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December 16, 2023 49 mins
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It's the classic Gardens and Landscape showon the hand Ready and with your want
show up Plants and Grass to Growtwo and docent Chris, Chris and Chris
No, Chris knows it Tree,Chris knows it. Chris knows it.
Chris knows it. Chris knows it. Chris knows it. Chris knows it.

Chris knows it. And now you'rea host Chris Joyner and Chris Keith,
Chris Christ you winner. Hope everybody'sdoing fine. We got Sadie Joiner
down here too, drawing us aChristmas tree picture. But she doesn't talk
on the radio. She looks down, she hides. She's down here with

us every Saturday, but she nevertalks on the radio. Silence. One
day she'll she'll get her bravery upand and I remember what time, Chris
back, this is well, thiswill tell you how long I'm in doing
the radio show, because I Iremember Carolyn. She was working in the
garden center, and she might havebeen fifteen something like that, probably wasn't

he mad old, maybe probably likethirteen or fourteen, and uh she was
good and you know you could lookat her and she giggle by this Mike's
daughter, right, and that's shewould get on the radio show with us,
and Mike could go to messing withher and she just giggle, gig,
giggle, and that's all she doand she'd get okay off the radio

show. And then she turned sixteenand Mike bought her that Toyota Tundra,
that new truck and uh, wewere doing some advertising for Limbaugh too with
Toyota back then. That's how longthat was. And uh and she she
did the commercial and she said,you know, she gets on there she

says, I love my new truckfrom Limbatoya and she just like a whole
different person from you know, fromCarolyn to like she's grown boom. That's
why my kids are now, youknow. And uh, you know they
were mine were never mine, werenever timid, you know that ways saying

in church and and dead and theywould just jump out there in front of
everybody and just you know, dotheir thing. And uh. But some
you know, some kids are justlike I think, and the like the
flip of a switch, you know, they'll go from being gigly and and
timid and all that stuff to justbeing the opposite person. You know.
It's crazy, but uh, yeah, this is a classic Garden's landscape show.

Uh, we probably won't talk muchabout landscaping because, uh, we're
not doing anything our garden. ClassicGardens will be closed until the new Year,
taking a couple of weeks off forChristmas, spending time with family and
friends and catching up on our honeydewlist, right because once it's crazy to

think Chris Keith as before the radioshow was in my garage. You know,
I don't know if we ever saythis, but we do the radio
show from my wife's craft room.Now I've been doing that here for some
time because me and you both livein Springville, yep. And so we
would both wake up, we woulddrive to the garden center, do the
radio show, and then drive rightback to Springville. So we got a
you know, when the old Zephyrwent out a couple of years ago,

we got a new box. Yeah. So back in the days, back
well, back in the days whenwe you know, Mike was doing the
radio show, you know, fifteenor twenty years before I ever got on
there with him, but probably twentyyears before I ever got on there with
him. But he we would godown to Valley Avenue to the old studio
when it was over, you knowon Valley where every other studio is up

on tide of the top of theside of Red Mountain, you know,
and you go down there and actuallygo into the studio and do it.
So we would literally at that timehe lived in Uh he just sold his
house and road Buck and him andIn had moved out there to pel City
on the lake to their lake cows. So every Saturday, he'd have to
come from pel City all the wayto downtown Birmingham, Uh, you know,

Homewood Valley Avenue area, and I'dhave to leave Spring one and go
all the way in there, andwe'd do the radio show and then I
have to make a bee line backto the Garden Center to you know,
make it back to do that.So then we did a seven and nine
show, so it's a two hourshow. So we were getting up,
as you know, five forty fivein the morning, racing down there to
Valley, turned around and race backacross town the center point to help Ann

from you know, I'd I'd getback about ten, you know or nine
thirty and uh, and she'd belooking at the clock like, where's Chris
Kid Chris, hurry up. So, uh, then we bought this box
that was about as big as anold school v c R. You know.
It was about five thousand bucks,you know, and weighed five thousand

pounds eighth five pounds, and uhwe were able to do the radio show
at the Garden Center. And wedid that for god fifteen years. And
uh that old box craft out andnow we got a box it's about a
quarter of the size of that oneand about a quarter of the weight,
and it's was about eight thousand bucks. And uh so now we can do

it anywhere. I mean, hey, you know you want to in the
spring, when the crappie are biting, we can probably get a connection somewhere
out on the lake and do theradio show while we're cropping it on the
bank of the day. Oh well, we'll get it hooked up outside in
the spring when everything gets warm.I'll get a cable long enough and I'll
just run it right out the garageand we can sit out there and listen

to the birds chirp, and we'llget Doc Evans to put us a phone
line down there at Greensport. Knockit out right there and just hey,
I already had the boat cranked atthe break. There we go. That's
right. Uh yeah, Chris,just appreciate everybody that's we've done work for
this year. I mean that wecouldn't do it without y'all, that's for

