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December 18, 2023 61 mins

I love this gal. Voice of an angel. Wise, colorful, textured soul. Sarah feels like she just “knows” so much about life. We talk about her first Christmas as a divorcee and the powerful song she wrote about it, “Christmas feels different this year.” Her power anthem “Get Your Fight Back” has gone viral and struck chords with so many people, including celeb Deborah Messing who makes Instagram cameo singing w Sarah. Sarah writes raw music from her soul. She so generously shares her heartbreaks and inspirations with us through her music so we all can feel and heal. Tune in now if you’ve ever felt knocked out and are ready to “get your fight back.”

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Speaker 1 (00:00):
At Caryl Lound. She's a queen and talking, so she's
getting really not afraid to feel its episode soul. Just
let it flow, no one can do we quiet. Cary

Lound is sounding care loud. Okay, well it's just a
great day. But you said diving right in. You have
a sweet, angelic voice, Sarah, thank you. I'm like, oh
my god, I don't like listening to myself talk. Is
that just a thing? I think it is a thing.
I think everyone says that about themselves. I think that's

a thing because I think you have an amazing voice,
and I love listening to you talk and sing and
oh my god, the range that you have. Yeah, today,
it hasn't always been like that? Do you build that up? Yeah?
I think my voice has definitely developed, like they that
your voice as a female keeps developing into your thirties.
So as long as you're doing it and out there

and singing, do I look at the camera or do
I look at you? I mean, we can just switch
it up however you feel. Okay, cool. I don't know
if I wasn't supposed to look there. Okay, hi, word
just a real time. Okay. You also change your hair
color all the time, which I love. I do me too,
I get bored easily. Your hair fried minus is actually

surprisingly not fried for all the color changes. Yeah, because
I've figured out a healthy way to do the blonde,
and that was the balliage. So I did it like
twice a year the last couple of years, and then
I just did my first round of like highlights, and
it has gotten a little bit like there's some breakage,
but it's not. I used to be platinum blonde, like

full on and would get it done like every month.
Do you feel different with a different hair color? Yes,
me too, Like I feel like a different version of
myself with a different hair color. Yep, okay, so tell
me the verse. Your natural oh dark, and I just
recently went back dark dark dark, and I felt totally different. See,
So tell me how you feel with your different hair
colors and why you change them. I feel like myself

when I'm blonde, and I'm not blonde. I'm a redhead naturally, yes,
Like when I was a kid, my hair was bright red,
and then as I've gotten older, it's it's more like auburn.
But now it's like brown with a hint of red.
You can see it in the sun. But and it's
very curly. So my hair has like natural like ringlets,

but I don't like it. And every time I wear
my hair curly, people are like, oh my gosh, you
have the most beautiful hair. I'm like, thanks, I hate it.
So I just do this and dye my hair blonde,
and I feel like I feel prettier. I don't know
what's weird. I wish I was. I wish I liked
my natural because you'd play with your natural color sometimes

sometimes you go back. Yeah, I mean, yeah, there's some
videos of you out with dark hair. Yeah, like two
years ago, I decided to grow all my hair out,
or maybe three years ago. I decided to grow out
my hair and just let it be natural, and I
went curly. I stayed curly for like six months. And
in your Zuma Beach video, it's curly. Yes, yes, yes,

so that's natural that I'm trying to remember what we did. Uh.
She actually told me to come naturally curly, and I
didn't listen, and so she put the curls in. But
then as the day went on, it naturally got curly,
so it was like really frizzy. I wish I would
have just come natural. You know. It's just hard to

know what to do in life, isn't it? Even with hair.
It's like we were talking about this right when you
walked in, because like, your songs are hitting me so heavy,
and so you're getting to me like your best days
and get back your fight. I was listening to get
back your fight. What you do a cool video? A
debor messing where you are like lip syncing back and
forth to teach other she's your friend, she's I don't

know her personally, but it's kind of a crazy story.
She started following me on my Instagram and started commenting
on that song every time I hit her. Yeah, so
did it hit her? It hit her? Does she tell
you how it hit her? Or is it? I don't know.
She just have it. I mean no, She just was
very sweet about it, just saying how much she loves it.

And she would post multiple times whatever I would because
I posted the song over and over, you know, in
different locations, because that's what we do as artists. So
that's a new way. So you go viral. You actually
have gone viral too, right, I guess you could call
it that, yeah, because that's what you gotta do. I mean,
it's a totally different world. I was kind of briefly
telling you about myself how I was an artist before.
But it's like that was before TikTok. Instagram wasn't here.

We would care around like flip cameras and like record
ourselves and try to put them up on YouTube or something.
And now it's like, but it's like, you gotta go
viral on TikTok, on Instagram. It's like you gotta put
videos up all the time. You're making little mini music
videos all the time. I know, you know, it's like
a full time job with the content. It is because
you instead of going to playing and maybe you still

people still do this, but instead of like getting in
a van and going and playing like dive bars, it's
like you get on your computer and you make these
awesome videos and you just keep pumping them out ntil
you hit kinda is that? Am I wrong? Am I off? No,
You're exactly right. That's what we do, and then you
go viral this and it takes so much time to
make these videos. Yeah, it does. I you know, I

sat in my my marketing department's office like less than
a year ago. This was the beginning of this year,
and they're like, Sarah, we need you to post on TikTok,
like we need you to be active on social media.
And I was just like, I started crying. I was
just like, I don't want to do this. This is

not what I signed up for, you know. I just
want to sing and write songs and perform. And then
my manager and I left the meeting is like, Sarah,
just try it for two months. We can prove them wrong.
Just try it, you know, and just post as much
as you can on uh, the social media. And so
I was like, all right, I'm gonna give it two

months and I'm just gonna post every day and just
whatever is authentic to me in the moment. I've been
doing a lot of production stuff and so trying to
learn that as a female is kind of different. And
so I'm like, all right, I'll just flip the camera
around and just put it out there and see what happens.
And and sure enough, people started noticing. And then I
posted this song get Back Your Fight one day, and

I think I went from like thirty thousand followers to
now it's grown one hundred and thirty thousand people matter
of months, resonated with that song. Yeah, I get it.
I feel it too, because I mean the lyrics where
you tell us the chorus lyrics. Yeah, I know, right,
but I have to talk and out only lyrics for me, Sarah,

