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June 17, 2024 28 mins
Amy King and Neil Saavedra join Bill for Handel on the News. Post Fire: Brush fire near 5 freeway in Gorman burns thousands of acres; hundreds evacuated. Israel announces ‘pause’ along southern Gaza route to allow in aid but no let up in Rafah offensive. Netanyahu disbands his inner war cabinet. Surgeon General demands warning label on social media apps. Over 171K patients traveled out-of-state for abortion care. Sean ‘Diddy’ Combs returns key to New York City in response to video of him attacking singer Cassie. Russia’s Putin to visit North Korea in rare trip as anti-West alignment deepens.
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You're listening to KPI AM six fortythe Bill handle Show on demand on the
iHeartRadio app spamby. I so lovedit because I've particularly liked it when Mom
died. They killed mom. Boy, that helps. That's for kids.

Well it is actually to this daywhen I go to my therapist, I
bring that up. And now Handleon the news, Ladies and gentlemen,
here's Bill Handleman. Okay, Mondaymorning, June seventeenth. We're only what
four days away from the solstice.Isn't that when the druids start dancing around

Stonehenge. I don't know why not. I know those guys in the white
robes that they steal from hotels,some pretty high end hotels, and they're
dancing around and just having a goodtime. All right. In any case,
it's June seventeenth, it's a Monday. We started another week. Neil,
good morning, Good morning, Williewolf As Yes, yes, sir,

And let's see and good morning,good morning Bill yeah, kno,
good morning. Will there you go. My dad used to call me Billiam
and Amy good morning Bill. Okay, So let me see you have a
T shirt and I can barely seewhat you have on the front of your

shirt there. What are those Disneyprincesses? Oh, Disney princesses right there
in front? And which which onesare they? Jasmine, Pocahontas Bell,
Oh that's sweet. And then yeah, and then right in the middle is
that little known Disney princess Kayla Cleavage. Very impressive right in the morning.

Man, Yeah, first out,huh nice, thank you? We have
the teacher was a gift from ourbuddy Nick Colio. Oh that's even better.
By the way, Nick, thatis an HR complaint right there.
Just give me that T shirt toAmy. Done okay that they opened a
file on that one. Yeah,never mind, Nick, Okay, let's

do it guys. We got plentyto cover today. It's time for Handle
on the new. Oh we're doingit early too, Handle on the news.
What you mean on time? Yeah, pretty much. Yeah, we're
doing it on time to me,that's early. All right, let's do
it again, Handle on the Newson this Monday morning, June seventeenth,

with Amy and Neil and me andlead story. All right, Amy,
I'm gonna go right to you aboutthis thrush fire near the five for you
way in Gorman. You've been coveringit what's the latest. So the latest
is that it's burned more than fourteenthousand acres. It's just about two percent
surrounded, and there are some thereare about twelve hundred people were cleared out

of a campground and they've got somecommunities near the grape vine also where people
were told to leave in Castaic.They're kind of on standby, so there's
a warning and there's said you know, if we need to change this,
you might have to get out atany second. Also, the freeway was
closed initially with the fire started onSaturday afternoon. It's reopened, but they

also closed down the southbound lanes againlast night. So if you are traveling,
be sure through the grape vine.You probably want to check and make
sure that it is open because itlooks like it's wind whipped, so it
can change direction and course really quickly. Yeah, Gorman is I mean going
through that grapevine, which I've neverunderstood why they call it the grape Maybe

because of the twists and turns.I had no idea, because it looks
like a grape vine when you comedown the hill. Oh okay, that's
great. I've only done it once. And then as I'm going down there,
I go, this is why Godinvented airplanes. Why would you drive
through that people? It's a lovelydrive, of course. Oh I okay,
Fraser Park is up there, right? I thought Fraser Park was.