sure. This is I've said itseveral times this year. This has been
the year for the little job,you know. Last year was seemed like
the year for the big job.But we had about twelve huge projects last
year that were just some of themwe were on for a week and a
half and then we were off ofthem for three weeks, and then we

were back on them, just waitingon other contractors that were doing stuff,
you know at the same time,so we'd get out of their way for
a little while and then we jumpedright back on it. Kind of thing.
This year. We probably did thebiggest job that we've done all year
last week and we just finished it. And big job at big wall we

did. We're down in Inverness atthe pop Offs. We did a job
I guess it was three or fouryears ago. We built a big wall
for their neighbors, the Rodel's tothe left. They had a big,
d bad drainage problem and everybody onthey you know, you'll never want to

buy the house in the hole.You want to buy the house on the
hill. All them live in thehole on the hill, you know what
I mean, they're in the holeon the hill. So there's there's a
row of houses behind them that areninety feet up the slope. And this
is a steep slope. This islike talladega embankment steepness. Oh yeah,

I mean you can't. This isropes, you know, to climate kind
of stuff. And they're behind allthese houses. So everybody off the bank.
Obviously, the people up top,they've got their down spouts piped to
where the only place they can pipethem is down the hill, and so

all that water comes down the hill, and then you got obviously the water
that just naturally flows down the hill. In combination with that, they had
a mess. And we had oneof those big grains where it rains,
you know, three inches in anhour kind of thing, and the rodell's
wall fell and it was a bigbrick retaining a man like sixty feet of

it collapsed and fell on their deckin the backyard, and they had a
serious issue. We went up thehill and put in this huge catch basin,
poured that thing up there and thenput a big metal grate over the
top of it and grated everything towherever, you know, everything would run
to that catch basin, and thenput in fifteen inch pipe. And we

put about two hundred feet of fifteeninch pipe and ran it across the hill
and down the hill all the wayto the road, and then rebuilt their
wall for them. And so nowmister and Ms. Popov on the right,
they don't have as bad a drainageissues. The way everything's grated kind

of above them, slopes off tothe right in between them and the neighbor
on their right hand side, sothe water flows better on theirs. But
they had what we always, youknow, we're always complaining about. They
had a cross tie retaining wall inthe backyard and it was beyond rotten and
we had to tear that thing outand replace it. So we had to

put in a you know, fivefoot tall wall that was one hundred and
fifty foot long in their backyard.We laid a nice patio back there.
I guess that patio is probably twelveor fourteen by forty five feet, and
did that went in, put thefinishing touches on that we had. We

had to put a sleeve under thepatio and run the irrigation through that sleeve
and put in two zones of irrigationon the right hand side of the house
and coming around on the back,right hand corner of the house, and
uh, we hit a gas line. And we always call line locators.
I don't care. I mean ifwe're if we're digging in your yard with

a with a spoon, we're gonnacall line locators. And uh, the
line locators came out and located thelines, and the yellow flag, which
is the gas line, it wasjust stuck in the front yard, so
they didn't locate it properly. Andwe're trenching around the corner and trying to

find it, and we're, youknow, we're busting it, trying to
get done for the holidays, becauseit's like yesterday was gonna be it,
you know, unless we didn't getdone and then we're gonna have to work
Monday. And that was just Ididn't want to do that. Now,
we didn't want to do that.So and we're humping it and we hit
the gas line and it's just like, oh no, and this is what

two o'clock. Oh yeah, it'slate in the evening. And I'm you
know, and I'm like, ohgod, I got sawed ordered for this
area. And I'm like, man, I just don't know if we're about
to get this done. And youknow, I'm telling Anna, I'm like,
cancel the sod. Uh. Youknow, we might have to just
weasdraw this thing or something and dosomething different because we're gonna have to be

working on irrigation. What looks likeall day tomorrow. Well, thanks to
Spire, they rush out. Imean there was literally a guy on the
job site faster than I could callhim, just about, and they came
out and they checked it out,and they I already had it cramped off
so I wouldn't blow a gas allover the place. But the Spire guy

came out, he sees what's goingon. He calls the next guy up,
and they come tearing out in there, and uh, come in there
and fix that thing. And thenyou got another guy comes in. He
puts meter in me you know,back in and does all that stuff and
relights all the pilots and does allthat because they didn't want you doing that
stuff yourself. They want to doit for you. And so they come

in and got all that stuff doneafter we left that day. But when
they got that fixed, we justlucked up and were able to connect back
to the old line where the irrigationwas. So that saved us from having
to do a bunch of trenching andredo on that stuff. And we just