I'm just seeing it notes you sing here is a lie.
We'll be all right. I promise one day you're gonna
get back your fight. Sun's gonna shine futures. I promise
one day you're going to get back your fight. It's
very simple, and then the verses there's kind of dark.
I love the verse though, because it's like some people
give their never get their heart back from the one
who broke it or something. What has that first one go?
It's like some people, I think, are you sure you're

on the right side. I might be on the right
I might be on the wrong song. Oh I think okay,
I think the beach, and some people lose their hearts
the ones who broke them never get them back in
the forever all your songs. So I'm like, oh my god,
that's so true. So I totally jump songs from get
Back Your Fight to say a beach. Yeah, but it's like,
is it from the same spot, and it's it hits

so real and I was telling you, I'm like coming
out of a hole I've been. I feel like I've
been in a dark hole for like three years, just
like trying to get out of it. And I hear
your songs and you're like with get back your fight.
You're like, don't let this, don't let this break you like,
get back your fight again, and I'm like you can
you can? You drag? Yeah? Sometimes you feel so knocked

down there, like, oh my god, am I ever gonna? Yeah? Know, yeah,
totally back up. I mean, I'm sorry that you're going through. Oh,
it's fine stuff. We all are, you know, we all
have these massive battles that we face, whether it's right
now or whether we did or whether it's in the future.
Like life is just hard. It's hard, and then it's great,

and then it's hard and then it's great. And the
waves of the ups and downs and you're like, oh
my gosh, I can't take this, and then you have
an amazing magical moment and you're like like you're like
flying in a high air balloon singing a song. Yeah,
like ever' Napa Valley, Like those moments come in it's
like wha. But maybe that was scared to you because
you hate heights, So I do that scared me, but
I did it, but I did. It's like, yeah, so

with Debora Messing my sporadical brain coming back, she obviously
connected with this song get Back Your Fight like I
did two and I hear it and then, like your songs,
it's like, we all are through this. I can see
why you grew exponentially because we're going through it. What
prompted you to write these songs? What were you going through? Also?
I wrote a Christmas song called Different Kind of Christmas?
I did, I did? You've done your research? Well, I

got hooked on you. I know why people will want
to follow you because like I didn't really I knew
knew who you were just from like the music industry,
but I hadn't like had a chance to dig in.
And then once I started digging in, I'm like, oh,
I want to like see your content, I want to
watch your videos, I want to hear your songs. Like
You're very intriguing. That's really sweet. You're great. Your voice
is great, thank you. Your story is great in the

way that you have these deep lyrics and you put
them to like very catchy songs. I'm like, oh, you're
really hitdten. It may feel so good. Yeah, well, I
do have a bit of a story. So I was
married for ten years. I were very youngried when I
was twenty two, and yeah, I married my first boyfriend

basically out of high school and really tried to make
it work, you know, and it didn't. And how did
you know it was done? I think we were so
opted for a minute, you know, I was out in
LA writing and I don't I don't really talk about
much details because honestly, me and my ex are still friends. Great,

so we way to go. Still have a deep love
for one another in respect that is so mature, And
thank you big and wise of both of y'all be
able to do that. Thank you. Yeah, it's just something
that I'm like, you know what, I will never be
the one to bash him, because you're both two imperfect
humans trying to make it work, realizing maybe it just
was better for y'all to be on your way. Yeah,

exactly and enjoy the time you had your babies. Maybe
twenty two. My mom got married she was twenty one,
and my dad and her made it work. But I mean,
it's like the seasons they've gone through and the growth
and like the different people they've become. It's like, if
you can stick that out, it's that's important because you
change so much. Yeah, it is really hard. And that's
the thing is either you change and you grow together,

or you change and you grow apart. Exactly when you're
twenty two, you don't know who you're growing into yet exactly. Yeah,
Like your brain's not even fully developed. I think as
a female, your brain doesn't fully develop until you're like
I'm probably saying this wrong, but like twenty five, twenty six,
I mean, yeah, mine didn't even finish until like forty
and I'm still developing. Yeah. Same, just always changing, always

evolving and changing your mind about things, you know. And
but yeah, it was it was really hard, you know.
I think the biggest challenge for me was becoming independent
because I was so dependent on this other human and
attached to him for so long. He was my manager,
like we were intertwined and in every aspect, in every

area of our life too. You had to start over,
so I had to rat over and just really like
I think my number one emotion leaving my marriage was fear,
like it wasn't even necessarily like a sadness. I mean
there was sadness, there was grief, but like for me,

it was just like can I do this by myself?
You know? Like I even hated like going to sleep
by myself, like I liked sleeping with another person, and
so and so I struggled with a lot of fear
and even just like can I make a living on
my own? Like I'm not like the brightest most like

not the loudest person in the room, Like I always
depended on my ex to be like the life of
the party, and that I would just kind of sit
back and I'm like, can I like hold my own
in a room? You know? And and so this year
has been me discovering Sarah. Wow, when did you get divorced?
It was final May of of twenty twenty two. So

last year, dang, you're it's fresh. It's pretty fresh. How
was the first year? Oh? Man? It was discovering Sarah?
Who is Sarah? It was hard, it was beautiful, it
was challenging. It was weird. It was all thes scary,

you know, even just like dating has been weird because
I had never dated really before. I mean I had
my little fleeings when I was a teenager, but like
dating in your thirties, I'm like, how do people do this?
Like do I need to get on an app? Like? No,
I don't think I want to do that. But then
like I've met people and have had been on one

relationship didn't work out, and then just kind of I'm like,
what is my type? Like it's been fun. I mean
I'll admit, like it's been really fun. That's good. Yeah,
I'm happy you're enjoying it. It's like a treasure hut,
Like what do I like? Yeah? And you probably have
way more confidence not thirty, in your thirties than you
did in your twenties. Totally. Yeah. I used to be envious.

