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December 18, 2023 45 mins

It’s almost Christmas! Movie Mike and Kelsey get into spirit with their Ultimate Christmas Movie Watch Guide. From timeless classics to hidden gems, they curated a must-watch list that will have you covered for the entire holiday season. In the Movie Review, Mike talks about Poor Things starring Emma Stone and Mark Ruffalo. In the movie, her character is brought back to life by an unorthodox scientist and then runs off with a lawyer on a whirlwind adventure across continents. Mike talks about the bizarre story, amazing visuals /costume design and its very hard R-Rating. In the Trailer Park, we have another end of the world movie to look forward to called Civil War coming out in Spring 2024. A24 released the trailer for its new movie  starring Kirsten Dunst stars as a war journalist, and Nick Offerman as the President. The film's plot revolves around a war journalist trying to enter Washington D.C. during a civil war in the United States. 

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Speaker 1 (00:00):
Hello, Welcome back to movie Mike's movie podcast. I am
your host Movie Mike, joined this week by my wife
and cost Kelsey. How are you. I'm great. It's Christmas time.
Ready to talk about Christmas movies. Always ready to talk
Christmas movies. We're gonna give you our Christmas watching guide list.
We'll talk about poor things in the movie review, and
then we have another endo world type movie in the

trailer park, a movie called Civil War. Do you think
they're trying to hint us off about something with all
the end of the world type movies coming out? I
don't know, because we did just see the Tesla recall today. Yes,
and there is a part. I don't really feel like
it's a spoiler because I think it's in the trailer,
but there's some issues and leave the world behind with
the self driving Tesla's I'm a little scared. Those Five

days later, they were like, we're gonna recall those and
here's another end of world movies. So we'll talk about
that trailer. Thank you for being subscribed. We're so close
to Christmas, so we had to get this episode in
and now let's talk movies in a world where everyone
and their mother has a podcast, one man stands to
info the ears of listeners like never before in a

movie podcast. A man with so much movie knowledge, he's
basically like a walking IMTV with glasses. From the Nashville
Podcast Network, this is Movie Mike's Movie podcast. All right,
it's time to reveal our Christmas watching guide that we
have developed in the last few years. My history with

Christmas movies, I wasn't the biggest watcher of them, but
you love Christmas and love Christmas movies, so now we
kind of have the ones we have to watch every year,
and that's what we're gonna go through. Do you think
it's weird that there are certain movies I don't want
to watch until, like, very close to Christmas, because we'll
get to those now. I get it. Some that are
more like, oh, this is like when you start to
go home and you're with your family and it feels

like closer. I feel like when I'm still working actively,
I can't watch the really cozy movies that make me
feel like, oh, this is where I just want to
focus on this movie and not think about anything else.
But as far as Christmas movies, we start about three
weeks out from Christmas and what we kicked it off
with this year, and I feel like this is the
new tradition. I feel like that's a good precedent going
into the Christmas watching season from two thousand and eight.

Four Christmases And this was a movie I hadn't watched
until you came around. I forgot about it. I hadn't
watched it. It was the thing that we're gonna see
in this list. There were so many movies in the
two thousands that are actually really great Christmas movies, and
that was a time that I did not care about
Christmas movies. So a lot of these on this list
I had not seen, but now have become staples in

this household. Yeah, because my family loves for Christmases. So
this is the movie with Reese Witherspoon and Vince Vaughn
that every year they just avoid their families and they
go on a really nice vacation and this year they
go and there's a big snowstorm and they can't go
to Feature Fox. They're in San Francisco. The fog rolls

in and no flights can go out, so they end
up having to go to all of their families Christmases.
They both have divorced parents. So it's for Christmases. And
I don't know what it is about this movie, but
it just puts me in a good mood. It's so
funny because it's kind of what we did for Thanksgiving
this year. We weren't trying to escape our families. We
just it's a lot to try to go home like

twice four weeks apart, and you spend the money on
flights in a rental car. And also neither one of
us can eat a bunch of Thanksgiving food. You're vegan,
I can't have flut in your dairy. Really takes all
the good items off the table. Yeah, and also, I mean,
we just never experienced New York City around Thanksgiving Christmas time,
and I think at the point we are in our
lize right now, it was kind of like, this is

something we should do now where we don't have kids. Yeah.
I think kids probably enjoy it more on screen because
they're just all so tiny. You can't see anything, Like
we couldn't even see that much. And we enjoyed it,
but after about what an hour, a little over an hour,
we're like, okay, we're good. Yeah, we move on with this.
I would still recommend it. Oh, I would absolutely recommend it.
The city is so much fun. Aer on the home.
If you've never done it, I think it's fun to

do at least once. But yes, we did pull a
full four Christmases this year, except we did it during Thanksgiving.
But I mean you have Vince vn Reese, Witherspoon, Tim McGraw,
Kristin Schenowith, Mary Stein, Virgin, Robert Duval, Dwight Yoakum. I
mean Jon Favre's in this movie. Yeah, and he's also
in Elf, which we'll talk about a minute. And what

would be your favorite quote from Four Christmases. It's a
highly quotable movie, which is also a mark of a
good Christmas movie. It's absolutely the scene where they're playing taboo.
The taboo is so funny. I helped you come up
with this when you came home from bar the other night.
In Alibi the only man I'm ever allowed to cheat
on you with John Grisham, I think the first scene
that I laughed out loud with was probably Swaddle that baby. Swattle,