wound up trenching a little ways inthe back back right corner and we're able
to put that stuff back together.And Man, Sergio and Herado yesterday Thursday
evening, they just man, theyjumped on and it was like it went.
It went from something that was lookingpretty dang impossible to meet all of

a sudden like, hey, youknow what, go ahead and bring that
saw. Yeah, we turned aroundand I had the opportunity to actually come
on that job for a few days. And they we're both looking at it.
We were like, there ain't noway, but the Lord was looking
after us, and we hooked upto that irrigation and everything worked. I
was I enjoyed coming out there andhelping you all out and doing stuff on

the job. Normally Justin would beout there with you all, but he
was hauling equipment and doing some landclearing. And there's a I think he
was clearing out like a like acreek, a creek bed that yeah,
needed rediverted. So he was doinga lot of forestry typework, which we
do all around, you know what, all around Jefferson and the surrounding counties.

We're we're off the next couple ofweeks and like you said, we
kind of catch up on honey dewstuff. Well, I've had a hole
in my pond for my whole life, Like it started as a muskrat hole,
you know what I'm saying, likeas big as a baseball, and
that baseball is now as big asa drum. And so we're gonna go

probably the middle of next week,we're gonna dig that thing out. I've
had a pile of clay at myhouse to packing that down for two years.
That's been piled up there sitting there. Way to do this, and
now the time and yeah, theweather looks pretty good next weekend or next
week, so sometime about TUESA orWednesday, we're probably gonna go in there
and dig up the hole in mypond and fixed the pond. And that's

been a long time, obviously fortyfive years in the making right. So
yeah, most of the time we'reoff for the holidays, I wind up
doing some kind of strategic something.Yeah where you yeah, right here whatever.
Maybe we'll get some rain and youcan burn that high all right,
we need we need some rain.The burn band is over. Yeah,

so yeah, so you can strikea match up, but we do need
some rain. I went by LakeParties the other day. I was like,
oh my gosh, where is itat? Where is all the water
gone? Yeah? It never came. Yeah, you can bet you know.
We're we're sitting here and it's uh, you know, middle of December,
and by the time we get toby the time we get to the

middle of you anywhere, oh mygosh, will it please where's this?
We'll be like where's the sun?Yeah? Lake pretty will be like brim
and full and it would just beyou know, flowing down to the Gulf
of Mexico at that point. Yep. Well, Chris, I know we've
got to be up for a break. Let's go ahead and do that.
Our number. If y'all want togive us a call, uh, you
can still ask us a gardening question. We're not talking much gardening, but

well we've talked pretty much the wholetime, we've been doing pretty good.
We've been talking retaining walls, ifyou need landscaping, irrigation, night lighting,
if you need a patio or retainingwall, any of that stuff.
Uh, forest mulching, land clearing, if you want a pond dud.
Give us a call at the gardenCenter at eight five four, four thousand

and five. Uh, somebody willbe going by regular and checking the messages
and all that stuff. So we'llset you up an appointment for after the
first year. We'll come out thereand uh, you know, we're not
gonna be doing any work the nextcouple of weeks, so we'll we'll get
you lined up for the you know, beginning of the year. Look forward
to working with the next bench whereI know we've gave Miss pop Off another

estimate to do some more work forthem. To look forward to working with
them again, you know, onthat January February timeframe. But if y'all
want to call us and ask thisgardening question, you can do it.
It's two five, four, threenine nine three seven to two. You
listen to Classic Gardens a Landscape Showon WORC. It's the Classic Gardens and

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That's nine sixty seven eighty eight hundredtoday, and tell them that Mike sent
you. Everybody is starting the field. It start in the field, It

in on other side, box onthe street line. Holiday magic heavy,
holiday magic everywhere, Chris, includingmy house. Uh down here in my
wife's arts and crash room. Youcan tell it's Christmas. Ninety percent of

the year. There's always holiday decorations, paper, ribbon, glitter. You
know. I got three girls.I got created up good though I don't
know, I need to ride byhere in the dark. It's you know,
and I still got a hant.So over the years, I always
decorated my house when I was akid. So I always decorated when I
was a kid, and it justkind of kept adding, and I kept

adding and adding and adding. Andthen when we got when Sarah and I
got married and got our first house, it just kind of escalated. And
we'll typically just find a bunch ofstuff on sale after Christmas, you know,
and decorations and whatnot go fifty seventyfive percent off and add onto it.
So I mean, it's not anythinghuge as spectacular like Bama Lights.

