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March 25, 2024 49 mins

Get ready to put your movie knowledge to the test as Movie Mike challenges you to identify some of the most obscure quotes. From cult classics to blockbuster hits, listen to see if you can guess where these lines are from as Mike gives stories about each quote and movie. In the Movie Review, Mike talks about A24’s Love Lies Bleeding starring Kirsten Stewart. She plays a character named Lou who  is a reclusive gym manager who falls hard for Jackie, an ambitious bodybuilder who's heading to Las Vegas to pursue her dream. Their love soon leads to violence as they get pulled deep into the web of Lou's criminal family. In the Trailer Park, Mike talks about the first looks at the sequel to the 1988 classic "Beetlejuice Beetlejuice" As expected, OG cast members Michael Keaton, Catherine O’Hara and Winona Ryder appear… and it looks like new star Jenna Ortega might be responsible for the return of Keaton’s devilish ghoul. 


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Speaker 1 (00:00):
Hello, and welcome back to movie Mike's movie podcast. I
am your host Movie Mike, and today I want to
see if you can name the obscure movie quote. Movie
quotes are a passion of mine. I pulled some of
my favorite most obscure movie quotes. We're gonna test your
movie knowledge to the extreme. Today. We're gonna separate the
casual movie fan from the straight on cinophile. In the

movie review, we'll be talking about the new Kristen Stewart
romantic thriller Love Lies Bleeding, and in the trailer park,
the eighties are having a moment, and we have our
first look at Beetlejuice too. Thank you for being here,
thank you for being subscribed. Shout out to the Monday
Morning Movie crew. And now let's talk movies.

Speaker 2 (00:40):
In a world where everyone and their mother has a podcast,
one man stands to infiltrate the ears of listeners like
never before in a movie podcast. A man with so
much movie knowledge, he's basically like a walking IMTB with glasses.
From the Nashville Podcast Network, this Movie Mike movie watching movie.

Speaker 1 (01:04):
Quotes feel like they are fewer and farther between, and
that makes me sad. I love me a good movie quote.
I think a couple of contributions to that is one
that movies and media in general right now don't really
have a whole lot of rewatchability. Things come out, we
watch them, we love them, and then they go away,
and very few times do I go back and rewatch

things that are newer. When I go back and rewatch
old movies or old TV shows, it happens to be
things that I grew up with. You get that feeling
of nostalgia. And with Netflix putting out new things every
single day, every single week, it's hard for me, in particular,
who watches a whole lot of new movies, but to
go back and rewatch things because I always feel like

I need to be watching something new so I can
talk about it here on the podcast, let you know
whether it's good or not. But there's just this undying
pressure to watch something new. With all the things that
just get released every single week, it's hard to keep up.
And I think the way you really attach yourself to
a movie quote is that you would rewatch movies again
and again and back in the day when you renting it,

which we don't do anymore unless you do it digitally
rewatching it on VHS or DVD, and through all those
rewatches is where you build up those movie quotes and
they really become a thing. So I think with the
amount of things we have to watch right now, it
is harder for individual lines to really stick out. And

the other thing I feel like in a lot of movies,
at least in Hollywood blockbuster movies, the writing has really
really taken a step back, and there's been less of
a focus on creating memorable dialogue, to the point that
whenever a movie does have really good dialogue, I feel
the need to highlight it every single time because when

you do see or hear that, it is so impactful
and so out of the norm. Right now, and with
less creative dialogue, that means that movie quotes are going
to so So my challenge for everybody making movies right
now is make more memorable dialogue so we can have
new movie quotes, because you're gonna see from this list
I put together, a lot of it is stuff that

I grew up with most recent as maybe in the
last ten years, but we need some new movie quotes
to add to this list. And in this episode specifically,
I wanted to do a game to see if you
can guess the obscure movie quote, because I think if
you listen to this podcast, you probably know all the
big ones, the ones that get overused, the ones that

maybe could be considered cliche or overrated just because everybody
knows them. But the ones I wanted to focus on
are these really obscure words, lines, and quotes for movies
that have stuck with me over the years. So this
is gonna be the ultimate test of how big of
a movie fan are you. I will play you a
movie quote, give you the year this movie came out,

and see if you can figure it out. I try
to pull from all different types of genres, but here's
the thing. When it comes to movie quotes, so many
of them come from comedies because it goes back to
that type of dialogue. For some reason, it is comedies
that have the most memorable dialogue. So I would also
lump in romantic comedies to that, but it just seems

like as a whole that genre just dominates movie quotes
because the script in a comedy is so crucial to
having a good movie. So again, I'm gonna play the quote,
see if you can figure it out. I'll give it
the year and these will progressively get harder as we
go along. So if you think the first one is
too easy because it's not that obscure, we'll just wait

until we get all the way down to number fifteen.
So to kick it off, here is the first obscure
movie quote. Name the movie and big all fat Rami.
That one should be pretty easy. This character has a
really distinct voice. The year is nineteen ninety four. And
again here's the movie quote and big all fat Rami.
This is not the biggest quote from this movie, but

the one I find to be one of the most
memorable obscure movie quotes. And the answer is Forrest Gump.
I just love that seed of him going through all
of the different types of rain, and that one always
just stick out to me, just big old fat rain. Obviously,
I think the most overrated movie quote in this movie
is life is like a box of chocolates. That is