Swaddle that baby. There's just so many, so many parts
when they're doing Christmas with his dad, and there's the
ten dollar cap. That's my other favorite one. How did
you get this for ten dollars? Uh? Bre Bret, there
was a ten dollars cap. There's also just a lot
of f physical comedy in this movie, like when he's

there wrestling, also when she hits the baby in that.
But that is a great one and that I feel
like it's a good kickoff too the Christmas season. Next
up on our Christmas list you must see every single
year is Elf. Theog from two thousand and three been
out twenty years now. Shocking and it's weird that this
movie is a classic. I know we talk about this
a lot, but the fact that it came out relatively

not that long ago, twenty years but it's a movie
that I feel like so many people watch, and one
that really wasn't meant to be a classic. Like when
it came out Will Ferrell, was it the Will Ferrell
that we know him as now. It was kind of
a risk to put him in a leading role like that.
But now the movie is so highly influential and has
become just a movie that I couldn't see the Holiday

season without it, you know, being around and existing so
much so that there's been talks of making a sequel,
like no, Will Ferrell will offer twenty nine million dollars
to do a sequel to this movie and he turned
it down. Don't do it. But this is a movie
that you really can't touch. There's nothing else you could
expand on here, Like I don't really care to see

how Buddy is doing now, or like how their baby
grows up. The movie is so perfect that if you
ever did a sequel, it would just ruin it. It's
like Bridesmaids, and I've said that before. It's my favorite movie.
I love it, but like I love it as it is,
don't ruin it. Yeah, there's very few Christmas. Well, yeah,
that's why they do with Home Alone? See what I have?
A Home Alone? Did they make like four? Yeah? They lot,

They made one fairly recently on Disney Plus that's right.
I forgot about that. But yes, Elf a classic. We
have like three ELF pillows on our bed. The LF
fandom goes hard in this house, does go hard in
this house, and then after that, I feel like, you
stick with that comedy. But I don't want to go wholesome.
I want to go R rated Christmas. I love an
R rated Christmas movie, so we're talking Office Christmas Party

from twenty sixteen. It very much represents that time too.
The epic Party movie kind of a tray in the
twenty tens. But also every single song that came out
in the twenty tens was like, let's party tonight because
we might not have tomorrow. We're gonna die, so let's dance.
Twenty sixteen takes me back to the simpler time. The
Chain Smokers. Yes, every song by the Chain Smokers could

have just been the soundtrack to that movie and that, Yeah,
that's exactly what this movie is. You have Jason Bateman,
Jennifer Aniston, TJ. Miller, it's a very twenty sixteen cast,
Kate McKinnon, Olivia Vanessa Bayer and what date McKinnon was
almost giving Weird Barbie in this movie. I thought the
same thing we watching it. I was like, oh, like
that was like the incarnation of that character. She's so

good at rolls like that, she does it so per
So what Office Christmas Party is about? I don't really
remember watching this movie when it came out. I think
when we were doing the one year where we were like,
we're gonna watch every single Christmas movie. Man. Yes, twenty twenty.
We watched so many Christmas movies. We watched some bad
ones too. One you won't find on this list that
we watched there with Christmas with the Cranks. Oh yeah,

that was awful. One of the worst Christmas movies of
all time. But it was just one of the worst
movies of all time. This was one that we were like, oh,
I guess we haven't seen this one, and we loved it.
It's about Jason Bateman and TJ Miller work at this
like tech company in Chicago, and he's TJ Miller like
runs the company and he's trying to keep it afloat,

keep it from closing around Christmas time. It's a family company,
so he's a NAPO job. Yeah, and Jennifer Aniston plays
the villain. She's trying to get his branch closed and
have she's his sister too, and take over it. And
he's trying to give his employees a great Christmas like
his dad used to do. So he throws this giant
office Christmas party where all this debauchery happens. Basically, but

it's one of those movies that you watch and it's
so ridiculous that it's hilarious, and I feel like you
can't go into this movie thinking that it's gonna have
like switty or clever humor. It's very dumb, very vulgar,
very r raty Christmas. But I feel like it just
has become one of my favorite go to movie that
I didn't think a comedy like this would be for me,

because sometimes you watch a comedy over and over again
it's not that funny. But I think having that Christmas
element just gives it that tradition watch for me, then
now I want to see it every Christmas. Jason Bateman
is one of just like the best comedy stars in
my opinion, and like, unassumingly, I'm sitting here thinking about
not I want to go re watch Game Night, not
a Christmas movie, but I love Game Night. It's funny though,

because I don't think of him as just being a
funny person. No, I feel like people think of like Ozark. Yeah,
Like he's not like a like a stand up comedian
or anything like that, but he has such great timing
and he's such a great actor that he can do
comedy so well, and a movie like this is just
like perfect. He just has like that energy too. That
draws you in, that charisma of a movie star, So

