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March 28, 2024 55 mins
How early should you start taking dementia seriously? Here’s 5 things you can do now to reduce dementia risk today. Professor Claire Steves and Jonathan Wolf explore the multifaceted world of dementia. They delve into the significance of dental health, genetics, diet, and physical activity — plus, they unpack the latest research — to give you practical strategies for preventing dementia. Claire is a consultant physician in geriatric medicine at Guy's and St Thomas' NHS Foundation Trust. She’s also a senior clinical lecturer at King's College London and deputy clinical director of the institution’s Department of Twin Research and Genetic Epidemiology where she leads research on the characterization of physical and mental aging traits and frailty. 🌱 Try our new plant based wholefood supplement - Daily 30 *Naturally high in copper which contributes to normal energy yielding metabolism and the normal function of the immune system Learn how your body responds to food 👉 for 10% off Follow ZOE on Instagram. Timecodes: 00:00 - Introduction 01:26 - Quickfire questions on dementia 02:42 - Main discussion: understanding dementia 04:18 - Control over fate with dementia 06:52 - Why older people get more fractures 08:32 - Warning signs of dementia 09:55 - Unique aspects of dementia 12:12 - Cellular level discussion on dementia 15:49 - Risk factors for dementia 16:07 - Inheritance and dementia 18:29 - High-risk factors for dementia 19:15 - Fetal development and dementia risk 21:47 - Brain reserves and mental health 24:24 - New advances in dementia treatment 30:47 - Medications and life expectancy 33:21 - Diet and dementia prevention 35:58 - The role of physical activity 39:45 - Oral health and dementia 42:10 - Social interaction and brain health 44:02 - Diabetes and dementia 45:36 - Women, HRT, and dementia 49:09 - Recap: Types of dementia 53:39 - Hearing aids and dementia prevention 55:39 - Episode sign-off Studies related to today’s episode: Brain-age is associated with progression to dementia in memory clinic patients from NeuroImage Clinical Find our top 10 tips for healthier living: Download our FREE guide. Have feedback or a topic you'd like us to cover? Let us know here. Episode transcripts are available here.
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