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April 17, 2024 46 mins

The WNBA Draft has caused a big rift in the relationship of Justin and Ray. Lunchbox saw something while checking out garage sales that has him questioning what is going on in society. Jontay Porter is out of the NBA and could be working next to you real soon all thanks to his gambling habits. Plus we answer a few emails from Sore Losers Nation. 

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Speaker 1 (00:00):
Dude, this guy on my show that I've been watching
The Valley?

Speaker 2 (00:04):
What is the Valley?

Speaker 1 (00:05):
Bravo? Have a wife in one of those. That's the
only reason I watch it. But called the Valley? Is
it a spin off from Southern charm Close it's part
of the Family Umbrella Bravo. But it's people in La.
After you do the La La scene, you move to
the Valley.

Speaker 2 (00:22):
So after you're in La and your your star has
kind of faded, you moved to the.

Speaker 1 (00:27):
Valley, Bengo and so, so who are these people? They're
ex actors, dude, They all are actors in La Coach.
But the one dude, Jax, he was from vander Pump
Rules and now he's mainly the main guy. And then
there's a dude from Disney that's huge. There was a
Miss America that married a guy from Disney. There was
anybody else famous? Now, I'd said Jackson, then Britney from

vander Pump Roules as well. But two of the couples
are getting divorced. One of them announced it after the
season finale. Everybody said, why are you not in pictures together? Divorce?
I've been doing a deep dive, bro, and I have
been in a rabbit hole. It has been awesome.

Speaker 2 (01:04):
Okay, tell me more.

Speaker 1 (01:05):
I mean, the dude loves to go to Capri. He
used to think he was Capri. Really, I didn't know
that Malfy Coast. Everybody can go there. And so I
just wondered where their marriage went wrong. Because what they
said in the media is you as an evolved. Was
that the word? They said? Sometimes you have to evolve
together and sometimes you just don't. And so they were

in love. Dude, I'm looking at their pictures. Man, they're
next to the water, they got the wine. He's doing
a little dance out in the rain three years ago.
And then I'm wondering when did it start to go south?
So I'm in the deep dive in his instagram. Then
I go to when they had the kid pandemic, and
she even enough, well, no it wasn't. She said he
was the most involved there was because he's a real

estate agent. He was at home the whole time. He's
a great father. He's there, they're playing games. I'm seeing
the instagram two thousand and one, pandemic ends two thousand
and two.

Speaker 2 (02:01):
Yeah, that thank you.

Speaker 1 (02:02):
They start to fall out of love and then that's
how do you know? It just looks like it not
as many pictures together. He does a lot of house pictures.
There's no more family pictures, kid's birthday. He always didn't
seem to photograph those. But I'm just like, where was
the point when they started to fall out of love?
And I think I narrowed it down into the twenty
twenty twos. Now the show was filmed probably twenty twenty three. Truckers.

If you don't care, I'm sorry, drive off the road.
I don't care. But then now it's twenty twenty four
and we're seeing it and they just had to admit
that they got a divorce or they're separating, and she
got an apartment.

Speaker 2 (02:37):
So really the pandemic allowed them to act like they
had a good marriage. Because he was forced to be home.
He couldn't go anywhere. Nowhere was open. He couldn't just
be out doing things because the pandemic, you weren't allowed
to do that. So he had to be at home.
So he was a great father because he's always around. No,
he was forced to be around because of the pandemic.

When things opened back up, he was like, thank god,
I can get away from my wife and kids and
have a little bit of freedom. So that is what happened,
and I think they were She had looked for an apartment,
so they had fallen out of love, and I believe
this show came around at the perfect time to just
kind of hold them together. So the entire time they're
filming this show, they were basically on the brink of divorce.

That's a lot of pressure to be on the brink
of divorce. Cameras in your face, trying to make it work,
Cameras go off, they say enough now are they gonna
be back for season two or is there no season two?

Speaker 1 (03:35):
Well, we haven't even finished out season one, and I
guess it plays out. That's why they had to kind
of keep it secret. And then there was another couple
that got a divorce. I mean, this reality show just
every relationship in the valve.

Speaker 2 (03:49):
Every reality show does that. Every reality I mean, it
seems like every couple that's on a reality show divorce.

Speaker 1 (03:56):
Why do you think I'm getting a divorce?

Speaker 2 (03:58):
No, me and my wife don't have a reality show,
and we're not getting divorced. I'm talking Jessica Simpson, nicholasche.
They set the precedent They were the happiest couple in America.
They were the first couple.

Speaker 1 (04:12):
Is it chicken or is it of the sea? Is
it chicken or is it tuna? I'm gonna drink another
Miller Lite and watch USC football.

Speaker 2 (04:22):
But isn't that crazy? Because they were the the darling
couple that started everything. They were the first couple to
do a reality TV show?

Speaker 1 (04:29):
Why did they not work out? I need your uneducated
and probably incorrect opinion, okay, because I have mine. Mine
is she got she?

Speaker 2 (04:41):
I think she grew up rich and then she got
even more rich and so she was just kind of
spoiled and likes the nicer things. Where Nickolache wasn't rich
got rich because of ninety eight degrees? Is that what
it is? The ninety eight degrees? And he still wanted
to live and he didn't change the money didn't change him.

He stayed the same he was because he was getting
ladders out trying to climb from roof to roof, and
that may be set up for the show, but it
seemed like and he wore cutoffs and he wore he
didn't He didn't want the rich in lifestyle. But he
was rich and famous, but he wanted to live like
a normal dude.

Speaker 1 (05:20):
To me, it was that she was still touring. Her
star was ascending. He was declining ninety eight degrees. He
was pretty much done though, and that's why he was
getting the ladders out working around the house because he
didn't really have another gig. The TV show was able
to supplement give him some income. So I feel she
was touring. She had she had just fame at the
doorstep every morning she went to work, whereas he just

woke up on a leather couch after a usc loss
with a couple of Miller lights on the ground, and
so they just weren't on level playing fields. He the mayor.
They may have loved each other, but it, dude, it
is so hard when at one point you both were
stars and one of you is still a star and
the other one is no longer considered a star. That's

my opinion.

Speaker 2 (06:04):
That's great because I see it. There's couples.

