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June 24, 2024 45 mins

Mike explores the cinematic world of closing quotes and gives his Top 5 final lines spoken in iconic movies. He talks about what makes each of them great, how they each leave you feeling at the end and how a great final line can turn a movie into a classic. Plus, a slew of honorable mentions because Mike went deep for this list! In the Movie Review, Mike talks about Bad Boys: Ride or Die which is the 4th film in the franchise. He gives his thoughts on if audiences are ready to forgive Will Smith after the Oscar Slap, if you need to watch all of the other movies to enjoy it and why the pay difference between Will Smith and Martin Lawrence is CRAZY. In the Trailer Park, Mike talks about Smile 2. The movie centers around a pop star dealing with the grinning demonic presence from the first movie. 

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Speaker 1 (00:00):
Hello, and welcome back to movie Mike's movie Podcast. I
am your host Movie Mike. Today I want to share
with you what I think are the top five final
lines in the movie. I went through so many films
analyzing the last words spoken in movies. I have what
I think are the best of all time. In the
movie review, we'll be talking about bad Boys Ride or Die,
and in the trailer park we have the first look

at Smile Too. I've had kind of an indifferent feeling
about the first one, but this one could be better,
so we'll get into that. Thank you for being here,
thank you for being subscribed, Shout out to the Monday
Morning Movie crew. And now let's talk movies.

Speaker 2 (00:36):
In a world where everyone and their mother has a podcast,
one man stands to infiltrate the ears of listeners like
never before in a movie podcast.

Speaker 1 (00:47):
A man with so much movie knowledge. He's basically like a.

Speaker 2 (00:50):
Walking IMTB with glasses from the Nashville Podcast Network.

Speaker 1 (00:55):
This is Movie Mike's Movie Podcast. Things I believe are
underutilized when it comes to scripts and movies and the
way a film in packs you. The opening line, but
even more so than that is the closing line. Because
when you go watch a movie, whether it be in
theaters or you throw something on Netflix, throw it on Max.

The last line is so important, but I feel like
sometimes it's just a throwaway. And the reason I think
it's because it's so important. You always remember how a
movie left you feeling. You could watch a pretty mediocre movie,
but if it goes off on a great ending, leaves
you on an emotional roller coaster and sends you off
by saying, here is everything wrapped up in a nice

little package, little bow on it, they ship it off.
You remember that last bit of dialogue, that last emotion
you felt, I feel is so powerful, so how it
hooks you with at the very beginning. I think that
first opening line should be. Like you're writing a book,
you want that first line to capture the reader's attention.
I feel that should always be the same case in

a movie. You want that opening line of dialogue or
even action to really grasp us in as the audience.
What I feel is even more underutilized than that. And
why I'm doing this episode today is that final line.
So we're about to get right into the list because
I pulled so many of these as I realized that
some of the most memorable movie quotes of all time
just happen to be the final line spoken in a movie.

That is what we are looking at. I guess I'll
have to offer a minor spoiler alert just because we
are talking about the endings of movies on this podcast.
I have a ten year rule when it comes to
talking about spoilers freely and openly, and when it comes
to these movies, they are all at least fourteen to

fifteen years old. Most of these are at least twenty
years old, coming out in the nineties, and a lot
of these are just classics from the eighties and beyond.
So I don't think I'll get into anything like, oh
I was waiting to watch that movie. We're really focusing
on classics here, but when talking about endings, I do
like to issue that warning. But my intention is not
to ruin movies for you. It's to focus on iconic

moments in movies that even if you haven't seen some
of these movies, you're probably familiar with these quotes because
they transcend any spoiler because I feel they have become
such a part of pop culture. They've been parody, they've
been referenced so at number five from nineteen eighty five,
Back to the Future, Doc played by Christopher Lloyd, has

this final line in response to Marty, Hey, Doc, we've
got to back up. We don't have enough road to.

Speaker 3 (03:33):
Get up to eighty eight roads, but we're going. We
don't need roads.

Speaker 1 (03:42):
To have such an epic movie like Back to the Future,
you need a great ending, and Back to the Future's
final line completely nails it and sums up all the
adventure in this film. I believe Back to the Future
is a perfect film. I have a lot of movies
I believe are perfect films for me that I would
rate a five out of five. But maybe if I

had to make a list, there are just ten perfect
films of all time. Back to the Future is one
of those movies. If aliens came down on this planet
and had no idea what a movie was, I would
show them Back to the Future because it has action,
it has adventure, it has sci fi, although if you
were showing this movie to an alien they would be like,

what is this ancient technology? You stupid humans? And then
it has romance, it has some weirdness between guy and
his mom. Yeah, it gets into every category you can imagine.
I feel it is a perfect film and it embodies
everything that I love about movies. For the most part,

when I go back and think about this movie, this
is always the quote that sticks out to me. And
while putting together this list, I almost forgot that this
was the fact final scene in the movie. What a
great quote. That is why back to the future roads
we're going? We don't need roads? Is that number five
at number four from two thousand and two Spider Man,
who was played by Toby maguire. He is Peter Parker,

he is Spider Man, And this is the final line
of dialogue in that movie.

