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January 8, 2021 53 mins

Did you know that “Take Me Home, Country Roads” was written for Johnny Cash? Or that “Whiskey Lullaby” was pitched to Dierks Bentley? Bobby and Eddie talk about a list of big country hits that were actually written, pitched and sometimes even recorded by other artists. They talk about whether or not it would work with the first person the song it was pitched to. Bobby also talks toDeana Carter about Strawberry Wine celebrating 25 years, her early days making music and becoming friends with Kenny Chesney before he was a star.

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Speaker 1 (00:00):
M H. Welcome to episode two hundred and seventy six
of The Bobby Cast. I will be talking with Dina Carter,
who you know from Strawberry Wine. Did I shave my
legs for this? We danced then, we danced just so
many But the song is years old Strawberry Wine, which

was one of the biggest songs of my young life.
Eddi's here, Oh yeah, I'm here, what's up? But really
this song was generational and that everybody knew it, and
it was a woman singing a song about women, but
guys sang it too and weren't embarrassed to sing it.

Will even sing this today, which which was weird for
a twelve year old boy. Maybe maybe I was older
than that school yeah, fourteen or fifteen year old. So
to be able to sing this song loud, to be
proud and do you want to sing girls song? It's okay.
So we'll talk to her. Coming up in a little
bit the New Music Top five. This week, Loretta Lynn

released Coal Miner's Daughter to commemorate the fiftieth anniversary of
the release of her signature song. But it's a new recitation.
Here is a new version. Well, I was born to
coal miner's daughter in a cabin on a hill in
Butcher Holler. We were poor, but we had love. That's
the one thing that my daddy made sure of. It

doesn't like a poem, does she's singing. It's still pretty cool.
It's all spoken my daddy. He worked on out in
the Vani their coal mines all day long. In the
Field of horn Corn. Number four, Amanda Shires released a
cover of the Genesis classic That's All the lyric videos
and animated take on the year featuring murder hornets, burning cities,

protest signs, and closed concert venues. Here's a clip of
That's All I'm staying one time. That is a jam
from Genesis. Yeah, and that's the jam right now. I
like this version. Did you know what that song was?

When I said that's all I don't know about title?
My two's yeah, turn it up. I'm looking at me
to tell the same. It's just the shame. That's all
that's jam on. Aaron Watson has a new album called
American Soul. Here's his song Whispered My Name that's been

out because when do you whisper my Name? You buy that?
And here's a new song called boots whispin it around
and I can't keep my boots on the drag. Verry
GiB has a new album called Greenfield's The Give Brothers Songbook,

Volume one, now very GiB from the Bags. Yeah, he
has a new song called Words with Dolly Parton. Here's
that in ye Hey Day to me. Have you seen
the Beaches documentary? It's on HBO Max and really good.

Well I've almost started a few times, but either something's
come up or Caitlin's been like, no, let's not watch that.
She has no interest in the beach here. It was
before me as well. But I think we're just music nerds.
I think I'm gonna watch it this week. Um. I
think Barry Gibbon Dollar are coming on the show No
next week. I think that'd be awesome. I don't think
in person, because they're both older, so I think I

can't talk to them. And what I like about this
sound when you just played right there, it's I mean,
it's just what they used to sound like, like they
didn't say, you know what, guys, it's two thousand twenty one.
Let's uh try to make it sound new things like this.
Let's just keep it the way we had it back
in the seventies. Maybe you were someone understand a love

stayd Alve, I like on these things that uh and
number one. Morgan Wallen has a new album called danger Us.
Here is the title track, Dangerous. You should know. It's
a double album, so it's like thirty songs. Here's another
new one called Warning. Alan slaps a little bit man.

I go to Sonic and turn that up. People be like,
who's that? Wow, it's done pretty dark and that's that's
a slightly different sounds. Albums out today Sammy Hagar in
the Circle, Lockdown, Passenger, Songs for the Drunk and Broken Hearted,
which I like, Passenger, blew Oyster Cult Live eighty three

a reissue, but it's a live record, a song we
missed on vacation that I have heard ten million times
in my house when Caitlin's cooking, she plays music. Justin
Bieber released a new song called Anyone on New Year's Day.
Here You Go Anywhere So good A is good. And

I was at the vending machine yesterday and I was
talking about good Justin Bieber was People were like, what
are you talking about? You're an adult, are they listen?
I'm an adult that doesn't care people think about my
musical opinions anymore. You know, this was your vending machine,
um conversation. Interesting. I don't know how it would were
you with me, with a random person at work, I

had a vending machine and I was like, I have
no shame in loving just somebody questioned me about it
because I said, Harry Styles and Justin Bieber. You know
it wasn't the vending machine. It was the juke box
in my house. Okay, I just knew I was some
sort of machine. Looking at that. We have a jukebox
in my house and it hasn't been we don't have

music putting it yet. It's a really cool old juke box,
but as of today it works. Do you need records, well,
the small records. Yeah, I have small records. And a friend,
a friend to me, said, hey, what would you put
in there if you could? If one side was Caitlin yours?
And I said, I would do John Mayer and like
a nineties country assortment. And I said Caitlin would do

Justin Bieburn Harry Styles And I said, you know what,
I'm probably playing that side a lot too. And he
was like, what do you mean. I said, they're both
freaking great. I know they were kid pop stars, but
they've matured in their music. Harry Style is amazing. Really
music is amazing. Parker McCallum released a song called to
be Loved by You. Here you Go in musing news.

