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May 13, 2024 49 mins

After The Fall Guy debuted below expectations to kick off the summer blockbuster season — Mike decides to take a look at the rest of the summer schedule to see what movies have the best chance to reach 1 billion dollars this year. In the Movie Review, Mike gives his spoiler-free thoughts on Kingdom of the Planet of the Apes which picks up 300 years after the last movie. Mike talks about if watching the previous trilogy is necessary, how it’s different without Andy Serkis, what oddly didn't work for him in this installment and overall why it’s an underrated franchise. In the Trailer Park, Mike breaks down the Despicable Me 4 trailer which introduces a new member of the family, Gru Jr and Mega Minions! 

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Speaker 1 (00:00):
Hello, and welcome back to Movie Mike's movie podcast. I
am your host Movie Mike. Today I want to share
with you my summer box office preview, where the question
is going to be, will it make a billion dollars
box office? Right now? Look in a little dismal compared
to where we were last year. So out of all
the big movies coming out in the summer, even some
later this year, which one has the best chance of

crossing that billion dollar mark which is huge. In the
movie review, we'll be talking about Kingdom of the Planet
of the Apes. And in the trailer park we're breaking
down Despicable Me for I saw the trailer who went
to go see The Fall Guy and Man, the Minion
just make me happy. So I want to share my
thoughts with that movie coming out later this year as well.
Thank you for being here, Thank you for being subscribed.

Shouts to the Monday Morning Movie crew. And now let's
talk movies.

Speaker 2 (00:46):
In a world where everyone and their mother has a podcast,
one man stands to infiltrate the ears of listeners like
never before in a movie podcast. A man with so
much movie knowledge peace basically like a walking IMTB with
glasses from the Nashville Podcast Network. This is Movie Mike

Movie Podcast.

Speaker 1 (01:09):
If you're listening to this episode on release day, which
is May thirteenth, twenty twenty four, there is still not
a billion dollar movie out. By this time last year,
we had one already and it was a little bit
un well, I don't want to say not expected or unpredictable,
but it was a Super Mario Brothers movie, which is
a great animated movie, and it was the first one

in twenty twenty three to do it. Movie came out
in April fifth, and by April thirtieth it had already
made one billion dollars, which is amazing for an animated movie.
Didn't really see that coming, but you think about how
big the Super Mario franchise is. A movie made for
kids that was just fun. There was nothing attached to
it in any way. You didn't have to know a

whole lot about it, so really, on paper, it had
although recipe to make a billion dollars. It's also a
big international film because not only a Super Mario super
popular in America, it is a world wide property. So
that was the first one, and there was only one
other movie last year to cross that billion dollar mark,

and it was Barbie, which ended up being the highest
grossing movie of last year, making one point four billion
dollars at the box office. But outside of those two movies,
really nothing else came close except Oppenheimer, which was nine
hundred and seventy two million dollars. Guardians at the Galaxy
three finished around eight hundred and forty five million dollars,
and rounding out the top five was fast Ax making

seven hundred and four million dollars at the global box office,
which is even a little bit below what they expect
for Fast and the Furious movies, which are also big
international movies that usually crossed that billion dollar mark. But
The Fall Guy was said to be the start of
the summer blockbuster season that opened to pretty underperforming numbers
with one hundred and thirty million dollar budget, making around

forty five million dollars in its opening weekend. I think,
I think eventually it will at least break even on
that one thirty million, but I don't see it now
being a really high profitable movie, which is kind of
a bummer. And you have Kingdom of the Planet of
the Apes out now, which I'll give my full thoughts
in the movie review and I'll mention briefly how well

the Planet of the Apes movies have been at the
box office, and twenty fourteen, Dollar of the Planet of
the Apes made seven hundred and ten million, and that
is the highest grossing so far. War of the Planet
of the Apes made four hundred and eighty nine. Rise
of the Planet of the Apes in twenty eleven made
four hundred and seventy million dollars. So just looking at
its history and given that it doesn't have the most

passionate fan base, I mean, I enjoy them. I think
the first one is highly underrated, but I feel like
there was much more high back in twenty fourteen when
it was part of a trilogy. So I don't see
them kind of restarting this series now in twenty twenty
four that it's going to do better than any of
the predecessors. But they could prove me wrong. So those
are the two big movies out. Now, let's go through

the rest the list and see what else is coming
out this summer and out of all these, which has
the best to cross the billion dollar mark, because so
far in twenty twenty four there's not a billion dollar movie.
The only one that has come close is due in
part two, which has made seven hundred and eight million dollars.
Godzilla and Kong the New Empire is right behind it
at five hundred and forty seven million dollars, and Kung