him in this movie is perfect. I almost feel like
he's overqualified for office Christmas Party. But that is a
great one if you haven't watched it and you enjoy
it already a Christmas movie. So now we're at about
the two week out mark on our list, and this
is where we're throw in the og my favorite Christmas
movie as a kid from nineteen ninety Home Alone, And
I know people are gonna be thinking, why are you

watching that two weeks out? Why aren't you watching that
like the day before Christmas? Because Home Alone, to me
feels more like a holiday movie, not a specifically Christmas movie.
It's like a holiday break the kids are getting out
of school type movie. I could. That's an interesting way
to put it, because normally people argue if it's a
Christmas movie or not. No, I think it's a Christmas movie,

but I think overarchingly it's a holiday movie that you
don't necessarily have to watch it on Christmas. Correct I
will still say, is it is a Christmas movie. I've
had the director Chris Columbus on this podcast and we
talked about it, and he had intentionally put like red
and green things throughout the entire movie, like in the house,
if you look at the wallpaper, it's all red and green.

The crazy thing about this movie is that McCaulay colchin
was paid only one hundred thousand dollars for this as
a kid actor, but to go on to make the sequel,
he made four point five million dollars. Wow, which he
had been acting since he was four. I think his
first ever movie was Uncle Buck, which he got forty
grand for. And there's a funny clip on TikTok that

was posted of him as a kid being interviewed and
they were talking about he was asked about his favorite phrases,
and the sad part was that they all revolved around
work ending. I have five favorite were five favorite phrases.
Our launch, it's a wrap. She next Monday, She next week.
It's been nice working with you. It just feels like

he was so overworked as a kid. That's sad that
his most enjoyment that he got out of the acting
process was being done with it. That's sad. All right,
We're still at the two week out of Christmas, Mark
and next up on our list is nothing like the
Holidays from two thousand and eight. Like I said, two
thousands had some great Christmas movies. Another one you hadn't
seen before I came into your life, And I love

this movie. It's about it's just about a family getting
together on Christmas, but all the chaos that ensues when
your family gets together for Christmas and everybody has issues.
I think the thing I love about this movie is
that everybody in the family is older, and I feel
like it's fairly representative of what it's like when a
lot of older siblings get together, because you have all

these separate lives that are coming together, and it's supposed
to feel like when you are all kids and young,
but so many things have changed. If your parents are
going through something, if one of your siblings is going
through something, there's going to be chaos when you get
together at Christmas. But the message of the movie is
that you all love each other and would do anything

to spend the holidays together. I think this one is
also a little bit more representative of like your family,
of like everyone being older and grown, because I still
have two brothers that are in high school, so I
haven't even experienced that. Yeah, that's yet to come. When
like you all come home and have your spouses and
you have your jobs. Like we go to my house now,

and I'm like, what'd you do in like second period
this year? So I like this movie because it gives
me I'm like excited for when my siblings are older
and they're also I thought you're gonna say, because they're
Puerto Rican in this movie, my family's Mexicans. I wasn't.
There's also that element. I wasn't throw the race. They're
also they have our last name in this movie. Oh yeah,

they do. And I guess the other thing I love
about this movie is there isn't just one plot line
that you're following along with. It's all the storylines of
all the different siblings. The parents. They start out with
saying they're gonna get divorced, and then it's all the
siblings struggling with that because they're gonna get rid of
the house. Then where where they go home for Christmas?

And then it's kind of following all their individual lives.
And it's also a pretty good representation representation of what
life was like in two thousand and eight, which you
when you go back and watch these movies and you
see them on cell phones, or you see them watching
like big flat screens, You're like, oh man, we have
come a long way since then. Oh yeah, And they
make fun of Deborah Messing for like always her character
for always being on her BlackBerry. Yeah, like wow, the

ton of time. That is a really easy way to
date a movie is putting yourself, putting any kind of
cell phone in there. You're like, oh man, if I
were a director making a movie, I would feel clear
of making technology a part of it because it's gonna
completely date your movie. The top three phones that could
date a movie a BlackBerry, a sidekick, or a razor

or if you go way back, the Nokia that was
like a giant brick that could withstand everything. Yeah, but
I was thinking more along the lines of like they
still kind of look like today's phones a little yeah.
Or there's even that in between period where some people
had iPhones and movies and like another character has a BlackBerry.
You're like, oh, it was that weird in between time.
And I used to think a sidekick was so cool.
Flip the screen. Yeah, the full keyboard. I never had one,

but I would see kids with those and listening to
music on them. That's going it can be three player
on your phone. I had a different version, but you
like slid the screen up and like the keyboard, but
it wasn't like a flip screen like a sidekick. Anyways,
Sorry for the cool the coolest phone I had. I
saved up and I bought a ref herbished razor on eBay. Man.

