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December 2, 2023 48 mins
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It's the classic Gardens and Landscape Showon the head. Ready and when you
want show up plants and grass togrow, tune us in. Chris,
Chris and Chris. No, Chrisknows it. Chris knows it. Chris
knows it. Chris knows it.Chris knows it. Chris knows it.

Sure, Chris knows it. SeeChris knows it. And now you're a
host. Chris Joyner and Chris King, good morning. All right. We
couldn't hear our intro music coming intotheirs. This is a classic Gardens and
Landscape show. Good thing. Weweren't talking bad about people, you know,
No, no, you know itwouldn't have been our Our talk off

of the radio show is much likeour talk on the radio show. We
talk a lot about food and yards. Right. Uh. We were talking
to Buddy the Elf over here.We do have a special Christmas Buddy the
Elf down here in the radio room. But she doesn't want to say anything.
My little baby, my little babysad. He's down here playing.
So this is the classic Gardens andLandscape Show. Because if you want to

give us a gardening question, giveus a call. Four three nine nine
three seven two baby yeah, we'rehere. We're and that's the thing.
I mean, you drive the show. I mean John, he just tells
us, Hey, look you're own, he said, and we good.
So anyways, a lot of gardengoing on. They ain't a lot of
garden going on to day. Wewere talking about a minute ago, Chris,

I think this is the first timein about six months where we could
say, uh, you know,it's a it's a nasty Saturday morning.
Yeah, we'll take it. Youknow, I've been complaining about, Hey,
I need to burn some stuff.I need to burn some stuff.
And I'm I'm I'm the good guy. You know, I'm not the guy
that's gonna you know, a lotof bonfire or whatever. And when there's

a burn band. So I'm allright, we've had enough moisture. Now
let's lift the band. You know, you ain't gonna make up for you
know, eight inches behind on whatwhat you know rain, it's just thinking
that happened. I mean, ifyou think about it, Chris, if
it rained eight inches in the nexttwo days, you wouldn't be no better
off than you were, you know, two days before that, right,

because all that water that you know, falls, it's just gonna run off,
and you know it's it's been thegolf of Mexicoachino and that's that.
You know, that's just the wayit is. So you know, once
you start getting uh you know,rainfall, you know, periodically like we're

doing now. I love Layingside.This time of year, we just didn't.
I'm getting off the okay, solet's stay on the burn band.
Let's go on the burn band.Thanks, so let's lift the band.
So Chris Keith can burn. Ihear you. We went, they lifted
the burn band. I hope everybodyhad a happy Thanksgiving. Man. It
was, by the way, man, we had a fantastic time in our

garden centers opened back up Monday throughFriday eight to four, so come see
us. I've been there a lot, helping the girls out. We're doing
some new software stuff with their longcair divisions. I've been in there learning
that. Man, that's a goodtime of year to do. That's obviously
the garden center this time of yearis just dead. That's a good thing
for a shopper because if you wantto just come in stroll around. Now

we're not there on Saturday, sodon't come in on some weekends. But
if you want to come in,stroll around, and you know, if
nothing else is kind of get agame plan going. Now's a great time
to do this kind of work.So if you need to do landscaping,
it's it's fantastic time to do it. But you can walk around in the
garden center and literally you'll hear cricketschirping in there. There's just there's not

a lot going on this time ofyear. We don't do Christmas trees.
We really don't do it. Ithink and might order six points at is
and I think she gives them away, and we just don't do a lot.
We take the time just you know, just if somebody wants take off
or whatever, they take off togo spend time with their family, you
know whatever. Everybody's always got toget together stuff, you know, not

everybody does or get together on Christmas. You know, I think I've got
I got a Christmas party to goto today at lunch time. Yeah,
we did, we did too.We gotta today. So today's actually today's
actually my birthday, but I'm goingto everybody else's party today. How about
that? So we got a soccerChristmas pajama party that we're going to and

then a surprise birthday party that we'regoing to, yeah at five today,
so we're busy, and then Ithink another party tomorrow. It's that it's
either if people are people are doingparties and they're hibernating, you know,
they don't want to go outside anddo anything like to this morning, right,
I slept till seven ten this morning. I can't remember when the last
time I slept till seven ten was. Because it's just gloomy outside. I

could have I could have hung inI could have hung in there till for
about five six more hours. Ithink I should have just rolled out at
five. And I didn't stay uplate last night or anything. But but
now I hope everybody had a greatThanksgiving. I know we did. We
went up to North Georgia Dealer GeorgiaCamping that's on the literally we were like,

we went up into North Carolina andthen boom popped back maybe five miles
into Georgia to go camping. Wehad it was it was a really really
good time. We had six familymembers that had that had campers all lined
up at the camp site, andyou know, it was it was kind
of weird because normally when you goto those camp you know camp sites like

that during the holidays, it's reallyreally busy, you know, everybody's going
there. But this particular one,it was a lot of people that like
owned the lots or or were fulltimers there. Well, because they lived
at that camp site full time.They left and they were going to see
their family, you know, inFlorida and and Bama and Georgia. So
there was nobody. There was nobodythere and it was a super nice campground,