Fu Panda four rounds out the top three with five
hundred and twenty million dollars. But then there is a
drastic dip between three and four. At four is Ghostbusters
Frozen Empire making one hundred and ninety five million dollars,
and that movie is really seen as a flop. So
what we see here is those big franchises are bringing

in a lot of money. So when I hear people
complain about everything being a reboot, being a part of
a franchise, I feel like a little bit. The studios
are kind of in a weird position because those are
the movies that are making the money. It shows in
the numbers, and the original movies aren't doing as well.
Because Civil War, which is an original movie, is at

number seven with one hundred and four million dollars. So
I can see why they would bank on things that
people know and that people have an attachment to, and
then we'll get people excited and get them back into seats.
But I also think it's a bad formula moving along,
because if we keep just reintroducing things we're already familiar with,
we're never going to get anything new and never going

to have anything push the envelope and create new franchises,
create new sequels, create new legacies and movies because we
keep making the same thing over and over. So what
I try to do is support all the movies that
I really believe in, no matter how big or how small.
And that's why on this podcast, I review the big blockbusters,
but I also review the smaller movies to give those

movies more attention. And if you don't even end up
seeing them in theaters, maybe you watch them on streaming,
and therefore you find attachment to that and whenever there's
a new one, you go watch that one in theaters.
Because honestly, I get just as an as you looking
at all the movies coming out in twenty twenty four
and seeing reboots and sequels, because I also crave that originality.

But I also know if I want more of that originality,
you have to put my money where my mouth is
and talk about those and go see those as well
and support them. So let's go through the rest of
the list. But we're going to probably notice a trend
here of a lot of the big movies that get
the most attention are not original movies. That is just
how it goes. But first up coming out this Friday

on May seventeenth is IF, starring Ryan Reynolds. This is
a movie about him and imaginary friends, which is interesting
to me because we just had a movie come out
earlier this year called an Imaginary which was a different
take on the story. That was the Blumhouse horror movie
where a kid had an imaginary friend and that imaginary

friend was killing people. But here it's obviously a much
more playful movie. Dear towards Failies. You have Steve Carell
as the voice of the big Purple monster. I think
this movie looks good in theory. It's directed by John Krasdinski,
who you would know as Jim from the Office. He's
also directed movies like A Quiet Place, and it doesn't

really feel fully original. It almost seems like they borrowed
a lot of different elements from cartoons, Saturday Morning TV shows,
PBS shows. There's a little bit of a Muppets or
Sesame street feel to this movie, so it doesn't really
feel like it's bringing me into an entirely new world.
But out of all the big movies coming out this year,

it is an original movie. However, I don't think this
is one that is going to cross that billion dollar mark.
It'll probably make around forty million dollars in its opening weekend.
It is so hard to make a movie geared towards
kids right now, to get families out into the theater
that's not a Disney property, And so far, there's nothing
about the trailer or any of the characters that I

feel really screams to a kid, hey go take me
to see this movie. So I don't think that one
is going to cross a billion dollar mark. May twenty
fourth is an interesting date because we have two big
movies coming out that are very different. So you have
some counterprogramming here on May twenty fourth. Furiosa a Mad
Max saga which actually looks pretty good. It is the
prequel to Mad Max Fury Road, which came out in

twenty fourteen. That movie caught me off guard on how
much I ended up loving it, and that was a
theater experience that I was completely immersed in. The visuals
in Mad Max Fury Road are some of the best
of the twenty tens, and I think I wasn't prepared
for that. I wasn't prepared to be so invested in

the story, and it so greatly improves on that franchise,
and it also got so much critical acclaim. For a
movie like that to do so well, it was kind
of a no brainer for them to do another installment,
and instead of making a sequel to that one, they
made the prequel. And I feel like that attention it
got from awards and all the critics loving that one,

I don't really feel Furiosa getting that same attention because
of the leads in this movie. It's Chris Hamsworth who
is greatly trying to remove himself from thor and being
the action guy. And then you have Anya Taylor Joy,
who has become an incredible star not only in movies
but TV shows like The Queen's Gambit. She was great

in the Menu, but she is not quite yet at
that level of movie star that is gonna pull in
a billion dollars. And then if you look at the
history of Mad Max at the box office, Fury Road,
although it had a critical acclaim, it opened to forty
five million dollars and then ended up making three hundred
and seventy nine million dollars at the worldwide box office,

so it didn't even cross the half a billion dollar mark.
I don't feel there being any more hype for this movie,
so I don't think Furiosa will get there. Also, on
May twenty fourth, you have the Garfield movie coming out
with Chris Pratt voicing a lovable Garfield who hates Mondays
and loves Lasagna. I used to love Garfield and Friends
the TV show as a kid, but none of the

movies have really done the cartoon justice. He had the
original one, which came out with Bill Murray as the
voice of Garfield, and I remember when that movie came out,
I was like, why is Bill Murray the voice of Garfield?
But what actually happened is there is a famous directing
brother group called the Cohen Brothers, and Joel Cohen is
a part of that and Bill Murray has worked with him.

They've done movies like Burn after Reading Fargo and a
lot of other movies, won a lot of awards. They're
pretty famous in the movie industry. So he agreed to
do it because he thought Joel Cohen was the one
who was doing this movie, but there's a different Joel
Cohen who spells it differently. There's one of the Coen
brothers that spells at coe in and this other guy

named Joel spells at cohg in, and he is responsible
for writing movies like Daddy DeCamp and Cheaper by the Dozen.
So he just finally said, oh, yeah, Joe Cohen's doing it,
I will be the voice of Garfield, not knowing it
was not the same Cohen. So I think it's interesting
that you have two completely different movie styles coming out
on the same weekend, but neither of those movies are