I would see my like single friends, and I was like, man,
I wish I was single, because like, you just know
yourself so much more when you get older versus when
you're young, and then you just choose your partner. I
mean a lot of people do that and it works
out and that's great. But I'm really thankful honestly for
like a second chance to find love and I haven't
found that yet, you know, but I really I fell

in love with myself. Oh no, and really threw myself into,
which I don't know if this is a good thing
or a bad thing, because people are like, oh, we
see what you're doing on social media, And like I said,
with production, I'm like, okay, Sarah, you're you're kind of
in control of your own destiny now, Like what is
it that you want to do? And one of the
things that I wanted to do was learn production and

so not just the lyric and the melody of a song,
but like making the tracks and the music. You want
to make the full experience exactly. I'm like, I want to,
so you produce all of your stuff. I produced to
get back your fight. And look at that one, because
soul was flowing through it. The music sounded the way
you wanted it to. The production sounded the way like
exactly how you wanted it it sound. You know, you

don't have to rely on anybody totally. How cool and
independent to not have to rely on anybody. Yet I
think it was just a little god wink that He's like, see, Sarah,
you can be independent, Like you can do something. And
what a song that you wrote produce with that message
going viral? You know, Yeah, that is a godwink. Yes,
for sure. So I've been kind of, yeah, starting over

in a way, really shutting out a lot of voices,
and I just kind of I've been by myself a
lot honestly this past year. Is that, Like, it's been fine.
It's fine, it's fine, really fine, fine, no problems, everything's
no problem, sing by myself. I've gone through all those phases. Honestly,

I'm like, I, how congrats to let yourself do that.
Some people can't bear to do it, like some people
can't bear to be by themselves. Some people can't bear
to face themselves, can't bear to be alone because it's
too much and I much to deal with. I've had
to force myself to be alone. Way to go, is

what I'm saying. Thank you. It's hard. It's hard, but
you know, everybody when they go through something like that,
it's like it's like a death, you know, And and
so you have to allow yourself time to grieve and
to cry and to feel and it sucks and it hurts. Yeah,

but if you don't let it out now, it's gonna
come out eventually, and maybe a way that you don't
want it to because it's stuffed in there exactly. It
doesn't go anywhere. I think that's what people don't realize
is it doesn't go anywhere when you ignore it besides
deep down into yourself and it comes out, like you're saying,
sideways all sorts of ways, it's going to really mess

you up when it comes out. Actually yeah, And I
think just also the key is just you know, doing
that me by yourself, whatever you need to do, like
to heal, right, take take the time. But then, like
I love what you said earlier about how you just
share everything, You're like, I don't know. I don't know
how to not share about my throw everything happening, because
it comes out of me immediately. I start crying the

second someone's like, how are you, I'm not good. I'm
not good at all, really not doing well. Those are
my favorite type of people because I'm like, oh, you're human, Okay, great,
we can write with those. I can't even try to
put it together. I mean I can't even try to
box it up. Like you know, I feel like maybe
I tried for a long time to be something and
then eventually it all just fell apart. So now I'm

like I'm not even trying, right. But then that's probably
when you found that people were like gravitating towards you
and even your platform of like, oh, she's the real one,
she's honest. And I love hearing people's real stories, like
I love you your real story. I love hearing whatever
I talk to, your real story because then I'm like,
like you said, oh, we can work with this, Like
I can actually get some tools here and some relating

and like and like in your song, like you have
a song called like not hope you don't feel alone
or something. I don't know what which is, but not alone?
Oh a little more or less alone? Yeah, it's like
even just sharing it, just knowing that you're not alone. Yeah,
totally so helpful and comforting. And then you give each
other tools and tips and actually you become better and
you heal exactly. We need each other, We need each

other's stories. Was this album just you healing yourself? Yeah?
I think so. Actually I wrote this album most of
it as I was going through my divorce. It was
like in the middle of the feelings. It was right
in the middle. Yeah, and you captured the rawness of
that m Yeah. So the song Zuma Beach that one.

So I was out in Los Angeles, like I said,
me and my ex were kind of like separate for
a minute and I was working on this album and
then we were on a phone call. We were up
all night and it's funny, I've never shared this before,
so but we were up all night on the phone
just being like, all right, the decision is made, We're

gonna end. What a moment to make the decision? Yeah, final?
So final? Yeah. So but I knew in that moment,
I was like, yeah, it's definitely over. Like we had
had conversations, but in that moment, I'm like, it's over,
it's confirmed. And so, but I had a guy, his
name is Michael Fern, amazing, one of my favorite songwriters.
He was flying in from Nashville to LA the next

day to write with this small crew of people that
you know, were out there with me for my album.
And so, but I had been up all night. I'm like,
my eyes are just swollen. And then I think he
texted me early that morning and was just like, hey,
do you want to like go to the beach this morning,
and just kind of like, you know, chill, have a
good morning. And I'm like, actually, there's this beach that

I've been going to because I googled while I was there,
safe clean beaches in Los Angeles, which is rare. It's
hard to find, and the first thing that popped up
was Malibu Zuma Beach. And so I would go out
there on the weekends and just kind of like write
in my journal and pray and like meditate and think
and talk in my voice memos my feelings and and

so I'm like, actually, yes, there's a beach that we've
been I've been going to. We'd love to go out there.
And also when you pick me up, I have some news.
And so it was him and my publisher and I
came out with my my sunglasses on and I was like, guys,
my marriage is over. I'm so sorry you flew all
the way out here, but I don't think I can

write a song today. He's like, that's okay, We're going
to go to the beach and let's just like, you know,
talk and chill and and so we did and it
was such a beautiful moment. And then we didn't write
a song that day. But then the next day we
went in and he came in and was just like
I got I got don't know, that's dropping all of

this gold from your real life, and I just got
it real fast. He was the perfect person to be
there in that moment. He's so good at just capturing emotions.
And you're on the beach, yeah, feeling these songs that
this has been your safe place and your refuge. Yeah,
to go such a healing place, a healing moment, and

so that was a very sacred session and we were
all crying. I was doing the vocals and I was
just wow, trying to cool, but yeah, very captured the
raw emotion. So the vocals on the album, are you
crying trying to make it through? Yes, I mean there's
we definitely like it's so real. Yeah, there's there's some
cracks in the voice. We definitely cleaned it up. But

I love that because that's art and it's purest. Yeah.
I wish we had a video of it, but honestly,
it was just so it was like such a holy
moment that not even like a video or cameras or
anything would be appropriate. And did you feel holy? Did
you feel the healing happening? Yeah, it was almost like
it was like it was just rushing in, like you

had this gaping open wound and it's like you were
just like in the hospital and getting like, you know,
the medicine and healing in that moment. It's like the
role I needed to do it. Yeah, yeah, I knew
I needed to do it for myself, but also for
others too, because what did you know was going to
happen by doing that writing the song being so vulnerable.
I just knew that, you know, like you said, like

being vulnerable and being honest, it just opens up kind
of everyone to be like, all right, I relate to
this girl or this moment or this story. And maybe
it's not somebody that had gone through a divorce, but
maybe it's somebody that had a loss in their life
or going through I don't know, sickness, but I think

everybody has this like altar that they go to in
their life. You know, they're like this little safe place.
And for me, that was that place. And so for me,
I wanted to just portray to other people that they
can go to their sacred places and they can find healing.
And obviously for me it's through like God. I'm a

