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June 10, 2024 44 mins
Have you ever experienced the pain of exclusion and rejection, particularly within the church?  Gird your loins friends because in today’s enlightening conversation with Dr. Anita Phillips we discuss the issues of race, exclusion and rejection that are often overlooked within the church. We also talk about the role that our emotions play in having healthy conversations and the impact they can have in leading to greater understanding and acceptance.  We discuss and dive deep into some key points that can help us reflect in our own experiences and attitudes like: Psychological safety and belonging Understanding the role of trauma and healing The need for humility, empathy, and intentional action in healing Regulating our emotions so that they don’t tell us what is right but our Bible does Dr. Anita’s words serve as a powerful reminder that the church, like any community, must continually strive for growth, inclusivity, and understanding. Through open conversations like this one, we can all learn, grow, and work towards a better future. Show Dr. Anita some love! Let us know how you are overcoming your own challenges by tagging us @dranitaphillips and @biancaolthoff. XO, B RESOURCES/LINKS Guest Dr. Anita Phillips Book: The Garden Within: Where the War with Your Emotions Ends and Your Most Powerful Life Begins In The Light with Dr Anita Phillips // The Betrayal Podcast Episode Quote The absence of humility is destroying us and it's necessary. Humility is the healing balm that is missing. Takeaways Experiencing rejection activates the same part of the brain as physical pain, highlighting the emotional toll of exclusion. Creating psychological safety and a sense of belonging is crucial for individuals to take risks and reach out to others. The church must address issues of race and create a safe space for healing and reconciliation. Curiosity about different perspectives and cultures can lead to a deeper understanding of God and a more inclusive church. Humility, empathy, and intentional action are necessary to heal and transform the church. ⋇ Watch on YouTube ⋇ Convoy of Hope - Empowering Women and Girls Together Donate here ⋇ Bianca’s new book Grit Don't Quit: Developing Resilience And Faith When Giving Up Isn't An Option ⋇ The Grit Don’t Quit Bible Study is now available. ⋇ So grateful to our sponsors! This episode is sponsored by Airdoctor. Head to and use promo code WGT you’ll receive UP TO $300 off air purifiers! Exclusive to podcast customers, you will also receive a free 3 year warranty on any unit, which is an additional $84 value! ⋇ Subscribe to We’re Going There on your favorite podcast app so you don’t miss out on any of the great topics and conversations. Don’t forget to leave a loving review! Apple Spotify ⋇ Visit to learn more about books and other resources from Bianca. ⋇ Want to stay connected, join the community today. ⋇ WGT email: ⋇ Music by: Brad Tsushima, Instagram: @bradtsushima, email:, Spotify: “R.A.D.” Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
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