Case is one of our main lawncair technician and and he does everything synchronized.
You can't even you can't even topof it. And you could go
on his facebook their facebook pages Bamof Lights and check it out. But
you just drive by. It's overand pencing and uh and look at that.
It's drive by. You don't park, you don't get out and walk,

but you tune your radio to thewhatever station it says on the big
sign and all the all the lightsgo with the music. It's it's a
lot of lights. Man. Hestarted, he starts about labor days and
it never quits. Then he getseverything taken down and he's prepping for next
year, you know, fixing thingsand building new. It's all lights,

but building building new, you know, displays and stuff like that. It's
a sight to see. Yeah,he's out in Pence and y'all go check
him out and drop a ten inhis box for charity. Yeah, he
does a job. It's awesome.We got Harold at home with good morning,
Harold, how are you doing?Oh great? Going and run everything

out here? Good month you guysto get any today? No, Harold,
listen, I had I was mybirthday was December second, and I
had just a I had a cold, right, and so that cold kept,
that cold kept hanging around, andthat Wednesday after my birthday, I
was like, listen, I gottago to the doctor and get tested for
something. Well I had. Ihad COVID and oh man, man,

So it's been two weeks today.So like I'm not contagious or anything.
But like, if you asked meto do a forty yard sprint, I'd
probably get about ten yards into itand pass out because my lung capacity is
shot right now. Yeah, literallybrought me you gonna run today? Man,
I may run and get a biscaholl Yeah, hey, listen that.

Uh No, Chris brought me abunch of stuff over to the job
the other day, and you know, we're talking about the house on the
whole, and you know the houseand the hole and the house on the
hill. These people live on thebluff pretty much, and uh, you
know, Chris went to like bringme some I said, web and I
don't think about it because normally youjust asked him to do something. Bringing
it to you, you know,no problem. He like went down to

the bottom of the hill and grabbedsomething brought it back to me, and
you think he'd ran a marathon,you know, like for like four minute
miles. Man, you might betaking it easy. Good hey. Drenching
of trees, okay, to dothat now, drenching, yeah, you
can, you can do You cando the insect drench any time of the

year. There's not a bad timethat fall falls, really the prime time.
So if you hadn't done it,knock it out. Okay, I
did not do that. And thenwe're lying flying for the yard, right
correct, yep, good deal.Huh well, Chris, My Sadi sends
a Merry Christmas to you, youknow, Merry Christmas, Sadie. My

Sadie went upstairs, she drew aChristmas tree and then she probably hurt it
out. She went back upstairs togo play with her sisters. She doesn't
try to bite your hand off likemy No, hey, there was no
It was my middle daughter Caroline.When she was a baby, she was
a bite her And I remember onetime we were laying we were laying in

bed watching TV, and uh,I don't remember how old she was.
She must have been like a yearand a half or something, two years
old, and I remember looking overat her and she was coming at me
like a shark with teeth coming tomindy, that was the last time she
did that. That's all I'm gonnasay. Well, guys, I always
enjoy talking to you, love whatyou do, and I appreciates friendship before

you got very Christmas, Happy NewYear, Merry Christmas, Herald. We
appreciate everything you've done for us overthe years. Yeah, we appreciate you.
Er, thank you, Thank y'all. I'll take all the day.
I'm credit ro tid. Oh man, you're talking about that landscape job.
I remember I was helping you digsome plants up on top of the retaining

wall. So did a lot oflandscaping in addition to the retaining wall,
and addition about fifty to the topof that hill in about forty five.
Yeah, and I got to likemy fourth hole, and this was like
all back I say backfield dirt.I mean it was dirt that we dug
from one spot and put the other, so it was like soft dirt,
you know what I mean, easyto dig in. And I got to
about five holes and I look overgeshe was like, my god, Chris

Keith, I can't do this anymore. I was going through like an augur.
I had it it up. Now, yeah, you're coming on strong.
Oh man, So were talking aboutit. You're talking about Claire being
a bier. I remember Caroline.Claire didn't bite, so Caroline the Caroline
came at me one time, anduh, Sadie hasn't did you did a

lot more for Kayley. I guessit was just timing, you know what
I'm saying. Like when me andwhen me and Teresa had Kaylee, we
uh, we were both working andI would get up at two o'clock in
the morning feed her until she,you know, got where. She'd sleep
all night, but she would likesleep. She'd fall asleep, like right

on my chest. And now I'dfell asleep too. I dozed off and
I'm kicked back in their incliner,and all of a sudden, I just
get You know how you get bitand you like, well, I got
bit. I guess she clamped downon my chest for some reason. And
you know how you swat a bug. Well, I busted her and she

flipped out and no more, Biden. That was game over, game no
more. Oh gosh. Yes,she's probably about two, and the every
year there's always one moment where aparent puts a kid in this place,
and you'll always remember we call it. We called it when Chris Disney World

somebody, yeah, because it Clairehad gotten clear. She may have been
four or five, six years old, something like that, I don't remember,
but it was right when they startedkind of finding their own and getting
attitude, you know what I mean. And she back talked me. We
were at Disney World and we wereall in the resort, like in the
hotel room, me and my familyand then a couple of my in laws,