woman of faith, I love the Lord and my Christian
and so for me, just like having that space, it
could be anywhere, but having that space. I just really
felt like his presence and his love right there. I
felt like his arms just wrapped around me in that moment.
And so I hope that other people feel that, even
if they don't even know, because in my music now,
I don't even really say Jesus through my newer music,

and I go into places outside of the church because
I feel called there and I look out at people
and they have tears in their eyes and they're like,
I don't know why I'm crying right now, and I'm like,
I feel like there's a special calling, you know, that
I have towards people. And not to say that I
have the answers you know, or your way is right

or your way is wrong and my way is right.
I'm not ever going to be that person to be
like black or white, you know. But if they come
up to me after the shows and they're like, why
is what is it that's different about you? I share like, actually,
like I God has changed my life? How has God

changed your life? How do you know He's changed your life?
It was not just like not just like a belief
that we've been taught, how do you know? Yeah, And
for so long it was just like a religion for me, right,
it was I went to church my whole life. You know,
my parents they raised me in church Sunday mornings and
Wednesday nights. I was there, you were there. I was
singing on the praise team, leading the choirs, and for

so long it was just like going through the motions.
When I was about fifteen, I had like a crazy
encounter with God what all this stuff. I was at
a youth camp and there was some worship going on.
I really don't even fully remember what happened, but I got, like,
you gotta think I'm crazy. I don't know. I got
like knocked out, like just blacked out in the spirit,

and really, like what did that feel like? I felt
like it was just a moment where God touched my
life and showed me that he was real. Yeah. Like
I felt electricity from the bottom of my toes all
the way up to like your head, and it was
just like a god supernatural. Yeah, it was something that
I couldn't explain. It was very supernatural. Did you like

fall to the ground experience? Yeah, I think you like
passed out. Yeah, it was just the power of God
was so strong in that moment. What did your body
and your soul and everything feel like afterwards, like a
new person. Yeah. I felt like a new person and
I've never been the same since that moment. Really, it
was just like God, God, he showed up. Like I said,
it sounds so weird to just like fall out, but

it was just the path just to encountered its power
and his love and like you just knew it was certain. Yeah.
And it's not like you have a heartache because look,
I mean you just went through a heartbreaking divorce, so
it's not like it's protected you from life, but it
just gave you a knowing. Yeah, it's just this internal
like peace that you know, even when you're going through

the really painful things, Yeah, you still believe in something
bigger than God. Still feel God exactly. I have peace,
I have like a joy and just like a knowing
that everything's going to be okay, even in the divorce. Yeah. Yeah,
I mean I definitely was scared of I've had my
like human moments. I always do right, right, right, but

I always fall back, you know, to Jesus and trusted
He's just yeah, and I just that's that's how I
truly feel like his hand has been all my life
more than ever this year, I feel like his nearness
and his presence and and so I'm like, and even
before I came here, I was like, what what do

I have to talk about? Like? What did I do
in my life that's so special? Like what do I
have to say to people that they would get something
from me? I truly think that about myself of like, Sarah,
you're just a normal human. Like I'm just doing my
job and writing songs somehow. And and then I'm like, well,
I guess, you know, there has been some cool things

that I've gotten to do, you know, in my life
that people dream about doing. You know what, I think
it's so special about you? What? And I'm glad that
you said what do I have that's so special? Yeah?
I feel like a lot of people feel that way
about themselves. Yeah, you know a lot of people don't
feel their gift because it's in them, It's been in you.
It's like it's it's just a part of who you are.

Like when you look at your face and you know
what your eyes look like, and your nose look like,
your mouth looks like, you look at it, You're like,
that's just me, you know, But I look at your face,
and I see, like, what a beautiful face, and I'm
noticing it for the first time, you know, and it's
like different than mine or what I see every day.
And so it's like when you have these gifts like
you have, because I literally just like went down the

rabbit hole of Sarah Reeves and your voice is so beautiful.
It is like the tone and the texture and the
way you deliver it's so beautiful, and like your range
is so powerful and it's so natural, Like it feels
so just who you are, like breathing, Like I don't
feel like you're like trying to create something, like you're

just letting it all come out. It's how it feels
to me, like this is what you were given and
you're just expressing it. And obviously you've worked on it
and developed it, and like, you know, you have this
gift and it's you take care of it, but it's
like it's just what is a part of you. And
like the way you write these songs and the lyrics
and the way you share your vulnerability and the way
that it all comes together in a song that like

can be received from a human like myself receiving it
and then it hits me because like I'm going through,
I'm coming out of a hard season of my life,
just as like people who've listened to his notes, it's
like fertility and babies and loss and all sorts of stuff,
so many things, and it's like you hear something that
you created so naturally because you just expressed your life

and you have a way and a talent and a
gift to put it in a song form, and you
have this voice to sing it that people can love
and connect with and feel, and the way you like
in producing, the way you're creating the music. That just
putting all that together, even though that is just what
is in you. The fact that you're catching it and

you're chasing it and you're figuring out where you're drawn
to and your gifts and what you love, and you're
putting it all into a song form so others can
receive it. That is the gift, That is the holiness,
That is the magic thing. Because I feel that way
all the time, and it's so different than you, but
I'm always like God, I just feel like I am
such a This is not what you're saying, but this

is how I felt it. I feel like I'm such
an imposter, like what am I even doing talking with people?
Like who do I think I am? But then I
get in these conversations with people like you, and I'm like, well,
this is really great, you know. It's like this is
really magical. And it's like if you don't take the
time to do what you're called to do that you love,
like I love sitting on talking to you and hearing

your story and talking about your gifts. It's like, if
you didn't take the time to capture your gifts and
to put them all together and to share them, people
would really miss that healing moment and that moment of
just being able to like feel better and relate and
have a safe outlet. You know. Yeah, that's true. And
so it's a fund my favor lift. My favorite people

and artists and just people that I look up to
feel the same way. They're like, oh, I feel like
I have imposter syndrome, like what am I doing here?
And I think there is something to that because you
can tell the ones that just think they're everything, you know,
when they have the arrogance. And I think there's something
about having confidence. And I do have a confidence about

what I do. I know I'm good at what I do.
I will say that, but but I walk in rooms
even to this day, and I've been doing this for
over a decade, and I feel like I don't always
belong or I feel like, man, I hope that a
song comes out today, you know, or can I actually
do this? You know? Or walking in here? What do

