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January 20, 2024 49 mins
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It's the classic Gardens and Landscape shovelon the half ready and when you'll want
show up plants and grass to grow. Two and Docent Chris Christ and Chris
No. Chris knows in, Chrisknows in. Chris knows it. Chris

knows it. Chris knows it.Chris snows in. Chris knows it.
Chris knows it. And now you'rea host. Chris Joyner and Chris Ki
Morning Uncan Classic Gardens, Landscape,Hill W E R C. And I'm
Chris Ki, I'm Chris Joyner.I hope everybody's doing fine. I feel

like we're in the next Ice Age. Chris Key. Right, it's gonna
be sixty next week, so we'regood. You can just about if you've
been doing this as long as we'vebeen doing it, you can just about
bank on most of January being amusky. Yeah, just erase it,

you know, and then and thenuh yeah, next week, man,
look at this, out of anyof this may change, but you know,
next week sixty five, sixty eight, sixty seven, but I guarantee
you once we get into February,we'll be back to two. Oh yeah,
you know, you never know whatwell if you like nature's gonna done
out. If you like cold weather, you're in the right place. I

think. If you like cold weather, you could be anywhere in the United
States. You're not wrong. You'renot wrong about that. It was you
know, it was we had weekso that was see Monday we worked.
Tuesday was when everything, I mean, the entire city shut down. You
know, school was shut down,most business, most small businesses that I
know of, shut down. Nobodywas at work, other than maybe if
you work from home. But weUh, I kept waiting and waiting and

waiting for the snow, you knowwhat I mean. And uh, I
guess it's probably about ten o'clock orso. When I went to sleep and
woke up the next morning, lookedout the window and it was there was
flurries coming down. But I lookat the grass and like, all right,
yeah, it's just cold outside.But when I walked out back deck,
it was solid ice. You boutbusted it, And uh no,
I didn't bust it because I couldsee it was pretty it was pretty thick.

But I ran and woke the girlsup. That way they could see
the snow. And then uh whenI walked to the yard, the grass
was just frozen solid, you know, from the little frozen precipitation we had.
Sarah got a couple of tho littleplastic sleds last year and because every
time it would snow, you know, I would be looking around for pieces
of cardboard or plastic tarps or trashcan lids or something like that. So

there was out shopping and found somesleds on selling like July, you know
what I'm saying. So you wentahead and got those and uh, we
said out. We were out theresliding, slipping and sliding for a couple
of hours in the backyard. Oncethe sun came out, it uh it
kind of melted off that top layerof ice and it got kind of wet.
But it was, man, itwas. It was a lot of
fun at the time, sledding thatUh my ground, my body doesn't bounces

like it used to. So youknow, the girls would the girls would
lay the sled down on the ground. It's just like it. It's about
four feet long, you know,uh, just piece of basically put piece
of plastic molded into a sled.But the girls would take off running and
then they would dive on top ofthe sled, kind of like you do
the slipping slide so that they couldget momentum and speed going down the hill

in our backyard. And I said, I'm gonna try that and uh take
off running boom hit that thing andoojust just and stuff. It's like,
Kyle, that ground's a lot harderthan it used to be. You know.
I live. I've got that slope, you know, off my front
yard, off slopes down to thatbottom fence. And uh, I tried

that. We we had actually,and some of her buddies were over there.
That's probably been four or five yearsago when we had a decent snow,
but it started with ice, youknow what I'm saying. So like
you had an inch of ice andthen you had like two inches of snow
over the top of it. Soyou really didn't know how treacherous it was
kind of thing until you got onit. I got up that next morning

and we decided we were going todo that, you know, and I
started in the driveway and I takea like a twenty foot run, you
know what I mean, And Igo like old school football, Chris,
you know what I'm saying. AndBuddy, when I hit, I looked
like I was doing like a gashersall like dead men, you know what
I'm saying. And I hit thatstuff and when I did, it's like

the ice gave and just crunched downto the ground. And when it did,
like the ice was like jagged asrazor. And my face hit that
stuff and it looked like I hadgot my butt kicked by a freaking professional
wrestler. The next day I hada black eye, I had like cuts
and stuff. My lip was busted. I said, man, you gotta

quit. Man. Some of thestuff we do mean up. So we're
we're telling stories now. That's kindof part of what we do here on
the Classic Gardens and Landscape Show,outside of talking about lawn fertilization and weed
control and landscaping and night lighting muchwe tell stories. Right. So at
our first house, I don't rememberwhy I had the fence post out,

but it was like the top railof a chain link fence, and so
it was probably I don't know,ten feet long, and I think it
was after I had cut some pinetrees down on one fell on top of
the fence and I was in themiddle of fixing it. I was home
by myself. I think Sarah's atwork, But by god, I wish
he was there recording or there tosee it. But I took that ten
foot fence post and I sit thereand I'm thinking, yeah, I bet

