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April 30, 2024 41 mins
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I know you like one day rightnow like manner sticks, right, I
guess you're about to see right now, wake wake up, wake up,
and wake up on Chicago. Soonthen it's turn to tell you the GC
I want to show to the GCR. You know, we just shutupup arbat,
Yes, sir and said Taco Tuesday, right here on the best damn

morning show in Chicago. Iss yourboy to dustin a lleged Leon Rogers to
my right, Zac book, Yes, sir, right riding on the boards,
Man, what sept for a goodday? Listen your chance to win
one thousand dollars. We got themoney. All you got to do is
listen up. Also, man,we got some special stuff going on for
Mother's Day, brought to you byour good friends uh Amy with a writing
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with that. We're gonna be givingaway tickets today. Also, man,
I got a crazy story coming upin the headlines. Man, this this
is the first time I've ever seenthis, A major not being wanted some
well. Oh man, man,it's kind of crazy right there. That's
not a good look. We'll talkabout that and more also love them and
leave him. Zach bug with thez spot. Man, it's going down.

It's a toc Goo Tuesday, andMan, I just learned how to
make Jimmy Chury sauce. It's open. Did you where did you go to?
I was sitting recovering. Are youat? I was reading the cookbook
and that seemed how to make yourown Chimmy Chury. So I got a

lot of questions over jim be puttingon pancakes and everything. Let's get to
it. It's g number one,FI popping RB coming up in the headlines.
A family says stay away to themayor. Wow, this is crazy.
I'll give you all the details that'scoming up in there ese but I

say one shots number one for herepop and R and B. The family
of a fallen officer says, stayaway. I'll let you know who they
told that to. That's coming up. And the next headlines is GCI away
shake the news. It's time forthe headlines. Your news coverach from Chicago

to worldwide but to w and gcIL morning shown. So Zach, we
all know about the story about thefalling Chicago police officer Louis Westcott, who
was murdered in his car and anattempted carjacking, and the suspect is still
alive. Well, they've recovered hisservice weapon that he had the night of

the attack. And the funeral issupposed to be set and the mayor has
been acts the Well, the funeralwas set and the mayor did not attend
the funeral after learning that the officer'sgrief stricken mother said he was not welcome.
So, uh, they caused alittle bit of a political stir.
You know, the other side isgoing to say, well, look,

you know they're happy with the mayor. Illinois Comptroller Susan Mendoza said that the
family did not want him there,and on Monday morning, down to the
wire, he relented and stayed awaybecause he thought about so retired police officers
were like, they can't remember atime when the family of a police officer

told the Chicago mayor he or shewas not welcome at the funeral. Now,
I do remember all of the policeofficers turning that back on Lori Lightfoot
when she went to go visit thatinjured female officer that had got shot.
I remember they turned it back onher and they didn't want her there.
But you know, Lori Lightfoot hadit out the Chicago Police Union and they
used to go back and forth.But that's a powerful message. I know

people are going to try to politicizeit. I would personally like to think
that the family didn't want the mayorthere because they didn't want all the cameras
and stuff. They didn't want itto become a political thing, because they
also asked the governor not to comeeither. Okay, you know some people
are going to say the other sideis going to say, well, this
is because you know they're not happywith God the way you guys a run

in the city. I will hopeto believe that the mother of that officer,
just like I don't want no bignames in here. I just want
it to be about it now.I can see that. But the thing
is, whatever the family's wishes are, I gotta respect it. You know
what I'm saying. They lost them. Come on, man, you gotta
respect it. If I was themayor, I would be like, okay,
so, But but the mayor didsay he said, as mayor of

all, to continue supporting our policeand first responders, uniting our city,
and remaining committed to working with everyonetowards building a better, stronger and safe
for Chicago, and my heart iswith the family. So we did give
a statement, and the police chiefsaid, listen, you know, I'm
not going to get into all that. I'm here for the family and I'm
here as a Chicago police officer andI've lost one of my fallen brothers.
So you know, at the endof the day, like I said,