probably the first movie quote I learned. Ever. I think
even before I watched Forrest Gump, I knew that quote
to the point that I saw it in the movie,
I was like, oh, that is what that is from.
But there are so many great really obscure movie quotes
in Forrest Gump, that one just happens to be my favorite.
So again, starting off easy, here we go. Here's the

second obscure movie quote. Hey guys, cool, big golf, sir,
all right, well see you later. Also from nineteen ninety four,
can you name that movie? Here's that obscure movie quote again,
Hey guys, cool, big golfsh all right, well you later.
There's a famous story behind this quote. This actor is

known for improvising lines, and in this scene specifically, there
are two other people he is interacting with that are
actually not actors at all. They weren't even paid for
their role because they didn't have any speaking lines. Which
if you watch a movie and notice there are extras
that don't say anything, and it feels weird at times
because you have these two maybe three main characters talking,

having a conversation, and there are other people that, if
you were in a normal situation, would definitely have something
to say or react to what is going on. That
is because if an extra speaks a line, that person
has to be paid. They don't always have to be
credited in the movie credits, but if anybody speaks a
line in a movie or a TV show, it starts

to become a more and more expensive production. So in
this case, these two other people who were in this
scene didn't make any money. So here's the quote one
more time. Hey guys, ooh big golf suh. All right, well,
see you later. And that movie is dumb and dumber.
That is essentially me in every single social situation I

get into. I have nothing to say. I am so
socially awkward. My biggest worry every time I am with
a group of people is I Am going to run
out of topics to talk about unless they want to
talk about movies. And even if they want to talk
about movies, my social anxiety takes over and I feel
like I'm talking too much or feel like I'm way
too nerdy. So that is me, That is me making conversation.

Moving on to obscure movie quote number three. Can you
name this movie?

Speaker 2 (07:35):

Speaker 1 (07:35):
You were hauling so much ass? That is a movie
quote from two thousand into a very unorthodox movie. It
is one of my favorites that I just happened to
throw on the TV the other day just because I
needed to watch something to make me laugh. But here's
that movie quote. Again, dude, you were hauling so much
ass place your final guesses in Now that movie is

from two thousand into Jackass the movie, and that is
band mar Jerra's reaction to Johnny Knoxville flipping a golf
cart almost severely injuring himself. And I think for a
period in my life when I watched so much Jackass,
I started to speak like all the Jackass crew and
Van Margia and all of his group of friends from

like the Cky crowd. We're all from Pennsylvania, so Bam
would kind of talk like theis and I would always
try to emulate that. I wasn't even doing it on purpose.
I just watched it so much twenty four to seven,
whether it be Jackass, Viva labam Cky Wild Boys, and
my mom would get annoyed with me talking like Bammargia.
And even though he says ass in that clip, it

sounds like it says Ace. That's what I would always do,
holling Ace. I did see Johnny Knoxville has a new
movie coming out. It's a baseball movie. My dream interview
on this podcast is Johnny Knoxville. I tried so hard
whenever Jackass four came out, so you best believe I'm
gonna start hitting up every contact I have to make
that happen. Moving on now to number four. Can you

name this obscure movie quote celebrating its twenty fifth anniversary.
I remember laughing so much at this scene whenever I
first watched this movie. I'll explain exactly what is happening
in this clip and the reason I was laughing so hard.
But again, here is that obscure movie quote number four,
and that movie is South Park, Bigger, Longer, and uncut.

It is the scene wherever they dare Kenny to light
his fart on fire, and then Kenny is engulfed in
flames and they are trying to put him out. And
if you're unfamiliar with the show South Park, you're probably
a more refined individual than I am. But in every
single episode of that show, Kenny dies in some really
weird way, some really brutal way. And in the movie,

he goes out by well lighting is fart on fire,
and then Cartman, who is that voice you heard there,
is trying to put out the fire with a stick,
and instead of being concerned with this friend Kenny on fire,
who is probably going to die, is instead worried about
the stick being on fire. That is obscure movie quote
number four. Moving on to number five, can you name

this movie? Who shut your mouth when You're talking to Me?
I just love the reaction from the actors in this movie.
This scene takes place in the opening part. You have
some people in a legal hearing, and this is what
one person says to the other party. Again, here is
that movie quote, who shut your mouth when You're talking
to me? And that movie is from two thousand and

five Wedding Crashers. The two thousands were riddled with great
movie quotes, comedies in particular. If I could go back
and recreate one decade of movies, it would be two
thousands comedies. And speaking of two thousand comedies, this isn't
a full on comedy. It's kind of a dramedy. But
here is obscure movie quote number six.

Speaker 2 (10:58):
Can you just hold on for I'm on my Hamburger phon?