I have to talk about? Like, I don't know. I'm
just a girl from Alabama, you know. And I never
really want to lose that, honestly. I don't ever want
to lose that, because that's how I honestly feel. I'm
just like, it's kind of the even in production, people like, oh,
you're killing it in production, and I'm like, if you
only saw me, like putting these videos together and putting

these tracks together, it takes me hours. You see like
a minute clip of it, but it takes me hours
to come up with something, you know. And so but
we're all kind of we're all like, in a way,
faking it till we make it, you know. That's kind
of what I'm doing. And it's working. And I know
that I'm not all the way faking it. But let's
say you're not faking it. I'm not faking it because

this is far as skill set goes, as far as
like certain like when I say production, I feel like
I'm in a way being like, Okay, I'm putting out
there jumping when because you felt the calling and you're
jumping before it's fully finished, which is what you're supposed
to do. Yeah, and that's what the people who impact
the world do. You're taking a leap before you can

see the full picture. Yes, And I can't think about
the full picture because then there's what is this? So
it's so overwhelming? Well, and the full picture isn't ever there,
you know, it's like whatever you think it is, that's
definitely not what it's gonna be. No. Never, it's never
through these wide open doors that you think, oh, this
is gonna be the moment that's gonna change everything. You know.

It's always through like the random obscure corner back window.
You know, it's like a little light. Yes, that's usually,
that's usually what gets you to these moments. And I
think you have to just keep pursuing the next heartfelt
moment that you're called to, you know exactly, you just

even if you don't know what you're doing, it's like
you didn't mean to write Zoom of Beach, but like
you just let your heart lead you and let the
vulnerability lead you, and you didn't stop it, you know exactly,
and you said it earlier. I appreciate you said something
about how it feels like I'm not trying too hard,
and that's been something I think that comes with age.

You know, in my thirties, I don't care as much
as I used to. Like when I was in my twenties,
I was so insecure and just cared about what everybody thought.
And the older that I get, the less I care
about what people think about me, and it's so freeing
and I'm just able to like relax and be myself.
You know, I used to be so I wish I
had a different personality. I wish I was so bubbly

and like, you know, just colorful and all these things,
and I'm just not. I'm pretty chill, melancholy, like laid back.
And I've learned to just embrace that about myself. And
I like that about you. Well, thank you. It's calling
me too, thank you, thank you. I've learned to love
that about myself. But for so long, you know, I

remember going to I think I was like nineteen or
twenty and I was doing an interview like this at
a radio station and I got some feedback, Like my
manager called me the next day and was just like, yeah,
the radio host said that you don't have a big
enough personality and that you're not funny enough. And one
person about how about this? One radio person feels like

they have the authority to decide what makes someone magical.
I'm freaking eighteen years old, like I'm still a child.
And also like that's just not seeing the person for
what it is, you know, for who they are, and
that just wasn't who I was. But that messed me
up for so long, and I was just like, I'm
not cut out for this, Like I think crazy. One comment, yeah,

mess you up. One comment from an idiot can mess
you up. But you're a manager, I mean, maybe you
still have the same manager. No, no, no, no, shouldn't
have even told you that, you know, like that was
a double bad move. Yeah, because nobody has the authority
to tell someone why they're great or not, because it's
it's a holy thing. Everyone's great for their own particular

God given reason, you know, and so no one has
the authority to say, your personality is not how it
should be because it's your personality is God given. So
when people say that kind of stuff, I'm like, who
on earth? I hate do you think you are? I
hate that you're so caught up in your own ego
that you don't even see the holiness of people as individuals. Yeah, anyway, Sorry,

I just went off on a rabbit hole. Oh thank you,
thanks for standing up for me. Well, I just it's
just not right, because it's just not true. Because everyone
is given a whole set of personality, little unique inklings
that are just theirs, with gifts and talents and your
circumstances and your life upbringing all the things that shaped
you into who you are. That's what makes you the
special person exactly. And you know you were all like

big personalities and extroverted the world of yap in Chihuahua. Lord,
can you imagine everyone would just be screaming at each other,
which they kind of are already. We need the calm
people to we need to bring it back, we introspective
ones to give us some insight. Yeah exactly. But so
that messed you up for a long time, that one comment.

It did. Yeah, I used to think, Man, I just
if I could just like move to another city and
just become a different person, Like I'll have like I'll
be loud, and I'll be extra and I'll be bubbly.
Like I can do this, you know, I act and
put on this character. I used to think that isn't
that crazy? Crazy? It's like, I'll just be someone else, right,

I'm going to take inventory of all the people who
I think have figured it out and are crushing it
and have the right look and the right personality and
dress this way and act this way and do this,
and I'm just gonna quickly formulate it and just become that. Yeah.
I really did think that. Yeah. Yeah, I think a
lot of us feel that way, especially before we realize

the power of ourselves, which you have. Yes. And I
think I've only scratched the surface, you know, because I
still have my moments where I get a little shy
or I'm like, I don't know, like somebody who stands
next to me and they outshine me, and I'm like, oh, okay,
I'll go over here. Nobody nobody outshines you. Oh no,
they do, girl. But it's okay, Okay. I just want
to tell you this. This is a hard No. Nobody

outshines you. You are so uniquely you are so uniquely gifted.
I'm telling you, you are your own flavor. You are
so good and like your music is so real and
the way you produce it is so real, and nobody
is out trying to you. You're very cold. You are
very much your own contribution, and I'm trying to learn that.

I think. I yeah, I'm getting there. For the most part.
I do love myself, I really do. But yeah, it's
not easy, especially when we live in this world of comparison.
We'll take you right down. Spending way too much time
on social media. It really doing this what? And But
that's the crazy part is like, you know, I post

all these highlights, you know, on my social media. I'm
pretty active now your social media, I've embraced it. I
have embraced it. I mean, you got great content. It's
cool content too, thank you, and it's like really intriguing
and it's like real life stuff, but it's always in
cool settings. I'm like, God, you're really doing it well,
thank you. But you know, yes, I've done some really

cool things this year. But also so you know, sometimes
when I'm posting things. It's something I've done like two
months ago, you know, and I'm like in my pj's
laying in bed and like miserable or depressed or something
or like having a bad day. And then I'll just
post that and people like, oh, what are you doing today?
What are you I'm like, Oh, I'm just chilling in
my bed, you know. So it's so funny. We have

to be careful because you know, we have all this
stuff on our phones that we can post. And yes,
I've done amazing things, but it's not always rainbows and
butterflies and highlights, you know. No, no, no, no there.
I like Michael and I are trying to meditate. My
husband's same is Michael. We're trying to meditate now because
they say with meditation, which this makes a lot of

sense to me, Like we get on this loop in
our mind. You know, it's like a hamster whel So
you have all the things that are stressing out, all
the traumas that you're going through, all the pain that
you're experiencing, the grief, whatever, the joys, the highlights, the
job stuff, like all the to do lists. It's like
what you you know, like everything there's a whole freaking
list that we just are constantly running through in our head.

