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May 6, 2019 59 mins

I pulled up to interview Nicole Hocking, and see her fiancé Luke Combs outside changing their cats litter box. My heart exploded. Here is Luke, on fire, selling out arenas, yet he’s still as normal as the next person.  That’s why I loved this interview with Nicole. She is so down to earth. She loves to hunt and be active, loves her friends and family, loves to make tacos with Luke at home and binge Netflix.  It was so sweet hearing about how Nicole and Luke started off as close friends, then watched that friendship quickly turn to love.  Listening to Nicole talk about how teary she gets seeing Luke on stage and watching his music impact people was so inspiring. I love how she takes time to count her blessings everyday and never forgets to be thankful for the life she lives.

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Speaker 1 (00:09):
Carol. She's not afraid, just no one Caral sound the Carol.
This episode of Get Real podcast has been the Cole

Hawking and Whoa, What a Whirlwind? Two thousand nineteen. She
and her fiance Luke Holmbs have had. We recorded this
podcast before the a c M s and the Billboard Awards,
and since our taping of this podcast, Luke has won
a c M New Mail Vocalists of the Year and
he just won the Billboard Music Award Top Country Artist,

Top Country Male Artists, and Top Country Album. Whoa, Whoa Whoa.
He's selling out arenas, he is on fire. Nicole talks
about their love story, how they moved to town around
the same time. We're in the same group of people.
Luke had really hadn't had much going on yet. He
didn't have a publishing deal, he didn't have a record deal.

He was a great singer and he was writing songs,
and she was working at b m I, which is
a music company, and they were at a songwriter festival
in Florida and kind of like hit it off, fell
in love and ever since then they have been on
the skyrocket. Nicole is incredible. She talks about counting your blessings,
have been grateful for your life, not comparing yourself and

enjoying the ride. So get excited. Here's Nicole Hawking. Hey, hey, hey,
what el here with Nicole Hawking? Help? Did you're not
used to being on this side of the mic that
we were talking about you on the other side or
not even on the mic? What is this? This is?
This is? Yeah, this is the mic. How how does

it feel switching sides going from being the interview or
to the Interviewee, It's it's kind of stressful, it is.
I feel that way too. I've been like on a
few other podcasts when people start asking you all the
questions and they all have said, be like, oh my god,
Like what am I? I'm telling everything. I vomit everything,
and that's how I am. I world vomit all the time.
And I'm like, why did I say that? I'm probably

not even gonna listen to this back because something like
this is just I never listened to any of them back,
really never. I mean, I'll i'll go through and I'll
like scan them, but every time I hear my voice,
I'm like, your voice is so high pitched, Caroline, like
you are rambling. You just went on a tangent. What
are you talking about? Do you even know what you're
talking about? Like, I don't even have a voice smail
set up on my phone because I just can't like

a personalized one. I can't do it no way. Yeah,
because I just I hear my voice and I'm like, oh,
you have a great voice, thank you, thank you, thank you.
But but okay you disagree? Um, okay, So talk to
you about your former job where you were interviewing you

or a b AM. I I was, Yeah, so I interviewed,
um not really like songwriters or anything like that. It
was more of like new hires and um, just people
that were hiring for the licensing department. So I would
interview for part timers and all that, you know, fun stuff,
and I'd get them on board and were you intimidating
or are you nice? Or what was your style? So

all my friends do it for me, Sam' applying. I
mean I asked pretty much like the same questions. But
I thought I was pretty like comfortable, like I made
them comfortable. But everyone's like, no, you're very intimidating, So
are you just trying to talk to them about their life?
You know? Keep them at ease, and then like obviously
talk about the job and everything, but mostly I just

want people to be comfortable because I hate being nervous
and interviews. How about your level of comfort right now?
I'm pretty comfortable. I mean we're on the bus. Okay,
so we're on your home away from home. Well, but
we're at my home. So we're at your home, on
your home away from home on the bush. So all
your homes are right here, all of them. How did it? Okay,
tell me how you feel about us life? Like, what

is that like being on the road all the time,
because you're now full time road warrior? And let's talk
about you're engaged to Luke holmbs I am. Yes, he's
such a massive year. Yes, he's an angel. What's he
like as a partner? I mean you saw it. He's
in there, like cleaning right in our house and Nicole
has him cleaning the cat boxes. Okay, okay, it's his

turn this week. It's hint. I was like, hey there
and he's like hey, He's like, I'm just coming out
of the barn. I'm cleaning out the cat litter boxes.
I'm like, I need to make Michael have a lesson
in this like he's doing all the cat boxes. Well,
we only have two. We have two cats. Um, they're perfect,
little chunky cats. They're your babies, they are. And I

don't know. I mean we like to split the chores
here and there. I always do laundry, okay, but I
do all the chores. Yeah, okay, well, I mean I
I do the laundry. We have some that comes which
is super nice, like it helps and cleans the house. Yeah,
that's nice. It's like mostly for like dust and all
that cat hair that we do too. I like, I
do all the chores, but we have someone come to
like only like once a month though, and I mean

she helps out a lot. She's awesome. That's great. And yeah,
because with cats, you got hair everywhere. Yes, our cats
shed like insane? Is it on everything? You know? How
they say they say like they shed like their winter coade.
But I think it's just like they shed their winter
coat every day. It's it's insane. I can't wear anything black,
even though that's all I wear black clothes. Do you
carry lent rollers everywhere? Yes? I have one in my car.

I have two in here. The cats aren't even in here.
And the cats come on the bus. So they all
sometimes no, not at all. They do not travel well. Okay,
so they just stay at home with their litter box
and their feeder and stuff and do someone check on
them or they find for like a week by themselves. Um,
so everything they have is automatic. Oh nice, there. I
don't like leaving them for more than like three days.
Oh my gosh, you're so cute honestly because they stayed

home last weekend, because they get to press when you're gone. Yes,
they're the most needy cats I've ever came in contact.
What do you have when you were with them? Like,
do you give them certain amount of time a day?
Do you like make sure you get their whole they're
held and like petted enough or like cat? What is
how do you know when your cats are fulfilled? I mean,

so every time I come home from off the road,
like we're at the door and put putting our keys
in the door, and my cat is just like me
owing like crazy, and then usually I'll like go sit
down on the couch and he like just runs after
me and just lays down on my chest like my
heart and the other cats kind of wicks. She's kind
of crazy, but she also like at night, she likes

to lay on us, like when we're sleeping, so so
she sleeps. They sleep in the bed. Well, it depends
what they do, what they feel, right, Okay do they
come in the bed in the middle of I like, hen, yeah,
I mean we have to keep him in our room
because it's like everything's in our room their food, water
and everything. And they're like cat palace. Do they have
another one in your room? So we have like we're
not unpacked all awa, yeah, because we've only been in

