the argument that you would maketo someone who is definitely not voting for

Lauren why they should pick you fromamong the others. Absolutely, Well,
here we go in thirty one seconds. The reality is I am the conservative
who can win and keep this seatin the Republican column. If that is
important to you. The reality isthat's a seventy three percent suburban district,
forty nine percent unaffiliated. My focusis also on growing the party because the

realities were down to twenty four percentRepublicans, not because our principles aren't correct,
but because we have too many bombthrowers in our party that are not
bringing people together. I will dothe real work of the people. I
will make sure that we keep thisseat, which is one of the last
beachheads in Colorado of conservative limited governmentprinciples. I will keep it in the

Republican Column's why I've been endorsed bythe Gazette, the sheriffs of Douglas County
and also Elbert, many mayors andcity council members. And the other reason
why is because I have thought authenticallynext to my neighbors in CD four.
They know that, and I canbegin to restore and rehabilitate the party,
build a down ballot support system sowe can achieve balance in the Dome in

Denver as well. So that's whyI'm massive for people's vote. Go to
Deborah Flora dot com, folks,Deborah Flora. That's D B. O.
R A. H. Flora flOra dot com. This is all
linked on my blog at Roskiminsky dotcom. And again I'm not shy about
saying I have endorsed Deborah in thisrace. There are a couple other people
in this race who I like,but I think Debora Flora is the best

candidate. And I hope that ifyou live in CD four and you haven't
voted yet, I hope you willvote for her in the primary for the
reasons I explain to my voter guideand the reasons Deborah explained just then.
Thanks for coming in. It's goodto see you again. Great, thank
you, and I do want toreal quickly invite everyone. We're having a
border security and public safety forum tomorrowevening five pm. Laundry Hub is with

the Douglas County Sheriff, Darren Weekley, who endorsed me, as well as
John Fabricatory, is a CD sixcandidate for Congress, but he's also a
retired ICE direct So we're going tobe talking about the real solutions to the
number one issue that are facing peoplein our state. Okay, time and
location again, Lone Tree Hub,five pm tomorrow evening Wednesday. We're gonna

talk about border security, public safety. Would love to see you there.
Go on my Facebook page. Alsoyou see the details Devil Flora for Colorado.
Thanks Debra, appreciate it all.Right, I'm gonna do a couple
other things here. So this isactually a political story, but not Congress
related story that I wanted to sharewith you. Donald Trump has changed an

immense number of political dynamics in thiscountry, and maybe some for the better
and some for the worse. Butjust as a student of politics, I
think all of it is kind ofinteresting. And one of the interesting things
that is going on right now isthat Donald Trump seems to be gaining support
among younger voters. Uh, He'sgaining support among younger voters voting, by

the way, among young black men, which is interesting. And older voters
who tend to vote Democrat seem tobe slightly drifting toward Republican. I'm sorry,
older voters who tend to vote Republicanare drifting toward Democrat right now.

And if you look at a chartover the last I'm looking at a chart
for the last fifty years in termsof voters age sixty or older, the
share who voted Democrat versus the sharewho voted Republican most of the time.
Most of the time, the oldervoters leaned modestly Republican, but in the

past couple of years, according toa New York Times sienopol they're leaning Democrat,
and Axios has a headline Biden's seniorMomentum, which is a kind of
funny play on Biden's repeated senior momentsthat he keeps happy like Obama leading him
off the stage couple days ago,why he's courting older voters, and what

they say here is Biden appears tobe making serious inroads with America's oldest voters
and could become the first Democrat towin older voters in over twenty years if
the current polling pans out. November'selection between two historically old candidates, would
have upheld long held assumptions about howAmericans vote. In the interesting time,

I think I'm not going to reada lot more, but I will just
mention two quick things. The mostrecent New York Times poll shows Biden up
nine points among voters among likely votersaged sixty five or older, and the
Quinnipiac poll last month had Biden uptwelve points on Trump among voters sixty five

and older. So it's very interestingfor two reasons. First of all,
there's never been there. There's neverbeen a time where Democrat led a Republican
by anything close to twelve points ninetytwo. Maybe you get kind of close
to that, but when you're talkingabout older voters leaning towards a Democrat like

that, it is rare. Theother thing to keep in mind is older
voters have a high propensity to vote. Younger voters have

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