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February 12, 2024 72 mins

In this episode, Caroline sits down with the newly appointed President of the Nashville Podcast Network, Morgan Massengill. Morgan shares about her ten-year journey from unpaid Bobby Bones Show intern to becoming Bobby Bones’ manager and President/Executive Producer of his podcast network. She discusses the hurdles she’s overcome including heartbreaks and childhood trauma and how it has shaped her faith. Caroline and Morgan also weigh in on what makes a good celebrity, how to create a brand and more.  

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Episode Transcript

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Speaker 1 (00:03):
Like that. I'm scared.

Speaker 2 (00:05):
Okay, carl Line.

Speaker 1 (00:17):
She's a queena talking, so she's getting not afraid to
face this episode. So just let her flow.

Speaker 2 (00:26):
No one can do we quiet, Calne, it is sounding, Caroline.

Speaker 1 (00:34):
Everyone. Morgan Matsen Gill is in the house.

Speaker 3 (00:37):
Oh my gosh, Hello, how are you?

Speaker 1 (00:40):
How are you? I don't know how to act? What
do I do with my hands?

Speaker 3 (00:45):
I do I look? Okay? Do I sound? Okay? Abby?
What's going on?

Speaker 1 (00:48):
Okay? We do know she has a side though, because
this is her side. There was a special request.

Speaker 3 (00:53):
I made a presidential request today to sit in your chair.

Speaker 1 (00:56):
Because this is my dimple side. And as a president,
when the president says something, you have to listen, which
brings me to my first case in point. Let me
give you quick introduction on Morgan mats and Gill. Okay,
first off, you may you may know her from producing
the Bobby Bone Show. Uh huh. You may know her
from being Bobby Bone's right hand goal his manager. You

may also know her from Instagram as Dylan and Dylan As.
You may know her from Instagram as Cooper and Dawson's
and so you may know her from Instagram from twin life,
because she's got a twin and they're hilarious. But most importantly,

her newest roll. Everyone, ladies and gentlemen, drum roll, please.

Speaker 3 (01:43):
Drum rolling for myself.

Speaker 1 (01:46):
Morgan is the Queen the president. Please stand, Morgan is
a queen. I'm being knighted right now. Ok this, yes Morgan,
everyone please take your see Morgan the Queen, the President
or the firy godmother has entered the building.

Speaker 3 (02:08):
You know, someone gets it, Caroline. I just I've been
waiting for this moment my whole life. This is your daughters, it.

Speaker 1 (02:14):
Is, Yes, it is. How does it feel to be
the president of the Nashville Podcast Network otherwise known as
the Queen?

Speaker 3 (02:22):
Pretty damn good? You know, up until this point it
felt okay. But now that I have a sparkly star
in my hand and a crown on my head, it
feels right.

Speaker 1 (02:32):
You know. I feel like this moment had to happen.
How of a sudden, I see your confidences here. It's
like you settled into queen mode as so does this happened?

Speaker 3 (02:38):
I am a leo, so I feel like saying it
is very fitting for me and I need to wear this.

Speaker 1 (02:42):
The entire Yes. Oh, God, I think you shall. How's
my hair? Abby? Wow? Wow?

Speaker 3 (02:50):
I'm being.

Speaker 1 (02:53):
Yeah, I just think it's great. I mean, this is
this cape is a little bit warm, it's furry, it's
a strong kid and hot pink.

Speaker 3 (03:01):
Oh, I'd say, like a pass stell pink. Uh huh.

Speaker 1 (03:04):
How's it okay?

Speaker 3 (03:06):
All right, Well let's fifty bossy baby, let's get into it.

Speaker 1 (03:12):
I have been waiting for this day for so long.
I didn't even know I was waiting for this day, because,
first off, being on Bobby Bones podcast network has been
a dream come true. Obviously, it's so great. It's such
an incredible network. Bobby is so encouraging and helpful, and
so is Mike Deep. But it's like I didn't even
know what I was missing until you showed up, having

a president of the network come in and be you,
and like you sweep in here with your magic wand
and then you created this set and then you got
with me and like within a day we went through
my whole podcast brand and like we had reworked the
whole thing, and it's like you just have this ability
to see what needs to be done. Well, that initial.

Speaker 3 (03:55):
Meeting with you was it went really long. Do you
remember it up about it, and I was too going
in because I feel like you have a really good podcast, Carol.

Speaker 1 (04:05):
You I've really been working on it for a long
time or eight years, but I need a president and
to guide me.

Speaker 3 (04:11):
The thing about podcasting is you do it every week
until you die.

Speaker 1 (04:18):
No, I'm just kidding you. Kind of yeah, and you
kind of like, don't you lose gauge of what you're
even talking about? Because you're just in your own.

Speaker 3 (04:24):
Brand, you can easily get into the rut of I've
been doing this, so I'm churning and burning. I'm putting
out episodes. But what are we doing anymore?

Speaker 1 (04:31):
You know?

Speaker 3 (04:31):
Who am I?

Speaker 1 (04:32):
Who are you? What are we talking about?

Speaker 3 (04:33):
I popped in and I was like, what should we
be doing? Let's talk about it? And we're housekeeping here, Yeah,
little housekeeping because all the all of the pieces are there.
Of the puzzle, I think it was just us trying
to figure out how do we move a few of
these around in a way that's new and fresh, but
not changing what you do.

Speaker 1 (04:50):
So well exactly. And that's why I'm like, I had
no idea you are this magical creature because you popped
in and within one session, it's like, oh okay, I
already feel so much more cleaned up, Like I feel
like my brain like just trim the fat so much.

Speaker 3 (05:06):
Yeah, this is And even the guests we've been getting
these last few episodes, ray Lynn, oh my god, oh my.
If you haven't heard the ray Lynn episode, Oh my, Raylan,
do you need a podcast as sister?

Speaker 1 (05:16):
You know what, Raylann, you should join this network. She should.

Speaker 3 (05:20):
Actually, she is so hilarious and she's.

Speaker 1 (05:22):
A walking podcast.

Speaker 3 (05:23):
Y'all had me cracking up. If you haven't heard that episode,
so good. Yeah, it's been fun so far. This is.
I'll let you interview me.

Speaker 1 (05:31):
Sorry, go ahead, Okay, So I want to do a
few little rapid fire questions because when I started thinking about,
like what do I need to know about Morgan, because
there's so much that I know about you, and I
think you're so savvy, like you're so smart, and you're
so like confident.

Speaker 3 (05:45):
You're gassing me up.

Speaker 1 (05:47):
Okay, I'm gonna gash you up and then I'm gonna
just gash you right back down.

Speaker 3 (05:49):
Okay, Okay, well we don't have to do that far.

Speaker 1 (05:54):
There's nothing to gash you down way. I mean I
was just gonna maybe talk about like poop and.

Speaker 3 (05:57):
Stuff, but we can get there because there are some
poop problems.

Speaker 1 (06:01):
Who doesn't have food problems?

Speaker 3 (06:03):
Though apparently some people don't, but I'm not one of them.

Speaker 1 (06:06):
I mean, everyone struggles with the poop. Well, let's say
that you were gonna gass me out. Listen, guys, we're
gonna give you a teaser. We're gonna talk about poop,
so hang on until the end. Okay, Okay, So I'm
gonna do a little rapid fire because I was There's
so much I already have learned about you, and I'm
already obsessed with but like, let's go deeper. Okay, let's
do it. Okay, So let's start off with favorites.

Speaker 3 (06:28):
Okay, favorites.

Speaker 1 (06:30):

Speaker 3 (06:30):

Speaker 1 (06:32):
M Chicken enchiladas.

Speaker 3 (06:36):
Hmmm, chicken enchiladas very specific, but my mom used to
make really good chicken enchiladas growing up, and I've recently
kind of figured out, I think what her recipe was,
and I've been eating tons of chicken enchilatas lately. So
that's my answer.

Speaker 1 (06:54):
Next, chicken inchillatas. What's your favorite vacation.

Speaker 3 (06:58):
That I've had in my life? So I'm a twin,
like you mentioned, and this is rapid fire, and I
was about to go into a whole tangent.

Speaker 1 (07:08):
Can it can be rapid tangent?

Speaker 3 (07:11):
My sister back in I want to say, twenty eighteen,
got pregnant with her first child and ended up having
a miss miscarriage at twelve weeks and it was awful.
And I was going through some hard things at that
time too, not anything that was even close to what
she was going through. But we needed a sister trip.

So we after she had gone through her DNC and
everything and had healed up some, we took a trip
to Portland, Maine together and that was just such a
life giving trip for the both of us because I
was processing heartbreak at the time and she was processing
heartbreak and a heartbreak and a loss. And man, that

was the first time me and her together kind of
we laughed and we enjoyed life together in the midst
of like heartaches.

Speaker 1 (08:06):
So that's a beautiful moment.

Speaker 3 (08:07):
Yeah, it was really good. And she actually we had
a moment on that trip because she was testing her
ovulation because she wanted to try again, and she ovulated
while we were on that trip, and that was her
first time ovulating since the loss, and I remember, even
though the trip was so good, her crying in the
hotel room where and I'm like, Megan, let's just get

out and about like God is going to allow you
to ovulate again when it's time to have the baby
you're meant to have. And a few months later she
got pregnant with my nephew Cooper.