I never had a razor. I had a prepaid cell phone.
That's a fun fact about me. I had a prepaid
cell phone until the tenth grade in which was a
track phone. And I had to buy minutes. Oh buy
minutes at Walmart with gift cards for Christmas, and I
could buy like twenty dollars and each text costs money. Now,
granted I remember that it was a little bit of
a loser and didn't have any friends to texts, So
those minutes last, and we're getting on the internet on

an old school phone costs a lot of money. Yeah,
you would accidentally open oh my gosh, close out, you'd
get on the like music store. Yeah. But back to
the movie. It also takes place in Chicago, which there's
no better setting for a Christmas movie than Chicago. I
think that is the best city for a Christmas movie
over New York over New York. Okay, Chicago has just

that feeling of like it's not a small town, but
in comparison to New York, it has a more wholesome
feeling to it, like we're going home, going to Chicago.
It's also definitely colder there because you're by the lakes.
You know, it's always gonna be cold in Chicago. I
think just Cago Christmas time looks better on camera. Okay.
Next up, still in the two week out mark is
a movie that you love, Serendipity. I love this movie. Now.

I think this one can go either way. This one
can go two weeks out before Christmas, or this one
can go two weeks out after Christmas. I would agree
with that because it takes place around the holidays. And
this is a good one to put here, because, yeah,
it does take place around the holidays. It's more of
a rom com than a full on Christmas movie. But
I feel like sometimes you need that palate cleanser of

a movie still inside of that feeling, but a little
bit outside of the genre. And again, another one you
hadn't seen until twenty twenty and what is the entire
plot a serendipity? So they meet. She gives him her
phone number, but he loses it, I believe, and it's
in a book, right, yes, and if he finds that book,
he essentially finds her number again and then can contact her. Yes.

But it's like going through all these things and it's
just like one like they were in almost the same
place at the same time time. Just kind of one
of those like, well, if it's meant to be, it'll happen.
It's cute and fun. I wonder if that has ever
worked out for somebody, if it has, seriously email in
and let us because I wanted, if it's meant to be,
we will find each other again. So now we are
one week out of Christmas, leading up to Christmas, and

the movie we have next is another movie from the
two thousands this Christmas. This is a fun Christmas movie.
I love this movie so much and a great cast
as well. Eatris Elba in this movie is probably my
favorite character movie. Also good there is Chris Brown, so
but it's kind of along the same lines and nothing

like the Holidays. It's a family later in life getting
together and coming to my siblings and there's just something
about that dynamic that I think I like and then
something that you don't really have that much in movies anymore,
is like the big fun outro scene and in this one,
it's all them dancing on the line, where movies don't
do this anymore. I could watch that scene on a loop.

It's so good. This is something we need to bring back,
an actual like scene that role during the credits. I
feel like I was more popular in the late nineties
early two thousands, where you have a reason to stay
to watch all the credits, and this is a perfect
example of that. Don't give me a post credit scene,
give me an actual scene with the credits, and throw
in some bloopers in there too, because we don't do

that anymore either. Man, blooper reels, those are good, that's
good stuff. They don't even post them on like put
them on YouTube or something. People don't want to show
their imperfections anymore. When we used to have to buy
a DVD and the blooper reels on there, great stuff,
it's good. That is Another thing we don't have is
like the commentary. I would watch movies with commentary on
the DVD. I feel like if I were a movie

studio now, I would do that same version but release
it in podcast form. I know I've told this story before,
and people who've listened for years are gonna roll their
eyes and be like Kell. So we know this. But
when I moved in the eighth grade, I moved in
the middle of the year between semesters, but the school
I was moving to their finals yet in the school
I came from finished finals, so I finished on like

a December nineteenth, per usual, But then I wasn't starting
my new school until like January eighteenth, so I had
like a full month off we moved. I watched Step
Up every single day, but I alternated it and every
other day I would watch the version of the commentary
for a month straight. I don't know why I could
watch that movie, but I literally every day would start

it and it would either be the day with commentary
or without. Now they need to make a Step Up
Christmas so you can have another one to watch. No
Step Up Christmas. Start my songs, No towerk in the
Deck the Halls, Channing Tatamarty did magic mic. We don't
need I need a Christmas magic mic. Then, and now
we're getting super close to Christmas. Your favorite Christmas movie

of all time that you and your Mom Bondover is
Family Stone. I saw that this was rated the number
one Christmas movie that people hate. I don't know why
it is. I just kind of hate. It's not my
favorite Christmas movie. I love it so because you love
it so much. But I think it's a good movie. Like,
I don't know why people hate on this movie. Sarah
Juska Parker's character is but I define its obnoxious. Just

because you find a character obnoxious, you can't hold it
against the movie. If she is supposed to be playing
an obnoxious character, she is doing her part. So therefore,
like that's part of the movie. I'm fine with it.
I stand by this movie. I love this movie. The
cast again, Wilson's ensemble cast, Rachel McAdams, Diane Keaton, Dermot mulroney,