And everybody's list is different. So when you meditate, it
just like you stop your brain. That's why I love yoga.
You stop your brain and like you just make it
me blank. And so like all these thoughts that like
want to come and just like start yapping at you
and like getting you back on the to do list,
getting you back on that grind, It's like, no, you
just stop and you stop your brain for like that

amount of time, and you push those thoughts out and
you literally just clear your brain and it's like, oh
my god, I give your brain a break from having
to keep that list going. Yes, and then when you
come back, after you've done your meditation and stopped your
brain and just gotten it silenced, maybe you don't even
want to pick your list up anymore. Maybe you have
a chance to think about it and you're like, oh,
that isn't actually serving me to think about that and

to obsess about that and distress about this. Yeah, like
I need to stop and like slow down. Yes, totally, No,
that's so productive and powerful to just stop and rest.
I've also realized the magic and the greatness for artists
and people who have these moments like they're Chris Stapleton
moment or whatever, you know, like we're finally you get

on the stage with Justin to really like in the
world for the first time, finally can see how great
it is. You know where it's been great all along,
but you need the moment to make it happen. But
it's like you, it's like you're so great, you're so authentic.
You're pouring your heart out. You're making this music come
from your soul, like you're sharing your story. You're helping
people heal, you're healing yourself, you're putting it out, you're

showcasing yourself over and over again. You're doing the work.
We're finally it's just gonna happen like a moment, like
it already did happen, like with the you know, get
your fight back. It's like it'll just happen because the
world needs it and it's just a matter of time
before it's received because it's real. It's so true, but
it's real. What you're doing is real. Yeah, thank you

for that. And I have a lot of aspiring artists
come up to me and they're like, you know, how
do you go viral or how do you put yourself
out there? And you know, I've tried. I've tried social media,
I've tried posting, and it doesn't work. You know. I
don't know what I'm doing when it comes to TikTok,
you know, and I'm just like, I try to be kind,

you know, but in the back of my mind, I'm like,
I feel like people are just lazy. And I'm like,
you want to write songs, you want to get to
the platforms, but you don't want to put in the work,
you know. And that's the thing is, you've got to
It takes more than just one thing to put out
there and oh, well, I tried, it didn't work, you know.
It actually takes like I mean, I've been you know,

on on Instagram posting like I plateaued it like thirty
forty thousand followers for years, and then it just took
that one song, just one song, for it to grow
over one hundred thousand, and so I'm like, okay. And
some would look at that and be like, oh, that
was an overnight success, you know, but they don't see

like the year and the labor and the you know,
writing the bad songs. To get to the good song,
not even the bad songs, but the the good songs,
to get to the great songs and going through those
things in life and then somehow channeling that energy into
a song and somehow like that translating to people at

the right time, and then it just blowing up. Like
you can't strategize that. You just have to, you know,
wake up in the morning and just be like, all right,
I'm gonna try today and we'll see what comes out.
And it's like going to the gym. You know, you're
not going to see results right away, like probably for

like six months at least for me, Like I'm not
going to see results. You know, you got to get
in there every single day. You got to like put
in the work. And that's what I tell people. I'm like,
and I'm still I look at my social media. I'm
like I should be way further along, you know. I'm
looking at other people being like how do I get
over here? And then they're looking at me being like
how do I get there? Then there's people that looking
at them, being like how do I get there? Exactly know,

but I'm always looking at We're always looking at other
people being like, oh, I want to get to that level.
Theirs is just the same thing. And I've realized this
from doing these podcasts and just living life. It's like,
you just get to the oh my god, the level
that you're wanting to get to. You get there by

just doing the work every day and showing up authentically
and getting better and growing and learning and putting yourself
out there. And then finally, one day it just all
connects in a certain way and it takes you up
to another level, right, and you can't plan for it.
And that's how everybody who's on these next levels got there,
whether they know it or not, they finally just it
just all connected and they leveled up. And it's just

that's all it is, is it just keep showing up,
keep trying, keep being awesome, keep doing your gifts, keeping
chiseling it, chipping away at it, and then one day
it'll connection, you'll go to another level, and then it'll
continue like that forever. So you might as well stop
looking around, is what I tell myself, because it's like,
get ideas, right, and it's so important to like see
inspiration and be like, oh that's possible. Oh that gives

me an idea to do this for me or whatever.
But it's like, ultimately, it's your own race. There's no
way to no one else. There's nothing else to do
but run your own race. Exactly. You can't. Yeah, yeah,
comparison will I've heard the quote comparison is the thief

of joy. Yeah it is, and it's so true, Like
you have to kind of stay in your lane. Yeah,
get inspiration, get ideas. But I think people these days,
they can like they can sniff out the bs, you know,
they can like tell if you're not being authentic, and
so you have to be authentic, like what is it
that you carry that nobody else? Like what gift do

you have? What is it that's unique about you? What
do you have to say? What's your story? It's not mine,
you know, So don't come to me for the answers.
Like I think it's just tapping into ourselves and just
be like, all right, this is what I have to
offer and being willing to share it. Yeah. Yeah, and
you don't have to share it, Like I don't share
half of what I've been through, you know, because I'm

a pretty private person. I don't like airing out my
dirty laundry, you know. But I share enough to where
people are like, oh, should have been through something, you know,
like and I'll say through my lyrics certain things that
I've that I the emotions that I feel from certain
things that I've been through. And so I think there's
definitely like attacked and like you can be delicate with

certain things, like there's a I don't know the word
that I'm trying to find, but yeah, you don't have
to like air out everything. And that's what I'm learning,
is I mean, like you's strategic, but that's strategic, but like, yeah,
you don't. Yeah, you just you don't have to tell
everything to everyone, but when you do, you can be
you go all the way exactly and you can just