Speaker 1 (08:39):
So was she crying at ovulating because she was missing
the window to try? Yes, she and it felt so
scary and it felt like it might not Like just
felt she she had been waiting for that ovulation strip
to show up that she was ovulating for a while,
and so the fact that it happened when she's thousands
of miles from her husband and knowing that they wanted

to try again, it just brought up a lot of
really raw emotion for her. And she was still processing
losing a child.

Speaker 3 (09:08):
And so that was a moment we had on that
trip and I just got real with her and was like, Megan,
I can't understand what you're going through right now at all,
but I know that you're gonna have a child here
on earth, like and God intends that for you. I
feel that so deeply in my soul. And a few
months later she got pregnant with my nephew, Cooper, and
we talked about that to this day of you know,

there was a reason that she wasn't home that first time,
you know, and anyway, it's hard to have This wasn't
meant to be rapid fire, by the way, and I
just I don't know how.

Speaker 1 (09:41):
To rapid fire. It's okay, rapid tangent. It's hard to
believe that, like there's a plan in place when you're
in the middle of like just devastation, right, it's hard
to believe that you have to go through that because
there's something that's waiting for you that's like gonna be good,
and you're like, okay, but this is like awful.

Speaker 3 (10:00):
And she was in the thick of it. We were
in the thick of it, and we at the time
were struggling with questions of why things happen the way
they do. And it ended up being such a beautiful
journey to her getting pregnant and having my nephew Cooper.
And now she has another little boy named Dawson that
I named him, by the way, I did.

Speaker 1 (10:20):
So do you feel like you're kind of like a mom.

Speaker 3 (10:23):
I wouldn't say that, but I'm definitely very uh in
the picture on Like I they live in Texas and
I fly out there probably no less.

Speaker 1 (10:33):
Than six times at the end of this month.

Speaker 3 (10:35):
Yeah, that's well, I'm hoping too. They don't know that,
so we'll got this.

Speaker 1 (10:42):
It's a surprise.

Speaker 3 (10:44):
But yeah, I go out there all the time because
they're just the best part of my life and I
love them so much. I feel like so silly talking
so seriously with this crown on? Would it offend? No,
you can take it off you If I just take that,
I will sit it and I will you.

Speaker 1 (10:56):
Can, you can. You can do whatever makes pressure this
with my Okay, as long as did you treasure the moment.
I just wanted you to feel that moment all the way.

Speaker 3 (11:05):
I'm gonna start crying in a little in your daughter's
cave at some point. How do we look, Abby looking good?
You can't see right now, producer Abby is behind the camera.

Speaker 1 (11:17):
Looking like a queen.

Speaker 3 (11:22):
For the Okay, more rapid fire.

Speaker 1 (11:25):
Okay, here we go, so kind of to p I mean,
I still have questions I want to get to but
this is just lead. This is leading me into conversations
I want to have with you, okay, which is twin life,
because that could either be like so awesome or so
competitive or you know, like you but after it, Actually,
I feel like most twins are just so happy they're
a twin like every time. And also, are y'all from

Britain because or Italy? Because you say aunt hunt you
from Milan?

Speaker 3 (11:51):
You actually grew up in Milan, Tennessee otherwise known as Milan.
And I don't know why in my adult life I
say aunt because because I see you call my aunt's
ain't Dana. You went from a ain't to aunt. I
don't know, a big jump. It is a big job.
I think it's because when I started trying to train

Cooper of what to call me, I didn't want to
be Ain't Morgan.

Speaker 1 (12:17):
So Aunt Morgan. Aunt Morgan is visiting.

Speaker 3 (12:22):
She's flying Southwest.

Speaker 1 (12:24):
Yeah, you can get a spot to you when she
gets here.

Speaker 3 (12:26):
From ain't to aunt fancy.

Speaker 1 (12:30):
Okay, So twin life, you are a twin, yes, And
I love I relate to Meg a lot because okay,
if you follow Morgan on her Instagram, which y'all showed,
by the way, because it's very funny, and you make
these funny, funny videos, and a lot of times you
do them with Meg, and I feel like I relate
to her, Like y'all did this one where y'all have

to talk about each other's X, which is so funny
in this really weird voice that y'all put a filter over,
and she was saying like, Morgan, you all always have
to make me camera ready. And then You're like, well,
my ache about you, Meg is that You've been listening
to the same playlist your whole life and you don't
know who any of the new artists are. And I'm like,

oh my god. I feel her though, I like, get
in my car and turn on uh I turn on
jack FM because I'm listening to classic rock. I'm like,
I'm not I don't even know who the new people are. Morgan,
I'm so bad.

Speaker 3 (13:23):
She cracks me up because we were so similar in
a lot of ways, but then in ways like this,
we could not be more different. Like I've made a
career in the entertainment and music industry, and so I
think I'm a little bit knowledgeable about who is who.
And I'll turn on a song for her and she's

just immediate she she thought Granger Smith and Parker McCollum
were the same person for a second.

Speaker 1 (13:50):
Similar they feel so they feel like they're in Texas fields.

Speaker 3 (13:53):
I guess I feel like they belong with a cowboy
hat in a field. But sometimes I feel like, Megan,
you're younger than this, Like we you're not Grandma's status,
yet we have to keep you young in Spry.

Speaker 1 (14:03):
It's hard to stay young in Spry with the TikTok
world and with kids.

Speaker 3 (14:07):
Oh my god, she's got her hands so full.

Speaker 1 (14:09):
She's watching Coco Melon.

Speaker 3 (14:11):
Yeah, Coco Melon, Blippy Blippy. I've watched so much Blippy.
They do blippy so much.

Speaker 1 (14:19):
And hard Mika, oh yeah, and Mika.

Speaker 3 (14:22):
And my nephew. It's from the moment you wake up.
He's wanting to watch those shows. And I'm like, let's
get out sun. I mean, Megan doesn't love him, just
sit in front of the screen.

Speaker 1 (14:33):
But like they are learning shows out of all the shows,
like they're learning about things, but it's brutal.

Speaker 3 (14:37):
And Pepa pig. So that's probably why my nephew calls
me aunt.

Speaker 1 (14:41):
I love I like, can tell you all my favorite
kid shows. I love Mira the Royal detective. I love
Blue number one. Louie's a good Bluies good. I was
talking to my friend Brie, who has two kids, and
She's like, don't judge me, but I'm staying up late
past my kids bedtime watching the new season of Blue.

Speaker 3 (14:56):
Because it's so funny. It is uh coming for other
kids shows because they are really doing their best.

Speaker 1 (15:02):
They are They're doing it okay. So what is it
like having a twin? Do you always feel like comforted
and safe because you have this other half and like
you never feel alone in the world, or do you
feel like was it competitive growing up? Did y'all want
to date the same guy with somebody cooler than the
other one, like with somebody the boss? What's the vibe.

Speaker 3 (15:20):
Being a twin? And I'm gonna get michi for a second.
It has been the greatest gift God has ever given
me in this life. I was born Megan. We were
c section babies, and my sister was born first. Meghan
was a minute ahead of me. So it's like from
the moment that I entered this world on August twenty first,

nineteen ninety two, mark it down, important day, everybody send
Morgan the president was born that day the president was born.

Speaker 1 (15:48):
We can need a national holiday.

Speaker 3 (15:50):
I already had my best friend in the world, you
know what I mean, And.

Speaker 1 (15:53):
And you just are You don't have to prove it.

Speaker 3 (15:55):
Yeah, she's the one person on this earth. I cannot
live without talk about this because and this is gonna
get morbids. Sorry, but we came into the world together,
and we talk about the fact that that odds we
go out together are not great. And I've literally told her,
I'm like, I have to go first, because I can't
live here without There's no point to it for me

without her.

Speaker 1 (16:18):
Like, we are so close.

Speaker 3 (16:20):
We drive each other crazy too, and we definitely fight
like sisters, but we're those sisters out We can be
at each other's strokes and then thirty seconds later we're like,
so you hungry. Like, so we're very close. And you
asked it if we were ever competitive, I don't think so. Like,
we were really into a lot of the same things

growing up. We were into academics and we were cheerleaders.
We did that together and it you know, I don't
think competition has ever really been a thing for us.
But I think we went through some things early on
in life where we were each other's rock, and so

it's always been that sort of relationship between us.

Speaker 1 (17:07):
Do you think having a best friend like that who
was your sister set you up to not feel competitive
with other women because I feel like you're such a boss,
but you're also like you're just so like a good
like girl, good gal.

Speaker 3 (17:23):
I that's a really good question, Caroline. Do you interview
people for a living? I?

Speaker 1 (17:29):
Wow, I find people so fascinating.