I don't know, because it wasthere was a guy I knew many many
years ago who actually was friends withMarjorie and he was a little bit depressed
and we knew that because he blewhis brains out in Fraser Park and they
discovered him the next spring. Andjust an up story. And I'm trying
to remember if Fraser Park is upin that area. No, that's in

Kern County. Okay, never mindfor that all right. Now it's Motivational
Monday with Bill Handel, Okay.And this is just one of like four
fires that are they're in hysteria andwe'll be telling you about it. Fire.
Yeah, it's going to be areal serious fire season. I mean
we know it. We can smellit literally, and it's not going to

be a pleasant time, not thissummer with the fires. Okay. So
it's not a stop, but it'sa pause. Israeli military says it's going
to be doing tactical pauses of militaryactivity along a route in southern Gaza that
will allow aid to get in.So the aid has been bottlenecking because Israel's
not letting it in. So theysaid from eight am until seven pm until

further notice, they're going to pausethe fighting in this area of southern Gaza
to allow trucks to move in fromthe Karam Shalom crossing. Yeah, it's
just getting horrific, and Israel,of course is claiming claiming that we're not
getting in the way of this humanitarianaid at all, which is a croc

and it keeps on going. Inthe mean time, the war cabinet of
five people with Natanya who that's fallingapart because you have Benny Gantz who's resigned,
and then you had the two ultraultra crazy ass right wing leaders of
parties want to be part of thewar cabinet, which if they had,
if they had their druthers, Israelwould be nuking Gaza right now. I

mean, that's how crazy these guysare. And it is just a political
mess. It's horrible out there.On that note, you have Benjamin Netanyahu,
the Prime Minister of Israel. Yousaid they dissolved the six member War
cabinet only said five but I okay, but well it was five once you

get rid of Benny. Yeah,so they now he's gonna have consultations with
this smaller group of ministers, includingDefense minister and the Strategic Affairs minister who
were in the cabinet. So it'snot the cabinet, but it's a small
maybe it's a juncture at this point. Yeah, you have Galan who is

now the Defence minister. This guyis so nuts. He actually went to
prison for the crimes that he committedagainst the Arab population. I mean,
he's one of those guys that hadjust attacked Arab citizens of Israel outright went
to prison for the crimes that hecommitted. And he is the Defense minister

because of the small party I forgotthe name that he controls. You know,
Israel has parties that overnight they cropup and then become powerful enough to
where people ahead of the parties becomepart of the cabinet. That's how they
deal. Very strange over there,and they're equally as radical as the terrorism
front on the other side, well, not quiet because they don't really blow

people up. Well, because theyare trying to be in mainstream. Yeah,
they're trying political corner. Yeah,it's well trying to be more mainstream.
But I think there anyway, it'sa mess over there, Sam Well,
cigarettes aren't the only thing that comewith warning labels or may soon come

with warning labels. Surgeon General VivicMurphy says the threat social media poses to
children requires urgent action, and he'sdemanding Congress put a label on the apps
that it does with cigarettes and alcohol. So social media apps would have a
warning label if he get his way. Yeah, just like you did with

tobacco, which is really work.Here's the difference, though, you have,
for example, Mark Zuckerberg turning tohe's in the middles in front of
Congress, which these guys are constantlyand the accusation of a couple of incidents
of suicide. For example, oneof the Congress people goes Zuckerberg turn around

and tell the audience, tell thepeople that are here, the victims whose
children have died of shaming, howsorry you are. Would you apologize to
them? And he did it didn'tliability, but he said, I am
so sorry that your kids died becauseof the shaming. I mean his position
is, of course he's merely aplatform. Did you notice they couldn't have
They didn't do that, of coursewith the they did not do that with

the CEOs of big tobacco when theywere in front of Congress. I mean
they were asked to turn around andapologize to people who had smoke, but
those people were all dead, sothere was no one to apologize too.
Yeah. Filling yeah, filling thatarea with all the people who had been
affected by tobacco much more difficult.And the tobacco industry, which you're not

seeing here, literally said it isnumber one. It is not addictive.
Tobacco is not addictive. It isnot harmful. Nicotine is not harmful.
And I mean it just they allshould have gone down for perjury because they
swore under the penalty of perjury,tell the truth whenever you're in front of
Congress. And so it's a littlebit different because, at least modernly,

the CEO is a big tech althoughtheir position is it ain't their fault.
They are merely publishers. The FirstAmendment issue for them, but still it
is Surgeon General says, warning labels, just like on cigarettes, this may
kill you if you take too muchof this stuff. Social media I'm talking

about especially among kids. If youlook at the science, the stats,
I mean, it has skyrocketed.You know, people spend five hours.
The average teenager spends five hours aday on social media, which is why
we want to increase our Instagram.Neil, you're handling our Instagram right now,
and we have to increase the numberof posts and the pushing of the

Instagram. I'll get right on that. Yeah, thank you. This show
sponsored by Marlborol Marlborough. That's smooth, clean taste that keeps you up.
And I'm just kidding. We're notcigarettes responsor right. If Marboro's still I
think it is, you can't advertiseon TV at all. I never smoked,

Yeah, I didn't. Neither.Was it the Marlboro Cowboy? I
think they had two of them andboth of them died of lung cancer.
Seriously, Oh, I think Ithink one of the Marlborough men were was
uh magnum p. I no,Tom was? He just looks like a
Marlboro man. Yeah, that wasa lot of pushback for like Amy.