so you know, there was I'dsay there was a couple dozen families
there doing stuff, but we basicallywe had to place to ourselves. Yeah,
when you look at it in thegrand scheme of things, had a
great time, despite the fact thatin the first two days Claire started running
fever. Before she left her sheshe had a little bit of a fever

and Sarah took her to the doctorand she had strip Well you know it's
that time men a school year everything. Yeah, right, right, so
got all antibiotics. We left Saturdayafter the radio show got up there.
She woke up Sunday had just ajust a twinge of a fever, like
you know, one hundred points something. But by the end of the day,
you could start to see her,you could see it in her eyes,

and she and clear is one ofthose that's like energizer bunny, wide
open man one hundred percent of thetime. And so she started kind of
getting lethargic. Took her temperature andit bumped up to like one or two,
so, you know, to makeher hydrate, you know, gatorade,
water, you know, to giveher medicine. And then Monday morning
she wakes up in her freaking temperaturesone hundred and five and we're like,

oh my gosh. But you know, we we kind of figured, okay,
well she slept in a dadgum sweatshirtand a jacket and had leggings on
and a pair of sweatpants and wascovered up in her blankets. So it's
like, all right, well,let's let's get her like undressed a little
bit cool down. And anyway itgot you know, basically, but after

that, she temperature went down likeone o three, you know. So
she ran like one hundred and fivetemperature one day, then it was one
hundred and three, then it wasone hundred and two, then it was
one hundred and one the next day. So she had a fever the entire
time. But you know, kids, man, they don't check up.
You know, it really didn't.It really didn't bother. So we had
to dealt with that. Basically,the first couple of days was the worst.

And then Caroline came in Monday,I think it's Monday night, and
she's like, my eye hurts,and you look at it and that dagum
thing is as pink as could be. We're like, oh my god,
you got pink eye? Where didyou get pink if on? So next
day Sarah has to go find uhuh. She went. She went to
one of the urgent careplays, butI don't know, she got kept getting

the run around. I don't knowif it was that time of year and
they were short staffed or whatever.But she went to one place. The
website said it was urgent care,you know, and they treat everything.
Well. She gets in there andthey say, well, we don't do
urgent care stuff. We're family orfamily practice, and you know, she
you know, listen, we're fromout of town, we're camping. You
know, she's I'm pretty sure she'sjust got pink eye. We just need

a doctor to look at it.And they push her off to somebody else.
And so then she goes to adifferent doctor and they say the same
thing. And it's like, comeon, folks, I mean, we've
got eight year old here. It'sgot this pink eye. Man, you
know what I'm saying. That shouldbe doctor in one on one give her
a shot, you know, giveher a sack full of medicine. And
in transit she finds uh and Iforget, I forget that. I'm pretty

sure it was like Southeast I Center. So thank you, just Dealer Clayton,
Georgia, Southeast I Center. Becauseshe goes in there and sees them
up. She got pink eye.She got pink eye. Go figure.
They give her drops and and she'sgood. And then and then amongst that,
I think that same day Sadie hadjust a bunch of congestion and so

like when she laid down, youknow, all that congestion starts settling in.
So she's coughing. And poor Sarah, my wife, man, she's
a superstar. She slept on thefloor with a with a with a big
bowl next to her because she wouldget Sadie would get choked up coughing and
then she'd end up. You know, spitting up her throwing up a little
bit. So my poor wife slepton the floor last night. My wife
is an angel. Man, I'mjust gonna I hope she can hear me

upstairs. But my wife is anangel. But despite all that, we
had a fantastic time. That wasjust the first two days. And and
I think my wife, I think, you know, she was fixing and
she was fixing a packet up andgo. And I was like, baby,
all we gotta do is persevere.Let's just get through this day and
we'll be good to go. Andafter that, man. Oh, and
then I think on the way tothe eye doctor, one of the kids,

one of my nieces, had lefther bike like right at the front
tire a truck, and you know, Sarah was and Sarah looked, she's
we're always real good about looking forthings, looking for kids. Here tight
driveway and you know, five bicycles. Yeah, Well she she didn't see
that particular bike, or she thoughtit was she thought it was, you
know, far enough out of theway. When she when she pulled out,

she ran over Inmicate's bike and crushedInmicate's bike. And this is this
was at the point where she wasready to go home, and uh,
somebody, somebody had told me aboutit. I was like, all right,
so when Sarah gets back, Idon't need to make jokes about her
running over the bike. And Ithink my brother in law looked at me,
It's like, dude, you're gonnaget killed if you do that.
And that's when I told her wejust got to persevere. We got to

get through it. Luckily inmy Katereally doesn't like to ride bikes. Saw
a huge help Chris keith Man.We were going. We went to we
went into Cherokee to like the IndianReservation and shopped around down there, and

then from chero then from Cherokee wewere heading up to bryce And City because
we did that Polar Express. Andif nobody's ever been on the Polar Express
in Bryceon City during Christmas, it'swell worth the money and it's well worth
the time to go in. Imean that it's a legit train. Tag
them things forty cars long and hthe staff that they have working it,
they do a fantastic job like makingit fun and making it entertaining. I'd

