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June 11, 2024 13 mins
Breaking down the legal angles of the Hunter Biden verdict
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Josh Cease and Hunter Biden found guiltyon all three counts. He is a
convicted felon now and he is hostof for the Defense Defense Attorney Brad Koffels
joining us. Now, hey brother, it's been a while. How are
you. I've been great man?How about you, Blazer man, I'm
doing fantastic. And first of all, are you, hopefully are you going

anywhere fun this summer, like onvacation. Do you have anything fun planned
as of yet? We love theKoffles love to go to northern Michigan in
the summertime where there's little humidity,beautiful lakes, good quality family time,
really good folks up there. Iencourage anyone who hasn't been in northern Michigan.

You gotta go up to northern Michigan. Its outstanding. Yeah, like
the fall in the middle of July. Oh wow, I didn't realize it
was that pleasant in this area ofthe country, even though that is probably
what a good four hours from hereseven to eight where we go a mit,
Okay, it's up north. Wecall it up north, and uh

you have like a specific like yougo to a well, there's clearly a
bunch of lakes and so on.But well, you know what that sounds
actually very refreshing, It really does. I mean it it is. Yeah,
Harbor Springs, Pataski, Charle Boy, all these lakeside little towns.
Time has stood still, and it'sit's it's literally it's sweatshirts in the evening,

s'mores by the lake, do someboating and tubing during the day.
It's fantastic. And roughly, howmany pot billboards do you pass between here
and all the way? We'll findout, they'll find out. You know.
It's funny. It's like you goto Michigan and as soon as you
start, like right through Toledo andboom, as soon as you go in

there, it's like you are inundatedwith a house of dank or you know,
like you just start seeing all theseall these pot billboards everywhere. Just
I don't mind the pill the billboardsas much as I hate the stink of
it. When you're walking through downtownChicago or New York. It's just it's
disgusting. Or Las Vegas, Imean, on the strip, you don't

even you don't even if you'd liketo smoke pot, you don't even need
to buy any just kind of walkaround. You'll you'll get it that way,
you'll contact buzz. Yeah. Well, yeah, that's exactly why I
go. It's much cheaper to doit that way. By the way,
you know, you just kind ofwalk around. And let's face it,
a lot of people on the stripin Las Vegas have lost all their money

and they're walking around. They don'thave any money to buy the lot while
they're there, Just like Pink Floydsaid, yes, absolutely, all right,
So Hunter Biden found first of all, just give me your take on
when you found this out today,Uh, your reaction as soon as you
start hearing what you heard with regardto guilty on all three counts and so

on, what what was your reaction? Well, I've paid attention to this
story for several different reasons. Thebig one is, are they going to
acknowledge that the laptop is in factreal? And the federal government did use
the laptop to cross to cross examineand convict Hunter. So the laptop from
Hell that was supposedly Russian misinformation signedoff by fifty intelligence officers, that was

drummed up by Anthony Blincoln, whowas a senior campaign advisor for then candidate
Joe Biden, who's now our Secretaryof State. What a nice coincidence.
We now know that everything on thatlaptop was true and authenticated. No one's
saying it's not Hunters. And sothe laptop was used to convict him.

His own book, he wrote amemoir, and apparently I didn't read it,
but apparently a lot of a lotof statements in his book are what
we call admissions in the criminal defenseworld, confessions. And then the cell
phones, the tax I mean,you just don't reduce to writing your felonious

criminal activity in this era, itwill get discovered. And so he didn't
have a defense. And remember,guys, a year ago, his buddy,
his dad's buddy, Weis who wasthe Delaware, the state of I
think he's the US attorney for thestate of Delaware, is the one that
was working out this whole global resolutionfor the Hunter Biden problems. They had

a super sweetheart deal worked out thistime last year where he was going to
plead guilty to these tax charges thathe's going to trial for in a couple
of months. He owed one pointseven million dollars in unpaid income tax.
He was going to plead guilty tohis tax charges, and he was going
to plead guilty to these gun chargesand he was going to get diversion.

And part of that diversion agreement wasand we're agreeing have to prosecute him for
anything and everything else. That's whatdrew the attention of the judge, the
federal judge last year to put thekebash on all this. And I think
that's the biggest story right here iswe wouldn't know any of this really,
the authentication of the laptop, thebearing of the laptop to impact the twenty

twenty election, and what's worse,what Donald Trump did pan off a porn
star, which is that's what celebritiesand wealthy business people do. They pay
off people and sign non disclosure agreementsor bearing this laptop that had all this
information and evidence that the bidens maybe more financially motivated by foreign powers interests

than our own interests. To answeryour question, Blazer, the case was
DOA he was never going to bequitted. The verdict of course door that
out and how fast they reach thatverdict for that out as well. Yeah,
So the million dollar question now isA will he get sentenced to any

time? And B will Dad actuallypardon him because you know Biden saying the
President, Biden saying whatever last weekthat I know I will not pardon my
son, and so on. Joshbelieves that he will not pardon him if
he gets any time at all anythingwith well, I don't think he's going
to get any time. I thinkjail is completely ridiculously unrealistic. And if