Speaker 4 (05:10):
Whatever life holds in store for me, I will never
forget these words. With great power comes great responsibility. This
is my gift, my curse. Who am I? I'm Spider Man?

Speaker 1 (05:31):
There are so many reasons why that is such a
great final line. If you rewatch Spider Man from two
thousand and two, the movie starts with him saying who
am I? Are you sure you want to know? And
he goes into this little monologue setting up the entire
story to come, and then it ends with that answering
that question, stating it again, who am I? I am?

Spider Man? I love. Out of every superhero, I think
he has the best hero journey and struggle of what
it takes to be a superhero, all that he sacrifices
of wanting to have love in his life, wanting to
be with MJ but then also knowing his responsibility to
the city of New York to be that friendly neighborhood

Spider Man. I think that is such a great struggle.
And director Sam Raimi did such a fantastic job with
the storytelling in this movie to bookend it like that,
to open asking that question and close it up by
answering the question and then cutting to some great Spider
Man swinging footage. And then you also work in one
of the most memorable superhero quotes of all time, one

of the best mantras with great power comes great responsibility,
which we heard earlier in the movie, spoken to him
by his uncle Ben as he was passing away. So
to bring that quote into this it is so perfect.
It tells you exactly who Peter Parker and Spider Man
is and also is foreshadowing of what's to come into

and how his story will be up in Spider Man three.
So I think that is such a great ending and
you think, with Spider Man being my favorite character, that
would be number one, but you'd probably think that is
where I would go, but not putting that one at
number four. At number three from nineteen ninety it is
Goodfellas Henry Hill played by ray Leota. I just love

it when movies and with a really big, important monologue,
and that is exactly what happens in this movie. This
is my favorite Martin Scorsese movie. It's the movie that
turned ray Lioda into a superstar. He played real life
goodfella Henry Hill, and this tells you really everything you
need to know about this character, who throughout the entire

movie is doing everything in order not to live a
normal life. It is what he hates the most in life.
He doesn't want to wait in line like everybody else.
He wants the best treatment. He wants to eat at
the best restaurants. He wants to have the money, tried
the car, live in the fancy house. And the worst
thing you could do to a person like that is

put him into witness protection where he has to be
just a normal citizen. So I'll get into more of
why I love this final line, but here it is
from Goodfellas.

Speaker 4 (08:12):
Right after I got here, I ordered some spaghetti with
Marinara sauce, and I got egg noodles in Ketchup.

Speaker 1 (08:18):
An average nobody.

Speaker 4 (08:21):
Get to live the rest of my life like a shnook.

Speaker 1 (08:23):
I love the touch that Scorsese put on the ending
of this movie when, well, first it flashes back to
some things that happened in the movie. You have Joe
Peshi shooting a gun at the screen, but right as
Raeliota closes the door, you hear the sound of a
jail cell closing. And I think that's such a fine

little touch to add to this scene, because him going
back into his house in the suburbs is basically him
being in prison, because at the time that this scene happens,
he rat it on everybody in exchange for not having
to go to prison. And even though he didn't go
into a real physical prison, his home has now become

that exact same thing. And like you said, he wanted
fancy spaghetti instead, he got egg noodles in Ketchup. I
would always find myself saying that line. And this movie
also starts with one of the best opening lines of
all time, which is an episode for another day. But
it embodies everything I love about a crime movie. The rise,
oh and then the fall when they fall so hard

and you see him just standing there in his robes,
so defeated. What a great line, What a great delivery
from Rayleota Rip from nineteen ninety at number three, I
Have a Good Fellas at number two from two thousand
and eight, It has to go to Iron Man. I
tried not to go super hero heavy on this list,
but some of these are just undeniable. In two thousand

and eight, Iron Man is the movie that kicked off
the MCU before the concept of a cinematic universe was
even the thing. I guess maybe Star Wars had that,
but not how we know it now. Iron Man kick
that all off. This line blew my mind back in
two thousand and eight, and in one line really set

up what was to come for the next eleven years,
finally ending in twenty nineteen with Endgame. But here is
the final line from iron Man, truth is I Am
iron Man. What an epic moment. And I think the
reason it blew my mind so much in two thousand

