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June 13, 2024 14 mins
Catching up with Stacia
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Mark Blazer with Josh Ceason station anda kid. I was showing you some
footage from Cosmopolitan when I was inVegas. I know i'ven't seeing you in
actual weeks. Yeah, you guysare the week Memorial last week, then
you were in Vegas before that.Good to see you, brother, Yeah
you too, very good to seeyou. And yeah, I mean,
yeah, it has been a coupleof weeks. But yeah, that was

that was a lot of fun beingthere, especially like at the Memorial last
week. We like you were saying, You're like, man, you guys
dodged as far as the heat bullet, which is coming next week. Yes,
and we will get the latest fromMarshall here in a little bit.
But yeah, I mean it's gonnabe like middle to upper nineties for and
you're in like a softball like oneof our sister states. I am.

I'm doing the Jimmy and Dave CelebritySoftball Classic where they're bringing in new kids
on the Block, and they havevery generously invited me along, and I
am very excited, even though Iwill melt before I actually see the new
kids on the block because of thetemperatures and they are right in your wheelhouse
too. Same with my wife.Oh my gosh, she's like a big

New Kids on the Block fan,so she's, uh, yeah, because
I was telling you two years agothey brought in the Backstreet Boys, you
know, and all the money goesto on our sleeves with nationwide children.
So it's a really cool fundraiser.Yeah, and Backstreet Boys were here two
years ago and some of the reportersin our newsroom were freaking out because they
were like, Oh my gosh,you're gonna play with the Backstreet Boys is

amazing, Like are you are yougoing crazy? And I was like,
ah, you know, I'm fortyfive years old. Call me when the
new kids show up and not showingup Backstreet Boys are younger than they're younger.
Yeah, they would be like forthe the younger generation, like where,
yeah, that's who they had ontheir walls. I had the New
Kids on the Block. Were theybig in the two thousands? Yeah,

I think it was like late nineties, the two thousands now kids, Backstreet
Boys, Yes, late night,these early two thousand kids on the block.
That's not who I saw that.He's into the early nineties. So
that's right in my wheelhouse. Ihad the buttons, I had the trading
cards. Yeah, I'm pretty excited. Yeah. You know what I said

to her, Josh, I go, if you got to walk away in
one of the new Kids on theBlock gosts, please don't go, girl.
I was like, you're gonna You'regonna faint. I die already.
I just can't even believe. Isaw them when they first reunited and did
their like they went out on tourand Lady Gaga was their opening act.
Wow. Yeah, so that wasa minute ago. I think it was

two thousands. Soon as he goton the scene, she quickly became not
an opening act, right, Sothat tells you. That tells you.
But so I saw them in concertthen and it was so much fun.
They put on a great show.You call them n KOTV KOTB is right,
But I just thought about actually meetingthem in real life. Twelve year

old me is for freaking out.She's still in there. I saw I
think they were on Good Morning America. This is not too long ago.
An album out and the touring.They're going to be here in Columbus with
Paula Abdul. It's another mixtape tour, which is so fun. Oh,
man, is it the Yeah,it's the one Wallberg, right that is

is on there, he's on nC I S or she's on blue Blood
Blue Blood, Yes, okay,yes, and he is with Jenny McCarthy
or that's his wife, so they'remarried, they're married. I'm just trying
to get it all straight because Iknow, yeah, and then Mark Wahlberg
of course is a presence here inColumbus, so and he was big right
around that's with the Funky Bunch rightaround that same time or a little bit
after, yeah, around that time, and then of course we know him

now more of as an actor entrepreneur. But yeah, I'm so excited.
It's going to be so much fun. And it's always just a super fun
event anyway, but the fact thatit's new kids on the block, because
in these years that I've been ableto play that they that Jimmy and Dave
invite me to play, it's beentwenty one pilots who you know, I
know their music and it's really coolto meet them. And my my sister

was freaking out, but I wasn'tlike freaking out this time. I'm like,
oh my god, be cool stage, Like don't just don't don't girl,
don't do it. Please, don'tgo girl, I can't. I
wanted to. We need have footageof you when you first meet him,
like right in your face while you'relike shake like hi, awkward, think