Speaker 3 (17:31):
I I don't really feel like I'm in competition with
other women, and I just feel like I'm different. Does
that make sense? Like, and that's okay, Like I look,
I feel different. I am just rough around the edges
and always I'm not the most ultra feminine woman, like

I have those qualities. But I don't know, I just
feel like a little bit of an odd duck in
a way, just in general in life. So I never
really look at other people as in my quote unquote competition,
because I never look at someone and go, oh, they're
they're so much like me, Like we're in such a
similar lane. Like if you have ever followed me on

Instagram and saw my stories, like I just talk about
anything and everything and try and keep it as real
as possible, but I think I'll look at life through
this interesting lens. So competition with other women has not
ever really been something I have feared. I love seeing
other women succeed, and I'm not gonna sit here and
say like, oh, like I just I have tears in

my eyes when I see Taylor Swift, you know, except
her like fourth Grammy, Like I'm so excited for her,
But like I just, I'm not in a sense daily
thinking about competition with other You're just doing you. I'm
just do amazing kind of following your flow. Yeah, follow
my flow. Other people have their things going on and
our lanes are different and that's cool and what it is?

Speaker 1 (18:58):
Speaking of Taylor Switch and Travis Kelsey, can we just
talk about it for one second? Because it's all I
can think about it. I spent a whole yoga class
just like envisioning their life together the other day. That's
is that where you be supposed to be thinking about? No,
are you meditating and thinking of nothing? It was making
me so happy, though, Like I have not been this
giddy about a romance in so long, because I'm like,

oh my god, Taylor Swift, she has been looking for
love her whole life. You can hear it in every
song she's ever written. She has tried so hard to
date everyone you know, and like really like put her
heart into it. It's not like she's just like she
really like loves these people. She wants a great relationship
and she's been through so much and her.

Speaker 3 (19:37):
Way to her in a way to be honest.

Speaker 1 (19:40):
But then so she's had these hard goes with it
and she I feel like no one's fully appreciated her,
like she needs to be appreciated. And then here comes
Travis Kelcey, this stud you know who like pursues.

Speaker 3 (19:50):
Her and he's really confident in himself.

Speaker 1 (19:53):
He doesn't know a great family life, you know, yeah,
Ima Kelsey.

Speaker 3 (19:57):
He's got his own things going on in.

Speaker 1 (19:58):
The brother is ador.

Speaker 3 (20:00):
I love them.

Speaker 1 (20:01):
Their podcast is so good.

Speaker 3 (20:03):
But to that point, I saw when I saw this
news at the beginning, I was, like a lot of people,
I thought, is.

Speaker 1 (20:09):
This fruit pressed?

Speaker 3 (20:10):
Is this just pr And maybe it is. I don't know,
I have no way no, but I am so happy
for her to look at that man. I look at
that man. I've seen footage of him in the locker
room and I blushed just looking at on my phone screen.
I'm like, I shouldn't be seeing this much. Oh no,
he like walked into the They were like shooting something
in the locker room and he walked in. He's like

literally in his little boxer briefs and all this Chester everywhere,
like the Chester. I I love a little Chester here.
You love some Jesllar anyway, so sweating. We're happy for you, Taylor,
And I'm not jealous at all.

Speaker 1 (20:44):
And he's like so tall and strong, and you know
he probably just like.

Speaker 3 (20:48):
He's a manly man.

Speaker 1 (20:49):
He's a man with a sweet, little adorable personality.

Speaker 3 (20:53):
Yeah, I mean, and also.

Speaker 1 (20:55):
Like a badass.

Speaker 3 (20:56):
He has a sense of humor. You know, he seems
like someone he doesn't take life too seriously. And I
think some of the people she's dated in the past,
especially this last relationship she was in, it's someone who's
like a super duper creative person, which is great in
one sense, but they take things so I mean, I've
worked in artist management. They take things so seriously, and

sometimes you just need somebody a little bit more goofy,
goofy lighthearted. Isn't you know, really worried about a headline
at the.

Speaker 1 (21:27):
End of the day, right can laugh at all.

Speaker 3 (21:29):
Yeah, And I don't know Taylor's personal life, and I
don't want to talk crap about any of her exes,
but I am happy to see her with Travis Kelce,
a man that's taller than her, a man that makes
her feel middle no girl.

Speaker 1 (21:41):
And I mean just like it's I'm just like, it's
so good. I was talking to my neighbor, Miss Patty
about this. We were walking our dogs and we're talking
about Taylor's Travis Kelsey and it was like, I'm just
so excited to see. There's so much bad news all
the time. Everyone's talking shit about everything, like you know,
everyone's fighting. It's just like there's so much injustice. There's

all this negativity out there all the time. And it's like,
thank you Taylor Swift for letting us see a good
old fashioned, beautiful romance just in front of our eyes.
It's like we all just needed to see the best
love story, Like she wrote that song, les Story. It's
like she's giving us the best love ste pursue her.
I know. It's like it's perfect, and she's.

Speaker 3 (22:22):
Just men men take some notes, and.

Speaker 1 (22:24):
She's just fit right in with the whole Chief's Cue
and everything, and I'm like, it's so good, it's just
peak level good.

Speaker 3 (22:31):
I hope. I am a romantic at heart, and I
feel like a lot of times the world affirms this
belief I have that true love doesn't really exist, right,
So seeing them makes me happy. And I know everybody
it's a hot button topic. Some people are tired of
seeing it. I'm reading for him, I'm personally reading.

Speaker 1 (22:48):
For him, Okay, So that leads me to dating Morgan.
Oh god, because you are like a woman who.

Speaker 3 (22:59):
I am, a woman who is super.

Speaker 1 (23:04):
Capable and confident and badass. It's like, you produce the
Bobby Bone Show, that's like the biggest radio show in
country music. You manage Bobby Bones. That means you got
your shit together if you can manage him because he's
got so much going on and you can navigate all
that and handle that and you understand what he needs.

Speaker 3 (23:23):
He's twitching, knowing like where she's going.

Speaker 1 (23:25):
I continue, you're the president now of a network, you know,
like you have that responsibility to handle this because you're
a badass. So it's like, sometimes it's hard to find
guys who are like I hate this in the same age.
But do you feel like guys are intimidated by that.

Speaker 3 (23:40):
I I don't know that it's intimidation. I just have
a knack of picking guys that aren't good for me.
Your picker's broken, My picker's a little broken.

Speaker 1 (23:54):
Everybody's picker's broken until they pick the right one.

Speaker 3 (23:57):
That's true.

Speaker 1 (23:58):
You know, sometimes maybe you're just learning. You don't like,
I haven't.

Speaker 3 (24:01):
Been in a relationship in like over two years, I
want to say, And I've not even really I date
here and there.

Speaker 1 (24:09):
Like make out sometimes, No I ever make I was
such a makeup bandit really, I'm such a prude. I was.

Speaker 3 (24:15):
Oh, I can't say this it is. I was gonna
say I was a until I graduated college, Like I
like to you were. That means if you wasn't trying
to get friends to be out there.

Speaker 1 (24:28):
I mean I was trying to make out, but I
wasn't trying to Like no.

Speaker 3 (24:30):
But I literally don't. I don't like being touched really
unless i'm super feeling, you know what I mean? And
I don't.

Speaker 1 (24:37):
You're like personal boundaries, Like, you're not someone who wants
to just fawn all over somebody. Right.

Speaker 3 (24:41):
I had a guy kissed me on a first state
once and that really put me off. I was like,
I don't know, and then he ended up not being
that great of a god, not saying that. That's always
a correlation and I need to stop using such limiting
belief systems sometimes.

Speaker 1 (24:56):
But it was too soon.

Speaker 3 (24:57):
It was too soon for me, you know, to each
their But no, I haven't made out with anyone in
probably a year.

Speaker 1 (25:07):
Do you feel like that first makeout makes you nervous? Yeah?

Speaker 3 (25:11):
I still get giddy and nervous when I'm dating someone new,
and I get nervous before dates still. Yeah, not because
I think there's anything super weird or wrong with me.
It's just are we going to click? Is conversation going
to come easier? Is this going to feel like a
job interview where I'm trying to pull answers out of
him and then he's not turning the questions back on?

Speaker 1 (25:32):
You know? Am I gonna get food on my teeth accidentally?

Speaker 3 (25:34):
Two? Yeah?

Speaker 2 (25:36):
We know?

Speaker 1 (25:36):
I have cold.

Speaker 3 (25:37):
I mean I feel like I always have maybe a
little two come out.

Speaker 1 (25:40):
No, I'm just kidding.

Speaker 3 (25:41):
Yeah, So I don't know where we were going with
that dating out there, But dating is weird right now.
It's like I'm on apps, and.

Speaker 1 (25:48):
A lot of people date on apps. I miss the apps.
I miss the apps generation.

Speaker 3 (25:52):
I I'm about to hum across this chair and strangle you. No,
it's hard out here in these streets Carolina, like in
the streets of the apps. Not great, I mean people
like out there. Honestly, I need to be less judgmental.
I think from some of my previous relationships, I've been
a little burned, and I need to let that be
what it is separately. But I will get on the

apps and scroll through and just I immediately get the
cks so easily. Like if I see a guy's taking
a selfie in a bathroom, I selfie in a bathroom, Yeah,
like a mirror selfie, and I can see a toilet
in the background, you know, shirt shirt off selfie? Is
there so much?