you I can pull vault across mybackyard with this thing. And so I
man up. I grabbed that thing. You know, I got myself pumped
up. I probably had some musicgoing in the background. And I take
a running start and I hit thatpole into the ground and I jump up
and that pole and I'm going,man, I'm soaring like a bald eagle

man. And I get to thevery top and that pole is straight up
and down and all that momentum stopsand I go all the way down to
the ground. I bounce off thatground and it was and I got the
breath knocked out of me. Soyou know, you fall down like that
and you get the breath knocked outof you, and you you immediately jump
up and start running around. Justcan't read you. They can't breathe,

they can't breathe. I didn't takeanyto the consideration that, like for real
pole vaulter, they have flexibility inthat in that pole that they usual a
still Vince mooted in that little,a little slingshot effect. And I told
Sarah when she got home what Idid, and she was like, oh
my gosh, I wish I werethere to see that, because I would

have never let you live that down. And I said, I wish you
were too, because that was amazingthat man that I could tell. No,
I'd be in bad shaped. Well, well, we really we really
didn't do a whole lot this thispast week because it was so it was
soda gun cold. I mean,we garden Center, we didn't open tuesdayday.

Wednesday, we pretty much didn't openbecause it didn't get it didn't get
above freezing that day. Well,the water's been off in the garden Center
since Monday, so you know weare like actually like Sunday, I guess
because we we drained it, youknow before it got cold cold. Well,
I guess that was a Monday.And uh we we watered everything real

good and then uh we shut offthe water in the garden Center and you
know all the all the irrigation,uh in the greenhouses or it hangs up
in in the greenhouses. So wehave to go in there, and we've
got a valve down there we callThames valve and we we shut off the
pump to the well and then wehave to go through and we open all

the valves in the whole garden centerand just drain all the water out of
all the pipes. Leave those thingsopen so nothing freezes. And then we've
got a valve down there. Wecall Thames Valves the long but uh,
there's a valve down there. Wehave to open that valve and then it
drains all the water out of thetree bed. So, you know,

we've had that thing off for aweek, so no water in the greenhouse
for the last week, you know, flushing toilets and buckets and stuff like
buckets of water and stuff. So, uh, the garden center will be
back open, you know, Monday, the water will be back on.
You know, everything will be goodto go. We managed to do a
couple of jobs. Like it wasone day last week, I guess it

was. I can't even remember whatday it would, I guess it was
Wednesday or Thursday. Your days arejust as messed up as mine, right,
yeah, I mean you can't getin a routine, and it's it's
been some nuts. But one daylast week we went up to mister branch
or mister Brand's he's up in theLimestone springs. Uh. He had a
spot in the yard. It reallywasn't that bad. Uh, but it

wasn't good either, you know whatI mean, Like you just it was
hard compact the soil and needed somegood topsail in the spot. And we
just went in there and put addedtop soil and hearty rate it out and
laid a couple of pallets of sodfor him. He had a couple other
patches in the yard that are werebad that we fixed. Uh. He

had a little stump out there.We took the stump and just pushed it
out of the ground and put alittle dirt in that spot and put a
little sod. So pretty much justuh did a little patch job. We
did a couple of jobs like thatthe last couple of weeks. It's a
good time of year. You know, I'm sitting here complaining about the weather,
but it's not bad to lay sod. I mean I've I've laid saw

it that literally was as frozen asyou could, like literally like you're holding
a piece of tie. You know, it's that stiff and it comes out
it does fine. You know,we've we've laid it. I picked it
up before, and it just literallybe as hard as a brick frozen.
Yep, you lay it out andit just comes out and does its thing.

You can do saw it three hundredand sixty five days out of the
year. Well, I always tellpeople, if you think about it,
there's a new house that gets finishedevery day, you know. And the
first thing they do when they getdone with the house is they scratch off
the ground. Most of the time, they don't add any tops, so
they don't do anything. They justyou know, shove the dirt down as
flat as they can get it witha tractor, you know, don't prep

it, don't do anything, andthey fling saw it down on the ground.
And every every house, uh thatthat saw it lives, you know.
So and most of the time,I mean we especially in these new
construction man, they're they're burying twoby fours and piece of plywood and bricks
and blocks and everything else, youknow, and they sling grass out over

the top of and it makes it, you know, so you can you
can saw it over just about anythingand you be all right. We used
to tell people, you know,if you if if you could stop traffic
long enough, and you had plentyof water and fertilizer, you could grow
permutigrass on the highway. Yes,you're not wrong, and that's the truth.
You know. Even you take yourI mean you just take your driveway

for example. I mean, youdon't do anything in your driveway. And
you could take like your you cantake your expansion joints center or whatever,
and if it collects a little dirtin it or whatever, the bermuda will
run out of the yard and overend of those expansion joints. So it's
pretty tough stuff. All you needis, like you said, water and
fertilizing water, and that's it,you know. And you know I said

