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July 3, 2020 46 mins

Gary Levox stops by to break some news about what he’s planning to do now that Rascal Flatts have decided to say goodbye. He also talks about how they got started 20 years ago, his friendship with Jaimie Foxx, and their new EP coming out called “How They Remember You” on July 31st. Plus, Billboard came up with a cool premise for a list where they found the greatest FINAL #1 hits of all-time. Bobby and Eddie go through the list and what they remember about each of the artists and the last big songs of their career.

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Speaker 1 (00:01):
All right, welcome to episode TOFTE with Gary Levox of
Braska Flats Um. About a week ago, I was in
my house and I haven't drank mountain doing a long time.
I used to drink it three later a day. I
know where you're going, and so I like, I I
love mountain dew. It's my favorite. And so in my house,

I'm like, man, did I in the middle of the
night I have some sort of mountain dew stash and
I just chuck and so I grabbed this can and
it's just like, I don't know, a third of the
way full, and it was just a spit cannon. Yeah.
And you know what, when I left, I thought, Dad,
go on, I left my mountain candle Bobby thing. I

hope he didn't drink it. Took a day and I thought,
what did I have a mounta I looked in it
and I was repulsed. You were on ambience. I was
just a repulse that I had your mountain dew spit can.
I don't know how you do it. I even signed it.
You didn't and out you know, if you did, then
some lucky trash man, because man, you know I saw

you guys. You're doing some promotion now for the new
EP July thirty one, which we're gonna play this whole
interview thing on the radio show. This is a long
form podcast to count down a lot of things. So, um,
I saw you guys doing promotion on one of those
morning talk shows like Good Morning America or something Today show.
Were you guys together virtually or do you come in
on the different boxes? Jodan and I were together. Jay

was in h Filton Head playing golf, and are you
like j we're doing promotion. Least you can do is
come hang out. Yeah, that's exactly why. Uh, that's what
we said. But you know he wouldn't do it. So
it's the whole virtual thing is weird because it doesn't
really feel like it counts, even though it does. I
was doing American Idol with the whole last five episodes,

and I'm doing it from my house. I swear to god,
I didn't wear pants for network television. Yeah I didn't
on the Today's show. You're not now, I know it's
so comfortable now. Uh. The new EP, how They Remember You?
We released July thirty one, and when I was thinking
about EPs, have you guys put out in just an
EP in a long time, never because I WoT think
you guys are just full straight ahead album. Guys, what

was this? What made you think about putting out a
small our projects? Well, because we were actually had this
other project going on, and then we were we had
these songs like kind of left over from projects that
we really liked but never had the chance to and
this Quarantine thing kind of put it where we were
kind of looking at and we were like, man, we
should finish these out. And so it just came up

to uh and the Dan Huff got another song that
he really liked, how They Remember You, which is the
new single, and then um, so we just kind of
put it all on an EP and we had seven
and we're like, let's just go with seven. So Borshet
it was like, yeah, it's great, So Big Machine put
it out. Well, it will be out and that's new
right you've being with Scott Board shutout Big Machine? Is

that new ish? No, We've been there for ten years
even there that long. Wow, we got lost because of
Taylor Thanks Bobby, Yeah, I forgot when they're a fourth member. Yeah,
guys here and then he went to cooking. It was weird.
So you got seven try, but seven is almost a record,
to be fair, it I mean it's like it's some way,

it's like the purgatory of EP T LP. Yeah, you know,
the whole game has changed. How who knows what to
do anymore? Some people are just doing singles. People want
to do records. I mean, you know, I missed the
whole body of work. But to be honest, nobody really
wants the whole body of work. I agree, even my
favorite artists like I would rather now consume a couple

of songs a month and have them consistently come at
me a couple of times, because what happens with me
just as a music fan, first and foremost, is that
you give me thirteen tracks and I'll go through it
once and not give some songs the fair credit, just
the acknowledgement they deserve, because sometimes you got to hear
songs to or three times we really love it, and

I won't do that, like thirteen tracks. Is this too
much overwhelming? Yeah? And then the artwork nothing really, you know,
everything that's used to love about music or can't wait
for a new thing to come out and just kind
of it's disappeared. The first trick is how they remember you.
I want to play a little bit of that because
it's on the radio right now. Remember, I'm curious about

your voice because you're one of the best singers in
town and your your your voice is still so pure.
Have you felt your voice get lower higher through the
last years? Does it move at all? You know, it
really has. I think it's gotten stronger for some weird reason.
I don't know. I can hit things now how easier
than I could before. I don't know. Why do you

think that is? I don't Yeah, I think it's just
kind of like a muscle, you know, It's just like
any kind of athlete. And I think the more you
use it correctly and it stretches and all that kind
of good stuff, I just kind I don't know. I've
just been blessed with being able to not lose much.
How old were you when it started to be Wow,
Gary is actually better than the other kids or I
don't know, seventeen year olds. You know, I don't even

really know, because I mean, like I did some but
I was still into sports that I really wasn't even
thinking about music really, you know. And then but like
high school, I'll do like I would be in the
musicals like South Pacific and Guys and Dolls and all that,
and these show choir kind of things, and and I
always ended up getting like the you know, like the

the lead or I have a solo part in something,
and it was you know, I was probably better than average,
but but it wasn't blown away crowd when they walked out,
like they weren't like, holy crap, they'll have Well, I
guess you weren't lavox, but like the Gary freaking was
killing everybody that was. That wasn't a thing early. Yeah, yeah, maybe,
but I think the soccer was my big things. So

