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June 19, 2024 7 mins
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I don't spend a ton of timetalking about local races on the show because
you know, lots of people mightnot live in any one county people who
are listening to the show, ButDouglas County always has very interesting politics.
And also I find that from timeto time Douglas County politics kind of spill
out and impact other conversations. Sojoining us to talk about her race for

Douglas County Commissioner is Priscilla Ron.And Priscilla's actually been on the show in
the not too distant past because she'sa public school teacher and we were talking
about the impact of illegal alien kidsshowing up in the classrooms and all that.
We're not going to get into thattoday. But if the name sounds
familiar for reasons other than Douglas Countypolitics, you've heard her on the show,

that's where Hi, Priscilla, welcome, welcome back. Hi. That's
good to talk to you. Allright, So we just have a few
minutes, and I just you know, since you're a graduate of Leadership program
of the Rockies, you need tobe able to make your case in a
short period of time. And Iwant to ask you about two particular issues
regarding Douglas County. First, propertytaxes a huge issue there. Doug CO

had something like forty close to fortypercent average property tax increases. What do
we need to know from the positionof a doug CO commissioner candidate about property
taxes? Well, yes, commissionerscan make a positive impact on reducing property
taxes. We can reduce mils,which I support our current commissioners have done.
I will continue to do that andsupport trying to put the genie back

in the bottle, meaning happy howmuch property taxes can increase in the county.
And I definitely want to further supportour seniors and veterans who are hit
the hardest because they're on fixed income. So that's my plan. People can
read it on my website. Priscillafordugto dot com. What have you heard
from people in the district as faras the impact on them of what's happened

with property taxes so far? Well, what we're seeing a lot of seniors
are very fearful. Several people havetold me at the door that they're selling
their homes, they're moving out ofstate, which is really sad because they've
been Douglas County residents for twenty thirtyyears. The other thing I'm seeing is
that this is the first generation that'snot doing better than our parents. Typically,
generation after generation does a little bitbetter than their parents. But we're

seeing young people living at home withtheir folks because they can't afford to get
into their own private property, owningeither a town home or a single family
home, so they're living with theirparents. And we're seeing a lot of
that as young people are trying tojuggle getting a great paying job and being
independent. So let me switch gears. I've heard different things from different people,

and I'm not that close. I'mnot close enough to the issue to
have a strong opinion, but itdoes seem like there are certain interests that
are pushing a project that would movewater from the San Luis Valley to Douglas
County. Clearly was an issue atthe Douglas County Commissioner in the not too
distant pass. It did not pass, although it seemed like it might for
a while. What do we needto know about that issue in your position

on it? Right? So,I mean, we do have water issues
in the state, and we areseeking to make sure we are providing safe,
affordable drinking water to every resident inDouglas County. There was a proposal
that was brought before the county Ithink over a year ago. It was
voted down. So there is noactive proposal to bring water into Douglas County

from the San Luis Valley, andpeople keep talking about it like it's an
active thing, but it's so.One thing I am very excited about is
there is a new water commission madeup of water experts, people who are
representing different water providers, engineers,a former commissioner, and they're putting their
heads together to provide Douglas County withtheir first ever water plan. And that's

what I'm excited to see because wedo have issues in unincorporated parts of Douglas
County that we're going to have theproblem solve. I do see some interesting
names on your list of endorsements.I don't typically put a lot of stocket
endorsements for big offices, but localoffices are a little different. When local
people endorse candidates for local office,they probably know them fairly well. And

I see that the Doug Coast Sheriffhas endorsed you, as has the current
DA, as has the previous DAGeorge Brockler, who's running for for DA
again. What is it that youthink these people see in you versus versus
the other candidates. You know,when we were coming out of COVID,

we saw this big anti defund thepolice movement, a lot of hatred,
hatred towards our law enforcement. Butour law enforcement needs our support. They're
the people that we call in orderto keep our community safe. As the
former vice chair of the State Party, I've been to many many pro law
enforcement rallies trying to support ourlaw enforcementand making sure they have the training and

the funds that they need to doa great job. And so I backed
the Blue and the Blue backs meand they know when I say I support
our law enforcement, that I meanit. And it means the world to
me to have the support of severallaw enforcement agencies, including our Fraternal Order
of Police, the state and localLodge forty seven and all of these wonderful

people who give their lives every dayto keep us safe. And I think
that's the second most important thing thatI hear from residents is they want safe
communities. All right, last thingI want to ask you. You just
mentioned something in passing and I'm goingto ask you one and only one follow
up to what you just said.You said you were vice chair of the
state Party. You said you usedto be vice chair of the state Party.

So my one question for you isdid you step down as vice chair
of the state Party in order torun for office because you believed it would
be unethical to be in party leadershipwhile also running for office competing against other
Republicans. You know what, therewas definitely some conversation amongst some leadership that

it would be a conflict of interestfor me to continue to serve as the
state Party vice chair and lend forlocal office, and I felt like it
would be just better for me tostep down and focus on my local race
so that there wouldn't be a cloudover my campaign that people knew I was,
you know, very serious about beinga strong candidate. I applaud you

for that and for being a rolemodel with that sense of ethics. Priscilla
Ron is a candidate for Douglas CountyCommissioner. Priscilla for dougcode dot com is
the link. If you forget anyof this, you can go to Roscommensky
dot com and look at today's blodcastand I've got links to Priscilla's website there.
Thanks so much for your time,good luck in your campaign, and

I appreciate your friendship too. Thankyou you you two runs, have a
good one. Okay, bye,

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