Speaker 1 (06:07):
That's why you got to look at relationships now in
country music. They're just in in the world. Like a
Travis Taylor. They work perfect, but are there gonna start
to be some issues? Travis, they're perfect. I guess the
eyes of the media. Right now, I would say there,
he's the star sports star, she's the pop culture music star.
But the second he's out of football, you know, and

he gets a little bit lazy for a month and
doesn't work out, then maybe they're not exactly equal, but
they're equal. He wasn't as big a star until he
met Taylor Swift. I'm not saying like he was a
star on the in the NFL eyes, but she's attracted
to him that he's on TV and little kids say,
I want to be that guy. When he's not on

TV anymore, and little kids aren't saying, oh.

Speaker 2 (06:51):
He's gonna be in TV forever, He's gonna like he's
gonna then they'll last forever. He's hosting that new show
or the reboot or whatever. The Valley, not the Valley.
The smarter, fifth grader, fifth grader smart, He's.

Speaker 1 (07:05):
Gonna host some TV show like a game show.

Speaker 2 (07:07):
I just read it. So his doors are opening. He
was in a few commercials, but Taylor Swift has made
him boom megastar where TV companies are like, oh my god, please,
just we'll put you on the TV because guess what,
Taylor Swift fans will watch because you're dating Taylor.

Speaker 1 (07:26):
Yeah, I mean all because I don't want to get
down that.

Speaker 2 (07:30):
I hate that.

Speaker 1 (07:30):
That's a rabbit hole. Welcome to the life of a
rabbit hole, because that's where I've been the past four hours. Dude,
scanning this guy's instagram from the valet.

Speaker 2 (07:38):
Not to be rude, but when Kelsey Ballerini and Morgan
Evans got married, she was way more famous. I immediately thought, like, dude,
she is so much more famous than him, how is
that gonna work?

Speaker 1 (07:51):
And I'm not saying that this isn't gonna work because
I don't even think they're married or engaged. But now
Carly Pearce is dating a guy in her band. She
will always Yeah, I believe the guitar player.

Speaker 2 (08:01):
That's what Casey m did.

Speaker 1 (08:03):
So Carly Pierce will always be if you can deal
with it, Dude, I could deal with Baser being super famous.
I would love having a couple extra beers on a
Thursday night not having to get up early. I don't
care about the fame, but if Baser got famous, we
would still work out. Your wife, you guys work out
because she doesn't care about fame.

Speaker 2 (08:22):
No, she is the exact opposite.

Speaker 1 (08:24):
There you go, that's why you guys work out. But
Carly Pierce, you think that this dude she's dating, he
kind of likes a little bit of fame. But if
she keeps getting more and more famous, is he cool
with just being in the band? And as long as
he is and there's no jealousy, they'll work out if
they have love and their make each other laugh on
a random tour bus Tuesday night and we gotta go

to commercial, yo, dude, Yeah, sorry, I had to run
the break so quickly.

Speaker 2 (08:52):
Yeah, hey I did.

Speaker 1 (08:54):
Arnold had to take a schlett.

Speaker 2 (08:56):
Did you see the news?

Speaker 1 (08:58):
We haven't even introed the show, but go.

Speaker 2 (09:00):
Ahead, no enter of the show. This is is gonna
be a deep dive.

Speaker 1 (09:03):
Is it breaking? Oh, it's breaking crime.

Speaker 2 (09:07):
I would say crime was committed.

Speaker 1 (09:09):
All right, Well we'll do that in a minute. Ray,
that's foreshadowing. Sorry, I'm a little downtrod. Justin's pissed at me. Man,
Why he texts me? He goes, I want to get
it exactly correct. If I'm going to quote.

Speaker 3 (09:28):
Him and I deleted it, why you know, Man, text
him and ask him why you're mad at Ray?

Speaker 1 (09:41):
All right? I just had to get to it because
it's on my mind.

Speaker 2 (09:44):
Go ahead, man.

Speaker 1 (09:47):
We were talking about the women's draft. I thought he
was talking about a guy, and I said, Cameron is
a man. But I guess Cameron Brink got drafted and
she's a hot girl. I didn't know who he was
talking about. Don't know who that is, so this is
just you were on different pages. So then I said,
and then I said, Cameron is a man. I went
to bed. I woke up to yeah, if you like men,
she is pervert. No, so this isn't a marriage guys.

This is when you're on different pages. And so then
I told him I've been chipping at the golf course daily.
I said, your goose is cooked, and he goes, this
is when it ended. He goes, awesome, when you're done cleaning.
Because I've been telling I've been cleaning at the house.
He said, let me know, I'll drive out fifty minutes
to come golf with you. Not And then I said, yes,

I'm cleaning out my closet today, eminem, And that's where
we left it.

Speaker 2 (10:40):
So that's funny. I want to give you an update
for Monday's pod. I tucked a chest day about how
long it took him to ride a bus from Chicago
to New York for Woodstock. Yes, go, he said, two days.
He spent the night at one bus station, dude, because
he had to get off the bus and wait for
the other bus, so he slept in the bus station.

Speaker 1 (11:01):
That answers our question.

Speaker 2 (11:03):
That's a long and and he had a lot of
laughing emojis like, oh my god, I'm such an idiot.

Speaker 1 (11:10):
So yeah, it would have tell you if I went
with that girl in college, it would have been definitely
a solid day to get there.

Speaker 2 (11:14):
Yeah, so Forrest another member of down. That's a proof
he's down. He had a group of people he was
gonna go to Woodstock with. They dropped one by one.
He said, you know what, I'm not gonna let it
stop me. He went by himself.

Speaker 1 (11:29):
Memory he'll always have because they've never done another Woodstock.
Maybe they did one more.

Speaker 2 (11:33):
I don't know. And I was with him on that
trip and I was like, I'm not going to Woodstock, dude,
you go ahead.

Speaker 1 (11:38):
I'm out ray. It would have been my first three
verse three.

Speaker 2 (11:47):
I don't get it.

Speaker 1 (11:48):
We're gonna do it live Arnold, Okay, Arnold, is it
true that you took Monday off because you were hungover. Guilty.
It is true. What were you drinking? Boons farm? I
remember that from back in the day. Oh, Boon's fun.

Speaker 2 (12:08):
Wow. Those big glass bottles.

Speaker 1 (12:10):
In the Nata spritzer and Aperol sprits, those are more
and more popular. A lot of those kids on Vanderpump
Rules are drinking them. The sprints is yeah, it's a
light colored. It's like a champagne ish soda water. Maybe
it's vodka. It don't know much about it. I want
to say it's a type of yeah, champagne, you know,

Arnold n I guess suck it off.