I think she flipped me off becauseyou know, which is a weird guy,
very good looking, uh, verycharismatic, big fruit package. I
mean, does everything you need inone of those guys? All right?
Uh, just to a simple retraction, Tom Sellick was not a spokesperson for

Marlboro, but was for Salem Cigarettes. I did the photo behind me,
look right now, Bill, theyoung guy photos. Also, you know,
Tom Selick was also part of thatthat may West had when she was
one hundred and fifty years old.She would get these incredibly good looking buff

guys around her that was sort ofher entourage that were paid to be there.
And May Wes was no youngster atthe time. I throw that out
at you. You can check withthat. I would go to Siri right
now. But you know, I'mso tired of being right. I can't
tell you. You know, Iwas just getting bored with it. It's
a lot of weight on your shoulders, but it is. I've met Tom's

sellec a couple of times, avery very kind man. That's all,
okay, all right? President Bidenfifty million dollars punch to Trump. Of
course, that must have been paidby the thirty million that he just raised.
Well, his campaign is escalating thoseattacks against Donald Trump and his recent

guilty verdicts, referring to him asa convicted criminal, and so it's going
to be an ugly, an uglycampaign. Oh, we knew it was
going to be. This one's interestingbecause the more Trump is attacked, the
more engaged and enraged his followers are. So this is a badge of honor

for him. I can even seea commercial that he is attacked and then
there's a five second at the endof it he pumps his fists and goes,
yeah, that's right. But youknow what there was there was some
meme that I saw the other dayabout that liberals and conservatives are purchasing the

picture of the arrest of Donald Trumpon the T shirt equally. Yeah,
like both, you know. Soit's why not go after something? Why
not go after something substantive that actuallyaffects us, because they wouldn't because that
you can't do a SoundBite, Youcan't do a simple picture on something substantive
that actually is going to to helpBiden and Trump. Can someone crossing the

border? I mean, just realeasy. But what Biden is doing is
going after that very small group ofpeople in the middle who had said they
would look at Trump differently if hehad been convicted. Now we really don't
know those numbers are. But Ido something I've never seen. I leave
my house and I go on theway to the freeway, and on weekends

there is you know, that tenx ten tent that we set up at
events with a table underneath it.Trump flags, huge Trump flags and T
shirts. Trump paraphernalia is sold inthe place. They were out there every
single weekend and they're all over thecity. Isn't that lovely? You could

go next door and pick up thetiger blanket that my people sell. Oh
yes, that's very well said,okay Amy. A lot of people are
hitting the road to get an abortion. More than one hundred and seventy one
thousand patients traveled out of state toget abortion care last year. The numbers

have more than doubled since the overturningof rovers is weighed in twenty twenty two,
as a lot of states, mostlyin the South, put stricter abortion
laws in place, and so peopleare leaving to either get abortion procedures or
to get the pills that end thepregnancy. I'm looking at these stats and
this is the gut Macher Institute saidthat over a million clinician provided abortions took

place in twenty twenty three, andas you said, one hundred and seventy
one thousand people traveled out of state, seventeen percent didn't. It used to
be two to three million abortions wereperformed every year, and now it's one
million. That's the stat that iskind of stunning for me. Abortions down,
and I'm talking about outside of theoverturning of Roe v. Wade.

It's a million clinician provided abortions.So I wonder if that is different than
like the myth of prestone. Idon't know the answer. That you're right,
and I don't know the answer.And I mean, we have to
look at the coad hagar industry tosee statistically how it has grown or not
grown. Oh okaym no, it'ssee it's me. I was just pausing

for camatic effect. Thank you.Maryland Governor Wes Moore will issue a mass
pardon more than one hundred and seventyfive thousand marijuana convictions today. It's a
lot. I'm assuming this is overgenerations of people convicted of low level marijuana
crimes who didn't go to jail orwent very it got probation or whatever.