I would like to believe that,and I'm pretty sure that the mother,
just like I don't want it tobe a circus. Yep, he's right.
I don't want nobody politicized and anything. I just want to bury my
son, which is fair. Moveon, which is fair. All right,
Hey man, coming up Leon's lockerroom. Somebody in Dubai and it's
confirmed that somebody ain't coming home untilthey take care of what they got to

take care of. I let youknow who that's coming up in the next
Leon's locker room. I do thisfor Miss Gladys Boyney, one of seer
five w GC shots number one forhip Hop and R and B coming up
in the locker room, NBA recapof the playoffs and at first in twenty

years. I'll let you know whatthat is that's coming up with Cci all
you even know in sports. I'mjust here so I won't get found.
It's inside Leon's locker room on oneof Super five GCI. All right,
NBA action was fantastic last night.Boston got one game closer to sending Miami
home. They went one O twoto eighty eight, making that series three

to one, and the Denver Nuggetssending the Lakers packing one eight one on
six, last second shot by JamalMurray gives the victory to the defending champions.
They will move on now to playthe Minnesota Timberwoods, which I think
is gonna be one of the bettestseries of this playoffs. Yeah, I
say Minnesota in seven, they're gonnaknock him off. Well, let's see.
But what's crazy about that loss?With Lebron being out of the playoffs?

Kevin Durant got swept. Yes,Steph never even made the playoffs.
Yeah, that's the first time inlike twenty years that all three of those
guys won't play in the second roundof the playoffs. That's crazy. See.
The thing is, it's a it'sa passing of the torch right now,
all the young guys on all theyoung guys Alexander them and okay,

yes, who else, Yeah,I mean you can, yeah, Haller,
Burdon and them doing that thing.Jalen Brunston is performing crazy in New
York that that series is still upin the air. And then of course
you got the Boston guys, youknow, Tatum and Jaylen Brown still relatively
young. Yeah, it's just Clevelandor though, Like you're just seeing the
changing of the Guard teams that wenormally wouldn't see this far without those guys.

Yeah, are doing that thing.Of course, Golden State is about
to go through a rebuilt. Theygonna get rid of everybody. I don't
know what KD is gonna do inPhoenix, Like he can't go to another
team. If KD goes to anotherteam, it's gonna look bad, super
bad, Yeah, super bad.He need to get with Lebron or something,
and that's gonna look terrible if hedoes. All the guys who still

got something in the tank that's stillhooping in the in the upper thirties,
KD, Lebron, Steph, theyneed to just go on here and get
on the same team. But ifthey do, if they do, I'll
tell you the only one of themthat won't get criticized is Steph KD will
get criticized, bron and get criticized. Steph won't get criticized and then criticism
go away when you win. No, it don't do No, I don't.

They still look. We still lookat Kevin Durant crazy. That's because
the team was already put together andalready well. But if they come together,
No, Brooklyn got he went therehad hardened and Kyrie, yeah that
was crazy. Hey, So no, what's crazy is don't take your ass

over to Dubai. Run your debitcard and you ain't got it because you're
gonna you're gonna get kept over there. So Floyd Mayweather has been going back
and forth with Javonta Davis over Twitter. So he posted Floyd Mayweather posted some
videos of Javonta Davis dancing real zestyand he said, I always knew he
had a little sugar in his tank. But Javonte was like, yeah,

you're talking all that mess. Youcan't even come home, You're trapped in
Dubai. So the reporters, youknow, they got on it, and
it's true. Rick Glazier, anoted a noted sports reporter said, just
got off the phone with some peoplein Dubai. Floyd Mayweather is definitely being
held by the government court system thereas he owes a substantial amount of money
in Dubai. They taking deadedness overthere very seriously. And they were told

that the debt is unassociated with boxing. So I'm thinking casino gambling. And
they said Floyd is desperately trying towork things out to no avail, and
so Javonta Davis is right. Floydis being kept in Dubai until he pays
his debt. So, Lloyd,I'm thinking that's some gambling stuff. You
went over there to casino in blueabout two three mil four meal, Floyd,

I've seen you. You got awhole garage full of millions of dollars
of cars. Let them go,sell them. You gotta sell them.
You got multiple homes, all theones that ain't your main house. Sell
them. Everything must go, allthem. Louis Vatan, Gucca, t
shirts, select the closet, gallthem tricks you take care of they let
them go. Tell your contract isup. You free, get home.

