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June 17, 2024 14 mins
How was Father's Day weekend?
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Man, it feels I cannot believehow different earlier in the day to now,
how different it feels with the humidityjust descending on us. Right now,
it feels juicy outside. And Ithink it's mostly because over the weekend.
Yeah it started, it got hotyesterday or whatever, but it wasn't

it wasn't as humid, you know. I mean you were out and about
you know what I'm talking about,So hum yeah, yeah, yeah,
oh yeah, it's no good.It's no fun. Yeah. So this
is where we're at. I willfind out where the heat index is currently
it's ninety four, but I'm surethe heat index has got to be around
one hundred something like that. Butyeah, Chief Meteorologist Marshall will check in

with us here in about twenty fiveminutes from right now. And then the
rest of the week, that's whatwe're staring down the barrel of literally the
rest of the week. It's goingto be about what you're getting today every
single day, man. And Idon't know you guys have any outside,
like plants or flowers or anything likethat. You guys put that stuff out.
I think we just have the zinga, the venga or whatever it is.

The you know, looks like ivygrowing. Oh yeah on the ground
that probably doesn't get as affected bythis. No, well, we do
have I mean we do have abackyard or not a back patio. You
got a pot plant out there either? No, not really, we don't
really spend any money all If Isaid, ponted, I wonder I go

anyway. The ways answering is hedidn't even he didn't even get what I
was saying. No, No,we don't. We don't have. We
don't. We don't buy plants.We don't really put any you know,
unless you I think it's a completewaste unless you own your home, you
know. But since we run acondo, it's like, I'm not Josh,
isn't growing weed at home? Ifany of it's just stop. No,
I even if I did, it'slegal, so nothing you can do

about it, I know. ButI'm just putting that out there. Was
just messing with you. But clearlyI don't know how that would grow in
this situation if they But you hearabout people that are growing massive like big
huge chunks of that outside kind ofwhat weaved into a corn or you know,
those kinds of things where it canbe somewhat hidden, I guess,

and I would think that it wouldnot be able to survive in this heat.
I don't know why I just poppedinto my head, but I don't
know. Could you actually grow weedin this type of climate. I don't
know. I think it's too hot. I feel like it would just die.
Yeah, I don't know anyway,because yeah, we we are having
to I don't know if we're supposedto maybe water twice during a day right

now because Jenny put you know,she puts a fair amount of flowers and
stuff outside out in the back area, and yeah, she's she takes her
time in the morning watering all that. It's literally every day she budgets that
time in this time of year.But with these with this heat and stuff.
Man, I'm telling you we're probablymaybe just a couple of days away

from so bring wounds. If youwalk barefoot on the lawn. I mean,
it's gonna get crispy. And mywife's like, you better water.
I'm like, I'm not watering nothing. Are you kidding me? You know
how much money that costs? I'mlike, Plus the rest of the neighborhood,
there are some people who have theirrigation systems. I'm not one of
them. I am not paying tohave that put in. Uh you know,

look, I it ain't that kindof party. Sorry, in my
bank account, I can't do that. So in addition to having the costly
irrigation system put in, then havingit run is a whole separate you know,
cost that comes with that. ButI look, I like a really
nice green lawn just as much asthe next person. But a lot of
my neighbors don't worry about it either. So as long as I guess,

you don't know, if I'm flankedby like really super nice yards even when
it's like ninety five, I don'tknow. I guess I could get pressured
into that, but I don't care. I'll let the whole I'll let it
go. I'll burn the whole yardout. I don't care. I'm not
wasting water. If you don't likethe way my lawn looks, you come
over here in water with your waterfrom your that you pay for. No,
man, that's a great point.I like it. Let me write

that down. You came here inwater with your water if you don't like
the way, Okay, perfect,I got it. So if somebody comes
over. I know what to saynow. I like that approach though right
there, it's like I think that'syou know, yeah, stuff's expensive,
man, especially water, But yep, that's uh. We're staring down the

back and I'm just praying. I'mlike, well, I hope we get
some water quite frankly, as infalling from the sky. Well we're supposed
to have. I mean, Ithink there's a really good chance you're gonna
get rained off and on all week. Well, it's just yeah, chance
for pop up isolated twenty percent,twenty percent. I'm going through the days
here, twenty four. Then itdrops out. We don't even have chances
by Thursday Friday. Of course,that could change between now and then.