Speaker 2 (12:33):
Okay, man, all right, we're gonna do a lot we
oh the one, two three sore losers? What up, everybody?
I am lunchbox. I know the most about sports, so
I'll give you the sports facts, my sports opinions, because
I'm pretty much a sports genius, y'all.

Speaker 1 (12:50):
It's Sisson. I'm from the North. I'm an alpha male.
I live on the north side of Nashville with Baser.
We're married. We do have a house. We have a
white picket fence that we're gonna be building here in
the next couple of year. I will most likely to
have a heart attack when I'm seventy two years old
right now, just a farmer rancher working on the crops.
We do have a lawnmower coming over because the grass
is knee high. We had a mice problem that was

in the straw. Dealt with that, got rid of all
the mice. I cleaned the garage the other day. I mean,
I'm I'm in my country era, as Taylor would say,
over to you, man.

Speaker 2 (13:25):
John day Porter banned from lot for life from the NBA.

Speaker 1 (13:29):
Was he a player or coach?

Speaker 2 (13:31):
He was a player for the Toronto Raptors. His brother
you might want to You might know him as Michael Porter,
junior of the Denver Nuggets. John day Porter gambling, banned
for life from the NBA.

Speaker 1 (13:44):
Was any good?

Speaker 2 (13:45):
He averaged like four or five points a game. He
was on a two way contract with the Raptors in
their G League affiliate, and in a couple of games
there was some suspicious betting activity on his under overs.

Speaker 1 (13:57):
Oh he was doing it on his own games.

Speaker 2 (14:00):
Yes, he was giving inside information saying he was sick.
Told a dude, hey bet the unders on my under tonight,
And so the guy did a parlay eighty eight thousand
dollars on John day Porter's under John day Porter is
a role player that plays fifteen minutes a game four
points something you know, doesn't He's not anybody. The bets

do exist, though, yes, but he went in for three minutes,
told the coach, hey, man, I got a stomach, my stomach,
I can't play, and they took him out. Under dude
would have won one point one million dollars, so he did.
Though now they flagged it. They said this is suspicious.
Then a couple weeks later, he played like five minutes

and left with an aggravated eye injury. All his unders
hit again.

Speaker 1 (14:46):
Why does this sound like we've talked about this story before.

Speaker 2 (14:48):
No, no, but they were investigating him that he has
not played since then a few weeks ago, a month ago,
whenever this came out, and today just now they said
he is banned from the NBA for life.

Speaker 1 (15:01):
Gotta be that. I mean, sus I can't as the
gen Zers would say.

Speaker 2 (15:07):
And when he was in the G League he was
betting on NBA games.

Speaker 1 (15:11):
Yeah, so he may have an addiction he's dealing with.
We have a guy on our team now, Calvin Ridley.
He is a fellow addict.

Speaker 2 (15:18):
Uh yeah, he may be an addict. He may have
a gambling problem.

Speaker 1 (15:22):
But I guess what he's gambling on the Titans to win.
I don't mean that jokingly. Man, He bet on the
city and I did too. Lay your roots down.

Speaker 2 (15:32):
Yeah. Prior to the Raptors March twentieth game, Porter disclosed
confidential information about his own health status to an individual
who he knew to be an NBA better. Another individual
who Porter is associated with did an eighty thousand dollars parlay.

Speaker 1 (15:52):
But the site don't let you do that.

Speaker 2 (15:53):
With an online sportsbook to win one point one million
wagering that Porter would underperform in the March twentieth game.

Speaker 1 (16:00):
Shocker Shocker, sky Shock e Our sites don't even let
us bet that much. I have no idea what online
that's how to be offshore?

Speaker 2 (16:09):
No, because I don't think offshore would flag anything. I
don't think they have juris like the they have Like
I don't know, there's gaming controls everywhere.

Speaker 1 (16:16):
Try to deposit eighty thousand right now, let me know,
give me eighty yeah, yeah, let me get it for you.

Speaker 2 (16:22):
No, what I'm saying is I can't understand you can
understand it.

Speaker 1 (16:28):
No, No, I know you can understand it. That's a
bad crutch word.

Speaker 2 (16:32):
I don't understand working for something you've dreamed about your
entire life.

Speaker 1 (16:36):
But but he's not. His dream was to be Lebron.
He fell far short of that. He knows his time
in the league is limited. He's gonna get a two
hundred do thousand dollars chunk of that money, probably, which
to him is game changing. That's luxury money. That's if
you get two hundred thousand, then that's when you get
the luxury items. You're getting the nice shoes, you're getting
the nice couch, the TV with surround sound that I've

turned down multiple times to go watch at the neighbor's house. Yeah,
I think, do you have any luxury items? No, So
then you would do something like this, It would be tempting.
I don't. I wouldn't say I have luxury atoms. I
don't have a luxury vehicle.

Speaker 2 (17:12):
I don't have a luxury vehicle.

Speaker 1 (17:15):
Luxury atoms are shoes, watch watches.

Speaker 2 (17:17):
I don't I have a running watch, corros.

Speaker 1 (17:20):
So that's what I'm saying, You and me could be bought,
We could be tempted by this where somebody would say, hey,
do this on the radio for me and I'll give
you two hundred thousand dollars. That would tempt us because
we don't have luxury items. That dude doesn't necessarily have
the luxury items. He's still making a couple hundred thousand dollars, right,
but for him to get this money is a game changer.
Not no pun intended bet on a game.

Speaker 2 (17:42):
But I mean, how much is the guy gonna give him?

Speaker 1 (17:45):
If he made millions, he'll cut him for half a million. Yeah,
maybe that buys the cars, the vacations. I mean, how
many more times can you go to Puerto Rico? That's
an hour flight. Why don't you go to Capri? Motherfucker?

Speaker 2 (17:59):
Yeah, it's a good pronounced cap I just can't understand going
grinding in the G League, your whole life in the gym, hooping, hooping, hooping,
getting up shots, getting up shots, getting up shots, rehabbing
from torn acl rehab, rehab, rehab, all to throw it
away because you want to give some dude, your buddy

inside information that you're gonna take yourself out of a game,
and that's obvious.

Speaker 1 (18:25):
You're gonna get flagged on that he really should have
consulted with people. That's an obvious thing to do.