Speaker 1 (26:29):
Does a toilet throw you off?

Speaker 3 (26:32):
I'm just like, hard, you went into this bathroom to
take the photo or to use a bathroom?

Speaker 1 (26:39):
I don't know the two, don't Matt.

Speaker 3 (26:42):
Yeah, I'm like, what are you doing in there?

Speaker 1 (26:43):
You know?

Speaker 3 (26:44):
I just imagine if I was at the house with
someone like that and they're in a bathroom and I
think they're like going number two and really they're in
there like taking a selfie, trying to get the right angle.
I don't know. Something about that doesn't stay right with me.

Speaker 1 (26:57):
It's not the right room to take the selfie.

Speaker 3 (26:58):
Yeah, I feel you anyway, I'm judgmental.

Speaker 1 (27:01):
It's hard not to be when you're out there on
the streets.

Speaker 3 (27:02):
But I think I've been through enough that I feel
like I have to be judgmental and not give people
the benefit of the doubt any more. Casartas got me
the past.

Speaker 1 (27:11):
You know what, Jesse, James Decker told me. I told
you this in the hallway. I told Abby this anyway.

Speaker 3 (27:17):
Remind me because I think I remember, but remind me well.

Speaker 1 (27:21):
And Jesse, I feel like she is pretty good on love.
Like she's like a connoisseur of love. And look at
her man, She manifested Eric Decker.

Speaker 3 (27:30):
Jesse, we love it for you, girl. No wonder you're
having all those kids.

Speaker 1 (27:33):
Exactly, No wonder you got that both baby coming, because
you'd be fine. But Jesse told me, she said, when
I was out there on the streets making out, which
you're not. You're on the streets with the apps. But
I was like going on dates because you had to
go to bars because like people didn't know how to
you couldn't meet them in the flesh, you know, you
couldn't get times, couldn't get the full resume picture update

and the bullet points of who this person was. It's like, oh,
there you are, which is kind of scary.

Speaker 3 (27:59):
People were dating and just not knowing who the person
really was at all or having no background.

Speaker 1 (28:05):
But can now you get a full background, Like you
get a full bullet point press shot of who this
person is and you just like, nope, no, it's yeah wild.
But she was like, Caroline, have you written your letter
to God? You told me yes, and she said, you
have to write your letter to God and you have
to talk about in the present tense, like dear God,

thank you so much for my incredible I mean, this
is cheesy and like, listen, some girls are like, uh
the vomit, like so like you already have him, yes,
And it's like, I think it's still okay to be
female and want some good old fashioned romance in love.
That doesn't mean that you're not a badass at the
same time, but like everybody wants I mean back to
Taylor sort Travis Kelcey, everybody wants some good old romance

and love.

Speaker 3 (28:47):
Everybody wants a old Chester in their lives.

Speaker 1 (28:49):
Everybody wants some chests here in their lives. So there
ain't nothing wrong with trying to visualize what it is
that your particular soul is craving. And so basically you
write a letter to God and you say, Dear God,
and you writing presentents, You're like, thank you so much for.

Speaker 3 (29:04):
This fun asthma, Father God.

Speaker 1 (29:06):
This as man by the God with all this chest hair,
who is so funny and treats me like a queen.
And and then you like list what you love to
do together, and how he loves to take bike rides
with me in the evening and we like to listen
to Mozart and or whatever whatever, whatever weird little heart,
whatever weird little like quirks, quirks that you find that

you would find enjoyable with a partner forever.

Speaker 3 (29:30):
I'm just thinking of all the things I could write
in this letter. You just need to write with cream
off my toes, Father God. No you toe girl, No,
not really bad, but you're open. Yeah, never say never.

Speaker 1 (29:44):
I've only had one person to try to lick my
toe before, and I have to tell you caught me
off guard. I was not ready for that.

Speaker 3 (29:52):
Were your feet, Yeah, I mean they were.

Speaker 1 (29:56):
I guess I'd been out in shoes all night.

Speaker 3 (29:58):
I guess to that point with the person. It really
wasn't to that.

Speaker 1 (30:02):
With God. I told you, I like to make out.
That was it?

Speaker 3 (30:06):
So with them and all of a sudden, yeah, oh Man,
to be a fly on the wall on that interaction, it.

Speaker 1 (30:14):
Was a little. It was a little. It was a little.

Speaker 3 (30:17):
I think I've ever had a man put my tone
in his mouth. So if you want to be the
first apply below mid Days with Morgan.

Speaker 1 (30:24):
She's going to give up Day which is going to
lead a stir a podcast. So she's going to be
launching soon called mid Days with Morgan.

Speaker 3 (30:29):
We shall see nothing in stone for you have anyway
back to.

Speaker 1 (30:34):
Toes, to back to toes. So yeah, so dating out there,
So now you have you write this letter to God
and then you put down all the things that you're
so grateful to have, and then it makes it super
clear to what you want. And so then when the
person comes into your life or when you date someone,
you're like, oh my gosh, that person's not anything that
I want. So you can eat easily swipe left.

Speaker 3 (30:55):
I had this friend, which is no yeah pass, I
had this that this reminds me. Her name's Emma and
she's John Chris's sister, Emma.

Speaker 1 (31:06):
Oh the comedian. Yeah, and love her.

Speaker 3 (31:08):
She was in a small group with me, and she,
I believe, journaled about her future husband or like, wrote
this letter to God, I want to say. And her
dad married her and her husband when they got married,
but this was before she'd ever met him, I want
to say.

Speaker 1 (31:23):
And he read.

Speaker 3 (31:25):
Her letter to God, like at the wedding ceremony, and Eli,
her now husband checked every single boy. And I remember
I was in a bad relationship at the time.

Speaker 1 (31:38):
When I was not the letter to God, I would
be writing and.

Speaker 3 (31:40):
I was like, wow, I have chills right now because
she prayed that prayer, and she had a long list.
You know, it would have been very easy for one
or two of those boxes to not be checked, and
God checked every single one. So God, I've seen what
you've done for others. I will be writing write a
letter later today. Yes, but funny is key. I gotta
have a man that can make me laugh.

Speaker 1 (32:02):
You know you're funny. You like to laugh and be funny.

Speaker 3 (32:05):
I like to play like. I like to be lighthearted,
and I've dated some people that are so funny, and
so when you have someone that you could just banter
with and chibe with, when you don't have that, it
is a yeah, it's like dude, this it's we're all
gonna die, like you know, you laugh a little on
the way there, you know, gosh.

Speaker 1 (32:27):
So anyway, okay, so funny. And then what about like
kids being married, like, you know, because we're at the
age now where people are.

Speaker 3 (32:36):
I think I would be a lovely stepmother. I'm a
great I have a great aunt, and I love my
nephews so much. And they're not my biological children, even
though like kind of because Megan's my twin, but whatever.
I do think I had step parents in the picture
growing up, and I got to see good examples of
being a step parent, like not so great examples, and

I think that I I'm open to. I think God
is gonna bring the right man in his time. That's
why I haven't really written the letter because I have
been out in these streets and dated and I know
what it looks like when it's just your you know,
you've gone through this with fertility and things like when
you're trying to force something to happen that God is

just very clearly saying, sister, sit, damn, your action ain't
gonna change my plan, you know.

Speaker 1 (33:26):
So ooh, you're atually change my plan.

Speaker 3 (33:31):
Okay, Okay, So I'm kind of taking a back seat.
I think I need to probably be a little bit
more open regulator to God. I will, Okay, I'm on it.
It's gotta be funny. You gotta be tall, Well, you
didn't really have to be tall, just taller, taller than me.
I'm five four, that's not hard.

Speaker 1 (33:48):

Speaker 3 (33:50):
And then somebody who will be a great father. I
feel like I'm saying a lot in my life now
that I am getting a little bit older, of like,
the women in my life are really like carrying so
much weight in being moms, and the dads have it
so much quote unquote easier. And I really I have
so much going on in my professional life that I'm

gonna have to have a man in the picture that
wants to be an active participant in his children's lives
or I just don't want to have them. So that's
a big one for me. And then obviously faith, you know,
tell me about your faith you know, it's been a
little roller coaster ride. But I love the Lord and
I think the Lord loves me most days. Some days I.

Speaker 1 (34:33):
Always love me. Well, some days I struggle. And when
you struggle, what are you struggling with? Oh gosh.

Speaker 3 (34:44):
The idea that God is always good has been something
that comes up for me because I've lived. There's some
pretty difficult seasons that didn't make sense, and it always
comes back to, yes, God is good. But I have
days where I really am like God. You know, I
already went through this back then, like why why am

I in this seat again? And so that's my humanness.
You know, I'm human, and God knows like where my
heart is and my thoughts, and he knows at the
end of the day, I'm a writer or die for him.
But I have my hard days. And I think.

Speaker 1 (35:21):
You're a lying if you say you don't, But it
just means you have a real relationship.

Speaker 3 (35:25):
Yeah. I developed a real relationship with the Lord probably
in my early mid twenties.

Speaker 1 (35:34):
It's what do you think prompted it?