Speaker 1 (11:02):
This movie had so many great memorable movie quotes. This
one was more on the obscure side. But I remember
at this time in two thousand and seven, this was
a really big time for movie quote merchandise. Any movie
that came out had to have some T shirt at
hot topic with any obscure movie quote because people were
eating these up. I think the movie that really started

this trend was Napoleon Dynamite, which was kind of an
unexpected hit in the early two thousands and did really
well on merchandise. And the two thousands were also a
time where graphic te's were king. You weren't cool unless
you went to j. C. Pennies or Walmart and got
a funny graphic tea with something novel written on it. Now,
I'm not gonna lie, it looks a little bit outdated

if you're out in twenty twenty four with a graphic
t like this. Hey, if that's your thing, more power
to you. But also you're probably stuck in another decade.
But again, here is that movie quote. Can you just
hold on for a second. I'm on my Hamburger pun
And that is from two thousand and seven Juno. What
a great movie that really holds up as a fantastic cast,

a fantastic soundtrack, and a bunch of killer movie quotes.
Moving on, now here's obscure movie quote number seven. Getting
out of the comedy genre, we're going into a more
serious action movie, It's like a reward. Now, this quote
had a bit of a moment on TikTok where people
took that sound and started applying it to their videos

showing how they reward themselves, and this was the movie
quote that would always play in these videos. It's like
a reward. And it was so much so that I
forgot that it was actually a movie quote until I
saw another video of somebody doing the origins of all
these TikTok sounds, and then they showed this scene. I
was like, oh my gosh, how did I not put
that together before? But here is that movie quote one

more time. It's like a reward. And that movie is
from twenty twelve Django Unchained. So this is a scene
towards the beginning the movie wherever Jamie Foxx's character meets
up with Christoph Walt's character and he is explaining to
him what a bounty is and he says, well, it's
like a reward. That is my favorite thing about the Internet,

how the most obscure thing can blow up to be
such a huge trend in this movie. Scene also has
one of my favorite uses of food in a movie,
which is something that Quentin Tarantino is famous for. He
deserves a reward for how good he made that beer
look that they were drinking, the way they slice the
foam off the top. That is your reward, my friends.

Here we go. Now, how you doing? We're almost halfway
through the game. Here is obscure movie quote number eight.
Keep it up. Oh that's a quick one. Can you
guess that one? Can you make out the actor? Here
it goes again? Keep it up? You know what, I'm
gonna give you a couple more movie quotes from this
movie because it is one of my favorites. Here's another
obscure movie quote from the same movie. Oh Jan I

Ain't got no Agle. There is this one again, Oh
Jank Gott. And finally, here's one more movie quote from
this same movie. Just because these are also obscure. You
already ask me that. Can you name? That movie from
two thousand and seven went on to win Best Picture
at the Academy Awards. It's one of my at least
top fifteen movies of all time, maybe top twenty. That

movie is No Country for Old Men. Those first two
are from the movies opening, where Josh Brolin's character stumbles
upon this scene that was a shootout, a deal gone wrong.
That's where this one first comes from. He sees a
guy that has been shot is really just barely hanging
onto life and is asking for water. Tell them I

got no agua. And then he goes home to talk
to his wife, and then they have that funny interaction,
which I guess is how they decided to portray the
way Texans flirt. Keep it up. And then the other
obscure movie quote from that movie is one of the
best just simple villain scenes of old time, with Javier
Bardim's character Anton Sugar having this really sinister interaction with

the store clerk. Oh Man. Such a good movie all
the way around. But that was number eight, and now
here we go number nine. Can you name this obscure
movie quote? This is a tough one. I'll give you
a couple of clues here. The year is nineteen ninety nine.
The person saying this movie quote is no longer alive.
Was one of the greatest stand up comedians of all time,

just so naturally funny. He also had a major TV
show that I feel is so underrated and I wish
was on a streaming service now so I could go
watch some of these episodes an actor who has gone
way too soon. But in this movie he actually wasn't
one of the main characters. It was just a supporting
cast member. But here is that movie quote again. Can

you name that obscure movie quote. I'll give you a
couple more seconds. I will tell you the actor is
Bernie mac And the answer is Life from nineteen ninety
nine with Eddie Murphy and Martin Lawrence. How they get
wrongfully accused of a murder and have to go to prison.
This was a movie I think for the first time

I watched it on cable, and it probably took me
a couple of times to actually watch this entire movie
because I would always just catch it at different times.
So my timeline of this movie was a little bit
shifted around because I think for the longest time, I
had never seen it from the very beginning, because I
would either catch it at the end catch it in
the middle. And it wasn't until I got Netflix, the

first version of Netflix, wherever you could rent DVDs and
they would just mail them to your house. This was
one of the first movies I wanted to rent because
I told myself, I need to see this movie from
the beginning a hilarious movie. It's not a full on comedy,
but with Eddie Murphy and Martin Lawrence, how could it
not be hilarious and with Bernie Mack. Moving on now
to number ten, here is this obscure movie quote. It's

really quick. No I'm I'm a process server. Now the
actual obscure movie quo quote. Here is one that I
say all the time. It is the first voice you hear,
the one who says Jine Jews. Here it is again, No,
i'mhind sheen, I'm a process server. This movie from two
thousand and eight is arguably one of the last great

comedies of the two thousands. If it wouldn't have been
for The Hangover coming out in two thousand and nine,
this one would have been a strong close out to
the decade, and it mixed his comedy with action with
stoner humor. Here's that movie quote again, can you name it? No,
i'mhind sheen, I'm a process server. That is James Franco

saying that quote. The other voice you hear is Seth Rogan.
The movie is Pineapple Express. If there was one comedy
from the two thousands that I hope would get a sequel,
it would honestly be this one and as good as
it is on its own, and as many remakes as
we have right now, I just feel like James Franco
hasn't done a movie at least in the comedy space

that I've loved in a while. And Sogan, I feel
like he wouldn't be too above doing another Pineapple Express.
I feel like we'd have a better chance of getting
a sequel to this and then super Bad, and then
if you throw Danny McBride back in there, I think
it would be hilarious. All Right, we have five left.
Hopefully you're doing pretty good. This is a really hard game,

but we're also learning here if you haven't been nailing
some of these. So here is the next obscure movie.
Quote fast. This is another movie from nineteen ninety four.
I'll give you a couple hints here. It is my
favorite baseball movie of all time and a movie that's
so hard to find a place to watch it because