Man. Man Ain't nothing. Ain'tnothing like being in jail in another country.
I keep telling cats man, can'tnobody find you over there? Hey
listen. I hope he works itout man, because I like Floyd,
But that's crazy. Go to wg SI dot com for these stories and
more. Zach Big, what wegot coming up at the Zoo spot Man
Diddy is still in the news.Gotta update with that and the documentary.

It's all coming to. Oh Lord, what up? I want to show?
I want to some far to theg c y Buffon on Beat Chicago.
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It will be a party, okay. Tickets are on sale at ticketmaster
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That Shat City Fest huge shout outto bm men Entertainment. It's going

down today. I ain't never manso much of money and not damn ja
Wayne's data SU one O seven fivew GC out of shots number one for
hip hop and R and BS boyZach book and let's jump into this Z

spot. Now, I told youI was gonna keep you updated with the
Diddy situation. Now you know didhey has a sexual assault case from a
woman named Joy Dickerson. So herclaim is that Diddy drugged her and took
advantage of her in nineteen ninety one. Okay. Now Diddy's defense is saying,

hey, you need to overturn thisand throw this out because certain laws
were not in place during that timeof when this when these alleged crimes were
committed. They used examples as theNew York State Revenge Porn law was not
here until twenty nineteen. His attorneyalso pointed out a few others like the

New York Service and Victims of HumanTrafficking law didn't come into effect until two
thousand and seven. Now we knowthat these claim for nearly three decades ago
in ninety one, and they're tryingto get it tost Well, yeah,
that's what your lawyer's supposed to do. It's suposed to they're supposed to exhaust
every means, everything they can makethe put doubt in because you know,

it's it's it's until proven guilty.That's what it's supposed to be. But
all they got to do is createa shadow of a doubt. But if
you go by that, then allthe guys that you want to be free
because marijuana is legal nine shouldn't existbecause that law wasn't there when they got
caught with them eight pounds. Yeah, I just think it's that's just a
nasty way of defense, you knowwhat I'm saying. It's not like he

ain't anything, it's just these lawswasn't in the place. That's why they
say. Lawyers like like people thatI know are lawyers, Like, they
don't like being defense lawyers because you'resitting here talking to somebody and you know
they're wrong, but because of aloophole and the law, it's your job
to get them off. How theythat's what you hear. You have to
get them off. Also on tob to be premier, Let's go the

greatest movie channel ever to be premier, TMZ presents Downfall of Diddy documentary.
It came out on the twenty eighthof April, so that was what Sunday
came out on Sunday and it's ontoo be. I haven't watched it yet,
but they're saying that they may havejumped the gun on this. You

know what I'm saying, is itis it really a TMZ documentary or is
it like the rapper who got shotin the ankle? No? No,
no, So I guess that's whyit's said. It's very clear in this
headline, Okay to be premiers TMZpresents. Okay, then they have the

title, so to B is premieringit on their platform, but TMZ is
permitted present. Made it right down. Dude with the iPhone is like right
here, Nah, this is whereone of the freak parties. It ain't
somebody like somebody liked somebody looked likeme, and they'd be like, this
is hell lyddy. I'm going tothe liddy party and I'm liddy right yeah,

like the like the rapper got yournakle right, and then you taste
it's not we taste Ryan is leggysmalls and you'd be like, it ain't
like that. I think it's smallybig. It's really So here's the thing.
Man, If if that man don'tever get brought to court or he
don't get charging on them or hego to court and he beat it,

or he's gonna have his lawyers comeafter everybody that's producing this stuff like that.
Yeah, that's true. That's true, man. These stories are more
hit over the w gc I dotcom. You can follow me on Instagram.
Zach Bulls, A C H boh Lo, G one eight hundred

truck Wreck and w gc I presentPeace in the Streets. It goes down
May eighteenth and Garfield Park from twelvenoon to three pm. Our brother Tone
Capon will be broadcasting live and he'llbe giving away the biggest concert tickets,
free food, bounce houses, anda live stage for the whole family to
enjoy. And it's all thanks toAmy Witherwright and one eight hundred truck Wreck.