Speaker 3 (35:37):
I kind of hit some lows personally. I'd gone through
a relationship that didn't work out, and heartbreak has sort
of been the hard part of my life. I think
God or life, whatever you want to say, grants us
a different deck of cards for each person. Right, Like

my sister struggled with you know, her miscarriage, and you've
gone through struggles with miscarriage. My struggle has been relationships
with men. So not that like they've all been awful.
But I have been heartbroken a couple times in life,
and I think I went through this heartbreak where I
was like, wow, I thought that was your plan for me,

and I do not really understand at all how it
isn't I dated this guy. I thought I was gonna
marry and work out, and he's married now and happy
for him. That gave me a lot of closure, you
know what I mean. But I think, yeah, going through
thinking you know the direction God is leading you, and

then sometimes a door gets slammed and you think, wow,
like why let me go through that? That's kind of mean.

Speaker 1 (36:48):
But what have you learned on the other side of
it after going through that? Why do you think you
were able to go through that.

Speaker 3 (36:55):
I think any hardship we'd go through in life fleet
we can use to be more empathic for others who
are also going through hardship. I think God wants us
to be connected with one another. Jesus struggled, Jesus went
through so many trials and tribulations, and at the end
of the day, my faith leads me to believe that

we're meant to be more like Christ. And Christ didn't
have an easy life. We will not have an easy
life here. And yeah, that's that's sort of how I
reconcile it in my brain. Of now I can look
somebody in the eye who has lost a person that
they thought would be there forever and have a real

talk with them. You know that I wouldn't have been
able to have that conversation prior to that heartbreak. I mean,
that doesn't make me like the fact that I went
through it, But you're not going to get through this
life without being scathed a little bit.

Speaker 1 (37:51):
It comes for everybody. Mm hmm, Yeah, you know it does.
And it's I feel like I've noticed when you have
early trauma, like when you have like childhood trauma, and
you are why it starts, You're wiring like sometimes like
I feel like, especially when we watch like child entertainers

and all sorts of stuff, when people like have childhood
trauma that happens to them. It is you have to
like have this moment where you realize, like life doesn't
have to be that way, because like you've started off
in the world thinking that it's traumatic, you know, and
like because everyone's gonna get it. But like when you're
older and you hit trauma, you're like, Okay, I know
that this isn't me per se, I'm just going through it.

If that makes sense, you have a little bit more
awareness maybe than like the trauma isn't only who you are.

Speaker 3 (38:40):
I definitely had my fair share of childhood trauma, and
I think that that has been the.

Speaker 1 (38:43):
Hard parents split early, right, My parents.

Speaker 3 (38:46):
Were like twenty twenty one when and they.

Speaker 1 (38:48):
Were a twenty twenty one like recently.

Speaker 3 (38:51):
No, they were like twenty or twelve years old, I
think when they got pregnant with me and my twin sister,
and they were one of those on again, off again couples.
So probably I had no business have children, you know,
but y'all need to be here here, I am so Yeah,
that has been such a journey, you know.

Speaker 1 (39:08):
They I remember been following their love life with.

Speaker 3 (39:11):
Them, yeah, and there's was short lived, Like I remember
them dating other people before they actually got married to
each other. So we were a couple of years old,
me and my twin sister before they got married.

Speaker 1 (39:20):
Oh so they got pregnant, broke up, dated other people,
then got back together.

Speaker 3 (39:25):
Yeah, and their marriage I hope, Sorry, Mom and dad,
I hope, and I'll throw you to the bus right now.
But it wasn't great. They were kids trying to figure
out how to be married and how to be parents.
And I have so much empathy for them now, Like,
can you even imagine I've got ten years on them
right now, And I don't know that I would have
done anything any better or different, But right then, you know,

they dated other people and got married to my stepdad
and stepmom that were in the picture from the time
me and Megan were like in fifth grade to junior
of high school and and then my mom struggled with
some things, so we moved in with our dad and

both of them went through divorces at the same time
my junior year of high school. From the stepparents have
been in the picture that you were close with that, yeah,
I was close with And so by the time I
was I turned seventeen, I'd lived through three divorces, I
just lose the step parents, I guess right. Well, actually
I still keep in touch with my former stepdad, Tommy.

I love him to death. He was such a great
parent figure and love him. Love you, Tommy. But yeah,
I think I learned at an early age, or it
was ingrained in me through that childhood trauma that we
call it, that things are temporary. People are temporary, and
no matter how solid something feels, it'll end.

Speaker 1 (40:50):
And that's a hard that's a hard blend.

Speaker 3 (40:52):
And I still struggle. I mean that that's hard. Heartaches
have gone through in my twenties are nothing compared to that.
Like you said, that early wiring, it is so hard.
I've gone to therapy, I've read books.

Speaker 1 (41:07):
And I still like, there's your nervous system.

Speaker 3 (41:09):
Oh majorly. And I love my parents. I wouldn't change
my story because I don't think i'm here today. I
don't think I am the person I am without.

Speaker 1 (41:18):
All of this.

Speaker 3 (41:19):
But it is so hard to overcome things that we're
just ingrained in you from a young age. And that's
why you and Meg were so tight, so tight, we
were each other's wrong weathering.

Speaker 1 (41:32):
Not thank you the.

Speaker 3 (41:33):
Lord he knew he knew, and I'm thankful because we
talk about it still. Of Wow, that was just a
wild time in life, especially high school. You know, we're
going through puberty, like mom is separating from step dad,
Dad separating from step mom. Like we feel kind of

like it's our fault in a way because we disrupted
the ecosystem from moving out of moms and moving in
to dads and now all of a sudden that has
caused everyone to get there was a lot to do.

Speaker 1 (42:04):
Didn't have a lot of pressure on yourself as a
young kid.

Speaker 3 (42:06):
Yeah, I grew up so early, Carolina.

Speaker 1 (42:08):
And I mean I am not a doctor, but you
might have that might be some of your stomach stuff,
like carrying some nervous energy.

Speaker 3 (42:15):
I had to have a stomach scope in high school
because I was having such bad stomach problems. And they
went away after I moved off to college because I
was finally in a stable situation that wasn't just stressing
me though out all the time. And I love, again,
love my parents.

Speaker 1 (42:33):
Your parents did the best they could.

Speaker 3 (42:35):
They did the best they could with with the tools
they had. Things that times have just changed so.

Speaker 1 (42:39):
Much, you know, I mean, nobody knew anything back then. Yeah,
and I mean anything. Nobody to talk about mental health
back then. Nobody like divorce. It's just the whole thing
was like there was just not a lot of awareness about
relationships and how to be in them. Yeah, we've come
a long way. We definitely tried.

Speaker 3 (42:56):
They did their best, and when I struggle with anger
or hard feeling about it, I go back to we're
all doing this for the first time. This is their
first time at wife too. Yeah, we're all fit. It
is not easy for any of us, and I'm by
no means perfect, like so I have a lot.

Speaker 1 (43:13):
Of empathy at the end of the day and love
them so much.

Speaker 3 (43:16):
I had and whys. I had a great childhood, So
I don't just want to talk it up like I
had this terrible upbringing. But there was a lot of
hard times so it's shaped me for sure.

Speaker 1 (43:32):
Okay, let me ask you a few more questions. Okay,
what is okay? Since you work with celebrities, we're gonna
do a few celebrity questions. What is the favorite celebrity
that you've met personally?

Speaker 3 (43:44):
Lany Wilson tell me why she is And I know
she's getting a lot of flack right now for her
Grammy Winky.

Speaker 1 (43:53):
She gave flack.

Speaker 3 (43:54):
Well, yeah, I think there are a lot of people
who don't think that she deserved that award because she's
just so new still, because they think maybe Zach Bryan
or fill in the blankt.

Speaker 1 (44:05):
Have been yeah, or filling the Melsea Valerini and Landy
Wilson were the only candidates in my opinion, So I.

Speaker 3 (44:11):
Don't even know who else is on there. Well, I'm
a fan of all the candidates. I just want to
throw that out there.

Speaker 1 (44:15):
But else is on there, Zach Bryan, Tyler Childers.

Speaker 3 (44:18):
I'm a massive Tyler Childers fan. I bought the merch
for Tyler Childers.

Speaker 1 (44:23):
I've been to the shows.

Speaker 3 (44:24):
So as I say this, like, I think Laney is
such a genuine person. I led the interns at my
management company for a few semesters, and we would have
guest speakers come in and talk to our interns. And
this is after Laney is blowing up. She volunteered her
time to come and sit with our interns for an hour.

And she didn't have to do that. Nobody, you know,
until I'm talking about now, no one knew she, you know,
did that.

Speaker 1 (44:54):
There's not like there was any she didn't do it
for the press of it, to let you know she
went to talk.

Speaker 3 (44:59):
There's no k back and that for her.

Speaker 1 (45:01):
They make a TikTok story and say, look at me
talking to the interns. Yeah she did it, she just.

Speaker 3 (45:05):
I've I've met her a handful of times now and
every time I just go, man, I hope she stays
as genuine, and I think she will like as genuine
as she is. I think that this industry can definitely
jade you, and you know you're dated and you and
you start to think like you shit, don't stink some people,

And I think I don't think Laney Wilson will ever
be one of those people.

