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June 21, 2024 25 mins
KFI food enthusiast and Fork Reporter Neil Saavedra comes on the program to talk about Netflix introducing a new line of popcorn.and the 10 most offensive things you can do at a restaurant  The show closes with this week’s ‘World in Review.’  
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You're listening to Bill Handle on demandfrom KFI AM six forty k I AM
six forty handle. Here it isa Friday morning, June twenty one,
and we always in the eight o'clockhour, Neil who was with us Monday
through Friday as well as Saturday withthe Fok Report from two to five pm.

And so we always deal with somekind of food issue. And Neil
and this one I always find interesting, and that is, well, how
many flavors of popcorn there are outthere? And it used to be you
basically had one flavor, and thenyou had Orville Rockenberger, who or Raffensberger,

who when he wasn't making popcorn,he was running the election in Georgia,
and it was movie popcorn, butterpopcorn. And then they started expanding.
And of course now it's I wentthe other day and there's a smoke
cod popcorn. I mean, therewere all kinds. Netflix has just come

out with its line of popcorn.Let's talk about that. So Netflix,
known for Netflix and Chill, ofcourse, now selling ready to eat popcorn
and they're partnering not only with Walmartstores nationwide, they're teaming up with popcorn
company Popcorn Indiana and they've got theirnew pop snacks. They've got it in

two flavors right now, the cultclassic cheddar Kettle and swoon worthy Cinnamon Kettle.
And they're going to be available,as I said, at Walmart stores
nationwide soon. So if you reallywant to find I was looking around locally.
If you really want to find them, the easiest way to do it
is go to Popcornindiana dot com slashproducts Popcorn Indiana dot com slash products,

and that'll help help you locate whereyou can find them. But this the
interesting thing is how companies are lookingfor ways to permeate other adjacent products that
will enhance their brand, promote theirbrand, but also make them more money.
If you remember, Netflix dabbled inthe food industry not too long ago,

finding they put together that pop uprestaurant here in Los Angeles for a
limited time. I think it wasat last year mid last year where they
did that. They also partnered withBen and Jerry and Scoops of Hoy ice
Cream to release frozen desserts in thepast. So is this just a stunt.

I don't think so. I thinkbecause you different, But this is
gonna be an ongoing. Yeah,two things. And first of all,
you use the word adjacent, andthat resonates movie and popcorn are connected,
and it makes a lot of sense. It's not like movies and sushi bars.
The two just don't work very well. Yeah, that's what I think

movies, I think sushi okay.And the other thing I ask is these
are bags of popcorn? Correct?Yeah? Oh yeah, there's pre POGs
just like I would get it.I've always wondered why people would buy bags
of popcorn when it is so easyto throw in the microwave a little bag

of popcorn that you make five timesas much for ten percent of the price,
and if you want to take themfor a snack in the car or
wherever, there's a thing called plasticbags. They just invented, and I
know they're brand new, but thatworks too. So the cost of popcorn
is crazy. What I know,popcorn is incredibly cheap. The only difference

is that if you get a bagof popcorn and there are some popcorn bag
of popcorns I love and that we'llhave around the house, even though we
still have the ingredient to make ourown, not even in the microwave.
I make it on the stovetop.But the thing that they have is they
don't have all the bits at thebottom. In the same way they don't

have burt pieces. They don't havethe unpopped kernels. They don't. They're
kind of pre sordid. Yeah,but so what, So you just don't
eat the kernels at the bottom.You leave them alone. I truly don't
understand. This is not me beingcontrary. I don't understand it. I
can understand potato chips in a bagbecause it's hard to go home and make
your own potatoes. It is it. You can microwave potato chips effectively.

You can make your own potato chipsin a microwave oven that are pretty darn
tasty. Okay, I didn't knowthat, but then Neal would. So
at some point, you know,we're gonna do next week we'll talk about
that mark that down potato chips athome, that that works hips and tricks.
Yeah, yeah, yeah, it'skind of interesting. But anyway,

I just don't I don't understand bagpopcorn. I just don't get it.
But it's just too too expensive.Frankly, I don't even understand going to
a movie and buying popcorn there orat least or at least that your your
coke right, your soda. Imean it's so expensive. That's when you
have a catheter tube and you haveyou know, the bag and you know

you just put it on your clothesand you can It's like one of those
camel packs, you know where yousuck water off a backpack. Well,
if it's going if it's going throughyour catheter, IM well no there,
no, these are not used ones. These are new catheters. Okay,
it's a two way street when wego out to eat, and we have

a relationship with the people serving us, and we have to not beat deep
bags when we do that. Soone of the biggest things we can do
is none of these ten bad dinerbehaviors. Number one is say that you're
not going to pay for a dishbecause you hated it, yet there's ten
percent of it left on the place. So when you don't like something,

