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April 13, 2024 49 mins
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It's the Classic Gardens and Landscape Showon the ALM. Ready and with your
want show up Plants and Grass togrow up two and doercent Chris, Chris
and Chris No, Chris knows in, Chris knows in. Chris knows it.
Chris knows it. Chris knows it. Chris knows it. Sure,

Chris knows it. Chris knows it. And now you're a host. Chris
Joiner and Chris Keith, Good morningto upon the Classic Gardens and Landscape Show
on w e r C. I'mChris Key, I'm Chris Joiner. I
hope everybody's doing fine, including yourselftoday, Chris Keys, I am man.
You know, it's fantastic weather andit and get a pretty were you

should have been hooked up for yourboat to go crappie fishing. But it's
like I should have brought a trailerwith me. You know. I get
to Chris's house this morning, likeeverything he owns out the road, and
man, I had it. Soyou know it was Wendy. It was
Wendy this week right, Yeah,And so Sarah and I were sitting outside

last weekend, I guess and uh, there's a hickory tree that sits off
the side of my driveway. It'sit's not to the point where it was
like dropping hickory nuts on the drivewayor anything like that, but it sits
in a swampy area and we werewatching it about a week ago and it
was real windy, and man,that thing was just going back and forth,

like towards the driveway and towards wherewe park and then, uh,
a couple of days ago, Sarahtexted me and said, hey, listen,
we gotta get this hickory tree cutdown because it's gonna it's gonna fall
on on our cars. It's gonna, you know, hit the house.
And uh, so we got someguys down here cutting that down because I
don't want it to fall. It'sa lot cheaper to have it cut down

now than it is having a replacecut off, cut off a truck or
a house, you know what I'msaying. And uh, there's a couple
of sweet gums right next to it, and only play said that a sweet
gum belongs is in the dumpy.There ain't nothing good about a sweet gum.
No, there ain't. We had. I's aware this property probably had
like seventy sweet gums on it whenwe first bought it, and I burn

I burned out of out of eightyof them, I burned seventy eight and
there's two left out there, andthey're they're getting cut right now. Yeah,
I think I've got probably right now, I've got about one hundred and
fifty or two hundred on burn pilesthat need to go up in flames.
Yeah. Well see they're out herecutting trees today. They were in the
same boat kind of like we werethis week there or they had some jobs.

It was so wet because we had, you know, a couple of
days of rain. You know,Mark was like, hey, man,
I can I can't get to someof my jobs. So if I can
come out there Saturday, I'll goahead and knock yours out. Now.
I don't think y'all really got knockedout too bad because of the rain.
And they y'all at Green How justthis week, wrapping some stuff up Tuesday
was a no go. Yep.You know, it just rained off and

on all day long. You know, it didn't get anything done Tuesday except
the dot physical got that handled.Yeah, you know that's a must do.
Yeah, you got do that everysix months, right, well,
now once a year, and uhso I knocked that out. Well,
now I'm lying. So the lasttime I went, my blood pressure was
too high. And if your bloodpressure is not under one forty over ninety,

then you got to go over threemonths. So mine was high that
day and they adjusted my medication andnow it's straight. So now I only
got to go once a year.Yep, so good, much a lot
better. Yeah, so got thathandled. We also had some equipment or

whatever the guys, A couple ofguys worked on that day and then we
were right back off of that andright back on you know, everything else
we were doing. So yeah,we finished up Brussell Greenhound and got him
done down in Mountain Brook and thenuh on from there, we went,
uh yesterday to Lewis Deerman's. He'sover there off of like Self Creek Road,

like Kimberley area. Uh. Wejust ripped all of his shrubs out.
This was like the old fashioned whatwhat we cut our teeth on back
in the day. He had biglower peddlums, he had big box woods,
he had big arboribiders. Everything wasbig and we just snatched everything out,
put in you know seven trails youreally it looks it looks almost naked.

Yeah, after you pulled that muchbig crap out from in front of
a house and you go back inthere and you put little you know,
eight fifteen eighteen inch tall bushes backin, you know, and before they
had you know, it was crammedin there. It was hugh huge.
You know, they probably had twentyshrubs in there before. Now they got

nine and uh just cleaned everything up. We were going to try to fix
his irrigation system. And Chris,I'm gonna tell you, I thought I
had seen the worst irrigation systems thatI you know, you name it.
I've seen it over you know,the last twenty five years. But man,
I've never seen this. They literallythe homeowner before he bought this house,

did his irrigation system itself. Hehad pecks pipe in the ground,
Chris, which is all right,I mean you could you could roll with
that. But he had pex pieThey put it together with cpvc t's and
they had they had used the purplecleaner, you know, yep, but

they didn't use any glue. SoI'm thinking of myself together, don't so,
so I'm trying to mess with thething and it's you know, parts
blowing apart all over the place andeverything. I called him, I said,
look, I'm not gonna waste mytime and your money on even fooling

with this irrigation system. I said, you're gonna wind up having to have
a new system start from scratch.It's he really, he's only got He
had one zone up in the shrubbed. That's where everything that I was
working with, you know, thatwas the whole thing. I was going
to try to get that zone towork, and which I could have maybe