he does do anything, he's notgoing to do anything until after the election
to give the you know, theappearance law, you know, right,
that's what he'll do in my opinion. Plus, if Hunter ends up getting
anything out of this, he wouldhave to have secret service there, right.
I mean, it's a whole Hunter. I don't think the presidents are
the children entitled they are they are. I don't know. I don't know

what the cutoff is, but Iagree with Josh. He's not going to
get any time. You're going tosee a case that this particular judge sent
in someone else a month ago foressentially the same thing gave him, gave
that defendant a year. I lookedinto that case and found out that guy

was actually an arms trafficker and wasmoving guns to California. And so that
guy deserved his one year Hunters.I would be shocked if Hunter gets prison.
He'll certainly get probation. He'll probablybe ordered for a significant mental health
assessment, substance abuse assessments, maintainsobriety, random drug testing. His travel

is going to be severely restricted.He's going to have a supervising probation officer.
The question is, and he'll havea suspended prison term. The question
is how long is that probation goingto be? And can Hunter biden with
this addiction other mental health issues atthis stage of his life. Can he
turn that ship around and be drugfree and tow the line? He may

ultimately wind up going to prison onprobation violations, but I don't think he's
going to go to prison on thisone. Very interesting, very interesting.
So his next and they said,what, there's one hundred and twenty days
they have to quote unquote sentence himbetween now and then the next trial is
supposed to be starting. What didthey say, like October or something like

that? Maybe, yeah, Ithink it's September. Yeah. What I
don't understand is why Hunter didn't justlike they just didn't plead guilty. I
mean, he was found guilty onthe three counts. These are not cases
that you see go to trial.Just go in there, plead guilty,
put yourself on the mercy to court, skip all the court, and Shenanigan
take the I mean, why didthey do this? Why didn't if I'm

Hunter Biden's lawyer, and you knowthere's a ninety nine percent conviction rate when
you go to trial, you cannotshow genuine remorse. You cannot show that
you're accepting responsibility. That's a majorsentencing factor. You can't go to trial
and show genuine remorse. I don'tknow why Abby Lowell, his lawyer,

didn't just advise him, and maybehe did advise him to plead guilty.
But there's a reason why this wentto trial. This is not a case
that should have ever gone to trial. That's for me, the head scratcher.
Why did this go to trial.It's not like Hunter had to get
some stuff off his chest. Hedidn't testify. They put his own daughter
through it, and that was atrain wreck. His mom showed up and
had to listen to all this sordiddetails, and his sister in law,

slash Lover all those texts came outas well. It was a total crap
show, right, and Jill itwas in Normandy and then flew back,
and then she went back, andthen she was back again, flying back
to Delaware, and they this morningthere was a number put with that Brad
and it was three hundred and fortyfive thousand is what it costs the taxpayers

to fly her back and forth.So there's like all this negative in addition
to everything you just kind of pointedout, which is, you know,
her going back and forth so on. So there's it accomplished, nothing but
a bunch of negativity, more negativityon top of already a negative situation with
this family. In my estimation,Yeah, the biggest whammy is everyone now

knows, beyond the shadow of adoubt, that that laptop is real.
And we also now know that Bidenblink in and that Brennan they all fired.
Allegedly, they all conspired to getthis letter out that this is Russian
and disinformation. Fifty plus intelligence officialssign off on it. And as you

may recall, Biden referenced that letterin his October debate I think it was
his last debate with Trump, andsaid, you know, it's all garbage.
Look at this intelligence, this letterfrom the intelligence community. I think
if the American people knew, Idon't know. My guess is it didn't
matter at that point in time.The same people are going to vote for

Trump, and they all knew hewas going to be paid off at porn
Star. The people that were votingfor Biden, they were never going to
vote for Trump. I don't thinkthe laptop or the hush money affected this
election one way or the other.Also, then with his upcoming trial for
really what we're going to call themeat and potatoes of this whole situation for
them, a bunch more kind ofto your point what you're talking about with

this, with embarrassing stuff. Moreembarrassing stuff is going to now really come
out when this begins, correct,Yeah, look, you complete, no
one can stop completing. Guilty.It's three counts. It is a perfectly
probationable offense. Why are they goingthrough this? I don't know. There's
that just it doesn't make any senseto me. There's something else going on.

He's the host. It might bethe system, it might be the
invisible hands. You know, it'llbe too conspiracy theorists, but that you
know, there are plenty of highhighly placed Democrat operatives that don't want Joe
Biden, who's running on empty,to be on the top of the ticket
in November. There may be operativesthen the party that are that are really

bearing down on Team Biden. Theywant this to cost Biden. That may
be the play. So you thinkthat he might not be the guy in
November. I've said, I've saidfor a year, I'll be shocked if
if Joe Biden, running on emptyis the guy at the top of the
ticket, because we all see weall see his mental and physical ailments and

they're picking up speed. Yep,it's demonstrated on a daily basis that he's
incompetent. He's incompetent. I mean, we were watching it play out real
time. You know, you wouldn'tgive the man car keys, but we're
going to give them keys to thefree world. It makes no sense.
He's hosted up for the defense.Defense attorney Brad Kavell Brett
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