For more information, go to wGCI dot com. Slash Peace Here,
Don't Run, Don't do it AllRun one O seven five w gc

II shows number one for hip hopand R and B coming up. Love
them, Believe them at what's goingon today? Man, Love them,
Believe them is on the way.My girl wants a mail trainer. This
is tough. Hey, what upyour boy? Tone Capon here with my
girl Amy one O seven five Theg S Shots number one for hip hop
and R and B, ladies andgentlemen, boys and girls, children of

all ages. It's time for lovethem to leave them with the best damn
on the show in Chicago. Andyet no, it's gonna be ratchet lean
what it's zacky on the ratler renY'll zacky then, not chop chop Chop,

Chop chop chop. Hit him withthe dogs, eat chump chump.
I'm on strike, chop Jo,You're not gonna chop. I'm on stri
chop Cho, I'm on strive.I'm on strike because kill y. Let's

go. I was leating on that. All right, here we go,
dear lean In Zach, can y'allplease help me solve this argument. Me
and my girl and I have beenhaving this argument for about a week now.
She wants to get a trainer becauseshe has put on a few pounds
a tiving our daughter. That's finewith me. You trying to snap back,
I get it. My issue isshe done found this big swoll,

greased up model of a bodybuilder.I went up. I went to this
dude page and he be training withhis shirt off. He has a lot
of followers, and I don't wantmy girl to have to deal with that
type of pressure. And the thingis, I have guys that I be
with in the barbershop that are trainers, and I know what they be on.

I said, you can get atrainer, just get a female trainer.
But she says she wants to goto this guy bad because he wants
to document her journey and train herfor free so he can show her process.
She also mentioned that he has awaiting list but wants to get into
training women who want to snap back. What should I do in this situation?

That's easy? Mmmm A six sixA five one O seven five GC.
Who does what do you call itfrom? He ain't this girl?
Sam called him on the website twoninety uh huh to ninety checking in what
should this brother do? Man?Let that man train that lady. You
know, he gonna reap the benefitsin the end. He gonna reap the

benefits in the end. She don'twant no female trainer. You know,
female we petty, we real patty. You know, she ain't gonna feel
comfortable with that female because that femalealready in shape. You know women,
we can be real petty. Letthat man train her. He trained her
for free and then he gonna documenther. You know, so that's gonna
make her for excited to do it. You know how we get in the
gym, we staying there two weeksand then it's over when we back in

triple big Max and all that.Let that man train. He gonna reap
the benefits in the end, thebenefits to or he going with them,
you know both they documentary, butthen charge he gonna charge it. Well,
you know what what then? Alright, all right A six five one

on seven five to hit this up, she said, But I say she
got shy is number one for himfive for an R and B with smack
dab in the middle of Love Himor Leave Him? My man is having
trainer issues with his wife. Yeah, man, so God wrote in basically
said his girl wants to get backin the gym and trying to snap back
because she just had a baby orwhatever. And he's cool with that.

But she found the guy that's sheHe described him as big swoll, greased
up model, bodybuilder. Okay,she went to the due page and he
trains with his shirt off, hasa lot of followers. But this girl
really wants to go to him becausehe wants to document her journey and train
her for free so he can showher process and he he also mentioned that
this guy has a waiting list butwants to get into training women who want

to snap back and want to useher as basically the music muse for that.
And he wants to know what shouldhe do in this situation m A
sixty six eighty five one oh sevenfile. Let's go to the phone line.
So who that's where you call himfrom. Okay, if he should
probably pay for pay for her training, if he wants her to go to
a female, but she should justgo ahead and go on to that female.

I mean, what if the roadswere reversed? What you're gonna say
about that? And if he wantedif he offering a solution, go ahead
and pay for it for us thatif you don't want her going to that
man who's going to do it forfree? But what if he offer to
pay for it? But she stillwants to go to that guy because he's
proven these are commodities on IG's documentand the journey. And she just was
like, man, I want togo with the famous guy. Okay,
we'll say with the famous guy becauselike you and my girl, and if

the roles were reversed, and Iactually you know, and you asked me
to do the same things that Iwould do that, I mean, it's
really not that deep. There's somany people out here with good bodies,
especially females, and the last girltime out to insecure and clearly everybody insecuring
in this situation. So she'll justgo to the female. Let him pay
for it. And if she wantedto say to go back and forth like
a right, well you over there, you stay with them, like it's
not that deep. Just make anotherfatherless child. Hey, she's doing it.