you could lay grass three hundred andsixty five days out of the year,
but this year you can do itthree hundred and sixty six because it's a
leaf yer, So you got onemore day you can lay inside. That's
my that's my full glass. Ain'tnothing half full. And that's it right
in this place, we all full. I want to say, you lay
it on February twenty nine. Youknow what I'm saying. I mean,
who who is who? Here islaid grass on February twenty ninth. I

bet you we will if your birthdayson February twenty ninth. You only have
a birthday every twenty four year,Yes, Claire, we were talking about
that because Claire has a friend inher class that was born on February twenty
ninth, and they just they celebratedon February twenty eighth. But you know
what I'm saying, I feel you. You an age awful slow. I
feel you. I think that's thesame way. I mean, you could

be sixty and you'd only be likeforty, right. I mean, I'm
not gonna fact check that math,but you're not. You're probably not far
off. That's pretty tough. Ohman, Well, Chris, let's take
a quick break or number if youwant to call it is can ask us
a gardening question? I mean,I know you've just been running around in
the yard wanting to do some gardeningwith all this cold weather, but hey,

you can sit here, give usa call two O five four three
nine nine three seven two, oryou can call the garden center. We're
not open on the weekends, butgo ahead and call anyway. If you
need landscaping, if you need longcare, if you need irrigation, nigh
lighting. If you need a patioor retaining wall, forest moulting, land

clearing, you need a pawddug,whatever the case may be, give us
a call two O five eight fivefour fourth thousand and five. We won't
answer the phone, but as soonas you leave a message there, somebody
will call you back, like asapMonday. I guarantee you again. This
is a classic gardens a landscape show. Will be right back. These guys

know they're dirt. It's the ClassicGardens and Landscape Show with Chris Joiner and
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five. You can call us onthe weekend if you want to. You're
gonna get an answering machine because we'renot there on Saturdays. But it doesn't
matter. We'll call you back aSAP Monday, no problem. And I
want to say hey to mister Lively. All's out giving him a quote for
fertilization and weed control. And helistened to me, you know, I

said, he's the semi professional landscaperthat likes to puddle in his yard and
you know, do this odd dothe irrigation repairs, do the mowing,
you know, do the you know, the trimming and the landscaping, but
he just doesn't like to fertilize.And he listened to me last time when
I said, you just kind ofgot to delegate some things from time to
time. And so got him signedup on our twelve round program this past

week. So we're gonna probably hopefullybe it depending on the weather. I'm
hoping we get back out there thisweek, go ahead and start getting pre
mergent down. So this time yearJanuary, it's uh, it's it's a
way to kick it off. Theair man we're before the radio Shaw was
looking at the date. Man,we're almost done with January. Is that
not hard to believe? I feellike we just got through Christmas and here

we are fixing a role into February. So now's the time to get a
jump start on the fertilization weed controlof your yard. It might look good
right now, but if you haven'tdone anything, once we get late February
into March and the weather starts toturn, you're if you haven't done pre
merging, you're gonna start seeing alot of old weeds coming up in the

yard and they're just gonna explode oncewe get into the first of spring.
So starting now, it's the it'sthe preparation for the spring. You know,
we've always said in the winter month, the winter months most times are
more important than the spring months becausewhat you do right now is going to
affect how your yard looks, youknow, three four or five months down
the road. So don't procrastinate,don't wait till it's a problem, go

ahead and get on the books nowfor fertilization. Well, how about this,
if you put if you put apre merging out right now, you
will not have crab grass. Youknow what I'm saying, don't wait till
don't wait till it's eighty degrees ninetydegrees outside before you start thinking to myself,
oh man, I need to geton top of this. Well,
by then, by then all thesespring and summer weeds have started to germinate,
so you'll be behind the eight ball. Well, you know, weeds

don't just stand there and say,okay, we're all gonna jump out here
at one time. You know,it's like it's like the crappie starting to
buy. They don't all start atone time kind of thing. And uh,
you know, so your weeds seeddoesn't all like like all the crab
grass say all right, boys,let's go. You know, all this
day, this time, we're germinate. You know, you always hear uh

you know, when the forcithious blaming, that means the crab grass is starting.
Or you know if uh, ifyou know the dog woods are blaming,
that means crab Well, there's abig difference between when Forcithia blames and
when the dog wol was blood.You know what I'm saying. I mean,
I could you know, turns offhot and dry or it turns off
warm. The next two three weeks, you'll see some for city blooming,

like by the first of February.That's right, So don't procrastinate on it.
Go ahead and get your pre mergingout. You know, everybody's busy.
Call us eight five four, fourthousand and five. Weing a miss.
We're gonna be there every month.It's as simple. It's as simple
as that. That's right. That'sright. So I tell you what,
it's amazing. Like, you know, people don't want to do yard work

