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February 5, 2024 47 mins

Get ready for a cinematic journey through time as Movie Mike delves into the anniversaries of movies turning 50, 40, 30, 20, and 10 years old. From timeless classics to forgotten gems, Movie Mike will guide you through the decades, discussing which films deserve to be saved and cherished, and which ones he is throwing into the cinematic incinerator. In Movie Review, Mike talks about the spy thriller, "Argylle." Mike gives his spoiler-free thoughts about  the star-studded cast, where it went wrong, poor box office performance and whether this film is a must-watch in theaters or wait for it to hit streaming on Apple TV+. In the Trailer Park,  Mike explores the "Ghostbusters: Frozen Empire '' and determines if there is still a passionate fanbase for the movie or if it was better left in the 80s. 


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Speaker 1 (00:00):
Hello, and welcome back to Movie Mike's movie podcast. I
am your host Movie Mike, and today we're talking about
movies celebrating birthdays, movies turning ten, twenty, thirty, forty, and
fifty years old. And then we're gonna play the fun
game of which of these movies from each of these
years are we gonna save and which ones are we
going to burn from existence. In the movie review, we'll
be talking about Argyle, a movie that I've seen the

trailer so many times that is gonna have to live
up to this crazy expectation I have set for it
because they spent so much money marketing this movie. And
in the trailer park, we're gonna look at Ghostbusters, the
new Frozen Empire movie, and determine whether or not people
care about this movie right now. From a legendary franchise,
you have people coming back in this movie. But do

kids today even care about Ghostbusters? That is the question.
Thank you for listening, Thank you for being subscribed. Shout
out to the Monday Morning Movie crew. And now let's
talk movies. In a world where everyone and their mother
has a podcast, one man stands to infiltrate the ears
of listeners. Like never before in a movie podcast. A

man with so much movie knowledge he's basically like a
walking IMTB with glasses. From the Nashville Podcast Network. This
is Movie Mikes, Movie Podcasts. I got a big old
list of movies celebrating birthdays this year, talking about movies
turning ten, twenty thirty, forty fifty years old. So what

I did. I compiled the top ten from each of
these years which to go into consideration. I scoured the internet,
looking at box office numbers, looking at critics scores, looking
at the most searched about movies according to Google. And
for each of these years, I have what made the
top ten. I'll rank them one through ten, and then
we're gonna play the fun game where I picked the

one movie that I would save out of all of
those ten. And then also just for fundies, we're gonna
set one on fire. If I could eliminate one of
these movies from existence out of these top ten from
the year, we're gonna get rid of him. So let's
get right into the list, right into the game. Movies
turning ten years old this year that came out in
twenty fourteen. I was twenty three years old at the time.

The number ten movie of the year is Night Crawler,
which is such a good movie starring Jake Jillenhall. This
was the one that solidified him in my mind as
somebody who could really do it all. He had the
look in this movie. He went to places that I
kind of question exactly what happens with Jake Jillenhall behind
closed doors because he played this character so well. Who

is this photographer who really takes it up as a
hobby and realizes he can make money by taking pictures
and videos from crime scenes because if it bleeds, it leads.
So he got so obsessed with it that he went
a step further and a step further than the whole movie.
He gets crazy. So if you have just one vision
of Jake Jillenhall in your head, maybe it's more on

the rom com side. Maybe it's more just on the
straight on action side. If you haven't seen Night Crawler,
could not recommended more. But that one comes in at
number ten. At number nine is Fury, which is one
of my favorite war movies of all time. Maybe it's
because Brad Pitt's in it, Maybe because it has a
little bit of Shila above the entire cast is amazing
in fury and just a really powerful story and told

with just the right amount of grit and the right
amount of war action. At number seven is Gone Girl.
It is one of those movies that will blow your
mind the first time you watch it. At number six
American Sniper, which gave me quite the trip to go
see this movie in theaters, one that I'd remember vividly.
This was one where very specific moments I remember in

this movie where the entire theater was shocked and you
could just almost feel that energy. It was palpable and man,
some really great war stories here in twenty fourteen. That
one's at number six. At number five we're getting into
the marvel stuff. You have Captain America, the Winter Soldier
at number four. Guardians of the Galaxy. At number three

is Whiplash, which to some people this is their favorite
movie of all time. This one took me a little
bit to get. First time I watched Whiplash, I was like,
that was interesting. JK. Simmons is good, Miles Teller is good.
But it really took all the nominations to come out
and people hyping this movie up so much that it
had to go back and watch it and think was

that really that good? And every now and then a
clip of it will get posted on TikTok and I'll
be like, Okay, I get it now. But it took
me a little bit to really warm up to the
impactfulness of Whiplash. And yes, on the surface, it is
a movie about drumming, but there's also so much more
to that. At number two is Boyhood, which was a
movie that was shot over several years, and that was

really the whole I don't want to call it a gimmick,
but the whole premise in this movie really made this
movie appealing to critics. And why people really made this
a notable movie was because of the way they filmed
it got together every few years and film parts of
the movie that way. In the film, you were actually
watching these characters age. Aside from that, I really don't
remember exactly what happens in Boyhood, just a story about

