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April 6, 2024 49 mins
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It's the classic Gardens and Landscape showon the head, Ready and with your
want show up plants and grass togrow two and percent Chris, Chris and
Chris No, Chris knows in,Chris knows in. Chris knows it.
Chris knows it, Chris knows it, Chris knows in shore Chris knows it.

Chris knows And now you're a host. Chris Joyner and Chris King Who,
Good morning, Welcome to the ClassicGardens Landscape Show. I'm two doctor
peppers in already. I tried fixingmy I tried finishing a couple of coffee,
but I ain't finished it. Yeah, this is a classic gardens and

landscape show where everything grows. Baby. And let me tell you what everything
is growing right now. It's comingwith the garden Center. Let me tell
you folks, it's packed. Yeah. I know you've had the wall.
I know you've had plants. Iknow you had Benny where yet this morning?
Chris? No, But I didn'tsee him Frost. I didn't.
I didn't want to. I know, you know, normally obviously when we

leave the house in the morning,normally is dark. You know, Yep,
it's just you know, things arejust starting to wake up, right
and this morning, you know,we actually get to sleep in an hour
later on Saturdays, even though wegot to do the radio show. And
uh, I didn't see frost comein to your house. Good And usually

those were they were you know,freeze, you know, frost warning last
night supposedly you know and everything,and you know it said thirty seven thirty
eight degrees. Maybe it just youknow, there's a lot of things that
factor in the frost and maybe likeyou know, it may be a little
windier than they expect it to beor anticipate or whatever. And obviously the

wind uh dries up to do fasterand you don't get a frost kind of
thing. And I think that mayhave been what happened. And now I
mean, I'm the saying that youcouldn't go up into certain pockets and areas
and find a little frost you know, on the ground in spots. But
where I what I passed at wherewe come from. Yeah, oh man,

Well, this is a classic gardensand landscape show. If you want
to give us a call. AndI asked garden question. The phone numbers
two zero, five, four,three, nine nine three seven to two
garden is left and Ron, Idon't care whether you're talking about landscaping,
whether you're talking about long care,the garden center that's made a program.
Everything is hopping right now now,Chris, you you got out this morning.

I've been down down here. I'mgonna go on a little rant.
I've been down here yelling at mywife's computer all dad, goe morning.
It don't talk about it, doesn'tthat's the best thing to yell at.
Right. So we're going to USAwomen's soccer teams playing in Atlanta. They're
playing in Japan today. So onceI get off the radio, we're bullit.
We're shagging over to Atlanta. Well, everything over there is it's like,

for the most part that I knowof, all the parking decks and
parking lots and everything close to thestadium are all prepaid. So you go
on the website, this website,and you you know, pay for parking
and and then you get a QRcode and you scan the QR code on
the when you when you get there. Well, I printed all the parking
passes out at work the other dayand I've got them in my binder.

We'll gets where my binder's at findersat work. Yeah, so I realized
that about forty five minutes ago.That's not that far out away. Yeah
but yeah, but yes, however, the game starts at twelve thirty radio
show ends at nine or just tentheir time. Oh yeah, you see
where I'm going. Yeah, Igot time to go by. I'm going

under. And well, anyway,the days of like pulling up to a
parking place and handing somebody at twentyto park apparently or over because you don't
do that anymore, Well, dad, gumm it. You know, I'm
trying to sign into this to thiswebsite to print out my parking pass and
you enter your information and then theyhave to send you a verification code and

then you have to enter your passwordand enter that verification code within like fifteen
seconds or it's invalid. Well,you know, I'm trying to work on
two devices because I don't have it'sjust h making me mad and blood pressure
got up this morning. So luckilyI got screenshots of everything on my phone

with a QR code, the receiptwith all my information and everything on it.
So hopefully I'll be able to justshow them that QR code and they
can scan it and if they questionit. I at least got copies of
their seats on there. But yeah, you know what I'm saying, it's
like, just let me give youtwenty and let me park man. That's
all I want to do. Nothing. And then it just and there's a

place Chris Keith up on It's it'scrazy that this still exists in this world.
But there's a place up on themountain. As you cut over to
Oneana, and they've got all thebig tomato farm. I don't know what.
I don't know which one it is, Yes, Smiths and Almonds and
it's one of those. But asyou're coming from Springville cutting over to Oneana,
their their places on the right andthey've got like a like a little

lean two barn and you know they'llset vegetable, you know, various vegetables
out there. Well, they gotlike an old Ammo box out there,
and it's the it's the good faithsystem, right. They've got a they've
got a board set up with allthe prices on it and you you know,
you pick this, you pick that, you pick this, and it's
you know, twenty five bucks,and you know you you take twenty five
bucks and you slide it the amobox and you go your way because there's

nobody there working it. You know, it's like the good old days.
Trust. You gotta trust people.Something I remember when I was a kid,
the Gladdens. If you're going fromSpringville to Aniana, they were on
the left and old mister and missGladden. They he grew everything. I
mean, he grew watermelons, hegrew. We would go all the way