I could have came off that valveand rants and drip on those shrubs or
something. But you don't know,you but you don't know where it's gonna
come apart. I mean, y'allcould have been there for four days trying
to fix the old system. Oneday put in a new well. He
had. So you know, whenwe put one of these systems together,

or when you put in irrigation,you got valves, you know, and
that whole valve we call that amanifold. Do you build that manifold and
it's got nineties going to valves andthen it's kind of teased going to valves
and all that stuff. Well,one of those valves is bad, so
you have to tear this whole manifoldup to you know, basically rebuild that
whole thing. Yep. So inrebuilding that whole thing, you got to

put three new valves in. Soyou're talking that money. And then you
got to you know, trace downhitting nine sprinkler heads out there that you
know weren't working, so you gotto replace all them. So you go
to adding dollars, adding dollars andadding dollars. It's like, what do
you say, Chris. Sometimes yougot to drop back and punt. Yeah,

and that was the situation. Thatwas a punt situation. So we
didn't work on it. You tried, Hey, I got it. Turn
on. Yeah, he knows hisbox is good. I know, Chrisky.
Y'all have seen just you know,DIY disasters. I'm bad. I've
never seen those blue half inch peckspie to get with like ce PVC t's

on there, you know, noglue, you know. And and the
sad thing is is it not alwayshomeowner DIY. How many like professional disasters
have you seen where they just shovesticks down in there, maybe they don't
have a cap and they'll just shovea whole bunch of sticks or some rag

or something to try to you know, cap the line off. I was
halfway doing stuff. I was atsomebody's house one day and they had so
they busted an irrigation line with acoreator and they had dug it up and
put like rubber something around it andthen duct taped it and they filled it

back in and covered it and thoughtthat was just gonna that was a quick
fix, you know, And it'sjust like, man, you know,
you run up the hill to ahardware and get an expander and FROs you
know, five bucks, ten dollars. But that's you know, it's crazy.
We did one back six months ago. You know, we were working

with this guy's and we're going throughall the things that were wrong with the
system. It was his dad's oldhouse and his dad passed away and he
inherited the house, and you know, we go out there to turn the
irrigation on and you know, halfthe heads don't work, and this,
that and the other, and I'mI'm just giving them a total assessment of
what's you know, his on fiveyou need four heads or plays on six,

you know you need so and soand He's like, what it cost
me just to get it running?Well, getting it running ain't solving the
problem. I mean, if itif you got five bad heads on every
on every zone, getting it runningain't gonna help you money. You got
to fix down the line. Soyou know, I think he was just

trying to get running so he couldsell the house. You know they oh
the irrigation works. Yeah kind ofthing happened. But so anyways, Uh,
but that one right there, hehad a valve in the back that
was blown apart. And the reasonare the valve had blown apart at the

manifold and the reason why it blewapart because it didn't have glue on it.
You know, it's like they cleanedit and never glued it. Never
glued it makes it makes no sense. Yeah, I don't know how it
stays together. It's like it's likelighting the grill and not putting the hamburgers
on. Right. It just don'tmake sense. Yeah, that's crazy.
Anyways, if you need good irrigationwork, call Classic Gardens and Landscape two

five eight five four four thousand andfive. That's a man, I tell
you. When you when you lookat it, when you look at irrigation
work. You're really Chris Keith.You got to compare apples apples. I
mean when we come in, youknow, we make sure that the pressure
is regulated. We make sure there'sa secondary meter put in so that you
can write off, you know,your water usage, if you're on if

you're on sewer. We put inyou know, head to head coverage.
We make sure that uh, youknow, everything's what what is it the
rain sensor? How many times yousee people's irrigation system running when we've just
gotten two inches of rain the nightbefore. You know what I'm saying,
So rains and so so when youlook at irrigation, when you get an
irrigation quote and somebody, you know, is is more expensive than another one?

You really and that doesn't I don'tcare what it is. Man.
If you're whether it's irrigation, whetherit's a painter, whether it's a tree
guy or whatever, you've really gotto compare, you know, the details
of what's going on. You gotto look at warranties and after the one
this, uh you know, afterthe after the service, after the cell,
right, I mean, you callus, we're there and we make
sure that we stand behind our works. Just compare apples to apples, is

what I'm saying. Well, andtwo, A lot of times it depends
on the municipality. Like if you'rein Mountain Brook, they require you to
do it this way. If you'rean Alabaster or they were quiet, do
you Every municipality just about has gota different standard to what they want the
thing to be. So we haveto we have to ebb and flow with
what they're doing. Like if you'rein Mountain Brook, your back flow's got

to be you know, up aboveground. You gotta have a permit for
it, right, you gotta havea little bit. You gotta have a
licensed plumber to come out and dothe tap. And we do all that.
We do it by the by thebooks. We don't we don't halfway
do things to try to fly underthe radar. Yeah, most of the
time, if we come to yourhouse, now, if it's a peck's
uh, you know thing, wecan we can go in there and tap
it. That's not a problem.But most of the time we'll call it