well kid growing up. But at number one on the
list from twenty fourteen is Interstellar. You could argue this
is one of the best sci fi movies of all time.
And I wouldn't call you crazy if you told me that.
A Northern movie that took me a couple of watches
to really love and understand more than a couple, maybe
even three or four that once I actually went back
and it is a long movie and sat with the

idea of it, appreciated the way that Matthew McConaughey just
oozes emotion at all the right moments in this movie.
And you think about the entire idea behind Interstellar. Quite magnificent,
but you would really expect no less from Christopher Nolan.
So out of those top ten, if I could only
keep one, call me basic. But I'm keeping number one

mainly because out of all the sci fi movies in
the last ten years, this one barely makes the cut.
It is the one that just has it all when
it comes to the visual aspect of it. The storyline,
the cast, the cinematography, and the score in Interstellar is
one of Christopher Nolan's best. So I'm gonna have to

keep Interstellar and the movie that I'm going to burn.
And maybe I was a little biased when talking about
it earlier, but it's Boyhood. Boyhood is going up in flames,
and the reason is everybody told me how amazing Boyhood is,
and when I watched it, quite honestly, I was bored.

I got it. I understood the appeal of it, the
dramatic side of it. It's about a family, people getting divorced,
all these coming of age things that happened to one
kid in particular, and you see the kid actually grow
up on screen. But aside from that, I don't really
think it's that good of a movie. It's fine, it's artistic,

but I watched it once and I never need to
watch it again. So if I had to get one movie,
so if I had to get rid of one movie
turning ten this year, it would be Boyhood, See you later,
all right? Moving on now to two thousand and four,
twenty years ago, I was a meor thirteen years old.
Teenage me was, oh wow, all the fire came back.

All right. That's the thing about fires, you got to
keep an eye on them. They get out of control.
But yeah, thirteen year old me, pimply faced, not a
whole lot different than I am now, greasy and greasy
listening to punk rock. I'm basically the same person that
I was at thirteen now, and the two thousands were
just so formative in my years of loving movies, and
also back when I was a teenager had all the

time in the world, and I had no friends, So
it was the perfect combination for somebody to really dive
into their love of movies. This was still in the
day of DVDs, and not only DVDs, but burn DVDs
that your friends would make for you. What is a
burn DVD if you were under the age of maybe eighteen,
it is where you would get a file and put

a CD or a blake DVD into your computer. Yes,
computers used to have discs. You'd throw that disc in
there and you would burn that file. I don't really
know how you burn a CD, but you would hit
record or hit whatever and put that movie file onto
that physical thing, and that physical thing you would slide
into your DVD hole and on that DVD you would

hit play and you can watch a movie. And piracy
was so rampant in the two thousands, but that is
how I watched a lot of movies. You'd get the
flank DVD because we were broke. We couldn't buy every
single movie on DVD from Walmart for twenty bucks, or
we would go get a used copy at the flea market.
Shout out to Trader's Village in Granberry, Texas, where they

would also sell Bake Burn DVDs. But from the year
two thousand and four. The top ten movies turning twenty
this year At number ten Turtle Sunshine on the Spotless Mind.
I'm looking at the posters in this studio as I
do this show, the one looking right at me. Turtle Sunshine,
Spotless Mind two thousand and four. One of my favorite

movies of all time. At number nine is Anchorman getting
into some great comedies here. Two thousand and four was
a great year for comedies. Following it up at number eight,
you have Mean Girls at number seven, we have Lord
of the Rings The Return of the King. At number six,
we have National Treasure, Nick Cage doing what he does best.
I'm gonna steal the Declaration of Independence. Yes that movie.

Oh man, I watched that movie so many times in school. No,
we're just talking about that last week. But I feel
like every history teacher I had from two thousand and
four to two thousand and nine was throwing on National
Treasure on any single movie day. At number five the
day after tomorrow, an underrated movie, and I'm glad it
comes in at number five, really, because that movie made

a lot of money at the box office, and disaster
films always get the raw end of the deal when
it comes to critics scores. But look at it landing
at number five. That means it made some money. That
means this movie is so memorable. From the two thousand,
you also have Jake Jillenhoe in there too, so man,
what a career that guy's had. And that is a

movie that Kelsey and I will just watch whenever we
need a little comfort movie. I don't know what it
is about disaster movies, but that is kind of our
thing and we just want to watch something make us
feel good. I don't want a disaster movie if it's
not Twister. It is usually the Day after Tomorrow. At
number four. From Pixar, we have The Incredibles. Not only
are we in the Golden age of comedy, but we
are also in the golden age of animation, in particular

with Pixar, who came out with banger after banger after
banger in the early two thousands. One of their best
ones ever came out in two thousand and four at
number four with The Incredibles. At number three, Harry Potter
and The Prisoner of Azkaband I think that movie is
twenty years old now is mind blowing to me because
I guess I always identify with the Harry Potter movies

feeling fresh, new, and modern. But the further and further
we get away from them, I start to worry that
young people who are exposed to them will think that
they look so old and dated. That would be like
me looking at movies from the seventies and thinking those
are so old, boring and dumb, and I'm not gonna