I think that kind of overshadowed the music things. I
was a soccer huh do you think you could go
and a I guess it really wasn't MLS. And did
you try to play in college or no? No, I didn't.
I had I had a scholarship to Taylor University and
didn't take it. My my stepdad at the time had
started an electric company, so I was doing that and

I'm like, this is gonna be mine one day. Oh this,
you know, So I just started making money and you know,
started making that five seventy five an hour, and I
thought I was big balling. You know, it's crazy to
hear about how much you love sports. Now I've heard
stories about you and how good of an athlete you
still are, and I guess you don't show it a lot.
But one of my dear friends with Clarence because your manager,

and he was I don't know if it was boxing
or something, and he was like, we were on the
tour bus, oh yeah, on boxing problem. And they were like,
we got and I guess you would put on some
gloves and we're just kind of just, you know, dicking around.
And he was like, you would not believe how fast
his breaking hands are, and he was like, deceivingly, Lavaka
is one of the best athletes you know of all,

because it's a weird thing to be such a good
athlete and such a great singer. I look at guys
like you, or a Sam Hunt or a and Go
or even a Chuck Wicks, like the guy is a
great athlete and a good looking guy. You guys have
and I have nothing. You guys have all the elements
and I have nothing. And I just look at you
all and here I am fingernails deep in the mountain
and trying to climb you guys, got your little trolley

on and just ride up with all the skills that
God just gifts you so many. Oh that's not true
at all. That's not true at all. But I know
what you're saying, Like the not for me, but like
the Sam Haunts and the Chuck, which they're they're really
good at everything and there and they look good and yeah,
and they look great. Now. See I would put me
in that category, but I don't know I did. I'm

putting you in the category. I wrote it down for you.
But thank you. Oh. No. One of the tracks quick
Fast in a Hurry Rachel walmas On, who I just
love love her. She's such a great singer. So when
you were putting together the record, there's only one one
feature on here rock why ray all. It was just
one of those things like I mean, she opened she

did like a couple of shows for us, opened up
and and like I went out there and we were
all kind of watching. I was like, God, I had
no idea, she can blow. She can absolutely kill it.
And then um so we're just like, man, we should
quick Fast in the Hurry was kind of fresh on
our minds, you know, and we're just kind of contracted,

and uh, we're just like, man, we should ask Rachel.
She'd be into it. And Clarence manages her too, so
you're like, just keep it all in the family. And
she crushed it. Who do you see in town now?
Where you go? Man? They can just sing like if
you were doing a Mount Rushmore of current. Let's say
we gotta put some parimeters on this um. They've had
to have had a hit in the past five years. Okay,

so I'm gonna eliminate any of the nineties guys that
maybe you saw on the upper end when you were
coming in. Who who can really sing Mount Rushmore? Four people?
That's tough. Carrie Underwood can really sing Rachel rff. Let
me stop gonna Cary true of falls she goes into
the studio, it doesn't allow them to touch her voice.
Do you know that? Really? I don't know. I'm asking you.

I've heard that. Have you heard that? No? I haven't
heard that, Garth, I've heard that. Do you allow them
to set your voice? Yeah? Hey, yeah, I want it
to be great. Yeah, but that's you know, but just
kind of like tones stuff like how much verb and
all that, And I mean, but I'll take pitch corrector
all day. But you don't need pitch corrector. Well, you know,

sometimes you have perfect pitch. It's pretty close. It's pretty close.
All right. You got Carrie, go ahead, you get three
more Carrie. Um Ronnie don m hmm, good one. Um.
I mean for a country country singer, I put Luke

Combs in there. Yeah, and um see there's something still
having had a hit in front the last five years,
but I would put um, I don't. I'm gonna miss some,
but you're gonna miss the lots. I think it's okay
because there are so many. I'm gonna put Bobby Bones.

