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July 18, 2020 51 mins

Oops! It's been 3 Months! Global Pandemics are bad for productivity, it turns out! Either way, the boys are back on the open road to do the nasty thing you love so much. This time around, we turn some bath toys into murderers, teach the children that everything they do is useless and develop some fun flash games to teach the kids about the existential threat of being alive! Join us, won't you, for another Think of the Children!

Currently Brainstorming: Lizard Cum, Haunted Frog Man, Rubbasnubbers, Parental Trickery, Draconic Discouragement, Childhood Trauma, Leaning into the Curve, The Blockening Part XI: PhilosophyTube, Polka Dot Cow Man, Pigs Morgan, & Maggie and the Hate Construct.


Intro: Baffy, Money Man
Break: Baffy, The Numberless Circling Cows of the Crop (Cow Pie)
Outro: Baffy, Purple Wine
Twitter: @totccast

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