go again, and no doubt,hands down, I wouldn't hesitate to go
again. But on the way upthere, we're cutting over one of the
mountains and we're at a main intersection. I'm talking about like highway to eighty
and one nineteen type thing, andI mean, like through I'm following one
of my friends, Kevin, andhe just like slows down, almost to
stop in the middle of the mainhighway, and like, man, what

is this fool doing? And sothen all of a sudden, I look
over, like, oh my god, look at the size of that thing.
Dude, chrisky, this's out.It was massive, and it was
five feet off of the main road. So we've got pictures of that.
But I was wondering, us,I see why he's stopping now when you
hate if that thing jumped out infront of you driving down the road.

Anytime you're up there in the Gatlinburgyou know there, you know, especially
when you you know, go overthe mountain of Cherokee right there, if
you see a big clog up there, you know, like of course,
and then you know what's going on. Uh, we got a caller,
and uh we'll take your calls attwo O five four three nine nine three
seven two. We got Ray andChelsea. Let's get Ray before we go

to break. Good morning Ray,Hey, good morning Tom. I have
a question for you. We justrecently bought a property out here in Chelsea
that has two well established rose bushes, but they're gorgeous and we need to
move them. I was wondering,what are the percentages that they're gonna survive
transplanting. Uh, probably one hundredpercent? Uh really great, yep.

So if you want to move them, uh, anytime in next two or
three weeks, you know, ora month, there's perfect time to do
it. And if you lose it, I'd be shocked. I mean,
they really good. A rose bushreally doesn't have a real fiber roots system.
It's only got two or three roots, and most of the time they're

kind of long. So you haveto sever those roots. And when you
do that, you know you it'snot gonna hurt the plant though more than
likely, and you dig that thingup, but don't think you're gonna be
digging up the root ball like aholly, you know, where it's gonna
come up like a big fibrous wadof you know, roots and dirt.

When you dig it up, morethan likely everything's gonna fall off the root
ball and you're gonna be like,oh my gosh, you know, then
you're gonna think you're gonna lose it. But more than likely, when you
move that thing, it's gonna comeout and do fine. So I wouldn't
worry about it at all. Ohwow, that's great to know, because
I would hate to kill on this. The most beautiful roads qustions I've ever

ever had on a property before.And I don't I didn't come, but
we just need to move them.I have literally moved. There's a lady
named Barbara. I don't know ifhe's still tread to you, Barbara Jennings.
She's moved about four times, andshe moved, Uh, moved.
She moved about a mile and shehad a rose bush that was her mother

in laws. And I moved thatthing five different houses and I think it
was five different times of the yearand still ain't lost it. So what
should I put in the hole?And how deep should I should I make
it? Before I put it inthere? You don't want to plan it
any deeper than it was already inin the ground. And uh, if
you want to take how far shouldI dig? Like? How deep should

I dig underneath the base of thesethings that's about a foot and a half
two feet across. They're pretty dangbous. Yeah, but I bet there's
not much. And again, you'renot gonna get a big fiber fruit system
coming up out of that thing.So when you dig that out, when
you dig it out of there,those long roots, uh, you know,
try to get them fairly long,but you don't have to dig the
whole much wider than the roots themselves. And then if you want to take

a little top soil and just amendthe soil a little bit, uh,
you know, it wouldn't be abad idea. Get you some fertilong roots
stimulator. And when you do that, you want to just mix that up.
It's three and a half tablespoons thegallon of water, and you take
it and you mix it up andyou pour it around there the first four

or five weeks. You know,after you you do that once a week
for the first four or five weeksafter you transplanting that thing. I would
do that transplanting anything, and that'llmake it things start setting roots again and
you're gonna you you move them,no problem. It's not a big deal.
Outstanding. Well, I appreciate youradvice. I've been curious and wondering

about that, So thank you much. I appreciate it. You I have
a great holiday. Thank you,I appreciate it. Buddy. Good question.
Now is the perfect time, youknow, over the next month to
move anything. So if you've gotyou a dogwood tagged out in the woods
or whatever and you want to digthat thing up, move it out in
the yard. Or if you youknow, got a hydrangea or something like

that that's in the wrong spot,dig it up, move it. I
mean, at this prime time,we've got enough moisture in the ground.
Now till the ground's kind of loosenedup a little bit, it'd be easier
to dig. Right, It's gonnabe a little easier to dig. So
yeah, go ahead and do it. Well, Chris, we're up against
that first threat. We'll go aheadand take that. If you got any
gardening questions, you can give usa call four three, nine, nine,

three, seven to two. Ourgarden centers open Monday through Friday eight
to four, closed on Saturday andSundays. But great time. We're booking
for the first of the year.Landscape wise of any landscaping, irrigation,
night lighting, hard scaping, forest, mulching, lawn, fertilization. We
control. We can get you setup for that. We'll go ahead and
take that break. This is aclassic gardens and Landscape show on w e