There's a lot of pitch Cracker when I want this too,
it's just pitch. I don't even call I just call in.
I'm like, hey, just take this. I don't even have
to go, just just slam it on. There. Are you
guys not gonna say goodbye on the tour? You know,
not for now? I mean, I don't know what's happening.
It's just you know, every state is different now that

states that were in phase three you're going back to
phase two, and you know it's just crazy. I mean,
who who knows? I mean, I don't know Um, you know,
I know Jay's doing his own thing. Jodan's right in
a bunch and um, you know. And I'll just tell
you that. You know, and everybody that I saw I'm
doing a solo record. I'm working on a solo record
right now. Is that breaking news? That's breaking news? I

knew it already, but I keep I keep such good secrets.
So wait, what is I'm gonna ask you about that?
So you're doing a solo record? What in what does
it feel like? What's that? So I'm doing for somebody
to do a solo I'm doing a solo Christian record.
It's been a dream record of mine forever and I'm
halfway done with that now and it's I'm so excited
about it. It's just gonna be great. And I think

I'm going to do a solo country record right after that. Wow. Now,
what kind of expectation do you put on yourself in
the solo country world where you've had You're as successful
as you could have possibly been, Like, you can't be
bigger than the flats. So now it's you, how do
you like? What is the goal with you? Same? Yeah,

I mean the same. I'll just see where God takes it.
But there's just there's you know, it's you know, sometimes
it's difficult for the three of us to agree on
songs to cut and things that I really believe in.
Most of the time it would work out, but there's
you know, there's just I think, you know, I mean,
I I feel the responsibility in the in the calling
to continue to keep singing if Flats does or not. So,

but there's songs that that I really believe in that
I love and there, you know, I mean, I don't
know if they'll be different from Flats because I was
the lead singer or Flats, so I mean they're all
kind of sound like that, but and maybe not all
the harmony stuff on there. But there's songs that I
really truly believe in that I love that I think
are giants and I think that the world needs to hear.
I mean, I think there, you know, I think they're

really really good and I've already got some recorded for that.
So I'm just excited. I'm excited about doing my own thing,
and you know, and it's excited to see what happens,
you know, if the Flats get together at some point
when everything clears off. I mean, I don't know, we'll see,
but I'm going to continue to work and I feel
like that's that's been my calling and what I need

to continue to do. And do you know those guys
as well as anyone if let's say a vaccine happens
with own it in March of next year, you guys
decided to go out and play ten shows and just
this is just a hypothetical. Will they'd be cool with
you singing your solo songs up there it's out? Yeah,
yeah they would. Yeah. I mean we all, I mean
we get along great. We just don't know what's happening.

And you know, everybody kind of you know, look, you know,
a couple of guys wanted to do their own thing
early on, and it just this Corona thing. It's it's
just weird. It kind of gave us a year off
before we were going to take a year off, you know. Yeah,
So I don't know, it's just just the way it
worked out. Before I moved, I guess it's about three

moves ago. But I was living in the condo and
you looked out the window right on the printer's alley.
So when you first moved to town, did you guys
play any of those printers alley spots right there. Fiddling steel,
we played there, but we played all of them. But
what our main gig was like Mondays and Tuesdays the
fiddling steel, and then we played barbars and we played
Lonnie's Western Room. We play all those down. What does

that mean? You would play them? Like talk about him?
What's a Monday night? So a Monday night? Well, when
I first moved to town, it was Jay set up
by the cigarette machine with a little keyboard, and we
had some tracks like well they call me the Farmer
and that's my name, and we'd sit there and sometimes
the security guard was doing a person that would be
in there. But we would play there from nine to
three on Mondays and Tuesdays. Then we started building the following.

Then we met and Jodan came in and then um.
But we played from nine to three and take breaks,
and then we take a break, and then we go
to barbers across the street and play over there and
sit in a carryat I and we just stayed in
the alley. We're gonna be somewhere every night playing music.
What does that mean to develop a following when you're
playing small bars? With without social media, Like what does that?

Just the same people coming to see you. Yeah, just
the same people would come in. They knew when we
were playing. And what was great back then too, was
like Mark Chestnut, Toby Keith and all that. So when
everybody was off the road, everybody would go to Printer's
alley and hang. So he might be playing with Mark
Chestnuts guitar player, um, you know, Toby Keith drummer, Um,

you know Martina McBride's you know, acoustic player. It was just,
I mean, it's what country music was, you know. Then
they knocked it all down and built you know, I
used to look condo that used to live. But what
what was the final straw that made you come to Nashville?

You know what. I was sitting in my mom's kitchen
and I was twenty I was twenty seven and I
was sitting in my mom's kitchen and I was singing
along with the radio, and I was like, it just
hit me. And at that moment, I just kind of
looked up and I said, God, I feel like you've
given me some type of gift to sing, and I'm

so sorry that I haven't used it. It was just
the weirdest thing, and I was like, I'm gonna do it.
I'm gonna do it. So I took out because I
worked for the Board of UM Development only disabled for
ten years. It's right out of high school. So I
had to leave that job, you know, state jobs. Sold everything,
and uh, moved to town and and but that's what

it was in my kitchen. I really I sold everything
through everything in my truck, moved and moved to Nashville.
Were you dominating karaoke competitions back home? Yeah? Yeah, I
was crushing them, Yeah, because that was the extra hundred bucks,
you know, if you want. I was like, you know,
if I had hit three on Friday, the extra three
hundred dollars, you know, then Saturday, and there's one place
on Sunday. But then they caught on. So if you

won too much, then you couldn't win anymore, you know,
So then you had to start venturing out. You going
on the East, fake mustache, out of town, karaoke clothes. So, uh,
you and Jay obviously are related with with Joe Don?
Did Jay find Joe Don? Who's Who's what was that? So?