I rewatched it for the very first time earlier this
year because I realized that it was streaming on a
random cable channel, so I couldn't even watch it on
a legit streaming service. Just because I have Hulu Plus
Live TV, I was able to watch this movie. But
here's that movie quote against That movie is a live

act Disney movie. It is Angels in the Outfield. I
thought this scene was so hilarious the first time I
watched it, but granted I was like five years old.
It's also one of my mom's favorite scenes. This scene
still makes her laugh. It is a movie we watched
together in one I would love to rewander her. But
if you haven't seen it or maybe forgot about Angels
in the Outfield, it's about this kid who starts seeing well,

angels in the outfield and he is the only kid
who can see them. So then the manager of the
team starts seeing him as a good luck charm and
has him come to every single home game and lets
him know what player has an angel with him, so
then they could put that player in and he crushes
in the game. But this was at the time in
the movie whenever they first start going to games, and

the manager puts somebody in charge of making sure the
kids are happy with drinks with merch and one of them,
as for nachos, set him down in the seat next
to him. So when that guy came back to his
seat sat down right in the Nachos classic nineties humor
for you all right, remove going on now? Four movie
quotes remain. Here is movie quote number twelve day are

you doing? So? It is that first line you hear
in that quote a dollar in some envelopes? Can you
name that obscure movie quote? What day are you doing?
This movie is famous for one of the biggest comedy
movie quotes of the nineties, but it isn't this one.
This is the movie that I think my family as

a whole would quote the most. It's also a movie
that if you are a fan of this, I'm instantly
friends with you. There are a couple people that come
to mind that one of our favorite things to do
together was just quote every single line from this movie
because there are so many obscure movie quotes. So if
you are a quoter of this movie, you are instantly

one of my friends. If my Space We're still a thing,
I'd put you right on my top eight again. Here
is the obscure movie quote number twelve day Are you doing?
That is a movie from nineteen ninety five starring Ice
Cube and Chris Tucker. You hear him a little bit
in the second part of that quote, but it is Friday.

This is one of the best scenes in the movie
whenever they go and get Smokey's mom some cigarettes at
the convenience store and Eazel, who is arguably one of
the best PSI comedic characters of the nineties, is just
trying to get somebody to buy him a forty and
then he fakes a fall in the convenience store to
try and get some money out of the store. And

the thing that nobody addresses in the movie is he
actually succeeds in his plan because he walks out with
the forty. My favorite part in this scene, though, is
whenever Ice Cube and Chris Tucker are driving away and
his car backfires and it sounds like a gunshot and
you just see Ezelle flinch and then just take off running.
What a nice touch. I wonder if that was improvised
or not. All right, last three, here is obscure movie

quote number thirteen. Again, we are getting more and more
obscure here. This movie quote is only two words. Well,
I'm real, this is one that I miss just remembered
this full quote. I have been saying this quote wrong
for years now because I thought this quote was longer.
I originally thought the quote was how much for one rib?

But when I went to pull the audio for this,
I realized, oh, he doesn't really say that at all.
Here's that quote again, I'm rib. That movie is from
nineteen eighty eight. I'll go ahead and tell you who
the actor is in that clip, because I think it's
so hard you still probably wouldn't get it unless you
watch this movie too. The actor you hear there is
also famous comedian Chris Rock in one of his most

early roles. This is pretty much his only part in
this entire movie, and this entire scene is hilarious, which
I'll play you with after I revealed the answer, so
you get the full context of what is going on here.
But here's that movie quote again, I'm rim from nineteen
eighty eight. That is the movie I'm Gonna Get You, Sucka.

And I want to share with you this entire scene
because it's so simple, but so well written and so
well executed. He goes into this barbecue restaurant, and he
is a character who is extremely frugal, doesn't want to
pay for an entire rack of ribs, so he's trying
to talk them down, just selling him one rib? May
I help you, sir? How much for order of ribs

two fifty two fifty? How rib do I get with that?
About five five so I guess that's about fifty cent rib?

Speaker 2 (23:25):
Huh yeah about let me get one of ribs one rib, one.

