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June 20, 2024 32 mins
Amy King and Neil Saavedra join Bill for Handel on the News. Louisiana classrooms now required by law to display the Ten Commandments. UN officials accuse Israelis of ‘extermination’ attempt. Israeli tanks push deeper into Rafah, forcing people to flee again. South Korea blasts Russia-North Korea deal and says it will consider supplying arms to Ukraine. Hajj deaths: Hundreds of pilgrims die as Mecca, Saudi Arabia temperatures soar. Just Stop Oil protesters spray Stonehenge with paint. Oldest wine ever discovered in liquid form found in untouched Roman tomb.
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You're listening to Bill Handle on demandfrom kf I AM six forty. Arabic
is a very poetic language to beginwith. There's a lot of well,
you know, all right, Iwas just thinking and it's not gonna work.

It wasn't gonna work. Okay,isn't gonna work, all of it,
all of it. And now Handleon the news, ladies and gentlemen.
Here's Bill Handle, and yeah,good morning, everybody. Bill Handle
here on Thursday morning, June twentieth. I think today is Solstice day,
is it? It is one fiftythis afternoon. It's officially summer. And

so there we go. And sotoday there will be international coverage of people
with no life dancing around Stonehenge withstolen robes from hotel rooms and doing whatever
chance they do. And that's goingto be very exciting today. And Stonehenge
will be bright orange. Yes,it will be. Stop oil people,

guys. I have a quick favorto ask of you. My frittatas are
going to burn. They're in thetoaster oven. So I'm going to just
leave for thirty This is, bythe way, legit, this is not
shtick. I've got to go tothe toaster oven and turn it off because
they are going to burn for real, please, So just hang I'll be

back in a minute. I gotto talk amongst ourselves. Yeah, I
just talk amongst yourself for a minute. I'll be back in less than a
minute. Okay. So it isthe first day of summer. It arrives
at one point fifty and we havefourteen hours and twenty one minutes of daylight
today. Wow. What am Igoing to do with it all? I
don't know. Most of the timefor me because I have the weird sleep
schedule. I've got the curtains drawnso I don't see it. I'm going

to put solar panels on my headand absorb the energy. I like it.
That's a nice idea. You knowwhat's funny is Handel says when he's
got to go get his breakfast,he goes, this isn't shtick. Not
one of us or anyone listening wouldeverthink that handle would make jokes about food.
Okay, sorry about that? Arethey good? Yeah? Yeah?

If I didn't turn it off prime, well it's a long you know,
my toast rubbin, and I turnit on for too long. Uh,
and it would have continued to cookin the studio. I even keep put
a toast rubin in the studio.Why not because uh I needed the stuff
comes straight from the freezer. Hasseen the microwave to defrost and it's it's

very complicated. So anyway, letme go back to good morning everybody.
We're done with for tod to talk. Uh uh goodboarding. Don't you hate
when the show gets like in theway of all the things you have gone
on? Hate it that this showgets in the way of my morning?
Get that you have no idea?What a pain in the ass that is?

Uh, Neil, good morning,Yes, indeed, good morning,
Willie Wolf, Yes, Cono,good morning, good morning. I don't
know what if for is. Bythe way, Oh well, these are
many for Tata's a lot they're like, yeah, they're like a kishe Uh,
this is a costco Uh of course, it's a costco product. And
what it is in this case it'segg whites and the a lot of little

vegetables in it. I'm sorry wemoved on from the ftana. Sorry,
oh, he asked, I know, he as good morning. You know
what a forada is I do It'slike a kish without a without a crust.
Yeah, that's basically that's exactly whatit is. Well put just like
in this case, it's just eggwhites. It works well. Okay,

Uh, I think we're ready togo. We've got enough Fortana talk toaster,
rub and talk oh solstice talk,which actually is important. And I
hope that they catch those asses,uh, the ones that spray paint on
Stone Hinge. Uh. And therewhat is there? What is the premise

of they're doing what they did theirUh? What are they objecting to?
Too much oil being used? Andthe druids that built it just used so
much. It wasn't the Druids thatbuilt it. By the way, it's
no way thousands of years before theDruids. They have no idea who put

Stonehenge up. The pre dr thepre Druids, they weren't, were they
Drewish? That's very good. No, they don't know who. They actually
don't know who built Stone Hinge.I mean a pre date. It goes
thousands of years back way before Druidscity. Okay, let's do it.