The Grammys have been rescheduled from January one to March
fourteen COVID, and you know, some award shows were happening,
but because COVID has gotten so bad, especially in l
A l A County, they've shut down all production. You
can't shoot anything there right now. So the Grammys have
been rescheduled. Quote or thoughtful conversation with health health experts.
Our network partner, CBS are host an artist schedule to appear,

we've made the decision to postpone, so Trevor Noah is
still gonna host. You know, there was some controversy about
Blake Shelton's latest single, minimum wage is Dumb. It's a
dumb controversy, a bit contrived. Um. Ronnie Donne was speaking out.
They're like Ronnie Dunn's the only one to speak out.
I was like, I spoke got the millions of people
on our radio show. Maybe people are just used to
me saying dumb stuff just expected, just like we don't

need any pan attention to that. Um. So there's that.
Ricky Skaggs that quadruple bypass surgery last summer, but kept
it quiet until now. He tells people that he was
experiencing tightness in his chest and shortness of breath, but
he did not have a heart attack and angiogram can
miss him to have surgery and he feels a hundred
and fifty cent better because of it. You know Ricky
pretty well? Do you know this? And I've talked to him?

M hm. Corona has hurt my sense of time. I
feel like I've talked to about when you talk to someone,
but maybe I haven't talked to him. It's covid. Well,
the last time I saw you talk to him was
that the opery backstage. I think he was playing and
we were playing, so that must have been what you No, wait,

I mean February but probably so, I that's probably the
last time I talked to him. Then I love him.
He oddly loves me, which is crazy. So I mean,
he talks to you like you guys are best. But
I didn't know that that had happened. No, But I
don't know that would have come out because we're not
close like that, and like, hey man, how are you
we I'm glad Jaz that just that hard work. I
don't know, you just know. Also, it's of weird random stuff.
Raby McIntyre son got engaged. She's about to be the

mother of the groom. The singers. Son shall be the
singer Son show, She'll be the guy. I saw this
Instagram post where the girl who's Marissa Branch. People have
posted it and she went and coming and she was like, hey,
I'm not the one that just got divorced for Kelly Clarkson.
This is not the same. She's like, so you guys
get off. It's pretty funny. That was my question. I

thought that was the same. Dude, it's pretty funny. She'll
be announced the news with a picture of him popping
the question at Epcot at disney World Parking. Mc call
himself for a grand Old Lot Prey debut, which is
pretty cool. Fairbuarty six that will be there. Kid Rock
donates a hundred thousand bucks of Small Business COVID Relief Fund.
He's doing his part with small businesses, so a hundred
thousand dollars there which is great. Little nos X has
released a children's book, and Tim Tebouts put out a

book next week. We're talking to him on the show. Um.
And then someone made a list of the one and
one most anticipated albums of one. So here you go,
at number hundred and one. I'll read just some of them. Drake,
food Fighters, Little Nozacks, Chili Peppers, Queens at the Stone Age,
My Morning Jacket, Adele Billie Eilish, Casey Musgraves, Kendrick Lamar Lord.

You know it's cool that food Fighters still make the
list of cool Yeah, because they're dave girls. Gotta be
fifty for sure, Yeah for sure. I mean he's maybe
fifty four, and you're talking about a dad with kids
that are probably getting ready to go to college. Okay,
And how about Anthony keatings Hot Chili Peppers doing they
have a new record, It's listens a top five. I mean,

they're from our childhood. But the rock world, there's not
a lot there. I'm sure there's a lot of bands,
but that that format doesn't really put up superstars right now.
The occasional Anthony Keats is fifty eight, and he's so
ripped and it looks good. I don't know if he
still is he's got to be, or if it's like
Aaron Tipping thing where he always just is even if

he's not a tipping so ripped. Did you guys ever
see that video of of the Chili Peppers playing somebody's
kids elementary school? No? No, this happened like maybe four three,
three or four years ago. I think it was Chad Smith,
the drummer, his kid at the principal asked like, hey,
what the band come play or whatever the auditorium and they,

I mean it was a Chili Peppers set like the
kids school. I mean, Anthony Keatons was jumping up and
down the rock in his head and Chad Smith was
just going crazy in the drums. Fleet was doing this thing.
They did not hold back, and all these kids are
just like, Okay, see, I don't know what this is.
That would be like us as kids and Ario Speedwagon
shows up and we don't really know because we're too

young to even like that music. We know our parents
like that, and we're like, huh. I just feel like
if someone's gonna play at school like that, they would
be like all right, children, not then, and they're like,
I gotta Google that coming up, we'll talk to Diana Carter.
We're gonna hit this real quick. On the other side
of this, songs meant for other artists, which is the

music topic we'll talk about here, Songs that were made
for other artists and didn't then somebody else cut and
Kevin big hit. So we'll talk about that coming up.
If I want to talk about country hits that were
meant for other artists. Now, I saw this article on
the boot, pretty fascinating article. Some of these have heard of,

and I've even talked to some of these artists about it.
But some of these blew my mind too, because sometimes
there's an artist or a manager who says it's probably
not for you, and then they don't cut it, and
maybe it wasn't for them, Maybe it wouldn't have been
a big smash for that artist, and then someone else
gets it and it goes on to be a big success.
So it's just hard to imagine some of these songs
that are so defined by the person singing them being