our house for like three months. But there's like this
box by the window. We put out bird feeders for them,
so all the birds will come and they'll just watch
the birds. We're so lame. Does Luke love as much
as you do? He put the bird feeders out there?
Oh my gosh, So y'all are obsessed. It's not like
what you do and like when you're at home, like
y'all like marble at your cats and be like, oh

my god, baby, how beautiful they are. I Mean we
kind of like make fun of them sometimes too because
they're a little weird. But cats are so fascinating to watch.
I know, if they're sleeping then they're just not Yeah,
when they're like hunting the little birds outside, so they
go outside. No, I mean like they like hunt from inside.
So they'll be just like like sneaking up to the

window and then they'll like hit the window. Oh my god.
It's fun to watch, but it's pure entertainment. I know.
I love cats. I would totally get some cats, but Michael, Mike, why,
I don't know. I think we'd have to have a
farm and you make them like barn cats. Yeah, so
the next is probably either dogs or chickens, or both
at the same time. But which I'll put a chicken

cub up? Oh my gosh. Yes, we're looking at some already,
and I would have to have the automatic door and everything.
But I'm nervous to leave them because of all the coyotes.
We have coyotes like crazy out here. So you're an
animal lover, yes, but I mean the coyotes need to go. Yeah,
but I mean how do you get rid of wild coyotes?
I mean, I don't are you a hunter? I don't

mean you're a fisher? Your fisher, Yes, I do love fishing.
Do you love hunting as much? I do like hunting?
But I mean, it's it is what it is. You're
an outdoor so you have to eat what you like hunt. Yeah,
that's my thing. Will never not eat what well. I
eat meat, and so it's like I went through a
vegetarian phase because I felt really bad about all the animals.

I tried it too, but then I'm like, okay, I'm
we're here, I am wearing leather boots, So like, how
do I like, where do I start my like the separation.
It's like like here I am were in clothes like
these are probably made in China. You maybe in a sweatshop.
So it's like if you start going down the rabbit hole,
it's like can you even exist in the world because
everything makes something else suffer? You know, insane? I mean

I feel like everything is kind of evolving anyway, So
like people are making vegan leather and and they're labeling
it that way. So I feel like, if you really
wanted to stick with it, yeah you could, but I
just I know, like Abby and Dandy so good, they
were like vegan lever Yeah, yeah, I feel bad, like
bringing my leaveton bag into their house. I'm like, right,

is this allowed in here? I know? I know, And
then I'm like, oh gosh, I need to get better.
But then it's just like it's so, it's so big,
the problem is so big. So I think hunting, if
you're going to eat meat, actually like hunting your own
meat is the way to go. Yeah, Like I I
like meat, so I like knowing where it kind of
comes from, like dying it in the grocery store like

a hormone. They're not supposed to be that red wire?
Is there? That is that food die? I don't like that,
I know. So Okay, is that like do you and
Luke hunt together or is that something that you both hunters?
What do y'all do for fun? Because y'all gonna live
on a farmish? Can you hunt? Is there? Can you
hunt out here? Yes? We have about acres because you

can definitely hunt on here. I would take you around
if that. Our parlaryers is in the shop. So but yeah,
we have like a food plot back there and a
couple of like blinds so in a couple you know,
tree stands. But we haven't hunted together really yet, but
Turkey season is coming up, so competitive we're both very competitive. Really, Okay,
thanks to look forward to. Yeah, I'm excited. I just

got a bow. He got me a bow, like for
my cadnus every day. Yes, I'm so excited. I've I
haven't really shot a bow ever, so I'm excited to
get into that. And I feel like once I get
into that, it's it's just gonna be a non stop
hobby of mine. And you can even just set up
like target practice too. Yeah, just like right out here. Yeah,
oh my gosh, don't mess with you. Well, Luke on
the road. Last year, I didn't really go out that

often last year because I was working full time and
it's just impossible because they leave Onnesday night, and I'm like,
you can't like quit, you can't work half the days
at your job. But he would like bring his bow
and like the targets out there, so he's a bow
hunter also. Wow. Yeah, okay, So tell me how you
got from Florida because you're a beach girl. I am
talking you hard, and like half of your pictures are

at the beach in a bay of things to like
live in your like beach life, and you even like
posted some quotes that like you have to have the
ocean in your life. It feels your soul. You come
back alive. So what is it like? What was it
like growing up at beach girl? How does the beach
plan to your life? And then how has it been
living in Nashville? What brought you here? With the triple question?
All the triple questions? Remember on the track of the

triple question? You got it girl? So first one living
in Florida, Um, I mean it was awesome. I grew
up there, grew up on the beach, like we're from.
Were you a beach bump? Absolutely? Like I would go
to the pier all the time. I would skim board
all the time. We didn't really have like what skim boarding,
So so it's like when you it's like a board,

I guess, um, when you skim on the beach when
the waves come in and there's that little like layer
of water, just kind of surf that out into the
water and ride the wave. Okay, um, I can. It's
just where I was from, we didn't really have big
waves unless like a tropical storm a hurricane came in.
So I wasn't like that big of a daredevil to

go out there, okay, um, But living there was awesome. Um.
I loved it, loved the weather because I mean, Nashville
feels like we're in Seattle. At this point, I keep
saying that I feel like we're in Seattle. It's NonStop raining,
and um, leaving the ocean was really hard. How you
decided to move and leave? That's a big decision, especially

moving to like a place with some serious winter, some
cold weather. Oh yeah, I mean I never saw some before.
So I was like, all right, this speech thing is
really cool, but it's all I know. So I want
to go see a mountain. I want to go see snow.
I want to go slide down a hill or something.
And then when I moved here, it was like, Okay,
I need to get gas in my car more often
because I'm going up and down hills. Like, so, how

do you pick Nashville? So can I actually grab some
water coughing attack? Yes, thank you, look, let me just
right there. I don't want to like cough to death
and a totally fun Um. So what was the question?
This is my d D coming. Okay, so how did
you pick Nashville from moving from Florida? And when did

you make the move. So I made the move in
March in two thousand fifteen. Um, and I used to
work or intern in country radio. I did promotion, then
I promotion and marketing kind of, and then I came
to West Palm Beach and I did um. I worked

like for the morning show, Like I interned for the
morning show. Did you like that? It was fun? I
mean I woke up at three in the morning everything. Oh,
when the sun is not up. That's hard for me
to get up. Yeah, but you're a hunter sometimes, so
you do that. I always brought the coffee and the bagels,
so yes. After that, I mean I was also working
a job too then, so I would just like nap

for an hour and then go to my other job
and crushing for five hours, and you know, you were
burning the candle at both ends. And then I was like,
you know, I want to go see mountains, go see snow.
I want to be closer to all the action, you know,
and you love country music. Got a good taste of
it working in the station. Yeah. So in college I
was like I did engineering for like the first year
and a half and I was like engineering, like civil engineering,

Oh my god, you're so smart. No, yes, I'm not.
That is so hard. It was definitely hard. But I
was like, I want to do something I love. I
want to do something that like I can excel in
that I won't I would love going to work every day.
So I was like music sick. I love music. It
was either gonna be music or sports, and I just
picked music. You love sports, sup? And you're you're a swimmer, right.