watch them. But maybe it's just because of me, and
everybody has this different perspective. But I feel like the
world changed so much from the seventies to the nineties
than they did from two thousand and four to twenty
twenty four. So again, the idea of that just blows
my mind and I don't want to think about it.
So let's move on to number two. Spider Man two,
which on paper, is the best Spider Man movie and

has the formula. It gets right into the action, It
eliminates the need for an origin story. Doc owk A
is an incredible villain. Toby Maguire and Kirsten Dunn's chemistry
in this movie is unmatched. They really had the best
chemistry out of any single Spider Man couple, rivaled only
by Zendeia and Tom Holland. And I think, looking back now,

that is really what sets those movies apart, is their
love story and being so connected to the comics. Spider
Man two is gonna be a hard one not to
pass up. And at number one, the top movie of
two thousand and four from critics and from box office
scores is Shrek two. A lot of people say they
love Shrek two more than they love the original. For me,

it's all about the original, the one that started it all.
That one is so much more memorable to me, and
then it really diminished with the third and the fourth one,
and they're supposed to be making another one. But in
its heyday, Shrek was so dominant, and it's because it
was poking fun at all of the fairy tale movies.
It really just animation in general, and it really was

just a fun parody movie marketed towards kids. But there
was a lot of adult humor in the Shrek movies,
which I think is why they were successful, and they
crossed over into the adult world and they kind of
started that trend two of making movies for kids, but
also putting things in there for the adults. So now
when it comes to what movie I'm going to save

and burn from the two thousand and four year, this
one's tough. I love Spider Man. As I record this
episode in the studio. If you don't follow me on
TikTok and Instagram or the YouTube channel, you can always
see the set behind me. It's all Spider Man comics.
Is a Big Spider Man painting that a listener did
for me. It is hard for me not to Big
Spider Man two. But there are a lot of other

Spider Man movies that I love and I could go
watch if I had to still in this collection, So
I think the movie I'm going to keep is Harry
Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban, that recently just entered
into my top two Harry Potter movie. It is hard
for me to get past my love of the first one.
But over the Christmas break, Kelsey and I rewatched all

the Harry Potter movies, and then at the end of
fall we also went to go see a movie in
the park where they show it on this big inflatable
screen and you get to watch it with a bunch
of people laying out in a lawn. We watch Harry
Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban, and that movie is
just so good from start to finish, and so important
and so different than all the other Harry Potter movies

in the series that it has become my second favorite.
So it's really tough, but I'm gonna have to go
with Harry Potter and the Prisoner Azkaban of the movie
to keep. That's my two thousand and four pick in
the movie I'm getting rid of. I would get rid
of this entire franchise if I could. Let's throw it
into the flames. Lord of the Rings, The Return of

the King. Critics love these movies. I could live without them.
Put it in the flames. There we go, all right,
Moving on now to thirty years ago. I was a
Mirror three years old. In nineteen ninety four, the top
ten movies from the year according to Box Office Critics

Scores and the most searched movies on Google at number
ten is Clerks, which is surprising, not the most financially
successful movie from director Kevin Smith, but one that was
done so cheaply that has remained the blueprint for a
lot of Young Filmmakers, and number ten is Clerks. I
love that it made the list. At number nine is

True Lies, starring the one and only Arnold Schwarzenegger and
Jamie Lee Curtis. I remember not being allowed to watch
this movie growing up. It's fine. I don't know why
I made it into the top ten, because nineteen ninety
four is arguably one of the best years in cinema
of all time. There are a lot of movies that
didn't make this top ten, but the fact that Truellies

made it at number nine is shocking to me. At
number eight, a Spinterra Pet Detective. This is a movie
that shouldn't be as popular as it is, and it
really shows you the landscape of movies in the nineties
that were so ridiculous and so out there. What you
really got in the nineties was a mix of really
great dramas, a lot of movies that were really heavy,

like The Green, Miles, Schinner's List, and some other ones
that we'll get into later on this list. But then
you also I just had really stupid movies with Jim
Carrey talking out of his butt in ace Ventura. That
is the nineties. Everybody at number seven pulp fiction, the
movie that put Quentin Tarantino on the map. After this
movie came out, everybody wanted to get their own version

of pulp fiction made. And I know this movie had
a lot of critical acclaim, but I was also surprised
to see that it actually did really well at the
box office back in the nineties. At number six, you
have The Mask. At number five you have Speed, the
movie with the bus that cannot slow down. That is
how you describe Speed. Great movie, but one I don't
really go back and watch Speed because you already know

what happens and the thrill of it is gone. So
as far as nineties movies, I don't think that's the
most rewatchable. At number four, Dumb and Dumber, which was
my favorite comedy for I don't know ever. If ever
I got like a survey in school, like what's your
favorite movie, it would always be Dumb and Dumber. Growing up,
I watched this movie so much. I can quote every

single line in this movie, basically, even the dumb ones
like big gulps, huh, all right, see you later. I
can see now why old people say they don't make
them like they used to. At number three, you have
the Shawshank Redemption. At number two you have Forst Gump,
and at number one you have The Lion King. Those
are all movies turning thirty years old. Look at that