Speaker 1 (45:31):
I don't feel she will love you, Lannie. What makes
a good celebrity? What makes a good celebrity?

Speaker 3 (45:37):
I think kind of like what I was saying with Lannie,
like keeping both feet on the ground. I think, you know,
there are massive celebrities that we know their names, like
Lady Gaga and these people that you know of, But
the ones that really stick with me are the ones
who seem like actual real people and stay in touch

with who they were when they were nobody. You know
what I mean?

Speaker 1 (46:08):

Speaker 3 (46:09):
I think at the end of the day. The best
celebrities I've met are like the Timmigrals and the Keith Urbans,
And there's a reason they are so huge. It's because
they treat people with kindness and look at you in
the eye when you're the nobody producer and shake your
hand and ask you how your morning's going.

Speaker 1 (46:28):
Like. They also know what it's like to be at
the top and the bottom.

Speaker 3 (46:31):
Yeah, a good celebrity is one that doesn't act like
they are a celebrity.

Speaker 1 (46:35):
It happened truly. Yeah, yeah, say because really the end
of the day, it is just a job. Yes, you
are a brand. Okay, So that's another thing I want
to ask you. How do you make a strong brand?
Like how do you know how to brand yourself? Okay?
I have Actually I wrote this song because, yeah, what
do you need to have a strong brand and following?

Like what are keys even? Because like there's people like
your who aren't even trying to be an artist or anything,
but you have a strong brand and following. I think
it's knowing.

Speaker 3 (47:05):
Who you are and what you're good at. You know this?

Speaker 1 (47:09):
How do you find that out?

Speaker 3 (47:12):
Kind of like mid days?

Speaker 1 (47:13):
Right that originated not just about where Middays came from,
because it's gonna be blown up into huh.

Speaker 3 (47:18):
We don't know that. Okay. So I do this little
series on my Instagram where I just hop on my
stories and I do quote unquote Middays with Morgan. I
just talk about what's on my mind that day or
a story I've seen or a clip that makes me laugh,
and I just want to make fun of like, and
that kind of originated out of I had worked this
creative job on the Morning show, and then I moved

into a slightly less creative job in artist management, you know,
and still have always had that piece of me that
wants to create and like make people feel good and
like you know, and and I just started that on
a whim one day and it has gotten so much.

I'm I'm small potatoes and I know that, but I
have a little community, and you do have a community.
And I think it was, Oh, this tracks with people
because I'm just being authentic and talking like how you
would talk to your friend about did you see that headlined?
And like what was that person thinking?

Speaker 1 (48:14):
You know.

Speaker 3 (48:15):
So as far as branding goes, I think you see
some artists get messed up when they start trying to
be something they're not because they think that that's what
will sell or what's going to resonate with the audience,
when at the end of the day, I would rather
have eighty thousand followers on TikTok being my authentic self

and have eight million, you know, trying to be someone
totally different to fit, you know, whatever little box that
I feel like I need.

Speaker 1 (48:48):
Yeah, so I think, But it's knowing yourself. It's knowing yourself,
it's having a vision. Look at Casey Musgraves. She knows
who she is, She knows the kind of music she
wants to make. She when she drops a teaser for
a project, Oh my goodness, you know that when she
was in the vision boarding of writing out that latest

video she's put out, she just knew in her mind
what it looks like already. She's posted a teaser video
for some new music, Casey, I'm Fired.

Speaker 3 (49:18):
We share a birthday.

Speaker 1 (49:19):
Me and Casey musk Graves are basically twins and Alex Cooper,
by the way of call her daddy you Casey, So
this is a career for me.

Speaker 3 (49:28):
Powerful people are born on August the twenty first.

Speaker 1 (49:31):
Alex Cooper, Casey Muskraves and Morgan massing Gill. But Mason
Gil but talk about two women who know who the
hell they are and are doing what they do exactly,
three women who know who the girl.

Speaker 3 (49:42):
All right? But yeah, I think not everybody is a star.
And that's okay too, you know, when you have to
meld yourself to be something entirely different for the accolades,
are they fucking worth it? I don't think so.

Speaker 1 (49:56):
Well. And everybody is a star when they find what
they're good at, all right. We all have a passion
and a purpose. It's just well, you can be a star, now,
anybody can be a star if you figure that out,
and you can make a brand, you know, like you
can put it out there and try things. Yeah, okay,
so you've pivoted a lot, Like did you start as
an intern? So you started as an intern? Yeah, working

for the Bobby Bone Show? Is that nerve wrecking?

Speaker 3 (50:20):
So Bobby came and spoke at my university and I
want to say twenty thirteen, so it's been over a
decade now. And I literally was in the girls restroom
in the communications building at MTSU had to pee and
was in the big stall, which I shouldn't have been
because I'm not handicapped, and I'm probably gonna get canceled

for admitting this. But there was a flyer on the
bathroom stall that Bobby was coming to speak at our school,
and I wasn't in the club. I didn't know a
lot about Bobby at that time, but I knew he
was a radio personality, and I went and listened, and
it was the first time I felt like, oh, this
is someone who could be a mentor to me because

he had come from nothing. You know, his mom struggled
with addiction, like I have a mom that struggled with sorry, mom, alcoholism,
and I just I saw a lot of him and
me and me and him, And I didn't include any
of that in the email because I would have been weird.

But I stayed up that night after I heard him
speak and worked on my resume to make it sound
like I had any idea of what I was doing
in radio. What like nineteen at this point twenty Yeah,
I was probably twenty or so, And sent an email
in and got an interview with producer Elena and she
was like, Okay, you could start next semester, and I
was like, now, I'll start like next week. And that's

just always how I approached it, of what will you
let me do? And I will do that plus whatever
else you will let me do, Like I was constantly
just trying to learn this industry, regardless of I wasn't
getting paid at the time.

Speaker 1 (51:59):
I yeah, what did you want to know about it?

Speaker 3 (52:02):

Speaker 1 (52:02):
Why did you want? Why did you have a fire
so bad?

Speaker 3 (52:04):
I felt aligned? I felt like God threw me a nugget.

Speaker 1 (52:08):
He threw me a little nug What did an alignment
feel like?

Speaker 3 (52:12):
I didn't know what I wanted to do with life?
I had changed my major a couple of times.

Speaker 1 (52:19):
And it's about to.

Speaker 3 (52:19):
Ask an eighteen year old to just figure it out,
you know what I mean? Goodness, and those people.

Speaker 1 (52:24):
Just can't, even at an age, just figure it out,
especially at eighteen.

Speaker 3 (52:27):
I think I was getting on the right path, but
I don't think I fully knew what I wanted to do.
And then Bobby came and spoke and it just clicked up.
I just knew.

Speaker 1 (52:36):
I just knew. Do you think y'all were meant to be? Like?
It was like like because that's probably what it happened
so quickly too. I feel some things are aligned. It
happens fast.

Speaker 3 (52:43):
This room that we're sitting in. Before I even Bobby
came and spoke at my school, I actually won tickets
to come see I want to say, Cassidy Pope perform here.
And I was just a college kid, hadn't met Bobby,
hadn't heard him speak anything like that yet. And I
sat in this room like watching someone else on this
stage when I was in college, and now look and

now looks like God, man, God man, Like, isn't that crazy?
And then a few weeks later, Bobby came and spoke
at my school, so I feel like God was literally like, girl,
here's the bread crimeb come take it. You know, it
takes a lot in life to have things align the
way that they're supposed to. It's like, but then when
they do, it's when they do, you just feel it
in your bones. And I have people telling me when

I was interning here because I wasn't getting paid, I
was I had to work another job to be able
to afford the gas to drive for Murphy's Bird in Nashville.
And I had people in my life tell me it
was a waste of time. And you know, I'm sure
people listening to this can relate that not everyone is
going to understand the path and the journey that you're on.
But if you just know, there's no negating that. You know,

even my dad, God love him. But when I graduated
high school, I gotten hired part time here answering the
phones last semester of college, Abby, he'll deep into this,
Are we are we? Like an hour and a halfn Okay,
look at me like still thinking of like are we tracking?
Are we all the right? But I was driving here

five days a week my last semester of college. I
had gotten finally hired and on the payroll that first
check it was nothing, but man, it felt good, and
I remember just not sleeping at all that semester. Really,
I was driving here five days a week before the
sun was up. It was a forty five minute drive
each way from where I lived to get here every morning.

Speaker 1 (54:35):
You were excited.

Speaker 3 (54:36):
I was so excited. And then I was answering the phones,
which Abby can tell you is a grueling job. And
then I would drive back to Murphy's Brow and take
afternoon I was full time in school still, so I
would take afternoon and night classes and then I would
get three sometimes four hours of sleep on a good
night and get up and do it again. And I
remember my dad telling me when I graduated, I didn't

move to Antioch atter I graduated college so less of
a community. He was like, you would make more working
at Dick's Sporting goods and like full time than what
you're doing here, like working part time. And love my dad,
but I just knew that was bad advice.