as memorable within it. But but I'm sure some of
them would have been. So let's talk about the stories
behind some of these songs, and then would it have
worked with the other artists. I mean, this is almost
the same argument as an actor that turned down Yeah,
and then we saw the movie. We're like, no way.
Tom Hanks couldn't play Tom Cruise in that movie, but

he could. Here. You go up first, Johnny Cash, take
Me Home Country Roads? All right. This song was originally
intended for Johnny Cash. The song's co writers Bill dan
Off and Taffy Niver intended to sell it to Cash,
but when John Denver heard it, it was like, I
gotta have this song. They all worked together to rework

the lyrics and it eventually became then Verse signature song,
Let's try it. I mean, it sounds weird, but I'm
sure you would have made it work. This song, though,
makes with Johnny. Again, this is all speculative, so I'm
not right. There's no way. There's no right or wrong here.

So I'm gonna saying, pretty dumb, I don't think it
would have worked for Johnny Cash because I don't think
this song is a It would have worked fine, But
I'm saying I don't think we had been as big
of a hit because he had so many hits that
I think it was just falling into the context of
Johnny Cash, because there was nothing that screamed Johnny Cash
in this song except just another good song. John Denver

this song, he made it about him. So I think
it worked for John Denver because it was John representing
a lot of people singing about his life, where with
Johnny he sings a lot about that all. I just
don't think it would have been the same good point,
I wouldn't. You're just saying it probably wouldn't have been
as big as it was for John Denver for Johnny Cash.
It wouldn't I have been as impactful on Johnny as

it was for John River because Johnny had a on
a hit, But it still would have been a jam
tell you Me Home? You know, June you take this last?
So Diamond Rio had this song unbelievable. Oh, this song
was meant for George Jones. I hear it right, don't

you hear? Um? What's the car one? Who's like earn uh?
The George Jones car one? What's it called? That's not
hot Rod Lincoln. I'm drawing a blank, but I don't
know it's it kind of sounds like this, Yeah, I
don't know, you don't know what I'm talking about. I
hear no this. I can totally hear George Jones doing this.
That's an odd one. Okay, here we go. Do you

find the song like he's talking about? Yeah, I don't know.
I don't know what I'm talking about. Dirk's Bentley has
four one he was gonna get Whiskey Lullaby. Oh wow,
would be good. This is one of my favorite country
song of all time. And finally drink away, drink a beer,

which is Luke what's per sable? Then watching airplanes watching
and I Drive your truck Lebryan. Now think about this
for a second. Does dirt and love Dirk's he's a
friend a bunch of bunch of hits. Does he have

a song that's as big, like as as any of
those four that's his long lasting and saying riser what
was I thinking? Yeah, I would have I would have gone, Um,
I don't know that he does. I'm just throwing out
the big hits here, because Whiskey Lullaby is a massive
twenty five years song I Drive Your Truck one the
CMA for Song of the Year. Maybe he maybe he

is up there with watching airplanes to drink a beer.
Yeah for sure, I mean and I even he's such
a deep all his songs are deep, you know. I
was listening to one of the way here, like it's
it's just it's not your regular country song where it's like,
you know, just to tell I'm telling you a story.
It's always like I saw a tree and it reminded
me of this, like you know, it was always like
a little one level deeper, and that's kind of what,

um what what's the first song you said, Whiskey La
by Is. I mean, that's a deep, deep song. And
then the last one, I drive your Truck to Me.
I think those are the two that he would He
would have done really good with the two in the middle,
though I don't really see Dirk's doing that. I wonder
if he'd made it a duet. Whiskey which was a
big deal and Alixe Cross is freaking awesome. Brad Paisley

and Alice Cross had that one before the two recorded
it the song staff for three years. Dirk's listened to
it but decided to pass on it because he never
heard it as a duet. Via the Boot Chris Stapleton
and Jim Beavers, who've done a podcast with is a
friend of ours who yeah, has written a bunch raging
idiots stuff with us. Yeah. He also also wrote but
he wrote drink a Beer Beer, and the song was

pitched at Dirk Spentley. He turned down the track, which
was big for Luke Bryan. Derek Spenley almost took Watching
Airplanes a song was written by Jim Beavers and ultimately
went to Gary Allen. Gary Ellen is probably glad he
got it because it's a big hit for him and
Lee Bryce's I Drive Your Truck was another song that
almost went to Dirk's. He first revealed during an intimate
concert that he almost recorded it himself. So drink of

Beer when that came out, I remember Luke had a
story with that, you know, like his brother had just passed,
so I mean there was definitely a story to attach
Luke to it. So now I can't even hear drink
of Beer without even thinking about Luke and his what
he was going through at that time. I wonder if
these artists like a Lee Brice, who did I Drive
Your Truck? I wonder if it's like, okay, Derek, stop
saying you passed on it, Like stop saying that you

were offered it first, because that makes me not seem
like I was offered it for you. I wonder because
I'm sure Derek's Dark's a big star. The big songs
go to him first, and then it trickles down. Yeah,
but I think people have to realize that's just the
business of it. You know. This happens all the time
where someone even cuts it and reserves it and won't
let anyone else use it, and then they don't. You
end up using it, and then it gets lost for

a little bit and somebody says, hey, whatever happened in
that song that so's Oh, it's still there. You can
do it now, you know, Like there's so many stories
like that where I think everyone's just used to that now.
Jac Owen was pitched this song Big Green Tractor, which
is Jason a Dean song, but ended up turning it down.
The song was a big hit for al Dean and

then She's Got Away with Words. Here you go. Blake
Shelton recorded this one Jacob and liked a song but
decided to record it. Didn't didn't record it for a
good reason, he goes. He said, that's a really cool song,
well written, but if I record this song, I'm taking
it literally, and I don't want my ex to perceive
that I did that to her. It's interesting because we

all went I was talking about Miranda Araya. He didn't
write it again, very fitting at the time, and that's
does I have a lot to do with picking songs
these artists, yes, can they also tell a story how
it relates to them, so they're just not going Yeah,
heard it, thought I had a good, good catchy horse
and I recorded it right, which would be the story
for most of them. But if you do find a
good catchy course you have to make up some story.