list to think that all these movies came out in
one calendar year. Not even just good movie after good movie,
classic after classic. These movies are dominant in their genres.
Lion King one of the best animated movies of all time.
Forrest Gump is not only one of the best dramas,
just hands down. If you told me your favorite movie

of all time was Forrest Gump, I couldn't argue with it.
That is one of the only few movies that's universally
loved in that way that it's okay if you don't
love it and it's not your favorite, but you can't
say that Forrest Gump is not a good movie. Josh
Ank Redemption one of the most impactful, most parodied movies
of all time. Every single one of the movies in

this list is fantastic, except for the one. I'm Gonna burn.
So the one I'm going to keep is really tough.
The Lion King. When that movie came out, you had
kids running out of the theater having to be consoled
in the lobbies of theaters because they weren't prepared for it.
Tom Hanks gave his best performance ever in Forrest Gump.
I mean also the fact that you have three Jim

Carrey movies on this list. Had an incredible nineteen ninety
four Dumb and Dumber, The Mask and a spintera Pet Detective,
And I think that is where I'm going to look
to pick the movie I'm gonna save. It's gonna have
to go to Dumb and Dumber. Out of all these movies.
If there was only one that I could continue watching
every single day, I just had to hit play on
it and watch it all the way through. It's gonna

be Dumb and Dumber. That's the one we're keeping from
ninety four, And the one we're gonna burn is the
one I gave the least love to throw it in
the fire. True Life all right movies turning forty years
old this year. All of these came out in nineteen

eighty four. It was seven years until I would even
be born. Wow, parents weren't even thinking of me yet.
I was a mere glimmer in my dad's eye. But
at number ten, a nightmare on ELM Street. I'm glad
that this one makes the list. I think the reason
why it's so low down there is because didn't really
make a whole lot of money at the box office,

but later through VHS sales and word of mouth and
the fan base spawned a ton of sequels, which it's
about time for another reboot of a Nightmare on ELM Street.
I know I give reboots a hard time, but when
it comes to horror, I'm okay with it because I
feel like those characters just continue to live on and
I don't hate it. Michael Myers has had so many

different versions, some of them good, some of them bad.
There are so many Friday the Thirteenth movies. Anytime they
decide it is the perfect opportunity to rebooted again, so
we'll probably get one of the next four or five years.
To be honest. At number nine, you have Sixteen Candles
from John Hughes, who ruled the eighties, and I give
the eighties a hard time because I just think the

movies are very cheesy and the eighties in general were
just really lacking emotional death. You had the movies like
Sixteen Candles and all the other John Hughes movies that
were good at the time, and maybe it was just
one of those decades where you had to be there.
Because a lot of these movies that are considered classics
from the eighties, there are very few that I have

watched and actually enjoyed and would go back to. First
when it comes to mind, Back to the Future, one
of the best movies of all time. But a lot
of the other movies on this list would be considered
eighties classics, and I could honestly do with burning all
of these, But again I'll refrain from my bias of
not loving eighties movies and continue on with the list,
because at number eight you have the Terminator. At number

seven you have Footloot. See what I'm talking about. You
got movies like Footloos with people dancing around. That was
like the theme in the eighties, We're Gonna dance. It
just seemed like everybody was dancing to pop music in
this decade, which I guess we're all doing now. But
on TikTok anyway, carrying on with the list, at number six,
you have Police Academy. I don't really remember the plotline
of all the Police Academy movies. We all just really

remember the guy who would do the voice effects with
his mouth. That is the most memorable thing about Police Academy.
And apparently that was enough to spawn an entire franchise
of these movies. I remember at one point whenever I
was just renting a bunch of movies from Netflix, back
when you could actually get DVDs. I try to watch
every single one of the Police Academy movies, but I

think I only made it to about three because they
get so repetitive. The first one is good, fine, even,
but after that you don't really need to watch anymore
Police Academy movies. At number five you have The Karate Kid,
which I'm curious to see the rebooted version that they
are doing later this year with Ralph Macchio coming back
and Jackie Chan being a part of that. One actually

think looking at the every movie in the top five
is a quintessential eighties movie. And number four you have
Grimlins and number three Indiana Jones and The Temple of Doom.
At number two Ghostbusters. I'm gonna talk about Ghostbusters a
little bit. I'll get into it more when we're talking
about the new one. But there is such a die
hard fandom for Ghostbusters. A lot of fanboys, guys love Ghostbusters.