Speaker 2 (18:30):
Right when you are just an average dude, like you're
just a bench player, and someone's gonna beat eighty thousand
dollars on your unders.

Speaker 1 (18:39):
I mean again, it doesn't necessarily correlate or it works
to it over under if you say, hey, but what
team's he on? The Raptors, who's a player on that team?
They don't have Pascal, they don't have Kawhi Leonard. Who
they Who the hell do they have?

Speaker 2 (18:58):
They have.

Speaker 1 (19:00):
Vala Jus.

Speaker 2 (19:02):
Now who did they get from the Knicks? They traded
someone of the Rose? Now de Rose is in Memphis.
Scotty Barnes, Scotty Barnes, Scotty Barnes. Okay, so Scotty Barnes,
hey tell you hit up your boy. You fight out
an hour before. Scotty Barnes has got stomach issues. He's
one of our big players. You should bet against us

or bet the under. But necessarily, if a star player
sits out, that doesn't guarantee that an over under is
gonna hit or not hit. But that's more feasible having
a big bet on a big player, some random ass
role player gets two huge bets two games out of
that in two weeks. That raises red flags. Here's another
thing he could have done.

Speaker 1 (19:44):
He could have done what we just said and he
would have got away undetected or unscathed.

Speaker 2 (19:48):
Hey man, my over unders eight points tonight. Bet the
under and he just passes.

Speaker 1 (19:53):
But here's the thing. By him betting on himself against himself,
he's guaranteeing one hundred percent it happens. Whereas with Scotty
Arnes injury, it's about eighty percent of true happen. And
when you're dealing with eight hundred thousand or whatever. He
bet eighty thousand to win a million, eighty thousand two
game parlay pays a million.

Speaker 2 (20:11):
Well, he probably did under rebounds under.

Speaker 1 (20:13):
Holy shit, I gotta call Bay.

Speaker 2 (20:16):
He probably did under rebounds under assists under. I got
a hot tip for tonight. But what I'm saying is
he should have played his minutes or just committed a
couple of fouls, and so he gets taken out of
the game.

Speaker 1 (20:29):
Not great point.

Speaker 2 (20:30):
Not hey, I'm injured after three minutes and go back
to the back, you know, be out there and play
just play bad, throw the ball away, take a bad
shot airball, it do something not so obvious where you
play three freaking minutes and then go out of the game.

Speaker 1 (20:45):
And what we're learning with the way the game flows
and nobody guards anybody and just shoot a bunch of
three pointers. And sometimes who's an upset that happened in
March madness? Sometimes Oakland beats uh Kentucky, North Carolina State
makes a run. Maybe one guy really can't control things.
I mean, back in the day, you heard, hey, man
bet the plus four and a half. I got a

brother on the team. He says, do it, He'll miss
bree throw dude. Now we're learning one guy doesn't have
that big of an effect on a game betting wise. Yeah,
it's tough in basketball football. I think maybe you could
have more bumble. You could fumble basketball if you just say, man,
I'm gonna suck. Maybe I mean you could. I mean, dude,

basketball is tough to a puppet master unless you're Jokis right.
But no, no, no guy there is ever gonna I mean, no.

Speaker 2 (21:36):
One at his level is gonna do it.

Speaker 1 (21:37):
Ever gonna do it. But I mean, dude, even Jokic
working for you, I bet it's still tough to flip
a basketball bet because basketball is so three pointer driven,
hot cold, Jokic could just suck and then guess what
what if the other team keeps sucking, You guys can't
both suck for ten minutes. That's what I'm saying. In baseball,
it with it's a little. The things that are more

predictable are able to throw in stuff black socks. That's
why they went with baseball, probably because basketball is tough.
He tried to do it in the toughest sport. That's
that it is.

Speaker 2 (22:09):
But it wasn't even He didn't even try to throw
the game. He just tried to do his stat.

Speaker 1 (22:14):
Because throwing the game still doesn't work. That's how hard
betting is. You could pay a guy to throw the
game and it's still damn hard because it's basketball. Yeah,
that you have no idea. A hot team, cold team,
shoot threes, no defense, basketball makes no sense. Team goes
on a twenty zero run. Michigan State at one point
was the best team in basketball in North Carolina, won

by forty no sense, no sense, none, And that'll rip
your ass right out of you, man. And I felt
it on March Madness. So the betting aspect of it
the throwing games.

Speaker 2 (22:48):
But he's out for life duty. I mean, I can't
even imagine him sitting at home right now, Like, what
is he going through?

Speaker 1 (22:55):
Well, you said four points, so he already knew he
was kind of on the outs. This could have been
the season Raptors. I don't even know if they're good
now they're terrible. They're not much less name of player,
so this could have been it. He did it before
the end.

Speaker 2 (23:10):
But he's he's not even old.

Speaker 1 (23:12):
Oh he's not, but it four points isn't something.

Speaker 2 (23:15):
But you can be a bench player. You're gonna hang
around on the bench for five, six, seven years, make
a couple million dollars.

Speaker 1 (23:22):
Not with Kentucky, man, they're feeding the NBA every year
with players.

Speaker 2 (23:27):
Not anymore. They're down in Arkansas. When's last time you.

Speaker 1 (23:29):
Saw can I do it?

Speaker 2 (23:31):
Cali Perry update? When's last time you saw him on
Sports Center?

Speaker 1 (23:34):
The TV's broken?

Speaker 2 (23:35):
Exactly TV you said every single day you're gonna see
him on Sports Center.

Speaker 1 (23:39):
Not as much as I thought we were gonna see him.

Speaker 2 (23:41):
I haven't seen him at all.

Speaker 1 (23:42):
I haven't seen the TV red in a minute.

Speaker 2 (23:45):
Oh my god. I just thought that was a crazy story.

Speaker 1 (23:47):
I mean we gotta go to break.

Speaker 2 (23:48):
Yeah, we'll take a break. That was a disaster. You're
so tired, We'll take a break. Okay, society has lost
their damn mind.

Speaker 1 (24:03):
Ray it sounds like a prepared segment. Is this grocery stories?

Speaker 2 (24:07):
No, this is garage sale stories?

Speaker 1 (24:12):
Was that one of them? No, all right, I gotta
add it to No.

Speaker 2 (24:15):
No, it's just a one time thing, man.