I think, like I said, people can tell whether you're
being authentic or not. Yeah. So I love that, Sarah.
I love it. I am inspired by you. I'm I
love your songs like you're someone I just would want
to listen to. Oh that's very sweet, and I feel
like you are. I really feel like you are walking
in your God given gift and journey and I feel

like you're figuring out a way to keep yourself in
alignment with like your truth and your like real reason
for doing this. Yeah, And I just think that that
always is it. And I just know because you're living
like this and doing this and putting yourself out there
in this way that like, I mean, I believe in
God too. It's like God's going to use you. And

I think about that this all the time about myself.
I'm like, God, you're doing some work on me, not
to use me. Yeah, you know. I'm like you were
like putting me through it not to like totally use me.
And it's like the same as you. It's like you're
learning these lessons. You're like keeping your faith, You're feeling God,
you're trusting, You're like showing up in a dark world
as a light over and over again, and like believing

in the higher calling. It's like God is not gonna
not use all this goodness of you, Yeah, because we
need it. The world needs it. The world truth is
dark and light and like I feel like more than ever,
you can just feel the spiritual warfare and like the
tension and it's like the light has to be used, yes,
and that is you. Yeah, thank you. I appreciate you

saying that, and I love what you're doing too, and
just the platform that you have and everything that you've
been through is not in vain at all. Like I
know it has to make sense one day, right, Nothing
is wasted, no tear is wasted, It really isn't. I've
been in that acceptance right now because and I was
telling Sarah this, like I'm not trying to get like
all into this. I've talked about miscarriage before in the past,
and like, you know, it's just I have one beautiful,

amazing daughter, Sonning, who I love so much, and like
we're so blessed that it's like when you deal with loss,
which I'm dealing with again, it's like, oh my God.
And it's just like you know, like you have this
even with like your marriage, like you know, you were married,
you got married because you planned on being married, and
then that dream goes away. And it's like you know,
when you find out you're pregnant and then that goes away.

It's like you know, you've created this whole other life
and then it ends, and it's just like acceptance. Acceptance
is like the hardest lesson and I think I'm just
getting this one beat over my head these days. Is
except that God has a plan for you and accept
that I had had this idea of how I thought
life would be, and then when it's not, just to

trust that God has a plan and it's not wasted. Yeah,
that's hard. It is very hard. It's really hard. I'm
really like getting it on this one because I'm like,
I have no other strategy, you know, I've been beat
down so hard with this one particular lesson of acceptance,
and I'm like, okay, God, I mean literally, I'm just
gonna trust you m that, like this pain is for

a big reason. And I'm just like, I don't know.
I can't see a future, I can't see a plan.
I don't know how to make sense of this, but
I just have to, like, and you know, I get
worried because then I'm like, okay, we're not gonna have
any more kids, Sondy's being an only child, and then
I go down this rabbit hole of fear like is
she gonna be statuy and I'm a sibling and yeah,
but it's like stop stop stop fine, right, stop it, yeah,
like stop all this fear I'm living. I'm creating questions

and fear and scenarios that just are out of my control.
So just have faith and accept and I'm like, I
can't do it. I can't do it. God. I need
to know a plan, but I'm having to learn that. Yeah,
and trust that God has a good plan. Exactly how
do you do that? I mean, I don't know. That's

the thing is, like I whenever I go through stuff
like that, and just what you're saying, Like, I think
in these moments, the last thing I want is for
somebody to come up to me and be like, God
has a plan. Just trust God, you know. But I
hat you're feeling is good to serve. Yeah, it's like
I don't want to hear that. You know. I know

it's true. I know he does, but he and you
look back on history and people's stories. He always redeems
it and uses it for a higher calling. But you
still have to go through it. Yeah, exactly. I girl. Yeah,
there was this girl that came up to me when
I was in the thick of my divorce and you know,

I was crying and I was just like I don't
know what to do. And she came up and she's like, Hey,
no matter what happens, everything's gonna be okay. And I
don't know why, but like that little phrase just wrapped
around my soul and I just never let go of that.
And it was something that I also say to other
people that are going, I know that's It's kind of

the same thing as saying like God has a plan,
you know, it's everything's gonna but for some reason, like
that simple phrase, like it's all gonna be okay, no
matter what happens, Like it's been true. Yeah, I look
back and I'm like, yeah, I'm fine, Like I'm let's
off breath of my lungs, like I'm fine, Like I'm
here doing the thing, you know, Like, yeah, it sucks
and it's hard, but like life has been okay. You know,

it's actually been more than okay. And so I hang
on to that phrase and and also just like being
okay to sit in the pain, you know, and just
letting it out and grieving. It's like we have to,
like I said earlier, we have to do that, otherwise
it'll just like stay in there and so be sad. Yeah,

everybody has broken dreams. That's what I've realized too. It's
like for so long I was able to like keep
pushing this boulder up the hill, and like I think
things would not go high want of them to go.
But I was able to like nagle it back on
track somehow or like it wasn't like too huge of
a of a crash that like it was a total car,
you know, I was able to keep kind of swerving

it and getting it back. And then finally it's just
like with like losses, with like the baby journey, I'm
just like, oh my god, I can't force this the
way I want it, you know, And it's and then
you see other people who like are getting what you wanted,
and you're so happy for them, but you're like, what's
wrong with me? Like why is this not happy? It's

probably how you look around other artists, like why do
I not have this particular set of circumstances they have?
But it's also like because this is my journey, because
this is what I'm supposed to be doing, because this
is my lessons. Is they have their own lessons. They
have their own boulders that are crashing, they have their
own total cars. You know. It's like exactly, you have
a divorce that you're having to go through. I have

this loss that I'm going through. We probably maybe we
won't ever have the same heartaches, but it's like everybody
has their own stuff, and maybe they do overlap, but
it's also like there's no point in like looking at
one person and thinking like, oh my god, that person
is like rocking it because they are behind the scenes
dealing with some major heart heartbreaking things too, you know exactly.
I think, you know, just the thing that I fall

back on to is is gratitude and just to not
to ignore the negative things that are happening, but to
really wake up in the morning and just like think
about all of the things in my life that I
should be grateful for, you know, Like I have a
good family, I'm able to like live in an amazing

place and pay my rent every month and not worry
about that. With your passion, yeah, I do what I
love for your job, like, yeah, that's amazing. Yeah, Like
I may not have, you know, And I fear the
things that you're saying, like, oh, you know, my daughter
may not have a sibling. I'm like, I may never
find a husband, I may never have a child, right,
Like that's a scary thought. And I go down that

rabbit hole and I'm like, wow, that's I don't want
to think about that, you know, But I am thinking
about like, okay, but my life is full and it's good,
you know. And and I look at you and I
walk even like driving up here, I'm like, wow, look
at this amazing house and oh she's got a husband
that's doing his thing in there, and cute room with