So Bryson D. Chambeau wins thesecond major yesterday. More importantly, Rory
fell apart to watch that all happen. He misses the put on sixteen again
on eighteen. Are you freaking kiddingme? That is just you can't quantify
that any other way than choke.Ok. It is tough to make a

putt while both hands are around yourneck. Choking. That's exactly what we
witnessed, you know, at thatlevel it and this is sadistic, I
guess, but it does my heartgood to see guys that are the best
in the world miss stuff like that, because that's the kind that's the kind
of rounds I have when I play, and it's supposed to happen to me,
not to a guy who has allthose windsones or is under his belt.

And then Bryson d Chambeau getting upand down from a fifty five yard
bunker to win it is all world, man, A hard long bunker shot,
hardest shot in golf, So goodfor him. I'm happy for Bryson.
That was That was one of thebest shots I've seen in the last
fifteen twenty years in golf. Itwas that good. Yeah, I mean

when you forever more, when youyou know, you think of the one
iron Jack kicked a foot at theseventy two Open, and pebble you think
of, you know, when itcomes to the US Open, at least,
you're gonna think of Bryson's fifty fiveyard bunker shot to five feet to

win Tiger's on sixteen there, youknow, the Augusta where he you know,
certainly that wasn't the final shot,but that was one along the way
where he chips it in from youknow, roll stops. You see the
Nike swootion and falls in and haveyou ever you know in your life,
you know kind of so you're right. I feel like that's going to go

up there, that that bunker shotagain to win it because he had to
get up and down, he hadto park. So it was good and
you were watching it live, aswas I good. Father's Day, it
was all right. I trying toget food was an absolute nightmare. And
then everybody on the same page.No, oh, it was like the

everyone overstaffed for Mother's Day. Screwit. Oh, dads are just automatically
going to groll out on Father's Day. We're not gonna I'm gonna make a
complaint, and I'm gonna do itby name, and it's just whatever.
I'm sorry, but I've got tocall out the Grove City pizza hut.
Remember where the lady called on Friday? Oh, you guys went over there.
You're the way from basically Dublin sideto high school all the way down

to Grove City only to walk intotheir pizza hunt. And then and then
she goes, oh, you're hereto pick up I go no, we're
gonna we're gonna eat in. Shegoes, oh, sorry, air dining
rooms closed. No, no,it's it's right here, and you guys
are open the airgo you're done.No, we're Our dining room, unfortunately,

is closed. No staff right theway, they were too lazy.
They didn't want to do it becausethey were understaffed and they didn't want to
have to pull double duty. Thisis the McDonald's ice cream machine, isn't
it. Yeah? This is that. That's that's what I got it from,
just the way her body language.And Okay, then well there's a

fresh is down on you know,jeez, I know, I go to
that one. That's all one left. The free, Yeah, the free,
Yeah, on sixty two. Wewalk in there. Wait, you
got to be kidding me. Waitwait wait, and and dude, they're

looking at us, just walking backand forth into the kitchen, having little
conversations. So there were three families, and so I just say, bluntly
out loud, to go, it'sobvious they don't want our business. Let's
get the out of here. Andyou know, the one guy looks over
and he just like kind of SoI'm not saying it's like this all the

time. But what an abject disaster. The Grove City Pizza Hut and the
Grove City Fishes yesterday was absolute disaster, nightmarish disaster. So did you tell
did you stop if we could backup? Did you happen to say to
the one gal where you like?At pizza Hut? Where you like?
I drove here from Dublin, anduh, you know, I was just