Speaker 1 (24:17):
No. No, I bet there'll be more stuff. No. No,
because I told you about the garage show on the
side of the road. But I would have either gotten hit, tripped, robbed, shanked,
or I wouldn't have been able to pay with cash
because nobody has cash. Yeah.

Speaker 2 (24:31):
Right, we went to like my wife follows some account
and it's about garage sales, right, and she finds out
what neighborhoods are having their neighborhood garage sale that week, because.

Speaker 1 (24:43):
I got a couple every month. Man, well, I see
you in one of my neighbor's yards. I'm gonna laugh.

Speaker 2 (24:48):
Mass, Well, it's not your neighbors. They what they do
is they have it. They say they send out flyers saying, hey,
we're having a let's have our neighborhood garage sale June seventh.

Speaker 1 (24:56):
Yeah, that way, Don's ringing over his whitey tidy.

Speaker 2 (24:58):
No, that way. Ten houses in the neighborhood. Fifteen houses
in the neighborhood are all having garage sales. So that
brings more people to your neighborhood and you can advertise
it as a neighborhood garage sale.

Speaker 1 (25:09):
I have this painting worth five dollars.

Speaker 2 (25:12):
So this past Saturday, my wife's like, Hey, there's this
neighborhood groage sale. Let's go to it. I'm like, fine, whatever.
So we wake up Saturday morning, we get the kids
some breakfast, and we get in the car and we
drive over to that neighborhood where the groag sale is.
You know, and every house has a balloon in front
of it. Lets you know, hey garage sale. Like this

house having a garage sale. Cool inside the garage you're
in the yard. Ah, most of them are in the
yard nowadays.

Speaker 1 (25:40):
Dumb question. But I've noticed they're all in the yard. Yeah,
people don't want people in their house.

Speaker 2 (25:44):
There's one There was one that said groage sale in
the back, So I'm thinking, oh, it's gonna be in
the back yard. But you go around this and the
garage was in the back of the house, like it
was like a weird driveway where it wrapped around and
you park, So it was in their garage. But anyway,
that's not the point.

Speaker 1 (25:59):

Speaker 2 (26:00):
So we go to some garage sales. We got the kids,
we got the wagon. We're walking up and down the streets.
Then there's one with a lot of balloons and my
kids are like, we gotta go to that garage sale,
and they take off running down the sidewalk. Five year old,
four year old, two year old. Kids don't run and

it's pink and white balloons, whoa and jingy. I'm like,
I don't know if that's a garage sale. They go
running up into the yard.

Speaker 1 (26:31):
No parental guidance over these kids, what are they free range?

Speaker 2 (26:34):
Well, yeah, because it's GARAGEO. You run up and start
looking at the stuff. Only problem is it was a
birthday party. Ray A, Ahi, is this cake for sale?

Speaker 1 (26:46):
No, it's my son's get the heir.

Speaker 2 (26:49):
No, I'm not saying, get the hell out of here. Ra.
They were setting up this birthday party and it was
a one year old's birthday party. Ray and I have
never in my life seen such a spectacle for a
one year old's birthday party.

Speaker 1 (27:07):
Be a little louder next time.

Speaker 2 (27:08):
In the hallway, Ray, they were celebrating this one's one
year old birthday party.

Speaker 1 (27:15):
Here's a one. They had a.

Speaker 2 (27:17):
White chairs set up in the front yard. They had
a it was like a club. They had the Walk
of Fame. They had golden stars.

Speaker 1 (27:30):
It's the halt, it the Walk of Fame.

Speaker 2 (27:33):
Whatever, it's the Walk of Fame in Hollywood. So they
had the Hollywood Walk of Fame. Every kid that was coming, that.

Speaker 1 (27:39):
Kid's already on the Hollywood Walk of Fame.

Speaker 2 (27:41):
No, they made this up there. It's a one year
old birthday party, Ray, So they put a star for
each kid that was coming on the sidewalk.

Speaker 1 (27:51):
Did they include the homeless guy in Sin City doing acid?

Speaker 2 (27:54):
No, they didn't do that then, because the one year
old is the guest of honor.

Speaker 1 (27:59):
They had a VIP section. Ray roped off. Great idea.
I'm noting this for.

Speaker 2 (28:07):
Baser roped off with stanchions, the high chair elevated above
the other tables. VIP section Ray.

Speaker 1 (28:15):
That Kid's not gonna grow up entitled no, Ray gets
better and right at the entrance, the mom had no brawl.
They had a like fake magazine printed out with Farah's
fantastic first birthday the cover story of the magazine, Well,
what was the first article? And that was framed? Then ray,

this is where dad must be a banker or a financier.

Speaker 2 (28:42):
Or he has no nuts and he lets his wife
walk all over.

Speaker 1 (28:45):
Him or is it tight?

Speaker 2 (28:46):
And and it was Tannehills kid, it could have been that.
But I'm like, this is all for a one year
old's birthday that he's gonna remember. Let me see how
much he's gonna remember this or she it was a
sheet zero zero. You are doing this all for you.
That one year old does not care. You are wasting
everybody's time.

Speaker 1 (29:04):
Never miss a birthday, man, cats don't care. But guess what,
never miss a birthday.

Speaker 2 (29:07):
Everybody that was out there setting up the birthday.

Speaker 1 (29:10):
Don't miss a birthday because guess what. Pablo's final birthday
we were too hungover, didn't celebrate and he died three
months later.

Speaker 2 (29:17):
Yeah, that's bad.

Speaker 1 (29:18):
Brought the story down, My bad.

Speaker 2 (29:20):
Everybody had shirts on with the baby's picture.

Speaker 1 (29:25):
See the guests, or it was just a fan.

Speaker 2 (29:27):
No, just a family that was setting up.

Speaker 1 (29:29):
But dude, was this Maggie Markle's kid.

Speaker 2 (29:31):
For the guests that did come. And if you wanted
a shirt, Ray, don't worry. They had a merch tint
where you could buy shirts.

Speaker 1 (29:43):
Dude, what a neighborhood?

Speaker 2 (29:46):
I am talking what the hell is wrong with society?

Speaker 1 (29:50):
Ray? It was the Governor's Club.

Speaker 2 (29:52):
No, Ray, it was not the Governor's Club.

Speaker 1 (29:54):
Why is that neighborhood having a rummage sale? Usually it's
people rummaging through rummage, not high end silver spoons.