Clear Danes. It's just so good. I enjoy it. And
this one feels like, oh, we're getting close to Christmas
to me when we decide to watch this one. And
I think it's also you having that memory with your mom.
I feel like those movies are really like that's the
special part of Christmas movies, not so much the movies themselves,
because I feel like on their own they're not the

greatest piece of like this is cinematic gold, but it's
the memories we associate with them, the piece we watched
them with is what makes them great. That's why next
to this one, I would put Christmas Eve on Sesame Street,
which came out in nineteen seventy eight. And I don't
know why this became my families like go to Christmas movie.
I just think because maybe we didn't watch a whole

lot of Christmas movies, but we all loved Sesame Street
that this is the one that we would put on
every single year when we would unwrap presents on Christmas Morning.
Of course that happened like later in life, we would
always go to Mexico every single year, so we didn't
really have traditional Christmas on Christmas Day. But later, like
in my teenage and early twenties years, we got on

eBay found a Blu ray up or I think it
was just a regular DVD of this movie, and would
just put it on on a loop every day Christmas morning.
And the story is simple. Big Bird is trying to
figure out how Sanna gets down the chimney, and it's
like so wholesome and so seventies and all the songs
on this soundtrack are like amazing, And it's also like
a time capsule to like a real wholesome time as

far as like, I mean, the seventies were what they were,
but like Sesame Street during that time was like groundbreaking
of the things they taught kids. I love Sesame Street.
It is one of I think the greatest things to
happen to kids in America. It's where I learned so much.
I had like books after my dad passed away when

I was little. There were like several Sesame Street books
about like grief, Like there was one called I think
It's either We'll miss you mister Hooper mm hmm oh,
mister Hooper when he passed away, Yeah he's in. And
it was like that truly. They taught kids so many things,
like just life issues and putting it on like a
child level. And I love Sesame Street. And our future

children will watch Sesame Street and if they don't like it,
they will learn to like it. I will put them
in front of the TV and I will be like
screen time until you like this Big Yellow bird. And
what I love about this is what it teaches you
about gift giving. Burt and Ernie are trying to find
gifts for each other, and Bert sells his prize possession
in order to buy Ernie a gift, and Ernie sells

his prize possession in order to get Bert a gift. Obviously,
Ernie's favorite thing is his rubber ducky, and Bert wants
to buy him a soap dish to put his rubber ducky,
but Ernie sells his rubber ducky so he could get
a cigar box for Bert's prize paper clip collection. So
then there they are without their own thing that they

had bought the other person for. And then mister Hooper
comes in and gives them the thing that he sold
for them to be able to buy the gift, my
paper clips. Oh mister Hooper, thank you Clipbert. How did
mister Hooper get your paper clip collection? Never mind, Ernie,
just open your present. Yeah, yeah, let's see what Let's

see what you have. Let's you that's it. Oh that's
not that's rubber ducky. So cute wholesome? Is that? Sorry?
I spoiled it for you. But the movie came out
in the seventies. The movie is forty five years old
at this point. Sorry, I haven't seen it, you might
be missing out. And then the one we usually say

for Christmas Day is how the Grinch Stole Christmas and
a movie, I feel like this has the best representation
of what Christmas is supposed to be about, like including everybody,
the true meaning of Christmas, even when you take away
all the presents. It's just about being around the people
that you love and care about. And that's what the
Grinch learns in this movie. That's why his heart grows.

But also just aesthetically, this movie just looks so good
and so wholesome like Christmas. It looks like it was
literally ripped out of the pages of a Doctor Seus's
book and put onto the screen. So I know the
movie went through so much to do that. Jim Carrey
went through literally torture to get into that Grinch makeup.

So the amount of work that they put in to
make this movie great will help it stand the test
of time. We'll go on to watch this one forever.
I can't imagine having to sit there for that makeup
every day. Yeah, it was hours and hours that he
had to go through CIA training of how to deal
with torture because it was so bad. I can't do
anything with anything around my eyes. I don't even put

on makeup every day, and mine is not because it
takes like fifteen minutes and I'm like, nope, not today.
Now we'll get to some honorable mentions in the R
rated category. I love Bad Sana. One of my favorite
memories is watching it with your gray parents. I was
just about to say you and Pee Pauw love Bad Sanna.
As soon as I knew that he loved this movie too,

I was like, Oh, we're gonna be good. This is
gonna be great. And my grandfather is not one of
many words. He's quiet man, doesn't really say much. You
don't really know what he's thinking. But when he watches
Bad Sana, he laughs and he has this like wheeze
laugh when you think something's so funny. So it's just
like you cackling and him wheezing, and it just brings
me joy. It's a great movie, except they made a

sequel to it in twenty sixteen, and we don't talk
about that one. It's not good at all. We don't
don't talk about that. Also on the R rated side
is bad how do you say it? Bad? Bad? Mom's Christmas? Bad?
Mom's Christmas. I freaking love that movie. There's just something
to an R rated runjie Christmas movie. I Yeah, I
think it's it's so good. I also am sitting here thinking, like,

I feel like we just watched these movies. But I'm like,
that was a year ago. Yeah, that was truly a
year ago. But yeah, that one's great. It's just like
the chaos of getting ready for Christmas and things go
wrong and all their moms come into town and their
moms are I mean, Cheryl Hines, Susan Sarandon, and Christine Burnsky.

It's so funny. It's funny. One that I might add
into my repertoire of R rated Christmas movie is Violet Night,
which came out last year with David Harbor, where he
plays Santa Claus that rescues this family who gets held
hostage by these people who are trying to rob them.
They're very wealthy, and it's like an action style R

rated Christmas movie, which I ended up enjoying it a lot.
It's a lot more wholesome than you would expect. I'm
gonna take myself out of the running to watch that one.
I'll watch that one on my own Another honorable mention
for me that you don't watch with me because I
made you watch it once and you fall asleep is
The Holiday. Oh, I fell asleep again. I love The Holiday.