But it's on the record, andhe is pardoning everybody involved. And at
this point, for example, youcan't get arrested in California for possessing marijuana
because it's perfectly legal, and thesewere crimes. Well, Texas, you
know, there are people that werein jail in Texas twenty years for a

joint. I mean, that's hownuts it was down there. I'm assuming
it's not quite as nuts, butI still think there are states in which
you don't have even medical marijuana allowed. Texas is probably one of them.
Hey, siri, what is thepenalty for marijuana possession in Texas? Well,

more than two thousand pounds of marijuanais a felony. Okay, I'll
buy you that. That's what itsays, Yeah, more than a ton,
but no, here's in Texas,still having a usable quantity. It's
what does it say where? Butit's a crime anyway, all right?

I just thought I mentioned that.But if you have more than a ton,
it's a first degree felony. Allright, fair enough? And you
can't argue personal use when you havea ton of marijuana. That's very difficult
to do. The size of thebong is massive. If that's personal use,
I'm just going to say the wildlifecrossing cannot be finished soon enough for
me, because they found another mountainlion dead on the one O one Freeway

and it was right by the AgreHills wild finished. Have you seen it?
I mean, it is beautiful.They're saying it's the biggest in the
country. I heard that it's thebiggest in the world. And it's this
wildlife cross crossing over the one ohone And it's beautiful. I mean it's
wood superstructure underneath, and it's notjust a concrete columns. It's going to

be gorgeous when it's done. Yeah, and it's And they are going to
say when these mountain lions, whichthere are very many of them. And
interestingly enough, there's the numbers Pone, P two, P three.
They all listen to KFI. Sothe P ones are the best ones.
You know, it's a little inside. I'm not sure, but he understands
what a Priority one listener is.Well, it's a P one. It's

you guys listening right now that listenall the time. Yeah, pretty much,
yeah, pretty much. But it'show many of them are are out
there. I mean there are onlyin the listeners, No, no,
p one listeners. It's only inthe dozens, that's a given. But
we're talking about the number number ofmountain lions up there because they don't have
names. They don't have cute namesanymore. They don't do that. No,

you know was the most famous onebecause he was the one who hunt.
I wonder how many are out there, and there aren't many. I
mean, it's really uh. Imean, I know they're endangered. I
don't think they're near extinct because theydo have mountain lions all over the country.
But didn't they change the naming thingbecause people were getting too familiar with
them or it was anthropomorpha anthropomorphiz yeah, I don't know then or something,

and they just said we're going tonumber them to leave that you can adopt.
You notice that you can't adopt amountain lion because they had to change
their names for all of them somewherein the middle of the name of the
roadkill and it just got to betoo depressing for kids. Let's move on.
No, I'm letting you get itout of your system. That's never

all right. President Biden for PresidentObama rallied against former President Trump, touted
the Democratic incumbents policy achievements, andof course raised thirty million from Hollywood elite.
Yeah, that's a big deal.Democrats have never done that before.
I don't know if Republics they haveever raised thirty million. Well, the

Republicans have raised more than double that. No, no, I'm time on
one sitting. Yeah, they saidthat this was the highest amount in one
sitting for a Democrat, for aDemocrat, and it was Obama's there.
I mean, he's the star,Bill Clinton rock Oh yeah, oh yeah,

I'll tell you who is not thedraw is Joe Biden. No,
it must have felt like he was, uh the VP again yeah, Amy,
Oh sorry, I was trying tolook like me. I was trying
to look at here. Hold on, I gotta pick it off my shirt.

Okay. So it's kind of likewhen you break up in a relationship,
you know how you have to givethe key back. Well, Sean
Diddy Combs has returned the key toNew York City that he was given after
Mayor Eric Adams said yeah, youneed to give that back. And it
of course is because of the videoshowing uh Diddy beating up R and B

singer Cassie at a hotel does keyto the city actually open anything up?
No, Oh, it's a plaqueor something, usually with a key on
it. No one else did.Okay, you don't have one. Huh.
No. Trump set a record raisingfifteen and a half million dollars at

a Florida fundraiser in April. Okay, thank you for that, Neil in
Florida. What are the odds?Democratics? Senator Chris Murphy said, just
yesterday, the Supreme Court is readyingto fundamental, fundamentally rewrite the Second Amendment
after striking down a federal ban onbump stocks. I don't know how much

it's there. Yeah, I don'tknow how much further the Supreme Court can
go in striking down any ban,any restrictions on a Second Amendment. It's
but it's going to be pretty openended in terms of owning weapons. But
you know, isn't that you knowDonald Trump? President Trump was the one
who pushed for the band ban.Oh yeah, that's yeah, that disappears.