Speaker 2 (30:03):
I don't know. But we were walking down the street
and I was like, oh my god, see look, Ray,
they're gluing down the gold stars on the sidewalk.

Speaker 1 (30:12):
Listen, I want to make fun of it. Well planned job. Well, no, Dad,
whatever you're doing money wise, you are banking wife. Probably
maybe she's the one making the money. She's a doctor,
a heart surgeon, if you will. Saw one of him
them at a pool party one time, and I believe
they make some kids ash, I have no idea. Or
he throws bonaru, I don't know. Or he's the owner

of CMA fest or he designed the new Titan Stadium.
One of them is his job or her job? Wow?

Speaker 2 (30:43):
I am just in shock that people go through this
for a one year old's birthday party. Social media has
ruined the sanctity of birthday parties. The only reason they
are doing that is so they can put a picture
on Instagram and say, look what I did for my
kids one year old birthday party. What the hell are

you gonna do when the kid turns five?

Speaker 1 (31:07):
Day? Listen. I've always heard this quote I'm gonna screw
it up hook Or I used to live with in college.
Post college, she told me, never have regret, regret, something
about always. It's a good quote. I need to know it.
I need to know it. Just stick with me. It's

something like it's better to do something than live with regret.
It's coach, It's something I really really want to nail
it because it actually changed my life when I heard it.

Speaker 2 (31:43):
I don't know.

Speaker 1 (31:44):
It's better to do something than live with than the
feeling of regret. The the struggles of going through it
are always better than the feeling of regret. And never regret. Hey,
we didn't do something for a birthday party. I stand
on that. I stand a biddiness hang up and list
right when you have kids.

Speaker 2 (32:03):
I already hung up when you have kids.

Speaker 1 (32:06):
He's not here, he hung up lunch. You done it.

Speaker 2 (32:09):
If you have kids and you throw a birthday party
like that for your one year old, I don't I
have eggs, twenty three of them. I am not coming.
I am not. And here's the thing, I but you're
not gonna know.

Speaker 1 (32:19):
I bet that was one of those that it sprung
on you because there's a merch tent, there's t shirts.
You didn't know how big it was going to be
going into it.

Speaker 2 (32:26):
It was the Farrah era, all peak and white like
Taylor Swift. Well, I'm in my Earrah too.

Speaker 1 (32:34):
My question is if they I'm in my rummage sale era?
What the fuck is this? That's what you should have
said at the merchant. Hi, is this a rubbish sales? No,
get the hell out of here.

Speaker 2 (32:48):
How much of the shirts twenty dollars? What I thought
this was a rubbish s.

Speaker 1 (32:54):

Speaker 2 (32:54):
How much were the Uh? The high chair that's on
the VIP. Can I get in there and know the stanchions?
It's roped off? So are you gonna have a bouncer
stand by that chair during the party or is anybody
allowed to go up and talk to the birthday girl?

Speaker 1 (33:07):
Dude, you got the wrong friends. If you weren't at
that birthday party.

Speaker 2 (33:10):
That's exactly what I thought. I thought, man, a, her
husband has to be okay with this, be her friends
have to be like her. So there's a whole group
of them that thought, this is a great idea, have
a merch tint for your one year old's birthday party?

Speaker 1 (33:25):
Well, what did you do for Easter? In the shortest
five seconds, if you can tell me what you uh?

Speaker 2 (33:30):
The Easter bunny came and hid eggs in the backyard
and the kids ran around and found them.

Speaker 1 (33:34):
Perfect this rich family, I don't know, but I saw
him on Instagram. Here we due. They had bounce house,
a massive ass bounce house, all Easter themed. There was
a bunny that was hired. So you had an Easter rabbit?

Speaker 2 (33:49):
You said, yeah, well no, the Easter bunny came over
night and hit eggs.

Speaker 1 (33:53):
Okay, Well this one was in person. They had an
Easter rabbit. There was the other Easter themed people dressed up,
and there was a DJ and the parents were drinking
and it was all in some Infinity edgepool. Dude, some
people just do things differently. I was like, I didn't know,
the Lord, that's how you're celebrating Easter. I thought it
was all about going to church, having a nice meal
and wearing your pastels. Dude, they had some guy doing

a live DJ with a disco rabbit. I got the
wrong friends. Man, that's dope.

Speaker 2 (34:22):
But I looked at my wife. I said, I am
so glad. I said, if you would have been like that,
we would never be married. And I said, I'm glad
we don't have friends like that because I would not
want to be part of that.

Speaker 1 (34:31):
I ain't got those kind of bills. What do you
need a five hun?

Speaker 2 (34:34):
I just can't. I can't understand spending that much on
your one year old's birthday party.

Speaker 1 (34:37):
I would imagine between it's definitely a five thousand dollars
birthday if you're doing the magazine thing. And then also
merch T and A T shirts.

Speaker 2 (34:45):
They had to rent these white chairs. I mean these
are like wedding chairs.

Speaker 1 (34:48):
I mean, we know how the T shirt businesses we
make those things for like a block.

Speaker 2 (34:52):
I don't because we haven't made a new merchant about
six well, and that's a problem. I mean, I just
don't know how to design merch either.

Speaker 1 (35:03):
Well, that's not even the point we're at. I guess
we have a backlog of merch with Eddie on it,
and we have to get through that before they'll take
our new ideas. No, they won't.

Speaker 2 (35:12):
Yeah, who said that, Mary? No, she didn't.

Speaker 1 (35:14):
She did because I just sent her an email and said, hey,
I'm just curious about that. We had a couple designs.

Speaker 2 (35:21):
What wait, she told you, go ahead, go ahead, go ahead.

Speaker 1 (35:24):
This is real talk too, so we could maybe cut
the mics. But I had actual designs that Ryan had
designed for us. I said, Hey, what would it What
would go into the process of just giving you these designs,
getting an MP three or whatever it's called non audio
and you just creating these How do we do it?
She goes, whoa, we got a laundry list of inventory
that we have to go through before you guys can

do new logos. And she sent me a spreadsheet and
it's up. We're never gonna sell man who wants a
logo with Eddie on it? Not on the show anymore.

Speaker 2 (36:00):
Yeah, but I don't understand how she thinks that. So
we can't do any more merch, then we'll just go elsewhere.

Speaker 1 (36:06):
Yeah, Ray, We're gonna go to Zazzle.