Like the first time I heard it reminded me of
n was out on this farm and a donkey came up,
So you just have to you have to create something.
Then Frankie Ballard was pitched Hillbilly bone. What you may
know right here down be sad no matter where you're wrong.
He just came. I didn't win up my stars, but

he might be kicking himself on this one. That's a
big hit. But I wonder though, because this is Trey
Satkins like Shelter. I wonder though part of this hit
was that it was big stars doing it singing about
something a bit trivial. Funny. I think if a new
artist is doing it, people just go who is this
guy and what is he singing about? A bone or
for I think there was some credence with them singing

its Tim McGraw and T Shirt, which is a Thomas
rhtt song. Here you go now Tom Shot wrote the song. Yeah,
he said Tim McGraw had it on hold for a
long time so he couldn't put on his first record.
Once he let it go, I latched that thing down
and put it on my second record. Yeah. Now this
is one where I hear and I'm like, na, Tim

couldn't pull this one off. I don't know, man, Tim's
able to pull off some some stuff that you don't
think you can. Again, it's one of those things where,
like Tim's older, he's a legend in our eyes. He
comes out with a song called T Shirt You were
my T Shirt like brought You Home from the Bar,
Guns and Roses video, we'd be like Tim, come on,
But I think his song now, that's that which Keith
Urban does that with Pink right now, and sometimes they

do do that. But I just feel like Tim's got
some more songs that are more his age appropriate. Now
here's an interesting story carry under What Shows Jesus Take
the Will as her debut single after winning American Idol,
But according to Wide Open Country, it was originally pitched
to Sarah Evans, who didn't like that stupid song. Wow,
that's a quote. That's pretty lucky for Underwood, who used

it to kick start her career. Massive song massive. I
can hear Sarah and singing this too. Lady Annabelleum better
Dick two, which was a Band Perry song. They passed
on the upbeat but dark song which became a huge
hit for the band Perry. They could have done this
for sure. Props to these bands and artists. Man, they've
really established a sound for themselves where we can hear

a song and say, hey, I can see them doing that,
because it sounds like Lady Annabellum could totally do this song.
Jason Aldean almost did Drunk on You, which is a
Luke Bryan song. He liked a song, but he was
looking for something different the day he heard it, so
he shoved it aside. It was a win for Luke
in every possible way. Didn't Luke write that too? Luke

wrote it. I was pitching it out. Jason didn't want
it much like the Thomas situation. Said, Jason didn't lock
it down. He was like, Okay, if you're not recorded,
I'll record it massive. Maybe his first hit, uh, there
was the Flyover States. That's Jason Aldean. I'm talking. I'm
talking about Luke and Jason's first hit was not Flyover States.

I don't think we can go back to first hit,
which I'm interested, I would bet. Let me think about
this because it's basically I think, um, Big Green Tractor
was this first number one? Do you think I think
you're probably right Luke's was? Do I okay, alright, good,
that's right? That sounds right? Is another sound song that
kind of that tempo. Do you think if Luke, if
if al Deane would cut a song like this? Though

we may not, we may not have had the al
Dean because I mean that's around the time when al
Dean did get harder and it changed it sound a
little bit before he was very easy listening compared to
what he does now. Al Dean had a number ten
with Hicktown. But why was his first number one? Really?

And then Amarilla Sky was his third? What was number two?
There you go? Flowers dates hit me Mike number two yeah,
he said one in three yeah, Hicktown ye, and Amarilla
Skuy his first three. Oh why we both sucked and
I was very good and a fan club Florida, Georgia.
I'm burning it Down. When they finished co writing Burning

it Down, they knew it was gonna be a hit,
and as the now dean, they both they wrote it
and then it went to somebody else because it wasn't
in the timing of them making music for themselves. Miranda
Lambert in Downtown, which is lady Anabellum song here. Miranda
Lambert had DIBs on this song. Lambert quote very very

selflessly said, let lady A have it. Wow. Yeah, because
again this can totally sound like a Miranda song. Martina
McBride had Independence Day message hit. What artists do you
think could have pulled this off around the same time frame?
Tricia faith faith Hill, Yeah, she could have the answer.

I'm looking forward Reebing McIntyre for sure. So Martina McBride
Cotton Flag for the music video of this song, which
it was a great music video. Um. But Reba McIntyre, well, like,
I don't think I'm gonna do this, um. But she
had it was gonna cut it. You know, we have
to remember these decisions are tough for these artists, like
they probably how many times do you think they listen

to this long before they say should I do this?
Should I, shouldn't I? Or did they just go that
song sucks? There's so many songs. Yeah, I would imagine
it's much like when you listen to an album from
an artist that is new to you and you kind
of like you're just pop it through songs, and there's
probably a couple songs you passed up prettyquickly that end
up later on and you go back to us, like,
it has a great song, Why did I go over
so quickly? Yeah? I would think the majority are like that.