her daughter set up, and like I'm just like wow,
I'm looking at you being like, that's that's the coal,
you know, and so and I'm not putting you. I'm saying,
don't be totally. No, it's what you were going back
to earlier. It's like the chain of effect. And I'm
looking over here and I'm like, I can't believe that
this is gonna maybe be my reality, you know. And

it's like it's a great reality. And I know it's
a great reality, but it's like you hang on to
that moment of sadness, in that moment of loss, in
that moment of what you didn't have, don't have, it
might not ever get. Yeah. So I think it's just like, Okay, yes,
I'm gonna grieve this, but I'm also gonna choose to
be grateful with what I have, right no, and know

that there are people in this world that are suffering, right,
really suffering exactly, and and I just have to be like,
all right, perspective, Yeah, let me step back for a
minute and put my life into perspective. Oh wow, life
is beautiful. You know, it's really amazing. So okay, I'm

gonna be grateful for that, and not that I can't
want these other things, and not that I can't be
sad about things that I lose or even you know,
like in your case, yes, it's awful. And I do
believe that God is going to give you another child.
I really do believe that. But even if he doesn't,
even if he doesn't, life is good. Yeah, And I

just believe that with my whole heart that if we
just embrace that reality and the gratitude and the things
that we do have, then you know, our hearts will
be full of joy no matter what happens. And it's
like you said in the song Zuma, which I love
this line. It's like, oh, I have to say it perfectly.

It says some people lose their heart to the one
who broke them. And I'm like, yeah, let's just talk
about that for one minu and we'll wrap up. But
it's just like, you have this choice in your life
and it's like you said earlier, you have to agree
that you have to feel, that you have to feel emotions.
But like you have this choice where it's like I'm
going to forever say stuck in this heartbreaking, awful feeling

that wrecked me from this situation or human or whatever
happened the circumstance. This was so painful and so hard
for me, and it rocked me so deeply that I'm
not ever going to get out of this place. I'm
going to stay here. I'm going to I'm so destroyed
that I'm going to just stay here because I'm not
ever going to find the energy to get out of it.

And this one moment that is very big and very painful,
but it's not my whole life, but it's this one
really big tidal wave moment that hit me. I'm going
to let my house stay flattened forever. I'm not going
to rebuild it. I'm going to just die right here. Yeah,
you know. And it's like you have that choice, and
I get it. And some people have tragedies and traumas
that are so big that like you literally don't have

the strength, you don't feel like to get out of it.
But it's like that's why I love your songs. And
it's like you can die in that spot and some
people can let it just stay there and nobody's going
to you. Everybody's gonna understand because it sucks. But then
you also have this moment that's why I love your
music to like don't let the fight song like your

last fight, You're gonna get back. You're gonna get back
your fight. You also have this moment where after you
like get through your grieving and your pain, where it's like, Okay,
that happened, that was awful, but like I still am alive.
Like you're saying going back to the gratitude part of
life instead of the pain that took you down and
crushed you. It's like, yeah, I know that feeling and

it's awful and I could live there forever, but like
there's also these other feelings that I have to choose
from that are so good, and I'm going to choose those, yeah,
because I'm still here and I'm gonna do the best
I can, and so I'm gonna keep moving forward, you know.
And it's like you have that choice, and that's why
I love your music, because you're saying that in your songs. Yeah,
well you can choose to let it, as Kelly Clarkson

would say, and it either kills you or makes you stronger,
and so or what doesn't kill you makes you stronger,
it does and that is so true. And you can
channel all of that heartache and use it for good.
And people think about all the people that you're impacting
with your story, like more than you know, more than

you realize, more than you can count now and in
the future. So it's such a beautiful thing. And I'm
proud of you. I know we just met, but I'm
proud of you for doing this well. Thank you, Sarah.
And I'm proud of you because your music hits me
where my life hits me. It's like you're putting words
to how I feel inside. And it's like when I
heard that, uh you know what I keep saying with
the get back up, You're your fight, get back a fight.

I hear that song and I'm like, and that's why
never messing. It hits you up, because for whatever reason,
it hit her too. It's like when you are at
the losing end of a fight, which like I am
right now, you know, and a lot of us feel
it's like, oh, Okay, I can do this. Yeah, I
can do this. I can do this, and then you
hear that song, You're like, Okay, thank you for those words,

thank you for that music, Like thank you for telling
me this because I need that. You know. It's like
we all need each other's gifts and contributions to help
us heal and keep going. That's so true. So I
just appreciate you, Sarah. Thank you. I think you're amazing
and I love your voice, I love your songs, I
love what you're doing. I think your content is amazing.
So whatever, putting yourself out there and doing the hard work,

like you said, in action, it's amazing. Yeah, thank you.
I always wrap opp tunity here, I was wrap up.
You're welcome. Thank you for would leave your light. And
it's super open ended. We've had a very heartful conversation,
so the whole thing is light. But what do you
want people to know just in general? Yeah, that's a

great question. I know it's so simple, but I just
want people to know that they're not alone, because like
everything that we've been talking about, you know, you pass
somebody on the sidewalk, the street or at the grocery
store or wherever, like, they all have something that they're battling.

They all have something that they're going through, and probably
nine out of ten of them thinks that they're alone
and what they're facing, and they're not. There's nothing new
under the sun, and so yeah, you're not alone. That's
what I would say to people. And God's got you.
Whether you believe it or not, it's fine. God's got you.

He does have a plan. And yeah, everything's gonna be okay. Andrese,
I was wrapped around my soul. I'm gonna keep saying it.
Everything's gonna be okay. I love that, Sarah. I also
just want to add to what you said because I
agree completely that there's my little light that I feel
like if you are at the bottom of like you're saying,

at the bottom of your tidal wave, like you have
been wrecked. Just now echoing you, all the people that
you respect and love the most, who you look up to,
have also been wrecked. They just got back up. They
figured out how to get their fight back, exactly, and
that's the only difference, exactly. And nobody's more special than

you because everybody hates the freaking mat they really do.
The greatest people, the greatest influencers, have gone through the
hardest battles. They just got back up. They found their
fight again and that's it, and that's the only difference. Yep,
so I love it. Everyone listen to Sarah's music Best Days.
That's your album. It's out, It's out, I mean music platform.

All the songs are so inspiring. I appreciate you. This
is so fun. You're awesome. You're such a fan, such
a fan. Bye bye.
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