Speaker 2 (36:09):
I mean what I'm saying is Okay, you don't want
to do business, we'll just leave like that, and then
you're just stuck with it. I don't know she really
said that.

Speaker 1 (36:17):
Maybe I read it incorrectly.

Speaker 2 (36:19):
Maybe if you could forward me that email because I
would like to see it, because I ray send it
to my lawyer. No, I just don't understand how man.

Speaker 1 (36:27):
I'll send over a season desist. No, Well, like I
was said, the birthday party easily over five thousand dollars.
I mean, bro, five thousand dollars? What you could do
for that?

Speaker 2 (36:41):
You could go to Europe?

Speaker 1 (36:43):
Right right?

Speaker 2 (36:44):
Could you go to that place you want to go?

Speaker 1 (36:46):
My dream of Capri?

Speaker 2 (36:47):
That's it you should. You could go to Capri for
five k.

Speaker 1 (36:51):
Instead, it was in your front yard, something that was
just one day that the kid didn't really experience.

Speaker 2 (36:55):
That the kid doesn't even know what the hell it is.
But you printed up a bunch of shirts and you're
selling them. And what are they going to do when
the breath parties over? They're gonna have a half off sale?
Are they gonna have a Rummers stale next weekend? Well?

Speaker 1 (37:04):
And also that there you go, it all came full circus.
They'll take a break.

Speaker 2 (37:13):
Sports I love rule changes right. Sometimes they get it right,
they get it wrong. But I'm gonna tell you what
what they've gotten right lately.

Speaker 1 (37:21):
That was a shout out to the old Gorman, Short Gorman.

Speaker 2 (37:28):
I'm just gonna say the pitch clock in baseball they
got right right. The play in tournament for the NBA,
they got it wrong. No, I love it.

Speaker 1 (37:39):
It's over, isn't it the Western Conference?

Speaker 2 (37:42):
No? No, no, no no?

Speaker 1 (37:43):
To get into the playoffs? Yes, I love it. Okay,
well I misstick that for the in season tournament.

Speaker 2 (37:48):
No no, I'm talking about the play in tournament to
make it into the playoffs.

Speaker 1 (37:52):
Inner outer, I don't wanter. I don't know what the
n is.

Speaker 2 (37:55):
It's fantastic. It is so fun to watch. It's highly competitive. Yeah,
the Warriors got blown out, and they ended up getting
blown out. It was a four point game at halftime
last night when I went to bed. But it is
so fun knowing their seasons are on the line watching
that crap.

Speaker 1 (38:11):
I missed it. I'm more of a futures guy, but
I did see the excitement. I could tell on social media.
It's pretty fun to watch.

Speaker 2 (38:16):
But I did. But I want them to change one
other thing I saw on Twitter and I think his
name is Kevin O'Connor. Think he works for the Ringer.
He said the NBA should let the teams choose their opponents.

Speaker 1 (38:30):
Once you get in, so it's not the ranking system, right,
He was like, the number.

Speaker 2 (38:34):
One seed gets to pick who they want to play
because the last couple of games of the regular season,
teams are losing on purpose because they don't want to play,
Like the Sixers don't want to play whoever the three
seed is. They want to be playing against the Knicks
who are the two seed because the Knicks are injured.

Speaker 1 (38:50):
But how dumb would that be if they picked the
hardest team? But that's why it'd be awesome. Wudn't be
good for TV because then once they that's the big
game and there's no build up.

Speaker 2 (38:59):
No, no, no, they are gonna obviously try to pick the
easiest path for themselves.

Speaker 1 (39:04):
What the one team that picks the hardest that it's
gonna ruin the entire.

Speaker 2 (39:08):
National right, Nobody is gonna try to play the best
team first, get it out of the way, No, because
you're gonna hope someone else knocks them off before you
have to play them down the road and just the
bulletin board material, the extra motivation of oh, they've picked us,
they think we fucking suck, they think we suck. We're

gonna show their We're gonna show their asses.

Speaker 1 (39:33):
That would be pretty cool.

Speaker 2 (39:34):
That's a good idea on his part because he's saying
like the last few games of the regular seasons are
unwatchable because half the teams are eliminated. The other halfs
are jockeying for a position and they're trying to navigate
it where they don't have to play this team where
they want to play this team, so they don't try.
They rest everybody. So let the top three teams pick
who they want to play. Boom, let's go.

Speaker 1 (39:53):
I'm selling you right now. The NBA lined up with NHL.
This is a good season. It's I'm in my playoffs era.

Speaker 2 (40:00):

Speaker 1 (40:00):
I mean, you've got a playoff game every night between
the two leagues.

Speaker 2 (40:03):
The only problem is that the hockey goes real quick.
Like they play one night, take a night off, play
the next night. NBA plays one night, sits for five days,
plays another one. I mean the first round games in
the NBA take a month.

Speaker 1 (40:16):
But careful knocking the hockey aren't we partnered with them?

Speaker 2 (40:20):
I said, I like the hockey. They play, take a
day off, play the next day.

Speaker 1 (40:25):
It's NonStop action. Man, you can't turn off the TV
when you're watching NHL playoffs.

Speaker 2 (40:29):
No, that's but I'm saying the NBA. You watch a
game and then you're like, oh, when don't they play next? Oh?
Five days from now, I forget they're even playing.

Speaker 1 (40:37):
Yeah, they should tighten those up. Which one are you
watching more?

Speaker 2 (40:40):
Oh, I'll definitely watch NBA more?

Speaker 1 (40:42):
I mean it shall No NBA. Well, I'll make up
for yours. I think I'll watch everything. You'll watch nothing
because you'll be in bed. No, I'll be staying up
late watching the NHL.

Speaker 2 (40:53):
I don't understand what you're doing.

Speaker 1 (40:54):
Aren't we partnering with them?

Speaker 2 (40:56):

Speaker 1 (40:57):
I don't know, right, I missed the forward Benlo.

Speaker 2 (41:02):
I don't know. I don't know, but I got I'm
gonna go to our email. We got an email.

Speaker 1 (41:06):
Oh into the email. Hi, this is the press where
partners just son of a Hey coachers.

Speaker 2 (41:12):
This is coach Clark from Memphis, Tennessee. He's from Memphis.

Speaker 1 (41:17):
Oh, how could I have missed that one?