right now. But before we hadall this cold weather, I got out,
got all my Christmas stuff down andjust buzzed over the yard with my
lawnmower, and man, it madesuch a big difference just cleaning up all
the leaves and sticks and debrise.We we had I think about three about
three acorn droppings this fall, threewaves of acorns. I've never seen an

acren my, my gosh. WeI remember at the tail end of fall,
I got out there because you couldn'teven walk on my backyard, and
I got out there and make severalwheelbar loads of acorns up off the yard.
And then after we'd gotten all theChristmas lights down, we usually start
putting those up like Thanksgiving and uh, you know, took them down after

the New Year. Was like,oh my gosh, I just raked all
these up like two months ago.Where'd these things come from? So before
I cut the grass, mean,Sarah and the girls got out there of
the rakes and raked up another threeor four wheelbar loads of acorns. But
after after that, I got outand we just had I like to call
it a yard clean up day.You know. It was a pretty it
was a pretty weekend and we justSarah was on the mower. I was

going through edging everything, picking upsticks in the flower beds, kind of
even just blowing the fleaves out ofthe flower beds and raking the raking the
mult around. Sometimes that just makesa big difference. You can get in
there with a leaf rake and justkind of fluff the mulch up a little
bit, you know, until youget ready to do things in the spring.
But it's not it's a good ideajust to just to get out there
from time to time and and buzzover the yard just to clean it up.

And it helps with the equipment too, uh you know, like the
lawmore we had it work that oldCraftsman mower of mine. I went to
crank it the other day and itwouldn't crank because it's been sitting there for
you know, three four months becausewe hadn't used it. Yeah, So
getting that equipment out, whether it'syou know, hedge tremmors or your string
trimmer or lawnmore, getting that stuffand cranking it from time to time will

just help help keep it fresh.We'll help keep it going a lot more
batteries anyways, I mean a goodone if you get two years out of
they just don't last good. Uh, So you know it's it's a good
idea just to break that stuff outand kind of assess where where things are
at. You know. I gotto put a starter on mine. Mine.
You got to dragon, you know, right at the end of the

year, So I got to puta starter. I had to get charge
mine. I guess either I eitherI not hit the key or my girls
hit the key. And it turnedto like, you know, the auxiliary.
And I went to crank it thatday, Yeah, and uh wouldn't
crank. So I had a goodcharger and put a charge on it.
But it's one of those things youdon't want that to happen in spring right,
because you know, I woke up, I cooked breakfast, you know,

we had we had to get readyto go to church that after you
know, later that afternoon, youknow I had was gonna be cutting the
grass. I went out there tocrank it, like, man, this
is root, this is like,this is slowing me down, you know
what I mean. So now Igot to go out get charger, come
charge it and wait. So I'mjust killing time, right And uh,
nothing worse than that in the springwhen you want to get out there and

you want to start getting getting afterthe grass, and none of your equipment
cranks because you've neglected it for sixmonths. Uh, now is the perfect
time if you if you know youneed repairs on it, get it into
your small engine repair shop and havethem do that. If you do it
yourself, or you know, justchanging the oil, go ahead and get
the mower blades sharpened, you know, grease anything up that you need to.

Take a cold day like today anddo that type maintenance on equipment.
That's what yesterday at Chris Keith,me and you were out, you know,
back there changing oil and trucks becausethat needed to be done. We
didn't have much going on. Well, other than we had a whole tractor
trailer load of Furtiloan fertilizers come in. Yeah, for the next For the
next few months. Outside of that, we were doing maintenance on all our

equipment. Like yeah, we knockedthat out pretty quick yesterday and got all
that put away and you know it'slike all right, was next and uh,
you know, we had a tiredEastern tire down the street we had
to take in. And you know, it seems like we have been plagued
with nails and tires the last month. When you drive like we do,

you know, you pick them uptrailer tires. I've had the plague with
that stuff ever since right before Christmas. Is like every trailer that I hooked
to when I put a piece ofequipment on it, dag on tire was
flat. And you know, youput your spear on there, you take
it down into the Eastern and theyput you a patch in it, you
know, put it back on thetrailer and hooked to the other trailer and

it's got a flat. It's justlike, man, come on, when
it rains it for us, righttell you, you know, we we
have keep our equipment up really good. I mean it's like, like you
said, Chriz, every time wehave a chance, you know, rainy
day, it's like, okay,you know, let's uh, let's grease
the skids here. You know,let's uh, it's due for an oil

change. Let's you know, let'sknock it out. So you know,
we maintain our stuff ourselves and uhman, we keep shafers and bus I
tell you, you know, it'sit's just it's much easier for us to
do it ourselves because you know,we don't work on a certain schedule and
uh you know, let's say youknow, you get a rain day on
a Wednesday, Well you can't justload up a piece of equipment, you