But there's got to be something that you know, have
been floating around, like so and so I thought about
using it, so and so thought about using it, and like, well,
there's a reason there's a lot of people listening to
this song. A Little Big Town almost cut American Kids
that Kenny Chesney cut Jesus, Sammy Jane Baby, A Little
Big Town had it on Hold Kenny Chesney, I believe
he told the story on this podcast. Shane d j McNally.

He was on a plane with Kenny and he had
a bunch of songs and this one. He played this
one and he's like, man, I want that song. He's like,
I can't. A little big town has it? They called him?
Is that Can I have that song? And they were like, yeah,
the power of Kenny? Yeah. He told us a story
about how Kenny found it. Maybe either he played a
form and there was an email situation, it was on
his computer and then that was it. If you want
to go back and hear that with Shane mcinally he

episode forty five amazing way back in so and now
he's on song Land and that's kind of done, done
his thing there. All right, there you go anything you'd
like to say, Boy, that's just great. I mean again,
great job by all these like A and R people
record labels and artists to just distinguish themselves, because you

can definitely hear the sound of an artist in a
lot of these songs. That's pretty cool to me. Do
you want to do before we go? Uh? Flashback Friday?
Music wise? Where were you ninety four? I was angry man.
I was in middle school, probably eighth grade or maybe
freshman year in high school, real into Pearl Jam, you're angry.
I was sad. Well, Pearl Jam just released Vitology not

for you, but Corduroy, and that was my That was
my mantra, like, this is not for you, man, you
just don't understand what we're trying to do. Me and
Pearl Jam, well, me with Nirvana, Stone Tuple Pilots, Alison Change,
you were the lonely side of grunge. Absolutely. I was like,
you guys just don't understand me. Yeah, well that was

me too, But I was pissed and I'm just gonna
be quiet and stay to myself. Did you have Doc
Martin's I can't afford it. I never wore h either.
But the biggest country song this day was faith Hill
Wild One with the Angels Shout and stay great and

said kid. And the biggest pop song is Mariah Carey
and there's a Hero comes along a good him. And

the big news story from this year, Tanya Harding at
this time was embroiled a controversy because why she hired
somebody to stab to to beat h Nancy Karrigan on
the leg not hired right, Well, sort, I guess nobody
really knows. That was the controversy her you know her
ex husband's name, Jeff Galuley. Okay, he orchestrated an attack

on Nancy Kerrigan her US skating arrival. Here's a clip
from the footage right after the attack. Why black Nick.
Can you imagine she's training and someone comes up and

pops her in the leg with At the time, I'm
a kid, it's just TV make believe. But now as
an adult to think about she's your competition. She's not
your only competition. You've got people from all over the
world competing. She was the main competition, the American competition.
And so she says you nothing about it. But someone
goes in clubs are it's like a bookie who can

get his money mobster style for sure, pops are in
the leg? How awful? This crazy? Like if you watched
any of that, you watched the movie that came out
with Mark with Margot rob Yea, Tanya great. It was good.
Both women that competed in the February Winter Olympics where

Karagan won the silver medal in Tanya Harding finished eighth.
That is straight mobster, huh man, that's like ugly gangster. Yeah,
you're trying to take your competitor out. Literally, Yeah, that's
that isn't good. Okay, there you go. Coming up my
chit chat with Dina Carter, who I just think such
a wonderful person. And it's twenty five years since Strawberry

Wine and that's coming up in a second. Hey, Dina,
how are you? Goody? Good morning? Hey? Are you l
A or Nashville or California? Like? What? What's the timing
of this call? Is extremely early for you? No, I'm
actually I live near Grayton. Now, I don't know Flora

your east coast. Yeah, I'm actually at Central, so I'm
the same time as you. But we lived down near
thirty A now where everybody Nashville sal look at that.
You know, I have never been down there. A lot
of my friends that are in the music industry kind
of go there for their vacation because it's like the
closest beach to us. And you decided to live down there.

Is that just the greatest place? Oh my gosh. Well,
we've come here obviously for decades, because like you said,
where you've some either go to Pama City or come down.
I remember when Grayton with houses are now like ten
million dollars. You know, you could get a lot for
twenty grand or something when we were broken waiting tables
and going twenty thousand dollars. You know, you're talking about

waiting tables. Did did you ever bartend before you became
a country music star? I did. What was that like
for you? Well, honestly, I loved it because I was
studying to be a rehab therapist, rehabilitation therapists for stroke
and head injury patients. That's what I got my degree
in at you t And when I would bartend, you know,
you have your regulars that would come in, and a

lot of the times in the afternoon, you'd have a
lot of older people that would come in, usually gentlemen,
that would come in and just pour their heart out
to you, like what's going on in their life. Then
bartending to me was um, it was always more about
the relationships. And you knew what everybody's favorite beverage was.