out, Uh that's our plumber anduh ed the plumber and uh he'll come
out there and he'll uh he'll youknow, tap it if it's a copper
line, we get him to setthat thing up for us and time we
can get that done and and wecan send it from there. And amazing
how fast he can do that.Yeah, me, or you'd probably be
down there for an hour trying toget that thing done. Well, some

of the time, you know,it's some of the time it's knee deep,
and some of the time it's youknow, chest deep. Yep.
So it's crazy how it works,Yes, sir, sure is well,
Chris, I'm sure we're about upfor a break. Let's go ahead and
do that. Our number if youwant to call us and ask us a
gardening question, you can do addstwo O five four three nine nine three
seven two. Uh. While we'regoing to break, Uh, I want

to talk about Josh Fallon at BluntCounty Tractor. I know we uh we've
known Josh for I've known Josh forthirty years. But uh he Blunt County
Tractor sells Cobotera tractors and if you'rein the market for a new tractor,
you call them at two O fivesix two five fifty three eighty one and

uh go see them. They're upthere. If you take a seventy nine
highway right through downtown uh Oniana.I mean, you're in God's country right
the other side of uh Oniana onthe right, that's where you FindOut.
I mean, uh, that's whyyou find Blunt County Tractor and Uh,
it's their numbers two O five twofive fifty three eighty one. Tell the

Josh and and guys that the guysfrom Classic Garden sent you. It's the
Classic Gardens and Landscape Show. Getadvice from two of the South's premier plaid
guys, Chris Joiner and Chris Keithon the Classic Gardens and Landscape Show.
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need some fertiloan and uh we sellthe garden. Man, I tell you
fifty five Carson Road. You gotto come see that's right. Come see
me on Monday because I'll be thererunning the show. And I was there
Thursday and Friday and went out oftown. And uh so I hung in
there and served everybody that came intoclass at Gardens and Landscape, and I

appreciate it. And let me tellyou it was busy. Man. You
can tell that it is warm andwe are. Everybody is planting. We
had tomatoes and other vegetables going outthe door, tons of people coming in
and getting their supplies for their tomatoprogram. Hanging baskets going out. Man,
beautiful hanging baskets, bedding plants ofall shapes, all sizes of all

colors, elephant ears and infertilo longfood plus iron. We you know,
we went Chris the other day.I went to Blunt Blunts full and picked
up a little chicken litter and Idumped it beside my barn down there.
Dad came down there with a tractorand spread it out for me, and
it stung. I'm talking about it. I was about to get run off.

I was about to get run offthe farm man. I ain't lying.
Every one of my neighbors is lookingat me like shaking their head and
shooting me birds. And I mean, they're just cussing me out. And
you know, so I when wegot done with Russell Greenhouse, I called
Justin and I said, Justin,load the load the tillerhead up on the
trailer and bring me the trailer becausewhen we get done with Russell, making

a beeline for the house, andI'm gonna till that uh garden up before
this rain get. That was Monday, and uh so we when we got
done laying all that soidden man,we laid twenty seven pallets. I saw
it it at Russell's and uh thatwas Monday, prepped and laid. Well,
we prepped and laid twenty pallets Monday, and uh got it down before

that rain hit and then the rainhitting, so it was a no go
Tuesday and Wednesday we were back overthere at Russells cutting it in and you
know, getting it getting it straightenedout because we it was all we could
do, just get it on theground, you know, before that rain
hit and we were trying to dothat. But anyways, so Monday evening

I took that little machine of thehouse and I tilled in that that chicken
litter so it wouldn't stink so durnbad. And uh then we got that
big heavy rain, so everything gotkind of calmed down a little bit as
far as the stink. You know, it's funny because you you came over
here and uh that Saturday after hepicked everything up and Sarah walked outside and

Sarah's like, I think we're headingthe soccer Fields's funny as crasp. Sarah's
like, my god, what isthat smell? And I was like,
well, Chris Keith, uh no, we went to we went to the
soccer game in Atlanta last weekend.Yeah, And I was like, I
told Sarah's like, Chris Keith wentand picked up some some chicken litter,
so he's probably got the truck withhim and it's back there. And I
looked and it wasn't that. AndI was like, well, maybe he

had some dumped into my front yardor something. But Sarah's like, oh
my god, this thinks sobout No. When I walked out you when I
walked out the door when I wasover here last Saturday, I walked out
the door and as soon as Iwalked out the door, I just shook
my head. I said, Man, the birch's got it going. Uh
huh. Every every past year aroundhere, they spread chicken litter all over

the place. Yeah. So basicallyfrom basically from Springville to Ashville on Highway
living, like every farmer is likethey all teamed up and said, hey,
let's let's have all at once.Let's have a chicken litter spreading forward
end for two weeks. It smelledlike that, my neighbor. I'm reading
his text right now. It wasMonday at nine twenty seven pm. He