r C. We'll be right back. It's the Classic Gardens and Landscape Show.
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for to alone ferd Loan. That'swhat you got to have some furlong roots

stimulator when you're moving those plants,because it is perfect time for transplanting season,
Chris, It's perfect time for plantingtoo. That's right. The ground
is the ground has got soft becauseof all the you know, the good
rain we've got over the last weekor whatever. Gosh, you know.
The first before Thanksgiving, before weleft, I was setting up like Christmas
decorations, and I mean just tryingto take a piece of rebar with sledge

hammer and hammer down into the groundto stake stuff up. Was dadg gone
nearly impossible. Let me tell you, Chris. The other day, I
you know, I've got my barnfinished and I've my buddy Squirrel came in
there and wired it for me.And I've got enough lights in there to
like it's like a paint booth.I mean, it's like you walk in,

you get you walk across the pastureinto the barn at night and it's
dark and and you hit those lightsand it's like, yeah, it's it's
gymnasium times three. Yeah, it'slike that's what I hate it. The
old shot we had that thing.You could not see anything in there,
and it was dark as dungeon.I hate it. So I put windows
in mine. I put a youknow, a one whole end of the

barn. I put like the clearplastic up there so I could get like
natural light but also like solar heat. Yeah. So I went that route.
And then I put three times toomany lights in my hind building,
you know, but I've got itset up where I can flip one switch,
flip one, I can turn offtwo thirds of them. But uh,

anyways, I had to drive aneight foot ground rod and you know
that pad, you know, rightagainst the wall of the barn because you
know, I put my service upin everything. I'm waiting on album party
come out. There and hooked meup power, so I had to go
against the side of the building,you know. I I put phil all

in there, you know, probablywhat four or five tracks, loads of
feel and some of them had asphaltedand everything else some up there and I'm
pounding and I'm on a six footstep ladder cause I got to start way
up there, you know. AndI beat and I beat, and I
beat, and I beat and Ibeat. I finally got that thing down
about two foot fin where I needit, you know. I'm sing,

I'm six and had six foot inand I hit something down in that ground,
and I beat and I beat,and I bet. I finally I
think I hit that thing about twentyfive times by then I had whooped,
you know, and I'm and finallyit busted whatever was down in the ground.
That thing went on down in there, and I'm you know, yeah,
you get that one hit and youfeel it sink back in it say,

oh my gosh. I just knewthough that that would be like horrible
because everywhere I've you know, donelandscaping in the last three months, the
ground, just because of the dryweather has been just hard as all.
I've beaten bang to my elbows andmy my forearms and my hands are just

like I just shaken shake. Youknow. Those heavy shovels we use,
I mean they they they're not goodon your on your joint, they're but
but the man shovels, Yeah,you can dig a hole. You can't
see it. It's funny. Iused to used to watch that. Uh,
it's a lot of the like thisold house. I asked this old
house, uh, the the HomerModeling Show, and they'd be like up

in the northeast, you know,and then they start landscaping and they start
like digging holes and they're just likenot even using their feet. They're just
you know, in the ground andthey're like digging in this like you know
everything. Oh my gosh, they'redigging thirty hole in like two minutes.
And then you get down here inthis rock. Well, I get down

here and I can plant like onehundred and fifty shrubs a day myself.
Yeah. So I'm thinking, youknow, if I can do that,
and I was up north, man, I'll be killing man, playing a
whole neighborhood. I'm sure they gotareas where it gets little rocky like us.
But you know, I ain't notelling the thing about Alabama as you

can dig a hole here and fivefeet over here you can dig a hole
and it's totally different. So younever know what you're getting into. We
were doing lights over at Sarah Palksand just finished a big job for her
and William Mountain Mountain Brook and thelast thing we did was put in lights
and we put light up lights onsome hollies. We plan in put some

up lights on some it was tenlights over there. Well they decided they
wanted some more lights, but theseweren't up lights or path lights. So
that you got that steak that thelights down into you and just driving that
steak in six inches over there inthat hard Mountain Brook ground. Man,
that was a task. I mean, it's uh rock Hill Road area,

and they're the reason they call it, you know, the reason they call
it rock Hill. Yeah, rockHill was rock Hill for a reason.
Yeah that you know that that steakis made out of this real hard plastic,
you know, but it's still it'sstill plastic and busted, and so
you're trying to be you know,you're hammered in with a hammer, but
you're trying to be a gym andyou're trying to hit that thing like one
hundred percent square. Yeah right,Well you can't really hit it square because

the center up got a hole init. You gotta bump this side,
bump at that side, you know, and just trying to do the best
you can to get give me thatthing in the ground. Well I added
four lights. You said, youknow what, I want four more and
I was, you know, tenlights turned into about twenty five. So
now we got the whole backyard litup bout like my barn. But it

looks nice back there. They hadone. They had a pool put in
back there. That is I sawit because I went and remeasured her backyard
because we treated it. We've treatedher yard for decades, it seems,
you know, back when they livedin Homewood and now over in the Mountain
Brook. But I went to measurethe the backyard just to update the square
footage. Probably lost about twelve hundredsquare basically where that pool is. That's