and she popped off to me,and I mean, it was a
bad It was a smart Alec bad. And I came across that room and
she had never done it again.But that's Disney. That's when when Chris
goes Disney World on somebody, thatmeans he ain't playing. I went pretty
yet. I went pretty eight.One time on the way back from Gatlinburg,
we got to like Rising Foam.So we're already like we're we're way

into the homestreph the third Yeah,I'm I'm about to cross the Alabama line.
We stop, you know. Ithink we were going to do something
dumb, like buy some lottery ticketsor get some scratch offs. Yeah,
why not right s. Yeah,we're in Georgia, we're about to be
in Alabama. You can't buy alottery ticket. So we stopped and anyways,
it was you know, it's justa naughty thing. Anyways, so

we stopped and got some scratch offsor something and Kaylee in saw something in
there she wanted and I told her. I said, all baby, put
that back, and buddy, shecame apart and we got in the car
and I said, look, you'regonna have to When I say come apart,
I'm talking about the scream like topof your lungs, uh, you

know, high pitched shrill, youknow, knock you out. And I
told her, I said, I'mgonna tell you you're gonna have to just
you know. And I'm being alittle more stern than that. And we
hit the interstate and I got abouthalfway down the owner ramp and I had

to pull over, and by whenI pulled over and snatched her out that
car. I think I left thelasting impression on Ashley too, because I
don't think I ever had a Idon't think I had to like look at
them's cross again ever, like tothis point, I think our kids have
turned out pretty well. They're stillalive. Well, Chris, let's take

another break or number. If y'allwant to give us a call, it's
two O five four three nine ninethree seven two. If you need landscaping,
long care, irrigation, not lighting, if you need a patio or
a taining wall or forest multing,any of that stuff, give us a
call at the Garden Center Monday throughFriday eight to four. Uh, we'll

be checking the messages. So justcall in, leave a message with somebody
will get back we in a fewdays and get a get you scheduled for
somebody to come out and give youestima to do your work. You listen
to the Classic Gardens of Landscape showingw RC. It's the classic Gardens and
Landscape showing all the hand ready tocome when you watch them lands and grass

and jud docent because Christ and Christand now you're a host Chris Joiner and
Chris Keith and we're back on theClassic garden Man with the show Merry Christmas
to all and to all a gooddarning and here got to all the good
lawn. And I want to sayhey to mister Moody. Mister Moody lives

up in Cropwell and listens to theradio show. And I was at before
I came to the landscape job.I get in the know. We are
in the the before I came tothe landscape job. On Thursday, I
met with mister Moody and signing himlawn fertilization control, so we're gonna be
taking care of his yard. Andthen from there I went to Mountain like

Mountain Brook kind of near mountain BrookHigh School and gave a quote for lawn
fertilization. And then from Mountain Brook, I went down to uh kind of
behind Highland down Donovent Valley Road,bottom of two eighty new subdivision. Mister

Griffith. We treated mister Griffith's yardin Highland Lakes. He sold that house
and moved into like a new developmentthat's small. You know. I guess
it's kind of a you know,kind of when somebody wants to downsize their
house, they go from a youknow, six thousand square foot house because
they had kids to you know,three thousand or four thousand square foot house.
You know, you know, newsubdivision type house. And I'm gonna

be taking care of that for himand then that's brand new new development in
a crummy bermuda that they put in. And you know, it's one of
the things that my pet peeves aboutnew developments is you know, they don't
they they basically have a top soilscreener come in there, they screen all
the top soil, they sell allthe top soil off of there, and

they then they come the builders comein and they lay cheap contractors grade bermuda
on basically like solid clay, concrete, brick, mortar, MODELO beer cans
cigarette But you know what I'm saying, they don't do a lot of prep
work. Half sheets, yeah,half sheets apply with all the construction to
breed basically gets distributed across the acrossthe lot. They may bring in a

tracks, a load or two ofscreen top soil. They'll spread it out
over four thousand square feet, soyou're talking about like a quarter maybe maybe
a quarter of an inch of dirtthat's just to kind of level things out.
And then labor mute aside on topof it, which okay, you
know we can grow them, andwe've always claimed we can grow ber mute

on anything, and we can.It just makes it a little It makes
it a little trickier, you know, and it takes a little bit more
time to uh, to take ato take a yard that is on basically
laid on concrete and get it establishedand get it looking good. But we've
tweaked our program over the years toaccount for this, and and we'll be
able to turn it around pretty quick. But one of the other things is,

like you know, they're trying toin a new construction house. They're
trying to get everything done, likeat the same time they want the house
construction done, pained windows done,landscaping done, da da da da dah.
So they'll lay the sod and thenyou know, they're trying to keep
the sad watered so that it doesn'tdie well. At the same time,
you got dozens of contractors walking backand forth over this, you know,