I don't think it's a bad movie. I'm not gonna
hold the special effects to it because it came out
in the eighties. But when I think of classics that
I want on my shelf, I'm not putting Ghostbusters up there.
And at number one is Beverly Hills Cop and they're
making another one of these. They're really digging into the
eighties well, and maybe it's because a lot of these
movies were made way back then and you can do

a lot of improvements now, you can make them look better.
But I just feel a lot of them you had
to be there. But we do have to keep one,
and we do have to burn one. This one isn't
even one I have to compromise to keep. I love
this movie. I rewatch it every year around Halloween time,
and it's still a movie that's scary. I don't care
how old you get. The idea that somebody can kill

you in your sleep is terrifying place where really, the
only plays I have piece is when I'm sleeping and
you're telling me a dude with razor blade fingers it's
gonna come into my dreams. I Am Keeping a Nightmare
on elm Street. Fantastic movie. And also one in the
eighties where they use practical special effects, real fake blood

to make that movie so much more impactful and look
so much better on screen that if you still watch
this movie in twenty twenty four, not all of the
special effects look so hokey and cheesy, because when you
put real dedication into filmmaking creating practical effects, it looks
better forty years down the line. But the movie I'm
Going to Burn, it's an easy one. I don't really

like dancing in my movies. Let it alone to songs
from the eighties, throw footloose into the Inferno. Well we'll
do a double light on that one, all right. And finally,
movies turning fifty years old this year. All of these
movies came out in nineteen seventy four, seventeen years before

I was born. But in comparison, my dad was about
fourteen years old back in nineteen seventy four, so he
didn't go to the movies much in Mexico. So I
doubt you've seen any of these movies even to this day.
Doesn't watch TV, doesn't watch movies, but at number ten,
you have The Towering Inferno. At number nine, you have
The Conversation. At number eight, you have Alice doesn't live

here anymore. I'll be fully transparent with you, guys. I
try to watch every single movie I come across as
a movie historian, as a movie enthusiast, as a person
who has a movie podcast. I have not seen any
of those three movies, and I've read about them now
as I was putting together this list, and eventually I
will go watch those movies, mainly because I feel like

if I have the weakest decade the seventies, Because even
though I don't fully love the eighties, I've seen a
lot of those movies. Having older siblings who grew up
in the eighties, they love a lot of those movies,
so I've been exposed to them. Comes to movies from
the seventies, my parents didn't watch movies, so I was
never really exposed to seventies movies. But I also don't

use that as an excuse. Just because you weren't alive
when something came out, does it mean you can't go
research it. So as of service to you guys, I
will eventually watch every single movie on this list. That
I have not seen from the seventies, my weakest decade.
Maybe I'll do an episode down the line just covering
seventies movies. Hey, we'll go back in time. They had
podcasts back in the seventies. This would be the one

to listen to. At number seven. The Texas Chainsaw Mascer. Okay,
from here on now, I think I've seen all of
these other movies. Texas Changs are Massacre, I've not only seen,
but it is one of my favorite horror movies. Leatherface
in that one is so gross and visceral, and it's
oh like the slasher movies and horror movies of the
seventies are one of my favorite aesthetics. Just the movie

trait Taylors to seventies horror movies, you know those real
rough cuts, the sound design, the chilling voice over seventies
horror movies. Oh my gosh, I love them. Texas Chainsaw
one of the best, the longest yard of the original
one with Burt Reynolds. Given my age, I am more
the fan of the Adam Sandler one. Back to the argument,
sometimes you just gotta be there, and for me, I

was there on the two thousands and I loved Adam
Sandler in this same role, but I have seen the
original one because when I first saw the Adam Sandler
version of The Two Thousands, I didn't realize it was
a remake. And as soon as I find out that
a movie is a remake, I am immediately going over
and watching the original movie. And also because Burt Reynolds
is also in the Adam Sandler one at number five.

Blazing Saddles mel Brooks movies are films that I was
exposed to more because of my love of The Simpsons,
and they would always reference movies from mel Brooks, Blazing
Saddles being one of them. And I also feel, as
somebody who does stand up and writes comedy, I listened
to a lot of people speak about their influences when

it comes to things that they found funny and things
they draw inspiration from, and for a lot of comedians
it is movies like Blazing Saddles. Anything from mel Brooks
is highly influential. A number four is another movie kind
of in the same vein you also have Gene Wilder
in Young Frankenstein, which is one of the best horror
comedy classics of all time, and a movie that. Of course,

I didn't grow up with this one. I wasn't alive
when it came out, But this is one that transcends decades,
and one that if you consider yourself to be somebody
who loves film and you haven't seen Young Frankenstein, you
gotta go back and watch this one. At number three
you have The Trial of Billy Jack, another one I'll
admit I have not seen. And number two you have Chinatown.

I have seen that one. But at number one you
have The Godfather Part two. Very few times I would
say that a sequel is better than the original, but
most definitely the case with The Godfather. Now which one
are we going to burn? Which one are we going
to keep? I think the keep here is a pretty
easy pick. It is gonna be leather Faced and the

Texas Chainsaw Massacre and the movie I Am Going to Burn.
I could burn a lot of these. I let you
know the ones I haven't seen. I'm gonna go way
down to the list. And because it has Inferno in
the title, We're gonna burn the Towering Inferno because I
think it wants to be burned, right, The Towering Inferno

definitely wants to go. So that is the list of
movies turning ten, twenty thirty, forty and fifty years old.
To recap, these are the movies we're adding into the
movie in my collection. So if we all had just
a shelf where we were putting movies, these would be
ones that would be available for all of us to watch.
Based on my picks, we would have Interstellar from twenty fourteen,

Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban from two thousand
and four. Then we also kept Dumb and Dumber from
nineteen ninety, A Nightmare on Elm Street from nineteen eighty four,
and The Texas Chainsaw Massacre from nineteen seventy four, and
the movies We All Set on Fire from twenty fourteen.
We got rid of Boyhood from two thousand and four.