about nobody needs to see this.I want to see you. Oh my
god, I want to. Iwant to see you meet him. That
would be then back. But thenyou get you get up to the play.
Are they on your team? Doyou know who they? They split
them up. Yeah, so it'sI'm sure there's another Newsy who will be
on the other team, and I'llbe on this team. I heard because
Jimmy asked me. He said,who was your favorite? And I said,

well, I had the Donny buttonback in the day, like I
had the big button of all ofthem, and then I had the Donny
button. And he said, oh, Donnie's on the other team. So
that's all right though, that's okay, Hey, that's probably for the best.
I still am gonna freak out meetingall of them. When you get
up, you're gonna you know,you'll be up the bat and you're gonna
be like with, don't with pleaseget it yeah, get it together,

please don't with and don't fall downlike if I'm running, like all kinds
of crack your tubes while you're tryingto catch a ball or something. No,
I think the absolute worst case scenarios. We'll see, uh, we'll
see Stasia on the news all dumband dumber when uh you know Jim Carrey
had that, which was his realtooth. Yeah, like half your tooth
will be fun I hope not.Never mind, I shouldn't get that any

I lost a crown one night whenI was anchoring by myself. It happened
while I was eating or something duringdinner, my dinner break and it was
me and Jim Gannall that night anchoring. Bob was off and fallout like fell
out, just fell out, andI had I couldn't go to the dentist.
It was like nine o'clock at night. I'm literally on the air in

an hour pain. So I anchoredthe shoe. Not in pain, no
pain, just missing an actual tooth. Wow. No one ever said anything
if they noticed, So there yougo. Oh man, But I don't
know. I'm not interested in crackinga tooth while I play softball with the
new kids on the block. Andmy husband is so funny about this because
I was looking at the forecast andI'm like, oh my gosh, it's
gonna be like ninety five degrees whenI'm playing softball with new kids on the

block. Oh my gosh, nextweek. It's one week away from when
I play softball with kids on theblocks. Is like, wow, you
want to name drop a little more? And I'm like, well, I
could. I bet I could.That's hilarious, so funny. Quick to
call me out. Hey, bythe way, do you have a motorcycle?

I did a couple of different times. I have currently No, currently
no, okay, well, thenyou have a doppelganger out there. I
was driving in today and I lookedin my rearview mirror and I did a
double take because I was like,yeah, what I couldn't believe it.
No, No, you have adoppleganger out there, and he's dry a
motorcycle. Yeah, once upon atime. Yeah. Like I said,

I love two wheels, but Ihaven't had one in a few years.
That's funny, So well it lookslike you got one. Yeah, at
some point here I'll probably h yougo back to it. I want to
so bad, but I have alot of people in my life, who
love me, who are really againstthem, really against it. So I'm

just like, oh, man,I yeah, yeah, it's a whole
thing. Have you ever met anybodywho looks like you, like, have
you met the doppelganger in real life? Sure? Sure, sure, yeah
absolutely, and you look at themand you're like, oh yeah, I
totally see it or be related,yeah, or at least it's like,
oh, if I had a brother, that would because I have two sisters
that are older, but I don'thave a brother, but I thought I

could have. There's been a coupleof times, for sure, it seems
like you are and you have tohear about one all the time. Oh
yeah, me and Yolanda, Yeahexactly, Yolanda Harris and I. That's
the majority of our text back andforth. She'll be like, hey,
I met so, and I'm somewhereand somebody says hi. Or the last
time I think she texted me,she said, did you go to some

comedy show on Saturday night? AndI said no, why and she said,
oh okay, And she screenshotted aconversation that somebody messaged her on Facebook
and they said, my wife andI are sitting at whatever the comedy show
was and we are arguing over whetherwe're looking at you or Stasia. My
wife says it Stasia, I sayit to you who was sitting in front

of me. That's fun and soYulanda was like, were you there?
And I was like, no,okay, so it was me. People
come up to her and go,oh, man, I can't believe you
got stumped on stump station or whatever. I'm sure she probably hilarious. What
is that, Sae? Yeah,that's funny. That is buddy. So
tell us about the women's prison initiative. Women's prison initiative called Horizon. This