You know, they'd walk in and you could start making
it for him. It just made them feel cared for
and heard. And I know it sounds kind of silly,
but it was a coveted job for me because I
really loved the people. It wasn't about the Booze. I
mean we had a great time, obviously, but it was
really about getting miss in that time with people and

just hear their most intimate feelings about life and what
they're going through, and um taking care of them. I
loved it. Were you performing at all while you were
attending bar? I wasn't. I was just in like a sorority.
We would do, you know, me theater things and just
whatever we get on campus. And I've seen here and there,

but nothing really pursued at the time, just kind of
meddling around in it and getting my toes in the waters. Um.
But when I was touring, my first big tour was
Alan Jackson and you know, Strawberry Wine written and everything.
I went back to Potties, which was one of the
little places I barked into in Knoxville, and I barked

in it. After the gig, we played them the arena
and I went back to Totties and got behind the bar,
and I was like working like normal. It was awesome.
So You're going to school your tending bar with the
goal to become like a rehab specialist. Was it was? It?
Never in your mind at that point that country stardom

awaited you, I honestly felt like I didn't know it
would be in country music for sure, but I knew
in my heart that I had some kind of calling
and entertainment, and honestly, I thought it was gonna be
like television or acting or something because I had done
a lot of that in high school and in my

college years that we did, like I said, the musicals really,
but there were some plays that I did that um
just kind of set the tone. And then when I
graduated from college, there was a show that never got
picked up, but it was like a Thurday Night Live
type thing. It was a local Nashville variety show, comedy
show like SNL and it was called Checkmate and please

don't go find it because it's pretty ad. But I
got cast in that show. So to answer a question,
I just felt like it was more gonna be like
on television more so than in country music. And I
just wrote songs really about the relationships I was going
through at the time and what I was experiencing in

this little journey of trying to figure out which path
to take and who I was, and that's when the
music started taking over. So when was it then for
you that you dedicated, because again, it is quite the
dedicated thing to do to go, I'm going to be
a singer songwriter, I'm going to tour. I'm like, this
is going to be my life and I'm gonna be broke.
Like when was that for you? Probably I had that

feeling in college that was a good precursor to this
struggling artist thing because I paid my way through school,
so you know, I had to work really hard to
pay off my foliage. I've worked at painting salons and
TCB wide, worked pip service for lawyers, and all the
parts store on Second Avenue and like anywhere I could
get a job. So the struggle for me was real,

like just in the real life world of trying to
be responsible and not put a financial burden on my
family and working hard to make sure I was, you know,
stepping up into my part. And that transferred over into
the struggle of like not getting discouraged when people would
I'd wait outline. I did the Bluebird thing where you

waited in the snow, you know, for an hour and
a half to get in to have an audition to
be at the Bluebird, and um, I don't know, it's
just kind of how God's always mapped it out for
me that, you know, one foot in front of the other.
Each step that I've taken has kind of prepared me
for the next step. So I've just been trusting of that.
And when you quit taking the steps is the problem,

you know. So we're gonna talk about in a second.
I'm gonna get to it here about anniversary of Strawberry Wine,
but I want to talk a little bit about leading
up to that. So you're, you know, doing what most
new artists do, and you're playing a song right around
your meeting people. Was there anyone, i'll call it in
your class that was coming up the same time you were,

and you guys hadn't hit it yet, but you look
back and go, yeah, I knew so and so when
they were just a songwriter before they had a hit
or two. Oh yes, for sure. Kenny Chaisney, I met
him at Tom Collins Music on six when we were
It's where the like the big White Word Music building

is now. But there was an old Annabellum house there
on that corner, and it had a very small parking
lot in the back, and so we would all just
spark in there and put your seas in a basket,
so that if you had to move a car or whatever,
it's a big deal. And and he was blossed me
in and I was like, who's driving that. I can't
remember what part it was, but I had a white

Honda and I'm like, I need somebody to move. So
he said, oh, it's me. Sorry, I'm Kenny blah blah,
And he moved his car and I moved out. And
we were just baby songwriters. This was probably nineties one
or two somewhere in there. Um. So he was one
and Mila Mason, she came out in the nineties. She

was that. We were in a little band together before
we each like the band dismembered and with our own ways.
So I knew Mala trying to think too else. Um.
You know Jay Joyce, who's the producer extraordinary now. He
and I worked together, um and did a whole bunch

of songs, and he played with me. We had this
band that we go play eight the clubs and uh
twelfth and Porter and all these cool places. And he
and I were writing and producing these alternative songs. You know,
it's trying to be like Atlantis Morris set with sort
of a Southern Twist tour. And of so, I've known

Jake for eons and eons um and just Doug Lancia
was with us in that deal. Kelly Looney played with
this son. It was just a great little community. Hello Grimey,
I've known Mike Grimey. He was in that group, all
of us running around together, you know. So it wasn't
just the artist, it was the community that I came

up in that now everybody's having a lot of success
and it's so awesome to see. It's wonderful. What stage
while you were kind of cutting your teeth, did you
hear strawberry wine? It was I had done a full
record with Jimmy Bowen full did I saved my legs
for this album and we had um. I mean, it

was a full deal. It was more orchestrated. It was
very lush, and he brought in David Campbell to do
all the strings for the album and his dad. It's
such a cool little recollection of all this. Thank you
for taking the time. But Bowen as me, he said
how many strings? He was on the phone with David

Campbell and he said, how many strings do you want
on this record? And he's looking at me, and I said, um,
like all of them. And so they brought the whole
National Symphony in and they laugh had to be laugh
about that, and we sat an Emerald sound and and
did this. Did I shamulate for this record? And I
asked if I could go overseas and tour first, because