and eight is when I thought of superheroes, I always
thought of people who had to protect their identity. It
was such a big thing for Spider Man not to
have his identity revealed. He didn't want anybody knowing he
was Peter Parker in order to protect the ones that
he loves. That is the ultimate goal for a superhero

is no one can find out who you really are.
Dating back to the first superhero, Superman, who would throw
on some glass, he says, to become Clark Ken, just
the average nerd reporter working at the Daily Planet, but
also Bruce Wayne, the billionaire playboy who didn't want anybody
to know that at night he was going around beating
criminals as the vigilante in Gotham. Nobody wanted to have

their identity revealed. But now here you have Tony Stark,
who was so eccentric, so over the top, so flashy,
so cocky. He wants everybody to know that he is
Iron Man. He has been the ones saving the day,
he has been the guy inside the suit. And I
just think that it's such a bold thing for a
superhero to do. Puts a target on his back, but

what an epic way to end a movie revealing that
you are the superhero. I don't think until Endgame, where
it all went full circle. That has been the only
time after that where a final line in a superhero
movie has been as epic. Nothing will ever come close
to this moment again, Our DJ, what can I say?

I don't know if he's going to come back as
iron Man. He's been talking an interview saying he could
come back the whole fate of the next Avengers movie.
They're supposed to be like sixty plus characters in this,
so I can imagine iron Man would be one that
they would really want in order to make that movie successful.
If they still end up making it based on Secret Wars.

Iron Man was obviously a part of that, and I
think that would work because in Secret Wars you have
different groups of superheroes. Youah the X Men working together,
you have the Avengers working together, you have the villains
in there. So I could see them doing that. They
would have to pay a lot of money though, if
they want Robert Downey Jr. To be the face of
that movie or even to have a cameo. He was

making twenty plus all so much money being iron Man.
I think it would be epic, And as much as
I want his character to just be what it is,
have the memory of all the movies he gave us
in the twentys, and with him being so open talking
about it, I think it could happen. But that is
why I put this one at number two. At number one,

there's a movie I just rewatched for the first time
in a long time from nineteen ninety five, The Usual
Suspects characters Verbal Kent played by Kevin Spacey. Now, the
movie came out back in ninety five, and I probably
watched it when I was maybe a couple years after that,
ninety six ninety seven. I was probably six, seven, maybe

eight years old when I first watched The Usual Suspects,
and this movie blew my mind. This is what I'll
give a minor spoiler alert if you've never seen The
Usual Suspects. But I believe that this ending is so iconic.
If you look up just lists of the best movie
endings of all time, this one is always on there.

And I haven't watched this movie quite a while, but
we did a bit on the Big Show, The Bobby
Bone Show, where we all had to watch this movie,
and this movie felt nostalgic to me, And I think
it's weird for such a random R movie to feel
like my childhood. But I remember when I first watched
this it felt so dark. It felt like this fairy
tale that you would tell kids, much like they talk

about in the movie, to scare them. It had this
very sinister vibe. And the movie was made for a
relatively low budget, and I still think it looks pretty
good given the amount of money that was spent in it.
I guess by today's standards it looks very dated. Some
of the production qualities aren't as slick, but when it
comes to the storytelling, it is just unmatched in how

such a unusual, relatively simple story just sucks you in.
And I'll talk about it more, but here's the final
line spoken when everything comes full circle in this twist
from the usual suspects, The greatest trick the Devil ever
pulled was convincing the world he didn't exist, and like that,

he's gone. So again spoiler alert, even though the movie
has been out since nineteen ninety five, you find out
that verbal Kent has been lying this entire time, hasn't
been who he says he is, and has placed him
into this story and has put it all together by
things in the background of the room that he's being interrogated.

In you see the officer who's been interrogating him put
all the pieces together. He's looking up at the wall.
His coffee cup is falling in slow motion, and then
you see verbal Kent walking and it goes from him
having this handicap when he walks to walking smoothly lighting
up a cigarette, and then you realize that he has

been Kaiser SoSE the entire time. So endo spoiler alert here.
And that final line, which was also spoken earlier in
the movie, is just a way to summarize everything what
you were fearing about Kaiser SoSE. That is just such
a great line. The greatest trick the Devil ever pulled
was convincing the world it didn't exist. I feel like

if this quote wasn't so dark by having the word
devil in it, you could take this quote and put
it on one of those word painting to get from
like Marshalls or Ross, and it would be in everybody's kitchen,
like above the copy maker. This could replace the live
laugh love for movie lovers. That's what this should be.
So the reason I put this on at number one