know, take it off to takeit off to a shop and then it's
down for you know, it's inthe shop for two, three, four
days. So we've always done that, done our own maintenance on our equipment
because we know it's we know it'sdone right, we know what's what needs
done, and we have the abilityto do it. So it just makes
it more efficient for us to dothat, so we can stay we can
stay on top of a landscape jobof making sure we you know, get

those done in timely manner. Wella lot of times too. I mean
it's if if we you know,on a three day project or whatever,
and it runs into Friday, youknow, and we we come out there,
you know, we pressure wash thedriveway and clean everything up and do
kind of the last spit shine onthe job. You know. Uh,
we might finish up at eleven o'clockon a Friday, and it's like we

get back into the shop. Hey, you know, Uh, Chris,
is our case's truck needs a oilchange. We running in there and there
and do it. And we won'tstart If we finish a job like that
and say you're next in line,and that's a four day job, I'm
not goingna. We're only gonna startyour job on a Friday and leave your

yard screwed up for the whole weekend, you know, until we get back
out there on a Monday. We'rejust if anything, we'll we'll pick a
small job or whatever, knock thatout, or you know, some of
the time we've got a little alittle half day job or whatever, we'll
run out there, you know,like mister brand the other day, a
couple of pallets of sod or whatever. Right now, the way the weather's

been it's just been subscrewy until wehave like a tight window. It's like
we got to get it done todayor tomorrow it's gonna be you know,
twenty degrees or tomorrow it's gonna beraining. You know. We'll find a
little half day job or a littlesmall you know, something we can knock
out in the day. We'll knockthat out and just get you know,
get one of the small ones outof the way. And when we see

we got three days consecutive days ofdry weather, then we'll come out there
and we'll do that job. That'stwenty pallets, you know, because normally
a sad man we were fishing onside work. I mean literally, if
you've got a five thousand square footyard, just say, we can come
out there, haughty, rake it, prep it and lay it in a
day, no problem. You know, if everything's going right, we can

bust it out in the day.And that's three guys, you know,
so we can knock out of saidjetup pretty quick. It's the same three
guys that have been working together fortwenty years minus minus one. But uh
yeah, good stuff. Well,Chris, let's take a break right quick.
Our number if you want to giveus a call. Uh, you

can do that. It's two Ofive four three nine nine three seven two.
Again, that's two O five fourthree nine nine three seven two.
It's the classic Gardens and Landscape show, all the half ready to go.

When you'll wantch up plans and grassto grow two percent Chris Christ and Christ
and now you're your host, ChrisJoiner and Chris Keith. Back in the
second half, the class of Guardens, Day and Landscape is showing our number.
If you want to give us acall, it's two O five four
three nine nine three seven two.Now, if you need landscaping, if

you need lung care, if youneed irrigation, or a patio, retaining
wall, forest mulching man. Theguys are working on them, been working
on a job, and boy,the weather's hindered us. And this job
probably would have taken two weeks.Instead it's only to be like three.
At least we had to jack hammerand rock out, you know, because

all right, so building code isyou had to put rebar in, right.
Yeah, when you're doing like afooting for a retaining wall or any
really any kind of wall. Yeah, the footing for this wall. Yeah,
a lot of times anything over soso high, depending on you know,
what the ordinance is for the cityyou're working in. We're in trust
Will and this wall called for rebarto be in the footer, well a

footer, and when they went todig the footer, uh, it's solid
rock. So I'm thinking, well, wouldn't that be better to build on
there? I mean, that's betterthan that's but hey, if it's cold,
you gotta do it. Yep.So so the guys spent about ten
hours out there jack hammering rock,uh to get it down low enough where

they could put rebar in there topass code. So anyways, that took
another day and then of course youknow every other day obviously when it's twenty
degrees outside, you can't mix mortar. It just don't freeze, right,
it just don't happen. So youknow, then you have to punt on
a day like that. So youknow that that killed about four or five

days. It's lasts between the lasttwo weeks. So it's just a it's
been a struggle trying to get thatjob finished up. Uh. Basically,
it's a it's a more it's ablock wall with a rock face, uh,
and it's behind a pool, Soit's like a retainer wall behind a
pool. And then uh, we'redoing some walk ways and and some patio

work and it's it's a big joband uh, we're working on it.
It's a slow I'm glad Ricardo's crewswere on that one, and my guys
ain't that Let me just put itthat way. Well, they do a
fantastic job with that natural stone.Yeah, he's a mason. I mean
he can do anything brick, youknow, brick wise. And again that
natural stone, I didn't I haven'tseen it since they really started it.