to mister Gladden to get a watermill. But man, he he'd give
you a nothing. You know whatI'm saying. It was always a two
for one because you like, youbuy a big watermelon, he give you
a sugar baby free. You know. And they were so good. You
know, go up there and getpink eye of purple ol peas. Yes,
sir, go up there and wego up there and get them by

the bushel. You know, I'dtake you about five days to hand and
all the peas. You know,this was like I worked my butt off
for like three hours. Man,I got like a half a little bowl
of peach. They was good.Man, I chuck again, no problem
yet. You know the coolest thingtheir count was a pea shiller. Yeah,

oh yeah, just like Oh yeah, man, it's like a machine
gun. You know what I'm saying. Let's get Harold and Homewood right quick.
I think we got them a wholeGood morning Harold, Hey, good
morning guys. Talking to you today. Hey, buddy, you in Arizona
about to watch a basketball game?No, I'm in Homewood running and I'll

watch it at home. Not okay, it's time for the Bag of Gold,
right. Uh yeah, you maybe a tad late if you hadn't
put it out. Oh really thenyes, yeah, usually we do.
I'm gonna do that today. Yeah, I've got Yes, the market was
up. The market was up threehundred and twenty point, just so I'll

sell a bunch of stuff so Ican afford to buy that money. Here
go, everybody, good there,Yeah, we're doing good man. You
know. It's it's spring, soit's wide open. Man. Everything's everything's
growing, everything's bloom and everything's new. I mean it's uh, well,
well I'm gonna get I'm gonna giveyou a commercial for the Bag of gold.

You can tell them what it is. That's where I hang up.
Almost zero weeds in the yard thisyear because I've been doing that program.
So you not want to cover thatwith everybody, and I don't and I
don't want to commission here somebody hascommitted great murder in Homewood. My god
that I'm calling have a good run. And uh we got Tesla from Birmingham

morning, Tesla, how are youthis morning? Hey? I think it
just auto corrected. It's Tela.But yeah, that's right. You did
that like a car. That's rightyou. I'll give you a little follow

up. I did that furt Loansystemic drench and it was great. I
just wanted to tell you I usedit on the Dwarf River birch tree that
you told me I could use iton. And then all that I got
to see how all the crape myrtlesare doing. I did it on those
and some other bushes and what haveyou. But I was going to say,
is for any reason they it startsto not look so good at some
point. I mean it's first ofall, is that possible that maybe that

one alone time thing wasn't going tofix it for good? And if it
comes back to just do that asecond time, Yeah, you'll just do
it a second time. I mean, it's it's you know, it's not
necessarily one and done thing. Youknow, whether it's uh aphid scale,
you know, white flies, lacebugs, on any type of shrub with

that, with that systemic insect drench. You know, sometimes it works.
Sometimes you do it once and neverhave a problem again. But it's just
it's better if you just kind ofput that in your regiment and you know,
you just you do that once ayear on whatever. Shop. Okay,
yeah, let's well, you shouldsee that river birch is coming back
beautifully. Second thing, do youdeal with any indoor plants at all?

We've we've worked with them some atthe Garden Center, you know, and
it's probably and it's probably the bestat them by far than anybody else.
The rest of us just dabbled alittle bit in it. You know.
It's kind of like we've got themaround the garden center kind of thing.
Yeah, well, let me askyou just real quickly a little though.
I don't know if the pronunciation iscorrect. The post post plant. It's

a hearty little plant, but seemsto get me lea. The little white
melli bugs, that's what those are? Is that? Do you know anything
about those that just looks like coolcotton, you know, cotton? Yeah,
you're you're just kind of good.And apothos is a pretty pretty tough
plant. You know, you canactually use that, uh, that systemic
insect granch on your houseplints too,and it will all right, I'm taking

care of somebody else's plants. Yeah. And two, I mean indoors your
house is always you know, sixtyfive now, depending on how you like
it in the house, but it'susually about seventy degrees in there. And
uh, in most cases, there'ssome there's some dormant oil sprays. Uh.
We used to carry one back inthe day. It's called scale side.
Now it's probably just a horticultural ofsome type. But that stuff you

can actually spray on your house plants, uh in most cases, and it
does a good job of of killinglike winter over insects like uh and their
eggs because it coats them with thisreally refined oil. And uh that will
also you know, help with insectson your plants like that. It's probably
not a bad idea. You know, you take the thing, spray them,

take them outside, spray them,and then you know, let them
dry off and bring them back inthe house. But if it's cool,
you know, you normally it's sevendegrees in your house. You want to
do that when the temperature are cool. Okay, all right, thanks,
And then one last question is whatis the gorgeous green grass that you see
that people have most of the yearthat other people don't have. What type
of grass is that? So somepeople, and we don't recommend it,

