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June 7, 2022 75 mins

How tightly do you cling to your labels?
In this episode of AMPstigator, Clara Belden (certified holistic life coach) goes into detail about how labels keep us from connecting with our authentic selves. Her episode is called "The Untitled" because of the work she's done to define her own life authentically -apart from labels- and how she helps others do the same.

"You don’t have to have a severe trauma to work on yourself," says Belden who keeps therapists, life coaches, energy and nutrition coaches on staff.

💥 This episode is for you if 💥
-You're into personal transformation
-You struggle with perfectionism and you want to hear Clara's journey
-You're a MOM (lots of good stuff here for parents!)
-You want to go through an Authenticity exercise with Lauren 

📺What you'll hear in this episode📺
[6:15] This episode begins with an understanding about Clara's business, The Happy Hour and why she created it. Clara goes into detail about her own personal transformation from corporate marketing into entrepreneurship and shares the question she could never seem to answer for herself: who am I? Clara is a perfectionist and works to combat that, regularly. She shares helpful reminders for anyone dealing with the same thing. 

[34:44] A powerful part of the episode is the conversation geared specifically to parents who struggle to balance the important self-work with the responsibilities to their children. She guides parents to understand the emotions kids exhibit and help them to reconnect to how we really feel in situations.  

[39:39] In this episode we dive deep into the meaning of "shadow work" and how to do important self-work when you're a parent. Clara focuses especially on moms who need support, saying "the work you do on yourself is work you do for the world."  

[49:10] Lauren and Clara are teaming up to host a special night just for moms coming up on August 23rd (listen for all the details)!

[57:05] PLUS - in this episode, the tables turn. Learn even more about Lauren Lowrey than she's ever revealed in other episodes as Clara walks the AMPstigator host through an Authenticity exercise.

🔖 Chapters 🔖
0:00 - Intro
0:37 - The backstory for this episode
6:15 - What is The Happy Hour?
9:46 - From corporate to entrepreneurship
12:15 - Asking the question Who am I?
17:13  - Clara’s personal road to creating The Happy Hour
18:31 - The importance of curiosity in transformation
23:14 -
Happy Hour as a disruptor in the mental wellness space
25:47 -
How she helps connect people to purpose
27:36 - Best Time/Worst Time
28:54 - Turning Point
33:07 - How Clara overcomes perfectionism
34:44 -
Teaching kids their power
39:39 - How to do shadow work
43:10 - Doing this kind of work when you’re a parent
49:10 - AMPstigator & Happy Hour are teaming up!!!
50:41 - Stop, Breathe, Reflect, Choose
51:53 - Clara’s purpose is to help people find purpose
55:53 - What does an authenticity coach do?
57:05 - Lauren answers questions in an authenticity exercise
1:04:53 - How Lauren names episodes
1:07:09 - How old is someone when they connect with purpose?

Show Notes:
Ep. 17: "3 Questions to Deepen Self Awareness (w/ Lauren Lowrey)"
The Happy Hour

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