going to cross that billion dollar mark. I see Furiosa
doing better and Garfield just will probably not do so well.
Next up on my summer blockbuster list on June seventh,
we have Bad Boys Ride or Die. And as much
as I enjoyed Bad Boys for Life, which came out
in twenty twenty, I think that should have been the
end of the franchise. A fourth movie really feels like

a cash grab, like they're milking it. It also kind
of feels like to me that Will Smith is trying
to still do damage control and get audiences to like
them again. I'm going to go see this movie more
so for Martin Lawrence than I am going to see
it for Will Smith. When Bad Boys for Life came
out in twenty twenty, opened in January before the world

shut down, so is one of the highest roasting movies
of twenty twenty for that reason, making four hundred and
twenty six million dollars. The trailer for this one actually
looks a lot better than I was expecting it to,
but it still has that same formula that we just
got in Bad Boys for Life, and even the name
of the movie to make a fourth when they should
have saved it, because you could have made it Bad

Boys with the number four life. That makes a lot
more sense. So even the title says to me that
they meant to just do a trilogy, be done with it,
had nothing else going on, and decided to make another one.
But like I said, it's the first major movie that
Will Smith has done since the twenty twenty two Oscar slap.
Emancipation had already been filmed by the time that that happened,

So this will be the true test on whether or
not audiences are ready to I don't even want to
say forgive them, because I think for the most part
we've forgotten and moved on from it. But it also
has changed the perception of him in a lot of ways,
and it's done some damage to people that you really
can't fix back, no matter how many movies you make
in the Bad Boys Men in Black franchise, or even

if you did another Independence Day, or even if you
brought the Fresh Prince back himself. So this is one
I think is going to open to some pretty sobering
numbers for Will Smith, and I feel like he's really
going to have to reflect after this movie does not
make back that ninety million dollar budget. I think it's
gonna be kind of a harsh reality for him, which

I'm starting to see across the board for a lot
of people who were famous in the late nineties early
two thousands and have had this level of fame for
so long. We're at a time now where those people
aren't that cool anymore, and you can't really write off
that same success as you did back when you were
crushing it. I think he is somebody who is suffering

from that. Now. We're seeing people on the music side,
like Justin Timberlake and Jennifer Lopez put out albums and
nobody really cares about him. So along those same lines,
I could see Will Smith doing movies like this and
nobody really caring about him. So not only do I do.
I don't think it'll make a billion dollars. I don't
think it'll make half a billion. I think it would

be pretty generous to even make two hundred million dollars. Also,
when June, you have Inside Out two from Disney and Pixar.
In this one, Riley is now a teenager. Joy is
back voiced by Amy Poehler, but you have new emotions
like anxiety voiced by Maya Hawk, who was one of
my favorite new actresses. Other new emotions include envy and embarrassment.

So of all the Disney movies, this is the one
I'm actually excited about because Inside Out one is so great.
It also teaches kids about their emotions and it also
helps adults like me who struggle with their emotions. But
Inside Out one has some moments that really punch you
in the gut, probably the most impactful moments from Pixar
in the last ten years. So this is one that's

a sequel that I actually feel there is a reason
and a story there because introducing new emotions as Riley
grows older is an important thing to teach kids. But
it has been a while since a Pixar movie, or
a Disney movie for that matter, has reached the billion
dollar mark. The last Pixar movie to do it was
in twenty nineteen Toy Story four that made just over

a billion dollars. Before that was also in twenty nineteen
with Aladdin on the Disney side, And you think about
those two movies, Toy Story, I would say is the
biggest property that Pixar has, and Aladdin back in twenty
nineteen had much more of a demand for it. But
both of those movies just barely crossed a billion dollar mark.

Inside Out in twenty fifteen made eight hundred and fifty
million dollars worldwide, and I think, so far on the list,
this one has the best chance of doing it. The
only problem that there is right now is the whole
Disney plus model and the fact that you can just
wait three or four months and it'll be available for
you to watch it home for a streaming service you

already pay for. That is what is hurting Disney and
Pixar so much. Because family are the key demographic for
these movies. It's expensive for families to go to the
movie theater, which is really why box office numbers are
down so much this year. We don't have a whole
lot of extra money. And sometimes I forget that as
somebody who goes to the movies every single week because

I have Regal Unlimited, so I pay that flat like
twenty three bucks and I can see as many movies
as I want. After I watch two movies, I'm good.
But sometimes I pay attention to people there in the
lobby when they're talking about it, and some people say,
I haven't seen a movie in three or four years.
This is my first time back in a while. And really,
for the most part, unless you listen to this podcast

and are more dedicated to movies, maybe you go to
one or two movies a year, So which is gonna
be your one big outing feel like for the most
part when it comes to families, it's gonna be a
Disney movie. It's gonna be a Pixar movie. So that
is why I think this movie has the best chance
so far of doing that. But the Disney plus model
is actually shooting them in the foot, so honestly, I

think it'll end up bottoming out like right. If it
does really well, it'll hit about nine hundred million dollars
rounding out June. A Quiet Place Day one is coming out.
It is the prequel to A Quiet Place, which Part
two to that was pretty similar to Part one, And
as much as I enjoyed both of those movies, I

like a good horror thriller movie. John Krasinski is a
decent director. He hasn't really wowed me with his imagination
and storytelling, but they are solid movies. I'm not that
interested in seeing a prequel to how Everything happened. I
just want to see more of the demise of the world.
I feel like that's better to be kept a mystery

and not know the origin of it. It makes it
scarier in my opinion. So I don't really feel like
people are gonna be flocking to the theater to see
a movie like this in twenty twenty four, so that
one doesn't stand a chance. On July third, we have
Despicable Me for gru and the Minions are back with
the baby in the mix, and I'm gonna get into

more of my thoughts during the trailer park talking about
Despicable Me for and as much as I was kind
of on the fence for Inside Out to because of
the Disney plus model. There isn't one for Despicable Me For.
Everybody loves the minions. So the only movie that I
would actually put money on right now so far in
this list to make a billion dollars is gonna be