over this water ground, and sonow you got footprints and everything all through
there and it's just uneven and sohe'll probably have to come in and do
some sanding in the in the springjust to get everything level. But we're
gonna get it turned around pretty quick. And from from Highland Lakes, that's
I came up there and met y'allup the landscape, joh From then I
covered some ground, mainly doing lawnfertilization and we control quotes, which is

gonna be big. You know.Right now is a perfect time when we
get into the first of the year. That's that's our first big push for
pre mergent as we as we startat twenty twenty four. And if you
don't do get on pre emergent program. Now you're always behind the ball on
one pre mergent, but ahead ofanother one. So start the year off

right, you know, getting aheadof the weeds for the spring. Well,
we always tell you in September,and you just about guarantee it is
that if you start on a preemergent program in September, you won't have
any poana. And just as wesay that if you start on a pre
emergent program in January, I canjust guarantee it you won't have any crab

grass that's right in the spring.And that you know, that's just all
there is to it. So it'sit's as good a time now to start
on a pre emergent program than itis anytime. I know a lot of
people, you know, when thegrass goes dorm it they think there's nothing
to do, but there is alot that needs done. You know,
I look at lineman the lawn Chrisas like you getting a tetanus shot.

You know when you cut yourself andyou like, up, when do you
have your last tetnis shot? Thinkabout it? You like, I can't
remember? Well, line in youryard is the same way. A lot
of people just neglect lining their lawn. And uh So if you think about
it and you're like, when's thelast time I don't line my lawn,
there's probably a time lineen, that'sright, So yeah, get your line

out. Uh let's get Teyla rightquick. She's in Birmingham. Good morning,
Tila, how you hey, Goodmorning Mary, Christmas, Good Christmas.
I'm thanks. I got the uhy'all recommended the tree, the furlong
tree and shrub drench when I calledin recently, and I've got that.
So I was looking at the directionsand I almost have the thought I had

to go to class to figure outhow to use it. So I figured
if I called in, you couldgive me a simple formula because it seems
very complicated. If I'm probably makingmore of it than it really is.
Do you have some simple formula likeyou know, two ounces to a gallon
or something or yeah, I gotmeasured measure that. Yeah. So what
you do is you measure around thetrunk about waist high. Okay, have

very many ants? Is you get? Is how many ounces you use?
Okay? You can, all right, you can. It doesn't matter how
much water you got. So youjust want to a couple of gallons of
gallons of water of work. Uhyou just take so if it's ten inches
around the trunk, then you putten ounces of that in your bucket and

put you a couple of gallons ofwater in there and just pour it around
the drip line of that tree.Okay. And uh so I'm dealing with
some crape myrtles, so that's sojust kind of go up around all of
them. It most of yeah,most of the time. Crape myrtle's got
three or four trunks, so youjust you know, measure around the trunk.

Each one of your trunks might besix inches or whatever, and you
just add all them together and that'show many ounces you'll need. And you
just take it and mix that withtwo or three gallons of water and pour
it around the bottom of them.Okay. And then one is a dwarf
river birk, so it's kind ofshort, very very short. So just

it's really really short like that.I think those dresses are going to tell
you something like three ounces per footand height. Okay, So if it's
a couple three feet tall or whatever, you might use like three ounces per
foot and height. Okay. Andthen one less is there's some short bushes
that are around that just are bushesthat are just turning black and we're going

to try to toss it on thereand hope that it would help. So
with bushes, just maybe cut itdown a little bit on quantity. You
may you may be you may curethat by doing your crate myrtles. If
the are around the crpe merdle there, if they're down, they're nowhere.
Yeah, they're nowhere near each other. Okay, Well they may be.

Guardenias are real bad about it.If they'll get they'll get white flies,
real bad. And same deal.They secrete that resin just like those aphis
and stuff, and so you'll getthat black sooty mold on them. Same
deal. Do use three ounces perfoot and high. Okay, great,
all right, thanks so very muchguys. Yes, ma'am, y'all have

a good Christmas in New Year.Thanks you as well. Bye bye.
So Chris Keith Long care wise comingup on a very important time of year,
getting pre merging down doing your line. This time of year, it's
it's not a bad idea just toget your get your lawn equipment out and
like crank it up right. Solike my hedge tremmors. I'm not gonna

use my hedge tremmors till the spring, but every now and then I'll get
them out and just crank them.I got to put a storm on mowing.
If you've got mowers that need serviced, now is the perfect time to
get those into your small engine repairshop because there ain't nothing worse. And
you didn't want going to cut yourgrass on a nice, pretty March day