trying to I at that point,I was just like, you're thinking they're
going to do something to your foodmaybe or something of you. Well,
yeah, you know, I'm notgonna do those I don't mess with food
service. I understand you, man, but it's like, come on,
you got to do better than that. I'm sorry. I I I know,
mother, I know women get allthe recognition and oh you're so wonderful,
and they are. And I lovemy wife, and I love my

daughters, and I love my mother, God rest her soul. That's not
that's not the point I'm making.But it just feels like guys don't have
anything. I'll give you an exampleyesterday, So what was part of my
father's take gift for my family?I want to I want to go watch
the bus. It wasn't fritious andit wasn't a pizza hunt. It wasn't

pizza hunt and it wasn't frish becauseI love but I wanted, but I
take it. I was like,you know what, frishes isn't awesome.
I haven't had frishes in so long, since there's no more none around.
I'm like, this isn't this isan awesome second best. Then how Cake
is like, yeah, I havemy eye on. I was gonna get
dessert too. I told you Ihad a splurge day yesterday. My friend

I go to the bar. Igo to my bar, Spoons. I
sitting there and you know, thebartenders like, hey, happy Father's Day,
tell you guys. And this womanchimes in, well, I get
Father's Day too because I'm a singlemom. And then the bartender's like what,

she goes, No, she goes, yeah, I get Mother's Day
and Father's Day. Excuse me.So, of course, in case anybody
hasn't realized, Josh has a bigmouth and I'm opinionated, so I'm not
going to let this slide. I'mnot letting this go by. And I'm
like, I go, no,that's crap. You get Mother's Day and

you don't get Father's Day because no, I'm because I'm a single mom raising
these kids all by myself. Iget both. Well, you know what
that sucks that that she has todo it alone. I'm starting to wonder
why she's single. Well, there'sno question it sucks. You know,
I was raised by a single mother. Trust me, I know the struggle
is real. Yeah, man,yep, okay. But and then I'm

just like, well, you canI go. You can think that all
you want to go, but Iguess we're just I go. We're just
not allowed to have anything anymore.And I just I let it go.
After that, I thought about men. Men, Yeah, we want one
thing, Father's Day, that's ours, period of man. But then there
are women who identify as men whoare claiming to be a father. I'm
sure of it. Yeah, butshe wasn't one of those. I almost

wanted, like I was almost ina weird way, going against everything I
stand for a believer. It's like, well, I guess that it's fair.
We all just join women's sports dressedup like chicks and dress women's sports
and win all those events, youknow. But it was just it just
bothered me, like do you nothave enough recognition. We constantly are going

out of our way to praise younggirls, to build young women up,
talk about women's empowerment, all thisstuff, and that's all fine and dandy.
Hait Clark, the WNBA. Canmen have one day? One day?
Because like, what would you putin like like a Barbie movie.
The biggest movie of last year wasbasically making men look like a bunch of

dumb schmucks. It was I'm sorry, I'm not sitting here crying that.
Oh my god, men have neverhad anything. I'm not saying. What
I'm saying is the cultural shift islike you can't even celebrate anything about being
a man, masculinity, fatherhood,how dare you try to put this family

on your back? How dare youfather? Fatherhood gets mocked? And yet
you look at how many black householdshave no fathers in them, and you
wonder why Statistically, right now,there is a problem with crime in certain
communities. And by the way,I don't care if you're black, white,
Chinese, whatever. The lack ofa father in the home is one

of the most chronic cultural issues weface. The lack of responsible men who
are good fathers, who show loveto their children. Yep, you're it's
a dying breed if you grew upwith a strong father who was in your
household and is still your dad.And I'm very blessed to be among those
people. I die God only,and I will too. I'll be that

till the day I die. Yep. Yeah, man, So it just
rubbed me the wrong way down onFather's Day, a woman is trying to
get credit for Father's Day simply becausewell, I'm a single mom. So
I get both. I get toget I get recognized too for father Day,
Like, no, you do.I just I couldn't let that go.
So I had an interesting Father's Daybetween the food and then the conversation
at the bar. But watching Bryceand Wynn was it was it was a

good pays well, there's always twentytwenty five. Yeah, you got that right,
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