Speaker 1 (23:34):
Rib, show him hungry, make that one rib to go,
one rib, one rib, pay me and get the hell
out of my store. You gotta changed for one hundred.
So that's the joke. He actually has a lot of buddy,
but was still trying to talk him down. I love
that movie. That is I'm going to get you, Sucker

from nineteen eighty eight, our final two movie. Because how
you're doing, you're hanging in there. I'll let you know
how you ranked depending on how many you got, so
hopefully you've been keeping your score or where you fall
in the category of movie fan. Here is Obscure movie
quote number fourteen. I'm way too big to drive to
the Devil's House, also Peak two thousands. This movie came

out in two thousand and six. It is about a
character who moves in with another family member and he
works at a place where they make video games. Here
is that obscure movie quote again, I'm way too big
to drive to the Devil's house. That is Grandma's Boy
from two thousand and six. I could have picked so

many movie quotes from that movie, just because they're all
so random. That is from one of the side characters, Dante.
I could have even picked the party said before that.
That's right, monkey, play my head. All right, we have
made it to the final movie quote in the game.
Can you name this obscure movie quote?

Speaker 2 (24:56):
This fasting.

Speaker 1 (24:59):
Movie is from nineteen teen ninety seven, a biopic of
one of the most famous texted musicians of all time.
I think the reason I love that movie quote so
much because I grew up playing in a punk rock
band and always just thought that was funny of how
angry this character was, and he thought that being compared
to a punk rock group was so vile and disgusting,
which in reality, Hey, punk rock bands are just like

any other band. I've never destroyed a hotel room in
my life. Looks like fun but looks expensive too, So
I may be punk rock, but I'm also frugal and practical.
But again, here is that obscure movie quote from nineteen
ninety seven. Were disgusting punk rock. And that is the
one and only Edward James almost and that is Selena

in Jennifer Lopez's biggest movie role of all time. By
the way, I was just watching her documentary about the
movie she made on Amazon, and the whole time I
was watching it, I was thinking, is this a parody
of something? Is this like spinal Tap? But I think
she was serious. I couldn't bring myself to watch the
actual movie, but watching the documentary was just like watching

somebody make a really, really bad decision and thinking why
did nobody stop her? So that is the game. Now,
let's break it down to see where you fell as
far as what level of movie fan you are. If
you got one to three of those correct, well, sadly,
you are in the category of you need to watch
some more movies. That's okay, those are really obscure, but

don't we all need to watch more movies. If you
got four to six correct, you are the average movie watcher.
You're right there in the middle of the pack. You
actually did a pretty good job. If you got seven
to eleven correct, congratulations, you are a movie buff. You
really know your movies and can hold your own in discussion.
If you were in like a party setting where everybody

was talking about movies, you'd be fine, you'd be crushing it.
But if you got twelve to fifteen, correct, you are elite.
You are a certified cinephile. You could probably host this
podcast because you know it all. So congratulations if you
got more than twelve. I also asked this question on
social media, so I pulled some of my favorite responses

to the question what is your favorite obscure movie quote?
Cindy Flores on Facebook said this one. She said the
accent alone cracks her up. You said it for the money,
not the science. Ah, that is peak obscure movie quote
right there. Twister is loaded full of them. I mean
I could quote that movie all day long. I didn't
put them in the game because I feel like, oh,

everybody would think, oh, he's gotta put Twister in there,
and I didn't. But thank you Cindy for sharing that one.
One of my other favorite ones is when they're driving
and he's like hello, it says curse word. Yeah, somebny
in that movie. Thank you, Cindy for sharing yours. Sean
on Facebook said, on a really hot day last summer,
I busted out this movie quote in a full of
gen z. None of them had even heard of this movie.

Here's the movie quote got.

Speaker 2 (27:55):
On these rhinos.

Speaker 1 (27:57):
That is ace Ventura Part two, which I actually watched
these movies out of order as a kid, and I
always thought this one was part one and the other
one was part two. But man, I guess we are
to that point now, and I guess when you break
it down, a movie from the nineties now is probably
what a movie from the seventies was like to me
growing up, and those movies seem so so old. Even

movies to the eighties felt like, oh that's some old
period piece. But now compared to where we are now
in twenty twenty four, that would be comparable to a
movie from the two thousand. So a movie like Mean
Girls is now what sixteen Candles was to those of
us who grew up in the nineties. That is weird.
That doesn't make me feel good. So I'm going to

move on to another comment. A dream Wade on Facebook
said this was her favorite obscure movie quote. Just put
your pickle on everybody's plate.

Speaker 2 (28:48):
College boy and the hard stuff.

Speaker 1 (28:49):
To me, that is so obscure from Dirty dancing that
I wasn't quite familiar with that one until I looked
it up. Steph on Twitter said this is her favorite
obscure movie quote. I'm right on. That is from Don't
Tell Mom the Babysitters Dead. That is also peak obscure
movie quote. And then I also texted my brother Rudy,
who is probably the real reason I am so into movies,

because we would watch so many of these together, and
oftentimes when I reference watching movies from my childhood, it's
because I watched them with him. And we are both
huge fans of Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Part one and
part two, specifically from the nineties. Although part three has
its moments and that is the obscure movie quote he picked.
This was his favorite. Ill must it? Which Part three

is so hard to rewatch? I think last year I
did my annual Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles rewatch and by
the time I got to part three, there are some
funny quotes in that movie. A lot of the things
I say now I realize come from that movie, like
even quotes like this one, how did you get in
April's pants? Like that is funny, but as a whole

the story in that movie just doesn't age quite well.
It's alway because in part three they have to go
back in time for some reason. And then finally, Robert
on Twitter said that this quote from Draco Malfoy and
Harry Potter is his favorite obscure movie quote. And that
is the list. Thank you for listening, thank you for
playing along. We'll come back and talk about Love Lies Bleeding,