Such a good movie. I don't know how you could
fall asleep during that. Okay, well, is there a better
movie on yet? Wow? Okay, Well that's my honorable mention
because I love it. And there's also a category of
movies that feel Christmas y even though they're not Christmas movies,
and that's where I put Harry Potter and the Sorcerer's Stone,

which Christmas is a part of that movie, but I
guess something about watching Harry Potter just has like that
warm feeling also because it I don't know, takes place
in the Gold Dime. Christmas was a big part of
each book, and it was my favorite part of each book,
and I'm still to this day mad that it didn't
get a bigger part in the movies. I still feel

like those Christian Yeah, I guess they are pretty quick,
they're very short, they're longer in the book. So I
add that movie into the Christmas ye category. And along
those same lines, the final one I would put in
as Batman Returns, which also takes place around Christmas time,
and you got the big Christmas tree in there. So
that's another movie that I feel like people argue like,

it's it a Christmas movie. It's not a Christmas It's
not a Christmas movie. Dieheart is not a Christmas movie.
You can put in Christmas elements in a movie, but
it doesn't make them Christmas. But hey, watch what you
want around the holidays. That is our Christmas movie watching guide.
We had a lot of movies to watch. Yeah, let's
get to it. Let's go, let's get into it now.
A spoiler free movie review of Poor Things starring Emma Stone,

Mark Ruffalo, Willem Dafoe. Going into this movie, I just
wanted to watch something weird, and that is exactly what
I got while watching Poor Things. I would say even
weirder than I expected, because if you just watched the
trailer alone, you really don't know what to expect from
this movie. They don't reveal a whole lot about the plot,
which I ended up enjoying. So in this review, I

also don't want to tell you every single thing that
happens in the movie, because I think this is one
of the films that you really enjoy more not knowing
a whole lot about going into it, and I love
those type of films. So if you end up thinking
this movie might be for you, I still want you
to enjoy all those elements like I did. There are
some warnings I have to give because of some of
the subject matter, and I'll get into just the plot

points they discuss in the trailer and maybe the overarching
themes of what this movie is supposed to leave you with.
But all the details that come out throughout this movie
and the journey that you go on is quite interesting,
so I can see why they didn't reveal a whole
lot in the trailer. Also, given the fact that this
movie ended up being a lot more R rated than
I was expecting, even in the trailer you get a

little glimpse of some of the R rated stuff. I
didn't know that that was going to be a major
plot point in this entire movie. So what this movie
is about. You have Emma Stone's character who was brought
back to life by this really weird scientist played by
Willi Dafoe, and in the trailer you hear him talk
about her not really being all there, but she is
rapidly getting smarter and becoming more like a normal human.

But she gets sick of living at home with him
and feeling trapped that she decides to run away with
the lawyer played by Mark Ruffalo, who is a great
character in this movie, and it's all the adventures they
go on together and really just her journey on trying
to be liberated and win her independence back. So I
want to get into first the look of this movie,
which was probably my favorite thing. Next to the acting.

This movie looks like you were to go inside my
brain and rip apart one of my dreams that I had.
That is what I loved about this movie. It not
only felt like but also look like nothing I had
ever seen before. And that's what made this movie so
enticing to watch, because throughout the entire movie, Emma Stone's
character is traveling to different cities, to different countries, and

each one has this own unique palette that makes the
entire movie just so interesting to watch. But you also
have a lot of great cinematography and the use of
this fish eye lens that has this really great effect
when they're pushing in on characters and having this really
kind of skewed look. It really kind of attributes to
the entire weirdness of this movie, going back to Willem

Dafoe as a scientist and creates all these weird hybrid animals.
Pair of that with the look of this lens, it
just looks incredible. It goes back and forth between black
and white, which gives it a really old school, almost
monster movie type vibe, to a really bright and vivid
color palette, which you know, I love, and the blues
in this movie are so blue that I just want
to dive into them, sleep in them, wrap myself in them.

Like the color palette on this movie is everything that
I look for. And then you pair it with Emma
Stone and Mark Ruffalo, who have great outstanding chemistry in
this movie, both just incredible actors. Emma Stone proves why
she has won an Academy Award. Mark Ruffalo proves that
he is not just the incredible Hulk. I was just
watching Zodiac with Mark Ruffle and I was just reminded

of all the different types of characters that he can
play and in this one where and really all the
actors in this movie horror flexing this stage actor type
quality to their characters. Because this movie very much plays
out like a play, but in a good way. Like
all of the scenes and all of the dialogue has
a very fluid vibe to it that feels like it

was so relwahearsed and all just happened in one take,
even though probably not the case whatsoever, But it had
that off Broadway vibe to me, which also made me
enjoy it even more so. Emma Stone crushed it. Mark
Ruffalo was great, But Willem Dafoe is a modern Marvel.
He can do it all, who has also dipped his
toes in the MCU playing the Green Goblin. He just

does weird so well and has these really just big
facial expressions that have been the key to him as
an actor. But I feel like this is a role
that he was just made to play, of this really
weird scientist and doing all of these crazy things and
looking just completely almost unrecognizable. But he has a voice
that just above all things, you could take away his mannerisms.