but some people will go in thein the fall and they will oversee their
lawn with rye grass. And soyou'll see you'll see a lawn, you
know out there this are you know, in December, January, February,
particularly in March and April, thatare just I mean they're neon they're neon

green, you know, and they'vehad to cut the grass all winter long.
And uh but the truck with thatis you know, it's it's like
my my old deer plot behind thehouse. Uh. The deer now have
plenty to eat in the woods andthey are not coming to that deer plot
as much anymore. And now itlooks like a hayfield out there. I

mean it's literally knee deep. Andyou know, so I'm I'm you know,
thinking about doing a little fencing andturning the horses in there on it
because it's so it's so thick.The problem with that is is it's thick
and it is growing like crazy rightnow, and if you've over seeded your
grass with it, your grass ishaving a heck of time trying to come

out and compete with this rye grassthat is just you know, it's just
run. It's going nine and nothing, and you're you're remute and your zoyas
you're just struggling trying to come outbecause it's competing with that rye. So
that's why we don't recommend it.Not only that, but pre emergent don't
know a good seed from a badseed. So if you go in there
and you put your pre merging outlike you're supposed to in September, then

you put rye grass out, itsterilizes the seed and it doesn't come up
good anyway. So it's kind ofit's counterproductive with all the with all the
the good side of your grass tooverseed with rye grass. So we discourage
anybody from doing that unless you gotto wash okay problem or something like that,
we wouldn't recommend it. Okay,And if you need to put me

on hold because you got other callersor you got to break let me know,
because I did think of one othervery important thing to ask you.
So if you're a time wise youlet me know. Okay. So up
the there's a cemetery in comp ofHeights that we have our family buried at,
and we've tried to keep a plantgoing there and we did a knockout
rose bush that wouldn't make it.We did a chameleon bush that wouldn't make
it. And of course see them, you know, just about growth and

concrete. So I went with seedthem at that point. And the seed
them just won't grow. Wherever I'vehad it before, it just flourishes.
It just won't grow. What canI do for that bad boy by your
artificial plant? That's the trouble is, seriously with anything at the at the

cemetery, you know, unless you'rethere. You know, you get ninety
one hundred degrees in July, andif you're not there every day to water
that thing, it is just kindof crap out on you. I mean,
even seed them as one of thoselike you said, it'll grow on
concrete, it'll grow on the middleis sixty five North near Gardendale. But
for whatever the cemeteries are just that'sa tough place to get stuff to flourish

and grow other than weeds. Okay, well they have to give it up
then, to just let it bewhat it's going to be. At least
it's some little bitty thing there.Okay, Well, thanks gas for you
hope, Yes, ma'am, havea good weekend, all right, Chris,
let's take that first break or number. If y'all want to give us
a call and ask us a gardenerquestion, you can do it. It's
two o five four three nine ninethree seven two. If you need to

call and sech appointment for landscaping,long career irrigation, not light, if
you get a patio or attaining wall, forest, mulching, any of that
stuff and clear and we do itas two five eight five four four zero
zero five. We'll be right backon the Classic Gardens of Landscape Show.
It's the Classic Gardens and Landscape Show. Get advice from two of the Souths

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thousand and five. Well, andif you need to call the guard of
the radio show, you can.It's two O five four three nine nine
three seven two. Herold is talkingabout the bag of gold. That's what
we call that's that's what we callit now, the bag of gold.
If we've adopted the bag of gold. So we're I'm looking at I'm looking
I mean, we're at the firstweek April. If you haven't gotten your
bag of gold, which is whichis a special pre mergent, if you

haven't gotten that down a little bitbehind the eight ball. But I wouldn't
hesitate to do it. So basicallywhat it comes down to is is we
have two pre mergent programs. Oneis where you put pre mergent down on
your yard every other month. Uh, and that prevents a barrier so that

we when we'd seeds get in theyard, they shoot that first little tap
root down into the ground. Ituh puts that tap room down into that
pre mergent barrier, and it preventsthat seed from basically continuing the germination process.
Therefore, you don't have weeds growingin the yard. Well, what
we found out right is that certainweeds like poana for example, certain weeds

like me and you, Chris Keith, you build a tolerance to medicine.
So if you take the same medicineover and over again, you know,
you drink more beer all the time. You know, you gain a tolerance
to it and you need more andmore of it. Well, poana has
basically gotten to become resistant if youhave done that pre emergent program, the

old school one where you do premerging every other month, it has become
resistant to those particular premergents. Sothey came out with a new pre mergent
the bag of gold that Harold refersto. They came out with this new
pre mergent years ago. It's beenfive, six, seven years ago that
we started using it. Well,the way it works is completely different than

the old school pre mergent. SoPoanna is not resistant to this new bag
of gold pre mergent. We startedseeing that in our first where we come
out and we treat your yard.Years ago. We started seeing a kind
of a trend to where customers thathad been with us for you know,
ten, fifteen, twenty years arestarting to get more and more Poanna.