story is airing tonight this night.This is really cool. And look,
anybody who's had somebody incarcerated in theirfamily, whether it be male or female.
Look, integrating back into society isa thing, yes, I mean,
and it can be really really challenging, right, And there are things
that you don't know until you wereexperiencing them because you are touched by the

justice system yourself or somebody in yourfamily. And so these women we were
invited to the Ohio Reformatory for Womenfor the graduation for the Horizon program.
And this is a ten month intensivetransformative program that these women are learning about
conflict resolution, different interpersonal skills,and they live in like dormitories basically sell

from the general population. Okay,let me ask so interpersonal skills. So
the thing is they're not newborns.I mean yet they're not. So what
are they do they're teaching? Like, is it somebody you have to be
in prison for a while in orderto kind of get in, you know
what I'm saying. Because if they'reonly in they were just in society and
then they go in there and they'rein there like one or two years.

It's not like you forgot how tobe a human being. No, it's
really about how to get along withpeople that we don't agree with, that
are from different backgrounds and because sometimesthat can get a little difficult. Well,
I mean that's what we're talking about, where it's like how many people
do we know that you struggle togo out and get along with this person
because you don't agree on many differentthings or different religions. This is a

multi faith program. They had sevendifferent faiths represented in this latest round of
this program where they learned about eachother and they learn about all the things
they have in common and so that'sreally what we talk about, even,
you know, in just regular conversation, about all the things that ultimately we
probably have in common, even thoughwe might vote differently, or we might

go to different we might have differentfaith bases in our lives, our foundations
are different that way, and sothis program helps them see past those differences
and focus on how to get along. So ultimately you succeed and other people
are succeeding, and it really isgives them a better foundation to start life
over with this second chance that theyget. It's really really cool. Lieutenant

Governor John Houstad was there. He'sa big supporter of this program and he
was the graduation speaker again this year, and so he's a big proponent of
connecting these women who are graduating fromthis program with jobs when they re enter
the community, and so it wasreally fun to watch his encouragement of these
women. And then they put ona program, they write a play and

they perform in it about the thingsthat they've learned about each other and how
they've changed. And it's really acool, cool opportunity to see these women
see themselves differently. Was it kindof scary going in there for you?
Like going into the women's reformatory.Where is that? Huh? Is that
of Marysville? Okay, so there'sa huge canvas so scary, No,

it's not. I kind of envisionedit being like a little bit scary.
That's why I'm really excited to sharethis story because I think the story of
second chances is really important and wehave to look at we have to look
at ourselves and what we think thatlooks like so that we can understand what
people are going through out there.And so these women have been in the
reformatory for a variety of number ofyears. There's no certain sentence that they

are looking for when no no minimum, no maximum, And so this is
an opportunity for them to show,Look how I've changed, Look what I'm
hopeful for now because of this program. It's it's all about new horizons.
And it was just another really inspiringlook at what a second chance looks like
for the folks in our community.So right in there where you were,

I mean, they're a murderer.Like women who they're not in this program
I would have married, are theones who you know, we didn't focus
on, We didn't focus on whatwhat brought them to the reformatory. But
I talked with women who were therefor three years and a woman who had
been sentenced to eleven years. Sothere's you know, there's a variety of
different reasons that people might be inbut if they have completed their time and

they are coming back to the community, like the majority of the people who
have been incarcerated will return to thecommunity, this is about setting them up
for success with transportation, housing,employment, and this gives them access to
resources to help them have a betterfoundation when they return to the community.
Yeah, setting them up with allthat stuff. You could set him up
with, Zach attack too. Imean, he's he would probably be willing

to look at him. He's givingme the thumbs up. All right there.
It is fantasmic. Six o'clock Newstonight, you'll see the program.
Yeah, absolutely, that is reallycool. Well, Zack, buddy,
there's no reforming these the you okay, the women, the women are reformable.
You You're you're a lost cause.Pal. I just want you to
know that, right, they wouldcome out and then they would reform.

Zach. Actually, they gus listen, here's what I learned. Let me
help you. You're just giving hima hard time because he's going to be
playing Mariah Carey the whole lot.Boy here, give him up for your
kids on the block. Now,he's got a couple to choose from.
Boy, Travagan Weather seven at yoursevere weather station, News Radio six,
n WTVN no power hours,
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