His voice alone is just so great. I wish he
did more voice acting and talking about the weirdness. This
leads me to the biggest warning I have to give
about poor things, because I know some people feel different
about sexual things in a movie, and I, for one,
don't have an issue with it, but even I found
myself thinking, why are they putting all of these sex

scenes in this movie? And I don't want to reveal
too much about the plot, but in the description it
says that Emma Stone's character is trying to be liberated,
and a lot of the plot points have to do
with her expressing herself sexually and finding things out about
her body, even very early on when she's still in
this weird developmental stage, but also later when she runs

away with the lawyer and then gets a job later
that there is a lot of sex in this movie.
So even me where I feel comfortable with it, I
had to question why the director decided to put so
much of it in this movie, and also just Emma Stone,
who would agree to do a movie like this? I
feel like there had to be a very specific reason,

and by the end of the movie, I do think
I found it now. When put into a movie correctly,
it has an effect that leads on to a big message.
Earlier this year, I was given the assignment of watching
a movie called Showgirls from the nineties that just had
a bunch of nudity and hooking up, but there was
no real reason for it. It was just there for

the sake of making an NC seventeen movie. But in
Poor Things, it had a reason to it, and it
had to do with the development of Emma Stone's character
of becoming this liberated person. So I think it had
a bit of a shock value, but it very much
showed a purpose, and it very much showed how her

character was reacting to be and suppress her entire life,
and the movie ended up having this message of equality
and liberation and it really kind of had to put
that in there to get that point across. So all
of the hooking up in this movie does survey purpose,
but warning there is a lot of it. If there's

a case where you see it in the trailer, it's
probably a pretty good indication that the rest of the
movie is going to have a lot of it. So
I'm quite honestly surprised that it only has an R rating.
I guess due to the fact that it was mostly
done more comedic and to serve a purpose and also
for shock value. It didn't really feel like they were
putting it in for the sake of it being risky

or for the sake of it being scandalous. So this
is a movie I went into with pretty high expectations,
giving the director, giving the cast, and just giving the
initial reaction from the trailer. And it's also one I
didn't research a whole lot going into it, because, like
I said, I felt like it was one and was
proven right that I didn't want to know a whole
lot about going into it, And hopefully I didn't reveal

too much about the plot in this review. Keep it
spoiler free here. I like to keep that element of surprise,
and I really ended up enjoying this movie, the visuals,
the acting, how the score alone gave this movie its
own identity, and I really think that this movie will
go on to be nominated for a lot of Oscars.
I think Emma Stone will probably be looking at another
nomination for Best Actress. I don't think she'll win that

award because this Oscar season is going to be pretty
heavy going on, and given the subject matter here, I
don't think there was enough to qualify her for another win,
but she'll definitely be nominated. And the movie didn't disappoint
as being one of the weirdest movies I've seen all year,
so for poor things. I give it four out of
five science experiments. It's time to head down to movie

Mike Traylor Park. Everybody's freaking out, man, because the new
A twenty four trailer called The Civil War. People in
the comments are convinced that they are trying to warn
us about something. I don't think that's the case. I
think this is all because Hollywood tends to make the
same type of movie. They get fixated on a topic,

and I can show you some examples that just happened.
But anyway, before I get into that, before I assure
you that we're all gonna be fine, hopefully, I'm gonna
tell you about a movie called Civil War that stars
Kirsten Duntz and her husband Jesse Plemons. She plays a
war journalist who is traveling across the United States during
a civil war. Nick Offerman plays the President and her

husband Jesse Plemons plays a guy that does not see
eye to eye with her, so it's kind of cool
to see them playing opposite of each other. But the
entire story revolves around her trying to get into Washington,
d c. During the Civil War in the United States.
The movie is set to come out on April twenty six,
twenty twenty four, and it looks amazing. There are a
lot of implications surrounding this film. We'll get into why

this is an important and much different film from a
twenty four and whether or not this is indication that
we're gonna go into a civil war. So a lot
of things to cover here. But before I get into that,
here is just a little bit of the civil war trailer.
Nineteen states have succeeded in the United States Army and
rams of activity. White House issued warnings to the Western
forces as well as the Florida allion. He doesn't wear it.

There's like a pretty huge civil war going on all
across America. We just try to stay out with what
we see on the news. Seems like it's for the boss.
I thought I was spending a warning house, don't hear that?
Here we are. There's some kind of misunderstanding here right,
Well you're American? Okay, okay, what kind of American are you?