is because it blew my mind as a kid. It
is not only the best final line, in my opinion,
but also one of the best endings to a movie ever,
with such a twist that even rewatching gets several I mean,
like a decade plus later. More than that, it still
hit hard even though I knew it was coming. And

this is an ending that has been referenced and talked
about a lot, but I feel like even if you
already knew the ending without seeing the movie, you would
still find this movie as entertaining by knowing what is coming,
by knowing it has a twist ending. It is a
perfect ending on what I believe is one of the
best movies from the nineties, and that is what I

consider to be the top final line in a movie
of old time. Running through some honorable mentions here, one
that I had that almost made the list was the
final line spoken in The Truman Show in case I
don't see you, good afternoon, good evening, and good night. Yeah,
because that was his catchphrase in his life. Because it

was a movie about a person who didn't know they
were inside of a TV show, and then he has
the spotlight on him. He's a batter escape and they
ask him, well, what do you want to say? Everybody's watching? Well,
he says his catchphrase, of course, but then I think
there's another character who is watching TV and asks like,
what else is on? So really that is probably the

final line if you're being technical, in The Truman Show.
So that's why that one just missed my top five.
Another one I had from nineteen eighty five is the
final line in Ferris Buehler's Day Off. And I feel
like this one is great because not only is it
a great final line, but it's also kind of motivational,
inspirational if you will.

Speaker 3 (18:14):
I said it before and I'll say it again.

Speaker 1 (18:17):
Life moves pretty fast. You don't stop and look around
once in a while. You could miss it. That's a
good one. Another good one from a superhero movie that
almost made the list was the final line in The
Dark Night, And I remember the first time I saw
this movie in theaters, I didn't exactly get the ending

why they had to chase Batman, and going back rewatching
this movie so many times. This is a movie that
no matter anytime it's on TV or even if I
just see it pop up on a streaming service like
recently I had it, I will sit down and watch
this movie. But here's the final line. From Commissioner Gordon
explaining to his son why they have to chase Batman because.

Speaker 3 (18:57):
He's not higher up. He's a sign of God. I'm
watchful protector the doc Knight.

Speaker 1 (19:10):
That motivates me. I'm go rewatch that now after I
finish this podcast. I also have the final line spoken
in the Transformers movie from two thousand and seven.

Speaker 3 (19:19):
Like us, there's more to them than meets the eye.
I am Optimus Prime, and I send this message to
any surviving autobots taking refuge among the stars.

Speaker 1 (19:36):
We are here, we are waiting, and then you smash
cut to you, directed by Michael Bay with Lincoln Park
playing underneath it. That just feels like quintessential two thousand
and seven to me. And I just love the sound
of Peter Collen's voice as Optimist Prime, and that is
just the way You're in the movie in a really
epic way, a big voice over and then the smash

hit and you. I also work in the most iconic
tagline that any toy ever Transformers more than meets the eye.
I mean, come on, that is a perfect ending. I
also have the final line from Fight Club and what
I also believe is one of the best endings of
all time and one of the best uses of a
song in a movie. If you met me at a

very strange time, You met me at a very strange
time in my life. This is the cult classic. I
feel like if you ask any film bro, this could
probably be their favorite movie of all time. What an
epics scene you have Edward Norton standing there, buildings blowing up,
Pixie's playing over it. Another great one that people might

not mention is from two thousand and nine, The Hangover.
I'll play the line and tell you why. I think
it's one of the best final lines in a movie.
Oh fear lord, that's classics. It's because this is the
moment in the movie where you finally see the crazy
night they had. The whole time they talking about it,
piecing together all the memories, but then they decide to

actually look at the digital camera. Which digital camera, we
don't have those anymore. You can never really recreate this
scene because you just have all the pictures on your
phone and just go swipe through. But they go back
and during the credits you see all the pictures how
we lost this tooth, how they met up with Mike Tyson,
and I just love that reaction. Oh fear lord, that's classics.

So that's a great one. I also have some classics
on my list, like the final line and Wizard of Oz,
which also brings back a quote from earlier in the
movie There's no place like Home, something I think they
should bring back into movies if they could find a
way to do it. Not as cheesy, but back in

the forties and the thirties, movies would end with the
final line of dialogue. You'd have this big classical music
playing underneath it, although it was probably modern at the time,
and then you have the end. That is how everything
ended back in the day, to let you know the
movie was over, or the TV show the end. We
don't really do that anymore. Maybe it's too dated. Probably
only somebody like a Quentin Tarantino could do that effectively.

But it also happens in another movie I have on
my list here, the end of Casablanca.