Speaker 1 (55:14):
You know.

Speaker 3 (55:14):
He wasn't telling me to work at Dick's.

Speaker 1 (55:16):
He was telling me to make more money, to use
my degree to like go be a news anchor or something.
And I just knew at the end of the day,
I didn't want to do that, so I just trusted
my intuition. I had to work some other jobs to
make ends meet for a while, but then it started
coming together.

Speaker 3 (55:31):
And when it's her come together, I could start looking roubbying,
Like remember when you said, remember when you said that
it wouldn't work out well, well, well.

Speaker 1 (55:48):
So, and sometimes you, I mean a lot of times
you got a list. Especially I feel like when you're
working with a personality, you know, like Bobby Bones in particular,
he's a big personality, like he's gonna want to like
know how someone operates too. It's not that you can
just have anybody work on a team because the brand
is the human and the.

Speaker 3 (56:07):
Human Bobby are so much alike. Is kind of scary.

Speaker 1 (56:09):
You can read his mind, not read his mind.

Speaker 3 (56:12):
But the way that we he childhood trauma, see childhood trauma.
The way we process things is we're different. We got
a ton of differences, don't get me wrong, But like,
I just know where his heads at because that's where
mine would be, you know what I mean.

Speaker 1 (56:25):
So you know how to make and then you know
how to make good decisions like kind of ship.

Speaker 3 (56:30):
Yeah, and I always have and this is every manager
should have this. I feel like I always have his
best interest at heart at the end of the day.

Speaker 1 (56:39):
So so you make the decisions like you would make
them for yourself with like.

Speaker 3 (56:43):
Because I am making them for myself at the end
of the day. Like what he does reflects me and
vice versa. So is that pressure? Does that feel like
a lot of pressure? No, it feels easy.

Speaker 1 (56:54):
There's trust there, Yeah, trust is Do you think trust
is almost more important than skill set? Cause you can
kind of learn a skill, right, you need both? You
do you need? So what are the skills that you
need to be savvy like you are and run high
powered radio show produce it.

Speaker 3 (57:15):
So I no longer do that. Let's give flowers to
Scuba Steve. He is the executive producer of the Morning
Show now and does a great job doing it.

Speaker 1 (57:23):
But how does it take though to navigate that? Because
it's like it's all the personalities. It's Bobby, it's Amy,
it's Eddie, it's Lunchbox, it's Ray, you know, it's like Morgan. Uh,
it's like all these personalities. You've got to like know
what's good for each one of them, set them up
for success, like create the little bits that are gonna
like work on work to their strengths. You know. It's

like so much of its knowing the ecosystem.

Speaker 3 (57:47):
It's knowing the ecosystem, but it's really just putting the
effort into knowing each individual, yeah, and what suits them best.
You know, if we would get an email for you know,
we want Bobby to read this endorsement about alcohol, I
feel like, well, that ain't gonna happen, but you know
who would be great for that. But that's just such
a small example. It's just knowing who you're working with,

and even in artist management. You know, I've worked with J. D.
Clayton and some other artists. It's knowing who they are
and what their goal is in and aligning with their vision.
And if you can't align with their vision, you don't
need to be working with them.

Speaker 1 (58:22):
So do you think having like a not that you
have to like a mission statement or a vision statement,
but like, do you think knowing what the vision is
like where what road are you on? And where is
this train trying to get to is the most important thing? Yeah?

Speaker 3 (58:34):
I think we have always working with an artist working
on a show, you know your overarching goals, right, you know,
this is the box we want to check at the
end of the day, and what are and then you
strategize what are the steps to get there? And I
don't do this on my own. I mean it takes
a village and a team. You know, when I worked
on the radio show, I had great help, like producer

Abby over here off camera, it's up Abby, it's up Abbage,
And you know all the people that make that morning
show run. Mike d Now Scuba, I worked with Hillary
back in the day, who's a producer. It takes a village.
It's not like any one person Ray, Oh my gosh, Ray,
Like did he even sleep?

Speaker 1 (59:17):
Does he sleep? I don't know.

Speaker 3 (59:19):
But it just takes teamwork. And also, you know, I
wasn't always perfect. I had to learn through some situations
of how to manage people. I was really young when
I got the head producer position. You know, I was
in my early twenties, and I'm like running this show
of people who were ten years older than me.

Speaker 1 (59:40):
Were the United States.

Speaker 3 (59:42):
And there were some growing pains.

Speaker 1 (59:44):
You know, you feel the pressure of like, for sure,
how big the show was.

Speaker 3 (59:47):
For sure. When I was in my early twenties producing
the morning show, that was a stressful time when I
first got into it, before I found my stride because
it fell off to me to be telling people older
than me what to do. But again, I think what
I've learned is once you get to know the individual,

get to know Lunchbox, get to know what his goals
are and what he wants to achieve, and then let
him genuinely see like, I want you to achieve your goals.
It's not my goal to you know, same with anyone
on the show or with the artists I've managed, like
aligning on that vision and strategize it's what we've.

Speaker 1 (01:00:25):
Done so aligning. You're really good at aligning. We very
good at aligning people. I guess you are.

Speaker 3 (01:00:31):
But we met and you talked through what you wanted.
I don't even think you had a fully clear vision
of what you wanted to.

Speaker 1 (01:00:37):
Change at night. I think even that night you sent
me a video. It was at night and it was cold,
and you had your socks on just like this, and
you're like, well, I set up a makeshift shift studio.
It's not perfect, but it's going to be great. And
like you did that the first day, and then like
we had written a whole script of like a format
now how to follow and like target guests, and it's like,
within like less than eight hours, you had sent me

a full recap.

Speaker 3 (01:00:58):
But when I put my mind to some thing, I'm
not the best there could be anyone in the seat.

Speaker 1 (01:01:03):
You know.

Speaker 3 (01:01:03):
It's not like I'm just the best of the best.
But when I set my mind to something, I was
this way in college. I've been this way pretty much
my whole life. There's good luck stopping me. And I've
already had some people that like have you know, said
things that have been discouraging, like stepping in this role.
But then I'm like, just sit back, sit back and watch.
Like I've seen people that be like, oh, he interviewed

all these people and then he goes with the girl
he knows. Oh makes a lot of sense.

Speaker 1 (01:01:28):
And I'm like, okay, you got a peanut gallery too.

Speaker 3 (01:01:31):
Yeah, we all got a peanut gallery.

Speaker 1 (01:01:33):
I knew some people applying for this job, because I mean,
this is a highly coveted job. I mean the people
that I knew a playing were like legit, too legit
to quit, you know. So it's like, yeah, you got
people weighing exactly. Yeah. But with me, and I'm not
saying any of these other candidates wouldn't have had this.
I truly have always had this mentality. No job is
too big or small.

Speaker 3 (01:01:51):
It wasn't above my pay grade to break my back
to bring this furniture in here and set it up
and get everything looking the way that I think it
should look. And you want your I wasn't gonna wait
on somebody to do that. You tell a line five,
a crew to like get this done. Like I just
when I have something in my mind and I know
that it's a thing that needs to.

Speaker 1 (01:02:10):
Happen, you're gonna get it done.

Speaker 3 (01:02:11):
I'm gonna get it done so.

Speaker 1 (01:02:13):
You can create clear pictures. You're like, going back to this,
you're really good at aligning. When you get clear, when
you assess the situation and the job, and then you
figure out how you can get clear on it, you
can execute it. I think, so, yeah, you're good at creating.
Still a picture.

Speaker 3 (01:02:26):
I'm still learning, Like, I don't have this fully flushed
out idea of what everything's gonna look like. I'm trying
to get a vibe for Okay, who's everybody we have
on the slate right now? Slate meaning the network you.
We have Amy's podcasts, we have the Bobbycast, we have
several others, and just making sure that are we firing
on all cylinders on all these shows and if not,

we're the things we can do to tune it up.
And I think that's not a hard thing to do,
to see that big picture.

Speaker 1 (01:02:53):
It is, though it's harder than one might think. It's
a lot, it's a lot of little plates to your brain.
Is the brain for it, because it's not hard for
you when you get in there. But it's like painting
a picture. It is, you know.

Speaker 3 (01:03:07):
Yeah, and some people are really bad. But we're not
the first.

Speaker 1 (01:03:09):
To do it.

Speaker 3 (01:03:10):
You know, there are times of podcasts out there you
could see what's working and what's not working, and.

Speaker 1 (01:03:14):
Then being able to assess and apply, you know, yeah,
and readjust where you need to and.

Speaker 3 (01:03:20):
We're learning together. I'm that make so much fun.

Speaker 4 (01:03:22):
To me too, Am I your new co host? What's
going I kind of thinking we might be right. Maybe
we'll talk right, Okay, we can, you know, brain sort better. Okay,
so let me ask you a few more questions.

Speaker 1 (01:03:32):
Are going to wrap up. Tell me two things. Okay,
what is right with the world? And what is wrong
with the world?