I didn't I knew being from Nashville it could be brutal.
And I just wanted to have like a total queen
slate and get all the chinks out and and work
my live show and all that. So they said yes,
and I flew over to London, mastered the record and
did a full tour with UM Jimmy Nail, who's an actor, UM,

with a British band. I've had my guitar and that
was it. A flew in and had a British tour
manager and you know, hold all Brits in my band.
It was awesome flew back, but would have been fired
and uh we were in limbo for a little while
label so we we're gonna Scott Hendrix took over. We
re recorded half of that record that I co produced

with Bowen and UM. We brought in Chris Farren to
help finish some new songs, and that's when I brought
in Strawberry Wine and we danced anyway while they came
at the very very end of a recute. So we
kept the first path of Chase that I did with
Bowen and we just remixed it. Steve marc Antonio was

an engineer. We came in and added a few things,
but we kept the strings and stuff that would count
me in. UM. How I could go through the list,
but it was once it was I've loved enough to
count me in Chase. UM. That's how you know it's love.
And there was one other one I can't remember right now,

but I love it worth making. That was an original.
We brought in Barren and s is the last half
and I co produced all of that, and that's when
girls didn't get credit. Um. But I worked hard on
it and he we all did. It was a team
effort to get that record out and after about five

years it finally saw the light of day as we
know it now. The whole process was five years long, roughly.
I think I was find originally in ninety three, two
or three, so I was a development artist for two
or three years, and then it was record go tour, comeback,
re records, and release. So yeah, it was a long

long road. I was like, the first single was strawberry Wine. Yes,
the first thingle was related to me I've loved enough
to Know and we had done the whole video and
everything for it, and I gotta I was doing Strawberry
Wine on my guitar and all the radio or and

we were doing you know, promo, and the phones were
like nu back then. Everybody was calling in like what
is that song? We want to hear that again? And um,
I guess the regional started calling the label and saying
that the you know, fans were responding to Strawberry Wine
more than I've loved enough to Know. So they changed

this single and time for a new release, did a
new video and everything like because the people were screaming
for Strawberry Wine and they listened and they did it.
Scott Hinder, it did a great job of turning all
that around. When was it for you that you realize
this was going to be not just a hit because
that's a that's a building process, but just a massive

song that pretty much everybody knew. Was there a moment
where you're like, oh, this thing is a lot bigger
than I had than I had expected it. Well, the
thing about that it was, yes, I would say the
arenas that was when it was really hitting home. And
Alan Jack was such a sweetheart to take us out.
For two years we were out with him pretty much

and that made a big impact on the exposure. UM
the video was big deal with CMT and everything, and
UM doing a lot of television my management at the time.
I was one of the first artists to do Letterman
numerous times in Leno and all the morning shows and
all these things, because there weren't a lot of country
artists period, but much less a new artist that was

given those opportunities. So it was sort of the as
a lined up across the board and just the most
awareness it was when the lighters started going up to
these arenas. That's when I was like, what and and
they weren't just singing strawberry wine. They were singing the
record like because you know, we say strawberry wine at
the end, and they would when we'd come out. They

were singing the whole thing, like every song that wasn't
a single yet, and that was just like, what in
the world has happening? But I still do this day.
Never dreamed, and I'll be honest that it would have
the longevity that it's had, and just you know, it's
in recurrent radio and it's like become this country. It's

place to free the Stairway to Heaven or free birders.
So it's like just anthem for country music that I
still am blown away that I got to participate in
and be a part of because I know that that
is a very hard thing to do, and you know,
it took us a village to make it happen. And

just such talent. The writer's traces, the Burgan, Gary Harrison
were so talented, and they told my story, they told
the world story, and I was just honored to be
able to put my spin on it and put my
heart behind it because I lived it too. It's got
to be pretty cool that even today's young superstars are

still singing it. For example, Samhank came in a few
weeks ago and I was like, hey, you can cover
whatever you want and he's saying strawberry wine. Like that's
got to be pretty cool to see it continuing to
inspire folks. It is amazing and now it do not
take it for granted. I'm so thankful for that and
all the YouTube videos, you know, all the sweet people
and talented people that are out there putting it on

their platforms and things too. And you know, Kid Rock
is like it was his favorite makeout song or whatever,
and Vanilla Ice and like all of these people that
I've met in my life that crossed the genres that
know the song, and you know, it's just been such
a gift. I'm so grateful. You mentioned Kenny Chesney earlier

about someone you knew when you guys are both starting out,
but really one of my favorite country songs in the past,
you know, fifteen years as you and Tequila from Kenny
and Grace Potter, which you wrote that song. So when
you wrote when you wrote that, were you writing it
for Kenny or for another artist or for yourself? Well,
I wrote that was try Son and I showed up

at her house one day and she had been out.
She said that she's been out at the wake for
Parlin Howard's because he had passed away, and they had
been drinking and of had pequila and she was moving
a little slow. And I'm like there to write for
my record, which was my first records for Arista, so

it would have been two records after Strawberry Wine albums.
And we were writing it in two thousand two for
me for I'm Just a Girl for that album, and
so my version is on iTunes on that album. Um,
but I got to go out on the road with
Kenny and Keith and sing you and Tequila every night,
so they would come out and watch that one song

and then go get ready for their shows. And you know,
a lot of the inspiration with me living in California
at the time, the lyrics, and it's got like this
Tracy Chapman kind of drone e guitar part in the beginning,
and it's just really about not being able to shake

someone and you're in this beautiful environment, it's still really
you're still affected by the person, just like truthfully, toe
Seela stayed in my blood like for three days. It's
like a drug. So I try to avoid it if
I can, but um, and we just put a lot
of truth in that, and we're doing it for my record,

not thinking a whole lot of it, and my record
didn't do a whole lot, and but Kenny took it
and made it dis great, amazing hit, and he told
me that it was. You know, he was going through
a breakup at the time, and it just he would
play that song over and over driving up down the
Hall and in Malibu and it meant a lot to me.