I swim in college all the way back to the
beginning of your Instagram and you're on ah did you see?
I mean I feel like interviewing people like you're kind
of like it's like at but it's like you're like
your job is to stock people and like sometimes like
sit so deep into someone's like feed and like their
life on the internet. Like that wasn't interviewing them? Do

be creepy? I know too much. I know too anything. Yeah,
you're like a lifeguard. You're on swim team. I was
a lifeguard for like five years growing up. It was
like my first real job. I loved it. Yeah, ruined
my skin, but I loved it worth it. I was
here to save anyone. I've saved a couple of people,
yeah wow. But it was like, I mean the worst

the worst was if you'r mom out there and you're
bringing your kids to babies like the baby pools. Watch them.
They just think it's free babysitters. Absolutely, and I'm like
watching twenty kids and I'm like, okay, like I that's
a lot of should do it, but I'm stressing out.
It was the worst part about it. And we had
the baby pools. We had the platforms which go up
to thirty three ft, so like that was also very

stressful because these people just flail their bodies off the
top platform and I'm like, like a dietrds. No, I
mean the diving platforms. So it's just like a concrete platform.
Have you ever seen those, like and people jump off
of them and like do flips and stuff. Didn't you
never hit their heads? Oh, You've had people think that
they broke their backs. People knocked the wind out of

themselves all the time. I've seen someone to hit their
head on a diving board before doing a flip, and
it was like the most awful thing I've ever seen.
And I just don't know how you don't like get
brain damage or something. Oh, I'm sure they do. I'm
sure they do. I've seen I've done it. You it
not hit me. But I fell flat on my back
off the second platform, and I broke like all the
blood vessels like in my back it was just spiderwebbed purple. Like, oh,

it was bad. And after that, I was like I'm done. Like, no,
someone hurts themselves, I can't. Oh my gosh, that gives
me anxiety. Yeah, but the children were the worst. I
mean I always had to like pick them up because
they were they literally could not stand in the pool
or they were just they couldn't get back on their feet,
and their mom's over there just talking to the other mom,

and yeah, I was like, this child is literally two
years old. Yeah, oh my gosh, that's actually a high
stressed job. But I mean it put everything to perspective
for me, like when I become a mom, Like just yeah,
I mean I'm realizing this stuff. I'm like, Okay, there's
a lot. Okay, so your swim team, so you're either

do sports or this is where I have a d d. Also,
so you're either we're gonna rabbit trail this whole thing.
You're either going to do sports or music. And so
you just said, I'm ready for mountains, I'm ready for
different scenery. So I'm gonna go to Nashville and I'm
gonna go music not sports. Do you feel like you
made the right decision? Yeah, it's absolutely. I mean it

was so hard. It's hard to leave your whole life
and start over. Didn't know anyone, So how did you
even like dip your toe in Nashville. Where do you
start when you don't know anyone? Well? I knew this
one girl from high school, but she was going to
college here, so she wasn't really in like, you know,
the music industry scene and anything. So I was just like, hey, like,

you know, we'll hang out. We hung out a couple
of times, but I was like, Okay, I really need
to like get a good job that like I like
I was serving and bartending here and there, and um,
I finally like went to a job fair for being
my I got a lot of nose, like a lot
of notes because I didn't look good on paper. I
had these internships, but it wasn't in Nashville, so everyone

was just like, all right, whatever, And I applied everywhere,
really like everywhere, and I got a couple of interviews,
but it always went It always seemed like it just
went to someone like internally, that's how it is, you know,
kind of a little bit networking here, you know all
that absolutely, and like not knowing anyone else, Like all right, well,
I guess I gotta go know everyone. So I went

out and I would go out like every day and
you know, try to network as hard as I can
and meet people. And that's what you gotta do here.
I mean it's it's nerve wocking when you have to
do it by yourself too. I mean i'd be fine, ayody,
you do I do okay, Oh my gosh, you're so confident.
I don't know. When I first geved to Nashvill, I
didn't know anyone, and I was so petrified to go out.

I stayed in my dorm or my apartment and I
watched every single episode of Sex in the City and
like I'd eat chocolate chip cookie your ice cream every
single night. And finally I ran out of all the
episodes and I was like, Caroline, You've got to go
out there and meet people. It's time. But it took
everything I had to make myself do it. You bold,
thank you. I mean I did it. But like at
the same time, like once I started getting all those knows,

I was like, what am I doing wrong? You know, like,
what do I do to like change this. So, I
mean I went through that period. I watched every single
season of Sun's Anarchy, like okay, so that was like
less than two months. So I love that you're not
like super girls, like you're so beautiful and like you're
so like dropped out gorgeous, but you're like hunt you fish,

like your going to TV's Sons of Anarchy. I love
Sons of Anarchy, It's so good. Are you kind of
a tomboy? Yes? Oh? Absolutely? Yeah. I don't know how
to put on makeup. I don't know. You don't need it,
you look flawless. I did actually put on makeup really
quickly today because I mean chores. That was looking great. Yeah,
there's chores, man. Yeah. But yeah, I would definitely consider

myself a tomboy. I've always been more of a tomboy.
I grew up like more of like a guy's girl, okay,
per se, because I just wasn't really into like the
girly stuff, Like I never wanted to wear a dress.
I would be crying as like a kid. Really yeah,
but I just I love sports. I loved rough housing
and all that fun stuff. But fishing, yeah, that's my thing. Hey,

get it, okay, Seebot and Nashville. Ond you finally get
your first Yes? So b am. I I went to
the job fair that my friend who was working there
at the time. She was like, Hey, they're having this
job fair. I think, like, you know, you'll thrive in
that environment, you know, because I like meeting people that
I don't know and like introducing myself and all that stuff.