That's what you call g C.Who this where you're calling from?
Ain't this been nice for the tops? Man? How y'all doing mine?
Man? Hey man, ain't nonefree out here? Man? It's something
to that, but that ain't myfitiness. If you don't work out,
take her to the gym itself andmotivate her. Get up back, right,
because ain't nothing free on here?Man? Something some giving up?
She give me something up? Well, I guess to give up was the

fact that he gets to document thejourney for free and post about it.
Right, they say, we don'thave to go I'll train my own girl
motivate all right, bro, Yeah, man, I'm telling I'm gonna tell
you le ain't no way, ain'tno way. You can call me insecure,
whatever you want to call me.No big swoll greasy man, it's

not training you. I'm cool,I'm cool. Nope, Nope. We
gotta find even for the free.We gotta figure something else side. I'll
pay for the girl training. Andlet me tell you something, man,
where Man, my relationship don't costme money. God bless you. Okay,
And we ain't got to come outof No. Two fifty two fifty
for four sessions. You know howexpensive training could be because you at one

time were looking for one. Soif I got one of the best in
the laugh and to get up backright, God bless you. Nah.
I tell you what though. Letme tell you though, at the end
of the training, the training session, I better see an amazing difference or
then the paper's gonna get fired.It wasn't working out in the gym,

he was working out somewhere else.You still got the gut, but that's
supposed to be gone. You stillgot the gut in your booty a little
flat now. So after the afterthe training done. It. I'm gonna
actually training done because I don't seeno difference in your body. You gotta
see some results, yes, butin the first four weeks. I'm gonna
give you a month. Now.I don't see no little ads popping up
or you know that glue Maximus titlesall right, gone live with him,

y'all in there talking, y'all.Yeah, stretch it. I'm cool.
Yeah, you and the rebin oilon him for his next video. We
hope we helped you, but ifwe didn't, we never do. Yess
sir. Coming up Man Leon's goofyass person of today. Look, I
know we all inclusives, but everybodydon't need to be included. That's coming

up. Gome and love it,Love I bring only black. Spotlight is
Alliance Associate Realtors. Alliance Associate Realtorsis a family owned real estate company serving
the Chicagoland area for over twenty years, and they're dedicated to educating and equipping
clients with resources that empower the creationof generational wealth. Now join them Made

for It from ten am to twelvethirty pm for a free home buyer workshop
where a guy first time buyers throughthe process. You can register now at
aarhomes dot com or follow them onInstagram at a R homes. All right,
coming up, goofy of today mine? Everybody ain't include man? Everybody

like all right, it's that timeof the day that everybody loves. One
person's gonna be absolutely pissed. It'sLeon's goofy ass person of the day.
Uh. There's this preacher man,and uh, you know, I ain't
got no problems with preachers, butthis preacher went on a viral TikTok video

and he said that drag is holyand that Jesus is God in drag.
Now, I ain't no church God, don't claim to be a church boy.
Took a couple of theology classes read, But in nowhere in the Bible,

Karan did I see anything about Jesusdressing up in drag. I don't
even think that was a thing backthen. They ain't near have word for
it. But don't I know,g Esus wasn't doing it. He's focusing
on spreading the word. And thenwhen he got that phone call from his
daddy to say, hey, man, I need you gonna let it down

for three days. Show the peoplethat we care about him. Okay,
Pops, I got you, ButI never heard his daddy says. Hey,
here's what I want you to here'swhat I want you to do.
I want you to grab some eyelinerlipstick and do a bunch of Patty La
Bell songs or Sierra. I wantyou to do some Sierra songs. No,
I don't think that's it. Now, I get it. Man.
I'm all about inclusing this everybody.Everybody, love everybody. Don't have a

