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November 29, 2022 56 mins

Consider this episode your call to action as trademark attorney Aleece McKnight encourages you to STOP fitting the mold.

Much of her advice comes from working with creatives to protect their intellectual property. She's also personally struggled to fit into they typical image of an attorney. After years of practicing family law, criminal law, civil litigation, bankruptcy and personal injury, Aleece admitted to herself she hated it all!

In 2019 she quit the big law firm to take time away, find silence and re-set. In that time of soul-searching she remembered her love of non-traditional law – particularly working within intellectual property. By the end of the same year, she started a law firm specifically to help and protect the work of entrepreneurs. 

In this episode Aleece reminds us: you were called to break the mold.

💥 This episode is for you if 💥
- You're fascinated by Aleece's story of hating traditional law and creating her own firm.
- You want to know why creatives need to protect their intellectual property
- You want to learn how Lauren found Aleece to do work for AMPstigator

📺What you'll hear in this episode📺
This episode begins with Aleece sharing her personal story of practicing law but HATING it. She knew she wanted to be an attorney, so she needed to go back to the drawing board to discover what type of law to practice. It's how she remembered "non-traditional" careers in trademark and intellectual property.

  • [7:44] When Aleece went out on her own as an attorney, she didn't have anyone who really supported her. Those around her would send job-postings even after she opened her own firm. Aleece shares the difficulty of being unsupported.
  • [20:31] Aleece teaches her lesson about NOT fitting the mold. She details how crucial it is to find the path you were meant to walk. Sometimes that means walking alone, but others will always come alongside when you choose to live with purpose. She also teaches that you can break out of the mold you made for yourself -- for reinvention!
  • [36:25] In this excerpt, Aleece explains why you must let things unfold with Divine timing. You can believe for an increase, but just because you want it doesn't mean you're ready for it. She encourages you to trust how things unfold.  

Plus, Aleece shares what it's like to work with people every day who are pursuing their purpose. 


🔖 Chapters 🔖
0:37 - Lauren’s opening monologue
3:01 - How Aleece arrived in non-traditional law
6:48 - Aleece was reluctant to start her own firm
7:44 - The lack of support and encouragement 
11:23 - How Lauren found Aleece
12:45 - How Aleece is living with purpose
14:48 - Typical ages of Aleece's clients
17:18 - Aleece wants to be accessible to creatives
24:48 - Where Aleece isn't finding peace
29:55 - LESSON #2: "In order to become, you have to let things BE."
36:25 - LESSON #3: "Just because you want something doesn't mean you're ready."
41:48 - People didn't support Aleece
44:18 - She gets to choose who she works with
47:20 - What happens when you step out in purpose
50:29 - Imposter Syndrome (You belong here)  
55:46 - Coming up Next Week on Ep. 44

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