I had to deliver some steps tothem. So like they did some step
work, which we've done a lotin the past. What are these things,
Chris? The ones I took werethree feet three feet long and like
and like I don't know, twelvethirteen inches wide and eight inches tall.
So they're like sandstone slabs, right, Yeah, So what they've got They

take that thing and they've got somebig old saw basically, and it's saw
cuts. If it doesn't some ofthem are broken. So like you take
a take one end of it andin a sense, it just cracks it
inn too, like it's a twig. But it's a big old rock,
so they break the ends of it. And then you got some of them
that are saw cut. So ifyou really want a nice smooth step,

uh, you get the saw cutones. They are a little more expensive,
but man, they're slick is Imean, it's like it's sanded,
you know, so they saw cutthose rocks. But it's like a perfect
step tread. So it's like fifteeninches by six inches by three foot long
or four foot long whatever, youknow, whatever you spect it out for.

And uh, we take this bigclamp basically, and it'll come in
there and you clamp that thing andthen you can take it and pick it
up and you just you just turnit a little bit and twist and turn.
You get you, you know,a basin level and then you put
those things in there and uh,you know, you beat them with them
big orange did did the wait hammersto you get it like you like it,

And they're there to stay forever.It's not like you know, railroad
tie steps or something like that thatwill deteriorate and rot and you're you'll break
an ankle on. I mean,these things are they look really really nice
and they're not going anywhere but Ihad to when I delivered that they were
they were actually just getting the rebarin place. And I saw the natural

stone and everything lined up on thedriveway and thought to myself, Man,
this is gonna be a fantastic livingspace because they've got the patio and deck
and everything off the house. Andthen from that you step down, you
know, right into the pool,and then we're doing all the other you
know, hard escaping, you know, in and around the pool. It's
gonna look really really nice. Iguess. I guess who is backyard to

work in too, isn't it?Yeah? Yeah, that it was.
You know, take down a panelof fence, take take the excavator in
there. And the little excavator wehad to rent is literally three feet wide.
I mean it's a little the littlestexcavator you can get, the littlest
excavator they make other than a Tonkatoy. If you take a coal shovel

and you you scoop up a scoopof sand, you got as much as
that bucket will dig. I meanit it's a little bitty fell but uh,
it does the job. We haveto rent one of those things about
every eight or nine months. Youknow, we'll come up one of these
jobs where we have to take thatlittle excavator through you know, a little
four foot gate or whatever, andit just barreed, it gets through it,

you know, and then we goin there, do what we need
to do and walk that thing backout. I think that these people,
probably this couple probably moved into thishouse and inherited the wall that they had
and it wasn't probably homeowner did itor whatever. They just went out and
bought a pallet of rock and youknow, just started mortaring rock together or

whatever. It doesn't have a itdidn't have a wall behind it or anything
like that. And that wall wastilting towards the pool. So we had
to go in there and tear theold wall out, uh, you know,
to put in the proper you know, proper wall, or they're gonna
wind up with, you know,a wall in the pool kind of thing.
So yeah, it's amazing just theforce, you know, the water

pressure that you get behind a retainingwall. So you know, we've I
know you've seen it way more thanI have, Chris. But you know,
these DIY projects gone wrong, oryou get a landscaper that gives you
just a really good deal. It'slike, man, they're gonna build me
a retained wall, and it's gonnabe cheap. I got a good deal
on this thing. Uh, Isave so much money. And then,

you know, a year or twolater, you start to see that thing
and you look at it from adistance and instead of being you know,
completely vertical, you know whatever,perpendicular to the ground, it's starting to
lean. It's starting to lean.The next thing, you know, it
collapses because they don't come in andthey don't do a footing wrong, or
if they don't do the drainage behindit properly, or if they have to
get some type of support or geogridto put in to tie it into the

earth behind it, and they don'tdo that, the wall collapses and you're
you're back in the square one.So there's a lot of there's a lot
of preparation that goes into you knowwhat we do and building these patios and
building these these uh, retaining wallsso that they'll last a lifetime. And
you just you can't just look ata you can't just look at a quote

and say, Okay, you know, this guy's gonna save me. You
know, A couple of thousand dollarssomething to go with him. Well,
if he's not doing the proper stepsbehind it, and he's not doing this
the proper you know, foundation work, you're not gonna be getting a good
deal. It's no different than buildinga house. You know, you got
to you got to build a houseon a strong foundation or else you're going

to have issues, you know,years from now. I always kid say,
we're all about that base. We'reall about that base that has right.
The base is where it's at alot of times, and and you
know, all kid in the sideyou a lot of times. You know,
if you if you get out thereand you have to do that base,
man, it ain't gonna let itwork. And it'll take us.
It might take us two days toput the base in and a half a

day, la law. That's right, that's right. But the base will
be right, you know. Andit's kind of real something on ours too.
Like when we're building them. We'rebuilding a wall. We'll go in
there and we put you know,a pipe behind it. We make sure
we daylight a pipe every thirty footso you know, the water can get
out from behind the wall. Wedo everything we can to get water away