Speaker 2 (22:16):

Speaker 1 (22:17):
I think this is the beginning of a beautiful friendship,
and then bam, it hits you with the end. That
way you know it is time to leave the theater
and get back, and you'll ford model T. I'll run
through a few more here my favorite horror movie of
all time from nineteen seventy eight Halloween, A distraught Lorie
Strode who just dealt with the psychotic babysitter killer. This

is her words and doctor Loomis's words. As a matter
of fact, it was you also have this ending from
the Breakfast Club, since you was yours the Breakfast Club,
so not only him reading the letter, but also him
doing the fist pump and that don't you forget about me?

Another one I have on the list. I have a
lot of these. I went down a big rabbit hole,
as you can tell putting together this list. But I
have the final line from the original Planet of the
Apes movie back from nineteen sixty eight, Charlton Heston, Yo,
you'll flow up on damn you d I think the reason, honestly,

I love that one so much is because Homer Simpson
did a parody of it on The Simpsons in the nineties.
Yoo x yo, blow it up. Damn damn. That is
the list. We'll come back and talk about what I
think about Bad Boys, Write or Die? Is it worth

your money to still check it out in theaters and
in the trailer park. We'll be talking about Smile too.
Let's get into it now. A spoiler free movie review
of Bad Always Write or Die. The question I want
to answer about this review because I got it in
the DM. Our audiences ready to forgive Will Smith after

the Oscar slab. It's been so long now for me,
I kind of forgot about it. The only movie it
really affected me with was Emancipation that came out. It
was his follow up film after that. I will say
it did tarnish the way I felt about King Richard,
which he finally wanted Oscar for had been clawing at
it for so long to try to get that. Oscar

finally does. And then the whole slap situation goes down
with Chris Rock and we all started to feel differently
about him. That's because he has this image online that
is so positive and he seems so cool, and I
feel like after that, for me, it took me a
little bit to want to see him in something again.

And it wasn't until I got this DM. And I'll
actually read the DM from Falcons Gaming who said, honestly,
not sure I can ever see another Will Smith move
after the slap and I used to really like him
real DM. We got there and I replied, because I
didn't really think about that going into this movie, and
Will Smith has kind of been in a slump. But

for me, I just enjoy the Bad Boys movies, not
even so much for his performance. I went to seeing
this one even forgetting about the slap because I love
Martin Lawrence. Martin Lawrence and any kind of buddy cop
or action movie is gold. One of my favorite movies
from the nineties Blue Streak, which he is just hysterical in,

so going into this that, I think I gotta get
over the slap thing. I didn't really think a whole
lot about it, but I think by seeing the box
office numbers, by seeing who is actually going to watch
the Bad Boys movies, I think audiences are starting to
forgive him. It is now the sixth highest grossing movie
of the year, so I think we are ready to

forgive him. So what happens in Bad Boys Right Die? Well,
first of all, let's address the title, because in twenty twenty,
Bad Boys for Life came out, which was the third one,
they completely missed the boat. That leads me to believe
that maybe they didn't really have a plan for all
these movies, that one being the first one, in a
very long time since the nineties and early two thousands

that come out. I think if they had this master
plan drawn out, that it would have waited on the
title and waited for this one to be Bad Boys
the Number four Life. But it's fine. Probably because that
one was so successful back in twenty twenty, which was
one of the only movies that year that I got
to see in theaters, they decided to make another one
and have it come out just four years later. Wherever

there is money to be made on a successful franchise
with two A list stars, you're gonna make that money.
And I think I'm a bigger fan of where the
franchise is going now than I was when it first started,
which I think in the beginning they took themselves a
little bit more seriously. Michael Bay was directing them. He's
no longer directing. Does make a cameo in this movie,

and I feel like they're going a little bit more
in the direction of how the Fast and the Furious
movies are not so much about racing anymore and then
more just about big action. The characters are essentially superheroes. Now,
I will say Bad Boys is still a little bit
more grounded in reality, but I think give it a

five a six, and they'll probably get a little bit
more extravagant when it comes to the plot. But in
this one, Will Smith and Martin Lawrence are back as
Mike and Marcus. There are still cops in Miami. At
the beginning of the movie, Will Smith gets married, so
he's trying to settle down. It addresses all the issues
from his past, and Martin Lawrence is trying to live

a healthier life. And I'll just say Martin Lawrence carried
this entire movie his whole storyline about trying to get healthier,
not to eat junk food. At the very beginning of
the movie, he suffers a heart attack and then has
this vision of what his life is going to be,
and that is really the driving force of this movie,