Jay was the bandleader for Shelley, right, and then he
hired Uh Joe Don to play guitar for Shelly, and
and so that he had Jabe been telling me about
Jodan how you know high ten and our Grady scenes
and plays. So he came down at the Feeling Steel
Guitar Bar one night and it our guitar player didn't
show up, so he invited Jode on in and we

did Uh Church on the Cumberland Road was the first
song we ever did, and the rest was history. We
were like, wow, I don't know what that was, but
that was I mean, it was just it was incredible.
So we asked him and how was that? How quickly?
And tell you had a name? Though it took a
while because we were because I think Jaberd and I
were going by Deuces Wild and then there was three
of us in there, so deuces Wild didn't make any sense,

and then you know it was hard to come up
with a name. And uh, but we we sat there
and we were thinking, so we're oakl Ohio because Jodan
from Oklahoma is just terrible. And then so it was awful.
And so this piano player named Jelly Roll was in
town or was playing with us, and he was like,
man back in the sixties. I used to have a
band called Rascal Flats and um, we're like, what's it means? Jelly?

He was like, hell, I don't know, no idea. We're
like all right, So we literally wrote on a napkin.
Uh and we paid him five bucks for the name,
so if it did work, we get sued later. So
that's the store. And how quickly that you guys were like, Okay,
we're gonna do this until you actually started to make
any sort of money from and then to t bigger
than just a bar, meaning a record label. How it was?

Did that happen pretty quick when people heard you? Yeah?
You know, Um there was ce So I moved to
town February and we got signed to ninety nine and then, um,
but we were humping I mean we were killing it
every night. We were playing somewhere every night. And then
um yeah, so but we were working for tips only
and then we've got paid forty bucks a night and

then uh so the first real money was it was
when we signed our deal with Lyric Street Records. Did
you guys have a baby act for anybody? As that
third act where they really were like, hey, we'll look
out for you, you know, what all of them did
really and that was like our first tour ever was
Jody Massina and Jody kind of did that for us,

and then it was Toby Keith. Toby really took us
under his wing, and then Brooks and Done. I mean,
really you go out there and try to steal everything
that that they've got their fans. You learned so much.
And then Brooks and Dunne and then I mean they
all kind of took us under their wing and really
showed us the ropes and you know, how to put
a tour together and how to treat fans. And you know,

because we were on that the Brooks and dunn thing
where they had jugglers and stuff all day long, you know.
So yeah, well, I mean we learned from all of them,
all of us kind of kind of took them, took
us under their wing and really showed us the ropes.
And they were I forget who it was that told us.
They were like, you see all those fans out there,
you need to go steal every single one of them.

And that's what we told everybody that's open for us
since then. The uh, how they remember you the EP
when it comes out? Why do you name song and
different people give me different ones. But why do you
name the whole project after a song? You know? I
don't know. I guess just because it's easy. It's the
first thing, and it's hard to encompass, like because all
of it has a different feel and the whole body

of work feels different. You know. Let's you know, put
something like the Craftsmanship record. That would have been the
other time spent record. You guys, you had seven you
have seven songs on this thing? Did all? Is it
a rule that three of three of you have to
agree on the song or two or three? What's what's
the dynamic there? Pretty much? Yeah? Pretty much? And then
but I'll get in there sometimes just come in. I

just think I hate this song. I'm not doing it.
You ever done that to a song it end up
being a massive hit where it's like, I don't know
if this is the one. Um, I'm sure they're I'm
sure that Jay has probably been the worst at that
Jays because he's yeah, like songs like no, I'm not
doing that, you know, like like Sarah Bath you know
about skin. I don't want to sing about cancer. I

don't want to do you know, That's that's it's a
tough subject I don't want to sing about. So there's
a hit, and it's happened a couple of other times.
We were like, hey, Jamie, whatever other songs that you hate? Man,
that'd be great the most. So you and Jamie Fox
have been friends for a while. Huh yep, you guys
you sit around Jamie's house singing. We did all the time.
You know, here is um She Goes All the Way,

which came out in two thousand seven. No questions, no
talking on the South Hoggs testing. Isn't he want like
the best I've been talking about as a person. I
don't know his person, but when you look at overall
talents and what he's able to do act oscar seeing

hit record, comedy, freaking in Living Color, I seem do
impressions like I don't know that I can name a
more talented person period overall than Jamie Fox. Baskets just
didn't play basketball. How did you guys? Has become friends?
He I had got a deal offered to me by
Capitol Records in early on, like a pop deal, and

so I went to l A, my old manager at
that time. He used to work for Jamie and um,
so ended up going there, staying there, and uh, after
I've turned that deal down, I ended up just staying
living with Jamie for a few months, just staying with him,
and then we're just and he had just lived together

and just started the w he started just started with
the Jamie Fox Show on the w B, and so
he was just getting going. I mean, his comedy stuff
was happening. But he's truly one of them. He might
be the most talented person I've ever seen. He's great
at absolutely everything. I mean not just great, but I
mean sets the bar for I mean comedy talent. I