The movie we never have to watch again is Lord
of the Rings the Return of the King from nineteen
ninety four. We got rid of True Lies. From nineteen
eighty four, we got rid of Footloose See You Later,
and from nineteen seventy four we got rid of The
Towering Inferno. So that is the list. We'll come back
and review Argyle and then we'll talk about the new

Ghostbusters movie coming out in March. Let's get into it now.
A spoiler free review of Argyle. I've been seeing this
trailer for I don't know six months, and a movie
that has spent so much money on marketing and advertising,
and you have a pretty good cast here with Henry Cavill,

Bryce Dallas Howard's Sam Rockwell, Dua Lipa John Cena from
director Matthew Vaughan, who was also done the Kingsman movies.
He did X Men First Class, and he did one
of my favorite superhero movies, Kick Ass. The movie costs
two hundred million dollars to make. It's about two hours
and twenty minutes, which is a pretty long run time.

It's an Apple Original film, rated PG thirteen. It's described
as an action thriller, and I will say at the
top of this review, I mean there was action in it.
It was weak, kind of lame, made for kids action.
So what the premise of this movie is. Bryce Dallas
Howard plays an author. She meets a real life spy

on a train. He tells her that the things that
she has been writing about she's actually predicted real life events.
So now people want to capture her because they believe
that she is onto something bigger than herself. And that's
really all I can tell you about the plot, because
again we're a spoiler free show here. Everything that is
shown in the trailer, that's the initial setup. So she

meets Sam Rockwell, they're going at an adventure together, and
then it's a spy movie. The tagline of this movie
is the bigger the spy, the bigger the lie, and
that kind of plays out throughout the entire spy movies.
You can imagine with a movie like this a lot
of twists and turn so I won't get into all
of the details about that, So let's talk about where
this movie went wrong and why it only made eighteen

million dollars at the box office. The movie started off very,
very cheesy. It's a very kind of cheeky play on
the whole spy thriller. What you have in the movie,
it goes back and forth between playing out things from
the book and then how it actually happens in real life.
So Henry Cavill plays Argyle in the book, so you
have scenes from the book being acted out as either

the story is being read or as she is writing
the story. And I found cutting from that to the
real life action was a little bit weird. I understand
what they were trying to do with that, but it
really fell flat. My biggest plint with this movie is
it's an action movie. The director knows action, you can
tell by his resume, but he knows action in the

R rated genre, and this almost felt like the studio
came to him saying, hey, we love what you do,
but we want a little bit more of a family
friendly version of what you do. So they slapped a
PG thirteen rating on it. And what that does is
it creates a lot of weak action. There are a
lot of guns in this movie, a lot of shootouts

and people getting shot, but there is no blood. So
it very much feels like it's playing to a younger audience.
But all the themes in this movie are playing to
an older audience, so I don't really think they had
it targeted down of who they wanted this movie to
appeal to. Maybe they also said, what if you made
one of your movies and made it a little bit

more female friendly, you throw to do Aleapa in there,
Bryce Styllis Howard, Maybe that's a little bit more appealing.
But even then, did it really come across in this
movie because all the action sequences were beyond cheesy. My
favorite thing out of its entire movie was the cat.
I think the cat actually wrote this movie because it

made literally no sense and it tried to be very
witty and thoughtful and throw things at you, but it
was so poorly done. And it's surprising to me of
how many great actors are actually involved in this project. Yeah,
Brian Krantz been breaking bad himself in this movie, and
it just was hard for me to believe and hear

their performances. And the acting from great actors was so
so bad. And I like Sam rockwell, but he did
not really do a good job at leading this movie.
And Bryce Ellis Howard in his chemistry was so off putting,
and her character altogether, I don't know exactly what they
were trying to accomplish with her, but it was so

unbelievable to have somebody who was supposed to be so
smart being author be so clueless. Through the better part
of this movie. A lot of the details just didn't
really add up for me. And as I'm watching this
movie and thinking about who exactly was this movie made for,
I feel like the premise of Argyle and the entire

story probably would have worked better as an animated film.
There were some elements of that, with Argyle having like
action figures, and when I saw that action figure, I thought,
that's what this movie needs to be. It needs to
be a spy animated movie, because everything is so outlandish
and just so cheesy that it would probably work better

if they took this story and could even be a hit.
If they just made it directly for kids, with all
these people voicing these characters, it probably would have been
a much better film. Argyle had one of the worst
scenes in any movie I've seen in such a long time.
I watched this one scene in particular and thought, this
is the dumbest thing I have ever seen. How to

did anybody think that this was going to work? I
felt dumber after watching this scene. And then not only
did that scene completely fall flat, but they followed it
up with an even dumber scene. So this was one
of the most pointless movies I have ever seen. And
to think they spent two hundred million dollars on this garbage.