Matresa had done a male version of it for demo
and he had heard it and he's like, man, this
just makes sense. So he recorded it. Did you think
why you call me the other voice? You know you
got Grace part them, Why wouldn't you call you all?
I did tell him it needs to be a duet,
and I was kind of waiting for the invite. I

understand because Grace is amazing and look they you know,
they have to pull it together with other genres and
branch out, and you know, she was happening, and um,
it worked out. I'm not upset about that. I think
that to do at part I did suggest, but it's

okay because it worked out. I'm just happy again to
be a part of and im the traction. I got
to go back to the Grammys, the team as APN
S A m AS, like all of these honors. A
decade after the first record, it was ten years almost,
it was like eight or nine years, and it was

we got an N s a I Award for that
for songs that you know they was they had written
the community like that was to me like an oscar
coming from the Nashville community. It meant so much to me. So, yeah,
that's pretty cool. The you know you're talking about awards.
Do you remember you win the CMA for Single of
the Year and you know they call your name, you're

the winner, you go up on stage. Do you remember
that or did you kind of blur out at all? No?
I remember it vividly the first time I really screwed
up on the acceptance speech. Those are the things where
you get blurry and you forget who to sank it. Like,
if you could have to do over, that's what I would.
I have wished that so many times, that I could

go back and be more thankful verbally and eloquent and
all that. I was just trying. I was nervous and
trying to crack jokes and so embarrassing. But I was
on the side of this day talking to Tricia Yearwood.
I think because I had just performed and I was
on the side. We got to perform a couple of

times on that show, and I've been talking to Ricky
Skaggs about us going to the elementary school. He's a
little bit older than me, and he had Mr Marian
in fifth grade and I hadn't that Kenneth, and I
always wanted Mr. Mary. We're having like this whole conversation
about these teachers in our school, and they were nudging him,

like it's time to go announced this award. So he said,
oh gosh, i'll be We'll finish this when I get back.
So he went out there and opened the envelope and
that's when he said the Pride of Goodletsville because we've
been talking about it. And I ran out and was
doing my gooseball little cheerleading jumps. I was just like

so excited, just I couldn't believe it. And that jump
on him was our bond because we've been talking about
it backstage, so that's what people didn't see. Well, it's
so good to talk to you, just such sustained succes us,
not only as an artist but a songwriter. And listen,
you're moving all over the continental United States. Can't even

keep track of you, but it is. It's really good
to talk to you as always. Thank you. I'm so
excited and look, this is our twenty five year, we're
gonna do some cool things for We have some minds
and a fire for the first album for this year
to just be thankful to the fans and do something fun.

So we're gonna try to make that happen in the
midst you know, we talked about it before the world
went crazy, so we'll see how we can pull it
all together. But um, I'm very thankful the capital slash
universal slash whatever for still loving on me and supporting
me in that way and and the fans too, and

so look for it this year. And I'm just I'm
happy for you for your engagement. I've seen your online.
I'm so proud of you and happy for you. Well,
thank you very much. If you go listen, I hope
you go. And once we were able to play shows
again and people can get on the road like I
don't know, because a lot of the artists that have
had great records, like sometimes I'll just go out and
play the whole record. I mean, you have three number

ones on did I shave my legs for this? I mean,
and probably five of them I could sing every word
back to right this second. So are you guys considering
that like just playing the record a few times as
a okay, twenty five years, here's the celebration. Yes, and
you know I did that one time on the road.
We've been off the road for a little bit. I
went back out and we just did the record from

some One to the like in order, in sequential order,
and the people went bananas because that's how they remember it.
And for me, it's like nobody cares about other records anyway.
I've had like nine records out. You get to play
your other songs that you've written, though, because that's also

cool to go, Hey, I wrote this. Uh anyway, I
think you're fantastic. I love you as an artist and
a songwriter ran a person. So whenever you're ready, you guys,
get a plan to what you want to do, and
you want to publicize it, just let me know. I'm
happy to help you out. Thank you, Bobby. I appreciate it.
And listen, I want to thank you for always being
so kind, so welcoming, so gracious. You always hugged me.

You want to see you at events and things. You
go out of your way to come and be kind,
and it's your your whole audience. I know that they
know how awesome you are, but they need to know
that that's you know, awesome Mike as well, because you're
a stand up guy. And I'm I'm just so happy
for your success because you deserve it and you've meant
a lot to me. Not thank you. I feel awkward,

but that's very kind of you. I don't do well
with compliments, but I'm so I'm gonna end it there, Dina.
Great to talk to you. I can't wait to see
your face again and I'll see you soon. Okay, thank you? Alright,
all right, you guys, by the way, go to her merch,
Go get merch. All you have to do is go
to dina dot com slash store d E A n
a dot com slash store, and go get merch. Help

help help an artist out by some of that merch, right, Dina,
get it out of her garage. That's right, all right?
Bye Dina. By fake
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