Despicable Me For. Because I think people just need a
movie like this in their life right now, and this
is one that's gonna feel like the Super Mario Brothers
last year, like, how was this movie continuing to make
money just because the minions are funny and they earn
so much money and they're the cash cow for Illuminationean.
So we'll add Despicable Me For to the list and

talk about it more in the trailer park. On July nineteenth,
we have Twisters. It's gonna be a standalone sequel where
really you don't need to know anything about the story
from the original movie. But I have to imagine they're
going to do a lot of things to appease those
fans and reward them for being, you know, lifelong fans
of a movie like this, so I am excited for it.

You also have Glenn Powell, who is really on the
Rise right now. Daisy Edgar Jones was really great and
where the Crawdads sing Anthony, It's almost is also continuing
to be an actor on The Rise. I thought he
was really good in Transformers Rise to the Beast last year.
They're also doing a lot of crazy promotion for this movie.
They have a soundtrack with all original songs, which is

something that was really big and important in the first movie.
There are songs that I associate with Twister, shine On,
shine On, I'm miss treat You Girl, like so many
songs that were featured and sung in that movie that
I love when movies had soundtracks that were impactful and

moments in movies that you remember and associate this song
with this movie. So for them to still have that
theme going along with this one and have artists like
Luke Combs out promoting the movie, I think that is
also going to play a bit a key factor to
the box office numbers for Twisters. But overall, I don't

think it's a movie that's going to make a billion dollars,
but I do think it's going to exceed expectations that
people are setting for a movie that maybe seems kind
of a throwaway movie of the nineties. What I'm here
to say is one of my favorite movies of all time,
So I'm super excited for it, and I'm glad that
movie is coming out on July nineteenth, because if it
came out any later in the summer, it would be struggling.

So a big key factor for a movie to make
a billion dollars is when it comes out. Twister's coming
out on July nineteenth. The only reason I could see
it fall off and not reach its full potential to
get to that billion dollar mark is because on July
twenty sixth, Deadpool and Wolverine is coming out, which I
would also put my money on of this movie making
a billion dollars. And I think Marvel is really banging

on Deadpool and Wolverine to revive the MCU, which really
slowly went into a decline, and people's perception of the
MCU took a little hit after hit with all the
TV shows that didn't really sit well with fans and
movies that just left people with the bad taste in
their mouth. You do one two of those and people
really start to question the MCU. The fastest I've ever

really seen people jump ship and say the MCU is terrible.
Marvel is dead after the endgame, and it was a
lot of rebuilding for them. What I think really happened
is they tried to introduce so many new characters so quickly.
The TV shows became a bit of a chore to watch,

and the formula for the movies didn't really change much.
They were introducing characters the same way. So not only
were we getting burnt out on the formula, we also
didn't really care about these characters. We wanted to see
all the ones that we knew in love and spent
over a decade with them in our life. So I
do think they need to go back to the basics.

Because the last Marvel movie to cross the billion dollar
mark was Spider Man No Way Home. Because of how
epic that one was and because how much it brought
back moments from all of our childhoods, that is what
they need to do right now. They are in a
time where they need to bank on the nostalgia of nerds.
They are crushing it right now with X Men ninety
seven and making all the thirty plus year olds so

happy and so excited and being dialed into that show
and to disneyplus every single week. They need to have
that same effect in the movie theater, and they have
said that they're going to start reducing the amount of
shows and movies they're coming out with, with this year,
Dead pulling Wolverine being the only one they're putting out.
I think that's also important too. Put all your money

and intention on one property, put that out and have
it be successful. And therefore, watch your girl back again,
watch people be excited again. You're never going to recreate
what you did of assembling the Avengers and having those
movies be the bookend and pinnacle of the MCU. But

in order to survive and not go the way of
the Western, giving us little taste of something really good
with Pristine's special effects instead of rushing everything through quickly,
great stories and great characters, and the EMCU can be back.
Although I never said the MCU was dead, I would
never say that. So all you people at that jump ship,

I'll be here, chilling, coasting down. I'll let you all
back on. We're gonna be fine. Deadpool and Wolverine is
going to crush it. It is easily, let me say
this again, easily going to make a billion dollars or
my name isn't movie Mike. It's really not. That's a
name I made up for this podcast, but I would
put a lot of money on it making a billion dollars.