and then in the trailer park we'll get a look
at the new Beetlejuice. Let's get into it now. A
spoiler free movie review of Love Lies Bleeding starring Kristin Stewart.
It's an eight twenty four film. I saw this trailer
back when I went to go watch The Ironclall in theaters,
and I remember right after the trailer finished, I poke
Kelsey and said I want to go see that movie,

and she said I do not, So I went to
go watch this movie alone. Kristen Sewart plays this reclusive
gym manager who falls in love with this bodybuilder who
has been hitchhiking across the country. Her dream is to
go to Vegas to this bodybuilder competition, and Kristin Sewart
helps her out by giving her a free gym membership
and then hooking her up with a bunch of steroids
in order to prepare for the competition, and then both

of their lives kind of clashed together when the bodybuilder
gets a job with her dad. She gets a job
as a waitress at her dad's gun range, which I
found a little bit odd, but I guess since the
movie is set in nineteen eighty nine, they used to
have restaurants at shooting ranges, and her dad is involved
in some pretty shady criminal activity. And that's really all

I can say about the family and the criminal activity
because it's so essential to the plot, and this movie
has a lot of ups and downs surrounding their interactions
with her dad and all the things with their family.
It's basically a really toxic relationship, which I think Kristen
Stewart plays so well. She has become I don't want

to call her one of my guilty pleasure actors, but
she is somebody that I am always just curious about
her work. And I know some people have maybe an
issue with her because how she is in interviews and
maybe how she is in real life, which we really
don't know a whole lot about that about her personal life. Well,
for me, that is what I find the most appealing

about her. I think for a period in my life,
I was really attracted to girls who would probably ash
their cigarette out on my face, treat me really horribly,
stand me up, be really awful to me, But I
would come crawling back to That is the vibe I
get from Kristen's to heart. She's almost to the point that,
even though I'm a huge fan of her films, I
would probably never want to meet her in person, just

because I think it would ruin my perception of her.
Even though if she was awful to me in real life,
I'd be like, that's pretty on brand. I would be
okay with it. But she plays that type of character
so well, so maybe it is coming from a well
inside of her that it's easy for her to tap into.
But seeing her in a toxic relationship with a character
who has a bad history with her father is struggling

through life, she uses her classic case Dow mannerism the
no I don't know. As soon as she starts doing that,
I'm all in. And then her and Katie O'Brien, who
plays the bodybuilder, have fantastic chemistry. They fall in love
very early on in the film and go through all
these ups and downs in their relationship, and man, it
is quite the ride to go on. You also have

Ed Harris as the dad, who I'm not the biggest
Ed Harris fan, but I actually thought he did a
really good job in this movie playing a jerk. And
speaking of jerks, James Franco's brother Dave Franco is in
this movie who plays Kirsten Stewart's sister's husband who is
another really big jerk, and her sister is played by
Jenna Malone, and Jenna and Kristen looks so much like

they could be real life sisters. I thought that was
a fantastic casting. I feel like this is the most
natural Christian Stewart has been in a role. I love
that this movie takes place in the eighties. Everything surrounding
the aesthetic of this movie was really selling me, from
the soundtrack and the score, which is the very eighties
retro synth designed. The thing I was surprised about is

the dedication to smoking cigarettes in a movie, which for
the better half of the last ten years has become nonexistent,
probably for the better. If you put cigarettes in movies,
a kid watches a movie and thinks, Oh, that looks cool.
Now I want to go smoke. Smoking is awful for you.
I don't think if you watch this movie, you're gonna

go run out and buy a cigarette. But I found
it interesting how much of the plot early on was
focused on smoking cigarettes. And for a movie to dedicate
so much time and emphasis on showing people smoking cigarettes,
I kind of forgot that that was a thing. So
not essentially that I love the fact that they were
smoking all the time, but just to have that sense
of realism again and showing the gritty side of these characters,

I really appreciated the commitment to that. I think the
biggest selling point of this movie is the fact that
it doesn't really take place in reality. There are some
super natural elements that take this movie at times into
a weird place. And being a crime thriller, romance movie,
I don't really feel like it reinvented the genre or

did something so grand breaking. But it took a lot
of risks. Sometimes they worked out. Sometimes I found myself
thinking why did they do that? Sometimes it felt a
little bit too out of pocket, But I love the
fact that it took those risks. But I think if
you are looking for a more realistic crime movie, you
may see some elements in this movie and be a

little bit turned off by because I think to some
they'll be hit or miss. So again, it does go
a little bit off the rail sometimes, but I think
that it's playing into the chaotic nature of this movie,
the messiness of these characters and their toxic relationship. So
in order to have some really big highs in the movie,
you have to go really low and you have to
get really weird, and that is what this movie does.