problem with that. That's what youdo. That's fine. But when we
start trying to and doctrine stuff andthe teachings and all that, that's when
it just gets a little crazy praise, Like come on, man, like
enough, it's enough. We gottadraw the line. You know what I'm
saying. And I'm not. Hisbrother might be a great pastor, but
and if he'll be posting on wgcI dot com, but to you to

come on, man, Jesus isGod in drag. That's wild. Jesus
is disguising itself. It's got itreally fooling us. Only one person.
Yeah, drag is holy? Okay, all right, so that's what you
feel. That's what you feel.I don't feel that way, and I
don't think a lot of people feelthat way. But at the end of
the day, who am I?Who am I to judge you? But

I gotta do it today. Iam gonna judge. That's goofy as hell.
Brou You need to stop telling youpeople that, all right, you
need to stop telling the people thatso that that past. The man that
says Jesus is God and drag anddrag is holy, give me a faithor
me a favor. Sit your goofast down, scoofy yes people more GC.

Hey man, call up my manattorney Howard Anchor at three one two
six million. That's three one,two six million. Whoa one on tother
five w G is number one forhip hop and nine be exact boy,

what we got coming on the heyman? We have a reggae beef.
It's a reggae beef. No afrobeats, afrobeats, No, it's not this,
not this thing, No, it'snot this. Sorry, afro beat
is different from regged Well, justafro beats beef. Somebody don't get somebody
gonna get their afro beats just tofive you. I sort of like you.

One of you shots number one fiboppingrnb's time for Spot Entertainment Report and
whiz Kid and the Veto are beefing, two afrobeats artists, both at the
top of the yards. I meanthey both do that thing. But yeah,
everybody's been beefing ever since Cat Williamsgot on Club Sha Shay versus.
It was the comedians, now trickleddown to the rappers and now head.

Now we done went to afro beats. Okay, where's kids? Said to
the Veto, he said, youand all your crew, plus your pants
watching songwriters go to sleep at nightthinking you actually got anything on me in
music? Why why you have aJamaican accent because it's the only way I

could read it because it would probablybe said like this, oh this know
yours sound like Michael Blaxon, No, like like Black Panther Africa. All
right, So then whiz Kid,I mean the The Vito responded, He
said, we not delusional. You'rea sick man. Taught him to sip

man because if you say this inin an English voice, don't sound it's
day. The Vito came on,he said, that's what I thought.
Nothing to say exactly why I stoppedwasting my cloud in jeopardizing millions of US
dollars of endorsements on someone whose careerwas resurrected a few years ago, just
to die again. Next then hekept going side shoot side seven shoot in

word shopping footlock of kids, notkids, foot locker, that foot lock
a keats well, I mean theyboth you shopping at foot locker. When
it comes to you shopped at footlocker. Key, ye, I know
that better than that. It's elevenand a half over here, buddy,
just you do big hands speaking smallK and G unless add that's dope dope
because they both dope artists. Theyare got the essence joined out like they

both they both dope. Man.These stories are more head over the w
GC I do cale. You canfollow you on Instagram sack bugs an C
h b O GI Hey, I'ma kidney one on seven five w GC
I has your chance, the gC snub one, fipp hop and RB
coming out. Man, Chicago's gonnasound off. We got a good one
today. I like this. Yeah, man, We're gonna have some fun.

What's your favorite line from any movieand why your favorite line from any
movie and why hit us up ocan't wait one of some five ws number

one for Hairpop and Iron b inChicago. We are sounding I've got a
good one today, Zach Huh,Yeah, man, we're gonna have some
fun with it. Name your favoriteline from any movie, and why so,
any movie, any movie you wantto do, any movie for me,
it's it's gotta be Gladiated though glad, oh, God, gotta be