So I introduced myself to probably every single hiring manager
in that place. Oh my gosh, and how old are
you at? Um? Twenty probably twenty two and twenty three.
And I'm just like walking around and you know, I
talked to a couple of hiring managers. I got a

bunch of business cards, like, gave them all my resumes.
And the next day I get a call from HR
and They're like, all right, which one do you want?
We've got three people that want you to like interview
and h are you freaking out because this is not happening.
And I'm like, wait, so I have to pick one?
Can interview for all three? And then maybe getting as
that one? Can I go? Can I move forward to

all three? Please? So I'm like, okay, can you like
just give me a description of all like the positions
because I don't remember. I mean, yeah, I talked to
so many people and so I did. And then I
went in for the job that I had. It was
a part time job starting out, and I was like, yes,
I will yes, and she was like, okay, well let
me tell you, like how much we're gonna pay you first,
and I was like, yes, I'll take it. I'll take

it whatever, just I need it and I just need
to get my foot in the door like somewhere, yes, yes,
And I ended up loving it. There I went full
time and what did you do it? Be my I did.
So my title was coordinator recruiting and onboarding So I
did um recruiting and onboarding for the licensing teams. Like

what does the department mean onboarding? So on boardings like
once you get the offer so like from a writer no,
so like internal employees okay, so like people working at
b money because being my peryone Listening is one of
the companies that delivers distributes money to songwriters and artists.
Well songwriters, I guess yeah, songwriters, composers, publishers, all that

fun stuff. People who are writing the music that we
hear all over the world all different genres, and so
I dealt with it, like the internal stuff. Yeah. Um,
but I loved I loved interviewing like it was fun.
It was fun. And so how did that open your
doors into Nashville? Like, so they have parties, you're trying
to meet people. Did that just open up your national

scene so much? Yeah? So, I mean they do a
bunch of parties and you know, songwriter series and that's fun,
a whole bunch of things. Yeah. So I try to
go to as many of those as possible. When I
first started there and I was like, gosh, it's going
out every night thing. It's really killing me. I can't
do this because I'm like, I am like a home person,
Like I love being at home watching the Netflix. What

are you on these days? What Netflix do you like
to watch? So, actually, we live out in the middle
of nowhere, so we have satellite WiFi, okay, and it
is horrible. Oh no, horrible no, So I'm trying to
adjust to it. So you don't get a lot of
the shows we do. But the WiFi splosh and oh
if it rains, it's over. It's talk to each other.

We've become movie people. I do like talking to each other.
Who doesn't Michael and I just started Game of Thrones.
We're like, okay, we've got to do this. What's all
the rage about freaking Game of Thrones? So we're like,
we've committed and we're on season four. And I looked
at him last night and I was like, when does
this get good? And I know, I'm like everyone listening,
I'm sorry for who likes Game of Arones, like and
I'm gonna watch today, but I'm just like, it is

so complicated and there's so many storylines and it is
such a job to watch this show. Have you watched it? Okay?
So I've been wanting to start it for the same reason.
It is like I'm on season four and I'm like,
when does when does the light break? When does it happen?
I mean, it's good, I'm into it, but it's just
like you have to think so hard and then you
have to go research everything. When it's done, it over

over over one more season really, and Michael and I
decided that we're going to join the craze and we're
going to get on board and watch this season. Now
we're on Netflix, we binge it. The next season hasn't
come out yet, so we want to get all caught
up and then I know it's been sure. I'm an
how we're in. So I'm like, I'm such a binge watcher,
who I can't wait until the next week? Like The Bachelor.

I just so excited to The Bachelor. I just okay,
the first season ever I've been watching ever. Okay, well
I just started like three seasons ago, and now I
used to make fun of The Bachelor, like fans like
who are these people that are obsessed with Bachelor? Like
how lame are they? Honestly? Knowing all the people, I'm
like the biggest one of all. Now like I'm a
freaking groupie. I can't handle the I wait every Monday.

I'm so excited. So I've been watching this one and
I don't understand that. You're like, why so many people
are going home like every episode And I'm like, I
thought it was just one person in episode, but literally
the last episode I watched, like three people went home,
and I'm like, everyone stress down. I know the redhead
like she had a great shot. I feel like, oh
my gosh, he loved her. I mean he had a
great connection. I think she was on my top four. Oh,

she definitely until she lost her mind there. Okay, but
then I found out about this whole like Bachelor spoiler,
did you look it up? Okay, you looked at don't
tell me. I won't. But my sister called it last season.
I found out like halfway through. Was it correct? Yes,
it was right, And I regretted it because then I knew, Okay,
here's who I think my top picks are. Little I'm

gonna give it away, don't give it Okay, I'm not
gonna look at you, cute little blonde Hannah. Not the
Alabama one who's crazy, Yeah, hander Gy, not because there's
another Handah, he's crazy to me. Oh like miss Alabama Alabama.
Hannah Alabama. She's too much for me. I mean, I
can't with her. She's good TV, but okay, she's not
in my top four. Handergy, Cassie, I'm not looking at you.

Uh uh, Kalin. And then the one that he shot
the lamp out into the sky with I forgot her name,
but she's starting up drama. This episode shot the lamp
into this, so they like, okay this sky. I forgot
her name, but I think she's starting up a lot
of drama in this episode, so I don't know what's

gonna happen. He's crying a lot. I saw the previous
he is crying. I just want to see him jump
over the fence. I know that was a good jump,
and they're like, oh, what'll happen next week? No it didn't.
It did not. Did I miss it? Didn't know you
haven't missed it. But didn't you think that was a
good jump? I mean basically fence he jumped over. Yeah, Okay,
I get it. He was an athlete and everything, but
I didn't know. I didn't know you could jump like
that good thing he got it or that I know, yeah,

he like just one handed that thing too. I was like,
so you're a Bachelor fan now too. I'm a freak
about it. Yeah. But the thing is is like I
binge watched it. I'm a binge watcher. I don't like
waiting week tweak, which is probably rude on my part,
but Bachelor, you should just let it go one one thing,
one season. But yeah, I mean I'm interested. It's good

and get excited about Bachelor in Paradise because that's like
trashy Bachelor, but it's so good. It's like Jersey Shore
Bachelor so good. I didn't think I would love it.
I thought, I mean I was. I was such a
hater on all the Bachelor stuff, and now I cannot
wait for all the things I love trashy TV. So
I'm excited. Okay, what are your faith what else is
your fav um? I mean I love murder documentaries. I
love them. Have you done the one that? Who's that one?

Everyone's watching? Yeah, we're kind of in the middle of it. Okay,
So Luke does he binge with you? Does he like
the same kind of stuff that you like? Trash et?
Does he watch The Bachelor? No? I made Mike so
yesterday it was really funny. Um, they were cooking breakfast,
so like his friend job was over and they were
cooking breakfast and they were supposed to go to the store.

