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April 22, 2024 42 mins
Have you ever found yourself avoiding pain instead of facing it? I’ve been there too, friend. That is why I am sharing a three-part series on healing through pain. In today’s episode, I want to start by emphasizing the importance of acknowledging and embracing pain rather than avoiding it.  It is important to build a strong foundation and develop daily disciplines to navigate pain effectively. We do this by identifying the root cause of pain. You can not solve the pain unless you:  Acknowledge that there’s a problem: Name the pain.  Diagnose the problem: What’s the issue behind the issue? What’s the feeling behind the feeling?  Treat the problem: What needs to be fixed? Who can or should speak into this? What is the root? What is needed to heal? Revisit: Be committed to the healing process. Are you  interested in your healing or are you committed to your healing? Identify the pain, sit in the pain and the pain will lose its power. Let’s be honest about where we’re at while being intentional about our healing. Let me know where you’re at by tagging me @biancaolthoff  XO, B RESOURCES/LINKS Homework Identify where your pain is coming from: Pain of growth Pain of self Pain of circumstance What is the root cause of your pain?  Quote The number one thing that I see, people bailing out of their calling, their vocation or ministry or quitting a church, is pain. Takeaways Pain should be acknowledged and embraced rather than avoided. Building a strong foundation and developing daily disciplines are crucial for leading through pain. Identifying the root cause of pain is essential for effective healing. Treating the problem requires a holistic approach, considering both spiritual and practical aspects. Commitment to the healing process is necessary for long-term growth and well-being. ⋇ Convoy of Hope - Empowering Women and Girls Together Donate here ⋇ Bianca’s new book Grit Don't Quit: Developing Resilience And Faith When Giving Up Isn't An Option ⋇ The Grit Don’t Quit Bible Study is now available. ⋇ So grateful to our sponsors! This episode is sponsored by HomeChef. For a limited time, HomeChef is offering my listeners 18 Free Meals, plus Free Shipping on your first box, and Free Dessert for Life, at Must be an active subscriber to receive free dessert. ⋇ Subscribe to We’re Going There on your favorite podcast app so you don’t miss out on any of the great topics and conversations. Don’t forget to leave a loving review! Apple Spotify Google ⋇ Visit to learn more about books and other resources from Bianca. ⋇ Want to stay connected, join the community today. ⋇ WGT email: ⋇ Music by: Brad Tsushima, Instagram: @bradtsushima, email:, Spotify: “R.A.D.” Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
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