It is essentially a crime fairy tale. So as soon
as you realize that and can kind of pull yourself
out and realize that this movie doesn't take place in reality,
then you can really fully enjoy this movie. So I
almost wish it would have really committed a little bit
hard to some of those supernatural elements, because at times

it is so realistic, but then goes very fantasy and
I'm trying to find that line where does my brain
need to be to interpret the story here? And the
movie does a really good job at keeping the pacing
moving along. It keeps throwing things at you throughout the
entire movie. It really felt like a crime thriller from
the nineties, where this happens. Therefore this happens. Now, how

are we gonna get into this? All right, we'll do this,
and therefore this happens. It continues to move the story along,
and for a movie that's right under an hour forty minutes,
it really needed to do that. Maybe one or two
times it dips just a little bit and I started
thinking to myself, all right, they're gonna lose me here,
but then bam, they win me back. It hits you
with more moments and gets you excited again and carries

you to the finish line in a very satisfying way.
They shot this movie in New Mexico, which I think
fit the story perfectly. But it really goes back to
the chemistry between Kristen Stewart and Katie O'Brien and that
eighties retrovis. I really love the wardrobe in this movie.
It didn't go into the full glam eighties. It's more realistic.

You have Kirsten Stewart in these vintage t's, faded jeans,
old worn out sneakers. Katie O'Brien is in the classic
eighties workout gear. So there was a lot of attention
to detail to make this film feel like nineteen eighty nine.
I will say the guys look a little bit ridiculous
in this movie. Dave Franco and Ed Harris have some

ridiculous haircuts, and sometimes I found that taking me a
little bit out of the movie because I realized, oh man,
they spent so much time on that hair, and it
looks kind of goofy. And as much as I tried
to suspend myself from realizing that this movie didn't really
take place in reality, there were some things in the
plot that just didn't make sense to me. I don't

want to give a whole lot away, but a lot
of illegal activity happens throughout the story, and I just
found myself thinking, is there nobody else witness this? And
I know they were kind of playing off the fact
that this town was a little bit deserted, not a
whole lot of people lived there, but surely somebody would
have been witnessing these crimes, and maybe it kind of
would have ruined the plot a little bit. But a

couple or maybe a few times I found myself thinking, Okay,
come on, really nobody else saw that. But overall, I
feel like this movie has the potential to be one
of my top ten favorite movies of the year, pending
everything else coming out, and I think it's because I
went into it having a little bit of a bias
of already being a Christen Stewart fan, buying into the

aesthetic of this movie, it being an A twenty four film.
There were a lot of things going right for me
to enjoy this movie, and then it delivered. It made
me feel things, It made me angry, never really made
me happy. Overall. You will leave this movie feeling a
little bit bummed out. And even though I grew up
in the nineties, it felt a little bit nostalgic and familiar,

but then took it up on another level to really
give itself its own identity. So for Love Lies Bleeding,
I give it a strong I would almost go four
point five if it were not for a couple of things.
I think A four point five is a movie that
I recommend to everybody. But I could see some of
the elements of this movie being off putting to some
and I feel like A four point five is a

movie that stays with me for a very long time.
A five is perfect, but A four point five goes
on to carry over into my love of movies year
after year. I don't think I'll be rushing to rewatch
this movie, but definitely think it's worthy in theater experience.
And if you can't do that, I must watch it home.
So I give it a strong four out of five

steroid shots. It's time to head down to movie. Mike
Traylor Pard the eighties are having a bit of a
moment in twenty twenty four. We've already got Dune, we
just got Roadhouse and Ghostbusters in the same weekend, and
now we have our first look the new Beatlejuice movie

called Beetlejuice Beetlejuice. I love that title. I was calling
it Beatlejuice too, but when I look at the actual
official title, it just says Beetlejuice, Beetlejuice. And it's after
the death of Beetle juicecause it says twenty twenty four
a d interesting And I think the problem this movie
is going to have, and really any reboot that comes

out of the eighties, is finding its new audience because
they have to generate a buzz to get all the
people who grew up with these types of movies to
want to go see them in theaters. But the way
that it's really gonna make money and crossover into being
a success instead of just a quick cash grab a
nostalgia bate is appealing to new audiences, which I think

a lot of these movies fail in doing. And I
don't want to see that happen with Beetlejuice Beetlejuice, because
I think there's some potential there. I think the benefit
of remaking a movie like this, and the real reason
to remake a movie from the eighties is back in
the day I didn't have all the special effects and
the technology that had maybe more of an elaborate vision

that would have greatly benefited for having more expensive visual effects. Now,
I am still a huge fan of using practical effects,
and I think those movies tend to age better. But
with the movie like Dune that was made back in
the eighties, if you look at the worm right scene
from the original Dune, it looks pretty terrible, it looks laughable.
That was such a grand scene to pull off in

the eighties that it just didn't really work then, But
is one of the best things about Dune two in
theaters now that moment was awesome, So to remake that
now makes more sense because you can do things that
you couldn't do. Then there are other movies, arguably like
road House, which I will review here later at some
point on the podcast, is are you really remaking that

movie for the sake that it needs to be refreshed
or reintroduced to audiences or are you just playing off
that familiarity Now? With the first look at the Beetlejuice trailer,
I think it looks a lot better than I was expecting.
It also looks like it's really picking up thirty six
years later, which the first one came out back in
nineteen eighty eight. Everybody is back in this one. It's

coming out on September sixth. Director Tim Burton is back.
In the trailer, we see that Michael Keaton is back
as Beatlejuice, Catherine O'Hara is returning. Why Not a Rider
is going to be in this movie, and it looks
like Jenna Ortega is going to play her daughter who
Why I know a Rider was seventeen years old when
the first one came out. Jenna Ortega is twenty one,
so it's kind of cool how their career timelines almost