mean his the way he plays piano, and I mean
he's just and and he loves music. He loves country music,
he loves all genres of music, and he can act.
I mean, it's just it's not fair. It's not fair
at all. It sounds like he's a good dude too.
He's a great dude, which sucks you kinda want to
hate something. Yeah, he's from texts. I never liked you
because that's just you have it all. You just you

have it all. Yeah, and I'm in covening. Yeah, I'm
envious and I'm covering. Life is the Highway was never
a single, right, It just became a smash kind of
because people liked it, which is rare. Yeah, the Cars movie,
you know, and then radio picked it up because it
was just doing so good and just kind of they

played it. But it was never a single and really
one of the songs that I would assume you guys
are associated most with, depending on what the age group. Yeah,
for sure. Yeah it's funny because I was just um,
just doing a singing with a buddy of mine, Jonathan
mc renalds in the Christian world, the gospel world, who's amazing.
He's the same way, so talented, so gifted. Not fair

coveting my neighbor that's what I'm doing with him too,
because it's just ridiculous. But anyway, his his assistant who
knows nothing about country music, never even heard a Rascal flash.
But new Life's Highway, Life's the Highway, the original version.
Don't tell me, is it like Eddie cock now who
sings Life Highway? Tom cochrane. I get Eddie money and

Tom cochrane mixed up because to me, the same person,
what's the most profitable song you guys have put up
for me? The ones I wrote fast Cards, Freedom and
I melt and bob that head and Summer Nights and
all that. But you know, I mean, all in all, broke,

it's gotta be broken Road or what hurts the most.
If someone says, hey, Gary, what are gonna want you
to come? Like my cousin's having a little wedding here
and he's you're really important to him, and he says,
you sing two songs, any two songs at the wedding?
What do you pick? Broken Road in my wish? I mean,
those are always the ones that they ask it is. Yeah,
somebody asked me to sing it a wedding. I tried

on moving On once but that didn't work. Yeah, probably
not not a good It wasn't. Do you still get
excited because you know the new projects coming out? You
get excited it's gonna come out or is it just
another day? Like it's just part of that. Bro I'm
so fired up. I'm so excited, more excited that I've
been in a long time. I'm so excited to have
you know, I love everything that we did with Flats

and being a part of that and all of that,
and who knows what will happen in the future. But
I'm so excited about just having my own songs that
I picked that I hand you know, hand picked and
helped co produce and using you know, different It's just fresh,
it's new, and it's exciting and you know, it's just
uh and singing about the Lord is gonna be awesome.

I mean it's been a dream record since I was
a kid, so, you know. And then the country stuff,
you know that the country record that will come after
that is you know, I mean, I've already got some
cut for that that. It just they're great, They're great songs.
We live in a town with the greatest songwriters in
the world, so we're right here, you know. So I'm
just very waiting for you to agree to do it
with me. See I wouldn't. I just wouldn't, So, ladies

and gentlemen, that's not coming. Yeah, No, I just I
wouldn't want to sour it, all right? So how they
remember you? The EP at seven tracks coming out July
thirty one, And we still have no timetable on your
next two projects, but you are they are coming this year.
I don't know one make one may come this year
or the first quarter next year. Were you a church
singer as a kid. Are you all in it? Yeah?

I was all in it. I was all in it,
so was I. But I sucked like I have. I
have like one small range. I can do comedy in
and don't really get out of it. But I would
sing at church and they were so nice to me,
and I used to I would think. I went to
Mountain Pie Baptist at rock Sunday nights, Rockets Sunday Nights,
and then I would go somewhere else. And we had
a white church in a black church, and I'd go

over to black church too sometimes and I would sing
over there because our town still was segregated. Still is.
There's a railroad track in the middle and White quarters
Black quarters a wild still going to my town today. Yeah,
and um. But I would go to both churches and
I would go over and they really made me feel special.
I was like, I can go you canna deal right now.
I was like thirteen almost, Like I would go back

and my mom be like they were they were clapping
so hard for me, like I might actually be good. Yeah,
yeah they was. They were just lovely people. Had nothing
to do with me. They're like blessing. They were bringing
me in here, Lord Jesus blessed. Yeah it was not.
You were a big churchy. Is that where you kind
of get your confidence at the beginning. Yeah, yeah, just
being around that, just being in that atmosphere, and I mean,

and you could, you know, you get to visually see
the power of music when you're in church, you know,
because you know, I went to Joyce Avenue Church of God,
which is the Pentecostal church. So I mean, everybody was,
you know, stomping and clapping. They were weren't sitting there.
So it was Yeah, and Sunday nights were the best.
They were just the best. Music was rocking. It was great.
It was awake on Sunday night. Yeah. And Wednesday night

was because I would go Sunday Sunday night. Wednesday night.
Wednesday was like a half version of Sunday night. It
was still nighttime, but not everybody was there, but it
still felt but it's a little looser to on Wednesday night,
so you could you could go in on Wednesday night
and actually do some of the like the d C
talks like for fun, you can do that on Sunday night.
It was straightforward rocket ages like don't don't don't be off.

