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June 21, 2022 54 mins

Are you human? Do you get hungry?
If you answered ‘yes’ to those questions, then you can be a part of Kirbee Miller’s events mixing culinary with good conversation.
As a former hospital administrator with 3 science-based degrees, Kirbee is analytical. A few years ago, she decided to follow the entrepreneurial undercurrent that she felt was pushing her to food. Her delicious and accessible popcorn (of all things) was what garnered the most attention and even ended up in Grammy swag bags for attendees.
A tragic car accident in 2019 rendered her mom paralyzed and unable to speak. Kirbee left her full-time hospital job and became her mom’s full-time caregiver. All the while, Kirbee has maintained her drive to be an entrepreneur, pursuing her purpose as a nourisher to people who need to be fed physically and spiritually.

💥 This episode is for you if 💥
-You know the struggles of being a caregiver
-You need encouragement to pursue your dream
-You’re analytical but feel a pull to explore spirituality

📺What you'll hear in this episode📺
What does purpose and transition look like in real time? Kirbee Miller’s life is a good example. In this episode, she shares her journey as she balances entrepreneurship and full-time caregiving of her mother who was paralyzed in a tragic car accident in 2019.

She begins by sharing her big ideas on purpose and finding your path, but tells the story [13:51] of how she left her job to take care of her mom. 

-[20:46] Kirbee shows so much grace as she talks about her gratitude practice and the affirmations she says as she prepares for the day. You’ll feel uplifted and encouraged.

-[24:41] How many people can say popcorn changed their life? Kirbee tells the full story of how she started making popcorn and how it launched a whole new path

-[45:32] She also talks at length about unifying her analytical and spiritual sides. It’s a beautiful example of the evolution of a person who commits to follow their heart. 

🔖 Chapters 🔖

0:00 - Intro

5:12 - Why Kirbee’s on AMPstigator
12:08 - Magnetism of purpose
13:51 - How Kirbee left her job
18:51 - Being a caretaker for a parent
20:56 - Kirbee’s gratitude practice and mantras

24:41 - How popcorn changed her story
35:01 - Best time in Kirbee’s life
41:05 - Worst time in Kirbee’s life
45:32 - Unifying the head and heart
48:50 - When she realized her purpose to nourish
50:52 - What’s next for Kirbee

✔️ Connect with Kirbee Miller ✔️
KiNiMi Kitchen 

📝 Show Notes & Mentions 📝
5 Truths of Purpose

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