that's all she lost. But Ilooked at that pool, I was like,
yeah, that's what I want.I mean, that thing is that
thing is jam up on that one. You can bet that's it. But
it's got the like trammoutine tire trail. And then it's you know, it's
it's got like a waterfall and inone corner it's kind of like a hot
tub. I mean it's bad.It is. It's not huge, you

know, it's uh. I meanmy like my in laws, I'm used
to their pool. Their pool islike forty feet long and it's like twenty
feet wide. Right when they firstwhen they got their pool, they actually
priced them for one a little bitsmaller, and uh, I forget what
the deal was with that, butthey ended up putting in that putting in
that bigger pool. Maybe I guessthey dug a hole too big or ordered

the wrong all like all the whatevercoping or whatever, all that stuff around
the thing. So they ended upgetting that big pool, and with the
amount of kids that are over there, it worked out. It worked out
great. Yeah, there's nothing fancyabout her. That's a twenty by forty
pool and concrete all around it.How many they had one brother? And
what for ye for kids? Andnow five kids have got two or three

kids. She gotta herd. Youneed to all that all that pool?
H Well, Chris, it's timefor break. While I'm going to break.
I need to shot out to Bread. I think it's Brad that delivered
my pizza last night from Dominoes.Yeah, now you know how much men
you love the Dominoes in the springwol I mean they are like spot on,

Like you call him at six o'clock, so they have on a pizza
at eight thirty and like seven fiftythey caught. They send you a text
and say, hey, your pizzajust hit the oven. And then you
know it's like Brad's on their waywith the pizza and that boom you wanted
it at six fifteen and you seehim one in the driveway at six twelve
exactly, I'll go ahead. Isaved his life last well not really,

but uh, you know, thegood Smaritan kind of thing just kicked in
and I went in overdrive. Sohe delivers my pizza. And you know
when you come up the driveway,it my driveway veers off to the left
and if you stay and hook overto the right, you head up top
of the hill as my dad's houseon top of the hill. Well,
Bread shoots off into my yard deliversme an awesome pizza. But when Brad

gets ready to back out of there. There's a covert pipe that shoots across,
you know, on the other sideof the driveway, And if you
don't hook up the hill when youback out of my driveway, then you'll
wind up in that ditch, inthat cover. And he wound up in
the cover. So I get outthere with my full will drive and I
got my toe strap and all thatstuff, and I climb under his truck

or climb under his car and tieoff to him and take my full driveing
to snatch him up out of thething. So if I saved your pizza
and yours, yours was in thecar with mine. Uh, it might
have been a minute late, butit wasn't. It wasn't far far back.
So shout out to the guys atDominoes. That's a great that's a

great place. I'm not, I'mnot. I'm not a pizza fan.
You know, I don't. Ireally don't. Well now I am,
I really you know, I reallydon't do a lot of pizza. Typically
when we go to parties, youknow, if somebody will get you know,
just be cheap old pizza. ButI have not. Yeah that Dominoes
and Spring we'll give them from freeadvertisement right there because they are. I'm

the staff in there. They bustit. Man, I've never been in
there and seen anybody standing around,and it is always like you gotta wait
two hours to eat the dag onpizza. It's so hot, it's spot
on. So anyways, we're goingto break now. If y'all want to
give us a call, you can. It's two O five four three nine
nine three seven to two. Uh. You listen to Classic Guardens of Landscape

showing w r C. These guysknow they're dirt. It's the Classic Gardens
and Landscape Show with Chris Joiner andChris Keith. It's the Classic Gardens and
Landscape Show on the half Ready andwhen you want show up Plants and Grass

to grow two and icent Chris,Chris and Chris No. And now you're
host Chris Joiner and Chris Keith andwe're back in the Classic Gardens and Landscape
Show for the second half of whatwe can. You know we talked about
your your thanksgivings, about yours,said anything about mine? So I always

do. Uh. I usually cookfor a bunch of guys, you know
every year. You know, ifsomebody wants something, you know, bring
it to me. We'll throw iton the smoker with mine, because I
mean I could put ten or twoand to burn the same amount of stuff,
right, you know what I'm saying. So last year I just did
a lot some ham, turkey andchicken. You know, I was in

the process of getting started on thebarn and all that stuff, so I
didn't really do much last year.This year, five turkeys, uh,
two hams and two chickens, anduh, every everybody got what they wanted,
so it was good to go.And uh, you know, I
did the eighteen pound dress and Ithink there was about a double spoonful left.

You just you just opened the trashcan and said good. I took
the hole in one of those pansthat you you know, the big aluminum
pan that's like two by you know, like like sixteen inches by two feet.
It's the biggest one you can buy, and I just crumbled the whole
thing up in a big wad andjust stuffed it right in the trash can.