But on Wednesday night, if you wanted to do some
Michael W. Smith, you wanted to, they were cool with that. Yeah,
it were because it's a little looser, a little looser.
Everybody had to go to work on Thursday, so there's
like it's just go have fun, go fun. Well listen, Uh,
I'm pumped. Came by. It's I think the last four
times I've seen you've been in a camouflage piece of
clothing and I'm kind of in a fishing camera over day.

So the fish. Yeah, that's weird. It is a camera,
but it's like water. So is that if you fall
in the fish? Don't know? Well, I think it's when
you're standing over the boat. They don't see the lure.
I think. I don't really don't know. I don't know.
I have no idea. We're just making stuff up. Are
you still hunt a lot? Yeah? Right now. It's planting
and all that kind of stuff and getting ready to

now checking cameras and we got but yeah, don't you
feel bad like the animals will have cameras to see
when you're in the woods. No, but they they've got
cameras in their nose and their eyes. And their gears.
You know, it's tough, and that's the that's the thrill
of it, is trying to outsmart wild animal. The turkeys
are always the hardest for me. Yeah, thinking their eyesight's
ridiculous because they know when you're there and when you're coming.

If you could, if they could smell, we'd never kill one.
You'd never shoot one. They also look up in the rain.
Oh it's crazy. Well listen, I know you've got things
that do. What do you do? What's what's the fancy
guy do on a Monday night? What's the night Sunday night?
What's the fancy guy do on a Sunday night? You
know what? I just come and hang out at bobby
Bones Pool and we just kind of I cook out

and stuff and then just tell him when I leave.
It's kind of that. All right, Well, thank you for
having me. But no, I'm glad we could do this,
you know, I I said, we don't do this on
radio often. I just love hanging out with you. You
know I love it too. So all right, Well there
he is. Gary the Box got three projects coming, but
the one, the big one first is the flat c

P seven songs. Is that the only song out How
to Remember You, because I was looking at the six
and like, I don't know these other six songs. And
I'm your biggest fan and I memorize every song you've
ever put out. Yeah, I know you have. I'll send
them to you so you can learn them. Do you
ever have UM fans do anything crazy at a show

or in your personal life? Oh yeah, I mean that
that happens all the time. The probably the greatest one.
It was a lady that scheduled for c section around
our tour date. Oh. I was thinking, like trying to
stab you or something. You're taking awesome thing? Yeah, oh yeah,
we got all There's all kinds of psychos that do
crazy st I don't don't get it how you're such
a fan of somebody and you love them so much

that you want to take them out. Then the door
goes called, calling it locks. I've got you in here
with me, and this is never none of this even works.
This is all right, Good to talk to you and
I'll see us. Mh. So this was a cool list

that I saw on Billboard. The greatest final number one
hits of all time, which means their last number one,
which the biggest one is Elvis Suspicious Minds, which was
a jam. Come on, and they're all gonna be jams
because they were all number ones, but it's their final
number one. Like what a cool list whoever had? I know,
we're thinking of a lot of creative stuff nowadays because

we have to. Yeah, this is a good fun list.
Elvis Presley Suspicious Minds in nineteen nine never had a
number one hit after that. This is my favorite Alivis song.
Yeah maybe maybe just because you know it was closer
to my age around the time it came out when
it's sixty nine. Yeah, but but I've I've loved Elvis
since I was a kid, so that means my parents
were probably listening to it when I was like in

the early eighties. Um, and then I remember to Chuck E.
Cheese had like one of those little um electronic guys whatever,
and one of one was Elvis and he would always
sink suspicious Minds. I loved. Elvis was a Chuck Chees. Yeah,
he was like a Chucky cheek. It was like a
mouse but dresses Elvis and he would say, we can't
go on forever. And then but when you got close,

all you heard was the all the the Pumping and
all the movies and you're like, Okay, that's that kind
of loses the The Magic Hall of Notes makes the
list out of touch TLC unpretty The Four Seasons December nineteenth,
Oh what a night that see that? That was really good?
Their final number one. I'll give you the top ten.
Whitney Houston x Helle Shoot Shoot from Baby Whitney Houston

song be honest, Man, I never heard that song from
a movie. This is from Dude God Shoot bad Dude.
You never heard? I Will Always Love You is probably
my favorite Whitney using song. What about or Oh, I
want to dance with somebody? I want to dance with
somebody from Waiting to Exhale, I want to be with
somebody Waiting to Excel with the movie sid maybe, but

I remember that song being from that movie. Janet Jackson
All for You that hurt. This is their final hip
number nine, Ah for you remember that. I remember this
because JOHMP Pop Radio we played all the time The Beatles,
What do you think It's gonna be tough? The Beatles
final number one was I know it? M hmmm, I

do know it because I see it. Oh, what do
you mean you see it. I see I have the sheet.
Oh you could have played it cool. I'd have been like, no, no, no,
no no, I gonna be hon it's gonna be honest
with you. But I didn't. That's weird because I don't
remember this song. I thought abbey Road was their final album,
The Long and Winding Road from the Beatles seventy. This
is the final number one. And you don't know if