Do you go get you know something, eggs? And I
put on The Bachelor. I'm like, all right, fine, I'll
watch the Bachler where you guys are going and they're
just standing there and they're like making fun of it
also at the same time, but like just could not
stop watching it, Like you guys are sucked in and
what happens Michael. Okay, so we used to have bachelor
parties like Abby and Taylor, So we need to start

these again. Everyone's been busy because Grammys and all this stuff.
You'll crazy fools traveling ever, so we need to start
a bachelor group again. But Michael, in the beginning, he
was so like, make fun of it, like all the
guys would go outside if they had to come, if
they were if they had to come that Monday. And
now like I've been getting him. I started him at

the beginning of this season, and now I was like, hey,
it's Monday, it's batch night. And he was like, I know.
He was like not, he wasn't not excited about it.
He's not gonna admit it. But I'm like, you're so in,
You're sucked in. It's very easy to get. You just
can't stop. You can't stop with It's like a train wreck,
you know, kind of mad at myself but also not
at the same time. No, it would be so happy.
It's it's just such a it's just a freebe's such

a free entertainment, you know, it is. It's great. Okay,
so murder stuff too, yes, Um, we're also, as you
saw watching King of the Hill. Okay, yeah, that was
on in your house. Yes, I love that show, um
Rick and Morty. I wasn't a big King of the
Hill fan, like just from I've never really watched it before,
but once I started watching, I'm like, Okay, this is good. Okay,

um Rick and Morty. I love that the office bench
watched that a couple of times. Um, but I think
that's it for now. That's pretty good. Yeah. Yeah, I
like to Binge. Manifest is good. That comes on after
the Bath starts. Okay, but that's about like some planes,
right yeah, yeah, I don't know. I'm I'm like in

and out of being scared of planesh. You are, like
I travel so often, and are you more scared of
riding in a bus or riding in a plane? That's
a good question. Um. Probably probably a plane. Um, but
we went to what was it? Probably just small planes? Yeah, yeah,
truly just small planes. I I don't mind them as

long as they're not turbulent. But the small planes, they
are just way more turbulent turbulance. Yeah, you just gotta
get used to it. But the bus sometimes we drove
through a snow snow can I speak today? Snowstorm? On
Friday night go into Knocks No Anyway, Indiana, Evansville, and

it was just insane. I woke up and all the
night and it was just like mom, Mom, And I mean,
our bus driver is amazing. Yeah, an angel, and he
like his phone has a thing, so he took a
video for us to like see the next day, and
it was just I'm like, how did you how did
you drive? Do that? Like I would have had a
panic attack. That's the thing with like road life is okay,
so let's sorry, here we go. We're rabbit trailing outright, Sally,

all can follow this. Yeah, we went from b M
I you're working there in Nashville. We jumped to the
Netflix series and now I'm back to well first I
want then, okay, I want to talk to you about
how you met Luke. But all right, so now we're
to the point where you're with Luke. You're on the
road all the time. People don't realize how much of
your life has been on a bus and like traveling
and all the things that go with road life. So

talk to me what road life is like, because it's
not just like, oh, let's get to the show and
have this awesome experience. There's a whole lot of other things.
Oh yeah, people would just think that we're just shotgunning
beers left right. I mean Luke does, but but I
mean it is like I mean, it is our legit
house on wheels. So we have tried to make this thing.

We just got this bus the way it feels in here. Thanks, Well,
you can thank Luke because he definitely designed most of this.
I only picked out that black splash right there, which
is beautiful, thank you. But we've got some grays and
like this was like, how sweet is this? He was
like I wanted it to feel kind of like, you know,
the beach, And I was like, shut up. Is he

the sweetest? Unreal? What's he like as a partner? Just
very carrying, very thoughtful, like in every way. Okay, give
me some examples. Oh geez um, So I guess the
closest one was like Valentine's Day, which I got my
gift yesterday, which was adorable because he got this card.

I'm telling you, I'm not a crier. I'm not a crier,
and I didn't really let him see me cry, but
I did tear a little bit and it was the
sweetest card. I've ever read read in my life. And um,
then he got me this bag of just like everything
that kind of like reminds me of or runds him
of me. What was in there? So so he got

a candle because I love candles. Um, makeup remover because
I always asked him to go get me makeup remover,
um gum, because I'm constantly chewing. Um. A hundred dollar
subway gift card because I love subway. It's a weird thing.
I don't know what do you get a subway? Just
a turkey sandwich? You just love it? I just I

love it. They have this vinegar that they put on
it's just in this Southwest sauce. Yeah, it's so good. Um,
and it's not healthy. Yeah. But as far as like
fast food goes, I feel like Chick filoy too, Yeah,
but sometimes it's kind of harder to find a Chick
fil A. Yeah, but subways are everywhere everywhere. Um. And
then there was just a whole bunch of like cute

little things. Oh my gosh, so sweet pea. He is
an angel for sure, very thoughtful. I love that. I
got very lucky. How did you all very lucky? So
we met through mutual friends. Like, so the people I
started hanging out with in Nashville, Um, we all kind

of moved here at the same time. So I guess
it was like everyone that was going to Losers you
know every day that was That was the crowd that like,
I started hanging out with, and he was part of
that crowd. And we weren't like super close at all.
We were dating other people. Um, and then we're all
kind of just like in the same crew. Yeah, see

each other, but nothing but not like all the time.
Like he was like on and off coming out all
the time. But I went out too much when I
first moved here trying to meet and then, um, I
guess b M. I puts on a songwriters festival. They're
part of it in Key West every year, and I

went down for that and it's like a week long thing. Yes,
So towards the end of that, UM, we were leaving
like a songwriter a showcase and he was just walking
by himself on the street and I'm like, it's like
five of us all hanging out, and I'm like, hey,
you want to come like hang out with us, like
you know, and he was like yeah, sure. I was like, wow,

was sad and then poor thing. I was like why.
I was like, maybe he's just coming to this thing,
but it's already over. Um do you need a buddy? Right,
And so we started hanging out and kind of so
that night or just like afterwards, I mean we're all
hanging out that night and like the next day and everything,
and then it was time to come back to Nashville.

And then so did you kind of think differently at
that point? Like okay, like oh yeah, because were you
single at this point? Yes, both of you all yes.
And I was like, okay, like this guy hello, like
you were an angel, Like you're not. You're not like
every other guy that I've been seeing in Nashville. So

and then we just started kind of like talking. I mean,
obviously we hung out like the last few days and um,
then we just started talking and you know, then he
invited me over and I was just like okay, like
we'll have dinner. And we had dinner and it was
just all she wrote, did he cook for you? Oh? Yeah,
he cooks. He does amazing. What does he like to cook?