says, did you spray some manurefertilizer? I swear it smells strongly of
manure outside right now, just tryingto figure out where it came from.
And now I explained to him.I was like, no, it wasn't
mean I'm getting blamed for it too, because and I told him it was
all the all the all the farmers. They're getting that fertilizer down because they
got to cut some hay, youknow what I mean, They got to

make that grass grow so they cancut Hey, but h man, it
smelled up here for two weeks.I mean, and it depended on the
way the wind blows. Right.You'd be sitting outside and not smell the
thing, and then the wind wouldchange directions and it would about knock you
out. Yeah. When I walkedout the garage door last weekend, I
just shook my head. I'm surprisedpeople on our neighborhood Facebook page didn't start

like complaining about it, or youknow, start, ah, who did
that that at us? Somebody?Septic tank is league? Hey, listen,
you move to the country. That'sit, man, I like it's
that's that smells like money to me, you know what I mean, Because
that's those farmers. They're doing whatthey gotta do to make that hay grow
because it'll be what about another monthMay. Yes, usually mid May give

or take, depending on the weather. We usually hit that dry spell around
mid May sometime. And that's whenthey start cutting. And that's when I
get stuck behind behind UH tractors andtractors on the on the highway leven.
Why as they move from field tofield, they're steady to getting you know
what I'm saying, And you gottaget it done, and then you'll be
We'll be coming home from UH cominghome from dinner one night, it might
be ten or eleven o'clock and youjust see headlights out in the pastures and

spotlights because they're all out there outthere trying to fluff it and trying to
load it up and get it offthe ground before the next train comes.
Yeah, it'll be a rush forthem, and it you know it Usually
it fluctuates, but somewhere around thatfirst or second week of a that's when
it finally gets dry enough they cando something. Yep. I'm hoping next

week I can run. I'll bringthat machine back to house. I'll run
back through mine one more time,and I'm gonna get some corn seed and
ground. I got our gardens outback at work, spray all this talk.
You know what I'm saying, Like, we got vegetables at the garden
center, and it is it's timeto get It is time to get your
vegetables in the ground. Ain't nomore frost. We're good to go.
Our vegetable plants are so pretty,lord, you know this time you hear

everything in the garden center. Thereis not a brown wilted leaf on anything.
Everything is absolutely gorgeous. Tons oftons of hanging baskets, sun and
shade. The macho ferns, manour macho ferns are absolutely gorgeous. Well
they're macho, that's right that youknow. I was looking around in the

garden center yesterday and that, likealways, I gravitated over to the deciduous
style and I saw some white gin blue yep, and some shafts of
y Burnham stuf art in a bloom. And uh, usually this time of
year, about the time, aboutthe time it blooms, it vanishes kind
of thing. That's just you know, how the nature of the beasts.

So if you come to the gardencenter, you know at least once,
you know, once a week oronce every other week or whatever, you'll
see something new in bloom, youknow, just about every time you come
in. And uh, yeah,I mean it's just that time of year.
We had a couple of clematis thatwere in full bloom, absolutely gorgeously
gone because people saw those and tookthem out the door. Yeah. This

past week, well there was somepretty ones toy sir. Yeah, they
were so ugly last year. Idon't know if we just got a bad
batch or what. Are they justthey got beat up and shipping or what,
but they just looked pitiful last year. And this year, man,
when they came out, it wasjust like a complete one eighty man.

I mean they were loaded with blooms, kind of a kneon, looking purple
or white, about the size ofa small dinner plate. Yeah, I
mean they were absolutely absolutely gorgeous.Man. There was just so much of
stuff in bloom right now. Wewere we were at uh, we were
at the Brighams. Let's see yesterdayyou talk about a neat We treat their

yard, probably treated it for thelast three or four years. I know
they have traded with us at thegarden Center for years, and uh,
their yard shows it, man.I mean they have got one of every
plant that seems like, but theyhave. You can tell when you go
to a gardener's house, you knowwhat I'm saying, like a real gardener,
because they've got some neat stuff.And they did then. They had

they had buckeyes in bloom, andthey had lint and rows scattered all over
the place. And you know,with just a native azellias of all different
kinds in bloom and some really prettyspy they're up in Gardendale cul de Sac.
Oh fantastic. Yeah, I know, I love that. I love

that yard. I delivered a coralbark Japanese maple to them years ago,
and we do treat their yard.But yes, I absolutely love one.
I get lost in their yard.She's got some of the prettiest by rias
you turn in the driveway right thereanywhere, and uh, just the way
everything's laid out and all you cantell, you know a gardener from you

know, somebody knows what they're doing. Somebody just you know, Grandma goes
by his plant sticks to the yardkind of thing. Everything is strategically placed.
And we went up by there yesterdayand uh planted some tea olives and
another Japanese maple and a big cameleafor him, you know, while we