And as we go to the allthese continual education classes and all the you
know professors from Auburn, you know, Clemson, all the other you know,
big ag schools, you know,they started doing more research on that
resistance. So we switched over tothis new pre mergent program where you do
it twice a year. You doit in March and you do it in

September, and it breaks that resistanceto that Poanna And so so, you
know, Harold calls it the bagof gold because when you look at the
price tag on it, initially it'sexpensive. You know, one bag,
you know is high dollar. Butwhen you look at it from an annual
standpoint, you know, if youif you if you calculate the six pre

emergents that you're putting out versus thetwo. When you look at an annual
cost, it's virtually the same thing. I mean, you might be a
few dollars more, a few dollarsless. So you're doing you're doing,
uh, you know, a fractionof the pre mergent. You're breaking resistance,
and you're spending the same amount ofmoney a third of the work,
right for about the same priorty exactlyso. But that's the only way you

know, if if if right Now, you know for a fact, you
know for years and years and yearsthat you've religiously been doing your pre mergent.
You're watering it in, you're doingeverything that you can, and you
still have poana in the yard.It's because that poana has has developed a
resistance. It's not that the it'snot necessarily that the pre mergent failed or
you failed. It's just kind ofthe way things the way things work,

the nature of the beast. Andthe only way to correct that is to
is to use this different pre mergent, is to use the bag of gold,
because you have to break that resistance. And poeannas and man, it's
one of the worst weeds in myopinion. You know, you hate all
the all the purple hen bit andchick weed and all that turnip green looking
stuff. I hate poanna because oncethat comes up in the yard, it's
it's difficult to kill. And rightnow, if you've got it, it's

growing like as you know you talkabout how Rye grows uh super fast.
Poanna is the same way. Poanna. Just you can cut that stuff and
within a couple of days it's alreadypopped back up and it's already got seed
heads on it. And it's justit's a nightmare to deal with once it
comes up. But that's the that'sthe bag of gold. It's a it's
a premergent that we exclusively you know, Classic Gardens started selling years and years

ago to break that resistance in uhin Poeanna breakthrough. It's and it's it's
great stuff. And I tell youyou know, you know, Harold's a
Harold is a huge supporter of it. And I know that I talk to
a lot of homeowners that we treatand a lot of people that come into
the garden center and they don't evensecond guess paying the extra paying that money

up front to buy it, becausethey'll they'll say it's night and day.
You know, I had I hadpoem in my yard and I started using
this stuff and now I don't havea single sprig of it. So it's
fantastic stuff. We know. Iback I when I used to treat some
yards. Back when I used totreat some yards, there was one and
I always point this one out becausehis yard was always fantastic. But he's

over there across some Bambridge place overin Irondale, Stampashinka boy, and he'd
been a customer of oirs. Iguess we still treat that yard for twenty
five years. But I treated itand I had been out of the loop
for a while and I was inthere treating and you know, I wanted
their yards to be just perfect,you know what I'm saying. And I

pulled up on Stands yard and itwas full of poem, like like he
didn't pay the bill that fall youon? Say, and uh. I
pulled up and I'm like, Icall you, and I said, what
the heck is going on? Man? We you know this yard is slammed
full of poe and you're like,yeah, we're working on it. You

know. That was probably six orseven years ago, and I had to
do a landscaping Joss when we madethe change over a year later, and
uh, I had to do alandscaping job over in Bainbridge Place. And
I'm over there and the grass isgreening up. And I turned the corner
and I was like, all right, there's gonna be stands yards. It'll

be full. There wasn't a SpirriGood Prolana one in it. So I
made the call back. Chris Man, that freaking new pre Mergent is the
bomb I'm talking about. It isthe good stuff. Oh yes, sir,
sure is Chris. We got twocallers. We're gonna go ahead and
get them. We got uh oh, we got Jim and Daniel. Go

ahead and get Jim first. Goodmorning, Jim, how are you?
Good morning. I've been reading thatwe are about to get an infestation of
cicada insects and I don't know ifyou've heard that or not, but is
there any is there any particular damagethat they do or is there anything that

we can do to help our plantsif we do get a bad I read
I read about I was. Ibriefly read about that on one of my
Facebook pages. The other noisy.I don't know that they do much damage.
Uh, they're not gonna do anylong term damage. So you know,
it's kind of like you get abad infestation of Japanese beetles every now

and then, you know, andthey just each plants up, you know,
but they're only here for a shortperiod of time, and then next
thing you know, you know,the beetle's gone, and you know,
the plants flush back and and allis good. Now obviously there for the
time that they're here, that theymight do a little damage, but I

think it's gonna be pretty minor.I wouldn't be too concerned with it.
And I don't know that I wouldn'tshould try to spray or do anything about
it. I don't do even thelaw or whatever that they lay and that
thing hatches out into those moss,I don't. I don't know that you're
getting any harm out of any ofthat. Okay, well, that's encouraging,