from the wall. That's the biggestthing is you know, once you get
the wall built, you know we'regonna have acquiate gravel behind it. And
you know you get a price fromfrom Joe blow of you know, twenty
thousand dollars on the wall that wegave you a price thirty five thousand on
them. I can tell you it'sall in the base. It's all about

what went behind the wall, andwe're gonna make sure that the water gets
away from the walls as good aswe can. We were working, you
know, we did that big wallfor Natalia and her husband, the pop
offs out there there in invering Us. We were back out there working yesterday.
So we did their wall and theirpatio back well, that was day

before yesterday. We did their walljust before Christmas, just before Christmas,
went back out there, landscaped behindit, put drip irrigation behind it,
got their irrigation system working because itdidn't work. And then we were back
out there day before yesterday and weput in She had somebody come in and

put a little fence, a littlewooden fence in for her dogs, and
we came in there was just adirty basically just a spot around the left
corner of the house. It wasjust dirt, and we came in and
added his own irrigation right there.We already had a pipe around there for
it because we knew, you know, in preparation, we need that.

So we just added his own irrigationover there, laid a couple of palets
that saw it in there, andso now our dogs got a little backyard
to go out in, you know, during the day. So that worked
out good. But we were besidethe Rodel's or what used to be the
Roadal's. The Roadales moved, butthey had a wall that failed. And

when I say it failed, itjust about fell in her house. Uh.
It was probably five feet tall,and the walls every bit of one
hundred and twenty feet long, andthe wall collapsed. Now it was a
block, It was center blocked wallwith brick facing, and that wall fell.
And when I say it fell,I mean it literally crumbled and fell

over onto their deck. They hadto have we had to go in there
and take that whole thing and haulowthat brick in debris away. And then
uh that that was from a stormthat had come through and the water ran
off the hill that they really don'thave a good lot. Neither neither of
them really have a good lot.They're they're right in the side of a

bluff, more or less. Andthey back up to this bluff. And
we had one of those freaky fourinch train and one out in an hour
and a half kind of things,you know, and it the water,
uh, came crashing down that hilland of was that that waterfall. So

in doing what we did over therefor the road deals and we tore that
wall down what was left, Imean, the wall tore itself down more
or less. You we just hadto dig and yeah, bust it up
and get it out of there,and hauled their deck away because it got
crushed by the wall. And thenwe went in before we ever got going

with the new wall, we wenton top of the hill. We made
a big basically like a catch basinup there reservoir and put a big put
a big thirty inch catch basin inthere that we laid out a block and
a big still great and then tookeighteen inch covert pipe and ran it off

the side of the hill and aroundthe house all the way down to the
road. To make sure that thisfirst off, this never happened again.
And then uh then we built thewall out of uh you know, our
segment and retaining wall blocks, andit ain't going nowhere now. And the
biggest thing is is we fix theproblem. The problem wasn't the wall,
The problem was the water. Anduh so we got the water away from

the wall. That's that's the biggestkey is get the water away from the
wall. You don't want water runningin behind those things, because water can
do some crazy. Yeah. Intheir case, I think half of the
water in Inverness came down that camedown that mountain. I mean it was
rough. Now when Natalia and there, they're they've got kind of a it's

kind of they've got a kind ofa dry creek coming off behind their house
between them and the neighbor to theright. So the way the water flows
coming from there is not as badas in the Rodelle's case. I mean,
you think about it. If you'rein this is a big sub division.

Most of these people have got biglots, and if you think about
it, uh, what do youdo. You know when you have your
downspouts piped out, well, yougot to have them piped downhill you know,
it's just a given. Well,the people that are a block up
the hill, you know, they'vegot all their down spouts piped out as
they should, you know, butthey're obviously piped to the backyard and and

they come off the hill. Sonot only do you have the natural flow
of the water coming off the hill, but you got the neighbors a block
up the hill. They're helping thingsbecause they've got all their down spouts pipped
off the side of the hill,you know. But there's there's you know,
basically two blocks between uh, thethe upper people and the lower people.

But that water has to run throughthose woods. But it's still got
to run. It's got to godownhill, go downhill. So that's just
part of it. Yeah, andwe were there to we were there to
fix that way to fix it.But that was a rough one right there,
Chris, I know we're up forthe last break. Let's go ahead
and take that our number. Ify'all want to give us a call for
landscaping, a wall job, ifyou need patios or retaining walls in that

stuff, if you need just goodold fashioned landscaping, man's that's our wheelhouse.
I mean, we love going inthere, and it doesn't matter.
If it's cold, it doesn't matter. If it's rain, it doesn't matter.
We can come in there and ripyour shrubs out and put new shrubs
in, no problem. Give usa call eight five four four thousand and
five would be glad to come outand do it for you, and we'll
be right back. On the ClassicGardens Landscape Show. It's the Classic Gardens