were already up in that area,and uh just enjoyed every second of it.
That was. Yeah. Buck guysare not one. We've got five
or six buckeyes, so that's notone. You can find it any garden
center. But they've got huge.They got huge. The truth man,
they got some. They got somebig ones, and we got something bloom,
real pretty red bloom on them.It's a native. It's a native
plant. You know. You cango through areas like where the Brighams live

in Gardendale Leeds, I know,you know, different parts of Leads and
Moody like we're Mic and Ann andJustin and Philip live. You can look
through the woods and there's just there'sbuck eyes all over the place. Real
pretty plant. Yeah. If it'sso if you go through like a past
the ball park up there and uhyou go, we call it Fendley Holler
or Layfield Holler over there you gothrough there and uh you'll see the buck

eyes blooming on both sides of theroad this time of year. Oak leaf
high drain is obviously, uh oneof our the worst weeds that you can
have wist aias in full bloom rightnow, and uh you know just uh
so there's a lot going on rightnow in full bloom as far as shrubs
go. Right now, I thinkeverybody's a zella is just about past their

peak. Ye, so if youneed to do a pruning and you can
be aggressive. I know the Bringham'syesterday when I was over there, I
asked them they've got some abilia andthey purposely like limb them up at the
base and let them get full atthe top. And I'm just kind of
looking at it because what I wouldenvision is like them being now that they're

big like that, you just lopthem all the way down and let them
regrow. But you know, it'sjust you know your preference, what you
like doing. But they're they've actuallygot their limbed up and they're they're clean
on the bottom and some different strokesfor different that you know, they're so
right now, if you've got anaaia, I don't care if it's ten

feet tall, if you want totake it down to a foot tall,
you lop it down and it'll regrow. Lord pedalum. If you you know,
got big lord pedalums, you wantto whack them down, Now it's
the time to do it. Youhadn't pruvend your guardenias. Take them way
down now, I mean two thirds. They'll come back. They'll bloom and
you won't have to worry about thatbloom on new growth. So they'll bloom

and won't hurt a thing. Holdoff on you hydrangers, any any of
your blooming hydrating the blue ones andthe pink ones or whatever, don't be
trimming on them because they're about tobloom here in a little bit. Uh.
If you've got a if you've gota limelight hydrange that's out of control,
you know, and you want tocut it back some, you can

still do that. I mean it'sgonna bloom on the new growth and it
won't make any difference. So anystuff like that, now is the time
to do it. A bill youif it gets big on you or whatever
and you got to take it waydown, lop it down, don't be
don't be scared. Don't be bashful. You can come in. You can
come in after the fact with furloanZellia evergreen food with systemic insecticide. Give
them a shot of that. They'llflush back out and be like you got

a brand new plant. Yep,it's time to do all that stuff.
And UH, if you need anyfurlong misa evergreen food, come see it's
at the garden Center. We're ateighteen fifty five Carson Road. If you
need to set up a point forlandscape and long caar irrigation not lighting,
or if you need a patio orattaining wall, forest mulching, any of

that stuff, give us a call. UH. Our numbers eight five four,
four thousand and five will be rightback on the Classic Gardens of Landscape
Show. It's the Classic Gardens andLandscape Show. All the ready come when

you want show up lance and grassto grow two percent Chris Christy, Chris
No and now you're a host ChrisJoiner and Chris Keith and we're back to
the second half of the Classic Gardensthe Landscape Show. And our number if
you want to give us a call, it's two O five four three nine
nine three seven two and We've gotTila on theline. Good morning, Tila,

how are you? Hey? Themornings stunningly will in God's economy.
Thank how you guys do on onthe beautiful Saturday. We're doing good,
fantastic, good good. Okay,So a question I have, you know,
help different people with different things andplants. Lands in that area sometimes
crape myrtles. Every year they havesomebody that comes and cuts the crape myrtles

back and they cut them off atthe top, you know, wherever the
top is for them. But I'mjust wondering, you know, because they
get taller and taller and taller andtaller every year. What happens if you
cut them off down low? WellI would rap personally, I'd rather you
cut them to the dirt. Uh. Yeah, So anytime you cut the

tops out of your you cut thetops out of crpe mar We call that
crpe murder. You know, thisguy sees that guy do it, and
that guy sees this guy do it, and next thing you know, you
know, three quarters of the neighborhoodhave cut the tops of their crpe myrtles.
It's it's really kind of a copycatcrime. Uh unless you see you

know, you know if you seeone of these maintenance companies or whatever doing
and then they just they're just doingsomething that's in more and more less.
Yeah, they're they're they're they're offand they they're trying to make some money.
Yeah, I mean it. Yousee it every year. Uh.
You know really it starts probably aroundDecember and usually it goes up through you

know, January, February and thenthe March. Uh. You know,
guys that cut grass, they ain'tmaking no revenue in December, January and
February, and you know they cango out there and cut the tops out
of you crape myrtles and make abuck. It's it's really something that's not
recommended for your trees. Uh.We always say, if you want to

if you want a crape myrtle thatgets, you know, four feet tall,
plant the right variety. There's there'scrape myrtles that you know, grow
eighteen inches tall. There's crape marto grow three feet tall. There's crape
myrtles that grow eight feet tall,fifteen feet tall, thirty feet tall.
You can get it, you know, about any color you want. There's