Gladiator. It's got to be.It's got to be Russell Crowe's speech to
the Emperor when you know he wasfronting on the Emperor was fronting on him,
and he stood up and he said, my name is Maximus Decimus Meridius,
Commander of the Armies of the North, general of the Felix Legions,
and loyal servant to the true Emperor, like Marcus Aurelius, father to a

murdered son, husband to a murderedwife, and I will have my vengeance
in this life or the next.I stood up in the movie theater and
I shout it out loud. Thathas got to be the gangster's thing ever
said in the movie. I'm gonnaget you today or in the after,
but when we die, I'm comeand looking for that for me that that

just always resonated with me. That'sone of my favorite movies. That's probably
my favorite movie of all time.What's the Gladiator? It's probably my favorite
movie all time. Okay, youknow I love comedy, so I'm gonna
go John with a spoon. Boomerang, boomerang, you got there. I
love that reverse, you know,bang bang bang bang anything y'all with the

spool and absolutely Cat Williams in Fridayafter Next your stress, pimp down,
pimp in the stress. It's somany lines. Let me check my palm
pilot. That look like I ain'tdoing nothing. It's just all that them
cold to when that man. Myother one would have to be, uh,

would have to be Troy. TroyTroy when he was fighting Hector,
and Hector was like, hey,man, I ain't know it was you.
He said, all right, butwhen you walk through heaven or Hell
with your tongue cut out and youreyes blacked out, they'll say, here
lies the full Hector who thought hehad beat Achilles. If you could throw
pitchforks up back then and in themtimes, everybody would it did. That's

hilarious. Uh uh Nutty Professor atthe dinner table. Oh, wow,
Giro, you know when he playedwhen he played Grandma Giro White Man made
me come on, come on,I'm gonna walk over here, but you're
gonna let them back. I lovethat man. A sixty five one O

seven five call us up. What'syour favorite any movie? And watch?
She said, all right, checkit in from Lancy Man one of my
favorite suburbs. They got a wonderfultaco spot in last se Hey, what's
your favorite line from a movie?My favorite line of all time? And
I know I closed this at leasttwice a week. Is added to a

Reflections leadership forwards to remember the Titans. Ooh, when Denzel was talking to
him right before that last game.I want to tell you something. That
was when Wood Harris. That waswhen when Wood Harris was talking to his
teammates. Okay, locking right,okay, yeah, you're right, you're
right, you're right, you're right. I'm with you when you're right.
You know this movie, boy,how many times would you say you've watched

Remember the Titans? Probably five hundred. No, that was my mother's favorite
movie and she passed, so Iwatched it all the time. Okay,
thanks, what you're coming A sixtysix eight A five one seven five ptinue
to hit us up, g gC. Who this where you calling from?

Up? Jack boy, Teddy Piggle? What's going on y'all? Man?
What's your favorite line from a movie? Bro? Now, Lee,
you know I love movies, Okay, So I had to say two of
my favorite ones will be One wouldbe Mary Freeman when he was giving the
speech and lean on me to thestaff about the school and stuff and he

told him he was the h andI see right or whatever. And the
other one will probably have to beone of the coldest lines next to what
you was talking about, because Ilove Claudier and Troit. Will have to
be al Pacino Satan and uh theDevil's advocate when we gave the speech at
the end. Yep, yeah,we got his speech at the end was

like, you know what I'm saying, God the pranks to he likes the
prank. You know what I'm saying, basically telling him, he gives you
a choice, but he like togive you a little uh little sitting up
on the side of it, youknow what I'm saying. So yeah,
that was probably one of the coldestspeeches in the things. That was a
gangster movie. I like that.Charlotte. What Charlie staring in that too?
Yes, Charlotte wife, Yeah thatwas the wife. Yep. Remember

she killed herself. Yep. Isaw what to say before I go that
it was Mike Douglas. It wwasn't now, jirou, it was Mike
Douglas. And because that's right,that's it made. But I'm surprised your
favorite movie wasn't Good Burger. Uhyou know what, Yeah, it is,

it actually is, it actually is. But it ain't Good Burger's soul
for that. Thanks for Teddy Walkerin the right, y'all. Another five
way another big trick or my lifeman? Yes, yes, yes,

yes, thank you, thank you, thank you. Money loan made for
me. Jesus was made for you. Amen. Amen. Amen, everybody
please boil your heads unless you aredriving. It is time for the prayer
of the day. Is the day? And yes, I need my organ.