that's totally okay. That is totallyokay. I've seen people taste it or
maybe the smell of it bothered them, and then you go ahead and say,
hey, I can't eat this ormy date can't eat this, whatever
it is, and you can sendit back. What you should never do
is at the end of the meal, when you've eaten the vast majority of

it, pass it along and sayI want this taken off of my belt.
You actually are very good when youreturn something. If the people you're
with or you don't like something,you take a bite, you take two
bites, and you say, hey, I'm not crazy about it. No,
it'll they take it off the billor screen. You let them go,
and usually at good restaurants and theywill either comp that meal and say

we're really sorry and or something elseand they won't charge for it, or
you get a dessert if it's agood manager who really cares about service.
But I have no problem returning food, and I with people that are mortified
about returning food. What are youdoing. We're paying a lot of money

for this meal and you don't likeit. Just even if you just don't
like it and it doesn't taste good, I'll return it and go. You
know, it sounded good, butit just and there's nothing wrong with it.
I just don't like it, anduh yeah, and then you order
something else. Yeah, that's fineby the way of grade. If they
don't you don't need to go backthere, but don't make a deal about

it. And I try doing thatin France, by the way, I
just don't like it. I havedone that a couple of times. And
if you want to get into afight with the chef, that's all you
have to say. And the chefcomes out with his cleaver and starts arguing
with you. No, I'm seriousabout. You don't do that in France
and you are here, Yeah,you don't do that anything. I also

when they put me to a tablethat I don't like, I go,
I don't want to sit at thattable, or I go to a booth.
The other day I was at theSmokehouse and it was and I love
that restaurant, parmersan garlic bread,unbelievable barbers on cheese bread. And they
sat me at a booth and thetable was too high, so I felt
like I was basically five foot threeand eating at a table. I go,

no, I don't want this,you know, please move me to
a table with chairs, you know, a four top over there. Not
shy in the least about, butthat is appropriate. How you do it
is also makes a difference the otherone. And this is going to be
big across the board is allowing childrento roam freely. Don't let you you're
at a table, sit at thetable, be normal, don't get don't

jump on the chairs unless it's aplace that is designed for children. If
you're bringing your children, they haveto be appropriate. If not, everybody
gets up and they leave, youdon't get to ruin everybody else's experience.
Great in the meantime, unless you'reat a McDonald's or a Chucky Cheese's,
what are you doing bringing your kids, your toddlers to dinner at all?

What are you doing ready for it? They have to be ready for it.
And if they're not ready, oryou know that they're horrible little creatures,
don't bring them in. Yeah,that's why I got invented Benadrille,
that you load those kids up beforedinner. I'm pretty sure that's not okay
or legal, but I'm not theI'm not the attorney here, but I
think that's probably a bad precedent.Also, don't debate the menu prices with

the staffy. You can't do that. You can't do that, you know,
that's what it is. Although Ihave I was once at a restaurant
I ordered a carrot cake and itwas I mean it was one and a
half by one and a half inches, and it was not inexpensive. And

at that point I told the managersaying, hey, six dollars and this
was twenty years ago, and Isaid, no, come on, six
dollars for this and he said,we cut them all the same size and
that's our size. I go sixdollars for this, tell you what I'll
give you three? Does that workout? And I negotiated Thailand in a

bizarre on the street. Well that'swhat ended up happening. And so he
said, I'll just take it back. I go go ahead, and I
go, by the way, whatare you going to do with this?
And he said, we're gonna throwit away. We can't reserve this.
And it was you can throw awaya piece of carrot cake that I would
pay three dollars for? You'd ratherI don't. You don't get the money,

so as more so than I don'teat it. He goes, yeah,
oh, well I didn't go that. It was an al Tomedo grill
by the way in Westwood that Ithink they're closed now, Oh, you
screwed them. That three dollars wouldhave they would have they would have gotten
they would have gotten three dollars.I don't know it's worth the extra three
dollars to not have to look likea d bag. But that's just me.

That was twenty year old bill.That's like sold ago. Don't stay
past the restaurant's closing time. That'snot fair. Don't snap your fingers to
get a server's attention. Don't bringoutside food and drinks to the restaurant.
Don't show up fifteen minutes late toa reservation. You know, don't if

it's busy. This is a bigpet peeve of mine, by the way,
and I have argued with people i'mwith because of this. Don't sit
there and just hang out at anempty table after you've eaten when you can
tell that the restaurant. I especially, although I like the idea of taking
the napkin, if it's a clothnapkin and the server just completely ignores you

and just swing it over your headand just you know, like they do
when your car is ready at acar wash. I was gonna say,
if it's a red napkin, Iwill come over and hand you some money
and go grab my car. Yeah, all right, Neil, don't be
a jerk, is what I'm saying. I guess which I actually Well,

I don't. I know restaurants,I'm pretty good. No, you're good
with servers. I mean I am. You're brash and loud, but you
think them and you tip appropriate.I do. No, I'm a good
tipper, and I do snap myfingers. Well, you don't. But
you do something that I'm not afan of, and that is you'll call
anyone over to the table instead ofyour server. I will that because I

don't see the server. I don'tsee the person. You know, five
minutes I'm looking around. I've alsostood up if I needed an extra napkin,
or we don't have an extra setof cutlery, I will stand up
and go to that drawer or thatcontainer that carries them. I'll do that.

