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June 18, 2024 12 mins
Want to be a joint rolling judge?
Mark as Played

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We were talking about Columbus wants toinstall a security camera network to fight crime,

and then, uh, you know, we kind of started unpacking.
I don't know what does it exactlymean. So we're not going to go
over that again. But that iswhat people were calling about. Clearly they
didn't want to continue to hold.So there it is. There are I
had no idea, but there is. Uh there. There's such a thing

as a joint rolling judge in theOhio Cannabis Festival is hiring joint rolling judges.
And then it says at high hourlyrate, my friend Marty's already applied.
Shut up you You literally have afriend who's applied and he, according

to the text he said, he'sin. You know, he wants to
do it. So I'm just saying, now, Martin, Marty's pretty good
at that. I'll tell you thatthe boy can roll. Oh yeah,
the bullet can roll dedication, devotionrolling on the night time, end of
the day. No, no,but he should, he actually should.

He's not good. I'm not kidding. The organizer behind the Stargazer Cannabis Festival
is saying that, you know,he was planning to hire multiple judges for
the Events Joint Rolling Contest. It'scoming up July twenty seventh, and it's
gonna be at Wisteria Campground is wherethis Stargazer Cannabis Festival is going to be.

Are you going? Do you gotyour tickets already? No? I
didn't buy any yet. I wasgoing to take the kids and everything,
but with my wife was like whatAnd I'm like, oh, come on,
he's never wanted to do something funthis summer. You're going to be
exposed to it eventually. I mightas well get him going, you know,
take away any myths that might develop. Well, what's the difference between

that and dragging your kid to paradeand handing out you know, penis balloons.
I saw that over the weekend.Oh that's perfect. Good lord,
good lord. So you know what, I want my kids to have a
joint balloon and I want to buymy kids their first uh play school bong.
You know what's interesting though, thedifference and pride in all honesty,

what's the difference you You probably ifyou shut up with kids there, I
could see where they try to arrestyou, probably on the spot, uh,
as opposed to you know, kidsare exposed to all kinds of crap,
like you were saying at one ofthe parades, and not one damn
thing is done about it, notone thing. Now, which is more
inappropriate? I don't know, they'reboth equally inappropriate. When they're young kids.

They shouldn't be exposed to marijuana,and they also shouldn't be exposed to
penis balloons. I love a godexactly, I agree with you on both
counts. Yeah, either way,though, you're going, well, what's
the difference you're gonna you don't lookdown your nose at parents who have their
kids at the Pride parade. Itseems like a lot guys, guys dressed
up as dogs, you know,crawling on their knees being led by,

you know, by a leather collar. Yeah, that's fine, that's friendly.
I got do you know what,And I'm not trying to pick on
any particular areas in or neighborhoods ofthe city, but do you know what
kids are exposed to in Lynden,the Hilltop, Franklinton Sullivan Avenue. I'm
being serious. I'm not I becausethere's a lot of good people that live

in those areas. I'm not suggestingthat, you know, there's not that's
not. But the point is itbreaks my heart because I have a friend
and I've had to drive. I'vedriven her several times does the Sullivan Avenue
area to help her drop her kidoff at his grandparents and grandparents are doing
the best they can, but mygod, they're surrounded in a war zone

and I feel so sorry for thosekids over there. Man, Yeah,
they get a big healthy dose ofsome seriously rough life. Unfortunately it is
it breaks your heart. There's reallyno discernment for age. And that's the
really saddest part of that whole thing. No, there's not, You're right.
Uh So, anyway, there thereis such a thing as a joint

rolling judge. If you're somebody whois pretty proficient at this, this could
be something that says a high hourlyrate. Now I don't know if it's
tongue in cheek here high hourly rate. Right, so it looks like you,
I don't know, you might beable to make some money for being
they're paying one hundred dollars an hourand I'm not kidding. That's what it
says. Here. Can we canwe do like an America's got talent competition

here, America's they get the GoldenJoint. America has got joint talent,
we'll call it instead of the Goldenticket, they get the Golden Joint.
Absolutely, we're moving you through tothe next round. That's a that's some
damn good joint rolling there. Well, here's my here's my worry though about

this. I'm afraid the judges mightforget what they gave the other guy's score,
and nobody will be able to determinea winner because nobody remembers who scored
what. When you at each judge'sseat, there's King Dong's, there's Dorito's,
some Twinkies, various SODA's. Misterpib yes, some co I don't

know why. I Miss Doctor Pepperwas too damn good for this event,
So mister Pibs like, hold mysoda. I'm there right. You know.
By the way, Mountain Due didn'tbother to make it, No,
sir, mellow Yellow showed its assup. I'll promise you that they call
it mellow yellow. Yeah, yeah, I love mellow yellow. By the
way, I've been starting to drinkdiet mellow. They have mellow yellow zero,

and my god, does it tastejust like regular yellow Mellow. So
it's mellow yellow, the the theequivalent of mountain dew. Yes, oh
okay, it's got a high alot of caffeine, I would assume,
so yeah, but it's it's justit's got a nice citrusy flavor and you
know, refreshing today. Dude,put that over ice and again, zero