Yep. But now, Thanksgiveland wasfantastic. We always we always have
ten times more than we eat.And now it takes two or three plates
a piece of the house and it'sall good, So a big Thanksgiving turkey
sandwiches for till the next Thursday,pretty much. And then I did the
same thing. What was left over? Said to see you it's about gone

anyway. Yeah, we opened upa container that still had some of that
old cranberry sauce out of the can, and we looked at it and we're
like, no, we've been eatingthat for way too long. You know
what we call that in my family? What was that? Sour jelly?
Sour jelly? Yeah, that's aboutthat's what it is. I don't know,
we ate that for It's kind ofan ongoing joke with me and Sarah

because I think the first Thanksgiving thatwe went camping, we bought like six
cans of that stuff because we didn'tknow we had a couple in there,
and we bought a few more.And then so the next thing, you
know, we've got like, youknow, five or six, you know,
four left over in the camper.So every time we would go camping,
whether it was December or August,we would open up a can of

sour jelly. And you open upa can of sour jelly, the kids
eat, No, they won't touchit. My kids are saying what you
can, you can take it.You know it comes out like jelly.
Yeah, he's got the beat thatthing out there. Pop that thing out
of there and throw it in thefreezer for about thirty minutes, you know,

and let it turn into like anice cubey this man. You know
I could take I could take somedressing that's about you know about like lava
right, and take a take someice cold cranberry salts and about you know
about every third big bite of dress. And I can like slam some cranberry

sauce. Yeah, like some yeah, some sour jelly, Yes, sir,
I like it. Uh huh.So back to garden and so this
last oh, let me give ashot another shot out to the guys down
at South Dallas Turf. You know, we get a lot of our grass
from down at South Dallas Turf.The guy that deliver our uh our side

to us and the guys that loadour trucks out there. Uh kudos to
you guys. Y'all kill it everytime, and UH appreciate y'all. But
anyway, I had my first experiencewith them this past week, and uh,
just fantastic guys. They're super thankfuland super grateful for you know,
us coming in and all the time. And I think that they were telling

there they had said, you know, I went, I went in there,
and I don't I didn't catch theguy's name, but he's like the
guy that normally comes in here andbuy side and picks up side. I
was like, yes, Chris,I said, yeah, that's Chris Keith.
And he said, I want youto let him know that that guy
is so nice. He's always niceto me. He always says thank you.
And there're a ton of a tonof times where just you know,

people are jerks. People. Yeah, I mean, people can be rude.
It's hell, you know, yougo in, don't care where you
are what get it. The wayI look at it is like, if
you don't want somebody spitting your food, don't be ugly, right. And
it's like, I mean, ifyou're dealing with somebody and it's and and

you got to go in there andyou buy from or whatever, if you
don't want bad service, act right, they just be nice and be patient
with it and be patient. Youknow, if you've got seven cars in
front of you and all of themgotta get loaded or whatever, then hey,
wait, your turn. Yeah,it's no different in rock, no
different than a restaurant. There's timeswhere we'll go out to eat with friends

and we'll have a big, abig party. You know, we might
have twenty or twenty five people ata table. And of course, when
you've got that many people, youknow, it's gonna take you a little
bit longer to get service, right, especially if you go on a Saturday
at at you know, five thirtyor six o'clock and we'll have we'll have
you know, friends or whatnot thatstart getting impatient with the with the waiter
or waitresses. And I'm looking aroundand everybody's hustling, and everybody's like,

you know, doing their job.And I've always been very patient with stuff
like that, particularly when I knoweverybody's working and you know, they'll always
come up. You know, Iapologize for the wait you know, no
said no, ma'am, don't worryabout it. You're you know, you're
working hard. I'm a patient guy, So you just got to look around
and take a deep breath and bepatient with fall. I remember too,
when I was in a garden center, I'd sell like ten thousand dollars with

plants on a Saturday, and bymyself, you know what I mean.
And you would be if you walkedin the garden center and you saw me,
it wouldn't be but about for twoseconds because I was running across gun
and then you'd see another streak alot and go in the opposite direction.
That was me, you know,and I just everywhere, And uh,
because you're doing you're you're helping fivedifferent people all at the same time,

right yeah. Or I would havelike a couple that I'd be doing a
landscape designed for and they're getting theirplants and I would like hand it off
to a little kid, and youknow, we'd have a kid there that
was just a loader, you know, and I'd get all their stuff together
and give Anne a lift to theirplants or whatever and try to hand it
off. And I'd have five morecouples waiting on me right there. So
I'm trying to bust it and getto get to this next couple as fast

as I could. Man back inthe day were so so busy like that,
you know, on every Saturday.And uh, I expected that guy
to be just as nice as theguy before. And that's just the way
I that's the way I roll whenI go in some place like that,
you know, So anyway, shotout of those guys that. But anyway,

so we we just did a jobfor the ferris As. They're up
in Limestone Springs, and that's kindof what we did. They they had
a fire at their house and ittotally destroyed the house. They had to
go in there and gut the wholehouse, rebuild the whole house from the
inside out. Pretty much just abouta knockdown and redo kind of thing.