I mean we cook tacos like more than the average human.
Well that's a good choice. And he's he's great at that. Um,
but honestly anything. He makes a really good dear spaghetti yuah,
really good, and his dad like brings these like dehydrated
like peppers. I think we have like California reapers and

something else, but he like, we'll put those in there.
And I love anything spicy, and it's just everything. So
when did you know that? This was like it You're
not like dating anymore. You know this? You found the
one and hook line sinker doing it. It was like
pretty pretty quickly, I would say, I mean, I'm not

I don't really rush into things. I'm very skeptical unless
it's Netflix. Yes, I definitely binge the Netflix. But um,
it was pretty So you kind of dated some like
assholes in the past, Not really, I mean, I'm pretty
good at dating. Okay, your picker is not broken. I
picked the nice guys, so it's not I got a
good picker. But when I moved to Nashville's it's like broken. Well,

all the artists that are here and like all it's hard.
It's hard to sort through all that because they're all here,
just right here. Yeah, I dated a musician when I
first moved to Nashville, and I was like, well this
is this is different. It used to like I've never
dated a musician before, but this whole road life like interesting,
It's definitely different. Okay, So when did you know that

Luke was the one right away? I mean it was.
It was pretty pretty close to ride away. Um, but there,
I don't think there was any like defining moment. It's
just I saw the way he treated me and other people,
and I was like, my heart is yours forever. You know.

I don't know if he has liked that defining moment,
but I don't know. Just when I saw how he
treated him and his family and his mom, I was
just like, sign me up, I'm sold, signed, still delivered,
I'm yours. Oh stop it? How do I'm not really
like a cheesy person either, Like you know, I don't

really talk about my life. So this is interesting. Okay,
So talk to me about the proposal a little bit
because y'all announced to Hawaii, but that's not where where
he proposed. Oh no, oh no. We wanted a nice
little background for a little photo. But that's a good one.
Picked a good one, yes. Um. So the proposal story

is an interesting one. Um, he was going to do
it a little before we moved into our new house. So,
but when he was acting weird all day, I was like,
why are you bringing your backpack? Why do you want
to go to this house that has nothing in it
like to just like stare at the walls. I don't know,
like ding backpack? Why am I dying today? CB? Are

you got an emergency? Kid in? There's the Hamen ink?
And he he was just like, Oh, let's just go out.
I was like, all right, I mean, this house is
not close to town. It's a little it's a little
trick out here. But do you love living out here
in the country and so you don't hear sirens every day?
It's amazing. Um. But he was just like, he was like,
all right, let's just go the house. And I was like, okay, fine,

at least I'll get a good sandwich out of it,
because there's this really awesome sandwich place around here. And
and so we get here and the people that used
to own the house before us used to raise hunting dogs,
so they had doghouses just everywhere in kennels, and so
they were, unbeknownst to Luke, they were out here like
taking all the doghouses out and everything. It kind of

spoils his perfect moment. Yeah, oh yeah, this was his moment.
And so we get here and he's like, well, I
can't do it today. You know, it's just not perfe picked.
This is what he's thinking. Yeah, he didn't tell me this, no, Yeah,
So I'm just like, well that was weird. We just
came out to this house for the sandwich and did
you already know your moving here though? Like okay, yeah.
So and then once we moved here, which was in November,

he we had to get movers because we have a
bunch of heavy stuff and I'm like, I'm I can't
move this. But we had we stayed at his manager's
house like from eight am to like ten pm because
Luke thought it was going to be we would be
in the house by like eight pm. And he called
my dad earlier that morning and was like, today is

the day I'm proposing just a heads up, and my
dad and my mom are coming into town the next
day for Thanksgiving. Yeah, we moved and then had every
family member in town for things break it in, just
go ahead and started off. It was interesting. Um, but
then so we get finally get to the house, well,

for that. Let me preface this. My cat and Luke's
cat do not travel well, so we have them in
their own little crates, separate crates. Um, we did not
drug them because I mean, I'm not really comfortable doing that,
but I don't I don't know what to give them.
Benadrol should have done it, but they both, you know,
threw up. And then I had to clean them at

his manager's house and we put out food, water, litter box, everything.
But they're stressed out, and so that's stressing me out, right.
So eleven o'clock or ten o'clock comes around and we're
finally get to go ahead to get into the house.
So we leave his manager's house, which is about forty
minutes away, and on the way here, my cat goes

up again and like peas himself and he's passing out.
I am not pragmatic at all, Like he's not handle this.
My cat is insane. But I'm freaking out. I'm because
he's having a caesure dying problem. I think he's dying.
I'm okay, this is not good. Like I'm freaking out.

Wasn't the moods not right? Really? Not at all? Luke
is like getting frustrated because he's like, what do you
want me to do? Like I don't know what to do,
and I'm just like, why aren't you caring about my cat,
you know? And finally I was just like just gun it,
like just go fast. And so we're going. We're like
two lane rows, just swerven, and I think the cat's

really just got like Martian sickness. Yeah, And so we
get to the house and I'm like just trying to
comfort this cat and I am just covered in just
horrible things, and I'm baving them baths and everything, and
I'm like just making sure they're okay. And Luke got
them these callers and they have their names on them,

the address and my number. He's like, oh, I got
them these collars and they were pretty cute colors. And
then I didn't realize until after, like, wicks, this collar
is a dog bone. Anyway, I was right, and I
was like, oh, these are cute, Like that's so nice,
thank you, and and he's like, I also got this
for you and pulls out the ring and I was

just like and then I blacked out. I don't remember anything,
and he like did the whole thing got down on
one knee and We're in our kitchen at this point,
and I'm like, I hope nobody is here. I look horrible,
like I am just a mess, and um, apparently the
first thing I said was my ears are hot. I

was like what, I didn't even say yes, Like He's
just like and I'm like, well, yes, but my ears
are hot. Like what's going on? Like so many things
have not expecting it. No, you weren't, well, especially after
the caf He ask up, hey, you know what real life?
Keeping it real life? Oh yes, it's shocking how real
we are, like every day real up in here. Oh yeah,

you just saw Luke clean in the litter box. I
was actually that was a really pleasant surprise to see that.
That like made my heart beat happily. I was like
a sweet, sweet guy. He is definitely is. But yeah,
that was the proposal story. But then we were like
all right, we're we gotta tell her family first, you know.
So he told her family and I had to wait

like two days to tell my sister why because that
night I tried a facetimer but she was like at
the bar and I'm like, okay, I'm not gonna tell
me now because she's going to tell everyone. And then
the next day she had something and I was like, Okay,
I'll go pick her up from work. And then she
was like, wait, I have to go do this, And
I'm like, Jenna, I need you to let me to
pick you up from work. And she live here also,

she lives downtown. Is that I'm so happy? Oh yeah,
that's so awesome to have your sister here. It's great
because like if she's off like a weekend, she'll just
come stay with me if I stay in town, and
great because being out here by myself is a little
Yeah there could be ghosts. Yeah, I watch all those
murder documentaries. Yeah, yes, yes, I'm sure it gets real

at night alone Like she got the cats a birdle
like flying to the know and I'm like, oh my gosh,
someone's trying to get in. Is it kind of scary
being alone in the country. It is, But Timas, you
can protect yourself, right, Yeah, I mean we have a
whole bunch we are ready. If someone tries to come
into our house, do not Probably not the smartest um,

but I mean I'm not that scared anymore. Yeah, We've
got a lot of security cameras and yeah, that's good.
If anything happens, you'll get caught for sure. Yeah, definitely. Yeah.
So Jenna will come out here and stay with you.
When she moved to Nashville, she moved this past March,
so we almost moved on the same exact day, like
three years apart. Okay, and how what's the age difference?