Okay, I know. Back wego to the d bag, you
can say douchebag. By the way, I think that's allowed. I know,
I just say d bag. Peopleknow what I mean. Okay.
Before we get to World in Review, I want to mention the Dodgers are
back in LA and they take onthe Angels tonight at Dodger Stadium with the
first pitch of seven ten. Listento every play of every Dodgers game on
AM five seventy LA. Stream allthe games and HD on the iHeartRadio app.

The keyword AM five seventy LA Sportspowered by LA Care for all of
LA. Now it is time forthis week's world in review Living under a
rock. Well, here's what you'vemissed. Piping hotch off the newswires from
around the corner to around that world. This is this week's world in review.

And there was so much that happenedthis week. I'm only going to
be able to just hit a fewhighlights. A decision by the Supreme Court
that we were expecting just came downthis morning, maybe an hour and a
half, two hours ago, andit was a Second Amendment case having to
do with a federal ban on peoplewho are under restraining orders for domestic abuse.

They could not carry way weapons,and of course the Second Amendment people
filed a lawsuit asking the court tooverturn the ban that people that are under
a restraining order for domestic abuse shouldstill be able to have weapons. Yeah,
I'm surprised the court even took thatas opposed to, what are you
doing? You know, we're noteven gonna hear that case. I mean,

it's so logical for domestic abuse peopleunder restraining orders. Now, I
don't know the language of the case. Does that also mean people who have
been convicted of domestic abuse? Ithink so. But the decision just came
down. Obviously, I've had achance to read it, and so we'll
pick more of it up on Monday. So that was a big case that

we're just waiting for all the variouscases to come down. This is the
end of June, and that's whenthey come down. Now, North Korea,
Vladimir Putin connected with and visited KimJong un, and they one could
not kiss the others ask more.It was a kiss ass off. That's

the only way you can describe it. We're best friends. And then they
said something that was rather extraordinary,basically a page right out of NATO.
If any force attacks one of us, it attacks both of us. In
other words, if the if NorthKorea is attacked by the Western Powers,

then Putin then they've attacked Russia also. And is he serious about that?
Yeah? I don't think so.Also, when it comes to undocumented spouses,
the Biden administration signed an executive actionthat will shield undocumented spouses, certain
numbers and children of US citizens fromdeportation. Someone coming over illegally marrying a

US citizen, guess what, stillbe deported even if they've been here twenty
five years and have fourteen kids.Well, Biden has just issued an executive
order saying if someone marries a UScitizen, even if they're here illegally and
have been here for more than tenyears and has not been convicted of any

crime, they are not to bedeported and will get a green card.
So that has changed, and ofcourse the politics of that have simply exploded,
as you can imagine. And atthis point, let's say you coming
over illegally and you have an overrudof vis and you are following the rules,

and you get married to someone andthe basis of getting a green card
is legitimate. You apply for agreen card because your spouse is an American
citizen and you are here legally onan H one visa work visa or a
tourist visa or whatever. You canapply for the green card outside the country,

and you have to wait there toget the green card, and the
problem is that takes years and yearsand years. That's the problem, and
so the Biden administration has changed thatone up makes sense. But the problem
is that that can be overturned.This is not a law passed by Congress.

This is an executive action signed bythe president who has jurisdiction to do
this. By the way, however, the next president or any president,
can overturn that. And I thinkif Donald Trump gets re elected, you're
going to see that overturned about thirtyforty minutes into his a new presidency.

Also, what's going on around theworld in the Middle East Israel, Warren
has the law of the prospect ofan all out war. When Hesbelah published
a nine minute video released a nineminute video taken by a drone showing Israeli
military civilian locations in several cities inIsrael, and Israel's prepared to do a

two front war and there Hesbellah triedit before and southern Lebanon was well,
it was decimated, and the samething's going to happen. The other thing
is the senior military spokesman for theIsraeli Army, the Armed Forces said we're
not going to get rid of Hesbelah. It will not be well. Be

decimated. But it's not going togo away. Natanyahu says, of course
it's going to go away, whichis justification for keeping ongoing and effectively,
you know, is there a negotiationsome but part of Israel's position is that
Hamas disappears and that is not goingto happen. In a bit of news