And uh, when they did partof the construction, they messed up obviously,
you know, and doing that bigof a project, they messed up
a little spot in the backyard.I really felt like they did a good
job considering, you know, whatthey actually had to do. But there's
a spot in the backyard is abouta palet and half facade. Then we

went in. They had got concretein the yard and it just you know,
with the traffic and everything in there, they just screwed up that spot.
So we went in there and clearedthat spot, fixed it, piped
three down spouts out of there,uh you know, and just cleaned everything
up real good. And then fromthere we moved on to uh Man,
we went from Limestone Springs all theway to Alabaster. Yeah, that was

a haul. So we turned aroundand went down there and uh, Bruce
Jones, I think, uh,I think Mike's dad probably coached him in
baseball. Yeah, you know,so they've known each other a long time.
They had seven pallets of sid andhe laid down there, and uh
we went in there. He'd alreadyhad four tracks loads of dirt put in

the front yard and whoever graded didpretty good job. But we went in
there and haughty racked it and madeit like baby's butts moves and then went
in there and lay this new sidein there in the front and uh fixed
him up, and that kind ofwound the week up. We went back
to Sarah Potts because you know,we we did ten lights to start with,
then we added four lights, andthen uh, you know, we

added four more lights. So anddid a little more clean up over there,
just kind of smoothing things out,and got Sarah and then finished up
yesterday. So that was kind ofour u the way we ended it up.
Yeah, good good week, andwe got to call our Chris Ki've
got John and Avondale. Good morning, John. How can we help you
today. Hey, you were talkingabout hardscaping, and I have a patago

area. It has the flagstones,and uh, they've they've come apart and
everything. Weed's grown up between themand everything. And actually a tree root
from a tree I'm about to havetaken down has gotten up under it and
bunt you know, popped him upand everything. But I was thinking,

if you use the bricks y'all,do, doesn't the water penetrate down and
sort of invite roots? And ifI if I had you put in concrete,
is there any way I can reusethe flagstones. I know they're not

a perfectly flat surface, but Ilike the look. Yeah, I don't
know that I would try to.I don't know. Johnnt to me,
you're having the tree taken out,so in doing that, the roots will
be taken out as well if youredid the patio. Because what what happens

a lot of times are I guessninety eight percent of the time, Uh,
the proper footer for a for apatio isn't doug to start with.
So what they normally do, orwhat what most companies will do, just
come in there and they'll take whatwe call eighty nine ten, which is
just a real fine gravel. Theygo in there and put you know,

a few inches down, then theypack it a little bit, you know,
and they they you know a lotof times with just a hand tamp
or whatever. And then you know, they lay the flag stone down.
They put you know, concrete inthe in the gaps, and what happens,
I mean, obviously you get moistureand it's settling, and you know,
one winds up dropping a little bitfor the other, and then the

concrete cracks and then you know,over time you have a root run off
in there, and it'll buck itup, you know, off the it'll
you know, just buck the wholething. So more than likely your patio
wasn't done correctly to begin with,right, But at any rate, you
still if you went in there toredo that patio, you'd well, obviously

you're getting the tree taken out,but we'd remove the stunt, remove the
roots. And when we build apatio and we're putting in uh IF typically
we use pavers and uh A paverstwo and three eight stick. So what
we do is we excavate ten inchesand come back in with three quarter crushing

run and uh then we then wecome up from there and then we screed
in. We pack it in witha ten thousand uh pound packer, and
then we come in and we addan inch of sand and we grate it,
and you know, we gradually justwork up to the saints. So

a footer that we dig and putin is a lot different than the footer
that most people would would lay paverson. And when we pack it with
that big heavy packer. Time wedo that and screed that inch of sand
in there tonight you could drive acar on it, or you drive a
truck on it. It doesn't matter. So uh And then we put polly

sand in the gaps and in thecracks of the the pavers and the poly
saying it is basically like sand gluein it, and it just glues all
the pavers together. So the moistureruns off the pavers and doesn't run down
through it, So you don't reallyget that much settling from that. So

the way we do a patio andthe way a lot of people do a
patio is not the same thing.But if I give you a price or
a patio and it's twelve thousand dollarsand Joe blowdown here, give you a
price and it's you know a thirdless. Well that's why because when we
do it, we there's a lotof it's it's all about that base and

it's built to last. Yeah,okay, thank you very much. Yeah,
no problem, John, appreciate it. And a lot of times if
we give somebody a price or apatio, they give somebody else to come
out there and do it. Andthere are you know, give them a
price to it. Well they're fourthousand dollars cheaper than you or well,
I mean they're going in there andputting you know, inch of material down

and uh, you know, handtamping it in there and calling it done.
And I'm in there, you know, excavating eight or ten inches of
stuff out of there, building abig, thick, massive pad and going
there with a heavy packer and packetand all the time I would get it
in there, it's not moving.No different than it's no different than building
a house. You know, youbuild a house on a cheap foundation,

what's gonna happen, It's gonna settle, You're gonna have cracks in the walls.
Versus you take a house that's builton dadgum poor concrete foundation. Guess
what a joker ain't moving. Yeah, and we see Chris, I know
that you deal with it all thetime. Shoddy workmanship or somebody that goes
with a with a cheaper company,you know, because they're shaving off steps,