You're ready, guys. And Ilove the solstice because it's the longest day
of the year. And as yousaid, Amy, it goes downhill after
this. It's a little extra longer. I happened to love when summertime comes
up. And then when we goto go back to daylight savings time,
No, we go back to standardtime after we do daylight savings, and

man, it is so depressing.And then it gets early dark and it's
just I love it because your speedocomes out, the old handle hammock gets
put on, and you get readyfor the summer, and you comb your
back and you're all ready to mylegs are getting a little creepy. I

just looked in the mirror and it'spretty depressing. You know, you sort
of hit your nineties and hundred.I only feel ninety and moisturizes. No,
I yeah, I've got to dosomething about that. Moisture eyes.
Buddy, Yeah, I've got todo something. Oh no, we'll cover
you in it. Yeah, okay, yeah, nicely said. Okay,
got your cover, buddy, Let'sdo it. Let's do it. Weird

morning, weird morning for TI totalk and all the rest of it.
Okay, handle on the news,Amy, Neil and me lead story.
Well well as I the Supreme Courtis expanding religious freedom even in public places,
and it's going to hear this caseI guarantee you, because Louisiana court

rooms have now required are now requiredby law to display the Ten Commandments in
all classrooms from kindergarten straight up tothe university level for any school that gets
any kind of state aid, whichmeans certainly all the public schools, I
mean that's a given, but alsoschools, private schools and colleges particularly that

get money from the students, getmoney from the state in terms of loans
or grants. And it's pretty allreaching, it really is, because you've
got a situation separation of church andstate, and it is they want the
government involved. The Conservatives when itcomes to the Ten Commandment and religion,

the government must be involved. Ofcourse, when it comes to Second Amendment,
the government cannot be involved. Whenit comes to abortion, the government
must be involved. So kind ofinteresting, isn't it. By the way,
the other side, same thing,just reverse, just a mirror image,
all right, So that's going tobe a big one. So the

UN is using the word extermination now. The Human Rights Office said that the
scale of Palestinian civilian losses amounted toextermination. Report from the UN said it
focused on six attacks that resulted inmass casualties and destroyed civilian infrastructure and infrastructure.
It said Israeli forces may have systematicallyviolated the principles of distinction, proportionality,

and precaution, and that may bethe case. Where the argument is
is going too far and they're notdoing enough to segregate their attack to try
to keep casualties to a minimum.All of that, I agree. Extermination.
Let's talk about extermination, the purposeof wiping out a people for absolutely

no military gain. Nazis with Jews, Turks with Armenians, Chinese with Awigurs.
The point is to wipe those peopleout off the map. You don't
want to use the word extermination becausewhat that does is dilute the true horrific

crime of extermination. The argument hereis Israel is not This is no there's
no military reason to attack those homesand those businesses and those hospitals. It
doesn't exist. They're just doing itfor the hell of it, like the
Nazis did. It wiped out theJews. As a matter of philosophy,
governmental philosophy, no risk. Sothis assumes the fact that there is no

Hamas it doesn't exist, Israel hasno justification for attacking Hamas. None,
it's just a straight extermination. Comeon, guys, you know, really
saying there's too many grenades, notenough snipers kind of thing like, isn't
there a more pinpoint accurate way.Well, that's what they're saying, Israel

and Israel, that's what. AndI don't know. I'm a military guy,
but although I play one on radio, I mean, the point is,
what do you do when your enemyembeds itself into the civilian population.
The only way not to kill abunch of civilians when you're attacking enemy within

that population is to simply not attacksit. War's over, Hamas continues on.
Hamas continues to invade Israel and commitits terrorist acts as and it has
promised to do over and over again. And the answer is for Israel to