all right, it's all. Ihad enjoyed the show. Thanks guys,
thank you, And we lost Daniel. I'll tell you what. Daniel
calls back and we'll get you inright after this break. We're about to
take you. Listen to Classic Gardensof Landscape showing w r C. It's

the Classic Gardens and Landscape shovel onthe head, ready to go when you
want, show up Lance and grassto grow two icent Chris, Chris and
Chris No and now you're a hostChris Joyner and Chris Keith. Oh yeah,
we're back on the Classic Gardens ofLandscape show. And we talked a

lot about grass first part of theshow. But look, it is time
to do everything with your shrubs rightnow. I mean, if you've got
your azalias are probably about dune blooming, you know, they're they're kind of
a passer peak or whatever. Youcan go in there and start doing some
trimming on them. You Lord Pedlum'sabout dun blooming. You know, do

it, hey, And now itis a great time if you need to
take something way down. When Isay way down, I'm talking about lop
it to the dirt kind of thing. This is the time of year to
do it. So if you've gotyou know, big Lord Pedalum, and
you want to take them six footto you know you wanted to flush back
to two and a half three foottall, now is the time to do

it. If you got a bigazalea's you know eight they're ten feet tall,
and you want to take it downto nothing. Lock that bad boy
off, do it. I mean, this is a time of year to
do it. And you can goin there with some fertil on aay evergreen
fertilizer. It's got a systemic insectorside in so help get the bugs off
the stuff. And you can giveit a good shot to that and it'll
flush back. And you can takethat ten foot azalea down to you know,

a foot and let it flush backto two feet tall or three and
you like you got a brand newplant. And just like you got a
brand new plant, we didn't get. Daniel, Yes, Daniel, good
morning forgot about. How are youdoing this morning, Daniel? Oh hey
guys, thanks for taking my call. Doing well. Hey, we have
about to actually I was about tostart molting. So we've got pinestride now

and we've had it since we gotthe house, but just got back some
lows to start some molton. Wantedto just see if you guys had any
tips or tricks for you know,for weed prevention or just kind of all
the things in regards to just moultingflower beds and all that well. On
flower beds, Daniel, the biggest, I mean, the biggest part of

weed prevention is a good thick layermulch. And a lot of people it's
really personal preference what you use,whether it's pine stroll or whether it's like
pine bark, but that thick layerof whatever you're mulch of choices knocks out
a huge percentage of that. Wethese these premergent applications that we talk about

doing for your grass, there arecertain pre emergent applications that you can also
put in your flower beds and thatreally makes a huge difference, you know,
from a preventative standpoint. That bagof gold, Chris Keith, I
know we've used that bag of goldon several properties for weed prevention and it
does a fantastic job. So doso between you know, doing the premergent

application in uh in flower beds tohelp prevent weeds, that thick layer mulch
helps prevent weeds. And even then, you know you're still gonna have you're
still gonna have something that pop up, so you're gonna have to come through
with like some kills all and spotspray those or or come through there,
just do some handweeding, and handwe does those uh handwed does out flower

beds are a lot of work,you know, But that's that's the big
thing. There's a little lady outin tents and I always go by and
do little work for her. She'sshe's old. I mean, she's in
her eighties, but she loves agarden and she just don't have time,
you know. The she she'll weedand weed and weed and weed. But
she got like four acres and it'sjust tough for somebody that old to do

that kind of stuff. And I'llrun by. She got one bed that
I planted for and I'll go bythere and I'll pull all the weeds that
are around the plants, and thenI'll go in the rest of the bed
and I'll spray. Uh. Youknow, it kills all and kill right
now. She got like an influxof vetch. And this time of year,
you're gonna see a lot of vetchcoming up in old garden areas or

or shrub beds and stuff like that. But you still see you know,
your normal uh, your normal weeds, your hand bed. You know,
you see a lot of bitter crestsand stuff like that and uh that kills
all wipes all that stuff out.You just can't get it on the leaves
of the plants. But that's whyI'll hand weed right around the plant and
then I'll spray the rest of thebeds and then she can go in there
because she just likes messing with it, and you'll put a pine straw out

herself. That's great. Thank you, guys. Appreciate it. Appreciate Daniel.
And yeah, we sell all thatstuff at the garden Center. I
mean we've got the screen tops oil, we sell bark by the bag,
we sell bark by the by thebulk. You know, we've got different
colored red and brown hardwood. We'vegot pine bark nuggets, all the pre

emergence of garden Center. Chris Keithright now, you haven't never seen anything
so pretty, man. And Ihope my wife don't hear me, but
man, I mean Anne has gottenin so many betting plants. I mean
it has packed. It is packedfull hanging baskets, you know, all
your different varieties of betting plants.Everything for our tomato program. I know

we've been having people from all overthe US. And when I say all
over the US, I'm being forreal. Like, we had people from
Michigan down getting it. We've hadpeople from Florida getting it. We had
people from Georgia getting it. Threehundred pounds of tomatoes in a pot.
All you gotta do is put everythingtogether and follow our instructions. You know,
we do it. We do itin the garden center in twenty five