and you know, once you getit, Like take a patio for
example, if somebody comes in,you know, does a third of the
work, you know, prep wise, five years from now, you get
settling and you got pavers that it'ssitting up an inch higher. You can't
just come in and like take outa section of pays and and fix that.
You literally have to rip up theentire patio and redo it. So

you're starting out where we would havedone the job correctly the first time.
So yeah, you know a littlebit extra money goes a long way longevity
wise. So you really have tocompare apples to apples. Like if you're
getting multiple quotes, you know onlandscaping or on you know, home building
or anything like that, you reallyhave to go through fine tooth comb and
make sure you know you're comparing applesto apples. For sure, if you

need a patio built, or ifyou need it to retain a wall or
if you need of that stuff done, give us a call at the Garden
Center eight five four four thousand andfive. Again, that's eight five four
four thousand and five. You wantto get on the books to do,
you know, landscaping, irrigation,night lighting, if you need a patio
or attain a wall built, We'renot gonna skimp. A lot of times.

The price difference between us and thenext guy is the amount of gravel
and the amount of extra materials becausewe're gonna go the extra mile when we
go in there and put it infor you, because hey, I don't
want to have to come back andbuild it again, you know, if
it falls, I don't want toknow, you know. And there's a
reason, there's a reason we havecustomers like Sarah Palk for example, that

we've done how many half a dozenor so landscape jobs for and you know,
obviously we've built trust with people likethat, and she's just one of
many where you know, sure maybewe weren't the cheapest, but they know
the quality of work that we're gonnaprovide and they trust us and they know
that when you know, Chris Keith, you and your landscape crew come in

there, you're gonna get the jobdone. You're gonna get a job get
done right. And if there's issues, guess what we're gonna we're gonna fix
them. Because nobody's perfect. Thingshappen. And I can't tell you how
many horror stories I hear. There'sone got one gentleman over in Mountain Brook.
I bet, I bet you thisguy had a quarter million dollar landscape
job. When you're talking about theherd escaping the plants. Is another company

that did it well. They finishedthe job, and they did a really
crummy job if you ask me,well, there was a lot of plants
that died. Issues here and there. I guess what we can't get in
touch with. He can't get intouch with a landscaper anymore. And I
know the landscape is still in business. But you know, you hear tons
of horror stories of the follow upafter the service, and that's prime.

That's really what sets us apart fromeverybody else. It's not just the quality
of the workmanship that we do,but after the service, if there are
problems or if there are questions,where Johnny on the spot getting on top
of that, Yep, well,Chris, I think we got to take
one little beaty break. Let's goahead and do that right quick. We'll
be right back on the Classic GardensLandscape Show. It's the show in the

Know with all things that grow.It's the Classic Gardens and Landscape Show with
Chris Joiners and Chris Keith. GreenHouge Insurance protects everything I own, from
business to personal. Green Houge Insurancetakes care of me under one giant umbrella.
With all the riseing cow It's niceto know there's one part of my
business where my costs are reduced yearafter year, and that is with Green

houch Insurance. Even though I've hadcountless claims from tornadoes to demolished trucks,
my rates continue to go down.Russell Greenhaugen Family can take care of your
insurance needs from your home and yourcars, to your boats and your four
wheelers. They can ensure your businessboth in state and out of state.

I don't know about you, butto me, one of the most frustrating
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never happen at Green Houge, wherethe phone is always answered by a live
person with a happy attitude. GreenHoudge Insurance has been taking care of my
insurance needs for a long time,and they can take care of yours.
Just call Russell Greenouch at nine sixtyseven eighty eight hundred, that's nine six

seven eighty eight hundred today and tellthem that Mike sent you, and we're
gonna come right on back. Becausewe went way over on that last night.
That's all right. We got excitedabout landscaping because that's what we do.
We were talking about customer service alittle bit, you know, yesterday

after I got done at the park, so we went over there and did
a little more clean up and youknow, put in a few more lights.
But if we actually got done inthe paks, I went by a
lady's house. We did her landscapingback in June, might have been earlier
than that. Anyway, she lostthree shrubs. Uh you know, obviously
it's been hot and dry or whatever. So we told her, you know,
and that was like August. Wetold her, hey, look,

you know, we'll be back by. We'll get a tally of plants or
whatever, and we'll come back byher place. And so that's we were
kind of talking about that. Aminute ago. I had to take that
little short break, but basically we'llbe back over there to place those shrubs.
I just went by to see whatI actually was dead or whatever.
Should get a head count, andwe'll be back in the fixing. So
that's how we roll. That's itwell, that that music means we're out

of time already. Man it by, y'all. Give us a call eight
five four four thousand and five.If you need a landscaping, lawn care,
if you need an irrigation, ifyou need a patio or retaining wall
built, or if you need adrainage work, it doesn't matter land clearing.
We do all that stuff. Giveus a call eight five four four
thousand and five and we'll see younext week on the Class of Gardens of Landscape Show
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