I know this song. Oh what are you talking about?
My door front of that mine many times time? I
don't know that I know this song, dude, this is
the jam. I don't know if I lose some of
my credit with that. But I don't know that. Were

you big Beatles guy? Huge, huge Beatles guy. Again. My parents,
my mom my mom would just drive around listen Beatles
all the time. But it's so weird. I thought abbey
Road was their last album and this is not on
that album, dummy. Maybe they didn't have hits on abbey Road.
That could be it. Yeah, it could be the final
number one. That one Blondie Rapture. Let me say, HiT's

me h. But Debbie Harry was hot, Yeah, yes she was.
You look back at those and like, man, she was
a Really, she's pretty. What do you remember from Blondie? Nothing? Nothing?
Oh you mean like not live, not not as it
was happening. No, just say nothing. Um, so we do it? Uh,

Hot of Glass, me too? That's it? Hey, Mike, what's
on the Blondie list? If you if you search Blondie,
what shows up? I'm searching here right now because there's
got to be more than let me see the streaming
songs for Blondie. You got one way or another? Dreaming
one way or another? Yeah, this is the chance so good?

One way? Oh another? You know what? We're going to
these lists. I really write a lot of these songs down.
It's like the ones that we did with the cars,
Like I wrote all those songs down so I can
go back and just download them and keep them the
call me, call me, call anything. This is called me.
I know this one? Oh yeah, yeah, don't don't. And

then what was the last one that she rapped? Sure?
I don't know that one. So her biggest ones are
hard to go that number one, call me, number two,
number three, one way or another? Um, what's Maria Blondie? Ma, Marie,
it's not in here. Marie is not in there. It's

there here. So this is from my phone? Oh I
know this? Yeah, because somebody covered this song? See makes

you hi? She doesn't know your name. It's not Chang
makes you want hi? Don't you want to? You never

heard that? Mike? Did you find who covered it? I'm
trying to find it. It's gonna be like somebody like
bowling for soup for somebody ran down? Here you go, Marie?
Is it greedy? I don't think so. Did you google
who cover Blondie's Maria? Or maybe they're covering someone? Yeah? Anyway, um,
EDDI wee know more Blondie than we think we did.

Blondie Maria covers cover. I don't see any man. Well
I know that song, Marie. You're got to be all right?
Um on the list. Also Madonna, her final hit was
music in two thousand, her final number one Do you

ember this one? Oh? Yeah? When she went to kind
of Dance Madonna, jay Z and Alicia Keys. I guess
this is jay Z's final number one Empire State of Month.
Come on. You always think you can sing this song
until you try to do it on karaoke. You can't

do it if you get done. One time, I was
like I was feeling prett good to myself, and I
was like, I'll do j c lling a mind to Honda.
You couldn't know. But Jane Fond, you know, doesn't even
a words, dude, And I was like, yeah, I don't know.
I can't keep up. Yeah, it raps hard to karaoke man. Yeah,
but Humpty Dance was my jam. I can do that one.
That's kind of you in your sleep. Probably the Temptations

Papa was a rolling Stone nineteen seventy two. Their final
hit jan Wherever he led his hat was his home
and when he died, oh he lived. This was a
long seventy two man. So they were a band for
a good while there, because they were a band in

the fifties, so three decades. I saw a story that said,
there's only been one artist for four different decades to
have a hit. Who's that? Yeah? Who do you think?
I know? Who it? Does? You do? It may even
be five or six decades, Mike, if you find out
the artists are band, hold on. Let me let Mike
pull up the context of it and see if you

can name it. Um. Only one artist has had a
top forty album in every decade since the sixties, sixties, seventies, eighties, nineties,
two thousands, two thousands, tens, seven decades. What artists do
you think has had that? Wow? Wow, wow wow. I'm
thinking the Rolling Stones, But no, probably not, because they
must have had one in this decade, so they had
to have one this year. A number one What was

it again, Mike, Yeah, number a top forty album, A
top forty album, not a number one top forty album.
This is different from this list. Who do you think
it is? And when do you think they started? Well, listen,
they've been at for seven inside of seven decades. He's dude,
this is crazy. I don't know, you'll get it. Ah,
so album this hadn't been this year. I mean it's

not Garth So. But seven decades. You're talking about fifty
years for sure, and then a little bit on each side,
like late in that first one. And then obviously I
have no idea Bob Dylan wows animate because he just
released an album that's pretty amazing. All right, go ahead, Well,

I just want to I wonder what Bob Dylan's thinking
right now with what's going on in the world and protests,
because he started he started his career doing this protesting
what was right during civil rights and they just did not.
He's probably seen it a few times though, right, But
but he quit completely, and he even would do interviews
and say like, that's not me anymore. Man, I don't

do that. You fight your own fights. I wonder if
he felt like he was becoming too much the protest
guy and he couldn't get across other messages because people
only wanted to protest Bob Dylan. Yes, I think that's true, yes,
and that he didn't feel any more or less about
but he just didn't want to be that guy anymore.