gallon pot. At home, I'vegot a fifty gallon pot, so it's
like a supercharge. So do youget six hundred, six hundred pounds of
tomatoes? Man, I don't know, But I do a little different mix,
and it's a little more organic witha little bit of uh, you
know, with some fish heads inthe bottom and a little chicken litter and
a little you know, because Igot access to that kind of stuff,

and uh the last time I tried, I did it in that big pot.
I was not successful. But thereason I was not successful is because
I had a German shepherd named Anniethat will like destroyed the thing and dug
up all my fish heads out ofthe bottom of it. So it was
a no go. But it's goingto the ground this time, and any

passed away a year ago, soyou ain't gotta worry about anything about a
man. It's gonna be fun.You know, yesterday I had to go
by man. We have been onthe run, I mean last week it
was all right. We finished upat rudd Yeats over there in Irondale,

up from the filling station. Weput in a patio for him. It's
got big pavers, Chris, it'slike two foot wide. They may be
bigger than two foot two foot squarepavers and then there's grass in there about
four inches wide in between it likea checkerboard and big old patio. And

the guys finished that up. Wecame in behind them, did some clean
up, did a little bit ofgravel and stuff like that. We're off
of that. Wanted to start RussellGreenhouders. Last week we got two inches
of rain and a night so wehad to punt on that do some other
things. So we went and wedid three small jobs in a day.

You know, we did some that'sprobably a little smaller than we normally they
do, but it's kind of oneof those things, you know, like
miss Williams, we've been treating heryard for twenty five years and she needed
seven Azelia's planning and uh, youknow, three shrubs pulled up, and
it's kind of one of those thingswhere we had a little job like that.
And then we had another little jobdown in down in River Chase,

down by the country club, anduh so we went by miss Williams on
the way to that one pulled outher one little or two little shrubs that
were bad, put her in sevenmore shrubs, put her pine straw out.
We're there forty five minutes. Toreout from there, went over to
uh went over to Irondale. Iwent over to a River Chase, did

that job and knocked it out,and it's like ten thirty. We had
another little job over in uh overin Irondale. On the way back,
so we went to the garden centerand loaded up our little machine, went
back over and uh did a littleparking pad at a rental house down in

Crestwood, and uh so we knockedout three jobs that day. And then
uh just following that, me andme and Sergio went down to uh Childsburg
the next day and went to GeraldWallace's place down there. He's got a
big, old pretty place and uhthere he's got back like a nice basketball

court and everything there on his side. Uh for his kids, and they
do like youth camp or like youthbasketball and stuff like that out there,
and uh, they didn't have enoughlighting out there. So he's putting in,
you know, more more lights outthere on the court and stuff and
coming up the driveway. So weran, you know, trench for him
and put some more con do itin. He could have got anybody probably

to do that, but we doall of his irrigation work for him too.
And he was scared, obviously,he got pipes running all over the
place on that place, and hewas scared that when we trenched we'd hit
something and we need to repair it. Luckily, we went up fifty five
feet and never hit a thing.So we got him fixed up and got
out of there. And Lord,I met with Mike one day at Basting's

down and down at South Lake andironed out a job that we're gonna be
doing for them, probably in threeor four weeks. Real big job.
We're putting in. I think seventeenubraviders on that job, eight footers and
a bunch of shrubs. We'll bethere a couple of days, two or
three days, I imagine, andwe'll knock that one out. But just

all over yesterday. You know,we've been at Russell Greenhouses all week.
This past week, Russell did ahuge renovation to his house. I mean
they pretty much gutted his house andredid it from top to bottom. And
he's had to obviously come in behindthat and landscape around the house when they
get done. So he needs tosell some insurance. Give Russell Greenhouse to

call nine six seven eighty eight hundred. We've been doing advertising for Russell and
obviously been you know, buying insurancefrom Russell for longer than I've been around.
And Russell and his game at GreenhouseInsurance. Man, if you the
cool thing is, you know Chrisyou were talking about. You know,
you can't just walk up and givesomebody a twenty ey more to park.

Well, you can't get anybody onthe phone in most cases when you call
UH to speak with, you know, somebody about your insurance. It's not
the case with Greenhouse. You callthem nine six seven eighty eight hundred,
and there's gonna be somebody answer tothe phone. And if you're talking to
Russell, he always going to sayI appreciate your business. That's just the
way they roll. Give them acall nine six seven eighty eight hundred and

tell them that Classic Gardens sent you. That's a that's a new updated commercial.
There you go. But uh yeah, working with Russell's been great out
there at his place, and man, it's shaping up. It's gonna be
We've eleven's on the irrigation out there. By the time it's all said and
done, we'll have about thirty palletsof saw on that ground. It's on
the ground, so yeah, we'rehumping it. It's gonna look pretty much.