of him having this epiphany, suddenly seeing things clearly and
knowing that him and Mike are about to go through
something really crazy and really intense. And we find out
about this at the beginning of the movie wherever their
old lieutenant who has now passed away. He is being
framed and some evil people are making it look like
he had some ties to the cartel. So now Mike

and Marcus are teaming up to take down some crooked cops.
Pretty easy setup. And then in the mix of all this,
you have Mike's a strange son that we learned about
in the third one returning in this one, and he
is supposed to be kind of a piece in the
puzzle to help them clear the name of their late lieutenant.
You go through all these ups and downs of him

trying to clear his name and then having to clear
their own name because nobody believes them. First question I'll
address is is do you have to watch all other
three movies to understand and enjoy this one? To that,
I say no. Kelsey went with me. She has never
seen a Bad Boys movie in her life, and it
didn't take her too long to realize what was going on.

They do a pretty good job at reminding you of
the plot points you need to know from part three,
at least the ones that involved Will Smith's son in
this movie. So would it be a little bit more
clear why he is there, why there's animosity between the two? Yeah? Probably,
and that is really what you get from watching the
previous movies to any franchise, But I don't think it's

necessary you could go into this movie still understand it,
still enjoy it, but if you have seen Part one, two,
and three, I feel like it'll be a little bit
more gratifying. There will be some obvious callbacks to those movies,
so in any case, it does help to watch them all,
but I don't think it's necessary here. But if you
are a fan of Part one, two and three, this

one's good, gonna enjoy it because it is everybody doing
what they do best, Will Smith being the straight laced
guy and Martin Lawrence being the one bringing the slapstick
comedy doing the really wacky and hilarious things. All of
my favorite moments from this movie all revolved around Martin Lawrence.

He is just so funny, and you put a gun
in his hand and have him chase criminals. It is hilarious,
and not only did it bring the humor, it also
brought the action that paired with some really slick camera movements.
There's some really cool behind the scenes you can watch
while they were making this movie, in particular the final
battle scene, and they have these camera rigs that they

wear on their shoulders. So there's this one clip, but
Will Smith putting this camera over his shoulders and he's
holding his gun, so you get this first person perspective.
It's almost like you're playing Call of Duty and it's
just right there, puts you in the action. And I
thought that was a really slick way to advance some
of this action. Because we've seen shootouts time and time again,

it's hard to really make those fun and exciting. To
having the camera flip around one hundred and eighty degrees
and you get this first person perspective. A Will Smith
and Martin Lawrence, they do this one gun toss that's
just a really slick movement. Again, so it almost feels
like the movie just gets taken over by a video game.
I love that aspect of it. Obviously, Michael Bay is

not directing this movie, and he makes a cameo. It
was kind of like finding stan Lee in the Marvel
movie whenever Michael Bay popped out really quick thing. If
you blink, you miss it. But that was another fun
element of this movie. Lots and lots of cameos. Everybody
from DJ Khaled to copy le May, who is the
most followed person on TikTok. If you saw his face

you would recognize him. I think in the inception of
TikTok back in twenty nineteen and twenty twenty, and I
was on there so early. He would dominate my feed.
And he is the guy who would make videos where
people are trying to show life hacks. One in particular,
I think the first one I saw from him, It
was somebody trying to show how to get out of
your car if you ever lock the keys inside, but

you're also inside the car, so they create this whole
contraption to put something through the window and open the
door handle outside. And then he cuts to doing a
video that well, if you're inside the car, you can
just unlock it normally, and he does this hand movement
towards the camera. So in his videos never says anything.
He's just calling out these dumb life hacks and pointing

out the obvious of what you can do. I will say,
out of all the cameos, I was the most excited
about that one because I've never seen him in a
movie before, always seen him on my phone. The only
injustice I see is that Will Smith is still paid
a substantial amount more than Martin Lawrence. I don't understand it.
He made twenty five million dollars for this movie, Martin
Lawrence is reported to only have made about six to

ten million dollars, and I get that Will Smith is
the bigger name, but when it comes to the performances,
Will Smith's acting was a little bit flat in this one.
And I know his character goes through some things dealing
with a little bit of mental health issues as a
result of being an officer, but still Martin Lawrence was
much more of a driving and dominating force that I

can't believe that he was not paid more than I
think six to fifteen million dollars, So I feel like
it should be paid the exact same because even though
Will Smith, I guess at this point, is still the
bigger name, they would not be as successful if it
wasn't for Martin Lawrence bringing the comedy. The movie is