line up almost feels like it's really coming full circle
because Jenna Ortega, I would say, is the new face
of modern horror, with her being Wednesday Adams also being
in the screen movies. So before I get into more
about Beetlejuice Beetlejuice, here's just a little bit of the
first trailer, which for the most part is just the
song from the movie over all the imagery, but there

is one iconic line spoken by so here's just a
little bit of that. The juice is loose, So what

we get in this trailer is Waynona Rider and her
daughter played by Jenna Ortega going back to the house,
that iconic big, white, creepy looking house. We have them
going over the red covered bridge that is also very
iconic from the original movie. And even though this movie
is set in a fictional town of Winter River, Connecticut,

this movie location is actually in Vermont, and you can
go see the house and the bridge, but I think
for some reason it's closed right now. But I did
have a friend go fairly recently and took a picture
out in front of that bridge, so maybe too many
people were going. Maybe with the movie coming out, they
don't want people flooding this small town, but it is
one of those truly iconic filming locations. What we see

in this small teaser trailer is then going back there.
Jenna Ortega goes up into the attic and pulls a
sheet off of that small little model town that Beetlejuice
lives in. Why I know in the writer's character goes
up there as well, and then we see Michael Keaton
re emerge as Beetlejuice, and I will have to say,
looks fantastic coming back in the costume and in the makeup.

The only problem I had and the worry I had
was I had this same feeling last year with the
Flash whenever he returned as the nineteen eighty nine Batman.
In that trailer, he also gave the iconic Batman line,
also made a reference to it you want to get nuts,
And essentially it is him again coming back as an
iconic character in the suit and saying another memorable line.

So I worry about that. Maybe Michael Keaton is at
a point in his career where he thinks it's fun
to go back and relive some of these roles. Also
just stacking out the cash and taking the paycheck for
coming back and doing a movie like this, But when
it comes to I know in a rider, this woman
does not age. She looks exactly like she did in
the original movie when she was seventeen years old, and

she has been consistently great. I love her on Stranger
Things and hope to see her come back and really
close out that series in the final season of that show.
But it's awesome to see her coming back and doing
this movie at fifty two years old. So I do
love that the look of this movie looks really close
to the original. I think where it's going to advance

is with some of the special effects, which were really
campy in the original Beetlejuice movie, and a lot of
that was from director Tim Burton's style. I feel like
the limitations of the eighties allowed Tim Burton to be
a little bit more creative, and he always kind of
has like that live action claymation style that I really like.

So hopefully they keep a little bit of that in
this movie. But I think at this point the style
may be a little bit dated to the eighties, so
I wonder the line that this is going to walk
between keeping some of those original special effects elements from
the original to saying, okay, it's twenty twenty four. We
need to make this movie look a lot more slick,

and there are some more cool stylistic things that we
can do to give this movie a bit of a facelift.
I think where this movie is going to struggle, like
I was mentioning earlier, is finding that new audience. If
I was gen Z and saw this trailer, honestly, I
don't think it would make me feel anything. I think
this initial trailer is for those fans of the original

movie who are now probably in their late thirties, forties,
even fifties, depending on when you first discovered Beetlejuice. For me,
it was always a movie I enjoyed and would watch
around Halloween time, even though it's not a Halloween movie,
I just kind of associate it with that time of year.
And this coming out in September, I feel like that
is also what they are playing into. But I'm not

really a diehard Beatle Juice fan and coming get it
from that perspective, So even for me, they really have
to win me over a little bit. And honestly, for
me and probably a lot of gen Z, the real
interest we have here is Jenna Ortega in the leading role.
I think she is greatly on the rise right now,
after crushing it as Wednesday, is now really making her

name known in movies. So I think Warner Brothers cast
her to appeal to those people and introduce Beetlejuice to
a new audience, because I don't think anybody under the
age of twenty one, maybe even older than that, is
even gonna know what it means to summon beetlejuice. So
I think even the quote that Michael Keaton says in
this trailer is lost on a lot of people, and

clips like this are lost on a younger audience. Beetle Juice, Beetlejuice,
Beetlejuice gets show Dad. So maybe this trailer is a
little bit of no doll debate, but I'm hoping that's
not the case for the full story, and it's not
them just going back and redoing all the same gags
and just lifting the plot from the original movie and

doing it again with Jenna Ortega in place of Anna Rider.
But again, this movie is coming out on September sixth
later this year, just in time for spooky season.

Speaker 2 (48:18):
And that was this week's edition of Movie Mine Framer Bar.

Speaker 1 (48:23):
That is gonna do it for another episode here of
the podcast, but before I go, I gotta give my
listeners shout out of the week. This week, I'm going
over to Instagram and it is going to music nut Matt,
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of his car dashboard listening to last week's episode with
my favorite female directors of the twenty first century. And

Matt wrote first Monday Morning Listen in a few weeks,
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Thanks Matt. That is quite honestly my favorite thing to
see on Monday's people tagging me in their Instagram story,
listening in their car, listening at the gym, or listening
at work. So thank you, Matt. And if you're listening

right now, want a listener shout out of the week,
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So if you miss an episode and just want to
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that out there. And until next time, go out watch
good movies and I will talk to you later
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