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February 1, 2024 8 mins

Shenae Grimes-Beech joins Caroline on this week’s “Call Caroline” bonus episode! They answer listener voicemails, talk about if Shenae would ever do another 90210 show and chat about Oscar snubs.

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Speaker 1 (00:01):
At it at carl line. She's a queen and talking solemn.
She's getting not afraid.

Speaker 2 (00:18):
To fas episode, so just let it flow. No one
can do we quiet car Lone is sounding Caroline. Okay,
I'm so excited to be back with a bonus episode
Call Caroline. I have Shinae Grimes Beach. She was on
nine or two, another revamp. She had the most incredible story.

If y'all tuned in Monday, if you haven't heard it yet,
come back and hear it. Like Hollywood at its height,
you were in the midst of it. You're a mom,
you are a content creator. You have lived a million
lives doing all the things that so many of us
dream of, and just to hear the breakdown of your
life was so incredible in Monday's episode. Thank you so much,
Thank you, and thank you for joining us for a
bonus episode of Call Caroline and where fans call in

and ask your burning questions. So let's see what we got.

Speaker 1 (01:05):

Speaker 3 (01:06):
I'm a big fan. I used to watch nine O
two one oh all the time and you were honestly
my favorite character. So this is cool. But I was
wondering if they ever decided to do a reboot of
nine O two one oh with your cast? Would you
do it? Thank you?

Speaker 1 (01:23):
Oh my goodness. You know, I think it would depend
on the commitment level, like how much time? Because I
was actually having this conversation with Jana Kramer the other day.
I'm in a season right now where if an audition
or a job comes in, I immediately go how long
does it film? Where does it film? You know, I'm like,

the logistically, is this going to work for my family?
Because I we go everywhere together. If I go and
film a homewreck movie, the kids, the dog, my husband,
they all come with me. Yeah. We don't do time
apart like that. So if it was a short term
thing where it was like a movie, you know, or
or a three part thing, a three episode, you know,

little mini thing, that one hundred percent I would do it.
If it was, you know, shooting for nine ten months
of the year again like we did on the old one,
I would probably just pop in for a little cameo
or whatever. But I would love love to act with
those people again because we just know each other so well,

We know those characters so well. We had such an
amazing dynamic even when we were bickering and fighting behind
the scenes. You know, Annalyine and I had such a
terrible relationship for years behind the scenes, but she was
always my favorite scene partner because our chemistry was so good.

Speaker 2 (02:46):
You know, It's not out of.

Speaker 3 (02:48):
Like not liking each.

Speaker 2 (02:48):
Other in real life.

Speaker 1 (02:49):
We just literally would like they call action and we're
like best friends and crying on each other's shoulders and
laughing and dad, and then they call cut and we're
like by and like walk away.

Speaker 3 (02:59):
You know.

Speaker 1 (03:00):
But I had so much fun acting with all those people,
like Tristan Wilde's you know, was who played my brother
on the show, who played Dixon. I love that kid
so much. We had such a brotherly sisterly relationship. It
would just be like such a hit of joy and
serotonin to be able to act with those people again.

But I doubt that day will ever come. I feel
like they've read Made nine, two and zero enough times now.
I feel like that that door is closed for good.
But I would totally be down if it was short term.

Speaker 2 (03:32):
Isn't it crazy though, because we did talk about in
the episode earlier, how you know all you'd ever wanted
was to like have this success in this career and
then it happened and then but like, isn't it funny though,
how success success changes? Because I just heard you speak
a very strong boundary that it's like, you're not willing
to give up your family life for a success of

a TV show. Yeah, Like you're not willing to do that? No,
And like how crazy that that is?

Speaker 1 (03:57):
Like your meter? Yeah, yeah, I have very strong boundaries
even with the content itself, Like nine O two and zero,
I think was kind of at the tail end of
things being a little more PG and family friendly on television.
I think a lot of networks have you know, since Girls, Really,
I think that kind of broke a boundary for everybody,

and everybody ran with it, and so now TV is
like far racier than it ever was when I was
on TV. And even that, like, that's a personal boundary
that I have that I actually thought when Pem Badgeley
came out. Do you remember that he was on what's
the show you?

Speaker 3 (04:38):

Speaker 1 (04:38):
You right? His new show yea and after his Stalker
or something, Yes, And after a year or two of
the show, he drew a line in the sand and said,
I'm not going to do sex scenes anymore out of
respect for my wife, and people praised him, they commended him.
Everybody thought it was amazing, and I was like, it
is high five pen Badgeley. But also women have been

doing that, trying to draw the line in the sand
for a long time, and it comes on our breakdowns.
Don't even audition if you're not comfortable with bullet points
really like getting sex scenes getting naked. They'll go as
specific as like not full frontal nudity, but side boob

like this that like how much of yourself are you
willing to expose basically, and if you're not, then don't
audition because we want somebody who is.

Speaker 2 (05:31):
So so it comes down to you, like you could
be the absolute best person for that role and knock
it out of the park, but if you won't get naked,
don't even try. Yes, so you have to be willing
to get naked as an actressyse days, not.

Speaker 1 (05:42):
For everything, but for some jobs, which is unfortunate because
those are jobs that a lot of us would love
to have the opportunity to do, you know, barring those things.
But it's a big topic and it's not one that
has ever ever been talked about from what I've seen anyway,
in the media until a man did it. It was

like natural, Just like Ryan Gosling, God bless him getting
nominated for an Oscar, but Greta Gerwig and Marco Rabbie
getting you know, overlooked. I just think it's it's pretty laughable.
But yeah, there are definitely boundaries that I have that
hold me back from being available.

Speaker 2 (06:21):
To Marco not get nominated for actress for an Oscar.

Speaker 1 (06:25):
No, and Greta Gerwig didn't get director but Ken Ken is.

Speaker 3 (06:31):
And he wont you.

Speaker 2 (06:34):
I stay out of the media, I really do. I
stay out of everything. Smart gives massive anxiety unless I'm
like researching someone. I don't want to know what's happening
out there is too much. But he went but I
did hear he won Best Song the kin song woe
really song Okay, like the Barbie song by uh, what's
her name? Yeah, but oh my god.

Speaker 1 (06:54):
He spoke out about it thankfully and was like, this
is crazy.

Speaker 2 (06:58):
Yeah, I know, it's so crazy. Actually, I've never really
thought about that before that you have to be willing
to get naked and get have sex scenes, and like.

Speaker 1 (07:09):
You just kind of have to nowadays, I mean, because
it has changed television's change like you can't say no, no,
and you could like that to know, like those things
didn't happen, like you ellude, you know you like kiss
and then you wake up and there's a sheet over you.
You know what I mean. It's like, Okay, we get
the picture, Like we don't actually need to see the picture,
like we get it.

Speaker 2 (07:27):
People need to see the picture now it's gotten so sensitized.

Speaker 1 (07:30):
Yeah, it's very different, very different. So yeah, personal boundaries
for sure of Like is this going to be conducive
to keeping the health and happiness of my family or not?

Speaker 3 (07:41):
Good for you?

Speaker 2 (07:41):
Yeah, good for you? Yeah, shnay. Thank you so much
for doing this episode of Call Caroline with me, And
if you guys have burning questions, make sure you call
in and leave them because we will be answering them.
You're amazing, You're so excited for this chapter of your life.
It's going to be the best one yet.

Speaker 1 (07:56):
Thanks, Thank you. I appreciate it.

Speaker 2 (07:58):
Thank you for joining me.

Speaker 3 (07:59):
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