She's almost two years younger than me. Yea. Is she
single or with someone or she's currently single? Y'all? Okay,
are you all going to try are you all going
to try to get her? Let's say a country boy? Also, Oh,
I don't know a nice one, and there's a nice
one out there, and nice country boy, I'll find out

if you're not nice. Nicole will be taking applications. I'll
interview you too. Yeah yeah, And apparently she's intimidating with
that interview. I try not to be. Hey, you gotta
get the questions out and you gotta know what's going on.
I decided it's my face, you gotta be people have
a face, but people think I have Like I'm just
I have RBF really bad. You do not have? Have

you seen Okay? Okay, I'm trying not to laugh. Hold on, Okay, Okay,
I have RBF. It's bad. It's bad. You're always like
smiling most of the time, so just your regular face.
It's like, yeah, people are like, what's wrong, and I'm like,
what I mean, doesn't everyone have RBF when they're not smiling?
When I used to Okay, so I used to bar

ten at tutsis and I still do. I can pick
up shifts, but people I'd be like ten deep at
a bar, like I have like five orders in my head,
you know, I'm just moving fast and people will be
like smile. I'm like, honey, I gotta do stuff. I
gotta do stuff quick. But like I do have a
great time when I bar tend like I like, you know,

the whole thing like putting on a show and like
throwing stuff and all that fun. In no way you
can do all that. I mean, I'm not like great
at it. You know. If it's like a bottle that
you know, I'm not going to break a bottle just
to throw it up in the air, right, So your bottle,
I do it. Can you make all sorts of drinks too? Yeah?
Oh my gosh, how fun? For like Luke Lucky Him.

Do you make especially cocktails at home. Um, not really.
I mean he's a very straight to the point, like
Jack and diet Jack and diet beer. What's your drink
of choice? I used to be a jack and coke person,
but I gained a whole bunch of weight because of it.
Jack and coke. Yes, dark liquor and soda. Really, I
don't really drink soda in the first place. I don't

really either, so the whole soda though. Sometimes I just
want a regular Coca Cola. Oh yeah, I'll get like
a massive bright for McDonald's, or an icy and icy. Yes,
I've been on an icy kick. I mean I just
want right up, I see a Coca Colaces are great. Yes.
When I was in high school, we put Captain in
the Coca. When I was in high school, we go

to Sonic, get a chair like my slush, dump out
half and do vodka. You can't taste any of it.
It's like pure heaven. Yeah. But now now I'm like
a vodka like so I'll drink like vodka waters. Oh
my god. But I gotta put cranberry or like lime
juice in there. Yeah. Oh my god, I just throw
up in my mouth, like straight vodka with water. Oh
I'm gonna be that like seven year old lady with Martini's,

for sure, that's gonna be. I'm gonna be Nean and
the hard stuff at seventy. That's awesome. Yeah, for sure.
It's slowly getting there. Okay. I'm more of like, I
don't know, it has to be like a really delicious
craft cocktail or, like I like crafty, like craft stuff.
You're really crafty. I'm really crafty. You really fit into

like the hipster Eastnation so annoying, probably because every time
I go to bar, you're like that person in the
bud Light commercials, really like I'll have a mead, they
like goodbye exactly. And it's like, I'm thirty five years old.
I've been drinking for a really long time, but every
time I walk into bar, I feel like it's a
brand new experience. I'm like, I don't know what to order,
I don't have a go to I feel stressed out,
Like I look at the drink menu and everything makes

me feel overwhelmed. And then like I can't really drink
wine all the time either. I like wine, but I
have to be at home, Oh absolutely, because wine can
go dark real quick and I can cry yes, you
never know what you're going to get with wine. No,
especially like I mean the people that can like drink
champagne like it's I do like champagne, but a dog
headache and have to go straight. But if I drink
champagne in the day, my night's done, Like I'm out

of the night. It's it's like puts me on my butt, Like, well,
that can just drink it all day and all night.
I'm like, no, definitely not The Devil's I'm kidding. Y'all
are very great, probably the best to hang out with, honestly,
but I mean it knocks you out and it gives
you the worst headache. Yes, yes, even if you're drinking
great champagne, you you probably do the best with vodka water.

The splash is something Michael's vodka soda. I gotta drink
the water because it hydrates me while into hydra helping yourself. Yeah, yeah,
so I don't know. That's why I try to do.
I love it, but I'll also take like ten shots
tequila with that. Oh my gosh, you're such a badass.
Oh you're so cool. That's what we have right here
on the bus. We got the whiskey right there, and

then we got you can take shots. If I take
a shot, I mean, who knows what's gonna happen. I
just have to watch my alcohol. I've I've definitely like
I'm not like one of those solid drinkers who's going
to be a great time every time they get hammered.
Oh No, like you, it's probably gonna go the other
way where I'm gonna be emotional like I might crime.
I don't think I used to pick fights in Michael,
but then I kind of like stopped drinking heavily because

I just like, I'm taking time, Mom, I don't know
what's gonna happen. Yeah, I mean you were a great
time the last girlsend at Abbey's house. I really went
for it that night. Abby and I were like dancing
in the kitchen. I left early because I got so
I just had that whole bottle of wine and I
was like, y'all are a lot right now, And I
brought that whole bottle of tequila because that's the first

time I met you. Yes, we were at abbeys for
was it for the Bachelor or was it just a
girls Like? It was just like a girl's night that
was so fun. Yeah. I was surprised that they had cheese.
I went hard. I know they got so excited. I
guess they're not vegan. They're vegetarian. Oh, Dan's vegan. I'm
pretty sure. I think I think Abby just has cheese. Yeah,
cheese is like hard. How do you give a cheese?
I don't know, honestly. I read something on Twitter the

other day that said cheese gives you the saint gives
your brain the same thing as like hard drugs. And
I'm like, that's not shocking to me at a definitely not.
I try to give up cheese for like a couple
of days, and I was like, what is living just
a melted piece of cheese? Yes, I know it's too hard,
so good. Yeah, but we definitely went hard that I

don't know, So that's what happened. Sometimes I'll get in
this mood and it will just go all the way.
It's either all the way or nothing. Though. A whole
bunch of us over there. I know it was Abby
and then all of a thousand horses wives were there
that the first time I met them. To Taylor who's
Brett Young, and Abbey's Dan if of Dan and Cha's
wife Smiers, then Taylor Brett Young's why now their fiances then?