I got some side that lay nextweek in the rain of shine.
Right, twenty pounds will be thereabout midday Monday, looking like a sixty
percent chance of rain Tuesday. Hopefullythat's later in the day, hopefully,
so I think we can get thebrunt of it late. We'll have it
prepped, you know, Monday morning, and then uh, as soon as
the sod gets there, we're justgonna bust some move start throwing it on

the ground, you know, anduh we'll get the we'll probably get most
or all of it on the groundthat that day, and then uh,
Tuesday morning, we may have tocome in and you know, lay a
little bit or maybe you know,cut everything in, but we should wrap
that thing up Tuesday and uh we'llhave Russell fixed up and onto the next

one. That's right. I went, you know, on the way back
yesterday, so I was gone goup to Blunts Full and get a load
of chicken litter put on my garden. And I mean when I say load,
I'm ten yards. I think thesingle ass dump truck load. And
I dumped it into my new gardenat the house. And uh, on

my way over there, I stoppedat Jack Houses. We're gonna be doing
a job for him in a coupleof weeks and or you know, maybe
a week and a half or somethinglike that. And usually when we're going
from Bermuda to Zoys, you thenwe'll go in there and or you know,
anytime we're doing sid work and we'reswitching grasses, then we'll come in
there and spray the area that we'regoing to redo before we come out there,

and and uh, you know,do this stuff so it's pure.
You know, you got you notmixing Emerald back with Bermuda in it.
And uh, so we went upthere and sprayed him in limestone springs.
On my way to go get myload of litter to take to the house.
I'm just made a big circle.Yep, right up and over the
mountain. Yeah, pretty dry.They got all the tomato farms tiled up,

and they got up and got theblack plastic. Yep. So they'll
be popping tomatoes in the ground thisweek. I'm ad. I wouldn't hesitate.
You know, they flirted, Weflirted with some frost last night,
but I think the forecast for thenext seven days looks pretty good. So
it's time, man, get yourall those pansies that look fantastic. Right
now, it's time to rip thosethings up and come into classic gardens and

get your spring bedding plants to putin. Yeah, because I mean you've
got Okay, it's April to sixright now. The peak of the season
is Mother's Day, so that's virtuallya month. So you got about a
month to where you got the bestquality of bedding plants. And when I
say best quality, man, everythingthey're in a leaf that's yellow. Everything,

everything is brand new. So ifyou get it between now and you
know, the first or second weekin May, you're gonna have top quality.
Once you get into Mother's Day,everything starts tapering off. So you
want to make sure, you know, you get all your bedding plants in
and all just over the next threeor four weeks, so you're getting,

you know, the best bang foryour buck and getting quality plans. I
know it can be hard to lookat those pansies and rip them up right
now, but don't wait too late. You know. I was kind of
glad two years ago when we hadthat freeze and it just smoked them all.
Yeah, get rid of them,chrisky. Yeah, let's take another
break, y'all. Give us alast minute call if you want to.

It's two O five four three ninenine three seven two. Or call the
office two O five eight five fourfour zero zero five. If you need
a landscaping, long ear irrigation,night lighting patios, or taining walls,
doesn't matter. Give us call eightfive four four thousand and five and we
will be right back. It's theshow in the Know with all things that

grow. It's the classic gardens andlandscape show with Chris Joiners and Chris Keith.
Green Houge Insurance protects everything I own, from business to personal. Green
Houge Insurance takes care of me underone giant umbrella. With all the rising
costs It's nice to know there's onepart of my business where my costs are
reduced year after year, and thatis with green House Insurance. Even though

I've had countless claims from tornadoes todemolished trucks, my rates continue to go
down. Russell Greenhoudgen family can takecare of your insurance needs from your home
and your cars, to your boatsand your four wheelers. They can ensure
your business both in state and outof state. I don't know about you,

but to me, one of themost frustrating things that can happen is
to call a business and get amachine that would never happen at green Houche,
where the phone is always answered bya live person with a happy attitude.
Greenhoudge Insurance has been taking care ofmy insurance needs for a long time,
and they can take care of yours. Just call Russell green House at

nine sixty seven eighty eight hundred that'snine six seven eighty eight hundred today and
tell them that Mike sent you.I pull in weed them my son.
I followed the lawn, a longone. I bought the lawn an the

lawn one my yard working ever sinceto get it done. I bought the
lawn Amber Lawn one. I boughtthe lawn Amber Lawn one. I'm going

privy and I'm getting mad, gonnaget out of my spread. God,
all right, we are ready.You know. I wanted to just going
through the garden center, Chris.Things that stand out to me right now?
Uh not a little native point orlittle plant Father Gilla. Have you
seen it in the garden has alittle white balloon on it. Yeah,

it's like a like a little snowballor like a little fuzzy bloom on it.
Those things are in bloom in thegarden center right now, and then
they're so pretty. It's one ofthose plants you mix in with your grandma
plants, you know, like yourforcythia and your quints and all that.
If you stick your father gill ortwo in there, we're right after you.
Yellow bells and all that stuff aredone bloom. And then you'll have