You could have paid me forty bucks in an ice
coffee and I probably could have made a better movie.
And I got sad every time I saw Henry Cavill
on screen, thinking that man, he was supposed to come
back as Superman, because I do think Henry Cavill is
a good actor and he is such a great Superman,
and to think he was all teed up to come
back as Superman. He left his job on the Witcher

and then they left him high and dry, and now
he's not going to be Superman again. Instead, he needed money,
so he made this Argyle movie. I just can't wrap
my head around who thought all the elements in this
movie were going to work. An interesting play though, from Apple,
who is kind of getting back into putting their movies
out out in theaters before they put it on their
streaming service to kind of see how they do. And

they spend a lot of money on this movie, not
only with making it, but also with the promotion. I
kind of forgot that it wasn't Apple original until I
pulled up Apple to watch Masters of the Year and
there it was front and center Argyle. So they probably
put it out because they do have a lot of
big names attached to it. It's also February, which is
a slower month at the movies, and they thought Okay,

we could put this out right now, doesn't have a
whole lot of competition. What's the worst that could happen?
And now that people know it's not a great movie,
it's not going to motivate those people who haven't subscribed
to your service, or even those who are already Apple
TV subscribers, to go and click it whenever you decide
to add it. So maybe they were just trying to
make a little bit of money back on this movie,

but I feel like they're not up to a good
start with kind of diminishing what their movies have set
out to be, which they kind of have one tier
of putting out Martin Scorsese movies and the other tier
of putting out movies like this or movies with Mark Wahlberg.
And at the end of the day, I really believe
that this movie was just a paycheck for these actors.
You look at the entire list of everybody involved, and yeah,

on paper, it looks like it's going to be a
good movie. But there are moments in this movie when
I wanted to fall asleep. About an hour in I
was completely checked out of the movie. And usually when
it's a story where you're trying to figure out all
the pieces put it together, and you think you have
a theory and you're wanting to see that all play out.

I didn't really care how this movie was going to end,
and then it just continued and continued to make me
angry as it kept doing these ridiculous things to try
to win us back in the theater. It's usually not
until March that we get our first big bomba of
the year, but to come out in February and already
just oh so bad. I give it one out of
five cats. And the only reason I give it a

one is because there was one moment in the movie,
just one moment where I was like, Okay, they're kind
of winning me back here, there's kind of some momentum
going and then boom, they crushed it. So not only
is this a movie you don't need to go see
in theaters, it's not even a movie I would recommend
to watch when it goes to streaming. And this is

the best movie quote I found to describe this movie.
Just when I think you couldn't possibly be any dumber,
you go and do something like this. And then I
also felt like this.

Speaker 2 (38:24):
What you just said is one of the most insanely
idiotic things I have ever heard. At no point in
your rambling, incoherent response were you even close to anything
that could be considered a rational thought. Everyone in this
room is now dumber for having listened to it. I

award you no points, and may God have mercy on
your soul.

Speaker 1 (38:50):
That is how I feel about Argyle. It's time to
head down to movie Mike Traylor, Paul. When it's something's
strange in your neighborhood, who you're gonna call? Ghost Busters?
All right? Today we are taking a look at Ghostbusters
Frozen Empires, coming out in theaters on March twenty second.

This is the second installment in this reboot franchise. They
tried it with the all female movie back in twenty sixteen.
Ghostbusters Afterlife came out in twenty twenty one, and that
one we had a brief cameo from the original Ghostbusters.
But now in this trailer it looks like full on
nostalgia bit with Dan Akroyd, Bill Murray and Ernie Hedson

now playing a bigger role in this sequel. We're also
joined again by Paul Rudd and Finn Wolfhardt, who you
would know from Stranger things. In this one, they are
back in New York City, so also giving us some
vibes of the original movie taking on an evil spirit
that's threatening New York City and possibly forcing the world
into a second ice Age. And as I'm watching this trailer,

I'm thinking for a movie to come out in twenty
twenty four in the Ghostbusters franchise, and to have the
original Ghostbusters. You see Bill Murray there in the trailer,
and to think it's not really grasping a whole lot
of headlines. Is Ghostbusters still a valuable franchise that people
care about and not just people who grew up in
the eighties. I'm here to answer that question before I

get into more about Frozen Empire. Here's just a little
bit of the trailer there. Something strange, but just something weird.
Who people canna call the golf Busters? What do you want?
We have the Ghostbusters? Can I tell you something else?
What Buster makes me feel good? It makes me feel good.

We're gonna need all the help we can get. That's
good to work. Tall, dark, and horny at twelve o'clock.
So some other familiar faces that you see in this trailer.
You see the save Puff marshmallow Man. You'll also have
the first appearance of Slimer coming back into these movies. Sadly,
there is no Harold Ramis, who passed away back in
twenty fourteen, but even though he's not in the trailer,

there's still a chance they put him in this movie
because with the power of CGI, he did have an
appearance in Afterlife. Now. I don't think the first Ghostbusters
back in the eighties was ever marketed as a kids movie,
but it seems to me that everybody who was an
eighties kid loved Ghostbusters. Even though there are a lot
of sexual jokes in that original movie, it's also quite

political when you look back on the themes of that movie
of how they got started busting ghosts and also all
the loopholes they tried to do with starting a business.
Maybe eighties kids movies were just a different breed and
we're a little bit too soft now. But I will say,
out of all the attempts to reboot this franchise, Frozen
Empire is looking the best. It has the best mix
of what I'm seeing of new and old. But when

it comes to it really hitting me in the fields
of playing on my emotions and playing on the nostalgia factor,
It's really not there for me. I didn't grow up
with the original Ghostbusters movie, and really that's a movie
that people just kept telling me was a classic. But
when I look up on my shelf of all the
movies I considered classics, I never really go to Ghostbusters.