And who else is there? Bree Chandler, Mike Chandler, the
m M A fighter, I love breath. Yes, so very awesome.
We gotta pick this back up and got night. Yes,
I was gonna say, we can all do it here
and then everyone can just stay over. I love a
lumber party. Yes, I'll be fun. Yeah, alright, I'm in sold. Okay,
you're organized. All y'all that were there last time, you're invited? Okay, great?

Um Okay, So I would obviously talk to you forever,
but you've got chores and we've almost been talking an hour,
So I applies when you're having a great time. Right?
So do we have plans to the wedding? At? Is it?
TB dum? I mean I have a full Pinterest board.
It's private. Oh you got a secret board? Huh? I do. Um.
But I've been like accumulating that since I was in

like high school because I'm a crazy person. But so
you've been dreaming of your wedding day a long time?
Do you want to be chanting or wait? What? So
we've been talking about the um there's one consistent spot
in our life, so I think we're gonna end up
going in there or so I need to really get
a wedding planner because I need to get my life
in order, and I feel like a wedding planner will

really help me like a life coach. Yes, um, And
I know a lot of people are like mixed feelings
about wedding planners, and I think, I mean, who knows
all those details that you gotta do. I'm still to
know details of like my day most of the time,
my makeup routine I skip, I skip a step and
then I'm just like, well, my whole face is ruined.

So great. I'm still not there yet. But yeah, so
I definitely need a wedding plinter, and I feel like
once I get that, I have one in mind. But
once I get that put in place, I feel like
we'll get the ball rolling pretty quick. But we're looking
at okay two. Yeah, it's good. Yeah. What's it like
having songs about you on the record and I'm singing

like because crazy beautiful. I was wondering if all those
breakup songs for about you because I was listening to
it all the way out here and I was like crying,
wise out because I get really emotional about breakups and things.
But I'm glad to know not all the sad ones
are about you. All the happy ones are about you. Yes, yes,
So there's definitely a few, um and a few that
will probably be on the next record. Um. But it's insane,

especially so like this tour has been absolutely insane. Well,
he's just rocket shipped, and to start him like fast
because he's doing arenas now right, I can't keep up
with him. Didn't he go like two years ago just
came out or so? Right? Yeah, I mean when we
started dating, he didn't have a record deal, a publishing deal,
like nothing, and then it just blew up. So what

has that been like? Just watching this explode? I've just
kind of like at first I was like trying to
keep up with it, and then I'm just like, you
know what, this is insane. It's insane. I've never seen
anything like it. Are the fans just bananas? Amazing? They're amazing.
They just they eat him alive. They just love him.

I mean they spend they're hard earned money like on
all of these shows, and I mean Luke likes to
keep the ticket prices low because, like I mean I mean,
it's just he wants everyone to be able to know
it's him. He's looking back, like what would I want
to pay like to see someone at a show? Um,

But it's just it's it's absolutely insane. Every show, the
energy is just I could be in a bad mood.
I could literally be in the worst mood I've ever
been in, but like once you see like the show
and everyone's energy, You're just like, I'm in a great mood,
you know, isn't it crazy? They're all there for him?
It's it's crazy songs back, It's I get chilled. I've

cried every show so far, every single one. How does
he process all this? I'm not sure? Actually, I mean
he is so thankful and I think he just gets
so excited for these shows because he like lives for
that energy, like the energy in the room. He feeds

off it, and just to see him feeding off it
just like makes my heart so happy. And it's just seriously,
I haven't seen anything like it. It's amazing. That is
I mean, that is truly the dream. And when they
sing beautiful crazy because that's your song and you're like,
they know me, isn't it crazy? Though? Just like his life,

your life, these songs, these personal moments are now like
out with the world, impacting on such a big level,
and like they're affecting people, other people's lives than their
own way. And it's just like wow, I love hearing
the stories. Like people will like message me and just
tell me like their stories and how like his songs
have affected their life and like if it's a song
about me, how that's like affected them and like everything,

and it's it's insane. I never in a million years
I would have thought this was happening ever, but it's
just crazy to watch. It's exciting. It's so exciting because
I mean, it could not have happened to a better
human too. So he's just the sweetest, a little sweet peak.

I cannot say enough good things about this guy. I
know I got lucky. I think you guys both got lucky. Yeah,
that's nice things. So I like to end all my
episodes with leave your light. So just leave some inspiration,
some things you've gathered along your life that you would
like to inspire someone else with. Um. All right, So

I tweeted this probably two days ago or something, but
I've loved this little quote. It's been like Instagram, bio
before you know. So the grass is greener where you
water it. I love that, And I love that, I
mean constantly, like in today's age with like social media

and just the constant comparison that you know, people get
all the time. Um, it's not always brighter. On the
other side, what you have is what someone is probably
prying for as well. So I love that. Yeah, taking
me a while, how did you get there? I mean

I would always like compare myself to people. I mean,
I'm human, so and I still do you sometimes that
I constantly have to remind myself like I am so blessed,
Like I'm so happy with what I have. Of course,
I'm going to always be striving to be better and
to like you know, but comparing myself to someone is
not something that we'll get me there. How do you

deal with the social media comparison stuff, girl, because people,
like you said, people look at your social media They're like, gosh,
you're the dream you know. Yeah, but I mean I'm
also human, so I have bad days. Like Luke and
I like we love each other, but we fight. I
mean we don't agree on everything. Um, you know, he's
cleaning letter boxes. I'm doing laundry. Were this. We're very

relatable people. I mean, we're just very blessed, and everyone
is blessed whether they know it or not. I love that. Wow,
how do you encourage people to find their blessings when
they don't feel it. I just gotta look inside, gotta
look at your everyday life and just find will be
thankful for because everyone has something to be thankful for,

for sure. I love that. I'm preaching. Preach girl, preach
work work. Hey, thank you so much for joining me,
thank you for having me. Yes, fun, You're the best.
You can't wait for the next fine night. I know
here at your house, I'm a part it. Okay, bye,
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