when it's like seventy five and sunnyoutside, right, and you go to
crank your mower and it doesn't work. There ain't nothing worse than that.
So any any any repairs that youneed to do on any of your lawn
equipment, now is a great timeto do it. Because of the lawn
equipment repair shops are kind of slow, right, now you know during the
spring when everybody's trying to crank stuffup, that's when they get busy and
they're gonna be like, well,you know, you can drop it off

now and we'll have it to youin about a month. So getting getting
your equipment fixed, or just youknow, putting putting some gas with some
fuel stabilizer in it, doing allchanges, all that kind of stuff.
It's a great time to do it. You know, everything that on my
end of this business, everything thatwe do, we we literally can do

three hundred and sixty five days ayear that you know. Drainage work for
us is really tough in the wintertimebecause typically you know, it's raining all
the time, and if you've allready got a drainage issue, obviously you
know that area is gonna be muddyand nasty and it's just hard for us
to get in there and not makea mess. So that would be kind

of the worst thing I guess wecould do, you know, in the
in the January February timeframe. Butthe best thing that you could do is
have like big trees playing it.So if you need, if you if
you want to plant some trees thatare already nice size to begin with.
Man, they dig trees this timeof the year and we we put them

in. So it's a great timeof year to do that kind of stuff
transplanting. Right now, if you'vegot a bush that's in the wrong place
and you want to dig it upand move it, uh, now is
the perfect time to do it.So any time between now and you know,
the middle of February, go aheadand knock that out. Great time

to get that done. And uh, you want to get up in there
and don't cut the tops out ofyours. But if you want to get
up in there and you got limbsand you need to just then a tree
out or you know, take offsome lower limbs or whatever. Man,
it's it's a great time to dothat. I've got something that smacked me
in my face ever just about everytime I cut my grass, And that's

what I'm gonna be doing over thenext couple of weeks. When I get
the opportunity to getting out there withthe poles all knocking some limbs down,
I'm gonna cut some off. I'mgonna trim some After the radio show,
I'm gonna trim them off about aninch above the ground, about now you're
gonna take about ninety feet off.Yeah. You know, I've talked about
a little bit over the last tenmonths or a year, but I've been

I've been building a barn, andabout this time last year, I started
with the dirt work and the barn'sbuilt. So now I've got all the
My buddy's electrician. He came inand helped me do my wiring and all
that stuff. So now everything's wiredup and ready to go. I had
the album on a power guy outto look at it to see where we

were setting a pole because I gottarun power about two hundred feet to the
barn. And he said, well, we got to take out these ten
trees right here, and most ofthem are about as big as you're,
about as big as your wrist.But I got a couple of pines that

are like is your waiste that haveto come down. So that's what happened.
Like today, it's a great dayto do it. Yeah, I
will talk about cutting some pine treesdown in my old house and wind and
how wind can blow pine trees thewrong way. Yeah, after the break,

right the break, we'll be rightback on the classic gardens and Landscape
show. It's the show in theknow with all things that grow. It's
the classic gardens and Landscape show withChris Joiners and Chris Key. Green House
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Insurance has been taking care of myinsurance needs for a long time, and
they can take care of yours.Just call Russell green House at nine sixty
seven eighty eight hundred. That's ninesix seven eighty eight hundred today, and
tell them that Mike sent you.It's beginning to look a lot like Christmas.

Every about slaptide of her greas onceagain. Huh. I dropped the
tree on my aunt's house one time. It was dead in the middle.
This is the classic gardens and theLong Long Hair and landscape show. But
we don't do tree work. Wedon't do I was, uh, my

granddad and I were cutting the treeat my ant's house. It was half
dead, and I'm I, I'vedropped a lot of trees in my day.
You're right, so you know it'sbound to happen. Well, we
had a rope tied off to itand everything, and I notched it and
we didn't know it was dead inthe middle. And I know I was
cut during the you know, thefinal cut on the backside, and the
man that saw just hit that thatthat hollow area in there and went straight

through it and that rope didn't holdand it fell backwards onto my aunt's house.
It did a little bit of damage. It wasn't anything serious, but
that was my one. That wasthe only time I've dropped a tree on
a on a house so far thatpie that I was talking about before the
radio show. I had a bunchof pine trees in my old at my
old house that got beetles in them. And these are man pines. When

I say man pines, I meanthey were big, about fifteen of them,
and they were every bit of ninetyfeet high, ninety hundred feet tall.
I mean these are big dogs.And I dropped thirteen of them on
number fourteen. I notched. Inotched it. I'm cutting it. I
mean the thing straight is an arrow, I mean plumb to like like God
set this thing down as straight asyou can get straight, you know what