simply not go after Humas because they'rein the population. Boy, that's how
you win every war. Now,just embed in the population and the other
side cannot attack you. Well,it's like that in the day to day.
You know, cops are trying toget the bad guys, but they
can't just torch an entire city blockto do it. It's a little bit

different. You don't have an entirepeople getting together to wipe out a neighborhood.
They don't do that. You don'tget even gang members go down the
street and say, let's take outthat part of the city of Los Angeles
and just torch it. That doesn'thappen. These are individual events. Anyway,
I could go on and on,and by the way, I'm not

arguing at all that Israel is inthe wrong in many many ways. But
please don't use the word extermination andgenocide. Don't do that. With warplanes
and drones above, Israeli tanks haveadvanced deeper into the western part of Gaza
Strip city of Raffa yesterday and killingeight people in the process. This is

according to Palestinian medics and residents.Have you noticed that Israel says it is
not going to make a massive campaignagainst Rafa and our president has said that's
a line that can't be crossed.We can't have a major, major campaign

into Rafa where they can't. It'sthe cut. It's the thousand cuts that
are going in death by a thousandcuts. They're doing it and pretending they're
not doing it, and the USis pretending they're not doing it. In
the meantime, it's walking like aduck and talking like a duck. So

once again, those poor civilians arejust getting nailed, nailed. It's horrific.
Taken up sides soul. South Koreaon Thursday condemned an agreement that was
reached between Russia and North Korea becausePutin went to North Korea and visited Kim
Jong un. They basically said thatin the event of war, each country

would come into the defense of theother. That's to say that Ukraine and
Russia are not at war. Sodoes that mean that North Korea has to
enter the war? Well, ithas to some extent because it's providing tons
and tons of arms to Russia.So I guess that's not war, or

maybe it's if the other side startsthe war and not Russia. Yeah,
I'm assuming this all means boots onthe ground or an attack by aircraft or
artillery coming from North Korea. That'sa hell of a jump from North Korea
to Ukraine. But hey, that'sthe deal they cut and South Korea saying,

okay, we're now supplying arms toUkraine. Before that, it was
only humanitarian aid. South Korea wantedto say the hell out of it,
we'll give you food, we'll giveyou medicine. We're not going to give
you arms. Now they're changing theretoo. It's really boiling down to this
god awful mess, this Ukrainian war. But you know what it is,

the world is falling suit of theUnited States, where everyone has to pick
a side on something. No onecan look at things reasonably. It's like,
if you're on their side, thenI'm against you, and vice pers
hang on. I mean, youstill have Switzerland, still of other countries.
For the most part, the WesternBloc is on one side. But
South America, you know, SoutheastAsia, Africa, you know that kind

it doesn't really care, but theimportant countries. That's not to say that
Africa is not as important as theWestern world, but it is to say
Africa is not as important as therest of the world. And it is,
you know, I mean, thiswar is it might escalate. I'm
hoping not. I'm hoping not,because this thing could really go crazy.

I'll tell you where it's going togo crazy. If Putin unloads, if
he decides it's going to happen andhe unloads a tactical nuclear weapon. You
know, the small guys, thekind that the Supreme Court will rule that
an American citizen can actually have becauseit's a Second Amendment right to have small

grade tactical nuclear weapons. Yeah,but you have to have a CCW for
it. You have to be ableto conceal and carry your tactical nuclear weapons.
Yeah, they're not that easy toconceal. Although a very good good
friend of mine, Chuck Lovers,who comes on all the time during fires.
He is a retired captain a calFire and he retired firefighter with cal

Fire and he during his stint inEurope was he carried tactical nuclear weapons in
a backpack. There was a wholedivision of army members who carried those tactical
weapons and backpacks. Wow. Yeah, you know to put on bridges to

put in areas small low grade nuclearweapons in backpacks. Now when you have
a lunch. They also have artilleryshells that have tactical nuclear weapons they're tipped
with that never used. Yeah,go up to him and pet him on
the back, yeah, he respond. So hundreds of people have died,

thousands have been treated for heat strokewhile performing the annual Muslim Hajj pilgrimage.
Pilgrimage rather to Mecca extreme heat.You're talking about one hundred and twenty degrees
excuse me fahrenheit. So super hot. Yeah, oh, Saudi Arabia is

super hot to begin with. Butyou've got global warming, global climate change
and one hundred and twenty degrees Andthey're out there and they circle what does
a stone called the Kubla stone,that big monolithic stone where Mohammed I think
went to heaven. Anyway, theythrow stones at it by the millions.