Speaker 3 (01:03:42):
Oh God, don't worry. Well, what is right with the world?
I think I love this question. I think that's a
TikTok trend. By the way, Oh, I see a lot
of goodness in the world, you know. I see a
lot of people helping their neighbor. You know, we just

had this big snow and I saw people help. You know,
I have some elderly neighbors, and I saw the guy
across the street, like helping them shovel their drive. Like
I think, as dark as things seem, and like the
news is dark, there seems to be so much negativity
and divide and all these things at the root of

us as human beings. We are so similar to anybody
we come in contact with, Like, we share so many
more similarities than we do differences, and I think sometimes
we all get caught up on the differences end. But yeah,
I think that overall humanity is there and we lose

that to all that divide. I was talking about of
actually seeing it, but if you're looking for it, you'll
see it.

Speaker 1 (01:04:57):
So yeah, if everyone in the world did this, it
would be a much better place.

Speaker 3 (01:05:01):
Helped old people at the airport. I cannot tell you
how many times I've been at the airport recently and
there's been a little old lady struggling with her bag.
And people sometimes get tuned into their own thing, and
I'm guilty of this too, But PSA be helping our
elders and those that are in need of help at

the airport, because that's a hard place to for a lot.

Speaker 1 (01:05:24):
Of people to navigate.

Speaker 3 (01:05:25):
And while I do it all the time, I have
to remind myself this is probably this person's first flight
in a decade or something, you know, and she's dragging
her bag that doesn't roll because she didn't know to
get a rollie bag and I'm about to carry it
to her gate. And that doesn't make me a good person.
It means I'm being a good like this human human
and so humanity next time you're at the airport and
you're not rushing to your gate, because let's face it,

we all get target. We get to the airport, we
walk up to our gate, we stare at it. We're like,
this is the gate, but now, and then we walk
around aimlessly for a little bit. Spend that time looking
for people that need help, because it's sweet. I always
see that people at the airport that need help for
whatever reason.

Speaker 1 (01:06:03):
I love that. Okay, we're gonna wrap up with talking
about your colon. Oh God, how you feeling because you're
getting a colonoscopy tomorrow. You've been talking about it.

Speaker 3 (01:06:09):
We cheased this a long time ago. What if we
just forgot to talk about it.

Speaker 1 (01:06:12):
That would be a real big letdown.

Speaker 3 (01:06:14):
We would have had to like cut over notes after
I'm getting a colonoscopy on Friday. I've had some not
so great tummy issues for two years, and I've.

Speaker 1 (01:06:24):
Had anxiety before, but this is escalated.

Speaker 3 (01:06:26):
This is different than the anxiety. Like about two years ago,
things just sort of changed with my habits and I
don't want to get to like in the weeds, but
going more often some days going like you know, just
dealing with the tummy girl issues. And then recently there's
been some blood present and that has been scary. That

has scared me enough to go, Okay, this ain't normal.
So yeah, I have a colonoscopy, and I made the
mistake of going through this TikTok wormhole of Apparently a
ton of young people are being diagnosed with coal and
cancer these days, and like my generation, our generation is

two times more likely. Don't quote me, I mean this
is just what I'm seeing on TikTok. So I'm not
a professional, but two times more likely or so to
develop coal and cancer earlier than our parents' generation. And
right now it's like not even encouraged to get a
colonoscopy until you're like forty five. But so many people

are being diagnosed younger, so I do think that will
end up changing to a younger age. But I have
seen these videos. I'm like, man, I have every single
symptom of that, and I'm just hoping that I'm an
ibs curly and they can get me on a better
path because it's starting to impact like my day to
day life, Like I'm not doing things because my stomach

is messed up, and you know, it's just not a
good way to live. So I'm sorry, Okay, I mean,
I still have quality of life. I don't want to
act like it's just terrible.

Speaker 1 (01:07:58):
But when you're physical cool, health is compromise on some level.
It changes everything.

Speaker 3 (01:08:03):
Yeah, there's some mornings where I'm like, this is a
work from home morning because I just my stomach is
so messed up. I can't even get out the door,
you know what I mean.

Speaker 1 (01:08:11):
So it's definitely you notice with like certain foods it's different.

Speaker 3 (01:08:15):
No, that's another thing is I can't really pinpoint it
to a certain foods. So I'm hoping to get some
positive answer.

Speaker 1 (01:08:22):
Everyone listens.

Speaker 3 (01:08:25):
Well, by the time this comes out, the colon OSCPEO
will have happened, I think, So maybe we'll have an
update up date, hopefully a good one.

Speaker 1 (01:08:31):
It will be good, Morgan, it's gonna be so good.
It's gonna be great. But just your brave, I know
you're nervous.

Speaker 3 (01:08:38):
If if anything, if you're listening and you've had some
symptoms you've just mentally been putting off because that's exactly
what I did for two years. Just do your due
diligence and go get checked out. Peace of mind is
better than continuing to suffer. And you know, yeah, I
understand what you're saying. Though it's hard to like take
the plunge where you're like, wait, I need to actually

check this out.

Speaker 1 (01:08:59):
It's not just nothing, right, hopefully is nothing? It is nothing? No,
but yeah, you it is totally nothing. But it's so
much better just to get it looked at. Why not?

Speaker 3 (01:09:07):
You know, I'm such a worrier. It'll be good to
know one way or the other.

Speaker 1 (01:09:10):
Well, thank you for your honesty. You're welcome.

Speaker 3 (01:09:13):
It's been so fun. I was so scared.

Speaker 1 (01:09:15):
I know you were, and I said, do not worry.
For the last couple of episodes, I've had to pull
out Kleenex for our guests.

Speaker 3 (01:09:20):
I'm like, oh my god, is Carolyn going to make
me crawl? I don't want to cry on the internet,
but I will, but I will.

Speaker 1 (01:09:28):
I just think you're a fascinating human and I think
you're fascinating.

Speaker 3 (01:09:32):
You're really getting these heart to heart conversations. By the way,
if I haven't said it enough, you are as president.

Speaker 1 (01:09:38):
I can relate that affirmation.

Speaker 3 (01:09:39):
You're very You're super easy to talk to, and I
feel like you're such a positive person. I listen to
you interview other people, and you're observant and you're always
pointing out the things about them that may not be
obvious to them, that are like their little good little
quirks and qualities. So I appreciate that about you.

Speaker 1 (01:09:59):
Thank you well. I am truly fascinated by humans, and
especially someone like yourself who's had such a life. I mean,
starting off twin life, that's fascinating this stuff. But we
just only talked about that, you know, and then going
through all this stuff with your parents stepparents, into these
high profile jobs, being a woman, you know, it's like
in this industry, it's a lot.

Speaker 3 (01:10:18):
And then Travis Kelcey and and it's her. We covered
all our bases.

Speaker 1 (01:10:22):
And then I was dying and talking about Travis Kelcey
because I just need a gush.

Speaker 3 (01:10:27):
Yeah, you were here.

Speaker 1 (01:10:29):
I'm a woman.

Speaker 3 (01:10:30):
I see him. You know, when I get it here,
I get it. Okay.

Speaker 1 (01:10:34):
Well, I always wrap up with leave your life okay,
and I have loved this so much, Morgan, thank you
for coming on, welcome and pushing through your nerves. But
what do you want people to know? What do I
want people to know? I want people to know that
when you wake up on those days where you think
what is the point all this?

Speaker 3 (01:10:54):
And I don't like the shoes I'm in today. I
don't like this because I have a great life, but
we all go through through those moments where we go moments.
This isn't what I would have written, you know what
I mean?

Speaker 1 (01:11:05):
Yes, absolutely know what you're talking about.

Speaker 3 (01:11:08):
When you wake up in those shoes and in that mentality.
Please now that's you're gonna laugh again, You're gonna smile,
You're gonna genuinely feel joy again. That is temporary and
you need to be here.

Speaker 1 (01:11:30):
Yeah. I think that's what I would tell people. I
love that, Morgan. Okay, you're the best. Morgan mas Gel
the president of the Nashville Podcast Texas from Milan mallin Texas,
mall A, Tennessee.

Speaker 3 (01:11:46):
I'm not a Texan. I mean, no hate to Texans.
I'm a Texan. Okay, well you know, yeah, I love
to Texas, but I'm a Tennessey girl.

Speaker 1 (01:11:54):
Listen, we Tennessee and Texas people, proud, where are we from?
Thank you so much for joining me.

Speaker 3 (01:11:59):
You're welcome. I think I'm to stick around for maybe
a bonus episode.

Speaker 1 (01:12:02):
That there's my president reminding me what's next. We gotta
we have a bonus.

Speaker 3 (01:12:07):
Episode coming up.

Speaker 1 (01:12:08):
We're gonna do you a call Caroline, and that's We're
gonna call Caroline. We're gonna ask your born We're gonna
call Caroline. I'm gonna ask.

Speaker 3 (01:12:13):
Your burning questions. You're gonna ask your boring questions. We're
gonna get doll your boring questions.

Speaker 1 (01:12:19):
We're gonna ask your burning questions and Morgan's gonna answer them. Yeah,
and it's gonna be like a Middays with Morgan session
on a call Caroline. So you're not gonna want to
miss this. It's gonna be good coming. Bye bye
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