now the sixth highest grossing movie of the year, although
it just got beat out by Inside Out two, which
is now in that five slot. But on one hundred
million dollar budget, it's now made two hundred and eighteen
million dollars, so the movie is now profitable. And an
interesting study that I saw that came out about who
is going to see this movie? Industry analysts report that
forty four percent of the audience for this movie has

been black, twenty six has been Hispanic or Latino. I
fall right there in that demograph, and I think it's
because of the cast of this movie just shows more
representation that feels more natural. Two leads that are black,
you have some Hispanic and Latino supporting actors, so I
think the representation is there. But because of those minorities
coming out and supporting this movie, it had a better

opening than Mad Max Furiosa and The Fall Guy, So
a big win there. And for me, somebody who wants
to see more people on screen that look like me,
have more Hispanic and Latino actors not only being supporting
actors but also having those leading roles is really important.
So I think this is a movie, even though maybe
not pushing the needle so much on filmmaking, it's still

one that we should support if we want to see
more of these type of actors being cast and having
their stories be told. And that is exactly what this
movie is. It's a great popcorn, summer blockbuster movie that
you can just turn your mind off and enjoy, have
some laughs, bring some family, bring some friends. It gives
you everything you want one that I do think benefits
from seeing in theaters with a room full of people,

because not only does it make the action more fun,
it also makes the comedy just hit a little bit harder.
So with the success of this one at the box office,
for sure we are going to get Bad Boys five.
I think until Will Smith, I would say, and Martin Lawrence,
but I feel like Will Smith would probably do one
without him. So really, until Will Smith says that he
has done making the movies, we're going to continue to

have them. And I think that is great for Bad
Boys Ride or Die. I give it four out of
five packs of skills.

Speaker 2 (35:36):
It's time to head down to movie Mike Traylor hard.

Speaker 1 (35:40):
It looks like Smile Too is going for the juggular
when it comes to making a horror movie that people
care about. Again, I wasn't the biggest fan of the
original one. The main problem I had with it is
they showed so much of the scary parts in the trailer.

That is one of my pet peeves when it comes
to horror movies. You can't give away all the good
parts in the trailer because then when you go see
it in theaters, it's already spoiled because you've already felt
that feeling of fear while watching it at home. So
I would advise, if you haven't seen Smile one, don't
watch the trailer and just go into it wanting to

have a good time. I think I have higher expectations
when it comes to horror movies coming out right now,
because it takes a lot for me to be scared.
But I hated that they did that. The movie started
out pretty promising, but then in the middle of the
movie it got pretty sleepy, boring. I almost fell asleep
at one point, and then the ending was very generic

and predictable. But the movie only cost seventeen million dollars
to make and went on to gross over two hundred
and seventeen million dollars worldwide, a fantastic feat. And like
I've told you guys before, this is the reason people
continue to bank on horror movie movies because you can
do them for that lower budget, and then if you

have a hit on your hands, you make a lot
of money. And even if it doesn't go on to
have astronomical numbers like that, you can still have some
pretty mild success and not be in the hole too much.
So the fact that they were going to make a
Smile Too is a no brainer. The thing I really
loved about the first one as well was the marketing

that went into it. They had people at baseball games
just standing there with the grin on their face and
a smile t shirt that had people wondering why anybody
would be doing this. You have people googling the movie,
and Smile To is already getting in on that, putting
up some billboards across the country that are very ominous.

So I know that they're going to have some other
big things in store for this movie. It is coming
out in October, right around spooky season time. This one's
coming out on October eighteenth. Soci Bacon was the star
of the first one, who was also Kevin Bacon's daughter.
She will not be rich in this one, but Kyle Goalliner,
who played the police officer Joel, is returning for this movie.

You have Naomi Scott playing a pop star. She played
Jasmine in the live action Aladdin movie. Stars Lucas Gage,
who you may know from The White LOADUS Season one
Euphorious Season one. I remember him and we'll always remember
him as being the actor who was on Zoom doing
an audition during the pandemic, and the director conducting the

audition didn't realize that Lucas could hear him, and he
makes a comment on his apartment looking so, in his opinion,
crappy and making him look like he was poor, and
Lucas hears what he is saying and reacts to it
and says, yes, I need to get out of this apartment,
so please cast me in this movie. But before we
get into more about what Smile To is all about,

here's just a little bit of the trailer. Huh god, no, no, no,
go ahead? What what is it? Something really crazy to me?
She keeps seeing this face everywhere. You witnessed a death.

Now it's latched onto you. So Smile Too is following
the same structure as the first one, except now we
have some new victims on our hands. So what happens
in these movies is you have this demonic presence who
takes over a person. That person starts having all these
weird visions. They're essentially going crazy, but nobody believes them.