You see those pictures. I'm tryingto get to what's the name of that
stone? Here we go? Sorryabout this, guys, but I'm really
intrigued here. Squirrel, No,it's not a squirrel. That would not
be the name. Siri, Hey, sirih, what is the name of

the massive stone at the center ofthe Arkansas tradition? Wrong? Curling stones?
Now the stone the blackstone? Thankyou because it is black. Thank
you for looking that up. Butwhat is it called? An Arabic?
That's what I wan? Al Hajaral aswad. The stone is called al

Jazar alha Swan. No, okay, well, curling stone is not where
millions of people go around it.No, that's the Winter Olympics that is
correct. So much for conservation.The world has consumed record amounts of coal,
oil, and gas in the lastyear. The growth in fossil fuels

drove a two point one percent increasein energy related emissions last year, according
to a report published today, shatteringclimate scientists hopes that global energy emissions may
have peaked. But wait a minute, is an alternative energy growing like crazy?
Yes it is, but Amy,as you have said, the use

of fossil fuels is growing more.And this is you know, yesterday we
talked about this. I am notlooking forward to my kids, and well,
I am looking forward to my kidsand grandkids because I don't have to
deal with this. But it's goingto be a rough world climate wise,
very rough world. A Senate committeeapproved a bill that would require women to

register for the selective services. Butthis bill at this point is far from
becoming law. It's got to beapproved by both the chambers of Congress,
signed by the President, et cetera, et cetera, et cetera. But
we're moving in that direction where womenwould be able to be drafted. Should
we be in that circumstance? Yeah, And that makes sense because women are

in virtually every single arm of thearm services. And there is at this
point very little difference between men andwomen. I mean some biological differences,
but other than that, I wouldn'tsay that. Oh is that I can't
even say there are biological differences.Can I say there's different plumbing. You're

like that kid that wore that shirtsaying there were two genders? Can I
say women have podunkas and men havechances? Am I allowed to say that?
I don't. Actually you mean youmean like the but like no,
it depends on who refers to ish. Yeah, no, it's really not.

Okay, women have nether regions andboth have nether regions. We don't
have nether regions. Women have netherregions. You sound like a modern day
kid being taught in modern day biology. Okay, fair enough. Well,
they have different parts, but they'renot different parts. There's two, but
there's not two genders. There aredifferent parts. There are there is,

you know, between men and women. There's a vast difference. Just look
that one up. Look that oneup. Okay, Just a real quick
statement here, okay, Number onethat now it's automatic that men are register

for the draft. When I hadto register for the draft, I had
to register for the draft. Andthis was I was at the far end
of the Vietnam War, just aboutto end, and I had to register
and it was it was crazy.And then the draft board that I dealt
with was the toughest draft board inthe country. It was on Colfax in

North Hollywood and they would not letanybody off the hook. I mean literally
everybody got draft. You go inand ask for this spensation. You'd ask
to be relieved from being in thearm Service. People would come in with
one leg and the board would say, you can still hop. And in

those days, homosexuality was considered oneof the basis for not letting you in
the service. You could walk inwith a two to two and a boa
around your neck and they would notlet you out. Like Clinger. Uh
yeah, yeah, literally like Clinger. They just said no, you couldn't
do it. It was uh itwas pretty terrible. Oh bad teeth,

by the way. Also, ifyou had a real tooth problem, I
mean they had dentists, but ifyou had horrible teeth, there were guys.
I mean it's frightened as hell togo to Vietnam who would have a
dentist through their mouth, so itmeets the criterion of teeth being bad enough
to where they wouldn't be drafted.Those were the days. Now it's automatic.
You're actually registered for the draft automatically. People don't know that, but