Speaker 2 (41:22):
And I just want to let y'all know, the best
episode in Sore Loser's history was Aintal Andy and dumb
ass Dave or saying Goodbye to bock Box PS slap ray,
I mean Arnold. For me, that's Clark Edwards scool Clark
shit up. I gotta be honest. I don't remember those episodes.

Speaker 1 (41:42):
The box was a great one because Kevin came in.
Remember all this week somebody went and bought it all.
My wife, she went in person and we ate the
bock box and we were eating it all. I don't
remember the episode though, maybe we had talked about it.
The other one, I have no idea.

Speaker 2 (41:56):
I have no idea, but that's I mean, it's interesting
to hear what people think are the greatest of all.
Here's another one, yo, coachers Lunch. I'm a DC United
season ticket holder, and on July thirteenth, I will be
unable to attend the home game DC United game versus Nashville.
If you want the tickets to let me know, I
have three tickets. If you were sisin are ever in DC,

I'd love to take you to a game or grab
a beer. All the best. Huckleberry, Nope, Huckleberry, I don't
think I'll be at that game.

Speaker 1 (42:24):
Yeah, thank you, all right man, best job in the world,
But we don't pick our vacations.

Speaker 2 (42:28):
Well this one, this is a huge email.

Speaker 1 (42:32):
Well how full was it? Well?

Speaker 2 (42:34):
Well, well, Ray, it had the red flag up. Look
who's fresh out of rehab and ready to party. I
am one hundred and twenty days sober and couldn't be
more miserable. I have missed you guys, and for Loco.
Shout out to Caraway for coming to visit me in
rehab and sneaking me a phone in in his butt.
I was able to keep up with the pod and

got to listen to the new god awful segment text
from Justin. She's what a fast forward kind of segment.
Love the march madness and stories about the grocery store
and litl Ray Little Ray Ray's house. Congrats on the
new ranch farm. Ray, Glad you could join the grown
up club now that you're about forty. How about the

Aggie's being ranked Numero uno in baseball?

Speaker 1 (43:19):

Speaker 2 (43:20):
I'm sure we will dick it up to TCU like
we did each year, but it's nice for now. We'll
be checking in more often now that I'm back in
the real world, blessed bitches. Cat Dick out, please explain
that to me. Was he in rehab or jail? No,
he said he was going to rehab. That's why he
couldn't make Coaches Convention three because he was checking into rehab.

He'd gotten it out of control and we didn't know
if he was serious or not. But now it looks
like he's serious.

Speaker 1 (43:46):
Was it alcohol or was it crank?

Speaker 2 (43:48):
I think it was alcohol, got it So Cat dick
welcome back, nude and Carawahite, thanks for sneaking in the phone.

Speaker 1 (43:54):
Alcohol. It's a dangerous one, man. That's why they always
say moderation, you know. I mean it's fun. I have
a couple of beers on the patio. But when that
couple beers turns into a and I was explaining to
a couple turns into a case, that's what it's a problem.
More than a case. It was explained to me like this.
There was a YACHTI on my favorite show, Below Deck,
and she said, I love having a bottle of wine,

watching a movie or reading a good book, but I
could never stop at that one bottle of wine. And
that's when it became a problem. So she stopped drinking
and she's at a captain now Captain Sandy.

Speaker 2 (44:26):
She drives the boat yep.

Speaker 1 (44:27):
One of the only women captains in America, if not
the world, she wouldn't have crushed crashed that damn cargo
ship man or that thing that was malfunction of water
too soon? Another email, Now that's it, man, we're going home.

Speaker 2 (44:42):
I just got a text.

Speaker 1 (44:43):
Oh, Ray, I have an outbox email. It was Arnold
saying what's my password for porn Hub?

Speaker 2 (44:50):
I just got a text. Hey, it's Becky, just checking
to see if I did win that March Madness tournament.
I think I did, because Justin and Christen are wrong.
Uh no, rush on my money. Just waiting to get
that money so I can celebrate and rub it in
my kids' faces. Hope you and your family are doing great.
I keep tabs on you through Justin. Uh English, please,

And that's a different Justin's Yeah, that's uh, that's Becky.

Speaker 1 (45:14):
She won.

Speaker 2 (45:17):
Uh yeah she won.

Speaker 1 (45:18):
Did you put one together? Yeah?

Speaker 2 (45:20):
My family and friends bracket got it.

Speaker 1 (45:22):
It just wasn't that publicized. I didn't know. It was
like a story where it can just get an interjection
on a whim and we know what you're talking about.

Speaker 2 (45:30):
Yeah, that's my fault.

Speaker 1 (45:31):
All right.

Speaker 2 (45:31):
We're having her out here. Have a great Wednesday. Rain
needs a nap.

Speaker 1 (45:34):
I had an app Hey, Ray fam, I just got
a text. It says your CVS orders ready. What what
are you talking about? Uh?

Speaker 2 (45:44):
I was right. The lebron looked good last night. They're
in right, Yeah, they won, they'll they'll face the Nuggets.
So my sad I bet Johntay Porter will be betting
on the Nuggets got them, man, because his brother plays
for them. Too soon you think he still bets on
the NBA Sadly.

Speaker 1 (46:02):
That punishment is going to be where he gets suspended
from the league. I don't think there's any a criminal investigation,
just because they never let him place it so we
never got the money.

Speaker 2 (46:10):
Yeah, I didn't know if that's like insider like Donahy's stuff.
So he's gonna to go play over in Europe if
they'll have him.

Speaker 1 (46:23):
Yeah, I don't have nothing else to say, man, Yeah,
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Let's Be Clear with Shannen Doherty

Let’s Be Clear… a new podcast from Shannen Doherty. The actress will open up like never before in a live memoir. She will cover everything from her TV and film credits, to her Stage IV cancer battle, friendships, divorces and more. She will share her own personal stories, how she manages the lows all while celebrating the highs, and her hopes and dreams for the future. As Shannen says, it doesn’t matter how many times you fall, it’s about how you get back up. So, LET’S BE CLEAR… this is the truth and nothing but. Join Shannen Doherty each week. Let’s Be Clear, an iHeartRadio podcast.

The Dan Bongino Show

The Dan Bongino Show

He’s a former Secret Service Agent, former NYPD officer, and New York Times best-selling author. Join Dan Bongino each weekday as he tackles the hottest political issues, debunking both liberal and Republican establishment rhetoric.

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