sugar, zero calories and some Teto'sin it. You could know absolutely now
you're talking my language. Hey,hugo, welcome to Thanks for calling back,
man, because I picked you upand you were gone. I was
like, no, where do yougo? Come back? I was in
there for like fifteen minutes on speakerphone. I want to put it on regular
phone. I hit off. Isaw I dropped the call. So no

worries, brother, no worries.Yeah. Anyway, I'm calling about the
whole camera like fish recognition thing andthinking, Josh, hit the nail on
the head, man. Your politicalopposition is definitely going to use that without
a doubt. There's there's rallies thatI organized at the State House during COVID
and rally at the Democratic debates inWesternville, and we always masked up as

part of a political patriot organization.And what they do man, the opposition
ANTIFA Black Lives Matter is they getyour information. They docks you, so
they'll put your information on the internet. Exactly what you have people come to
your house, you'll lose your job. Like these people, they're just why
that's terrible? Do you, brother, do you feel comfortable share me which

group you're with. I'm probably very, very very familiar with it. I'm
kind of like in and out.But the problem boys, that's what I
thought. Okay, cool cool.So and then like another another instance,
Man, I was in d C. And very clear, this was in
November and December, right, Okay, So we went there in November,
had an amazing time, took Trumpsupporters back to the hotels, you know,

and we did our thing. Andthen come back in December and Bowser,
Miro Bowser, who's a worthless mayorof oh God, that right,
my lord. The cops there inNovember had their backs to us. So
that tells you something. When we'rethere in December, not the same They're

they were watching us. So Bowserdefinitely probably went to the police chief and
said, ny name, you needyou need to you need to keep your
eyes on the prop because they're thereal process so that's exactly what I'm saying.
This is his crowd. Hugo's examplehere is exactly what I'm talking about
about why I don't want this securitysystem because let me tell you something,

dude, if I go to it, because I've been known to show up
at certain political events. If Ido that, you know, first of
all, I already know if theyI'm just waiting on one day to get
screwed with by the city for something, okay, because they know they know
you, they know you and me. So I'm already waiting to get screwed

by these communist bastards. So togive them all constant video evidence. No,
man, I'm not down with that. I got a Fourth Amendment right
here, brother, I got afourth a memor right. No? Absolutely,
all right, uh, Hugo,thanks for listening, A and B
for calling back. Appreciate your brother, absolutely, yeah, appreciate you guys.
All right, We'll see you.Let me grab hey, Jim,

welcome to the show. What yougot on the cameras? Man, Well,
I was thinking when you were talkingearlier and then everybody dropped off,
so I felt tired for you.Oh my god, you got a sympathy
call. For God's sake, I'lltake I'll take it, man, I'll
take it. A sympathy call.I love it. I pulled, I

tugged, I tugged on Jim's heartstrings. You all Jim could see was your
face and in the h the angels, he was like, I gotta call
him back. Look at there's nothingmore sad than a sad Blazer in Josh,
are you just one phone call aday you can make a Mark Blazer
happy? That's hilarious. Yeah,No, when you were when you were

talking about the U the property crimesgoing down in the areas where the fatal
recognition is put in. Yeah,the morons in the state House or in
the in not the state House butin city hall. Yeah, they probably
didn't get to say if it wentup in the areas aren't covered because these
people aren't terribly stupid. They're stupidto be criminals. But yeah, are

you going to break into a houseif their camera's looking at you know,
you're gonna go to some place wherethey aren't cameras well. Yeah, and
the other part is they just maskup, I mean depending on and they
can put on sunglasses to avoid anykind of retina recognition, which that is
out there. The technology is there, a lot of casinos have it,
and so they can avoid. Look, there's easy ways to avoid. What
you're doing is you're gonna have toyou know, people will realize where these

are set up. And then quitefrankly, if you really want to do
any criminality in that area, allyou have to do is do what you
need to do to avoid it.And yeah, they've got your body type
and all of that, but that'sabout it. I mean, and look,
they have these a lot of thesepeople's dead, the rights and they
cut them loose anyway, Like aMark was saying earlier the callers, I

sincerely doubt that these cameras are inAndy Ginther's neighborhood, Zach Klein's neighborhood,
Shannon harden neighborhood. Yeah you would, all right, thanks, Jim,
appreciate, but that's just it.And they'll argue, well, that's because
where you don't, we live wherethe crime doesn't happen. Oh so you

are, you're hoity toity elite above. You live in a nice, very
nice neighborhood. Meanwhile, the restof us are here trying to survive in
the in the third world dystopian healscapeyou created, and then you've got the
audacity to not prosecute those people whenwe're begging you for help, and then
you're neutering our cops go to everysingle one of them can go to hell

well, and then they can't bea mayor and they can't be in the
positions they're in forever. So atsome point they will be out from underneath
that protection, if you will,and they'll be in normal society and moving
around normal in quotes, if youknow what I'm saying. So they can't
be protected by where they live necessarilyforever, and all of those kinds of
things. Don't know. So it'sjust this program sucks. I don't want

it to happen, but I'm surethey'll force it anyway.
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