Rounding out the summer now, on August ninth, we have Borderlands,
which is a movie based on a video game, directed
by Eli Roth. It's an action adventure movie. Even though
Eli Roth is known a lot for horror movies, He's
also in Inglorious Bastards. But TV shows and movies based
on video games are really hot right now, and it's
been something in the history of and TV that's been

really hard to get right. Look at all the bad
video game adaptations that came out back in the nineties.
Twenty tens were also hit or miss for video game adaptations,
but now it shows like the Last of Us and Fallout,
people are interested in them again five nights if Freddy's
crushed at the box office. Super Mario Brothers movie we've

been talking about, did really well, So everybody wants in
on the video game adaptations because you have that built
in audience. That is what it's all about. That's why
we have so many reboots and sequels. Same way with
video games, you can come out with a movie that
feels original and do things that appease the fans of
that video game, but also get people interested in watching

the movie. Therefore, people go watch the movie, they maybe
go back and play the video game. You come out
with a new video game around the same time inside
that franchise. That's what we call synergy problem is we
may be a little bit too removed from these video games.
Borderlands one came out in two thousand and nine, Borderlands
two came out in twenty twelve, Borderlands the presequel came

out in twenty fourteen, and Borderlands three came out in
twenty nineteen. There was also a spinoff that came out
in twenty twenty two. So we're not so close to
the end of those games to ride off the success
of the video game franchise. But we're also not that
far out to make people really have time to be
passionate about a Borderlands game coming out. It's not that

nostalgia factor. I know. This has been a movie that's
been in development for a long time. Usually, once you
get a hit video game franchise, people are already chomping
at the bit to put out the movie to cash
in and I think some of the visuals look pretty
good in the trailer, even though it really feels like
they are doing a Guardians at the Galaxy impression. The
main thing I feel is so underwhelming about the trailer

and about all the posters out for this movie. The
cast just doesn't look that good. Kevin Hard, Jamie Lee,
Curtis Jack Black is in it, but he's a voice
of one of the characters. It has big Hollywood movie
written all over it with an expensive price tag. But
just for the fact that Kevin Hart is in it
alone leave me to believe that this movie is going

to bomb. Even with Kate Blanchett also one of the
main characters. I think this movie is going to flop,
has no chance of making a billion dollars. Rounding out
the summer. On August sixteenth, we have Alien Romulus coming
out in twenty twenty four. Don't see that one making
a billion dollars. On August twenty third, we have The Crow,
which is the remake of the classic. In my eyes,

Brandon Lee is the only person who should play The Crow.
So I am still boycotting this movie. I don't think
it's going to do well. I think it's going to
tank no way of making a billion dollars. So that's
really all the movies I think have the potential to
make a billion dollars this summer. We have two out
of all those, Despicable Me for and Dead Pull and

Wolverine have the best chance in my opinion, of making
a billion dollars. Looking at the rest of the year,
we have Beetlejuice. Beetlejuice coming out on September sixth, so
eyeing for that Halloween time. Beetlejuice has the benefit of
having that nostalgia factor with the eighties being so big
and prominent this year in movies. I think it'll actually
do fairly well, but probably more in the three hundred

to two hundred and fifty million dollar range. We also
have Transformers One, which is the animated Transformers movie, coming
out on September twentieth. Don't think that one will get there.
The only other movie I can see having a chance
at making a billion dollars is Joker Fole I Do
coming out on October fourth. The first one did it,
and this one looks to be like much of the same,

but also advancing on the story, adding Lady Gaga. I
feel like there is a big passionate fan base for
an R rated movie set in the DC universe. So
that is the only other movie coming out this year
that I would also put my billion dollar mark on.
I don't think Mufasa will get there. I don't think
Sonic the Hedgehog will get there. Gladiator two is also

coming out on November twenty second. I don't see that
one get there. And Venom the Last Dance is coming
out on October twenty fifth. That movie will be lucky
to make its money back. All right, that is the list.
We'll come back and talk about Kingdom of the Planet
of the Apes and then the trailer Park. We'll get
into why I'm so excited about Despicable Me for Let's

get into it now. A spoiler free movie review. Kingdom
of the Planet of the Apes one of my most
anticipated movies of the summer. I feel like the Planet
of the Apes movies as a whole are a little
bit underrated. There are ten of them now. The trilogy
of the twenty tens is top tier. I love those

movies so much. In particular, the first one is the
one that really changed my mind on the Planet of
the Apes because all the original ones, the Mark Wahlberg one.
I never really got too into those. I enjoyed more
when the Simpsons would parody the Planet of the Apes movie,
Homer Simpson screaming at the top of his lungs statue
of liberty. Wait a minute, that was our planet. Damn you,

damn you all ta hell. That was my introduction to
the Planet of the Apes movies. So I always found
the early iterations to be a little bit comical. That
completely changed in the twenty tens, whenever the movies had
a much more serious approach. The first movie has one
of my favorite theater experiences of all time. The first

time Caesar spoke in that movie. I remember people in
the audience gasping. It is such a huge moment, and
just to have one of the best character developments of
Caesar going from the first one. Then when director Matt
Reeves took over from there, it was an incredible run.
But I feel like whenever people rattle off some of
the best trilogies of all time, or even just the

best trilogies of the twenty tens, they often get overlooked,
even though they are so clutch and also performed so
well at the box office, So coming from loving those
movies going into this one, which it's all kind of
part of one big saga, even though those first three
movies now stand on their own, Kingdom of the Planet
of the Apes is really the start of a new series.