every guy as soon as he hitseighteen is registered for the draft, which
we don't have anymore because we don'thave conscription. But that was a policy,
not by law. We don't haveconscription. Wait, isn't it a
felony not to Yeah? Yep.And there were people that burnt their lit
fire their draft cards because you wereissued a draft card. Also, now,

if you were smart, you didthis from Vancouver, British Columbia,
if you did it in the States, I mean, people went to jail
for that, just burning their draftcard. Didn't women go to amy?
Didn't women go to jail for burningtheir bras? I don't know why.
Okay, why would you have yourdraft card and your bra It's a very

good point. Okay, this isa lot to follow. Yeah, let's
move on. Okay. We gotsome prehistoric vandals environmental protesters spray painted Stonehenge
with orange paint. Of course,as Bill mentioned earlier, it happened the
day before the huge crowds gathered forthe Summer Solstice. Video posted on x
shows the Just Stop Oil protesters sprayingthe landmark. They used fire extinguishers to

do it. And what do theywant? They are demanding the incoming government
in Britain sign up to a legallybinding treaty to phase out fossil fuels by
twenty thirty. I don't think thisis going to help advance their cost.
Yeah, aren't fire singlacers oil based? No, but the paint inside them
maybe? Yeah? Yeah, justwondering how many, by the way,

how many druids show up? Whoare druids for the day? Zillions?
How many real druids are out there? I don't know, There's not many.
There's some wickens and stuff. Yeah, wickens don't show up. It's
yeah. I wonder if their shirtswere polyester when they went there too.

Oh, good point all the byproductsif you take away all the oil bio
products. No, you're actually right. Did they drive there? You know,
tires, fuel olive their or goon an asphalt street? Well,
I mean they have very little choicenot to go on asphalt street. Well,

all right, let's do one morebefore we take a break. Okay,
two thousand year old Roman funeralary funeraryurn unearthed in southern Spain and been
shown to contain the oldest wine everfound still in its liquid form. So
you had these folks doing a homerenovation. They found this mausoleum of sorts

had an urn in it, andwhen they opened it up, it actually
had liquid about just a little overa gallon worth of this reddish liquid.
They did chemical analysis, sent itto the local school. I believe that
they did a chemical analysis of itand found out that was white wine.
And for some reason it had beenpreserved in a way that was still in

its liquid form white wine. Youdidn't keep it, Yeah, you think
it turned? You think it turned. Someone that tasted it said it was
a little quirky, a little quirky. Dorees at white wine. It only
lasts for like three years. Yeah, they don't last very long. So
it has earned its place in thepantheon of very nice the bad puns.

We don't stop, do we.Airplanes may not be air tight. At
least two major airlines have worn pilotsthat if a bird hits one of the
engines on a owing seven thirty sevenMax the cabin could become filled with smoke.
They've sent out a warning to Southwestand American and then it just sort

of got the light of day recentlybecause they sent out the warning in February
said there's a bird strike, expectto see problems. We'll expect to see
smoke in the cabins. But thisis an accommodation to people bring raw meat
aboard the airplane and you can smokethe meat that did not work. Its

Southwest air Line will now be servingpeaking duck on a raar cade's but up
okay. So the other thing thatI thought was interesting about this story is
they said, hey, we testedthese and the engines are okay for bird
strikes. But then there actually werebird strikes and they said, oh well,
those those birds that hit were biggerthan the ones that were required to

certify. So have you ever seenthe test? Have you ever seen the
test of the birds strike tests whichthey have to do under FAA rules.
They throw chickens, obviously dead chickenslike the kind you get the supermarket,
that are defeathered, and they whichI don't understand why they should put feathers

on them, but they throw thesechickens into these engines, and it's really
interesting. And of course on theother side there are people from Kentucky Fried
Chicken holding buckets up because you know, they don't have to cut them up.
But still it's and by the way, I'm not kidding, they really
do throw chickens into these engines.Why don't they put feathers or keep the