I'm saying. And so I'm gonnadrop it just back into the woods like
I did everything else. So Inotched it. I go to make that
final cut. You know, I'msitting there, I'm looking up at it.
My wal Sarah and the kids arekind of out in the window watching
me, because they're just watching thetrees fall. And about the time I
get to the point where I'm cuttingthrough this thing, a gust of wind
comes God, and God says,I'm gonna take this tree where I want

to, and that I see thatthing, and that gust of wind blows
it back towards my blows it backtowards my house, and that thing,
that thing fell on my corner fencepost like it was driving a steak and
busted and busted my fence up.I had a nice weather station on it,
and it busted that weather station up. And I just look up in
the window and my wife's sitting thereshaking her head. And I ain't nothing

to do about that. I mean, it was a beautiful, calm day.
But man, that one gust cameat the wrong time. It don't
take much. It does not takemuch. And then the other tree I
had to drop out in the yardbecause it was leaning that way. There
was no way I could take itback the other way. Yeah. So
you know, fourteen out of fifteentrees went exactly where I wanted them to.
That's pretty good. That ain't badat all. Yeah, that one

that I was talking about it atthe break, it just kind of drifted
a little bit. Yeah, itwas. It was a little windy that
day. I think my rope mantoo, I think his feet slipped out.
Yeah, took a nose though.Oh man, we don't do tree
work. We don't every now andthen, Like what's the guy's name that

lives over Chris that we did workfor in tuck Wilder that's up on top
of the hill. He's in thecold a sack on the left hand side.
Mister Helmer's. Mister Helmer's. Hehad a maple tree in the front
yard. It's not if you gota tree out there it's twenty or you
know, twenty or thirty foot talland it's you know, big as my
leg. Yeah, and it's gotit's you know, like something like that

might have thirty limbs on it.You and can cut a limb off at
a time. Yeah, Like wedon't grind stumps, but I've got a
stump grinder, and like if thatthat little Vermier machine. Like if we're
coming in there and you've got oneof those yards, like half of the
little side jobs that we do havegot like a little maple tree in the
front yard. And when I saya little maple tree, it's still a

little maple tree, but it's alreadyswallowed that yard because it should have never
been put there to begin with.A lot of times we'll go in there
and we'll cut that tree down,we'll grind the stump, and then we'll
go in there and lay you know, two poulets of sod in one of
those little garden home top yards.We do that probably fifteen times a year,
so we are capable of doing thatkind of work. We just don't

come out there and like cut downfifteen trees for you. It's like,
if we're gonna come in and doa yard for you, we'll call a
tree service. We'll get them tocome out there, look at it.
They'll do the tree work. Thenthey'll grind the stumps. For the most
part. We may have to doa little bit more grinding or whatever so
we can get your grade right andall that stuff. Then we'll do all

the grading and uh, you know, rest it and you know, put
your irrigation in and all that stuff. I love watching tree guys work man,
especially when you see those guys climbing, you know, if they're taking
down like a big old dead oakor something like that, and there you'll
see them climbing the tree and thenall of a sudden, they don't have
a rope on and they disconnect andthey're like a They're like a orangutan going

up through that tree, just movingabout cut stuff down. Some old school
climbers like that, man, theyblow your way, but not this guy.
What's super cool is when they goin there and like you see one
of these neighborhoods where all the housesare like three story or whatever, and
they got a pine tree in thebackyard that's like as big as the hood
of your car. And they goin there and they lock that thing off

back there, and then they taketheir crane and boom that thing over the
top of your house. Yeah.I'm just like, oh my, that's
that's crazy. The whole tree andjust lifted right over your house. Looking
ain't nothing. Set it out thereby the road, and then they'll go
in and whittling on it. That'sit's where we were working a fortunate business
where we can watch that stuff happen. Well, we were building a wall

over there in Moody one time,and it was when I first started working
on the landscaping crew. And uh, we were over there in that subdivision,
Chris, I'm kind of over thereby the old by, Yeah,
Taylor's Trap Tailor's crossing. Yeah,that was Brandon. It was a big,

big wall and you know, wewere getting our feet wet with those
walls at that time. And uhso that was a big wall, one
of the biggest ones we'd done atthe time. And we went in there
and we were doing that, butthat the neighbor on the right hand side
of them, they're putting a poolin and they took a crane and they

went in there and excavated for thatthing, and they took that crane and
dropped that pool in there, justlike like like you put a new tooth
in a spot. Well, Chris, that music means we're out of time.
I hope y'all have a great Christmas, great New Year, and uh
man, we'll see you next yearon the Classic Guards and Landscape Show.

Call us. If you need landscapeand irrigation, night lighting, a patio
or a taining wall, or ifyou need a pawn dug or anything like
that, give us call eight fivefour four thousand and five and we'll see
you next time on the Classic Guardsthe Landscape Show. Merry Christmas, A
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