They're going to do this brand new saga. They have
two more movies planned after this and maybe one more
on the tail end to wrap this whole thing up.
Matt Reeves is no longer directing. Instead we have director
West Ball, who I'm really not that familiar with. I
know he did the Maze Runner movies. He did that trilogy,
but outside of that, he really doesn't have a tent
poll this is what I'm known for, and I found

that he had a bit of a different approach to
these movies where the tone completely shifted. Now where we
start off and Kingdom of the Planet of the Apes,
it takes place three hundred years after the reign of Caesar,
and all the roles have reversed because in that one,
the humans around the world it takes place in modern
day at that time, and the Apes are the ones

who are just coming into being able to speak, being
able to create their own civilization. And then that leads
to that entire trilogy, So going into this one, you
don't really have to know or have seen all of
those original movies, but having watched those, it does help
really establish in your mind who Caesar is. But within

the first minute of the movie you get this slate
of text telling you kind of his entire story. It
really tells you all you need to know. But there
are a lot of references throughout this one talking about
Caesar because you have some apes in this story who
have no idea who Caesar is, and then you have
this bad group of apes who their interpretation of his

outlook on the world and how he feels about humans
is a little bit radicalized. It is almost as if
they don't really know what Caesar intended and they kind
of skewed it to fit their own type of mentality
because they hate humans. They want to capture all the humans,
kill humans. But the overall plot it centers around a
character named Noah who his family gets captured. Their entire

home gets completely destroyed by this radical group of apes,
so it is now Noah's mission to go find and
rescue his family. Along the way, and right before that,
he encounters this human who keeps following him, so he
is on a journey to try and find them. Along
the way, he finds another ape named Raca, who teaches
them about Caesar, teaches them about humans, and again they

encounter this human who they are now trying to help
out because even Noah is hesitant of humans, but Raka
is trying to teach him that they can be friends
live in harmony, because that is the way that Caesar intended. Now,
all the apes in the movie can speak, they're smart,
but all the humans have regressed and there was this
virus that took away their ability to speak. All the

roles are reversed and it is the humans now who
are few and far between. They don't speak. They refer
to them as echoes because they are essentially echoes of
the past. The first thing that really me in with
this movie was the astounding visual effects. I was really
immersed into the world of Kingdom of the Planet of

the Apes because it looks so beautiful, and a lot
of this movie is the effects. I think maybe forty
to fifty percent of the movie is all just cgi characters.
And how they do these movies is they have real
actors playing all these people. They have them in these
motion capture suits. If you've ever seen behind the scenes
some of these movies, they put all the dots on
their face, so it's actually their voices and movements from

their face, which I think a lot of this stuff
was pioneered back with James Cameron and Avatar, And while
watching this movie, that is really what it reminded me
of that world of Pandora that was so immersive and
so big and so huge. It kind of felt like
that in a way, except less in the blues sci
fi way, and more of this could probably actually happen
to be in a world where humans once ruled and

now these apes have taken over. So out of all
the Planet of the Apes movies, this one really felt
like I was on a planet of the Apes. And
the visual effects just had this incredible depth that was
so fun to watch, even just the little hairs on
all of the apes that would flow in the wind,
and how intricate it was. It really made me look

at every other movie using via effects in the wrong
way and think, see, it is possible to do. If
you're gonna make a movie of this caliber and really
want to get people into the theater to watch a spectacle.
You have to make visual effects like this. It has
to go next level, otherwise there's gonna be no reason
for people to go see this movie in theaters. And

that is also what I enjoy about these movies is
they really have a reason to go see them because
they are this immersive, they are this big, and I
thought the movie started out with some really good action,
but aside from that, I felt the pacing was a
little bit all over the place. And I do understand
what they are trying to do in this iteration now.
They are trying to make it feel a lot different

than what we have seen before and give it a
little bit more room to breathe, and also focus a
lot more on the story, which I think was more
prevalent in this movie. A focus on what is actually
happening between the relationship of humans and apes, and focus
more on those idiosyncrasies. So it almost feels a little
bit more sophisticated. Even though I felt the twenty ten

versions were a lot more sophisticated than the movies from
back in the day, it almost feels like they are
taking this in another direction. So I really think that
was my main issue with it. The second act kind
of drags to a point that I was still invested
in it, but it didn't really have me on that
roller coaster of emotion and action that I was expecting.
But it has about a two hour and twenty minute

runtime and I really felt that and by the end
of it, I was kind of ready for it to
be over. And that's not the best sign. Not to
say it's a bad movie, but it really felt like
the best is yet to come, and Kingdom of the
Planet of the Apes is really laying the groundwork for
the two films that are going to come after introducing
us to the characters, introducing us to the world, which

is a hard thing to do because I feel like
there is a lot going on and I don't want
to spoil anything. But after watching this movie, it really
easily leads into the next one, and in my head,
I can kind of see how all of these chapters
of the story are going to play out. So I
think the next movie will be even better than this one.