one hundred. I mean there's there'sone hundred and fifty different kinds of crape
myrtles, if not more. Anduh there's some that literally will stay as
small as a little bitty bush.So it just depends on it fits what
fits the spot. Uh, justplant the right variety. So if you
got one, you know, yougot one against your house and it's you

know, it's a Natchez crape myrtlethat gets thirty feet tall. You know,
you pull it out and you putyou know, a little a coma
there that gets you know, tenor twelve feet tall. It's just yeah,
well I just don't want to Imean, I want to tell them
the wrong thing. But to me, if they could cut those things way
lower, because with them topping itoff like that, each year, I
just watched them get taller and tallerand taller. And so when they cut

them off, there this you know, massive treat on top of the thing
with nothing there. But I justthought if they cut them off too low,
it would kill them and destroy them. So that's why I wanted to
check before I encourage them to.You know, those people that the along
on people that are cutting them offto the top, whish, that's exactly
who it is. You nailed thatmaybe you just get them, go ahead
and cut it down lower. They'llstill come back just fine. Well,

the biggest thing is is eventually yougot to do something else, you know,
or you know there was a coupleChris how you used to go.
They were lived out in Pensing,And it seems like everybody that builds a
pool or has a pool put inthe first thing to do is go in
there and put cratemrles around them.And it's really the it's the nastiest tree

you could put around a pool,you know, because you got the leaves
and then you got the blooms,and you got all that stuff going on.
And they had like nine big natchezcrpe myrtles around this pool on the
outside, uh, you know ofthe fence and uh. I would go
in there every year and I wouldcut those crate martles down to the dirt.
And you know if when I firstcut them they were twenty five feet

tall, you know, I cutthem all the way to the dirt and
they would come up and they wouldyou know, grow back up the six
foot tall which is shorter than thefence, and they would bloom, you
know. And so they would bloomat six feet tall, not twenty feet
tall, and the blooms didn't windup in the pool because they weren't high
taller than the fence. But everyyear I'd go in there and I'd whack

their crapems down to the dirt.So yeah, they'd come back. Probably
I might encourage them to do that. Okay, yeah, they Let me
ask you this about another another bush. What about a holly bush? Can
they tape they do the same thing. They come and kind of trim them
off to where they're a level withthe banisters and all their errali and all
that, but they they're just horriblymessy. Can't they take those down lower

and those would still grow back?Yeah? Oh yeah you can. So
my in laws Tula, they hadthey had the same situation where they had
big hollies that had gotten above thebanister. And I warned my mother in
law before I did it, butI took those I took those hollies probably
about six feet below the banisters.They're tall, they were fifteen feet tall,

and I took them down to likefour and and that way they they
had room, they had room togrow. Because what will happen is if
you take them down like to thetop of the banister. Well by the
end of by the end of summer, you know, they're already you know,
up past where you can't even seeanything but a holly like that teal
you can cut it's another shrub,but you can. You can cut back

to where there's not a single leafon it, and it'll it'll flush back
out. They'll be they'll be ugly, you know for a minute. But
sometimes you have to just come inand aggressively prune hollies like that to get
them back to where you want themto go. So if you want them,
like if the if the homeowner wantedthem, you know, ideally to
stay it around eight feet, you'dcome in and cut them down to like

six feet and that way it wouldhave new growth and flush back out.
Great. All right, I willlet him know for both of those varieties
of plants. Thanks for your help, yes man, problem. Yeah,
next, Chris, we were doinga job for a couple out in Mountain
Brook, I guess it was probablytwo or three years ago, and while

we were there, they had someyopon hollies and it was spring like this,
and we were we were working withall these you know, different areas
in the backyard, like residing,and they had like an old play area
and we took that out and residedthat area. Well, they had these
jopines and they were just huge.I mean when I say huge for a

yopont holiy, they were six feettall. Well, they wanted, you
know, them to be tiny.And I gave them a price, you
know, replaced twenty five yopone Hollies. And they said, well, you
know, we got all these otherprojects going on, we don't really want
to spend the money on that.You know, they're that much money on
it. I said, okay,well, whon't we do this? Won't
you just let me take a weedeater with skill sewed blade and I'll cut

the tops off of them, likeall the way down and they'll regrow.
And then six months and now you'llhave a tiny little yopon holly. You
know that looks like we're just planningit. And you know the cost of
that will be you know, afracking a third of the price. And
I cut all their yopon Holly's I'mtalking about. You couldn't get them any
closer to the ground if you Imean, like you mote them with with

with a lot more, you know, and uh, six months later you
got a little, you know,ten inch tall yopon holly there looks like
you just planted it. So itjust depends on if you're willing to look
at it for six months or ayear, maybe even two years, depending
on how bad you do a whackjob on it, and uh, you

know, you'll have it flushed backout and be okay. Uh. Normally
we just snatch them up and replacethem, but in some case you can
cut it down and get away withit like that. That's right, Chris
Keith. And we got a collaronline. I think it was Jared.
Good morning, Jared, how areyou today? If that's Larry instead of

Jared, I'm on the line,Larry All, Yeah, you're Larry.
Hey, Larry, how are you? Sometimes sometimes I'm hard to hear,
And when our producer comes in andtells me who's on the line. Good
morning, Good morning. I'm oneof your new clients out and crop well
and I got your lawn program.This is my first year so far.