That is a great line from Jesse Plemmons there at
the end. So he is playing somebody who looks like
he's about to take out Kirsten Dunn's and the people
that she is traveling with also In that trailer you
have the guy who played Pablo Escobar and nauticals, so
the movie has a great cast and a great premise.
In that trailer is exactly how you do it. You
evoke e motion in the comment. You get people sharing

this movie because it is based on something that could
probably but probably won't happen in the United States, and
you get this idea out there, and you're gonna have
a lot of theories going building buzz around this movie.
But really they are just making a movie for the
sake of entertainment and for the sake of starting a conversation.
And the reason I think this is happening now, it's

not because they are trying to warn us of something.
You really think they would put that in a movie
if they were trying to warn us in something, No,
they would not do that. It is because Hollywood tends
to have a fascination with the same kind of topic,
usually around the same time. Just last week, what did
I do in the movie review Leave the World Behind,
which was about the world ending with political implications. Now,

just a week after that movie was released, this trailer
dropped the same way that a couple of weeks I
reviewed Godzilla minus one, and less than a week after that,
we had the trailer for Godzilla and calng teaming up
against each other. So I really think it's because Hollywood
tends to strike while the iron is hot, and if
some topic is popular, they're gonna release their trailer to

get more people onto the next thing. We've seen this
happen throughout the entire history of cinema. Think back to
the late two thousand early twenty tens, when Hollywood was
again obsessed with the end of the world. Instead of
it being a political thing, it was more like the
world was gonna implode on itself or a natural disaster.
I think the movie is like twenty twelve. All those

type of movies came out around then. We're still here,
so rest assured. It is really just a cycle. In
writing of Hollywood. Is to the reason that why all
of these movies are coming out right now, and also
the timing just kind of adds up. Look at what
happened in the United States in twenty twenty and early
twenty twenty one, you give it a couple of years

after that. Given the timeline and the strike, right now
is about the time that movies pertaining to that civil
kind of unrest would start to come out. So I
really think it is a timing thing. But if you
go in the comments of the last review I did
for Leave the World Behind on Instagram and TikTok, you'd
be convinced otherwise because there are a lot of conspiracy
theorists on there saying they're trying to warn us. And
what I have to say regarding to that is, if

the world is gonna end, I'm good with it. I'm
tired of paying bills. The only thing that would bum
me out is I'm gonna miss out on a lot
of Marvel movies that have been pushed to twenty twenty
five and GTA six. I gotta be here for GTA six.
The other interesting thing about this trailer is that A
twenty four, the studio who is putting this out, is
trying to get into more action movies and big property movies.

A twenty four is known for being the little indie
darlings that put out movies like Uncut Gems, Ladybird, Hereditary, Moonlight,
The Witch Midsma one of my favorite movies that I
like but don't recommend, but do recommend, And they put
out a lot of movies that tend to lose money.
Just this year alone, they lost so much money on
the Joaquin Phoenix movie bo Is Afraid and Past Lives,

even though I love that movie will probably make one
of my top movies of the year, didn't really generate
a lot of revenue. So as a whole, the studio
has a lot of critical acclaim but not a lot
of capital to put back into their studio. So what
they're trying to do now is make more movies like this,
more movies like Civil War that are still in their brand,

because if you look at this trailer, it doesn't feel
like a full on action movie. It still has that
horror element that you go to expect for a twenty
four film, but this movie has the potential to reach
a wider audience given the subject matter. So I think
this is a really great step for them to have
movies that come out that still feel like them, but
can also make them some more money, so they can

make movies like First Cow, which is a movie essentially
about a cow, because those are the two extremes you
work with inside of a twenty four. You have the
big movies like Everything Everywhere all at once, and you
literally have movies like First Cow and Lamb that are
so niche, and you have to watch those movies and
they're quite often boring sometimes and then you don't even
understand them at the So I think this is a

move in the right direction for them in order for
them to be sustainable as a movie studio, which we
all need A twenty four in our lives because they've
really made some of the most impactful movies of the
last five years. The other interesting thing that coincides with
this is they just announced that A twenty four is
making a movie starring The Rock. He's gonna play a

MMA fighter in a movie called The Smashing Machine from
filmmaker Ben Safti, who is part of the Saftie Brothers,
who also worked on movies like Good Time and Uncut Gems.
So I think that's a really interesting pairing. I think
The Rock maybe saw Batista getting all this praise for
doing movies outside of his comfort zone and really not
being known as a WWE wrestler anymore. I just see

Dave Batista as an actor now because the Guardians of
the Galaxy and Knock at the Cabin, this is The
Rock trying to prove to us that hey, I can
do movies like that too, So I'm really interested to
see that of him showing his actual acting abilities and
not playing the same character over and over again. So
I'm pretty high for that. I also love the Safti
brothers as directors, so hopefully if anybody can do it,

it would be Ben Safti to get a great performance
out of the rock. So with movies like that, with
movies like Civil War, I think I'm really interested to
see where A twenty four is going over the next
few years. But again, this movie is coming out on
April twenty sixth, twenty twenty four, and I don't think
I hope we don't have to worry about an actual
civil war breaking out in between. Then if that for

was this week's edition of Movie Line Framer Park and
that is going to do it for another episode here
of the podcast. But before I go, I gotta get
my listeners shout out of the week, and last week
we had an interview with the director of The Fugitive.
So last week the secret emoji to comment with or
dm me with was the Kapamoji. So this week's listener
shout out goes out to Gloria and Morono. You are

this week's listener shout out of the week and to
everybody listening. Hope you have a great rest of your week.
Hope you have a great merry Christmas, be Holidays. No
matter what you are doing this week, I hope you
have fun, have some time off, but most importantly, oh
go out and watch good movies. And until next time,
I will talk to you later
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