I watch it for the first time, probably in my
early teens tweens, and I enjoyed it, but I remember thinking, man,
these special effects look terrible. And I think I rewatched
some clips every now and then, and I still think
to myself, man, the special effects look terrible even for
the time. The great improvements they are able to do

now is making all the ghosts look so much better.
Although in this one they almost still have that old
school special effects feel to them. They don't look entirely cgi.
They have a little bit more of that old school
monster character. Almost even gives me a little bit of
Scooby Doo vibes, to be honest, But I think having
that charm makes it feel a little bit more like
the original movie. And after watching this trailer, I really

think this is a superhero movie in disguise. Right now,
there's a lot of superhero fatigue I feel like the
genre is just being hounded on with all the hate
people saying they're over superhero movies. When you look at
this movie, what are the Ghostbusters? They are essentially superheroes,
And if you look at individual scenes from this trailer,
to me, it just looks like the Avengers from twenty twelve.

You have these big monsters taking over in New York City,
people running in terror, and then you have our heroes.
In this case, their jumpsuits is essentially just the superhero
costume going to try and put an end to their
evil plan. So this is what you gotta do in
order to make superhero movies in twenty twenty four. Just
take characters from back in the eighties, the well that

everybody's going to right now, use the same formula, and
you can make a movie like this. So honestly, there
is very little for me to feel excited about. After
watching the Frozen Empire trailer. Did they really think we
were going to be hype for Slimer because I am not.
And even seeing Bill Murray in there make well the
sexual joke like you did in the original movie, for

some reason, that doesn't really resonate with me. I feel
like now, Bill Murray just kind of phones in his cameos,
so I'm not really expecting a whole lot out of
his performance. I think if anybody's gonna give it there all,
it's probably gonna be dan Aykroyd or Ernie Hudson, who
was so good in the original movie. So I honestly
think I'm more excited to see what they have to
offer when I should be excited about Bill Murray. And

then you have Paul run in there, who is always likable.
What I feel like writers kind of put them in
a hole of not really showing his true potential when
it comes to comedy and the clips they decided to
use in this trailer, I just feel like it's the
same old Paul rud again playing up that same type
of character. I wish he had a little bit more
of an edge to him and a roll like this. So,

even though I'm not that excited about it, by looking
at it, it does seem like out of all the
rebooting movies, it is the one that demands the big
screen a little bit more. I didn't watch the twenty
twenty six version or twenty twenty one's Afterlife in theaters.
These are both what I would consider airplane movies. You
happen to be on a fly and they offer this movie,
I'm gonna watch it, but because I'm not the biggest

fan of the franchise, I'm not really gonna seek it
out in theaters. And they're also weird about putting these
movies on streaming. I don't think After Life even went
to a streaming service. You had to rent it, and
I was not gonna do that. But for Ghostbusters Frozen Empire,
just because I want to see how big of a
role the original cast is actually going to have in
the film. And if they can't get it right after

this one, I think I'm out. But again, that's coming
out in theaters next month. On March twenty second ad.

Speaker 2 (45:29):
That was this week's edition of Movie Line Framer Bar And.

Speaker 1 (45:33):
That's gonna do it for another episode here of the podcast,
But before I go, I gotta give my listeners shout
out of the week. You can get one of these
by finding my socials in the episode notes, tweet me,
you DM me, you comment on my TikTok or Facebook page,
or send me an email Movie Mike d at gmail
dot com. The podcast is also on YouTube, where I

post individual movie reviews YouTube dot com slash Mike dstro
Be sure to go over there and subscribe, especially if
you miss an episode and you want to know if
I reviewed a movie or not. Go there, look at
my library and all of those are posted for you.
And that is actually where I am going for this
week's listener shout out. This week's listener of the week

is Becca Hill, who commented on my Dumb Money movie
review on YouTube and said I finally got to watch
this on Netflix and rushed over to see if you
had a review of the movie. I love this movie,
although quite frankly, I still feel like I don't understand
the stock market. Your videos are always a great watch.
Thanks for the content to keep me in a good
mood at work. So thank you, Beca for that comment.
I love seeing comments like this whenever movies that I've

reviewed finally hit in Netflix and get people discovering the
movies for the first time. Go back on that YouTube
channel and search out any review that you may have missed,
So thanks becha for doing that. I always encourage you
to go through all the episodes here on the feed,
whether you listen on Apple podcasts, iHeartRadio Spotify or wherever
you get your podcasts. Make sure you're subscribed, make sure
you tell a friend, And until next time, go out

and watch good movie and I will talk to you
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