Okay. They always back out theshop oiled and sounding good. Amen.
Now today, Lord, I wantto talk to the fellas with summer
coming up. Amen, this isjust a few tips and different things that
we need to pray about. Lord, dear Lord, I pray that the
big guys, my men two fiftyplus, make sure that you have your

towel on deck. Hey, man, make sure you have your towel on
deck. Y'all sweat a lot,and we don't need all that. Next
sweat backsweat all that. No,we don't need that this summer, So
make sure you have your toil.Usually, you guys do have your towel,
especially during cookouts. Amen a man. Also, men with heavy beijing,

the pool party is not your friend. You do not need to be
at the pool party jumping in thepool dirty and up the water. We
don't need that. Watch out.I don't know how the chlorine and the
beijing will activate together to make youhave bumps or anything like that, So
please be careful this summer if youare a heavy beijinger. Also a lot
of you with the man units.Yes, yes, I talked to my

good friend tone Capone yesterday and hesaid he saw a man in the barbershop
getting a man unit. Aymen,we don't know how that's gonna translate in
the pool. We don't know howthat's gonna translate into chlorine. That study
hasn't been done yet. Y'all juststarted doing when these man units. You
don't want to jump out there andnow you're man, you squirrel just floating
float on the top of your hair, so stay away from the pool.

Also, dear Lord, I'm comingasking you questions of the style this summer.
What will be the style? Aswe've seen that baggy clothes have made
a resurgence into our style. Nowyou know what I'm saying, everything's more
baggy. It looks like skinny jeansare starting to fade out. But what
are we going to do in thesummer because I refuse to go back to

big, baggy blue jeans shorts.Is that I hope that is George?
That is not the style. Ihope that. And then at the same
time, are we going back tothe hoochie daddies? Last summer there was
hoochie daddies. I personally do nothave the legs to wear hoochie daddies.
I put on hoochie daddy shorts,I look like angel rees. So I

can't do it. Man, Ican't do I didn't get it. I
end up, I don't have thelegs for it. You need more leg
meat for my shucks. Yes,But dear Lord, this we asking your
names the questions of the summer.I just asked that you fulfill them all

with your glorious answers. Amen.Amen, ay man. That's how stuff.

W gc I and one eight hundredtruck Rats celebrate Mother's Day. And
how's they gonna do that. Well, they're gonna give ten moms a chance
to win one thousand dollars each.All you got to do is go to
WGCI dot com slash mom and tellus why the mom in your life is
great, and they'll have the opportunityto win one thousand dollars. It's all
thanks to our friend Amy with Awrightand one eight hundred truck Rat. All

right, great part of the showtoday where we talk about what we learned
today. I learned that movies arepriceless and you know you got a good
movie when you remember lying from it. I always feel that way about comedians
that go to like when you walkaway from a comedian show and you remember
a certain thing they said, that'sdope. So movies, man, I

don't think movie that'll ever get that'llnever get old, like you'll have people
that will always be like hey,yeah. And I also learned that uh,
Jesus is God. In drag.Oh my god, I learned that
I'm insecure obviously because I want mywoman to have a male trainer. No,
no offense to all your male trainers. Want you to have a female

I don't trust. Okay, that'sfine. I don't have to have a
female truck, even if she's badand she gets you right for free.
Evil laugh. No, I'm sayingI was el l you see. Nope,
I don't trust trainers. Look.I got friends out of trainers,
and they are savage. But theysaid that's part of the thought careers for

men. Like if you're a trainer, yes, at Barbara, you gotta
understand. Musician, Let me tellyou why you don't want you fellas,
let me tell you you don't wantyour woman to have a mail train.
They talking to them intimately the wholeseconda. They gonna be cool. Nah,
ain't no pillow top. You don'tshore say the business. No,
I ain't say nothing about house business. They just talking what you do today?

Da da dada. That's that smalltalk. She's gonna gain trailing.
Then you go down. She's helping, touching and helping her stretch out and
all that. Oh man, Iwas yeah, glow. Yeah, glow
man. That's another show in thehistory books for us. Yeah man.
Angela Yee is up next. Enjoyyour taco Tuesday. We will see you

to same bat time, same batchannel. Do what it is sixty two,
it's the best. Damn long sho
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