I mean he was once, youknow, pro choice. I mean,
the guy he was a Democrat thathe switches over. It's whatever part
of the he did is he's hepulous. Yeah, he is anst that's true,
and so that's second Amendment. Thecourt is going to open it wide
up any restrict I think any restrictionsare going to be gone. And the

the folks, the gun advocates aresaying, the problem is not ownership of
guns. The problem is mental illnessin this state. And if you get
rid of all the mentally ill people, you won't have any shootings at all,
like these mass shootings. All right, that's by the way. I
don't doubt that. It's just howdo you get Republicans to fund mentally ill

program that take care of that takescare of mentally ill all over the country.
Are the Republicans really the ones thatgo on legitimate gun owners? Are
they the ones that are going outand committing crimes and mass shootings? No,
the mentally ill are the whole pointof restrictions. And I don't even
know if it makes sense. Theargue is if there are no guns,

where the guns are limited, itis difficult to shoot people with guns.
A couple of them, A coupleof those shootings took place with people that
bought guns legally, not criminals mentallyill. I mean, these are shootings
with these teenagers or young men intheir twenties. And the argument is if

it was not, if you couldnot buy an AR fifteen, legally,
you wouldn't be that person, wouldn'tshoot up the school. That's the all
of them criminally minded then, becauseno, so not criminally mind If you
want to go shoot up with school, they go out of their minds.
I mean, I mean they arelegitimately mentally ill. I don't think it's

a what criminal do you know wantsto shoot up a kindergarten? I mean
that I don't know a lot ofcriminals. Yeah, please, we work
here at iHeart. Give me abreak. Well, it's about time.
Remember back in April when there wasthat Southwest Airline flight that was off the
coast of Hawaii and suddenly plunged andthen almost crashed into the ocean before they

recovered. They said that the flighttracking data shows that the plane dropped at
a rate of more than four thousandfeet per minute and came as low as
four hundred feet above the water beforeit recovered. Well, now the FAA
says it's going to investigate because amemo has gone out to pilots that Bloomberg

got its hands on, indicating thata newer first officer was flying at the
time and inadvertently pushed forward on thecontrol column. Let me ask you a
question, where in pilot training dothey teach you if you move the steering
wheel the yoke forward, you godown, you move it back, you

go up. Where did they missthat? Was the guy gone the day
they taught that. I think theysaid inadvert I'm wondering if he was moving
or doing something and leaned on itby mistake or something. Where in pilot
school do they teach you it's like, really the one thing you gotta focus

on. Yeah, you would sayit's that yoke. Yeah, all right,
it's gonna be a hot dictator summer. You got Vladimir Putin set to
travel to North Korea two day visitstarting tomorrow. Very exciting as they sit
together and tell jokes about America andhow they don't need us and they don't
even care about us. I'm noteven thinking about them right now. I

don't. She's fat and ugly andI don't care about her. I wonder
if she's thinking about us. Idon't. Yeah, Putin is scrambling for
allies because Russia has is just thisside of a rogue nation declared a rogue
nation by the world. Putin thoughtthis thing in Ukraine was going to last

three days, that they were goingto take over Kiev. And look what
the Ukrainians have done, and theamount of arms that are going Ukraine is
completely nuts. Red lion in thesand or a line in the sand,
Putin said, American or European armsbeing used to attack Russia, that's it.

We're going to go forward. Andnuclear bombs, nuclear weapons are not
off the table. Well, youknow, of course he's pulled back from
that, and at the G seventhe Western Powers all said, we're going
to keep on helping Ukraine with weaponry. No boots on the ground yet,
and I don't know if that's goingto happen, but he is desperate for
allies. Well, a Juneteenth celebrationhas turned deadly. Apparently there were a

couple of groups at a free celebrationin Round Rock, Texas on Saturday.
It's about an hour before the freeevent was supposed to end, and of
course, so it was celebrating Juneteenth, and that's when these groups got into
a fight and it exploded into gunfireand two people were killed, and neither
of them was involved with the fightthis Does the word crossfire seem legitimate here

to describe it? Yeah, Unfortunatelythat's what happens. All right, guys,
we are done with the news.KFI AM six forty live everywhere on
the iHeartRadio app. You've been listeningto the Bill Handle Show. Catch my
show Monday through Friday, six amto nine am, and anytime on demand
on the iHeartRadio app.

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