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December 4, 2023 114 mins
My guest today is Jaiya, a sexologist and the creator of the five erotic blueprint types. If you're interested in taking the quiz before listening to this podcast, you can go to Jaiya and I talk about sex, taking ownership of who you are sexually not only to enjoy yourself but to be more fully who you are. I often find that sex is something we talk about as something separate or something we do behind closed doors or in the dark, instead of having a healthy and open conversation. Whether you are single, dating, or in a long relationship, this is an inspiring and eye-opening conversation. Jaiya and I are very different in so many ways, so we are able to cover a lot of ground in the ways that we approach sex and its role in our lives. With 30 years of experience, she has seen just about every dynamic there is. I also learned through this conversation that many of the ways we express ourselves sexually as adults are connected to our education or lack of education around sex, or trauma as children. Jaiya shares how she and her long-term partner Ian navigate their sex lives through the seasons of long relationships, creating a family, and making changes as individuals. Enjoy! TimeStamps [00:04:24] God and Sex [00:10:52] Sex and Erotic [00:12:57] Pleasure Finding vs. Seeking [00:17:25] The Blueprints [00:25:02] Rich Experience [00:44:58] Shape Shifter [00:48:20] Spiritual Act [00:53:06] True Intimacy [00:56:42] CPTSD [00:59:35] Kids and Sex [01:02:29] Sex Is A Part of Health [01:06:44] Night vs. Morning [01:07:07] Sensual Show [01:12:19] Life Is Not Sexy [01:13:06] Kink Game [01:23:22] Technology [01:28:04] Wooing Jaiya Sponsors: - get 15% off OneSkin with the code GABBY at and  use code GABBY at checkout for 15% off your entire order - Ritual is offering my listeners 30% off during your first month - sign up for a $1 per month trial period and use code GABBY to save up to $500 off your Hydrow. Qualia Mind Connect with Jaiya: Website:  Books:  Your Blueprint For Pleasure  Instagram:  @missjaiya  Connect with Gabby @gabbyreece | Linktree For the full show notes visit The Gabby Reece Show talks to top experts with the goal of extracting the best information you will need to navigate the universe of health, fitness, relationships, parenting, and business. Gabby keeps it simple but gets to the heart of the conversation with the hopes of providing you with realistic takeaways. Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
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