But I really think where this one is going to
shine is in that final third movie, because I see
this movie being a really perfect trilogy. But unlike the
twenty eleven version, which I feel like was the best
of that trilogy. Kingdom of the Planet of the Apes
is not quite there, but it is still, without a doubt,
a crowd pleaser. There were also a lot of funny

moments that I wasn't expecting, and we also have a
whole new cast of actors, which I was a huge
fan of Andy Serkis as Caesar. I don't know that
these actors have them down just yet, so maybe give
them a little bit more time to get familiar with
the technology. It's still the first movie, and they will
also get better because I felt that while the visual

aspect was there, the emotion in some of their voices
and their performances didn't really suck me in. And for
a movie like this that doesn't have a whole lot
of humans, Freya Allen, who is the female lead in
this movie, is really the only human. I needed a
little bit more from her performance and her interaction with
all the CGI characters because I didn't really feel that

same chemistry. And it's also probably hard because in this
one it's all the apes doing the speaking, which we
didn't have in the trilogy before this. Really Caesar was
the only one who would speak. Some of the other
ones would say a few words, but they also communicated
a lot with sign language with subtitle, so I feel
like that took me a little bit of getting used
to just the way they decided to make all of

the apes speak, So I think that'll probably change a
little bit as more characters get introduced later in this trilogy.
So while I don't feel this franchise is going in
the wrong direction, it's just not quite there for me yet.
Still a good movie, still enjoyable. If you've been a
fan of all the other movies, you're going to enjoy
this one, But I don't think it's going to be
your favorite. Looking at the box office numbers, it is

performing so well, so I feel that even though people
don't always talk about these movies being so good, the
numbers are there, the money is there, and we're gonna
keep having Planet of the Apes movies probably until the
end time, until we're actually living in the Planet of
the Apes. But for Kingdom of the Planet of the Apes,
I give it three out of five horses. That was

the only visual aspect that felt a little bit weird,
like they almost didn't have the animation downright of seeing
all the apes riding the horses. Yeah, maybe they retool
that a little bit too.

Speaker 2 (38:46):
It's time to head down to movie Mike Traylor, Paul.

Speaker 1 (38:50):
The Minions are going to save cinema this summer. I
was talking about it a little bit earlier. Despicable Me
for is coming out on July, and I remember whenever
the first Despicable Me movie came out back in twenty ten.
It's now been fourteen years of Minions. I thought, what
a dumb concept for a kid's movie. These weird little

yellow things that speak a hybrid of Gibberish and Spanish.
There's no way that this movie is going to be successful.
But that movie proved me wrong because it went on
to gross half a billion dollars at the box office.
There are now a total of six movies in the
Despicable Me franchise, including the four Despicable Me movies two
Minions movies, that have grossed over four and a half

million dollars total at the box office, which is a
lot of money. And I want to talk about why
these movies are successful, why they have a special place
in my heart, and why I think Disney needs to
look at Illumination, which is the company that makes all
the Minions movies in order to put their trajectory back

on track, because well, I don't want to get into
all that now. But again, the movie is coming out
out on July third, and I can't think of a
better way to celebrate the birth of our nation little
lovable minions. So before I get into more about what
this movie is about, here's just a little bit of
the Despicable me for trailer.

Speaker 3 (40:14):
Nice one, gentlemen, you will be the first to test
our supercitum designed to transform you into cutting agents or
babies and gentlemen secrets with a BEGUNI.

Speaker 1 (40:36):
M that just makes me laugh, hearing the minions talk
and hearing them laugh and seeing them do dumb things.
In that clip, we saw what is described as Mega Minions,

which looks hilarious, these souped up minions. One of them
looks like the thing they have, like these crazy superpowers.
They're a little bit tanners, so their skin is a
little bit more yellow. It looks hilarious. What a great
way to bring a little breath of fresh air into
this franchise, which for me, by the time you get
to a part four in an animated movie, you really

start phishing for ideas and sometimes it feels like you're
running out of story. If you look at Toy Story four,
that movie really feels like the epilogue in the entire
Toy Story franchise, them kind of having like, Okay, let's
make another Toy Story movie because it could be successful,
it can make us some money. And now they're making
Toy Story five. So I think that movie should have

ended with Toy Story three. However, with the Minions, it's
just NonStop fun, NonStop action, and putting them in situations
that are just more and more hilarious. So this is
a way that I think Disney can learn from Illumination
is sometimes you just need to make a movie that
is mindless and dumb for kids, because kids just want

to go experience something fun. And the Minions appeal to
every type of kid, like a really young kid, an
older kid. They appealed to me for crying out loud.
I am nowhere near the key demographic, but Mean Kelsey
both enjoy going to watch a Despicable Met or a
Minions movie. Back in twenty twenty two, when Minions two

came out, we were so excited for it. We were
the only people who showed up in the theater without kids,
and we're not above that, and we had a great time.
The Minions are for everybody, for kids, if for adults,
for your grandma on Facebook who keeps posting the same
Minions meme and gifts that have about two pixels and
the entire thing over and over again. And that is

what Despicable Meat is going to do. Give everybody some
new things and gifts to post online. So I feel
like Disney movies always have to teach a kid a lesson,
which is important. I learned a lot of things from
Disney movies growing up. Times. They were that parental figure
in my life, teaching me things that my parents just
didn't know to teach me, didn't have time to teach me.