I've had three of the twelve treatmentsand it looks like some of the grass
is coming back. Fortunately, lookslike most of the weeds are. I'm
just wondering if do you folks plantnew grass and fertilize it or is that

another responsibility for me or or canthat be added onto the program? What's
the program? There's something that wecan look at doing, Larry, you
know I would just I would giveit time. If you're new on our
program, I probly I'm I'm likelythe one that came out and measured it.
And you know I knew Chris.I know Chris Keith can tell you

stories about yards that he went toand he thought to himself, Chris Joinner,
why didn't we reside this yard?There's hardly anything there and you would
really be surprised as to what likewe can do in a growing season with
the with the fertilizers that we putout, and we really haven't Larry gotten
into It's still been cold, man. It was it was it was.

It was my thermometer I have,I have a weather station. It was
forty two degrees this morning when Iwoke up. And we had frost last
week, and we had frost theweek before, and until our nighttime temperatures
consistently get into like close to seventythat grass is really just gonna kind of
sit there and do nothing. Whatwhat I'm gonna what I'll do is I'm

actually Larry. I'm probably going tobe the one out service in the yard.
And if everything goes as planned,I should be there this week towards
the end of the week, andI'll take a look at that. I
know where you're at, and I'lltake a look at that and see,
you know, hey, you know, do we just give it another four
months and see what happens. Seeif we can get these areas to fill
in or is that something that weneed to come in and piecemeal, piecemeal

some shot in so I can takea look at that for you all right,
Well, you know it does looklike the moss has given out their
territory. Yeah, we just gottawe really just got to give it time.
I know, we just you know, your your three treatments in and
so as a general rule, wetypically like to tell folks that it takes

it takes around a full year,you know, like a twelve month cycle
before we have what we consider goodcontrol of weeds. And we have had,
you know, a lot of timeto come in and really pump the
fertilizer to the yard and make it, make a significant difference in it.
Yeah. Now again, once weget I'm doing, we'll be doing fertilizer

for this round, which, uh, you know, whether you're doing your
silver or we treat your yard,We're putting fertilizer down between that and upcoming
warm weather. I mean, thisgrass is fixing the start skyrocketing. And
you're probably gonna call later in likeJuly and be like, man, I'm
cutting my grass, you know,more than I want to, because we're
just we're feeding the heck out ofit and really make it Coro. Well,

I can tell you right now I'mcutting my grass more than I want
to. But that's maybe maybe we'lllook forward to that one. It's worth
it, Yeah, said, Iwould rather you folks do it, because
you see what I've been able todo in twenty five years. So apparently

you're gonna do a much better job. Yes, sir, I hope.
So we we we like to thinkwe can. And I'm actually sending our
office a message right now just tocheck up on the yard when I'm out
there treating it, and uh,I'll get in touch with you. Lets
you know steps we need to takeall right, appreciate it. Thank your
good to talk with you. Yeah, I mean there's there's yards I've pulled

up on, Chris when you've takenthat thing on and I pulled up and
to do the first treatment and justshook my head and said, what the
hell is it? You know,I mean, and like, come back
a year and a half later,I'm like, my god, the like
this is a whole different house.It's got to be I'm on the wrong

streets, you know. It's it'sthat much difference, and it just takes
a little bit of time. Youcan, uh man, you especially you
know these Bermaudy yards that just havebeen neglected for years. Uh you can
take one of those things and justdo a total one eighty flip with that

thing in about you know, ninemonths to nine to fifteen months kind of
thing. It's amazing, you know, just the whole total transformation of a
Bermuda lawn. If you you know, haven't been on a pre emergent program
and you've neglected it, you callus eight five four or four thousand and
five. And I guarantee you ifyou get on it, you might look

at your yard and say, hey, look it's ten percent grass right now,
we can take that thing and withina year, year and a half,
we can take it from you know, ten percent grass and ninety percent
weeds, and we can turn thosenumbers around and you be back to eighty
percent grass and twenty percent weeds withina nine, ten, twelve month period.