this pretty little white plant come inthere and it'll bloom for about two or
three weeks and be done. Andthen the yg in the garden center is
starting to bloom, so you canyou can incorporate a y g or or
two in there. Now yg getsbig, you know, it'll get as
big or bigger than a forcythia.Actually they'll get quite a bit bigger than

a forcythia, and but it'll bloomfor about three or four weeks. The
cool thing about coming in the gardenCenter is you can come in there about
once every two We want you tocome in there about three or four times
a week, but you can comein there about once every two weeks,
and you can grab something and putin a natural area whatever that will bloom
for you, you know, thesame time every year, so you can

stay and get something that blooms allthe time. That's the that's the coolest
thing to do. And that's whatI love about when you go to somebody's
house and you just sit back andyou look and you think, man,
they're gardeners, because they do.They have it staged. You know.
They'll have all your different perennials thatbloom at different times. They'll have all
the deciduous shrubs that bloom at differenttimes, and it doesn't matter when it
is, whether it's July or January. There's something in blooming like a true

gardener's yard. And yeah, atthe Garden Center, it's the same way
every time you come in there.There's something new. So you've always gravitated
towards the deciduous al Chris Keith,and I'm with you on that. Yeah,
I've got a there's a magnet overthere, and like I'm the I'm
the steel, you know what I'msaying. I go to walking there and
I started like veering off to theleft just because that's that's kind of my

cup of tea. Over there.We got Mars on the line. Let's
go ahead and get him. Goodmore to Mars. Hey, good on
a jitima. How can we havebut oh? Put it good? Uh?
What did you cusses sprakh Uh?You know right the other day?
I didn't. I can't tell whichwhat it was, but uh, that

was one thing I was going toactually to think of until you was gold.
Uh. When we moved here,they had a sprinkleous system. But
we have devil used it. Uh. Is it possible that thing probably still
work? Yeah? This is thisis more sover and more sover and leads

right, Yes, sir, Yeah, man, that was me. That
was me out there treating the yard. Yeah, I mean it's possible.
The only thing The best way totell is you hit you hit go and
see what happens on that irrigation system. Well, you know what I was
telling you about the little vision probablybest put it hard that that is right.

Yeah, I'll tell you what youcan do, Marsh, call the
garden center set them from uh,you can put in a service call and
we'll come out there, and we'vegot a trip charge, but we'll come
out there. We'll look at yourirrigation system for you. We can we
can turn the thing on and youknow, make sure it's working correctly,

make sure the heads are doing whatthey're supposed to do, you know,
and we can basically get the thingon. Then we can kind of assess,
you know, what needs to befixed or if anything needs bill.
You might thing might run like abrand new and you can't ever tell,
you know. Some of the time, you know, people will move out
of one house and move into anotherhouse, you know, and they've got

irrigation system. They don't know anythingabout it, and it may just be
as simple as turn a ball valveon out in the yard, you know,
where they've turned it off for thewinter or whatever. And you turn
that ball valve on and go inthere and hit start and the thing come
on, you know, and workperfect. So you know, it could
be one of those things. Soit's hard to say without seeing it.
But you can call the office eightfive four four thousand and five and they

can set up called for an irrigationrepair and we'll come out there and assess
what's going on and you know,give you a price to fix it or
you know, however you however youwant to do it. Okay, we'll
do Georgia shortest boy, guys appreciateit. Yes, sir, have a
good weekend out on that. Yeah. And I mean it's obviously it's impossible

to know for sure what's going onwith irrigation do we get out there and
take a look at it. Butyou know, in Mars's case, he
you know, he said he hasa little bit of issue with the side.
Yeah, yeah, right, SoI mean we can get that thing
where you know, it's set automaticallyfor him, run Monday, Wednesday,
Friday, and you don't even haveto mess with it outside of you know,

just in the fall turn it offand then the spring turned it out.
That's right, that's right. Unlessyou have an issue. A lot
of times that's all you got todo. It's like, uh, Gerald,
while we was out there his housethe other day trenching for that con
do it for that light. Uh. You know, we ran this system
all the way back through and everythingwas running good. But so you know,
we were just over there probably fouror five months ago doing some other

work and somebody had run over asprinkler head, you know, so we
had to repair one head, youknow, while we were out there.
But he's got one out of fivehundred. Yeah, he got twenty five
zones irrigation, so one head ain'tbad. You know, it's irrigations.
It's one of those things you can'tjust forget about it. Man. There's
constantly something that needs fixed on it, adjusted out part of it. It's

a mechanical thing, right, andparks break and things happen. But that
music means we're out of time,y'all. Y'all tune in next week for
the Classic Gardens of Landscape Show.And if you need gardening help, you
can call us anytime at the GardenCenter. If you need landscaping, lawn
caer, irrigation, night lighting,patios, retaining walls, We do all

that stuff. Call us eight fivefour four thousand and five. We will
see you next week on the ClassicGardens and Landscape show as as a
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