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January 8, 2024 88 mins
Plastic surgeon Dr. Anthony Youn refers to himself as a holistic plastic surgeon. He wants to educate us on all the ways that we can look better, either to delay plastic surgery or avoid it altogether. In his new book, Younger for Life, he shares all the supplements and lifestyle changes we can take to look better, tighten our skin, and deal with sagging skin and dark spots. He provides some of his do’s and don'ts when it comes to filler, Botox, teeth whitening, lunchtime facelift, threading, Morpheus, and so much more. We delve into the best products for some of the most common skincare issues or concerns, whether you're 20 or 60 years old. Dr. Youn even shares the one thing that only plastic surgery really can fix. Enjoy! 00:01:41 - Supporting Your Health to Support Your Skin 00:08:39 - Auto Rejuvenation: The Body’s Way of Healing Itself 00:10:35 - Ancient SkinCare Methods 00:12:29 - The Cookbook for Modern Skincare 00:17:01 - Facts About Sun Exposure 00:19:52 - Nutrient Depletion and the Effects on Your Skin 00:27:58 - The Impact of Chronic Inflammation 00:31:25 - Putting Knowledge to Practice 00:34:05 - The Truth About Exfoliation 00:36:26 - What About Oxidation? 00:42:23 - Weight Loss, Fasting, and the Effects on Your Skin 00:50:20 - Superficial Skincare 01:02:52 - Do Soybean Oils and Other Oils Accelerate Aging? 01:04:05 - What to Do with Liverspots and Sunspots 01:05:16 - Real Beauty Secrets for Teeth and Hair 01:08:33 - Does the Quality of Your Water Matter to Your Skin? 01:09:34 - When is the Best Time for a Facelift? Connect with Dr. Youn: Instagram:  @tonyyounmd  Websites: Books:  Younger for Life: Feel Great and Look Your Best with the New Science of Autojuvenation Podcast Sponsors and Discounts: TIMELINE NUTRITION ~ Go to and use code GABBY to get 10% off your first order of Mitopure. Their starter pack with all three formats is a must try! LUME ~ BETTER FOR YOU DEODORANT Outrageously Effective Whole-Body Deodorant, For Pits, Privates & Beyond Control Body Odor ANYWHERE with Lume Deodorant and get $5 off your Starter Pack (that’s over 40% off) with promo code 'Gabby' at MAUI NUI ~ MAUI’S WILD-HARVESTED AXIS DEER MEAT Go to to get 20% off your first order. HVMN ~ Health Via Modern Nutrition - Ketone-IQ Save 30% off your first subscription. Order of Ketone-IQ at Follow Gabby on: Instagram: TikTok: Facebook: Gabby Reece Website - Bio: Gabrielle 'Gabby' Reece is an American actress, podcaster, and former model and professional volleyball player best known for hosting a lifestyle, health & fitness podcast titled The Gabby Reece Show. Additionally, she is the co-founder of XPT | Extreme Performance Training and Laird Superfood alongside her husband and big wave surfer Laird Hamilton. The Gabby Reece Show talks to top experts with the goal of extracting the best information you will need to navigate the universe of health, fitness, relationships, parenting, and business. Gabby keeps it simple but gets to the heart of the conversation with the hopes of providing you with realistic takeaways. The Gabby Reece Show Transcript: Gabby Reece Show Podcast on Youtube: Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
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