federal because I saw it where theyjust go to the supermarket and buy chickens
because someone and Peter probably complained,Yeah, probably. So if you're throwing
a dead chicken in there and becauseit's so hot and it chops him up,
you know that's not bad. Youknow, Neil, you've talked about
ground chicken before. It's healthy foryou a little while if it goes through
the engine. Okay, But stillI think they should throw a full pig

through there, just in case youvote for Trump once. Oh yeah,
excellent, Hello, Neil, you'reright all right? Rough crowd. Los
Angeles City Council committee yesterday actually onTuesday, back to an effort to remodel
the downtown Convention Center. Of course, we've got the twenty twenty eight Olympics

coming up, so they're saying thismight be a good time for a fifty
four four million dollar pre construction workfor the aging center. But it's pretty
aggressive when you think that twenty twentyeight is just around the corner. Have
you been to the convention center?S not very impressive new nineteen seventy one.

You go to the convention Center,for example, even Anaheim is one
hundred times better. Of course,Las Vegas has dozens of convention centers.
Every major hotel is beautiful. Oursis a little dull and look very it
is. Well, it's old.It's old, it's dated like Rex the
Wonder Horse. Yeah right, thisisn't this isn't old. This is new.

It's a high rise for the homeless. The grand opening was held yesterday
in skid Row, two hundred andseventy eight units and the price about six
hundred thousand dollars per unit. Yeah. I'm going to do more about this
coming up at the next segment atseven o'clock. And by the way,
I agree with Mayor Bass who hassaid this skid row should not be called

skid row because of stigmatize and thesepeople are part of the community. And
there's one little flaw here, onelittle flaw that I want to share with
you. By the way, skidrow. The reason they got skid row
is that these people just don't watchtheir underwear. Okay, let's move on.
Gross. So Ferrari's jumping in theEV laying. I suppose they're going,

hey, how about we build oneof these evs. We can charge
half a million dollars for it.Come on, save up. You know
it's Ferrari. You know they don'tmake many of them, and there's a
very limited number of Ferrari buyers inthe world, and there is a waiting
list to buy through Ferrari because it'sone of the few cars that actually go

up in value. I think themost expensive car that has ever been sold
at auction was a Ferrari. AndI'm talking about nineteen sixties or my ad
late nineteen sixties, nineteen seventies,because they're so limited. By the way,
that's the base model that doesn't haveany of the included features or the
person like wheels. Yeah. No, it's actually just the logo. Yeah,

the logo. You have to payfor the rest of the car later.
Here is an interesting story, Amy, Yeah, go ahead, Oh
I want yeah, I want tomake a point about this story. Okay,
so you can have Queen for aking's ransom. The Queen Music Catalog
is being acquired by Sony Music.They're going to pay about one point two

seven billion dollars. It's US money, it's a billion pounds. There was
one other group that was very closein the bidding, but they dropped out
when the bidding hit nine hundred milliondollars. So we're talking about Bohemian Rhapsody.
Another one bites the dust. You'remy best friend. We are the
champions, of course. Now here'sthe point I want to make is the

Beatles catalog was sold for far lessmoney. The Bob Dylan catalog was just
sold for three hundred billion dollars.And the comparison is, look at the
body of work Dylan and the Beatleshave. This is a limited body of
work. I mean, the hitsare like insane, insane, But I

find it interesting that you've got relativelyfew songs compared to the body of work.
I mean, over decades of whathappened with the Beatles and Bob Dylan.
And either it's inflation that has hitbig time, or you don't need
that many songs to get a billiondollars for your publishing rights, ownership rights.

I bet you these songs though,for commercials, movies and the Yeah,
that's true, much more than eventhe Beatles. I don't think so.
I think the beat Well, Idon't know. Maybe maybe I will
tell you. I'll tell you this, Bill. No one has spent this
much on a queen since you wentto Thailand? Am I right? Yeah?
Well said, okay, yeah,all right, yeah, I'm out

there. Nobody there you are.It's been that kind of a morning,
okay, KF I am six fortylive everywhere in the iHeartRadio app. You've
been listening to the Bill Handle Show. Catch my show Monday through Friday,
six am to nine am, andanytime on demand on the iHeartRadio app

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