It's just weird because man, his first hits, his first
music was pure protest. Everything he did was protests, and
now he was the protest guy. And now it's like,
you know, you don't he's not touching any of that.
Share believe that number. Hold on it though. But I
think Bob Dylan recently did a song that was pretty
protesting really in this new on this new album, Yeah,
I think so. Or he released some stuff that was

like a ten minute song about oh yeah, So you're
probably right about all that, but I'm just trying to
think back. I think recently he kind of got back
into that lane a little bit because like Bob dyn't
release a ten minute song about today. Okay, I was
to go back and listen to then and then he
was supposed to have a number one album this week,
but he got beat out by a Little Baby. Uh
dub baby. I think it all seven decades, little baby

it beat him at least once. There's differing baby and
little baby. A Little Babies had a number one for
four weeks. Is a Little Baby rock star? Yeah? Pull
it up? Um, I don't care, pull it. I share
believe that number three. That's the biggest song of her career.
I don't know. I don't think so. Taking sunny and

share out of it still may yes, probably, I'm saying
not so much so that you don't have to talk
about it, because she would have mike if you pull
that down so I can sing these other songs. He
fuck term back time, different era, different analytics. She also

had back in the eighties when she was on that cruiser.
There's a video where she's in like the the what
do you call those things? One more than their legs?
The not spandex of course no, they were pantyhose like
the rip pantyhose. What are you talking about? Yeah, you

don't remember that video. We were too young for it.
I'm gonna find it. Does she have a greatest hits
record or no? I bet this is it? Eddy, You're
gonna know it. It's um. I remember that movie Masks
she did Max Max was awesome. I don't know. I'm

gonna find this. Mike Reamy shares, what are you having?
The thing? That also gypsy? I got gypsies. That's old school.
That's like what else you have? The shoot shoot song
and go ahead I wanted, but that's not her song.

Go ahead, give me another one? And then so o
s keep going. Gimme, gimme, gimme. Who doesn't love gimme gimme.
I don't know that. Okay, here we go, Here we go,
dark Night. I don't love ah. Google share music video

Boat interesting because she's on a boat with a bunch
of service men and it's a big song. You remember
the music video just from watching all videos that was
too young. It was like l eighty seven something. Michaelheads
with this and Elvis is number one, and then I
just want to walk through this list. What if I
could turn back time? That's the music video. Oh it is, Yeah,

it's okay, Boom, you're not so and so tell us
more about the video. I don't remember except you was
any hose and shorts and yeah there are a bunch
of servicemen on there. They're all just checking her out behind. Yeah,
other thanks making less The Rolling Stones Miss You nineteen
seventy eight. I don't know that song, and I miss
you don't. Oh yeah, yeah yeah, Ringing Girls that are

dad to meet you. Oh yeah, this is gmean, dude,
that's good for you for knowing that just from missing
like the Rolling Stones, that's a good one. Destiny Shop
boot Delicious thing that one Beyonce, are you girl? Yeah
you too, but Lucy Lou Yeah, beyond Booty Delicious for

your babe. It's just for Charlie's Angel soundtrack, right, Kelly, Yeah,
handle that, Kelly. What's that sample? Uh? Holdbright? We turned down.
It's Stevie Nicks. It's um, it's like you imagine the

one you love. Yeah, that's it, just like the one
you said. This is fun down these songs, Oh, just
like the all right, Oh that's it. We're gonna wrap
it now. This is a pretty cool list though. I
thought that this was so good. I didn't even put
in one's. I thought I just wanted to go through

them because as an artist is pretty cool to go
out with a bang like this, Like, well, that's not
a bang. That's just the last hit they had. I
don't think they selected as the last hit. They put
out way more songs after that. Okay, Okay, they didn't
sign feld It. Okay. I thought that this was like,
this is how they ended. Nope, this is the last
number one success they had. Alright, Eddie, promote your podcast
a Sore Losers podcast. Me and Lunchbox Ray. We're just

three dudes talking about sports, and with a lack of
sports a little bit, we're just talking about a guy stuff.
Just talk about our lives. Check out the Sore Losers podcast.
Mike here to promote yours. Yeah, movie Mike's Movie Podcast,
The movie where It's a podcast. All I do is
talk about movies. Movie Mike's Movie Podcast. Alright, check that out.
Um let's see here, just like that. I was wrong
about the Beatles too. That was not their last album.

Let it be was their last album. I was gonna
say that bout him. I didn't even know that song
that's so stupid. All right, Thank you guys for listening.
Um share with your friends if you don't mind. We
we love that you'll share and rate us as high
as you can. It moves us up the charts selfishly.
If you don't mind writing, write a little comment like
love this podcast, give us all the stars. Thank you
very much, See you next time.
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