It's amazing what we can do.And I'll tell you the truth.
I mean, listen, I've turnedI'm not out here just to make a
buck. I've turned business down andI've told people, hey, you're gonna
waste your time and you're gonna wasteyour money with me fertilizing. You need
to resaw it. And I've donethe completely opposite. I've had a guy
in Moody that wanted to resaw athis front yard and he was gonna end
up spending six or seven thousand dollarsto resought it. And I was like,

man, I was like to trustme. I was like, you
give me a year and I willtell you if you do your part and
we do our part, I cansave you a lot of money and I
can have this thing turned around.And a year later, man, it
was like, I mean, wehad it, you know, six seven
hundred bucks a year on long careversus six or seven thousand dollars to resawed
it, and I saved him awhole bunch of money. He didn't believe

me at first, and then whenI went out there a year later,
I'm like, yep, I toldyou. I didn't tell him that,
but you know, it's amazing whatyou can do. Yeah, the price
of saw it is high, Yesit is, hey, y'all. It
is high to res out a yard, and you know, so if we
can treat it and make it rebound, that's definitely the route to go.

Yep. Well, Chris, weneed to take a break and we're about
out. We're about out of time. Let's do one right quick. Our
number if y'all want to go usa call and gass guarding the question.
You got a second to do it. It's a two O five four three
nine nine three seven two. We'llbe right back. It's the show in
the Know with all Things that Grow. It's the classic Gardens and Landscape Show
with Chris Joiners and Chris Keith.Green Houge Insurance protects everything I own,

from business to personal. Green HougeInsurance takes care of me under one giant
umbrella. With all the rising costs, it's nice to know there's one part
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with Green houch Insurance. Even thoughI've had countless claims from tornadoes to demolished

trucks, my rates continue to godown. Russell Greenhaugen family can take care
of your insurance needs from your homeand your cars, to your boats and
your four wheelers. They can ensureyour business both in state and out of
state. I don't know about you, but to me, one of the
most frustrating things that can happen isto call a business and get a machine

that would never happen at Green Houge, where the phone is always answered by
a live person with a happy attitude. Green Houdge Insurance has been taken care
of my insurance needs for a longtime, and they can take care of
yours. Just call Russell Greenhouse atnine sixty seven eighty eight hundred, that's
nine six seven eighty eight hundred todayand tell them that Mike sent you.

Where it ball my flowers gone?No cloudspieee, where headball my flowers gone?
No fur till where the ball myflower is gone? Turned it to
the dust fight. Yes, wherehave the flowers gone? I know where

they're at. They're a classic gardens. We got pretty flowers. Man.
Hey listen, Long Cares is boomingright now. Let me tell you a
fertile on long food plus iron needsto go out on your yard. Have
us come out and take a lookat your yard, and I can give
you a quote for fertilization. We'dcontrol and you'd be surprised the money that
you'll save by having us do it. And the frustration and the headaches of

trying to figure things out because youknow this time of year, you know,
we had a late frost and sowe've had a lot of people calling
in, you know, saying,hey, I got brown spots in my
yard, and we've seen a lotof frost damage where the grass was greening
up and then we had frost andit got bit. Right. My guys
are out treating yards and they're seeingbrown patch fungus and a lot of soysia.
So if you have you know,rashy looking areas, they're weird looking

circles that pop up in the yardlike like crop circles, probably brown patch
fungus and then just you know,the green up on grass right now is
so inconsistent. You know, youcan see a yard that's ninety percent green
and then you look two doors downand this thing is still like fifty percent
brown. You know, just becauseof you know, the weather's a roller

coaster. We'll go up to eightydegrees one day and then we'll be fifty
degrees the next, and like Iwas telling Larry, and until our nighttime
temperatures, you know, really increase, that grass is just gonna kind of
sit there and not do a wholebunch. I always tell people that when
you wake up in the morning andyou're getting ready for work and your home
air conditioner is running at six am, that's when grass is at its peak.

That's when it's that's when it's growing. Like grass really ain't gonna take
off until late May. Yeah,I mean it. That's just the way
it is. Every every single year. It's it's that way. And typically
when we get our fertilizer and premerging down in May and then we go
back out to those yards in June, it's night and day difference because by
then they've been I mean they havebeen supercharged with fertilizer and our weather is

where it needs to be, soyou just got to be patient with your
grass this time of year. Iwish that it was opposite, you know
what I mean, because like everythingis has been in bloom for the past
six weeks, four six weeks.And if the grass and like all the
azaleas and other harbingers of spring,if they could all like be in primetime
alt the same, and it'd beso nice. Well, you know,

the Masters is going on right now, and you know it seems like every
year they like the earth of themoon and the stars all lined and everything
at the Masters, Like the azaleasare in perfect bloom. You know,
the greens are like phenomenal and allthis. You know, they have their

own little micro climate there exactly.You see you see people walking around at
Augusta and there's like there ain't ayellow leaf the lawn is. I mean,
the grass is perfect. I meanit's fantastic. I'm not a golfer,
but man, I'll watch it.I watch it to look at the
grass. Ain't that terrible? Well, Chris, that sound means we're out

of time. Y'all call us ifyou need landscaping, the long career irrigation
not lighting. If you need apatio or attaining wall, or if you
need forest multing or land clearing done, you call us eight five four four
thousand and five and we'll get youon the bus to come do it.
For it, come see us inthe guard Arti Center. We're at eighteen
fifty five Carson Road where their Mondaycook Friday eight to five. And we'll

see you next week on the ClassicGuardians. Let's get you
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