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April 19, 2024 1 min
 What is the BIGGEST U.S. Music Festival? 
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Stand to check in on the latestroad gossip with mel Taylor Rotten News.
With weekend one already in the books, Coachella is well underway. The music
fest in Calli is the most popularfestival in the USA. It was based
on search volume in the past twelvemonths. Coachella took over three million searches
in the past year. The ElectricDaisy Carnival in Vegas and Marty Gras New

Orleans rounded out the top three.The Rock and Roll Hall of Fame fan
vote is over. Inductees will beintroduced and announced over the weekend twenty twenty
two. Honoree Lionel Ritchie and RyanSeacrest will announce the winners during Sunday's episode
of American Idol that happens eight o'clockEastern on ABC. James Hatfield has got
a new tat. Some Metallica frontmantook to Metallica's Instagram to show off inc

which is etched on his middle finger. Tat is a spade inside what appears
to be an iron cross symbol containsthe remains actually of the late Lemmy from
Motorhead. He said, without him, there would be no Metallica and Tom
DeLong has a new signature guitar.He insists it is the coolest guitar ever

made. Costs you about twelve hundredbucks. It's the Fender DeLong if you
might want to check it out.
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