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June 12, 2024 8 mins
Senate candidate Bernie Moreno
Mark as Played

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He is candidate for United States Senate. Bernie Marino is joining us now and
Bernie, welcome to the Mark BlazerShow again. How are you, sir,
Good to have good having Mark?Thank you so much for inviting me.
Yeah, absolutely, man, welcomein, glad that you're here.
So coming up, it's Father's Day. Let's start with this. It's Father's
Day weekend coming up. And thereis a survey that duct tape is the

go to fix hall for dads.So there's a poll of it says nearly
over one thousand US dads reveal thatninety five percent of them keep a roll
of duct tape nearby in their toolbox, workshop, so on and so forth.
I can't begin to think about allof the things over the years.
You probably I know that I'm guiltyof it. I've fixed plenty of stuff

with with duct tape. Is ducttape in fact, one of your go
tos, Bernie, Well, ofcourse, who doesn't have a role.
I mean, I'm surprising only onerole? I mean, right, you
don't get here, you don't getyour guy card if you only have one.
And there's camel color, there's blackcolor, there's you know blue.
I mean it's great. There's everycolor out there. Yeah. Absolutely.

And by the way, it's agreat company in avin Ohio. Uh u
k tape. Oh it's made rightin an Ohio. I had no idea
beautiful player lived in Bay Village asa kid. Love it up there?
Oh yep, geez, I hadno idea. Oh wow, that's great.
So uh anyway, So you know, this is one of the things
that I used to ask Senator Vancewhen he used to come on before he

was elected and so on, Bernie. But you know, given the and
and it was right in the middleof everything going crazy then and as we
know are let's face it, youknow, politics is nuttier than a fruitcake
right now, it seems like butnever more important. But as we watch
all of this woke and all thiscrazy stuff that continues to happen. You

know, I used to I askedJD one time, Bernie that I go,
why are you why would you begetting into too politics right now?
And it's one of those things thatI thought of as we were getting ready
to come back from break, Iwas thinking to myself, I'm like,
man, it still continues to becrazy. But your thoughts on that as
far as you know, getting intopolitics and doing all of this now,

because I'm sure you're taking a lotof heat. There's a lot of negativity
out there, and unfortunately it exposesnot only you, but your family and
so on. It is just brutalright now in politics. It seems like
now more than ever. No,it is, but you know, the
reality is this mark. As youknow, I came here from Columbia,

South America as a kid. Thiscountry gave me every opportunity in the world
to succeed. I succeeded beyond mywildest expectations, and it happened because my
parents brought me to this country.And I love this country more than anything
else. It's going off of acliff because we keep sending forever politicians to
Washington, D C. And ifthose of us who've been blessed by this

country, who've had the skills thatwe developed in our private sector aren't willing
to share those skills go to Washington, D C. For a fixed period
of time and then come home,then we're never going to get this country
back on track. Now, mywife, I've phenomenal wife, been married
over thirty five years. If wehave the honor of being elected. She

will be by my side for twoterms. She's made it very clear any
conversation about a third term is witha second wife. So this is about
serving for a fixed period of time. They coming home. Oh boy,
you get he gets twelve years,and then it's like, all right,
you're done, get home. Hey, Bernie, I wanted to ask.
I see now Zelenski is begging.Now he's concerned that Trump is going to

win. He's begging for more patriotmissile systems. He's begging for more money.
Listen, I'm not saying Rush isthe good guy in this. They
clearly were the aggressor. But forI'm just trying to figure out when does
the purse string finally get tightened onthis Because we have a country right now
where we have no southern border tospeak of. Inflation is crazy through the

families are struggling, and the Americanpeople are frustrated watching hundreds of billions of
dollars go to foreign another foreign country. What are your thoughts on everything in
terms of just kind of feeling likeI feel like these checks are getting rubber
stamped, and finally, it's onlybeen about maybe in the last six months,
there's been some really good pushback,especially in the House. Yeah.

I mean, the reality is wehave to end the killing. We have
to drive to peace. Sending billionsof dollars more that we're borrowing from China,
increasing the higher interest rates to keepthis conflict going on and seeing hundreds
of thousands of Eastern Europeans die isnot the answer. So we're going to
resolve that conflict. We're going toget to a peaceful settlement, and we

need to start focusing on rebuilding ourcountry here first and strength in the US.
Well, we're strong here, weproject strength around the world, and
that's what we're gonna do. Absolutely. So, Oh, do you have
something for him to honor you?Okay, we need to take care of
ourselves first, right out loud.You can't help anybody else if you can't
help your though, exactly Well,by the way that the Ukraine, I

think is now getting to the pointwhere most people see the last trunch of
money as being the last trunch ofmoney. I'll tell you something you may
not have seen in the news today. Anthony Blinken, who's objectively a moron,
went to the UN and said thatthe US just committed our money another
one point eight billion dollars already spent, adding another four hundred million to help

Gaza, which is you know thatmoney goes a terrorist where that's two point
two billion dollars that we're handing overto a terrorist organization that's killing Jews and
waging war on Israel. This ishow insane this administration is. That that's
not insane, that's treason. Thisif you ask me, Bernie, that's
that's that's tree it is. It'sinsane. Yeah, well it won't be

on the news because the media willcover form. Sure Brown votes for all
this insanity. At the end theday, this election for me versus Sharon
Brown is going to be very simple. If you think d C is perfect,
you love the way Washington d Coperates, you think the last three
and a half years of Joe Bidenhas been the best three and a half
years this country's ever had, You'reprobably gonna vote for Sharon Brown. If

you think that Washington d C needsto be completely reimagined, rebooted, reconstructed,
decentralized, and you think that thetimes that we had with President Trump
of safety and security and the secureborder and low interest rates, you want
to go back to that you're goingto vote for me. It's that simple
candidate for the United States Senate.Bernie Marinos joining us now and Bernie,

your thoughts on if you have anywith regard to Hunter Biden and the three
counts that they got him on,and we could go back a little further
with regard to Trump and exactly whathappened with him with those thirty four counts.
This is absolutely insane the way allof this is playing out. And

again I would be interested to hearif you have a take on those things
that happen. Yeah. Absolutely.First of all, we learned the laptop
is real. Let's start there.As we were told it was totally fake
and Russian propaganda and Russian misinformation.So first of all, the big news
is the laptop is real. Thesecond thing is if you look at all
the things on that laptop, basicallyforeign bribery, selling this country out to

foreign nations, enriching this country,tax evasion, all the things that Hunter
Biden his entire family could have beencharged with. They picked a gun charge,
which of course does not implicate thebig guy. That's the one thing
that they got him on. Sonow they can say, look the justice

system works. We respect it.I don't know why Trump doesn't, because
of course they picked the one thingthat is implicate the big guy. The
reality is we have a two tierjustice system in this country. One of
your last name is Biden, oneof your last name is Trump, and
we have to fix that. Itreminds me of countries from the continent that
I came from. We don't wantto be a big republic. Those countries

want to be more like America,although less and less every day, as
we've seen our justice system deteriorate beforeour very eyes. Yeah, very interesting.
Unfortunately we have run out of time. We could keep going on and
on, but he's candidate for theUnited States Senate. Bernie Marino in awesome
Bernie, I know it was lastminute. Thank you very much for jumping
on with us. We appreciate.I know you're crazy busy, but I

can't thank you enough for jumping onand spending a couple of carving out some
minutes for us. Anytime, anytime, Love you guys, Thank you for
all your support and help, andwe'll get there. Just get everybody to
vote in November fifth. Very good, All right, thanks brother, appreciate you.
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