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My yarn working, never send toget it done. Bought the lawn Amber
Long one. I bought the lawnEmber lone one. I'm going crazy and
I'm getting mad, gonna get outof my spread gone. My grass is

brown and my shrips look bad.I bought the lawn Ember Long one.
I bought the lawn Ever lawn one. I found need some help on my
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with some good advice and some burdenalone I'm gone to take back my
home. I don't have to facemy lawn along. Thanks to the Classic
Gardens and Latin Skip show. Head, we're back in the Classic Gardens Landscape

Show. Let me just tell younow is a great time to do your
fertilization we control. I mean youneed to call us eight five four four
thousand and five. If you getstarted right now, I can tell you
will not have crabgrass this summer andany weeds weeds it may be popping up
between now and spring, like thatold hen Bit, Harry, Bitter Cris,

dandelions, all that stuff. We'llgo ahead and start smart smoking that
stuff. I mean, we willkill it dead. Yeah, I mean
you're gonna be You're gonna be behindthe eight ball a little bit because you
didn't get a pre merging out inSeptember. So like Chris said, you
know, the hen Bit, theBitter Chris, the all that stuff,
it's gonna come up this spring.But if you got us out there and

we're spraying it once a month,you know, as we get into you
know, April, May, June, you know you start getting those hot
months. Between the hot weather andus spraying it, we're gonna weed that
stuff out and then that next cropthat would come in, the crab grass
and all that stuff. We're headingoff that stuff with our pre emergency and
it's really gonna make a big differenceonce you get into that that made June

July time frame. Long care isa continual thing. It's like you know,
if you've already you're late for something, but you're ahead of something else,
you know what I'm saying this.With our with our weather and with
our growing season weeds German eight yearround, so there's always something that needs
to be done. You know,from a fertilization we control standpoint. But

the biggest thing is just giving ouroffice a call eight five four, four
thousand and five and I can comeout and meet with you on the lawn.
Usually it takes me, I meanmy court. You don't even necessarily
have to be there. All Ihave to do is basically come out.
I'll take measurements of the yard,just do an overall evaluation of it,
just see what kind of condition itis, what type of grass you have,

and you know, ten fifteen minutes, I'll have you a quote ready
and just all you gotta do issay go ahead, and we'll get started
on it and take care of things. Sometimes I can go on, you
know, with technology, I cango on sometimes and if there's no trees
and I can pull up a satellitemap. I have a measuring app and
I can actually like measure the yardand give you a rough idea on the

quote via satellite. But I stilllike to come out. I'm a people
person, and that's what you know. We've really done our entire lives at
Classic Gardens, build relationships, andI like to actually meet with people and
talk with them and make sure thatyou know, expectations are clear as far
as what they what we're going todo, and what they can expect over
the next several months. Because ifyou've taken a yard and you haven't done

anything with it, you know,you talk about people inheriting this this bad
wall at the trustful house that we'reworking at. Well, if you've moved
into a new house in the previoushome owner didn't do squat to the yard,
you can't expect us to come inand within like one or two months
completely turning it around and you havea yard that looks like a golf course.

I mean, this is this issomething that it's uh, you know,
my granddad always had uh, healways had gardens all over his all
over his property, and I canguarantee you in just about every single garden
he had some little plaque that thatmade her reference about patience and gardening,
you know. And it's no differentwith a yard, you know, with
with transforming a yard and taking itfrom from being just overrun with weeds to

you know, having its slick asglass. You know, it's something you
have to cycle through a lot ofdifferent annual weeds, a lot of different
perennial weeds, and then you takeu you take mother Nature and throw her
in there. And you know,with different weather patterns, whether it be
excessive rain or excessive drought or orjust you know, just weird stuff like
that. So it's uh, it'sa long term commitment, you know,

when it comes to when it comesto yard yard maintenance, you have to
and you just got to stay.It's like a diet, you gotta stay
on it. You know. Ieat I can eat like junk for six
you know, for six months outof the year, and then you know,
try to clean my diet up beforeI go to the doctor and to

make my numbers look a little bitbetter, right, but it probably won't
make that big of a difference.It's something that you just got to stay
on month in, month out.You got to make sure that you stay
on top of the yard because ifyou don't, weeds are the grass is
the weaker species. So if youdon't fertilize your yard, you don't cut
your grass, you don't water yourgrass, weeds are gonna invade. Weeds

are gonna take over, and you'rebasically gonna have nothing but a big old
pasture and a weed patch. That'sit. Well, Chris, that music
means we're out of time. Y'allgive us a call eight five four,
four thousand and five and get setup for landscaping, long tear, irrigation,
night lighting. If you eat patiosor pato walls, come see us
in the garden Center where at eighteenfifty five Carson Road, where their money

can Friday eight to four, we'llbe man. We'll be moving to our
spring hours before it too long.I'm talking about looking forward to that.
Uh, y'all come see us andI will see you next week on the
Classic Gardens Plan might
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