I learned a lot from different Disney movies about different emotions,
different situations. They just helped me with. And I feel
like that is because Disney movies are rooted in fairy tales,
usually have some type of moral At times, they could
probably feel a little preachy to a kid who just
wants to go see an animated movie where characters do
wacky things because that is what's fun, and from that

that kid goes on to want to buy a toy
from the movie, go buy a t shirt, a coloring book,
or some kind of merchandise because they love those characters
that much. And last year we saw all the Disney
movies that came out in theaters didn't really translate to
what they wanted them to do. But then you had

Illumination put out the Super Mario Brothers movie, which was
just a big, fun movie that didn't really have I
don't want to say a whole lot of substance, because
there is some there. I think them making Princess Peach
in that movie not being the one who needed to
be rescued and her instead being the one to help Mario,
I think was an important lesson for kids and showing

young girls and young boys that it doesn't always have
to be the princess being rescued, so there can be
things in Illumination movies that teach kids lessons without just
shoving it down their throats. But also that movie was
just big, dumb and fun at the same time, which
is what the Minions movies continue to do and Despicable
Me does as a franchise, and the plotlines are pretty

basic in this one. We have Steve Carell back is Grew,
Kristin Wigg returns as Lucy, and then you have two
new villains voiced by Will Farrow and Sophia Vergara, who
are trying to get revenge on Grew. And in this
one they have Grew Junior, who is the baby who
in the trailer loves his mom but has some beef
with his dad and looks like it's going to be

his job to torment his dad foil his plans, and
I feel like probably by the end of the movie
they will end up bonding because gru has two daughters
and now he finally has his boy. But I guess
he's probably in a weird position of the boy not
really liking him, so it looks like he's gonna take
him on some of his adventures with him, take him
on a couple of heist and maybe through that they

will bond a little bit. So there's also a whole
other storyline being made there of Grew Junior growing up.
So really, they could continue doing Despicable Me and many
these movies for so many years to come. And the
other thing I love about the Despicable Me franchise is
they continue to advance on their animation style, and just

by watching this trailer, I can see all the little
cinematic touches that they are putting in the kids movie
that you don't really have to include, but it really
makes a difference when you go watch an animated movie
with that level of sophistication on their animation style, it
really becomes much more of an immergent experience. Therefore gives
families a reason to see it on a big screen

because it does get your attention more on the screen,
and that's probably really important when it comes to younger
kids who have shorter attention spans. So that combined with
a fantastic voice acting as great of a career that
Steve Carell has had going from television into film, this
is still one of my favorite roles of his because

it's so much different than everything else he does, and
even though grew at the same time sounds like him
but also at the same time sounds nothing like him.
I think he is such a perfect fit. Kristin Wig
is also great in this Miranda Cosgrove, and it's nice
to see Will Ferrell in an animated movie that doesn't suck.
So the Minions and Despicable Me are just a great

crowd pleaser and they bring me a lot of joy.
So even though for me being thirty two gonna turn
thirty three next month, does feel a little bit weird
to me to go watch a kid's movie, but again,
I gotta watch it to talk about it here on
the podcast. But now that I have Kelsey, it feels
a little bit more normal, I will say. The last
Illumination movie which to go see together was Migration and

we walked in and we happened to see a couple
who is a friend of a friend, so we know them.
They were there with their kids and they saw us
and we said hi, And even though they didn't say anything,
I felt that tension of them wondering, I wonder where
their kids are. They didn't mention anything. They were just like, oh, hey,
good to see you, but I know in their head
they were thinking, these two adults came here willingly. And

to that, I say, yes, We'll do it again. On
July third, we go watch Despicable Me four and.

Speaker 2 (47:39):
That was this week's edition of movie Bar Framer Bar.

Speaker 1 (47:43):
Oh Yeah, and that is going to do it for
another episode here of the podcast. Before I go, I
got to give my listeners shout out of the Week.
I think this was two maybe three weeks ago where
I asked you guys, if you would be so kind
to leave a review of the podcast. If you listen
on Apple Podcasts, iHeartRadio, or Spotify, you can go leave

a five star review and write a quick little review
because I am continuing my battle trying to reach the
top of the charts when it comes to other movie podcasts.
We are consistently in like the top twenty twenty five
given the week, but I really want to crack that
top ten. So it would mean so much to me
if you went and whatever streaming service you listen on,

hit that five stars and write a quick little review
because it really really helps. Sitting at a four point
nine rating right now on Apple podcast which is amazing.
I think the person who gave me a one was
somebody who complained really early onto the podcast when I
was still figuring things out and they didn't like that
I laughed while talking about things. So sorry, guy, sad

you gave me that one, but you probably didn't stick
around past episode ten. But for this week's listener shout
out of the Week, I'm going to the reviews on
Apple podcasts. We have a review here from pot podcast
listener fourteen. You know somebody is an expert on podcasts
if their username is podcast listener fourteen, they wrote great

movie podcast. Mike is an excellent movie reviewer. I enjoy
his podcast. I listen every Monday. He gives honest and
informative reviews every week. Love the Trailer Park. That is
such a great review. You could probably accuse me of
hiring somebody to leave that review, but I did not.
If I could figure that out, I probably would. But
these are all genuine reviews. So thank you podcast listener fourteen.

Appreciate that. Appreciate you right now for listening. Hope you
have a great rest of your week, and until next time,
go out and watch good movies and I will talk
to you later
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