It eventually gets so bad that it leads that person
to commit suicide, and right before they do, they get
a big smile on their face. But then you always
have a witness who is the next victim. They see
this person take their life, they see that smile on
their face, and then the demonic presence latches onto that
person and you have the cycle repeating over and over again.

This time, instead of it being a psychotherapist smile to
sees this pop star that it happens to. In the trailer,
you see Lucas Gage take his life by smashing his
face with the barbell. So essentially the trailer has already
spoiled it for us, all knowing that his character is
not going to make it. But from that it latches

on to Sky Ridley, the character in the movie played
by Naomi Scott, and it looks to be that it
is going to be a lot more intense than the
first one. You at one point see a lot of
people attacking her. It looks to be bigger and bloodier,
and overall the production on this movie just looks a
lot better than the first one. So maybe they stepped

up the budget from that seventeen million into probably a
twenty to twenty five million dollar budget to make it
look a little bit more cinematic. So hopefully they are
able to add a lot more refined horror elements, and
I feel like they didn't give away everything in this
trailer because from Smile one, there was one moment in
particular that was the moment in the trailer and also

in the movie. I didn't really feel that same way
after watching this trailer, So hopefully they're saving the really
good stuff for the movie and are only giving us
really how Lucas Gage dies. But also it looks like
the detective gets run over by a truck, so maybe
they also spoiled his death to being one of the
only characters to return from the original movie. It looks

like it gets hit by a truck and maybe taken out,
but you know, in horror movies sometimes things don't apply
to the main characters. He'll probably end up in a
hospital bed and be fine. But I do like the
fact that it's a little bit more creative here. There's
a lot of fun stuff you can play around with
the fact that it is a pop star. Although it
reminded me a lot of the m Night Shyamalan movie
coming out later this year, Trap, where that father and

daughter also go to a concert with a pop star
on stage. I thought I was watching the wrong trailer
at first. But I think the fact that this pop
star is in front of a lot of people, probably
at one point she sees the entire crowd smiling at her,
freaking her out, or if they decide for her to
kill herself in front of everybody, what happens if an

entire crowd of thousands of people sees somebody does the
demon latch onto every individual person could be interesting there.
I just hope that the final battle in this movie
is a lot more gratifying and has just a better
conclusion than the first one. The thing about the Smile
franchise that now that it has some success, they'll probably

do a Smile three and continue it until the numbers
don't match up and they're not as profitable. But there's
not really a face of this franchise. When you think
of horror classics like Chucky, even new horror movies like Megan,
you have that one central figure that we all latch onto.
Even all the Saw movies you grasp onto Jigsaw. There

is the actual Smile and the kind of logo that
they're now using to identify it, but there's not one
central character that you see and associate with these movies,
So I think that will be the thing that this
film has to overcome. Since you don't have that mascot,
how do you create a creature that you identify with

this movie and not just be a generic demon that
is so forgettable Because I don't really remember exactly what
it looked like from the first one. I do remember
hating it though, but even though I wasn't the biggest
fan of the first one, I saw a lot of
potential in it. I think if they can get past
that feeling of it just being such a slow burn,

if they can just get into more action, reduce the runtime,
if they have to heighten all of the big scary
moments and make them brutal and make them bloody, and
just give us a better ending, I have much higher
hopes for Smile too. I'll be there on October eighteenth
to check this one out. Will be a great movie
to watch around Halloween season. At that was this leak's

edition of Movie B Framer Park and that is gonna
do it for another episode here of the podcast. But
before I go, I gotta give my listen shout out
of the week. I always hop over to social media,
read all your comments, your dms on Facebook TikTok x.
I'll even dive into the email moviemke d at gmail
dot com. But this week's listener shout out of the

week is Tamara Quinn, who commented on Facebook posted a
reel over there of My Inside Out to review, and
Tamara said they can make another one for sure. They
need love, heartbreak, depression, etc. So many more emotions that
they haven't talked about, which I agree. There are so
many more emotions you could explore if Riley grows up

a little bit more. I do think depression kind of
goes hand in hand with anxiety, at least they do
with me. But could you imagine heartbreak in a Pixar movie.
I think the next one could explore Riley maybe developing
her first crush, maybe even her first relationship. But then again,
you have to keep it so wholesome. I don't know
if Pixar is going to go there. I don't know

if I want to see that movie. I don't know
if we are ready for more complex and sad emoment
notions as you enter into your young adult life. But
I still think that they will make another one of these.
So thank you to Mary Quinn commenting on Facebook, thank
you for listening, thank you for being subscribed, and until
next time, go out and watch good movies and I
will talk to you later
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