that well, it's no surprise andit's a life well lived. First of
all, we found out Donald Sutherlanddied yesterday, and there's an actor that
virtually everybody loved, and he's beenaround for fifty years. And Willie Mays
died a couple of days ago,and one of the greatest players in baseball

history. He had the most dramaticcatch I think in baseball nineteen fifty four
World Series. He died at ninetythree six hundred and sixty career home runs
at the time, the second mostbehind Babe Ruth. But also an all
around player. I mean, heplayed, he did everything, he ran,

he caught, he hit, Imean, he was extraordinary. The
Surgeon General has warned all of us, particularly warning labels, particularly social media
platform saying that he wants warning labelson social media platforms, advising parents that

using those platforms might damage adolescents mentalhealth. And these warning labels are predicated
on what the government did with BigTobacco, which of course fought every inch
of the way any restriction. That'swhere they have in common the Second Amendment
folks, Second Amendment folks, progun folks advocates will fight anything at any

time, which is why the SupremeCourt case it went up to the Supreme
Court about domestic violence restraining orders,and that's exactly what big tobacco did.
First of all, denied that therewas any harm in smoking, Denied that
there was a nicotine habit, thatpeople would get a habit smoking cigarettes,

etc. That didn't exist, notat all. Denied that cancer there was
any any connection, fought like crazyagainst the warning. Now it is the
warning is being credit credited for bringingthe number of people smoking in the United
States from twenty four percent of thepopulation down to twelve percent of the population,

which I don't even understand how twelvepercent are out there smoking. I
don't know anybody who smokes, Neil, do you and do you Amy?
Do you know people that smoke?No? Not cigarettes? Yeah, Cono,
do you know people that smoke?No? I know? I mean
no one does. And I've evenstopped and people stopped asking do you mind
if I smoke? And I wouldalways answer, do you mind if I

fart? Well done, mister Martin, Uh, thank you very much,
thank you, thank you. Justpay your waiters, tip your waiters on
the way out. But we'll seewhat happens. And is the warning label
going to be successful? Will parentsthink twice? I think it's harder than
say grid packs warnings, but anythingthat works, because I believe that social

media platforms really do affect kids,the ability to shame kids, the ability
to cause real psychological damage. Kidsare cruel, they are, and this
just gives them a platform to becruel. Twenty four hours a day.
Louisiana. This is state law thatthe Governor Jeff Landry sign republican, very

republican legislature requiring all public schools classroomsfrom kindergarten to public universities must display the
texts of the Ten Commandments and notjust a little placard either large easily readable
font. Yeah. You think that'sgoing to be a fight in front of

the Supreme Court. Huh? Andthe argument is going to be separation of
church and state, and why thatwill probably be upheld. Is because under
the War In Court, which wasthe most liberal court we've had in the
history of the United States, theestablishment of separation of church and state expanded,
expanded, expanded like crazy. Nowit's going the other way with this

Supreme Court. Oh, here isa shocker. Robert Kennedy fails to qualify
for the CNN debate, So it'sonly going to be between Biden and Trump.
Oh did anybody even know that therewas a possibility of Robert Kennedy going
in front of the CNN audience forthe debate. I didn't even think he
was part of the mix. Iguess, he asked, and CNN said

absolutely not. And then there isthe bumpstock ban. After the Supreme Court
ruling, Senate Republicans blocked an attemptby Democrats to pass the bill to ban
bumpstock. There was a recent SupremeCourt ruling that basically allowed that to happen.
So this would be a federal banon the sale of bumpstock devices.

Republicans in the Senate said absolutely not. And we talked about bump stocks,
Neil and I, and the generalconsensus or the belief is it makes a
semi automatic weapon an automatic weapon byincreasing the number of bullets can be fired.
And it's not an automatic weapon,but it's far more you can shoot

faster than you can just pulling thetrigger, so it's halfway in between.
And I was totally in favor ofthe bump stock. And remember what happened
in Las Vegas when fifty eight peoplewere killed. That's it, guys,
were done. Man, we gotthrough a lot of them. Coming up
tomorrow from eight to eleven o'clock Handleon the Law, Dean Sharp from six

to eight Neil with some pretty specialshows. And unfortunately Neil, I don't
have time because I was too busyyapping. So we'll talk about Bill.
You're welcome, so we'll time.But this is a whole series that Neil's
gonna do, so we'll talk moreabout that certainly on Monday. So that's
it, guys. And by theway, no, I'm gonna say that

I've said enough today. Catch youon Monday wake up call with Amy and
then Neil and I are here fromsix to nine and Amy and so enjoy
the weekend. Kfi oh kno,you wanted to be mentioned also h and
Cono Okay, Okay, Cono,you got it. You got to mention

KFI AM six forty live everywhere onthe iHeartRadio app. You've been listening to
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